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Her Bodyguard batch 19 by : 9:01 pm On February 16, 2021
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Four Years.
It has been four years since Aidan left me with the promise that he’s gonna come back for me.
Truth be told, I never knew it would take this long.
Four years that a lot of things have changed.
I forgive my years Two years ago and a surprise, my mom got married to the president.
I don’t know how it happened but I knew they were unto each other, then suddenly one morning, they announced they were gonna get married.
I didn’t took it so well that day but then mother stayed eleven years mourning father so she deserves it.
I forgave her right on her wedding day and now I’m officially the president’s daughter and Rana is officially my stepsister.
Talking about Rana, she’s now officially dating Sam, they’re already engaged and planning their wedding soon and I’m happy for her.
They really suits each other a lot.
Then there’s Caleb… Caleb broke up with Veronica, his crush. Apparently, she was cheating on him with one guy or maybe two I’m not sure.
He was broken the day he find out about it. He was hurt and decided not to fall in love again, at least for now.
And truly, I’ve not seen him with any girl recently but I know, he’ll find someone who deserves him, not that cheater.
Then there’s my three best female friends. Blue. Hazel. Beth.
Blue is exploring the world like she told me. She’s currently in Africa to explore the country.
Hazel got married. She met her husband three years ago and they got married a year ago.
They’re happily married and Hazel is currently expecting. She’s two months pregnant.
Beth works with me at my father’s company and she’s really helping like a lot.
Hayden. My Soulmate.
Hayden is as always, by my side making sure I’m alright.
He found a girl though, Christabella.
He claims that they are not really dating, just hanging out but I’m so glad that he finally found someone who’ll love him for the amazing person he is.
I’m glad he’s finally getting over me cause if he didn’t, I would be sad for the rest of my life.
He claims he just likes her but I’ve seen the way they look at each other and I like the girl.
She’s blunt, not caring but always saying what she wants and she’s really beautiful.
I am a model, sometimes I sing but I mainly handle my father’s company.
The lawyer came and dad willed all his properties to me and mother.
I finally gave the code to the president and when we went to open the safe. Diamonds. Golds. Money. Documents to many billion dollar companies and hundred billion dollars specifically.
Well, I’m waiting for my heartthrob like always. I’m waiting for my body guard. My Aidan.
I missed him like crazy and I just can’t wait for him to get back.
I’ve missed his touch. The feelings of his lips against mine. His tongue against my neck. His warm mouth on my nlpp!es. His f!ng£rs in me. His tongue in me. I’ve missed everything and I just can’t get that day off my mind. The night before he left.
He did called throughout the first one year. We do video chats a lot and even dirty chatting.
But then it started to stop the second year and now, for the past two years I’ve not heard anything from him and it’s freaking me out. Getting me damn worried but I believe everything will be alright.
“Hey… ”
Hayden uttered, coming in with Christabella behind him.
Bella took a seat immediately and I chuckled looking away from the computer.
“How’s your shit going? ”
Bella asked, grabbing a gum from my table and I shook my head, smiling.
“My shit is going fine Ella. Thanks for asking ”
I smiled and she nodded.
I looked over at Hayden and his gaze was fixed at Bella with a grin plastered across his face.
“Hmm hmm, are you here to say hello to me or to look at your girl’s face all day.. ”
I teased and hay chuckled while ella laughed looking at Hayden.
She didn’t realize he was staring at her with love written all over his face.
“How are you coping, kitty? ”
He grinned, sitting on Ella’s lap and Ella slap his back immediately making him to stand up and pout.
Ella smirked and stood up for Hayden to seat then sat on his laps.
They’re so funny.
There are many seats around but they insist on fighting over one.
“I told you to stop calling me kitty ”
I groaned and rolled my eyes while Hayden chuckled.
“Thank you, I don’t know what’s with him and nicknames. ”
Ella scrunched her nose together and I chuckled, shaking my head.
“Sarah.. ”
Hayden turned to look at me, looking kinda sad.
I raised my brows and he motioned to the television.
My eyes widened as I saw a picture of Aidan holding hands with a woman.
Hayden increased the volume and I removed my glasses.
“Popular Aidan Francis. Son of Sean Francis, our own very well finest businessman is said to be getting married to Michelle Jerry, the daughter of Siena Jerry , our fashion mother and the most successful businesswoman.
Aidan was spotted with Michelle… ”
I turned it off immediately as tears rolled my eyes.
I can’t believe it. Is this why he hasn’t been calling me. Not even for once since a very long time?
He. Is. Getting. Married?
“So mind telling me the reason you broke off the engagement?! ”
Dad yelled at me and I secretly rolled my eyes; something I’ve learnt from Sarah.
I’ve missed her so damn much. It felt as if I was gonna die.
I’ve missed everything about her; The way she rolled her eyes when she finds something silly. The way her eyes glistened when she’s surprise or shocked. The way she’s so bold of herself. Her stubbornness. Everything! I’ve missed every single damn thing!
I’ve missed us. The way she m0@ns when the sensations are too much for her. The way she tempts me. The way her nlpp!es feels so hard against my touch. The way she’s always so wet for me. The way she always throw her head to the back when she can’t handle it anymore.
I’ve missed every f√¢kin thing and I can’t get that night over my head.
I can’t wait to do it again. Over and over again.
I know it been four years since I’ve been gone and I know we haven’t talked since last three years but I know she’ll wait for me. She promised.
I know I hadn’t been fair but I had no choice seriously.
The first one year. I was home, running business with dad. Then starting from the second year, I was called to the army. We virtually trained our butts off before I came back a month ago.
Then, two weeks ago dad told me I was getting married to one Michelle Jerry.
Imagine that?
When my girl is waiting for me, I’ll get married to one stupid girl?
I tried telling dad I can’t but he went on saying if I didn’t, he’ll disown me and strip me of my authorities in his companies.
I did a research on the girl then found out she’s having a affair and already pregnant so I decided to meet up with her girl.
She was quite adamant in getting married to me but I threw the pregnancy in her face and she begged me not to say anything, that she’ll call off the engagement herself.
We were departing, going out together when her shoe broke, stupid shoe.
I wanted to carry her but then I can’t imagine carrying another woman in my arms expect my sarah so I decided to hold her hand so she can follow me and the stupid reporters had to capture that.
The next day, the engagement was broke off and it’s all over the news that we’re not getting married anymore.
“The girl was already pregnant, father ”
I shrugged “She wanted to break off the engagement herself, how is that my fault ”
Dad sighed and sat down.
“Let the boy be, Sean. I don’t get why you want him to get married to the girl anyways. We can do business with another person if her mother don’t want to do business with us unless our son gets married to her stinky daughter ”
Mom scrunched her nose together and I chuckled.
“I promise dad, I’ll settle everything and make sure our company is at the top but for now, I need to get to New York ”
I sighed and dad widened his eyes.
“What? New York? What are you gonna do in New York again? Isn’t your assignment there finished already? ”
I smirked and sit beside dad.
“I’m going to bring a wife home ”
I winked and he growled at me.
“Aidan, can you please marry Sarah? She’s my favorite model. ”
Quinn, my younger sister said coming downstairs.
I chuckled and stood up, my hands in my pocket.
“Who is Sarah? ”
“She’s a model that started a year ago but she’s already the top model in America. She sings sometimes too and she’s the owner of ET technologies. I’ve looking forward to do business with them, that company is really hitting ”
Dad smiled and I raised my brows.
Who is this Sarah?
“Plus she’s super beautiful. Look at her picture ”
Quinn gave me her iPad and my eyes widened immediately with my mouth hung opened.
This is Sarah. My Sarah.
Shit. She’s looking even more beautiful than I remember.
Her eyelashes looks longer than usual. Her silver brown eyes were brighter and she dyed her hair brown and cut it short. She’s looking like an angel.
I smiled and closed my mouth, giving the iPad back to Quinn.
“Will you bring her? ”
I shook my head and turned to dad.
“Dad, can I go? ”
I pouted and he chuckled.
“Fine go. How long? ”
“Weeks.. Maybe months. I’ve something to do over there ”
I shrugged and he nodded.
“That’s good and maybe you can talk to ET technologies in your stay there ”
I smiled and nodded before going up to my room.
My eyes snapped up to the television and Sarah was being displayed on it.
Damn ! How couldn’t I have noticed she’s now a model and a president to a multi billion dollars company.
Maybe cause I’ve been so busy. I barely have time for myself.
I chuckled and collapsed on the bed. I can’t wait to see her again.
The fresh air of New York greeted me and I smiled, looking up at the president’s mansion.
I walked in and Garry was the first person to saw me.
“Wow.. Aidan, you’re back? ”
I nodded and we hugged before pulling back.
“Is she in? ”
I asked and he nodded smiling, already knowing who I’m talking about.
I grinned and walked in and my eyes caught a woman in the living room. Sarah’s mom?
I looked around and a picture of the president in a suit and Sara’s mom in a gown caught my eyes.
They got married? Geez, a lot of shit must have happened when I was away from here.
She saw me and smiled at me.
“Aidan? ”
She called and I nodded. How did she knew me?
I was gone the second day we met.
“Sarah talks so much about you. Are you here for her? ”
I smiled and nodded.
“She’s upstairs in her room ”
“Thank you ma’am ”
I smiled, about to walk away when she stopped me.
I stopped and turned to her.
“Don’t ever hurt her. She has gone through a lot already ”
I smiled “I won’t ma’am ”
I uttered and entered the elevator. How will she feel when she sees me?
Surprised? Happy? Shocked? Or angry cause I didn’t call her all these years.
Oh, I feel so nervous.
I stepped out of the elevator and Sarah’s room came into view.
I gulped in and smiled before opening the door happily but the scene I saw made me stop on my track immediately.
Sarah was standing at the middle of the room and Hayden was hugging her.
Did she forgot me already?
But.. I told her I was gonna be back. Did she forget me so quickly already?
Hayden saw me and pulled away from Sarah, turning her so she could See me.
Her eyes were filled with tears and so red that all my anger dissolved immediately and even then, her beauty still shone. But Why? What happened? Why is she crying?
Hayden walked out of her room and I walked to Sarah. Suddenly, her palm collided with my cheek. She slapped me!
Son of a bitch!
I can’t believe he dare to come here after wanting to get married to some bitch.
After waiting for four years, he didn’t care but went ahead to get engaged.
Self centered jerk!
I looked at him and I hate how handsome he looked right now. He was different from the last time I saw him. His green grey eyes were brighter, his face more beautiful and his hair trimmed round.
Handsome self centered jerk!
“How could you do that, Aidan? You told me to wait for you but you just toyed with me. How could you?! ”
I yelled, my tears not stopping.
“What are you talking about Sarah? ”
He muttered, rather too calmly.
“Are you shitting me right now?! You are the one getting married! How could you?! ”
I yelped and he smiled.
Is this the time to be smiling? Is he messing with me?
“But I’m not getting married ”
He blurted and I felt like slapping him immediately.
“Are you telling me the news were lying? ”
I groaned and he chuckled again.
“Did you even listened to the end? ”
He asked and I kept quiet. He’s right, I didn’t listen to the end. I was so angry that I turned the thing off immediately I heard about marriage.
He shook his head and turned on the television. Their picture came in display and I gulped in.
“Popular Aidan Francis. Son of Sean Francis, our own very well finest businessman is said to be getting married to Michelle Jerry, the daughter of Siena Jerry , our fashion mother and the most successful businesswoman.
Aidan was spotted with Michelle outside the tasty restaurant holding hands right before Michelle announced that she wasn’t getting married to Aidan anymore and the engagement has been called off due to the fact that they’re not into each other and their marriage will be filled with sadness and not love… ”
All the anger in me dissolved immediately.
He turned off the TV and turned to me with a raised brow while I bit my lower lip.
Shit! I should have listened till the end. He came back and I welcomed him with a slap.
“Aidan. I. ”
I started but I was cut short when his lips descended on mine.
I m0@ned and wrapped my arms round his neck. Oh, how much I’ve missed this. Us.
He wrapped his arms around my waist and I squirmed under him. I’ve missed him beyond words.
His tongue slid in and he klzzed the back of my throat before pulling back and placing his forehead against mine.
“Oh.. You’ve no idea how much I’ve missed you.. ”
He whispered and his lips came in contact with my neck.
I groaned and m0@ned, my hands tugging at his hair.
“You’ve no idea how many times I’ve imagined getting laid with you.. ”
I m0@ned again and he s√¢ked on my skin.
“Bending you over your dressing desk.. ”
“Doing you against the door… ”
I groaned as heat rushed through my body, settling on my core.
Is it weird that I’m getting turned on by his words only?
I’ve missed him so damn much!
“In the bathtub. Under the running water. I’ve imagined so many things Sarah.. ”
He pulled back and gazed into my eyes.
“What do you want me to do with you, Sarah? ”
He whispered, his breath all over my face, turning me even more on.
“f√¢k me… ”

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