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Her Bodyguard batch 18

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Her Bodyguard batch 18 by : 8:59 pm On February 16, 2021
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“So you’re telling me you don’t wanna get laid right now? ”
Sam asked, next to me as I took another slip from my beer.
We are at the club down the street and lots of girls were dancing on the stage, more like strippers. Some ladies also tried to hit on me but I’m not in the mood for that.
She’s everywhere. All I can see is Sarah.
I know it’s stupid, foolish and pointless but I don’t wanna touch another woman apart from Sarah.
“I don’t feel like.. ”
I shrugged and turned my chair to face Sam. A huge smirk was plastered across his face as he looked at me from head to toe like I’ve suddenly grew Two heads.
“Okay seriously dude, what’s the problem with you? I don’t know what happened to you.
Hay, you don’t stay a week without getting laid, what happened? ”
He raised his brows.
I sighed and dropped the cup, brushing my palm down my face.
“Sarah happened, Sam. She happened. I can’t think of touching another woman except from her, I want it to stop but I can’t.. ”
I shrugged and grabbed the cup again, bringing it to my lips to take a sip.
“You know she’s never gonna love you Hayden. Not the way you want, she’s already in love with that at Aidan and you can do nothing about that as long as she loves him. ”
I sighed and looked at him, glaring playfully.
I know she can never love me the way i want but it’s not my fault.
I can’t stop these feelings even if I want to .
“I know that, you didn’t have to remind me. ”
I groaned and he chuckled, shaking his head.
“I’m just saying man ”
He uttered and his phone vibrates.
He took it and a huge smile was plastered across his face already. Hmm, I know that look. He always get that look when Rana texts him, I think he likes Rana.
“What do Rana said this time? ”
I raised my brow, smirking at him and he turned to me with a surprised look.
“How did you..? ”
He asked, clearly surprised I know it’s Rana texting him .
“You’ve got that look you get when she does ”
I shrugged and he chuckled.
“She wants to hang so I told her to meet me here ”
He grinned and I rolled my eyes, something I’ve learnt from Sarah.
“You really like the girl a lot,uh ?”
I raised my brows and he shrugged.
“She’s okay and we kinda get along really well plus she’s fun to be with so maybe I kinda like her more than I like normal girls ”
He blurted and I nodded as Rana appeared behind him.
“Hey.. ”
She smiled at me and I returned it before nodding at Sam.
He turned back and greeted him and they started talking, leaving me feeling as a third wheel.
I sighed and gulped down the drink. I’m missing Sarah damn so much.
f√¢k my life!
I stared at his bare door in surprise as the words replayed in my head over and over again.
He is leaving?
But why? He’s my bodyguard, right? Shouldn’t he always stay with me?
Why the hell is he leaving?
Tears rolled down my cheeks and I wiped it away immediately.
I breathed out and walked into Aidan’s room.
His face was down, starring at the floor and his arms were hung around his neck.
“Hey… ”
I muttered, going closer to him and he raised up his head to look at him.
His eyes were filled with sadness and something else I can’t quite figure out.
I stood in front of him and stared at the green grey eyes that I’ve grew to love and adore.
“Hey.. ”
He muttered back and smiled. That wasn’t his normal smile, he forced it. It wasn’t even his playful smile.
“You are leaving? ”
I uttered, looking into his eyes and his eyes went widened, surprise clearly written all over his face as if he didn’t expected me to say that.
“How did you…? ”
“I heard you on the call. I was gonna come to your room but then I heard you said something about leaving. ”
I uttered, cutting him off and he sighed, running his hands through his hair.
“I have to leave Sarah. I’m sorry ”
He muttered and my eyes glistened with tears.
“You’re gonna leave, you’re gonna leave me? Aidan, you’re my f√¢kin bodyguard. You’re supposed to be with me forever, not go away from me. Why are you leaving your job? Are you tired of me?
Where me you even going to? If I hadn’t find out, you won’t have told me, right? You were gonna leave me and I would be left all alone!
Aidan, I need you right now more than ever.
My mom is telling me shit that is giving me headache and I just want to hide away in your arms but you’re leaving? Leaving me? ”
I uttered breathlessly and he smiled before standing up.
“I would never leave you Sarah. Not for anything, where did you even got such a hunch?
You’re my life Sarah. My breath, my everything. You’re the reason I wake up every damn freaking morning.
You’re the one that made me feel alive. You taught me emotions I didn’t even knew existed.
I love you Sarah and I Won’t Leave you for anything.
I know it’s crazy but I’ve to go. I’m not just a bodyguard Sarah, I’m an agent . My First assignment was to be a bodyguard for six months but I pleaded to use more months cause to were angry with me then. I had to settle everything before I leave, that’s why I’m still here.
I’ve to go Sarah but I promise you, I’ll be back for you in no time ”
He uttered and placed his palm against my cheek.
He wiped away my tears and I closed my eyes to the feel of his palm against my skin.
I’m gonna miss him so damn much!
Never in my weirdest dream did I thought Aidan was gonna leave .
This explains why dad always call him agent Francis.
“How long will I have to wait? ”
I asked, opening my eyes to look at his green grey ones.
“Months. Probably years.. ”
He uttered, starring at me and I nodded before looking away from him.
He turned me to look at him and he pouted. I almost laugh but it just isn’t coming.
“You’re not gonna leave me, right? I’m not gonna lose, you’re gonna wait for me, right? ”
I sighed and looked up at his face that is filled with hope and love for me.
I smiled and nodded. “Yes, I’m gonna wait for you ”
And I mean it .i can’t imagine falling in love again with another guy except Aidan.
He took my lips in his and wrapped his arms around my waist.
This is probably gonna be my last klzz with him.
I gently wrapped my arms round his waist. Wanting to feel him close to me than ever.
His tongue moved out and he klzzed the back of my throat before his lips nibbled on my bottom lip then my upper lip.
I m0@ned into his mouth as he lifted my thighs up to wrap it round his waist while my arms went to his neck.
He moved back and dropped me on the bed with him, hovering on top of me. His legs in between mine.
He pulled back and looked into my eyes.
“What do you want me to do with you, Sarah? ”
He asked, his lips grazing against my neck and I breathed in a sharp breath.
“Make love to me… ”
I sighed and turned away from Sam and Rana who won’t stop smiling.
Sam, that betrayer! He totally forgot about me.
It’s crazy what love can do to a man.
I turned to the other side and a girl caught my eye.
She has brown hair just like Sarah but instead of Sarah’s brown silver eyes, hers is blue with a shade of dark.
She gulped down her drink as tears rolled down her cheeks. Wow, she’s drinking and crying.
Her gaze caught mine and she huffed at me.
“What are you staring at, Hayden? ”
She knows me?
“Yes, I know you dumbass, we attend the same school ”
She’s rude. I nodded and looked away.
“It’s crazy what love can do to a human, isn’t it? ”
She suddenly blurted and I turned to look at her.
“I really do love him. I would do anything for him but he’s just obsessed about someone who doesn’t love him! ”
She groaned and gulped down her drink again.
Seems we’re in the same boat. Only that in mine, Aidan loves Sarah.
I sighed and moved closer to her.
“Same thing happened to me with a slight difference ”
I uttered and she turned to look at me. Her blue eyes glistening. She’s beautiful.
“I’m never gonna love again. That shit is messed up and only good at f√¢king people up. Damn! I hate my f√¢ked up life! ”
She cursed and I laughed. I like her, she’s blunt.
“Cheers to life without shitty love.. ”
She raised her glass and I slammed it gently against mine before drinking my whiskey.
“What’s your name? ”
I finally asked and she turned to look at me, her gorgeous blue eyes glowing in the dimmed light.
“Christabella… ”
She muttered, her full red lips curving into a smile.
“Christabella. Bella. ”
I muttered under my breath and smiled. Her name sounds perfect in my mouth.
She suddenly collapsed on my shoulder and I chuckled.
She’s drunk.
I shook my head and gently placed her head on my lap. I got a clear view of her face and damn! She’s beautiful.
Who could have hurt someone like her?
“Bryan… ”
She muttered as if answering my thoughts and I found myself bending down to klzz her forehead.
I shook my head and got up, grabbing my glass back.
Damn! What was I gonna do?
He pulled back and looked at me, clearly surprised that I could say such a thing.
“Sarah.. You… ”
I smiled and nodded, pulling him by the neck.
“Yes, Aidan let’s make babies ”
I winked and he chuckled before klzzing me while I held unto the hem of his shirt like he’s gonna run away.
Well, truth is he’s gonna. Tomorrow, he’ll be gone.
He pulled back and looked at me with a pout.
“I don’t have a condom here with me so.. ”
He trailed off and I sighed.
I don’t wanna get pregnant before school, same time I don’t want him to leave without doing this.
I sighed and placed my head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.
“But I could pull out before I release ”
I raised up my head and looked at him smiling before nodding.
He pulled me into a klzz again but this time, it was slow, passionate and at the same time intense.
His tongue slid in my mouth and he klzzed the back of my throat.
He pulled away and his klzz made contact with my skin. I m0@ned out slowly as he s√¢ked on my neck before his teeth grazed out and bit it.
I’m sure that’s gonna leave a hickey.
He trailed klzzes down my neck to the collarbone then my cleavage lingering a little on it.
He pulled off the top I was wearing, leaving me only in his bra.
He klzzed my br£@st from inside my bra then trailed it down to my stomach before pulling off my trousers.
He klzzed the waistband of my pant, my pant then my thighs while I squirmed absently under him.
I arched my back and he unhooked my bra before tossing it aside.
He klzzed inbetween my br£@sts and take in one br£@st in his mouth while I let out a m0@n.
He stopped and turned to look at me, smirked and s√¢ked on it like it wants it to produce something then he grabbed the other one and pinched my nlpp!e, sensations driving me wild as heat rushed through my entire body settling on my core.
I gasped when his tongue flicked out to tingle my nlpp!e, the feeling. It was indescribable.
He let go of my br£@st and I’m sure they’re as pink as anything right now.
He klzzed my stomach, down to my thighs and his thumb pressed against my pant while I gasped.
I let out a m0@n when he rubbed me through my pants.
I threw my head back as he continued his murderous attempt.
I’m sure I’m as wet as anything right now.
He pulled down my pant and his f!ng£r slid in my sensitive pant.
“Oh gawd… ”
I m0@ned as he thrust his f!ng£r in and out of me while using his thumb to rub my cl*t.
He doubled the f!ng£r to two and I whimpered. He smiled gently at me and stopped for a while, allowing me to adjust.
I nodded and his f!ng£rs thrust in and out of me while I m0@ned like a crazy woman.
I tried to keep my m0@ns low but it’s just impossible. The sensations is just too much.
“I’m close… ”
I groaned and looked at Aidan as he continued his treacherous attempt.
My body shook and my orgasm broke as Aidan removed his f!ng£rs and licked me off.
I frowned and he chuckled before klzzing me and I tasted myself in him.
“You tastes so f√¢kin good ”
He smirked and pulled away from the klzz.
I giggled and accidentally pulled my waist to his.
He groaned and I watched his eyes darkened.
He parted my legs with his knee and his warm tongue met with my core.
Oh gawd… I arched my back and closed my eyes as my breathing hitched.
He s√¢ked on me and used his thumb to rub my cl*t.
I pushed my hips to him and his tongue slid in me, klzzing everything.
I gasped as I erupted in his mouth and he licked me off before closing my lips on his.
“You taste so f√¢kin good… ”
He muttered into my mouth before pulling away from the klzz.
I absently grinded against him and he groaned, letting out a m0@n.
I said his laugh was the most beautiful sound.. I was wrong, his m0@n is better.
I watched her as her eyes glistened with love for me.
She’s so f√¢kin beautiful.
I removed my belt and pulled down my trouser, including my boxers.
Her eyes widened as her mouth hung opened and she blinked twice before looking at me.
“You’re okay? ”
She nodded and I parted her legs with my knees.
I rub against her and closed my eyes to the feelings. She shut her eyes and let out a soft m0@n.
I gently pushed into her and she gasped. Damn! She’s so f√¢kin tight and it’s freaking driving me crazy.
She held me by the waist and I klzzed her forehead before lowering myself into her.
I finally succeeded in penetrating fully and I stopped, giving her time to adjust.
She nodded and I pulled out slowly then in again.
Her walls tightened around me and she feels so f√¢kin good.
The feeling of being inside her bare without the obstruction of a rubber Is the best feeling I’ve ever felt.
This is different. Different from having s£× with a random whore.
She is different.
I m0@ned out as i pushed in again and out then in again.
This feelings is driving me insane.
I stopped and placed her right leg on my shoulder then thrust in again.
Our m0@ns filled the rooms and it’s a crazy sound.
“Oh, I’m almost there.. ”
She whispered and turned her head to look at me. I smiled at her and bent to klzz her lips.
I pulled back and groaned, thrusting in again.
“f√¢k.. You feel so f√¢kin good ”
I m0@ned and thrust in again.
“I love you ..”
I muttered as she m0@ned again.
“I’ll be back for you. I promise.
“I’m close.. Gawd.. ”
Her breathing hitched as I thrust in one last time and she reached her orgasm.
I pulled out immediately and erupted in her stomach.
She breathed out and looked at me.
I smiled and used my boxer to cleaned her neat before collapsing beside her.
“That was.. ”
“Amazing. ”
I completed for her and she smiled before turning to me.
“I’ll be back for you… ”
I muttered, looking into her eyes.
“I will wait… ”
TBC 🥰❤️.

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