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Her Bodyguard batch 17 by : 8:57 pm On February 16, 2021
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My eyes widened, almost popping out of my sockets as nervousness overcome me immediately.
Make babies?
Suddenly Aidan started laughing and I looked up at him, a huge smirk was plastered across his face. Damn! He was joking!
“That look on your face was priceless sugarplum. Damn! You looked so scared like a little baby, I was joking anyways. I wouldn’t do that and even if I want to, not now especially when I’m injured ”
He winked and I swat his arms playfully.
“You scared me… ”
He chuckled and nuzzled his mouth against my neck.
“I missed you… ”
He whispered, his hot breath on my neck, making my skin tingling.
“Hmm. …”
I m0@ned when his teeth grazed out to bite my neck.
He pulled back and looked into my eyes, he smiled and tucked my hair behind my neck and tried lifting my legs up but he winced.
“You should stop if you’re injured. ”
I muttered and he shook his head.
“f√¢kin injuries.. ”
He scowled and I giggled before wrapping my arms round his waist pulling him down to klzz him.
He responded immediately and slowly wrapped my legs round his waist.
I tucked at his hair, softly fiddling at it and he m0@ned into my mouth, grabbing my ass.
His f!ng£rs digged into my ass and I m0@ned into his mouth when he nibbled on my bottom lip before taking in my upper ones.
He pulled away and klzzed my nose before dropping me on the bed and laying beside me.
“So what did Hayden said? ”
He muttered twisting my hair in his f!ng£r and I raised my brows at him confused.
“He did said he love you. What do you have to say about that? ”
He muttered, looking away from me.
I smirked and forced him to make eye contact with me.
“I love him too… ”
I smirked secretly and I watched his eyes go wide. Shit, the look he had on was priceless.
I chuckled and shook my head.
“I didn’t mean it like that but the truth is I love Hayden and I’ll always do. I don’t know what it is but it seems like he’s got one quarter of my heart, I’m just helpless and hurt that I can’t love him the way he wants me to. ”
I sighed and he tucked my hair behind my ear.
“You’re helpless. If you can, would you love him? ”
He asked and I looked into his eyes.
“Yes… ”
I answered sincerely. That’s the truth, seriously it is. I would gladly love Hayden if I can but that’s the problem, I can’t. I’m already in love with someone else.
“What? ”
Aidan uttered, moving back to look into my eyes.
“Aidan I’m sorry but if I had met Hayden before you then I would have loved him. Why wouldn’t I? He’s awesome, hot, amazing, funny, loyal and adorable plus he’s got the bad boy vibe. Every lady likes that ”
I shrugged and he stood up immediately.
“You are making it seems like I forced you to love me ”
He muttered and I stood up immediately.
“What! That’s not what I meant. I simply mean that if I hadn’t fall in love with you then I would have probably love him. What’s wrong with that? It’s not like I said if it weren’t for my stupid heart, I would have loved him ”
I scoffed, crossing my arms against my chest.
“That’s exactly what you’re saying Sarah. You’re just saying it in a indirect way and I’m hurt ”
I scoffed again and got off his bed.
“Where are you going? ”
He asked as I made my way towards the door.
“I’m leaving so I won’t have to fight with you. I’m tired seriously, afterwards you’ll say I caused the fight. How’s this any of my fault?
You asked me a question and I answered honestly.
Hayden took a bullet for me. He was there for me when I needed someone while you were busy being a jerk. He made me happy.
He fought for me. He saved me twice Aidan. Twice.
He got shot several times for me and he wasn’t bothered about his dad’s death for me. He was ready to kill his dad to save me. Just to save me, Aidan and you think I wouldn’t love such a guy if I hadn’t loved you.
Of course I will, that’s the bitter truth it’s either you take it or leave it.
You wanna start fighting with me over that, I don’t know why i can’t just stay a day without you fighting or pushing me away. It’s annoying seriously.
And you think I’m saying I forced myself to love you. I didn’t Aidan, I like that I love you but I also would have loved Hayden if I hadn’t loved you. What’s so confusing about that?
Tell me Aidan, would you have killed your dad cause of me? ”
I uttered breathlessly.
“My dad isn’t a monster like his Sarah ”
He scoffed and I felt like slapping him.
“Are you shitting me right now? Don’t say that about him. It isn’t his damn fault that he got a father like that. In fact I don’t even wanna talk with you cause clearly you’ll fight with me again ”
I yelped and walked out despite his callings.
Why does he have to be a jerk?
Always seeing things in the opposite way.
What I said was simple.
I can’t love Hayden cause I’m in love with you.
What’s so wrong about that, that he’s getting all angry about?
Damn! I hate him sometimes.
And now I’m missing him. f√¢kin stupid heart!
I opened my door and walked in. Hayden isn’t on the bed anymore.
I sighed and heard the water running, he’s in the shower.
He walked out with water dripping down his chest. He’s so beautiful and a less jerk than Aidan.
He smiled at me and walked up to me.
He was putting on a boxer shorts but he’s shirtless.
“I thought you wouldn’t come back tonight ”
He smiled and I nodded, looking away.
“Did something happened between you and Aidan again? ”
I sighed and breathed out.
“Don’t worry about him . We just need space ”
I shrugged and turned to him.
“I should help you dress your wound.”
I muttered and walked to my closet.
I brought out my first aid box and walked back to him.
I kneeled in front of him and dropped the box next to him.
I opened it and brought out the bandage, I removed the one on his stomach before and replaced it with a new one.
I also nursed his wounds and he just watched me carefully .
I closed the box and looked up at him smiling.
He placed his hand against my cheek and I looked at it before turning to him.
He removed his hand and looked away from me.
I gulped in and heard my phone vibrates.
I sighed and stood up, I forgot to take it with me earlier.
I grabbed my phone and opened it.
A text message from Aidan.
I rolled my eyes and opened it.
FROM AIDAN : I’m so sorry for what I said sugarplum. I’m not perfect I know, please come back. I can’t sleep .
I rolled my eyes and dropped the phone on the bed.
“Boyfriend missing you? ”
I chuckled and sighed.
“I need to go hay, I’m sorry ”
I uttered and he nodded while I tried walking back to Aidan’s room but Rana stopped me.
“Dad’s back. He wants to see you ”
Rana muttered and I sighed.
We were all sitted at the dining room with the president starring at everyone of us.
“So you are Sebastian’s son and assisted in saving my angel? ”
He said looking at Hayden and Hayden nodded.
“Well thank you and I’m sorry about your loss ”
Hayden smiled and nodded.
“Agent Francis. I doubted you and I’m sorry about what I said before. You’re free now ”
I raised my brows. What did he said?
“Well congratulations to every one of us. Let’s eat now ”
He muttered and we all digged into the food.
I’m glad everyone is safe especially Hayden.
I breathed out heavily as I ran down the street.
The guys are waiting for me and I’m already late cause Hayden won’t let me go easily.
It’s been two weeks since that day and I visited Hayden like I always did but he didn’t let me go on time cause he was alone and he’s bored.
I bumped into someone and I almost fell.
“Oh my gawd. I’m so sorry ”
I shrieked as I raised up my head to look at the person I bumped into.
What the f√¢k?
That’s impossible! Mom can’t be alive, no no no way! It ain’t possible.
I saw it myself. She was in a pool of blood before they dragged me out of there. How is she possibly alive?
“Sarah…? ”
She called and my eyes widened immediately.
Is it true? Is this really my mom?
But how come? I thought she’s dead?
“My daughter… ”
She called again, tears rolling down her cheeks and I just stared at her in awe.
I couldn’t say anything. How could I possibly say anything? I’m as surprised, no I’m shocked and dumbfounded as hell.
I can’t believe my mother is alive.
She placed her palm against my cheek before pulling me into a hug.
I felt the familiar warmth I always feel when mom hugs me.
She’s my mother but how comes?
And if my mom has been alive all these years, why didn’t she come for me?
I pulled away immediately, staring at her.
“Mom? ”
I called, totally confused and she nodded, still holding my shoulders.
“It’s me baby. It’s me, oh I can’t believe i finally see my babies after all these years. ”
She cried, her voice cracking.
“But how? How are you alive and why didn’t you come for me if you’re alive all these years? ”
I asked, looking at her.
She stopped crying and sighed, wiping away her tears.
“It’s a long story dear ”
She muttered and I scoffed.
“Well, I’ve got time to listen ”
I shrugged.
“Sarah.. ”
Aidan. I turned back and green grey eyes looked at me with a raised brow before he walked to me.
“We’ve been waiting. What… ”
He stopped immediately and looked at mom before looking at me.
Yea, I resemble my mom a lot but he’ll be more shocked when he sees my dad, I’m his exact replica.
But wait, does this means dad is also alive?
Gawd. I’m going insane.
“Wow, this person looks so much like you. ”
He muttered and I nodded.
Yes, I’ve got my mom’s brown silver eyes and brown hair.
“Yes, she’s um… ”
I stopped and sniffed before looking back at mom.
“She’s my mom… ”
I muttered under my breath.
“Wow but I thought you said your mom was.. Um, let’s go ”
I nodded and turned to mom.
She smiled and followed us to the car.
We were all seated at the living room with the president looking keenly at my mother while I sit next to Aidan nervously.
I still can’t believe she’s alive.
“So miss Cooper, mind telling us how you got to be alive despite the fact that you were shot and your daughter saw you in a pool of blood? ”
The president asked, looking stern and my mom smiled.
“After my daughter was taken away. I managed to call my friend cause I was shot in the chest, almost near to my heart. I managed to call her for help before I passed out due to loosing too much blood.
My friend took my husband and I to the hospital but my husband couldn’t survive cause a bullet was fired straight to his head.
I survived after passing through some surgeries. I spent ten months in the hospital before I woke up to see the world again.
After waking up, my husband’s death was announced to me I was hurt, broke beyond repair.
I managed to survive in my husband’s third mansion which he built and I handed his company to the care of his manager cause I knew that if I revealed myself, those people won’t stop coming after me.
That’s how I’ve been living. In fear, hidden from the world but then I saw Sarah on TV. I saw her being kidnapped by one of those monsters, I was so furious and I came out of hiding to fight for my daughter but you’ve no idea how happy I am that she’s safe right now. ”
I scoffed and turned to her before the president could speak.
“You were alive nine months after I was kidnapped. Nine months mother and I spent what? Nine years alone.
Why didn’t you search for me after you woke up.
You didn’t care right? What if I had died? What if the president hadn’t saved me?
What if those guys had killed me?
Would you be telling this stupid history you are talking about?
Nine years mother. Nine years!
I spent nine years being tortured! Nine years being passed from one gangster to another like a toy all because of a damn cold.
Nine years in hell! Nine years of sufferings! Nine years of loneliness! Nine year of hatred! Nine years of depression and what?
You’re telling me you’ve been alive for all these nine years but you couldn’t come for me or even bother to search for me cause you were afraid.
What type of a mother are you if you can’t risk your life for your own daughter?
You know Two weeks ago, I was kidnapped but a friend, mom a mere friend took a bullet for me. Risked his life for me. A MERE FRIEND MOTHER!
And you, my mother can’t even do that cause you’re what? Afraid? ”
I scoffed, looking again.
“Sarah… ”
She called and walked over to me, forcing me to make eye contact with her.
“You don’t understand Sarah. I was alone. I was broke, I lost your father. I couldn’t even pull myself together, I would have gladly give my life out if it means you’re gonna be okay but Sarah, how will I be able to find you in the first place? ”
She uttered, her silver brown eyes glistening with sadness and regret or maybe guilt.
“Are you shitting me right now, mom? Dad’s got men everywhere. He’s got assess everywhere, dad have people that can help you mom but you just didn’t want to do it and you’re here giving me some piece of crap.
I won’t buy that from you ”
I muttered, getting up.
That was when I noticed Aidan wasn’t here with us anymore.
Where the hell did he go to?
“Baby please you got to forgive me and understand that I didn’t mean it ”
She muttered and I stood up.
“I’ll think about it. Right now, I need to go ”
I uttered and moved away.
“Sarah… ”
The president called and I turned to him.
“Please sir. Just let me go think about it ”
He smiled warmly at me and nodded.
I smiled and walked out of the living room into the elevator.
The elevator opened and I walked to Aidan’s room.
I need him right now, I need a distraction from all these whole family mess and Aidan is my distraction.
I was about opening the door but I stopped when I heard him talking.
He’s on a call.
I shrugged and proceeded to open it but stopped again when I heard something about leaving.
“I know it’s time. Yes, I know. I’m gonna come tomorrow ”
He said and I placed my ears on the door to listen clearly.
“What? I can’t come today sir. Please I’m begging tomorrow I’m gonna leave, please.. ”
I moved back in shock and stared at the bare door as the words replayed in my head again.
He. Is. Leaving?

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