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Her Bodyguard batch 16

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Her Bodyguard batch 16 by : 8:54 pm On February 16, 2021
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The door broke and fell down as I quickly stepped aside.
I looked up to see who it is and the metal steel rod fell from my hand.
My mouth fell opened as my heart leapt with happiness.
Oh my gawd ! Aidan.
He was looking pale but still as hot as f√¢k. His hair was messy and he is still putting on the same dress as yesterday.
His eyes looked like he hasn’t sleep at all. His eyes met with mine and without wasting another second, I jumped into his arms.
He chuckled but winced at the force I used to hug him.
I pulled back and gasped. His wound, he’s still bleeding.
“I’m alright.. ”
He smiled down at me as if answering my thoughts.
“I missed you. ”
He smirked and I chuckled, then I remembered Sebastian.
“How did you beat him up? ”
He chuckled behind me and I turned to look at him.
“Your training paid off ”
I shrugged and grabbed his arm pulling him away before Sebastian gets up.
We stepped out and thousands of men bowed at Aidan. The president’s men.
“How did you find me? ”
I asked and Aidan turned to me with a smile but quickly turned back when we heard a gunshot.
I looked ahead and we saw Sebastian ahead of us with thousands of men behind him.
“Do you really think I would let you go with her? She’s mine, idiot and you made a mistake ever coming here cause you’ll die here ”
He growled and Aidan shoved me behind him.
“Then let’s see. ”
Aidan chuckled bringing out twice guns. “I’m more than ready for you ”
“It’s you against me boy. Go you really think you could take me down ?”
Sebastian chuckled.
“Actually, it’s us against you ”
I know that voice. Hayden. We turned back and there he is standing with Sam.
He smiled at me and moved closer to us.
“Not so confident anymore, right? ”
Hayden scoffed and Sebastian smirked.
“What are you doing here, son ?”
What? Son? What’s happening here?
Why is Sebastian calling Hayden son?
“I’m not your son. If I really was, you wouldn’t have me shot cause you wanted to kidnap a girl?
Which father in his right senses will shoot his own son? ”
He yelled and I’m left confused.
Are you shitting me right now?
Hayden is Sebastian’s son?
Oh, so that’s what he meant when he said people will fear him if they find out his last name, that’s cause his last name is George.
I can’t believe he lied to me. He fooled me all these while.
‘Actually, he didn’t lied to you cause basically he told you he’s dangerous ‘
My inner woman uttered and I want to beat her out of my chest.
I trusted him all these while but his father ruined my life?
Oh my gawd! How could I have been so stupid not to have known?
“I blew off the head of the guy that shot you ”
Sebastian shrugged and Hayden scoffed.
“Then how about I blow off your head, tonight? ”
Hayden threatened and Sebastian laughed. “Let go of Sarah ”
“I don’t need to fight for me! ”
I yelled as all eyes turned to me including brown dark ones.
“Sarah, I know you’re angry at me right now for keeping this away from you but I want you to know that I didn’t mean to hide it away from you, I was just afraid you were gonna hate me ”
He muttered coming closer to me and I scoffed.
“Are you kidding me right now? I don’t just hate you right now Hayden. I feel like killing you, I can’t believe you could do this to me. I trusted you but you took me as a fool. You’re the same as your stupid father! ”
I spat angrily.
“Don’t say that, Sarah. You’ve no idea what I’ve gone through. No idea how much pain I’ve felt.
You think I want him to be my father? I f√¢kin loathe him even more than you do. Do you think it’s my wish for him to be my dad? It isn’t, how do you expect me to change fate?
There’s nothing I could do. Nothing! ”
He yelled.
“You knew your father harassed me, didn’t you? Then why didn’t you tell me about it? ”
I muttered angrily.
“Cause I didn’t want you to…”
“Yes I get it cause you didn’t want me to hate you right? Well, guess what? I do. I hate you so much right now i could kill you ”
I growled and he smirked.
“I excepted that reaction from you cause I know you were gonna find out sooner or later but I didn’t care. I just wanted you to be safe and I wanted to enjoy my limited time with you.
I wasn’t supposed to feel like this about you Sarah. I wasn’t supposed to meet you even but I can’t help it.
I can’t help the feeling of wanting you, I can’t. I can’t stop thinking about you and it’s f√¢kin annoying even when I know you can never be mine.
I was ready to do anything even place my life on the line if it means I get to save you and the least I thought you could do is to understand me.
I want you and there’s no secret about that. If only I could rewrite the stars, I would made you to be mine. ”
He smiled sadly, talking to me through the music and my heart softened.
Truly he has done a lot for me.
He saved me twice. He was there for me when Aidan was a jerk.
He made me happy. He risked his life for me and he got shot cause of me… Twice.
He’s my Soulmate and I’m hurt that I can’t return his feelings.
My heart belongs only to Aidan. Him only.
“Hayden.. ”
I smiled and moved away from Aidan to reach out to Hayden.
“Sarah!!!!! ”
Aidan yelled and I turned back but what came out of my mouth was a gasp.
I raised up my hand. Blood.
I gasped as I raised up my hand. Blood. Tears rolled down cheeks as Hayden collapsed on me.
He was shot, almost near to his chest.
He hasn’t even fully recovered from the last one.
I looked up and saw Sebastian, with a gun in his hand eyes wide.
That motherf√¢ker!
I can’t believe he tried to shoot me, Hayden took a bullet for me.
Aidan and the others started firing and I managed to pull Hayden with me to a corner, away from the gunshot together with his friend, Sam.
“Why would you do that hay? You shouldn’t have! You’re already injured enough! ”
I yelled, tears rolling down my cheeks.
“I didn’t take a bullet for you to start crying, Sarah. I’ll be fine ”
He forced a smile and I smiled sadly.
I still can’t believe he took a bullet for me.
“I’ll try to remove the bullet Now ”
His friend muttered and removed Hayden’s jacket together with his shirt.
That Sebastian is a monster! I hate him so much I could kill him myself.
The bullet is almost close to his heart and his blood is dripping down his tummy.
“This is gonna be painful ”
He uttered and dipped his f!ng£r into his skin while Hayden groaned.
“He needs a distraction. I can’t remove a bullet with him looking like he wants to kill me ”
Sam chuckled and Hayden glared at him.
“Okay, I think I can help with that ”
I muttered and closed my lips with his.
He klzzed back immediately, deepening the klzz and I tried not to touch his chest.
“All done.. ”
Sam muttered and I pulled back, with Hayden grinning at me.
“I’m gonna go help the others ”
Sam said and walked away.
I sighed and turned to Hayden. I placed his head on my lap and stroke his hair.
His hair feels so soft against my touch. It’s weird that it’s the first time I’m touching his hair.
“I’m sorry ”
I muttered lowly and kept my eyes fixed on his hair like its the most interesting thing to watch.
“For what? You didn’t do anything ”
He chuckled and I shook my head.
“You love me but I can’t return it. I’ve a idea of how what feels like ”
I wasn’t lying. I do, when I realized I love Aidan while he was busy been a jerk.
“It isn’t your fault, Sarah. It’s my destiny ”
He sighed and I shook my head again.
“If I could seriously, I would have gladly did. I swear i would have but I can’t. My heart is already sealed off to someone else. I’m sorry.
If only you had arrived earlier in my life, maybe just maybe it could have been you. ”
I smiled and he chuckled.
“Guess it’s my fate to love someone without it being returned ”
He looked up at me and I shook my head.
“No it’s not, you’re gonna find someone I promise. Someone better than me, someone who deserves you. Someone who’s gonna love you for the amazing person you are. Someone you’ll call yours ”
I smiled and he scoffed gently.
“You don’t understand kitty. It’s no one else but you. If it isn’t you, then it can’t be anyone else. I can’t love no one else but you, maybe in my next life I’ll get to be with you ”
He smiled and I nodded before klzzing his forehead.
We just stared at each other and I noticed that the shooting has died down.
I helped Hayden up and we walked into the scene. Bodies everywhere it looked like World War II took place here , but I can’t find Aidan.
I saw Sebastian body on the floor with blood dripping from his head.
Oh finally he’s dead, at least it’ll be over. But he’s Hayden’s dad.
I looked at Hayden and he shrugged.
“I’m glad he’s gone ”
He shrugged and I chuckled before turning around. Where the hell is Aidan?
“Sarah? ”
Aidan! We both turned back and there he was. He was together with Sam and some men.
“Aidan! ”
I squealed and smiled as they walked to us.
“Sebastian’s men were weaklings. They ran away after Sebastian went down ”
Aidan chuckled and I smiled.
“Are you okay? ”
I nodded and he smiled then turned to Hayden.
“Thanks for saving her… Again ”
We all laughed as we turned around and walked out of the building.
“I’m so glad you’re saved . I was going crazy ”
Rana uttered breathlessly and I chuckled, shaking my head.
“Here I got your phone for you. Your friends won’t stop texting and calling ”
I nodded and took the phone from her grip.
“Thanks, where’s dad? ”
I uttered, looking around for the president but he was nowhere to be found.
“Yea, he get called to the office cause of what happened and all those president stuff you know ”
She shrugged and suddenly her cheeks flushed.
I turned round and shook my head, she was smiling at Sam.
Sam is really hot though with his gold hair and dark eyes.
“Oh, you came with your friend ”
I turned back to her and chuckled.
“Yes, they helped saved me. I would have been dead by now if Hayden hadn’t took a bullet for me ”
I sighed and she gasped.
“He took a bullet for you? ”
I nodded and she smiled.
“Wow, that’s so… So amazing ”
I chuckled and nodded.
She walked up to the guys and I opened my phone.
Twenty texts and thirty three calls.
I chuckled and opened the seven texts from Sarah.
💭 Sarah, are you okay? I saw the news.
💭 I’m concerned Sarah, what happened?
💭 Sarah, please text me back if you see this message.
💭 okay, I’m literally going crazy here. Is there something I’m missing?
💭 Sarah, I’m gonna go re-watch the news. Why are you not answering me? You’re making me scared.
💭 Oh my gawd. Are you okay, I heard they were gunshots and Sebastian George was there did he touch you cause I swear to gawd, I’m gonna f√¢k up his stinking stupid ass.
💭 I can’t eat Sarah, I’m really scared. If you see this message, please call me or text me back.
I chuckled and shook my head before texting back.
TO CALEB : I’m okay Caleb. Thanks for checking on me, I was kidnapped but I’m back home now. So you can eat now, I’ll see you in school tomorrow.
I opened the six years from blue, four texts from hazel and three texts from Beth.
They were all concerned about me and I’m glad.
I text them all, telling them I’m home and okay.
I dropped my phone on the counter and walked back to the team.
Sam and Rana were deeply engrossed in a talk, and Rana won’t stop smiling. I think Rana likes Sam.
Aidan is nowhere to be found so I walked to Hayden and sat down next to him.
“Seems Sam likes Rana ”
I nodded and chuckled, before looking at him.
“I think you should rest before the president come back.. You can sleep in my room, come let’s go ”
I muttered and helped him up.
We walked to the elevator and I took him to my room.
He laid on my bed and I used the duvet to cover him. I pecked his forehead and walked out of the room.
I walked to Aidan’s room, he lied on his tummy and he is shirtless.
I opened his closet and took out his shirt.
I got out of my dress and put on his shirt.
Warm arms wrapped round my waist and I breathed in his scent before turning to him.
He klzzed my forehead and tucked my hair behind my ear.
His f!ng£rs digged in the shirt and he placed his hand on my ass.
I chuckled and wrapped my arms round his neck.
“I love you ”
He muttered and I smiled.
“I love you… ”
I said for the first time and he smiled before locking his lips with mine.
“Let’s make babies. ”
He whispered into my mouth and I pulled back, my eyes wide opened.

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