Her Bodyguard batch 14

You can listen to the following songs for the episode;
Maroon 5 -Memories.
Lewis Capaldi – Someone You Loved.
Justin Bieber – Heartbreaker.
Burna Boy – Gum Body.
A week. Two weeks. Three weeks. Four weeks. A month. Two months and finally it’s three months staying away from Aidan like he asked me to.
Have you ever felt that before?
When your heart aches so much, you almost feel it tearing apart?
Ever been in such a situation before I’m your life?
Ever had it eating you up, you almost gave up on everything?
When all you wanted to do before In your life was to just commit suicide but then someone gave you light.
Shine light into your dark world but then the same person took his light away and you’re left all alone over again. The next thing you would want to do is to just die.
Ever being in a situation when you just want to kill someone?
Just want to blame someone for your misfortune but then, you realized there’s no one to blame but yourself for having such a bad luck.
That’s how I feel.
And finally…
You’ve ever been in a condition where you realized your undying love for someone who did nothing but shattered and broke you into tiny pieces.
I was wrong and I was foolish.
It was never pure attraction. It was never lust. It was LOVE.
I’ve no idea why it took me so much to realize it. Okay maybe I do know but I just denied it cause I couldn’t believe it and now? I’ve no choice but to admit it. I do love him. I’m in love with Aidan and it’s the worst mistake I’ve ever made in my entire life. My biggest mistake and my biggest misfortune cause he’ll never care talk less of loving me.
Then all this emotions. Pain. Lovesick. Regret. Anger. Love. They all lead me to one big darkness. Hatred.
Not for Aidan. No, not for him but for myself.
The hatred is tearing me up and I’m breaking apart slowly.
Soon, I’m afraid I won’t be able to go back again.
I can’t help it. I couldn’t. I can’t help myself but to break further.
And I can’t help not thinking about him either.
It’s almost what I do everyday. Think about him. When I’m sleeping and when I’m not.
I’m weak and I know it’s bad for me but there’s nothing I can do about it.
Hayden. He tried, he really tried so much to help me but he couldn’t.
He has been by me for the past months but I can’t help it, these emotions.
They are killing me and I’m not even stopping them.
Hayden tried to help me forget about Aidan but as time goes by, I break down further apart.
Hayden even took me on a date but I couldn’t stop thinking about Aidan.
How could I not think about him when he’s always few meters away from me?
Caleb. Well, Caleb is still Caleb. My Sweet best friend. He’s now together with the girl he’s in love with.And the girls, well they know nothing.
To the others, I’m fine. Nothing is wrong with me cause I’m always wearing a smile but to me, I’m breaking apart. Hard!
Three months.
Three months without Sarah. Three months of being a jerk to her.
Three months of hurting her feelings.
Ever being in a situation when you feel you’re doing the right thing, the best thing but you still feel it’s your fault the other party is hurt?
I doubt even if Sarah is hurt, Hayden is really taking care of her and I’m glad. At least she isn’t brooding over me.
Have you ever been in a situation in your life that you’re afraid of losing the one person you truly ever cared about even though you’re the reason the person is away from you in the first place.
I know I pushed her away but I don’t wanna lose her. Not to anyone.
I didn’t push her away willingly.
It’s either I push her away and get to be by her side to protect her or I get close to her then lose the chance of ever seeing her again.
This two emotions together helped me realize something I should have realized a long time ago.
I do more than care about her. I like Sarah, a lot. Like a really lot .
I am not familiar with these feelings but I know I’m not ready to lose her and I’m willing to heal myself cause I’m breaking apart without her. Slowly.
My room door opened and I turned to the door to see two young ladies with bags in their hands walked in.
“Who are you guys? ”
I asked, eyeing them one by one.
“We’re asked to dress you up for the party ”
One of them with black hair uttered and I raised my brows in confusion.
What party?
My phone rang and I picked it up immediately. The president.
“Dad.. ”
I muttered, still starring at the two ladies who smiled at me.
“I hope you saw the ladies. They’ll prepare you for the party. I know you’re surprised but don’t be, it’s just a president type of party. Don’t worry angel ”
Before I could talk, he hang up and I sighed, turning to the ladies.
“Shall we? ”
The one with red hair asked and I nodded, sitting on the stool.
They started with my hand. My nails were fixed and coloured in yellow. Three silver rings (Ring finger, forefinger and middle finger) were put in both my right and left hand.
Then a small diamond bracelet on my right hand. It was shining.
Then my face. My eyelashes were fixed and then lipgloss and they also fixed my eyebrows and applied little foundation on my face.
I was given a red dress which was shiny and revealed my back to my waist. The gown swept the floor at the back and front.
I was given red heels to match it and my hair was fixed too.
I stood in front of the mirror as my mouth opened in awe.
Wow. I look really good, really beautiful. A little different.
I put on a good thin necklace and earrings then grabbed my handbag and put my phone in it.
I stood up in the heels and almost fell but the girls were quick to grab me.
I’m used to my sneakers and flat sandals, it’s gonna be hard walking in this.
“This way, ma’am ”
They chuckled and I did same before walking out.
We walked to the elevator door and the door opened revealing my worst nightmare.
Green Grey Eyes.
Need You – Fireboy Dml.
Happier _ Ed Sheeran.
Rewrite our stars – Anne Marie ft James Arthur.
Believe – Meek Mill.
She looked so fuckin beautiful. So fuckin spotless, so freaking perfect. And it pains me so much that I can’t hold her right now.
She was smiling but that disappeared immediately she saw me, she looked away immediately and muttered something I couldn’t figure out.
I stepped out of the elevator and she tried going in but I held her back.
She stopped and turned to me, her glare landing on my hand on her wrist.
“We’ll meet you downstairs ma’am ”
The other girls uttered and the elevator closed.
I looked into her eyes but she isn’t looking at me. How come she’s glowing so much?
Her eyes shone with something I can’t tell.
“Sarah.. ”
I started but she jerked her hand away from my grip before crossing her arms over her chest; a habit she’s fond of.
“What do you want this time, Agent Francis? ”
Oh so we’re back to agent Francis? She isn’t calling me by my name and it hurts damn fuckin much.
I always love how my name sounds perfect coming out of her mouth.
Damn! I’ve missed this girl more than I realized.
“I need to talk to you, Sarah ”
I uttered not looking away from her and she rolled her eyes at me.
“What do you need this time, Mr Francis? A quickie before the party? You’re horny right, and you just need a dirty ass cheap bitch to slam against anything hard enough.. ”
She uttered with a smirk on her face and I’m hurt.
I know I told her that and led her on the wrong path but it hurts me that she’s still holding unto it.
“Sarah, that’s not it. ”
I groaned, taking a step forward but she stopped me.
“You told me yourself Mr Francis. I shouldn’t believe anything you say cause it’s only to get into my pants. So I’ll save you the trouble of trying to feed me with bullshits. ”
She glared at me, her face holding no emotions.
“Sarah, please. I. ..”
I pulled her wrist but she jerked off and slapped me, hard on the cheek.
“See you at the party, Mr Francis ”
She smiled glaringly and walked into the elevator, not making eye contact with me.
The elevator closed and I punched the wall angrily.
What have I done? How do I fix it this time? She isn’t even gonna believe whatever I say this time.
I really fucked up big time.
How do I change everything?
How do I tell her that I’m dying without her?
How do I tell her that living is hard without her?
How do I make her believe me this time?
Seriously what do that guy takes me for?
A pet that will always seeks the attention of his master?
“Wow, you look beautiful ”
Rana appeared behind me in the living room.
She was putting on a black strapless dress that swept the floor and has a lining which revealed her tummy and her cleavage.
“You’re not looking bad, yourself ”
I smiled down at her as she took a seat next to me.
“I bet Aidan won’t be able to keep his eyes off you ”
She raised her brows and my heart went cold at the mention of his name.
“I bet.. ”
I replied dryly, looking away from her so she won’t see the hurt in my eyes.
“Dad already left. We’re the only ones left ”
She uttered and I nodded.
“Sister Sarah! ”
Zoe squealed, getting on my lap and I chuckled before ruffling her hair.
“You look like a angel ”
She grinned from ear to ear and I shook my head, pinching her cheek.
“You look cute ”
I kissed her other cheek before her nanny came to get her.
“Let’s go ”
Rana smiled and I nodded, standing up to see Aidan few meters away from me.
He was putting on a suit with a white tuxedo and I hate that he’s looking really beautiful right now.
I rolled my eyes and walked out together with Rana.
We arrived at the party and a gasp slid through my throat.
A large hall was used and it looked so beautiful beyond words.
We walked out of the car with six guards guarding us with the exception of our personal bodyguard.
Cameras flashed round as the reporters supported us immediately.
๐Ÿ”ฐMadam, how do you feel about the party today?
๐Ÿ”ฐMiss Rana, do you think any special event is gonna take place here today?
๐Ÿ”ฐMiss Rana, we heard you signed up with the Diamond modelling label. How do you feel about your achievements?
๐Ÿ”ฐMiss Sarah, how do you feel being part of the president’s family?
I secretly rolled my eyes at that question.
How do I feel?
It’s not like I just joined the family. I’ve been here for almost eight years and they’re just asking that?
The guards guarded us inside the hall and I breathed out a sigh of relief. Finally!
The inside was wow! Decorated expensively and nicely.
There were lots of people. Old men, Old women. Young ladies and young guys. They were also some kids here and I wondered why Zoe didn’t come with us.
We walked to a table and sat down.
“Kitty… ”
I know that person. I turned back and it’s just like I predicted.
It’s Hayden. Holy Molly Fuck!
He was looking so hot in his red suit and trousers, his hair was brushed backwards and his eyelashes were looking kinda wet. His dark eyes shine brighter as he smiled down at me.
He was together with a guy. That same guy I always see in his place. What’s his name again? Right! Sam!
I smiled back and he walked to us, sitting next to me. While his friend Sam sat next to Rana.
“You’re looking beautiful ”
He smirked and my face flushed, my cheeks heating up.
“You’re looking good, too ”
I smiled and he chuckled. I didn’t expect to see him here though. How is he here?
“I told you, kitty. My family is quite influential. My uncle is one of the senators ”
He shrugged, answering my thoughts and I chuckled before nodding.
My eyes unconsciously met with green grey ones and I rolled my eyes before looking away.
“Evening everyone.. ”
We all turned to the direction of that voice and it was one old man.
“As we know, we are all here for our president.. ”
Every one murmured and he chuckled through the speaker.
“Well, let’s give it up for our president. ”
Everyone stood up and we all clapped starring at the door, waiting for the president to enter but instead…
Oh my Gawd!
Anyone having any idea of what just happened?

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