Her Bodyguard batch 13

I ran back to my room and grabbed my gun before heading to the elevator.
Oh, Sarah. I hope you’re alright.
Why would she leave my room in the first place? Now, she’s in danger.
The elevator door opened and Rana walked in dressed in her nightgown.
“Why ain’t you sleeping? ”
I asked, as she dragged her dress to her chest.
Her face looks like she has been crying.
“I couldn’t and I heard a gunshot ”
She muttered lowly under my breath. She wasn’t even looking at me and that was kinda weird cause Rana always want to make eye contact with me.
What’s wrong with her?
“Rana, are you okay? ”
I tried to touch her but she shifted back and the elevator opened.
I jumped out and yelled Sarah’s name round the living room. But every guard is at their position so what’s happening? Where is Sarah?
“Aidan… ”
I heard Sarah’s voice and I turned around. She was still wearing my shirt and holding a glass cup.
I rushed to her, and turned her around checking for any injuries.
“Aidan, what’s the matter? ”
She chuckled as I spinned her around.
“I thought I heard a gunshot. I thought you were in danger ”
I breathed out and he smiled.
“Oh, that must be Reed, he fired when I entered here cause he didn’t knew it was me ”
She smiled and I breathed out a sigh of relief.
“Oh, thank God. I was scared ”
She chuckled and shook her head.
“Agent Francis… ”
I heard the president’s voice and I turned back immediately.
He doesn’t look quite friendly.
“I will like to have a word with you. ”
I nodded and followed him immediately.
I breathed out and turned only to see Rana walking up to me.
She smiled down at me and I watched over my shoulder to see if it’s another person but no, there was no one there. She’s really smiling at me.
Okay, what has gotten into her?
“Hey you. ”
She uttered and I smiled faintly.
“Me? ”
I asked just to be sure.
“Look Sarah, I know I’ve been really mean to you and quite childish but I’m really sorry for everything I did. I realized how stupid I was to have fought with you over such thing and I know Aidan can never be mine now especially when you’re both in love ”
She lowered her gaze and I chuckled.
“Aidan and I are not in love ”
I chuckled and she raised her eyebrow.
“I heard you two having sex. I heard your moans ”
My cheeks flushed and I giggled.
“no, we weren’t having sex. He was just.. Well, you know and Aidan isn’t in love with me neither am I in love with Aidan. It’s just attraction, nothing more ”
I shrugged and took a slip from my water.
“Then how about Hayden? ”
“Hayden isn’t into girls and you know that ”
I shrugged.
“Why did you apologized anyways? ”
I muttered turning to her and she sighed.
“I realized how stupid I was and how meaningless my actions were ”
She shrugged and I nodded.
“It wasn’t your fault and goodnight Rana ”
I smiled and walked into the elevator.
The elevator opened and green grey eyes met mine.
I smiled at him but he looked away from me and entered.
What was that?
“Aidan… ”
I was about to talk but he cut me off.
“If it’s possible Sarah, I don’t want you to talk to me unless it involves any emergencies and being your bodyguard ”
He uttered, looking away from me.
“What are you talking about? ”
I whispered barely hearing my own voice.
“I’m saying let’s cut off whatever it is that we have ”
He muttered and my breath caught up in my throat.
“You’re joking right? ”
My voice cracked and I’m so annoyed that I wanna cry right now.
“Do I look like I am? I said I don’t fuckin want your cheap ass anymore! ”
He yelled, turning to me and his eyes, they held no emotions. No single one.
“So that was it? You said all those bullshits about caring about me cause you wanted to get into my pants, right? You said and fed me with those bullshit! ”
I yelled, almost crying.
“Yes I did… ”
He chuckled.
“You really didn’t think I care about you, do you?
I’ll never. For a second, I thought you were hard to break but just a word for you and I already had my fingers stuck inside you and you know what? I really regretted it. I regretted touching you or ever sticking my tongue and my fingers inside you cause you’re nothing but a dirty cheap ass ”
I couldn’t believe this was coming out of Aidan’s mouth.
Before I could realize what I was doing, my palm already collided with his cheek.
I couldn’t believe he called me cheap. He called me dirty!
He knew everything! He knew how I was harassed and forcefully used but he just used all that against me.
I regret ever kissing him .
I regret ever allowing him to touch me.
I regret ever being this close to him.
“I hate you! ”
I spat and walked out of the elevator.
I can’t believe he could say all that. Call me a dirty bitch and cheap ass, telling me he regretted ever touching me.
I could take anything. Everything else from Aidan but that was too much, I can’t handle that. It’s too much and I can’t take it.
My phone rang on his bed and I grabbed it.
It’s Hayden.
I dropped it and pulled off his shirt. I threw it on his bed and wore my tank top before moving out of his room angrily after grabbing my phone.
I opened my door and crashed on my bed, tears pouring down my cheeks as I cried uncontrollably.
I thought everything was finally going well between us but I was just stupid.
I was right. He would never ever care about me.
He’s a self centered stupid ugly jerk!
I don’t care if he’s handsome OR beautiful or all that, he’s ugly!
My phone rang again and I stared at it. Why is he calling me again?
I grabbed the phone and picked it up, sniffing and wiping my tears off my face.
“Kitty… ”
His voice came in and it was laced with sleep. Why is he calling me if he’s sleeping?
“Hey… ”
I muttered, sniffing and holding back my tears.
“I’m sorry but I just.. I was worried about you, I wasn’t feeling too good. I don’t know what’s wrong but I felt like something happened to you. Are you okay? ”
I chuckled and sniffed again.
“Yes, I’m okay ”
I whispered, I could barely even hear my own voice.
“Oh no, you’re not kitty. Your voice, it sounds like you’ve been crying. Tell me what’s wrong kitty? ”
How come he knows me so much?
“It’s alright hay, I’ll be fine. I promise ”
I smiled.
“If you don’t tell me what’s wrong then I’m coming over to your place ”
I laughed and chuckled.
“How do you intend to enter the president’s mansion? ”
I chuckled, standing up to go near my window.
“I don’t know but I know, I will if it means I get to see what’s wrong with you. Are you gonna tell me what’s wrong now? ”
I sighed and breathed out. Should I tell him?
“It’s Aidan again. Isn’t it? ”
He whispered and I heard something ruffled in the background.
“Yes. ”
I answered. I’m tired of lying already and hay isn’t giving up either.
“It’s.. He said he regretted ever being close to me ”
I bit my lips to stop the tears from falling.
I know I just lied right now but I can’t possibly tell Hayden, Aidan touched me today and then told me the same day he regretted doing it.
“That mother fucker! ”
Hayden cussed on the phone and I chuckled.
“He’s a fool for saying that to you. No man in his right senses will ever regret being close to you. No man. He’s a dickhead if he said so, don’t get yourself worked up, uh? You’re messing me up too, i can’t sleep if you ain’t alright ”
He groaned and my heart did a triple flip.
I chuckled and tucked my hair behind my ear.
“Thanks hay. Go to sleep now, I’ll also sleep ”
I uttered honestly.
“Goodnight kitty ”
I pictured him smirking right now and I giggled before mouthing a goodnight and hanging up.
I breathed out and Aidan’s thoughts clouded my mind again.
For a moment, Hayden actually made me forget about him.
I sighed and crashed on the bed.
I hate you so much Aidan Francis.
I got inside my room and saw my shirt Sarah wore earlier on my bed. She’s gone.
I plumped on the bed and took it. I wished I could take it all bad. Every single thing I said about her.
I was lying. I was fuckin lying! I loved it. I love that it was me touching her and not any other guy.
I loved that she allowed me close to her and I loved the way she moaned my name when I made her lose herself. I loved how she frowned when I licked her off and I loved that she fits perfectly right in my arms.
I loved that she was so wet for me. I fuckin love everything about her.
I was lying. She was so fuckin hard to break. She tortured me for weeks, months. She didn’t let me in cause she was angry at me.
I love that she was hard to break and I hate that I had to say all that to her but I’ve no other fuckin choice. I was tied already.
The president and I walked into his study and I kept my head bowed.
“Agent Francis… ”
He called and I bowed again.
“So I see you’re too attached to Sarah, you don’t even know your job anymore ”
He stared into my eyes and I kept shut, not saying anything.
“Where were you when Sarah was kidnapped? How could you let that happen? You’re his bodyguard agent Francis and you’re meant to protect her but rather, you’re not.
What if we weren’t lucky? What if she was kidnapped by one of those gangsters or Mafia’s? What would have happened!? It’s better you take your job more seriously or you would be fired ”
I breathed out and nodded. How did he knew Sarah was kidnapped?
I told Garry not to tell him.
“That will be all agent Francis. Stay away from Sarah and do your job or you lose it.. ”
I couldn’t allow that. It’s enough if I could just be sure she’s safe, staying away from her won’t be a problem if I will be sure she’s fine but going away and never seeing her again? That I can’t take.
“Yes sir. ”
I uttered and moved out of the study room.
I had no other choice. I knew Sarah won’t stay away until I hurt her so I had no choice but to say those hurtful words.
I can’t possibly tell her I need to stay away from her, that would be childish.
And now, I hate that she’s only a door away from me and I can’t even go to her to cuddle her to sleep.
I miss her so freakin much already!
I grabbed my shirt and sniffed it, it smells like her.
Just her perfect beautiful cologne.
I’m going fuckin insane!

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