Her Bodyguard batch 12

I pulled away and smiled at him with my hands still cupping his face, his skin feels so soft against my skin. How can a guy’s skin be this soft?
“You are not gonna lose me, I promise you that ”
I whispered, my lips brushing against his lips.
He bit his bottom lip and pulled me to himself by my waist.
“Then how about Hayden? ”
He muttered, trailing his fingers down my cheeks to my collarbone.
“What do you mean what about Hayden? Wait! Don’t tell me you’re concerned about Hayden, he’s just my friend, Aidan ”
I rolled my eyes and trailed my hands to his hair.
“I caught you two kissing ”
He bit his bottom lip again and I sighed, fiddling with his hair.
“He kissed me and it’s probably nothing. Hay doesn’t care, he’s not into girls and you know ”
I rolled my eyes and he chuckled before nodding.
He grabbed my ass softly and I closed my eyes to the warm feeling of his hand against me.
He grabbed my thighs and locked my legs around his waist.
I giggled and wrapped my arms around his neck, gazing into his green grey eyes.
What is this filling called? I think I missed him than I realized.
“You’re beautiful..”
He muttered, nuzzling his head against my neck and I chuckled.
“You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting to touch you… ”
I moaned out as his lips grazed my neck and he bit on my skin before sucking on it.
I’m sure that’s gonna leave a hickey.
“How long I’ve been wanting to feel you ”
He trailed kisses down my neck before his lips grazed against mine.
“I missed you so fucking much.. ”
He groaned when my waist meet his and a moan slip right through my throat.
“Sarah… ”
Aidan pulled away from the kiss but didn’t drop me.
“You are… You’re home? ”
She stuttered looking between me and Aidan, I raised my brows at her before nodding slightly.
Why does she looks so uneasy.
“I thought Aidan said you were missing? ”
She muttered, still looking between me and Aidan.
“Yea, they found me.”
I shrugged, tightening my thighs round Aidan’s waist.
“Um, that’s good. I was worried about you, I’m glad you’re okay ”
I nodded and she smiled before walking away.
She’s so weird. Something is wrong with her, why would she be worried about me?
I jotted back when I heard Aidan opening a door.
He dropped me on my feet and I looked round, this isn’t my room it’s his.
“Sleep with me, tonight ”
He muttered, appearing behind me and I breathed in his scent.
He kissed my neck and locked his arms round my waist. I moaned when he bit my neck seductively.
“I… I, okay I guess yes but I’ve to get to my room and grab my nightgown ”
I whispered and he turned me to face him.
“Why? ”
I chuckled at his question.
“Well, cause obviously. I can’t sleep in these ”
I motioned to my body and he smiled, revealing his dimples.
“You can wear my shirt. ”
He shrugged and I rolled my eyes. I guess I could.
“Wait here, I need to go shower ”
He whispered and kissed my cheek before jogging to the bathroom.
I breathed out and bring out my phone.
Seven missed Caleb, three missed calls from blue, two missed calls from hazel and five from Beth.
They must have been worried since I disappeared from the party.
I breathed out and dialled Hayden’s number.
He picked on second ring.
“Sarah, you home yet? ”
His voice echoed through the phone and I chuckled.
“Yea, thanks a lot for today ”
“You shouldn’t thank me kitty, if I didn’t. I’m sure your boyfriend would have ”
I could sense his smirk right now and I rolled my eyes.
“My boyfriend ?”
I chuckled.
“Yes, Aidan… ”
I scoffed and rolled my eyes.
“Yes, he would have and Aidan isn’t my boyfriend ”
I rolled my eyes again even if he can’t see Me.
“Then what is he? ”
“I’m not discussing my relationship matters with you, ayden. Goodnight ”
I heard him chuckling before I cut the call.
Jerk! I rolled my eyes and dropped my phone suddenly remembering the kiss.
I can’t believe i kissed him back cause I was thinking about Aidan.
I’m officially going insane.
I heard the door creaked opened and my gaze went to Aidan.
His hair was wet and fell freely down his face and damn! That made him look hotter.
Him and Hayden are the most beautiful guys I’ve ever seen.
Caleb is just.. Well Caleb is cute.
“Hey you ”
He smiled down at me and I smiled back.
He came to me on the bed and his arms wrapped round me while my whole body trembled.
I can’t believe how much I’ve missed his touch.
“I want to make love to you ”
My head snapped up immediately and he chuckled, laughing hard.
“Damn! Sarah, you should have seen your eyes. You looked so adorable and scared, I was just joking ”
He whispered and I frowned, swatting his arm in the process.
“Will you put on my shirt Now? ”
He asked and I raised my brows.
“With you here? ”
I whispered and he nodded.
“I won’t peek, I promise ”
He raised his hands in surrender and I rolled my eyes before getting off his bed.
I opened his closet and stared at his clothes. I picked a black shirt he wore the second day of his stay here.
The one which covered his thumb, long sleeved and has a turtle neck.
I love it! He looks so hot in it.
I closed the closet and put off the light despite Aidan’s whining.
I pulled off my short, jacket and my tank top including my sneakers then I pulled off my bra. I feel oddly uncomfortable in it.
I grabbed the shirt and pulled it over my head before turning on the light and turning to Aidan.
The shirt barely covered my thighs and it looks big on me but I like it, it’s pretty.
“You look beautiful, come here ”
I rolled my eyes and paced across the room to get to Aidan.
He pulled me on top of him immediately I get to him and his hand rested on my ass.
“Why do you like touching my butt? ”
I asked bluntly and he chuckled.
“I like it. It’s firm and soft and it fits right into my hands ”
I rolled my eyes and swat his chest.
“Careful Sarah, I’m underneath you ”
He teased and I blushed, grinning from ear to ear.
“I missed you. ”
He whispered and brushed his lips against mine. I tried to lay forward to kiss him but he pulled back, smirking down at me.
I whined and he chuckled, quickly flipping us so I’m under and he’s on top of me.
He trailed kisses down my neck to my chest, lingering a little on my cleavage then he trailed it back to my collarbone before his lips met mine.
I moaned into his mouth and his hands gripped my thighs, slipping right inside the shirt.
I tucked at his hair and wrapped my arms around his neck, pushing forward a little.
His hand stopped at my thigh and he looked up at me as if asking for permission.
I nodded and his hand slid through making contact with my pant.
He rubbed me from outside my pant and I groaned, a moan escaping through my throat.
“You’re so wet.. ”
He smirked and his lips met with mine again.
His tongue slid through my lips and he kissed the back of my throat before nibbling a little on my bottom lip then moving to my upper lip.
His fingers rested on the waistband of my pant and my breathing hitched.
His fingers went down and he pressed his thumb against my pant and a weird sensation ran through my body, passing heat around my whole body then settling on my core.
I moaned out and he removed his hand then break the kiss.
He looked down at me and held the waist of his shirt.
“Can I? ”
He whispered and I nodded slowly .
He smiled and removed his shirt on me and now I’m half naked in front of me.
I felt shy and I looked away from him.
“Look at me, Sarah ”
He whispered and I turned to look at him.
His eyes blazed with emotions I can’t quite decipher.
“look into my eyes and look at what you’ve done to me ”
He whispered and his hot mouth made contact with my tummy making me to breath in a sharp breath and my skin tingling.
“I never got laid that day ”
He muttered, slowly biting on my skin which made me moaned.
“I couldn’t stop seeing your face. I tried to get rid of you but I couldn’t ”
He uttered and trailed kisses up to my breasts.
“You’re doing something to me and I can’t stop it. Fuck ! You’re driving me insane ”
He growled and kissed inbetween my breasts.
All my shyness disappeared immediately as he looked into my eyes.
“You’re beautiful.. ”
He muttered and I blushed.
He bent down and kissed my lips again before his mouth wrapped round my nipple.
My body trembled as I moaned out his name.
Damn! It felt so good. No one has ever done that to me before and I like it.
His teeth grazed my nipple and he sucked in it as if he wants it to produce something while I moaned G
His name breathlessly.
His hand gripped onto my other breast and he pressed it softly while sucking on the other one.
“Oh my gawd, Aidan… ”
I moaned out loud and tangled my fingers in his hair.
He pulled away after some time and bent a little under.
“Can I? ”
He asked holding the waistband of my pant and I shyly nodded.
He chuckled before grabbing my.. His shirt and pulling it on me.
“So you don’t feel totally naked ”
He smiled and raised the shirt a little to reveal my pant.
He pulled it down and his finger thrust inside me.
I gasp a little and arch my back.
“Are you okay? ”
He looked up at me and I nodded at him closing my eyes.
“Shit, you’re so tight..”
He cursed and thrust the one finger in and out while I moaned, it’s too much. Too much sensations.
He tried doubling the fingers but I gasped out loud and he removed one.
“Sorry ”
He smiled warmly at me before thrusting the one finger in and out.
I never knew that this could feel so good. I always feel disgusted and irritated whenever Sebastian does this to me but Aidan doing this is a whole different matter entirely.
His finger kept thrusting in and out and I didn’t even realised when he doubled the finger until I felt it.
I moaned out his name together with other nonsense I can’t decipher.
“Oh my gawd, Aidan. I’m close ”
I gasped and he thrust in and out a few times before I reached my orgasm.
I breathed out and closed my eyes before opening them back.
He pulled out his fingers and licked my orgasm off his fingers.
I frowned my face and he chuckled before locking his lips with mine , his lips tastes so different and I can taste myself in him.
“You tastes so fuckin good ”
He smirked and pulled away from the kiss.
I giggled and accidentally pulled my waist to his.
He groaned and I watched his eyes darkened.
“Easy sugarplum, you’re almost naked beneath me ”
He winked and I blushed underneath him.
I tried laying on my side but Aidan pushed me back to look at me.
“I’m not done yet, pickle ”
He winked and I couldn’t help the blush that crept it’s way to my cheeks.
He bent down and before I could tell what he was gonna do, his hot tongue met with my sensitive part and I gasped, sensations driving me insane.
He flicked his tongue through my core and I moaned out loud.
I’m sure it’s loud enough for everyone in this part of the mansion to hear.
He grabbed my thighs and placed it on his shoulders and continued his murderous attempt.
I pushed my hip closer to him and he chuckled through my sensitive part, his sound vibrating through my entire body.
I couldn’t even describe how I felt. The feeling, it’s.. It’s so.. It’s unexplainable. Indescribable. It’s too much.
His thumb circled round my cl*t while his tongue continued his treacherous attempt.
“Oh gawd… Oh gawd. ”
I moaned, throwing my head back and closing my eyes to the feelings.
He pushed his tongue in and I gasped. “Oh my gawd, Aidan..”
I moaned louder, my whole body trembling.
He pushed his tongue back out and sucked me in, his thumb still circling round my cl*t.
I feel my orgasm building up and Aidan isn’t stopping.
“Aidan, I’m close.. ”
I moaned out and finally reached my climax.
I breathed out as Aidan licked me clean.
He moved forward and his lips closed on mine.
He pulled away and grinned down at me.
“You’re so fucking beautiful ”
He kissed my forehead and I giggled.
He kissed my sensitive part and pulled down my.. His shirt on me.
He laid beside me and cuddled me into his arms.
“Can I do something to you too? ”
I asked laying my head on his chest and he chuckled.
His sound vibrating through me.
“I’m fine, sugarplum ”
He kissed my hair.
“But Aidan… ”
“Go to sleep ,strawberry ”
He teased and I chuckled before closing my eyes.
“Give me some good news Ethan ”
I growled, I can’t believe Hayden blowed off the heads of my men.
I’m proud of him and at the same time annoyed.
“I found Sarah ”
He grinned and a smile crept it’s way to my lips.
“Then what are you waiting for? Arrange the boys, we’re gonna go get her! ”
I growled and he nodded before walking away.
Finally, My Sarah will be back with me.
I stretched my hand to reach out to Sarah but I can’t feel her.
I jerked up immediately, Sarah isn’t here.
I got up and rushed to her room.
She isn’t there either.
Where the hell is she?
A gunshot sounded off and I jerked off in surprise.
Oh my gawd, Sarah!
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