Gay High School Batch 4

Gay High School
Episode 7
I rushed out of the room and saw two prefects. “Please, there’s a fight going on…”
“Between Jeffrey and Eric.” I said breathlessly.
“Please…come…they might kill themselves.” I shrieked.
The two prefect exchanged glances. Then, they smiled knowingly.
“Where are they?” The first one asked.
I told them and we all ran to the room.
“Stay outside boy…we’ll separate them.” One said and patted my shoulder.
The two walked in. Silence followed.
“Aargh…” I heard a sharp cry.
It seems, something is wrong. I tried opening the door but it’s locked from inside.
Then I heard the sound of blows and someone was groaning inside.
Then, Mason came.
“Why are you here?” Mason asked.
“Hmm..The door is locked and…” I think of a way to put the words.
Mason looked at me suspiciously, then he said.
“Fred said I should call you…meet him in the dormitory hall ”
“Okay..” I said and rushed out.
I got to the dormitory and looked for Fred but he’s nowhere to be found.
“HEY boy…” someone called and I turned back to see those two prefect.
“Your mission is accomplished, we’ve successfully separated the fight” The first one said and the other giggled.
“Oh…thanks a lot.” I said whimsical.
“You’re welcome.” They replied with a grin.
Then I started heading back to the hostel.
As I got to the door…I pushed it open and met four pair of eyes darted angrily at me.
Eric was lying flat on a mat with no clothes on. While Fred knelt beside him and dipped a small towel in a bucket of hot water. She squeezed out the water and touched the towel on Eric’s body, making him groan in pain.
Mason held a first aid box, while Alex took assisted Fred with the hot water massage.
They all glared at me.
“Oliver…” Fred called with a stern voice.
“Tell me the best punishment to give to you at this instant moment?” Fred asked.
I hesitated
“What did I do wrong.” I asked.
“Just because Eric is cruel to you, doesn’t mean you should do this to him.” This time, Mason was the one who spoke.
“I… don’t… understand”
Fred stood up furiously.
“What is it you don’t understand, you called the Jboys to gang up to beat Eric and you are acting pretentious.” He seethed.
“Jboys?, who are the J-boys.” I asked
Fred loosed his temper, in no second, he stood front of me and gave me a viscous slap.
I held cheek unable to cry. “You shouldn’t have slap him yet.” Alex muttered as he came closely to me. He pulled me away and took me to the extreme part of the room.
“Why did you do that, Oliver?” Alex asked calmly as we’re alone.
“I don’t still understand… what are you guys saying.” I cried.
He drew in a fortifying breath and exhaled a torturous one.
“Okay…just Tell me, what really happened today.” He probed.
“Like, why did you call those prefect?” He asked.
“I saw Jeffrey and Eric in a serious battle. I was tempted to separate them, but I felt, I might get hurt.
So I rushed out to see two prefect in the school field.
I called them and pleaded with them to help separate ,, ,, ,,”
I finished explaining. Alex sighed. “You wouldn’t have called anyone. Those two prefects you called are Jerry and Jeremy. They are Jeffrey’s gang and Eric’s greatest enemies. You made a mistake by calling them. They didn’t actually separated the fight, but they gang up against Eric and tortured him with their belts and cane.
Now Eric is in much pains.
And everyone is thinking that you intentionally called Jerry and Jeremy to beat up Eric.” Alex explained and my mouth opened agape.
“I told you before, just avoid anything concerning Eric. Even if you see him falling in a pit…ignore him and walk away.” Alex added.
“Now they are all angry with you.”
Bag of troubles.
Alex put his hand around my shoulder and we walked back to the trio.
“Fred, Eric, Mason…you all misunderstood…”
“He has fed you up with lies.” Eric cut in. Alex heaved.
“Hear me out first…”
“Save your explanation.” Eric snorted.
“Senior Eric…is not what you think. And am sorry for …”
“Shut up, Oliver…you always have an excuse.” Fred sneered.
*******”Believe me or not…I never had any evil attention against Eric, but if actually he was beaten…Then good for him, at least he would stop seeing himself as a god.” *****
I was tempted to say it aloud, but I didn’t.
“I understand Oliver…and I believe every word you say…But my main reason for being angry at you is because you violated the rule we gave you. You are not allowed to talk to anyone in the school…no one is trusted.” Fred finally said.
“Am sorry senior Fred, it won’t happen again.” I said with my head, bow.
“Its okay.” Fred muttered blandly and Eric suddenly sprung up.
He glared at me, then turned to Fred.
“What are we going to do to the Jboys.” He asked.
“Nothing for now…The basketball competition is by noon.” Fred said and looked knowingly at Alex, Alex returned the look to Mason, who in turn, return it to Fred.
A wry smile curved at their lips and they nodded knowingly.
“Can you play basketball?” Fred asked me and I nodded.
Though am not sure.
“You’ll join us…” He said and dragged me along.
We got to a large room in the school.
“This is the changing room…put This on.” Fred said as be handed me some jersey and short.
“Change now…there’s No time.” He urged as he pull down his trouser, leaving him with just boxer. I looked at his virile body, nice chest, flat stomach, with six complete ridges.
With the nice masculine hair from his novel, down to his ….
“Oliver there’s no time…everyone is waiting.” He nudged.
No…I can’t change front of him. Never.
It seems, he read my mind. He suddenly burst into laughter.
“C’mon boy…am a guy, stop all this fuss and change now.” He said still laughing.
“No…turn around.” I said.
He frowned and look closely at me. He brought his face closer to mine and looked deeply at my lips.
Slowly, his lips met mine. Hell…
I couldn’t breath. I stood limp unable to respond or resist.
Somehow, it feels good but awkward..
How can a boy kissed his fellow boy.
He took his tongue into mine and I prayed fervently for the floor to open.
I shut my eyes tight. Then he withdrew suddenly, so sudden. He shut his eyes tight and opened it, then he said to himself.
“I can’t believe I did this.”
I stood in awe.
He looked at me and without saying a word or giving an order, he walked out of the changing room.
I quickly pulled down my short and wore the sports own.
Quietly, I walked out of the room too. Still thinking of what just happened.
I got to the field and it was already set.
The FAME Vs J BOYS [Jeffrey, Jerry, Jeremy and James].
“Each team, should pick one more person.” The referee announced.
Eric waved at me to come and I surprisingly rushed to join them. The Jboys picked up one boy.
Then, the whistle was blown and the ball was first tackled by Jeffrey who bounced it continuously and started running with it to our post.
But Alex took it from him and passed it on to Eric who in turn gave Mason.
Fred wasn’t really concentrating, he kept looking intently at me, making me look away.
The ball suddenly bounced towards me and I took it and bounced with my hands.
Then with great dexterity, I sped passed everyone and moved to the opponents post. I jumped high to throw the ball…But it seems am too short.
I tried again. Then something or someone, lifted me up and I put the ball to the net, making student shout happily.
“Good boy.”..Jeffrey said to me.
And I found out, he was the one who lifted me.
How? Why?
We’re opponent.
“Whats wrong with you…weren’t You concentrating?” Alex yelled at me and I became confused.
He supposed to cheer me up.
“Oh…Oliver, you scored us…” Mason said disappointedly.
Then it dawned on me. I scored myself.
Then a heavy slap descended on my face.
Making me fall to the floor.
You can guess who slapped me.
Eric of course.
Then Fred jumped in to my rescue and a serious fight ensued between Fred and Eric.
Not a fight…a beat….Fred was beating the hell out of Eric while crowd gathered around.
And, I, Oliver Wealth is the cause.
Episode 8
Crowd gathered as they rushed to separate Fred and Eric.
Gosh, I’ve never seen Fred so angry before. He really have Eric a thorough beating
Jeffrey, Alex and Mason restrained him from doing more harm cause Eric was already bleeding. Students gyrated around the field jeering at Eric. It’s obvious many junior student hates him.
Fred breathed heavily with pure anger.
I never expected him to be so strong. He’s strong but he hardly use his strength unlike Eric. Amidst the jeering students, I stood like a confused sheep. Not knowing what to do, who to console, and who to apologise to.
Fred looked around, searching for someone, obviously me. I tried to hide but it’s late. His eyes met mine. He glared at me with a narrowed eyes, then he started walking towards me, menacingly and angrily. Meanwhile Mason and Alex has assisted Eric to the school dispensary.
Things seems to be happening too fast. My legs wobbled and wriggled as Fred kept walking to me with an air of pure anger. I shut my eyes in anticipation for a slap but rather, he dragged me roughly, and vehemently and started pulling me out of the crowd under the curious eyes of students.
“Fred,!!!” Jeffrey yelled afar but the furious Fred ignored me and dragged me along to…The changing room.
He’s breath was heavy and his body perspired. Then without warning, he pushed me to the wall violently, I was really expecting a slap or punch. But it seems I was wrong.
He kissed me, violently, furiously, roughly and intimately. A kiss of anger. He kissed without the restraint he do used earlier, invading my mouth, I wanted to cry but the cry came as a sweet moan. I wanted to push him but I found myself grabbing him closer. My sighs and moans fueled him. He invaded his tongue in mine, seeking, searching and devouring my mouth.
“Fred!” A low voice called behind interrupting the dreadful moment of intimate passion.
Fred stopped abruptly and breathed heavily. He didn’t turn back nor bothered to know who called.
“The principal sent for you.” The voice added and he turned to see Jeffrey.
Fred inhaled deeply and turned, he walked pass Jeff and left the room.
Jeffrey stood looking at me with an expression I can’t really fathom.
“Oliver…” his voice was low and filled with feelings.
My heart pounded as he walked to me. He gave me a furtive gaze then he looked keenly at my lips shook his head.
Without saying a word, he turned suddenly and left.
I stood still, and start wondering if am not a gay. Yeah, am turning into a gay. Why didn’t I resist Fred kiss, why am I also looking at Jeffrey’s lips lustfully. Why did I always blush each time Mason looked at me passionately. Why did my stomach flutter each time Alex peck or kiss me?
ANS- Because am a gay.
Impossible…Am not a gay and would never be a gay. I’ll only have feelings for the opposite sex.
Yeah right…girls are what I thrive on.
But I’ve never had any feelings for girls the way am having for boys. Huh..that’ll pend for now. I should think of how to settle with the FAME.
I couldn’t bear to go to that room again. Maybe I should stay with Jimmy. Or I should sleep in the Library, or classroom. Or should I just go to the room and bear anything they wish to do to me.
By the time I came out, it was already dusk. The moon shone brightly and led me to the room.
I was about opening the door, when I heard an argument going inside.
“Fred what you did, was totally unfair. You beat up Eric in the midst of crowds.” Alex said ans scoffed.
“Thinking of it alone, disgust me. Fred you are so mean.” This time it was Mason.
“Just because of Oliv…” Alex was saying when Fred yelled.
“Don’t put Oliver’s name into this. You all are blaming me for beating up Eric, he deserves it totally. Oliver is my pet, none of you should dare raise your hands on him cause I won’t spare….”
Then I pushed the door opened and walked in.
They all looked at me, surprisingly Eric too was inside. Fred turned to me and ran his finger through his head. He’s been doing this since we kissed the first time.
Alex looked at me and said
“Oliver, am sorry but you won’t stay in this room anymore, you are causing a lot of chaos amongst us. It seems Fred is obsessed….” Alex haven’t finished what he’s saying when Fred jumped to him and hook his shirt.
All because of me…Oliver.
Eric just laid quiet.
“Fred…what do you wanna do…beat me?…” Alex blurted as Fred tightened his grip.
“Senior Fred…stop it.” I whimpered and it seems like my words were ice. It kindled Fred’s anger and he released his grip from Alex shirt.
Fred climbed on his bed without saying any more word.
Mason and Alex glared at him.
‘am really causing trouble among them.’
I looked at Mason and Alex.
“Am sorry.” I mumbled politely and took the guts to Eric.
“Senior Eric, am really sorry for what happened.” I said, he act as if am invisible.
I looked back at Fred, he’s already sleeping.
Then quietly, I walked out of the room. To clear my mind and think straight. Many events are happening at the same time. And am at the centre of it all.
The night seems to come too fast. The school was quiet and the only thing I heard was the sounds of night crickets.
Quietly, I found my way to the school library. Maybe, I’ll spend my night there.
I pushed the door ajar and entered.
The lights were off. And everywhere was completely dark.
A peaceful place at last.
“Who are you looking for?” A voice said from the extreme part of the Library and I flinched. The voice was quite sleepy. Was someone actually sleeping here.
“Who are you?” The voice asked again and I shivered.
“I’m Oliver.”
“Oliver!!!” The voice exclaimed and the light turned on.
Oh my God.
Not again.
It’s Jeffrey, he’s on a sweatpants with no clothe, his hair was tousled and it kinda make him more handsome.
He looked at me askance.
“What are you doing here?” He asked confused with wriggled brow.
“Umh…I came to …sleep here.” I fidgeted and he widen his eyes.
And slam his forehead.
“Temptations.” He muttered to himself.
And looked closely at me, while walking towards me.
I shifted back until I my back got to the wall. My face was to him.
He leaned closer and with his hands to the wall, caging me.
“Please…don’t hurt me..” I cried.
He paused for a while.
“Have you seen me hurt a junior student, do I look like Eric to you.” He deadpan and I shook.
“Don’t rape me.” I blurted foolishly.
“Why are you always getting engaged with trouble? Where you born on a rainy day?” He asked.
I kept mute.
Then he chuckled.
“My mom once told me that people who were birthed on a rainy day always get into trouble.” He said.
I kept quiet while my heart pounded aloud.
“I guess the FAME have told you much about me that I’m a gay, am this…Am. that. Am used to it. People do gossip me a lot but am not affected.” He said as he turned back and played with the keyholder in his hand.
“Well, they are right, am a gay. They told you to be careful of me, right? ” He asked and turned swiftly as I gave no response.
I nodded.
He chuckled and shook his head. “You are a stubborn boy, always listen to your superiors they knows what is best for you. They advised you to stay away from me, but you kept drawing yourself to me like a magnet, now you’ve gotten yourself into trouble by coming to me, when am enjoying my peaceful night sleep. You are a cute boy and I can’t resist people like you.” He said and caressed my cheeks.
“Right from the day I saw you..I was attracted to you. But Fred warned me to stay away and I so much respect Fred, not only because he’s the senior prefect, but because he has a nice self esteem.
I tried everything possible to avoid you, not to see you. But you are the one who is coming, do you know that I’ve been having wet dreams because of you. Right now, I came to this Library for privacy so I can picture your nice face in my dream. But you came in reality.
I love you Ollie, and i hate hurting people I love. Am sorry for what I’ll do in a minute, but I pray you ‘ll forgive me later, as for now, I can’t resist you. And not even Fred will save you.”
He said and moved to me. My heart leapt to my throat.
If I try to avoid a problem, another would come.
Am trapped.

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