Fvck and run episode 9

Fvck and run episode 9
I discretely hopped out of the taxi, taking glances at my surrounding I slipped into the TMN parking lot. I located Mike’s car, pulled out the phone and dialed Victory’s number.
While waiting for her to pick up the call I saw someone on a hoodie walking into the parking lot towards me, I couldn’t recognize the face as it was smartly covered with the hood.
I quickly turned and dashed for the far end of the parking lot, the hooded guy followed suit. I urged my legs to carry me faster, concluding that this mission was a bad idea.
I was still running when I heard a car roar to life behind me, I turned my back and saw the hooded guy reversing out of the parking lot. I sighed loudly and calmed my troubled heart.
I checked my phone and saw that the call had ended while I was being chased by my own paranoia; I re-dialed and waited again for Victory to pick up.
My heart was still pounding heavily, paranoia really is a b—h.
“Hello Charles what is happening, were you being chased?” Victory’s voice came with apprehension.
“It was a misunderstanding but am fine now” I said still breathing heavily.
“What happened?”
“Forget about it, meanwhile I am at the parking lot.” I said walking briskly towards Mike’s car.
“I can’t come down there now, am on heavy duty.”
“It’s ok, I don’t need you down here rather I need you to do something up there then later down here.”
I exhaled sharply “I need to get into Mike’s car trunk, that’s the only way I can get into his compound. So I will need his car keys.”
There was a little pause on the other end of the line which seemed like minutes. When Victory spoke again, she spoke with dexterity. “You my friend must be on a lucky streak today.”
“Gist me” I said keenly.
“Mike just gave Iyke his car keys to put something in the trunk for him.”
“Iyke.” I paused trying to pin point where I knew the guy “Isn’t that the technician guy that you used to play those days?”
“You’ve got a good brain Charles, though I still play”
“He still got that thing for you?”
“Kid wouldn’t take a hint” I imagined her rolling her eyes.
“Well that’s by the way, now you hide close to Mike’s car cuz the guy is already on his way. I am currently coming after him and we need to be fast cuz Mike is about to go out.” She said then the line went dead.
I sighed heavily and realized I was smiling sheepishly. I had to chuckle. Thinking of how I would be able to pass through this if it wasn’t for Victory. I owe the girl a lot. I placed my hands on Mike’s trunk, wondering how I had grown accustomed to people’s car trunks.
It will only last for a while Charles—I consoled myself.
I started looking around for any sign of Iyke, I saw the clumsy fellow entering the parking lot holding a parcel—faced down—must have been lost in thoughts.
I quickly hid myself under the car still able to see Iyke. He walked sluggishly towards my direction, paused in front of the car muttering a curse for Mike. He circled briefly to the front door. I heard a clicking sound which was followed by a beeping sound. I wondered how I was going to enter the trunk now without being seen by this guy.
Then I heard Victory’s soothing voice.
“Iyke love” she was saying “Please come let me tell you something”
“Oh ok just a mi minute” Iyke was stammering.
“So you can’t leave whatever you are doing for me?” She said compellingly.
“Let me just dro drop th this” He stammered.
“Baby me, come now” she kept on.
I heard Iyke sigh heavily. “Ok” he said and started moving towards her.
I took that as my prompt and slipped out from under the car.
“Baby why do i have to call several times before you answer me.” Victory was saying.
“I am so sorry” Iyke replied with yet another stammer.
I took the moment to admire Victory’s beauty, but I hated what she was doing to the poor guy. Although it was in my favour, I wished I could just blow some common sense into Iyke. Victory gave me a menacing glare, without much hesitation I opened the trunk and folded myself inside then I carefully droped the door. Since there was no way I could shut the door left it that way.
“What was it you wanted to tell me?”
“I just wanted to talk to you, it’s been a while.” Both their voices sounded close.
“Baby look at that!” Victory sounded alarmed.
“What?” Iyke sounded agitated.
The car trunk flew open and then slammed shut and within those split seconds I saw Victory’s cute face, she didn’t even look down at me. That was definitely a smart move from her.
“Come on Iyke do what you came here to do, I will see you after work.” I heard Victory’s fading footsteps after that.
Seconds later I heard Iyke saying “Dude I think that girl is into me again!” he sounded excited as if he was on the phone.
He waited and said “The model chick that works at the tech company where I work dude.”
He waited again, scoffed and then said “I told you no lady could resist me” he too started fading away.
I shook my head inside the trunk and thought what romantically frustrated fellow this guy was.
I brought out the phone and dialed victoy’s number. The line rang and connected.
“Mike is approaching you, call me when you get there” She said quickly then ended the call. A few minutes later the car engine roared to life, few seconds following that; the car was put to motion.
Inside the hot trunk I wished Mike would just head to this house directly. The phone in my hand gave a beeping sound, I checked to see a low battery warning. I was devastated.
We have been on the road for close to an hour now, suddenly the car came to a screeching halt.
I heard a footstep approaching the trunk, and then there was a loud knock on the trunk.
“Knock knock who is there? Tiffany Johnson? No not Tiffany Johnson, I killed Tiffany Johnson.” I heard Mike say with a scoff. My heart started pounding hard against my chest. “Then I wonder who could be in my car trunk” On saying that he jerked the door open.
“Hello Charles” he said with a sneer. I was about to throw myself out of the trunk before he slammed the door shut. Reflex took over reason as I started to hit the door hard with my body. Before long my body jerked backwards as the car started moving again, I felt pain within me as I lay there exhausted.
I thought this was the end for me.

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