Fvck and run episode 8

Fvck and run episode 8
Being on the run for a crime I didn’t commit had taken a toll on me, everything I did after losing the cops – I did painstakingly. I had found a good hiding spot inside a half-done building. Although I was no longer being chased by the police I had a feeling that what that detective did was a plot. Whatever his intentions were, I kept on wondering.
I had resolved to reveal the whole shebang surrounding my predicament; I needed to start from the root. I brought out the phone Sissy got for me, hid my caller identity and dialed Victory’s number. Thanks to my eidetic memory, I could remember every phone number I have ever dialed.
The ring tone kept on until someone picked up the phone.
“Hello who are you and why are you calling me with a hidden number?” Victory’s voice sounded harsh on the line.
“Calm down it’s me, Charles” I said gently.
“Mister Man I don’t know any Charles who hides his number to call… wait a minute, Charles Michael?” she said almost loudly.
“Yes it’s me and I need a few favours from you.”
“Are you insane? Do you want to get me killed? You are a fugitive for Christ sake, Charles you raped and murdered an actress. To make matters worse, you shot and killed one of the cops that arrested you and you…”
“listen Victory!” I cut her shot. “I did none of those things, it was all a setup. I am being framed for all those deaths. Mike Adewale killed his own wife and the police lady was shot by her partner! I was there! I saw everything!”
“Wait, what do you mean Mike killed his own wife?” she sounded amused
“It was Mike that killed his actress wife Tiffany, he is playing some sort of game thingy with me and I will not sit and get arrested for his atrocities.” I said angrily.
“Oh my dear Charles, you have gone psycho” she said
“Look Victory I called you for help not name calling”
“Isn’t it obvious? You are losing it. The mike we both know is a bachelor. Rumor even has it that this guy is gay and here you are claiming that he is married to the actress you raped and murdered.” She said sarcastically.
I became dumbfounded. There was silence before I broke it by quickly explaining to Victory how Mike made me the startup proposal, how we both left the company and I went to his house and met his new wife Tiffany, how I gave her a ride, the nasty things she told me that Mike did to her, how we were spotted by paparazzi and ran into that building, how she professed her feelings and how I reciprocated, the love making, her death and the appearance of Mike’s security guy, from the moment my life became endangered to the moment I met Sissy. I told her the whole shebang.
“Charles your story sounds convincing but there is a plot hole.” She said.
“What plot hole”
“You said you and Mike quit TMN?”
“Yes” I sounded obvious.
“Well Mike came to work today, in fact he has been coming to work ever since and for the last time Charles, Mike is a bachelor.” She said and hung up.
I brought the phone down and clenched my fist – Another yet astonishing revelation; Mike hadn’t quit as he fooled me to do so, what’s more? His marriage to Tiffany was a lie but that leaves Tiffany in the limelight. She too was part of the arrangement; I can’t believe she played me. But then I wondered why Mike would kill her. What was he going to achieve and why was he doing this to me?!
I sat at the sandy floor for several minutes before dialing Victory’s number again. It rang for some seconds, no answer. I tried again still she wouldn’t pick up. I tried four more times still no answer.
I tried it for the last time; I waited for what seemed to be decades. Just when the line was about to give no answer; she picked it up.
“I know my story sounds crazy, but I am telling the truth” I said immediately fearing that she would drop the call again.
“Cut the crap Charles, I think you are saying the truth” she said with a whisper.
My heart raced with joy.
“That sound awesome Victory but what changed your mind?” I said cheerfully.
“When I dropped the call I pulled the company’s records, I saw something that gives your story a little credibility. In the company’s list of employees and ex-employees you don’t exist.”
“Charles TMN never employed you; the data says so and remember you told me the company acquired an app from you”
“That doesn’t exist also and what’s more”
“Mike had almost got the company bankrupt, he paid from his own pocket, in addition to that he had been a serial gambler, and all these led to him being broke.”
I sighed hesitantly.
“Charles I read a blog post which you wrote, you bragged about your online empire of wealth, and you claimed to be super rich with your online ventures. I somehow confirmed that, and I think that’s what Mike is after. All that money Charles.” she said with clarity.
I brushed my hair with my hand. It dawned on me that ignorance was really a misery. If I had knowledge about my surrounding, I wouldn’t be in this mess.
“Charles we need to find a way to use this against Mike; try to come up with something.” Hearing her say this put me at ease. Finally someone was willing to work with me.
“Umm” I started scratching my head, nothing was coming up. I searched my memory as if I had stored any plan there, then something silly crossed my mind.
Victory was still on the line.
“I want to infiltrate Mike’s house, I might find something useful there.” I said and waited for her to disapprove.
“Are you nuts? You want to walk into the layer of the man you are running from? How are you going to do that undetected? and if I heard you correctly you said his security guy was the person that came after you. Charles this is a bad idea.” She said.
I was already on my feet, leaving the building. “Look Victory, this people wants me to play by their script and by that they want me to run. I am no longer their puppet, plus I’ve got a well calculated plan to infiltrate Mike’s house.”
“And how do you intend to do that?”
“I will tell you when we meet. At TMN garage” I said.
“Charles, call your lawyer let’s start from there.”
“I don’t have a lawyer”
“I’ll hook you up with one, he is very good. He will know how to use this data to your favour.”
“Thank you very much Victory, I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.”
“Keep your gratitude till when we meet; you have a lot of explaining to do.” The line went dead.
I took a deep breath and exhaled sharply. Thanking my stars that I know someone like victory.
Tiffany came to mind, she was nothing but a deception. I clenched my fist and wished she was here to explain herself.
I came out of the half-done building vigilantly, carefully observing if anyone was looking, no one—so I slipped out and hailed a taxi, told the driver my destination.
Where was I headed? The TMN massive garage, then for the first time since a very long time, I was smirking.

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