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    Episode one

    I looked at her closely, she was neither smiling or frowning.
    She suddenly bent down to pick up a leaf from the ground, she was obviously trying to hide her shyness.

    I was making her uncomfortable

    “… you haven’t answered my question Oby? Tell me what you think of me…? I repeated

    She managed to raise her head up but did not look into my eyes like I was looking into hers

    “I think you are handsome…” She managed to say

    “You think? You are not sure… tell me more? I said trying not to laugh with her shy attitude

    “You’re a good looking man and also…well, I don’t really know. We just met last two months and this is the third time we will be talking by the road side. You’re not from this village only your friend chuka is. I can only say what I saw… I don’t know your attitude or if you are a womanizer or even a…

    I couldn’t wait for her to finish I started laughing.

    “I may not be from this village but because of you this place has also become part of me. I traveled all the way from the city to see you. That should be enough prove that I’m serious. I know almost everything about you. Oby, you’re the daughter one of the village teachers … Mazi Azuka is your father’s name. I have made my enquires and atleast know you enough. asides your dashingly beauty you’re also a dancer. It was your erotic dance moves that got me searching for you. I traveled all the way down here for my best friend, Chuka’s traditional wedding. I never had the intention of getting carried away by a beautiful damsel. It was during the dance performance at Chuka’s wedding that I saw your outstanding dance moves. I was glued to you Oby from that moment. I want you to be mine…I will go and meet your father if you don’t mind…

    She looked up at me and said

    “No oo. My father will be angry with me. Please don’t put me in trouble. I’m just 18years I don’t have any intention of having a boyfriend yet. I want to go to the university…my father is looking for people that will buy his plots of land so that he can send me to school. Instead of staying idle, I decided to learn tailoring until father gets a buyer. As the first child, my family believe if I go to school, finish well and get a good job I will be able to train my younger siblings.

    I admire her smart talk and all I saw was a potential wife material in Oby.

    She was 18, never had a boyfriend, not wild like the City girls and she was very beautiful and had a perfect body shape. I will be able to mould her to my perfect taste. Oby will be mine forever.

    “Do you like me…or love me…? Don’t be shy, please answer me… is very important..” I asked

    “I like you too but I can’t be your girlfriend. My parents won’t approve of it and I really want to go to school first. Some of my friends have gotten admission and traveled out of the village to the big City for that. I will be finishing my tailoring training next year. I’m still hoping that by then my father might have sold his land so that I can leave this village too…

    I thought of what to do because I really want this girl.
    Ever since I set my eyes on her she captured my mind, I have not been able to think straight ever since
    I want her, I traveled all the way from Abuja to this village just because of her.
    She does not have a phone to reach out, she usually hide and use the father’s phone but that is on a rare occasion.

    She told me that she can’t afford a phone and her father says is not time for her to get one.
    If there is any important thing that she needs to be reached for then she will give her father’s phone number out because he is the only one that has phone in their family.

    “Can I come and see your father… please? I asked trying to take her hands into mine.

    “No… no. My father is very strict…if you come what will you tell him? She said withdrawing her hand from me the moment she saw a woman on bicycle passing by.

    “Don’t be scared, leave whatever I’m going to say to me. I Know how to go about it. But my only problem is do you want me as I also want you…

    She nodded shyly with her head bent.

    I felt like kissing her at that moment but that will make me look like I’m rushing all over the poor girl.

    Anything it takes for me to have her I will.

    She later told me she needs to go before her people starts looking for her.

    She turned and ran off.

    With all my observation, Oby was homely and respectful.
    She knew that my name was Austin yet she will hardly call me by name.
    Maybe because I’m twenty eight and she is eighteen that’s ten years different.

    The gap in our age means nothing to me, my heart beat for Oby and I will do anything possible to have her and make her my wife.

    But first, I need to go see her father after then I will know what next for me.

    My journey all the way from Abuja to this village will not be in vain.
    I silently prayed.

    (Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH’S HEART stories)

    (Please, give a title to this story😄)

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    Episode 2

    Chuka tries to discourage me at first but he saw how determined I was.

    ” Why not stick to Abuja babes Austin, with your personality I expect something more not a teenage village girl who knows nothing about the city life. Look at my wife Helen, we met in Abuja and I found out we’re from the same place. She lived all her life in Abuja, graduated from University of Abuja and working in a bank. I’m equally doing well as a lawyer. We understand, love and respect each other. Love, respect and beauty are everywhere in Abuja… maybe you choose to remain blind to it. I’m not trying to discourage you but I don’t want you to regret this decision of yours later…” Chuka said concerned.

    I understand his fears but I had none at the moment. My mind was strongly made up for Oby.
    No other woman gets me like she does.

    “Chuka, you need not to worry…I have never be sure of anything as i am with Oby. I have dated Abuja girls in the past, none of them appeal to me like Oby does. I’m not a womanizer, I don’t just see a woman and jump into her, Oby was special and unique. I’m glad you got your lucks with a city lady…Helen, but not everyone is meant to marry from the city. I found a wife material in Oby and I’m not relenting. Is either her or none other. I’m serious Chuka…damn serious. By next week I will be traveling to see her father maybe from there I will know what is the next big step for me.

    My other friend Jerome try to warn me too.
    Jerome is a single young man doing well for himself.
    He was well to do and was already a landlord in Abuja at his age. He was just a year older than me but we were great pals.
    He was working in an oil company while I work as a real estate agent.
    Business was also looking good at my end and I was doing well for myself just like my other friends.
    The only thing lacking in my life was a beautiful wife to compliment me
    I finally found one that my heart is at peace with, I will not let anyone discourage me.
    Jerome has his say, he tries every means possible to discourage me. He even try to hook me up with some ladies.
    He sent pictures and asked me to make my choice

    Curvy, beautiful and gorgeous looking ladies but none was to my taste.
    Absolutely none.
    Jerome forced me to hang out with them but that was all to it.
    I refused his push in taking anyone home with me.
    He saw how serious I was and knew nothing was going to make me change my mind.
    He said probably I have been charmed by either Oby or her village witch.

    I agreed and laughed it off.

    The week I supposed to travel came, i hardly travel with my car.

    It was a very long journey, I can’t be found driving such a long distance alone.

    I either fly on an aeroplane and drop in the nearest airport close to Oby’s state or I use the normal public bus and travel down.

    I traveled by road and it was very late when I got to her state
    I lodged in a hotel until the following morning.

    Oby gave me her father’s phone number and I have spoken to him twice and informed him of my coming.
    He seems nice and responded well to me.
    I silently hope he is not mistaking me as somebody interested in buying his land.

    Because according to what Oby told me, he was in desperate need of a buyer and even ready to beat down the price if he sees a serious buyer soon enough.

    The following morning, I found my way to her village
    Getting to her place it was as if they have been expecting me.
    I saw Oby blushing like a new bride the moment I arrived.
    Mazi Azuka was a nice learned man. He welcomed me with kola and palm wine after I was ushered into the small sitting room with only wooden chair and table no cushion or television.
    There was an old looking radio lying by the side of the wall.
    There was an oil lamp with a breakable glass in another side of the wall, beside it was a hand made mat.
    Despite how small and scanty the sitting room looks it was very neat.

    I thanked Mazi for the kola and palm wine he offered.
    I don’t fancy palmy due to its sour taste but I accepted it with smile and the moment I placed it to my mouth it smells all fresh and inviting.
    I took a sip followed by another sip.
    It was freshly made and taste great.

    I complimented the drink and he smiled and said that he bought it that morning as the palm wine taper was returning from his morning business.

    The next second I saw Oby, her Mom and younger siblings carrying different plates

    They placed the plates which has covers in front of me. I guess they don’t have a tray.
    I wasn’t expecting that but all I did was to smile and looked up at Oby’s Mom with questions in my eyes.
    She understood and said

    “We made our local delicacy for you…is oha soup with stock fish and bush meat. And this other plate is well prepared fufu. I made it by myself, which goes perfectly well with the soup…”

    I did not know what to say because I was not expecting such welcoming.

    “Have a taste of our meal, this is how we treat our visitors. Is a normal thing over here… even if you don’t like the food just eat the bush meat and if your mind isn’t at rest I can come and taste it first…” Mazi said.

    I quickly told him that tasting it isn’t necessary and I was still speechless when Mazi asked for a spoon and it was brought to him in a plastic plate.

    He moved closer to me, bent over the plate and took some of the soup and some stockfish into his plate.

    He went back to his seat and began eating the soup with the spoon.

    “You see, there’s no need to be afraid. Our visitors are respected and cared for over here. We can’t hurt you…so, go ahead and enjoy. If you need anything else just mention it, if is something I can afford it will be yours…” Mazi said.

    I was not only in love with Oby, I have also falling in love with the entire family.

    I haven’t eaten that morning except for a cup of tea offered to me in the hotel that I lodged. I wasn’t planning to go on strong food but I had to eat what was presented to me.

    The combination was actually odd. I don’t eat ” fufu” cassava meal and I haven’t eaten it before but I will have to please everyone.
    I bent my head after washing my hands
    Said few word prayers and began to eat.

    The soup was great, the stockfish was soft and delicious and the bush meat also nice.
    There were three wraps of the fufu which was way too much for one person or maybe too much for me.
    I managed to eat few balls, ate few of the things in the soup before washing my hands.
    Mazi urged me to eat more but I told him with smile that I was filled already
    I can’t go further than that.
    I thanked them kindly and his wife too as they came to clear the plates.

    Oby looked at me and smile and I smiled back as I also thanked her for the sumptuous meal.

    I got ready to present what exactly brought me but suddenly my stomach started behaving funny.

    could it be from the sweet palm wine which I’m not used to taking or from just eaten meal of oha soup with bush meat complimented with the fufu that I have also not taking before.

    Oh God, what is this now?
    My stomach can’t can’t do this to me at this critical stage.

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    Episode 3

    I sat on one side of the chair as I try to raise one part of my buttocks but all the tricks wasn’t helping me.

    Sweat broke out of my forehead, I was not listening to the government or politician talk that Mazi was trying to engage me in.
    He was only trying to engage me in a conversation while waiting for me to say what brought me.
    That was the part I failed to do in the beginning.
    If I have presented the reason I traveled all the way down to meet him before the entertainment or feasting, all of this happening wouldn’t have been because the moment I sense my system has changed I will get up and be on my way back to my hotel room.

    I have eaten all that was presented yet I have not said the reason for my coming.

    “Are you alright… Do you need anything? Mazi asked when he noticed I kept changing styles of my sitting.

    “Yes sir… I’m alright.
    I managed to say.

    He went back to his previous conversation on politics which I was not interested but I was grinning making him feel the whole talk was interesting me.

    When I couldn’t bear it anymore I spoke up.

    “Sorry to interrupt you sir, please I need to use the toilet…my stomach is in serious war… please…”

    I stood immediately because sitting down seems to be worsening my predicament.

    He called Oby and she came, he asked her to take me to the toilet.

    I was already walking ahead of Oby before she can finish receiving the instructions from her father I was moving towards an unknown door that looks rough.

    “That’s not the toilet, that’s our bedroom. Please follow me…”

    I turned from the door and followed her shamelessly.
    My situation made me so shameless that as we walk out into the main compound and began going towards a tiny part at the back of the building I couldn’t take it anymore.

    “Oby, where exactly are we going to…I said I seriously need to use the toilet. I mean where you go to excrete, poo, urinate and the rest of it…

    ” I know what toilet is… that’s where we’re going. We don’t build toilets close to the main building to avoid odd smell. We take it a bit far from the house. I’m sorry…but is just over there. That house built with aluminum zink and palm leaves…

    I rushed ahead of her because I couldn’t cat walk behind her again.
    Since i can see where the small zink leavy house is there was no need to waste further time.

    I ran ahead with my shameless self before I embarrass myself.

    I opened the small door and big flies greeted me excitedly.
    It was a pit toilet. Oh my God, what have I gotten myself into.
    Well, I don’t really have a choice
    The place was neat but I can’t overlook the environment.
    It was all locally made, and no matter how neat it was it was still a pit hole.

    Oby said something but I wasn’t listening, she later stretched out her hand and they were filled with torn written note sheets.

    I collected it but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with it.
    Could it be a love note which she secretly wants me to read in private.
    I began going through it but it appears as an old worn out junior class mathematics and English. It was soft and moist.
    But what am I supposed to do with it

    After I was done with my private business I started looking around for either tissue but saw none.

    “Oby, are you still there… please can I get tissue paper? that’s… ehmmm toilet roll…” I shouted out to her.

    “I’m sorry but we don’t have any. That’s why I gave you the sheets, if the paper won’t be enough I can run down and get more for you… We also have news papers for that…” Oby replied.

    I told her not to worry that it will be enough.

    Well, I don’t have any choice than to use what was given.

    I came out and she was still standing and waiting patiently.

    “Are you feeling better now…or do we need to get you some drugs? The drugs store is not far from here. My parents are worried… maybe your stomach did not accept all that you took in…

    She looked so worried because of me.
    Oby was indeed meant for me, she was everything and more.

    She later led me back to the house, gave me soap and water to wash my hands.
    Her mother came to apologise for the stomach upset.
    I told her it wasn’t her fault, that I ate too much due to the sweetness of the whole meal.
    I went back to join Mazi, he also rendered his own apology for the whole ordeal.
    I equally apologies for breaching our conversation.
    He gave me a liquid content in a small shot to gulp down, that it will relief me of whatever but I know better that I need to be very careful with whatever I take in.
    I told him with apology that I feel very alright and wouldn’t want my stomach to react again because it can be unpredictable.
    He didn’t take offense which I was glad

    I was not going to take any more chances.
    before another stomach rumbling will begin let me present the matter that brought me here.
    Before I start, Mazi and his wife were seated.

    “Thank you again sir for welcoming me into your home and for all the entertainment…” I paused and smile while Mazi and his wife went on grinning.

    I guess our thoughts ran into the same lane.
    I introduced myself, what I do for a living, also about my parents and every other necessary thing about me.
    After then I continued.

    “… without wasting further time, my main reason for traveling all the way from Abuja to this place is because of your daughter…Oby. well, I met Oby few months ago and she really got my attention, after few enquiry I realized she was a daughter of a noble man. Mazi you and your wife did a great job in raising her well. I’m impressed with her character and behavior…and she is only eighteen years of age. I don’t want to beat around the bush. I’m interested in your daughter sir…I wish to make her my wife…

    I paused to feel the atmosphere but it was still warm.
    Mazi spoke first

    “Well, my daughter told us about you but we waited for your arrival first to know exactly what was your intentions towards her. Oby is not too young for marriage, I got married to my wife when she was around seventeen years and I was twenty five…a young elementary school teacher back then. Chukwu okike, the God of creation in heaven blessed us with four children. Three girls and the last is a boy. Also, Oby must have told you about furthering her studies which made me put up one of the largest plot of land I have for sale so that I can send her to school. I want her to go to the university so that she can get a better job thereafter to assist in training her siblings…I want her to be somebody out there because this world we live in is changing day by day. Some people may not value education but I can boldly say that education is one of the key to a successful life. I stopped my education as an Ssce holder, I went for teachers training for almost two years before becoming a teacher that’s why I want to strive to make sure one or two of my children continue from where I stopped and finish well…”

    I nodded quietly and did not interrupt. He continued

    “…I appreciate your clear intention and already I like you as young man. You didn’t cut corners rather you came to make your intentions Known to us. I wish to give her out at this young age for marriage but all the plans we put in place for her will be ruined. Is only after competing her education I can boldly do that. After then she can go ahead and marry because by then she will be around twenty three or so, that’s if the educational system still works perfectly. Is not like I don’t wish for you to marry my daughter right away…no, is my utmost desire to give her out in marriage to a responsible young man like you but her education will be on hold and I don’t want that. I’m praying and hoping for a buyer soon so that by next year she will be in school…”

    I nodded quietly as everywhere became silent.
    I needed to properly organize the thought running through my mind before speaking them out.

    “I have heard what you said Mazi, I also appreciate your zeal and effort in sending Oby to school. Since the only obstruction to having her now is furthering her education then I can assist with that…

    They looked up at me wondering what I meant. I continued

    “….i will like to take care of Oby’s education, you don’t have to sell your land or any property to be able to send her to school…I will take care of everything. I’m not so wealthy but I thank God for his blessings. I will sponsor her education and after she graduates we can then get married. I will have to wait until then although that will be changing my plans which is to get married before I clock thirty but is alright. I love your daughter and your entire family and I will also want my woman to be well educated. I’m ready to put in my energy, my time and money in making sure she turns out great, which is exactly what you want. You don’t need to wait until next year, the year is still young and I can make calls and enquires concerning it. I will give you feed back ones I finalize with that. Before then, I will like to send money so that she can get a mobile phone which I will be using to reach her instead of always going through you all the time….

    I was about saying something else when her mother fell to the ground praying for me and thanking me.
    Mazi was speechless, he said I was God sent to them.
    They called Oby and she came out knelt down and also began thanking me.

    Why is everyone dramatic, I didn’t even know how to respond to all the emotions they were pouring out.

    I kept saying “Amen”

    My stomach suddenly made a noise, then it went on rumbling.

    I need to leave immediately before I explode like a time bomb.
    I can’t even go through another embarrassing ordeal again here.

    I stood and quickly brought out an envelope and hand over to Mazi.
    I also wanted to give his wife but that will be next time because I came with just one envelope which contains fifteen thousand.
    I could have taken out five thousand and given to her but my stomach is giving me sign to run. I don’t want to waste further time.

    I thanked them for everything before finally taking my leave.
    Oby was walking beside me, I deep my hand inside my pocket and squizzed some rough four thousand notes into her hand.

    The only money left with me was my transport fare back to town and to my hotel.
    It appears I was suddenly in a haste but they followed up carefully.

    They escorted me to their bustop and did not stop praying for me until I got into a motorcycle which was generally referred to as “okada”

    I waved them goodbye and they kept waving until the okada zoomed into another rough street and out to the main road.
    I asked him to apply more speed and he did despite the rough crazy road.

    normally, I will never ask an okada man to speed on a bad road but if I have to fly to get to my hotel room, then that’s what I will do.


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    Episode 4

    Jerome and Chuka went on laughing as I narrated what I went through after consuming the meal at Oby’s place.

    “Guy… so you threw off your big boy level due to stomach upset…” Jerome asked while still laughing.

    “Mennn… you won’t understand. I was sweating seriously. My stomach was in gunfire war. I won’t say is one of the worst day of my life because all I went for was decided and agreed in perfect terms. Is just one of those days that I gat to learn in a hard way. Lesson learnt, if you travel to a place try not to eat everything presented to you. And make sure you present your matter first before the merriment. Well, I failed in that aspect but thank God nothing worst happened”. I said to my two friends.

    Chuka replied
    “Austin, This lesson doesn’t apply to someone like me. The day I traveled for my introduction before the proper traditional wedding, my in-laws brought different delicacies, my wife can confirm what I’m saying. I tasted each of them, some were nice while others tasted very strange. I almost finished small jar of palm wine… I also ate grass cutter bush meat mixed with oil bean…ukpa, the meat was dry and crunchy. My wife came to whisper to my ear to take it easy since that was the first time I was trying some of the food. She was afraid the food will react strangely to my system but nothin happened. My stomach has a solid setting unlike yours…

    We started laughing again.
    Chuka later continued

    “….by the way I’m happy your journey was smooth and everything has been finalized. So Austin, when are we traveling to east again for the main thing and to bring our wife down to Abuja. Since she is the only woman after your heart…

    Jerome nodded in agreement.
    I breathed calmly before saying

    “That won’t be soon because she needs to finish school first but Oby is already my wife and that’s why I want to see to it that she further her education. It was one of her father’s wish and Oby also desires it before the proper marriage can take place. I agreed to do the sponsoring and to wait until she is through before proceeding with marriage rites…”

    “Guy… you be mumu…”
    Jerome interrupted with disappointment in his voice. He continued bashing me
    “…. are you for real Austin? You agreed to train a girl in school with your legit money? What kind of nonsense talk is that, I don’t think you are with your right senses. You have lost your mind… because the Austin I know is not stupid but this Austin right here who agreed to sponsor a village girl in school is more than stupid. Who does that this days, nobody is that foolish again. Even if you don’t know what to do with money, we can go clubbing everyday and enjoy the best life…carry multiple girls as many times as you please or even get a serious one who will adores the ground you walk on. Chuka did you hear what Austin said or am I having hearing disorder…

    Chuka gasped out

    “I heard him, well…is his choice and his money Jerome. He is free to do as he please. But my suggestion is… Austin, why not marry her first, make her your wife and then you can continue sponsoring her from the comfort of your home… knowing fully well that she is yours. Why sponsor her before getting married to her? I’m not saying something will happen, but is very risky… especially with girls of today. You are taking so much risk…but if this is what you really want to do then is fine. Waiting for her to finish school is a long time from now, can you wait…? That’s around four to six years man…

    Jerome interrupted Chuka again.

    “Can you imagine the years he will be waiting for one village girl to finish university so that he can marry her. The rubbish talk about not seeing a suitable lady in this whole Abuja is a bulshiiit nonsense. Abuja chicks are the most sophisticated, classy and endowed ladies I ever come across. I’m not talking about beauty because they all have it yet Austin here said he didn’t see any one to his taste. A village teenage girl who knows nothing about the city life happens to be his taste. No class, no beauty like what I have seen in Abuja, No level at all. I’m damn disappointed in Austin’s decision. Stella, your junior sister is studying medicine in a private university in Lagos. Your parents are pouring in money to make sure she lacks nothing, why not tell your Dad not to bother paying your sister school bills, you will take care of it since you are looking for who to train in school? I don’t understand you guy… this is absolutely nonsense and I suggest you withdraw yourself from such. Think about it…a village girl, a nobody…oh shit…

    I have heard enough from Jerome, I had to caution him.

    “, Enough man. You have said too much on top of my own personal decision. Maybe I shouldn’t have said it out. You have to watch your tongue now Jerome, insulting Oby is an insult to me. Is my money for crying out loud, why so angry and bitter over it. Thanks for your concern, I appreciate the bashing but you’re blowing it out of proportion. Whenever Stella, my sister needs my help on anything at all I make sure she has it but my parents are responsible for her and she hardly calls me for money. Why even bring in Stella’s case to this? I’m gonna make Oby my wife after all, helping her parents sponsor her is no big deal. She is mine after all… and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. She is a Queen in mine. Get hold of yourself man… there’s no point dragging this issue since I’m not asking you for a dime. Please, you all should either respect my decision or let me be in peace…”

    Chuks who has a way of easing tension began to smile.
    He later said

    “You’re right Austin, your money your time. Atleast there’s also a bonus attached, you will be the first to open her package…her virginity is a bonus gift. Many of us are not lucky like you are…”

    He suddenly started laughing, Jerome joined in and I couldn’t help but also laugh.

    “Is true man…fresh untapped package straight from the village. You will have to teach her different styles… the horse and the doggy too….” Jerome added while still laughing and demonstrating with his hand

    “You all are crazy mhennnnn…”

    I said as we went talking about other things later on.

    My friends allowed me be in peace over Oby’s issue after then.

    As the year runs, first and second semester was over and I sent in money both for school fees and upkeep.

    Oby was obedient and continue being herself despite the distance between us.

    She was schooling over in East, not her state exactly but the next state closer to hers.

    After a year, I asked if she wants to change her old phone but she said is okay, she doesn’t need a new phone.
    She was contented with what I got her.

    I sometimes send a stipends to her parents too but my major concerns was Oby.

    She does not fail to sing my praises, send lovely messages anytime she is free.

    I doubled up my hustle, got more houses for sale and source for serious buyers

    Her second year in school, we agreed she was going to travel down to my base and spend her holiday in Abuja.
    She was excited, I was also very happy.
    That will be her first time coming to Abuja.
    I sent her money to buy new wears and to get everything she needed but she said she will do the shopping when she comes to Abuja.

    Stella, my sister who will be rounding up with meds school the following year also called to let me know that she was coming.
    I really wanted to have some private time with Oby alone, my sister will interrupt alot of things.
    I wanted Oby to feel at home and be happy since is her first time visiting me.

    Stella has always spend most holidays at my side, she was used to Abuja lifestyle and knows all my friends.

    Jerome was making move on her back then but I warned him off.
    He should stay clear from my sister and he respected himself.
    Jerome was a womanizer and doesn’t value women.
    He believes he can use and dump anyone he pleases because he has the money, sweet catchy tongue and fashion sense.

    And unfortunately, ladies fall cheaply for his charms.

    If not that Oby was coming, Stella would have been making arrangements of flying down.
    But she will have to travel home. My parents were also based in Lagos, she should spend the holidays with them or with my cousins.

    Stella is the baby of the house and the only girl, my elder brother Mike was married and live abroad with wify and daughter.

    We’re just three and my Dad is expecting me to get married soon which I also want to but it all has to wait until Oby is through with school.

    My people does not know about Oby or the fact that I’m sponsoring her in school.
    They only know I have a woman who is studying.

    I use her picture as my display picture sometimes on WhatsApp and Oby has always used mine too.
    She even idolize me on her status almost all the time
    Calling me all sorts of sweet name even names like “cute hubby”

    At the right time, I will introduce her properly to my parents but not yet.
    Maybe when she is about graduating.

    I’m happy that a year has gone already and her 20th birthday is around the corner.
    I will spoil her with so much love and gift when she comes.
    I found a means to dismiss Stella and she didn’t bother me again.

    I’m looking forward to spending quality time with my future wife.
    I was very happy that I began counting days to her coming.


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    Episode 5

    I was at the bus park waiting for her arrival that evening.
    I have been communicating with her before deciding to drive to the park.

    It was around 7pm their bus finally arrived.
    I waited patiently until she came down from the bus looking all exhausted.

    She rushed into my open awaiting arms as we embraced each other.

    It was just a hand bag and little handy box which cannot take more than two cloths due to it’s portability.

    I picked it up and led her to where I parked my car, which was outside the bus park.

    That Saturday, I have tidied up the house even more although my house is always well kept.
    I hates dirts and dislike when things are in disarray.
    I also stocked up the house with every necessary thing starting from food and toiletries.
    I was not much of a great cook but I know I cook well enough.
    I can prepare most of the everyday delicacies.
    I learnt well from my Mom and later chef John, who my parents employed back then and he worked happily almost all his youthful life for us.
    For over ten years before getting married and my parents did a big sent forth for him because he was like a family and carried out his Job perfectly.
    My Dad settled him well as he got married and moved to a different state.

    Chef John coached and brushed my cooking skills. All thanks to him and my Mom too who never fails to carry out the kitchen duties whenever she is not working in the hospital.

    I made food vegetable soup, fish and also chicken stew and kept. I can easily boil rice or spaghetti whenever we gets home. I stocked up my fridge with drinks, fruits and other necessary things which includes white and brown chocolates because Oby ones said she loves eating chocolate.

    We got home almost 9pm due to few minutes traffic we encountered here and there.

    Life in Abuja is alot easier when it comes to traffic, especially weekends.

    I lived most part of my life in Lagos before relocating down here.
    We probably could have gotten home around pass 9 or even 10pm if this was Lagos.

    Oby looks tired when we arrived, I asked her to freshen up and she will feel lot better.
    I quickly put rice on fire first.

    I showed her the bathroom, told her if she need my help I’m right in the sitting room.

    She thanked me gladly as usual as she went into the room, took the towel I left for her on the bed, tired around her chest and went into the bathroom.

    I also dropped one of the nighty i got for her few days ago on the bed.
    She was very happy when I showed it to her.

    Before she will finish bathing and getting dressed, the rice was almost done.

    I brought out the two stew I made and a boiled rice in different bow to my mini family setting dining table.

    We sat to eat, she ate hungrily and I was happy watching her eat
    She was obviously enjoying the food and it makes me happy.

    I was equally eating on the same dining with her but not because I was hungry.

    I have only eating since 2pm that afternoon and wasn’t really hungry.

    Having Oby around filled me up with joy.

    She thanked me for the food as she stood to clear the table but I asked her to leave it for me to do, she should rather go and relax in the sitting room and watch some movie.

    She insisted in clearing it or assisting me in doing it, I allowed her.
    We cleared up the table together and I asked her to go and relax, she need to rest from her long journey.

    She thanked me again and left.
    I tidied up the kitchen, wash off the dirty dishes because I don’t like leaving dirty dishes or the kitchen untidy till the following day

    After I was done, I came out to the sitting room and Oby was there.
    She was lying in one of the cushion and sleeping.

    I wondered why she didn’t go to the room.
    I tapped her gently and she awaken in the second tap and stood up.
    I led her to the room to lie down while I went to refresh.
    Finished up from the bathroom, turned off everything before going to bed.

    Since is a two bedroom flat, I thought of using the other bedroom so that Oby can get an adequate rest and not feel uncomfortable with my closeness since is her first night at my place.
    But watching her sleep beside me will give me an utmost pleasure

    I quietly climbed the bed beside her, it was almost 12 midnight.
    She was sound asleep, I looked from her chest and down to her legs.
    I felt like cuddling her up in my arms for the first time, kissing her and having her all to myself tonight.

    The urge to do that was high but I cautioned myself and turned away from her.
    Oby was going to be my wife, there is no need to start fantasizing over her.
    Oby was my virgin bride, how Lucky I was to have her.
    When the time is right or whenever she feels ready then I will also be ready. I looked forward to that day.
    I covered her properly with a duvet due to the air condition.
    I have always say a night prayer before bed, it has become a habit which was planted at a very tender age by my Mom.

    No matter how tired I am, I still managed to say few prayers before sleeping off.

    I sat up from the bed, say a prayer and also thanked God for Oby’s safe journey.

    within few minutes I also dozed to the dream Land.

    While asleep, I’m always sensitive to my environment, I was hearing sounds but I was deeply asleep and thought it was coming from my sleep.
    But I suddenly woke up and it was Oby, she was tossing and turning from the bed.
    I tapped her gently and called her name, as I assumed she was probably having a nightmare.
    She later quiet down as she went back sleeping.
    I turned off the air conditioner which wasn’t high before but Oby may not be used to it.
    The weather was not that hot, is was just okay.
    I removed the duvet which I used to cover her earlier so that she doesn’t sweat.
    I put it aside, went back to bed after checking the time and it was pass 2am. I went back sleeping but I was awoken again for the second time.
    This time around it wasn’t a noise like previous or from nightmare it was rather something more strange.

    One part of my pajamas was wet, that’s strange. It was soaked with water

    Where did water gets into the bed, how come?
    I touched the bed and it was all wet.
    I was shocked. Because this is way too strange, I haven’t experienced such before.

    I quickly sat up from the bed, surprisingly Oby was also up.

    I turned on the light, as I kept wondering what was going on.

    I saw the duvet I kept aside on the bed, she was obviously trying to use it to cover up the water.

    “Are you alright…?
    That was the first thing I asked.
    She kept quiet and kept staring at me without word.
    Was she thinking I was the one that poured water on the bed?
    What exactly is going through her mind. I can’t possibly do that when I’m not crazy.

    I asked her to get up so that I can cross check how the water gets into the bed.

    But she hesitated at first, I asked again if she was alright but no reply.
    I try to touch her and she dodged my hand.
    What’s going on? I thought within me. The bed and duvet was messed up by some strange water, how is this possible. Or could it be all a dream.
    No, it was not dream, it was happening for real.
    I asked her again to kindly get off the bed, she hesitated again before she slowly climbed down.
    She stood troubled and looks scared.

    Her new nighty was soaked and just then the wrenching smell of urine greeted my nose.
    The realization hit me right then, it was not water rather urine.

    I quickly turned on the air condition. I knew she must be feeling troubled after the mess which is obviously not deliberate.
    I did not want to do anything that will make her feel bad than she was already feeling.
    I led her to the bathroom and asked her to wash off herself then wrap herself with a thick towel.
    I left her in there to avoid embarrassing her further, I returned to the room, pulled off the bedsheets, put it all aside with the duvet inside a big laundry bag.
    I lifted the bed to a standing position, quickly try to clean off the urine smell with soap, air freshener inside the water and a dabbing sponge.
    I used the visitors bathroom, wash off myself and changed over to something different.

    This was around 5am in the morning.

    It took me almost 30minutes and all through this time Oby was not out.

    I decided to go check her. I knocked on the bathroom door but no sound came. I opened the door and checked her first in the toilet, where I thought I heard a noise.

    There she was sitting on the toilet seat, wrapped herself in the towel I gave her and staring at nothing.

    “I’m sorry, I… thought it was all a nightmare. I was pressed and really needed to ease myself in my dream. I went to the toilet in my lodged back in school to pee and as I was doing so I realized I was feeling wet….my clothes were getting soaked. After I was done I awaken and saw it wasn’t a dream after all, I have actually urinated on the bed. I try to use the blanket to clean it so that you won’t find out my shameful deed but the situation was already out of hand. Please… I’m really sorry. I have never done this before, i can’t possibly bedwet at my age…is.. I’m sorry…

    I gently pulled her out of the seat, led her to the second room which was supposed to be for visitors.
    But since that’s the only available room, we will have to use it.

    Thanks goodness, my sister did not come around it was just us in the house.

    I gave her my shirt to wear, she felt a bit shy having me around.
    I decided to excuse her.
    After a while I returned and she was sitting on the mouth of the bed.

    I Went to her, pulled her to myself and said
    ” It wasn’t your fault, this can happen to anybody so don’t feel bad. You don’t need to be shy or scared around me. This house is equally yours, feel free and try not to think about it. We’re going to be husband and wife after your studies, try getting to know me and understand my kind of person as I’m also doing so. I love you Oby…with all my entire being and will never hurt you… alright?

    She replied with a nod at first
    “,I love you too… maybe more than my heart can hold in, I thank God everyday for you. Sometimes, it feels like you’re an angel in human form. thank you for not counting me and background off, and not considering the fact that our levels aren’t the same. Thank you for loving me and sacrificing so much for me and my family…I promise to love you forever. Don’t worry, in the morning I will make sure I carry the mattress outside for sun to hit it. I will also wash all of the things that was messed up…

    I smiled and told her that the mattress is heavy, she can’t carry it but she shouldn’t worry, it will get dry eventually and I will call my laundry guy to come over and pick up the sheets and duvet for washing.

    I kissed her forehead then slowly to her mouth.
    She later lossened up from me and turned her face and I knew then that I have to let her be.

    She looks so innocent and shy. I did not want to rush her rather to let her be herself and feel free with me.

    She lie down on the bed, my emotions were not settled after kissing her.
    Maybe because my body wanted more.

    I asked her to sleep while I moved to the sitting room and lay on the cushion.

    If I decided to lie bedside her in the room, I may end up pushing her much more than she was willingly to give.

    I turned on the television, something to distract me.
    And after watching for sometime I dozed off.
    This was almost 6am.

    I slept until 9am the following morning. I first wondered why I was lying in the sitting room until it all came flowing back.

    I was supposed to be in church today but waking up this late makes it impossible.

    I checked my phone and saw missed calls from my client.

    It just occurred to me that I suppose to meet a client, a prospective buyer who I plan to go show a house within the week.

    What do I do, I’m not the type that goes late to church.
    But I definitely have to, even if I will miss most part of the service but I won’t miss everything and definitely I won’t miss the client I was supposed to meet.

    I wondered if Oby was still sleeping.
    I checked the room and she wasn’t there, I was going to the kitchen when I heard noise coming from my main bathroom
    She was probably bathing.

    I decided to set out something to wear for church and to also call the laundry man to come over and pick up the duvet but the laundry bag wasn’t there.

    I searched around before going to the bathroom.
    I knocked and went inside, Oby was actually washing the duvet. Struggling with it’s thickness.

    She greeted me without looking at my face

    “But I told you that the laundry man will come and pick it up. Especially the duvet… you can’t wash it with your hand. If you insisted in washing the bedspread, the washing machine is by the bathroom corner. You could have used that or put it in there and leave it for me to do it maybe later today…

    She interrupted with an apology.
    “I’m sorry, but this was my mess and I decided to clean it up. I won’t be able to stand another person washing it. And beside, I’m not used to a washing machine. I was trained with hand… don’t worry I will do it… I’m almost through.

    I didn’t know what to do, all I did was to insist she leaves it so that I can complete the washing in the washing machine and also dry it in there later.

    I used the spare bathroom in the visitors room to have my bath since Oby was still in the main one and i quickly got dressed.
    I was running late as I rushed out of the room and saw her cleaning the sitting room.
    She asked if I was going to church and I told her I was supposed to wake up early for it but looking at the time I’m very late. My main reason now is to see a client after service.
    I showed her where things are kept in the kitchen. And she should take anything she wants to eat, warn it on the gas or microwave it then return the rest to the fridge.
    She should feel free to eat anything she wants to eat and drink whatever she wants.
    If she needs anything, she should either chat me up or call.
    I will be back before 2pm
    Anybody that looks for me, she should dismiss the person from the door with the excuse that I’m not around.
    I wasn’t expecting anyone though, so nobody will come looking for me.

    She nodded with smile to everything I said. I picked up my car key, gave her a kiss on her forehead and left.

    I drove down to church and luckily I met the client after service, we discussed concerning the house and she insisted I take her to the location.
    She wants to see it, take pictures of the environ which she will send to her husband abroad.

    I agree, while she drove in her car behind I drove slowly ahead.
    Showed her the place. We couldn’t go inside due to I was not with the keys to the house for sale.

    I was through around 3pm, I have tried calling Oby earlier but she wasn’t picking up.
    Probably sleeping or carried away with movies.
    I sent few chats but no reply.

    I thought of buying grilled fish and chips for her or maybe suya but I couldn’t get her to make a choice.
    I decided to get the two instead before driving straight home.

    As I drove in, I saw Jerome’s Jeep parked.
    My heart skipped a little because I don’t trust that my friend, especially around my future wife.

    I parked and noticed somebody came to open the door for me.
    It was Oby, way excited than expected.

    “Your friend is here. He’s been keeping me company and he’s very entertaining too…

    I smiled back but I was not comfortable still.

    Oby was putting on a short tight gown, showing off her fresh thighs and fine figure. I couldn’t looked pass how the cloth grabbed her backside behind. Her bum looked way bigger from the gown.
    She looks good and sexy too.

    I asked her when Jerome came and she said since 12pm.
    That means Jerome has been around for over 3 hours. Doing what exactly and he never called to let me know that he was around and Oby didn’t inform me too.

    She rather looked happy and free than I have seen her since she came.

    Maybe I shouldn’t have this negative thinking crowding up my head.
    Oby was a discipline and well behaved girl.
    She was my virgin bride and still a bit naive but she was unafraid when it comes to expressing herself.

    Jerome wouldn’t dare try to woo my woman behind my back knowing fully well she is my future wife.

    I hand over what I got to her as we walked into the sitting room where Jerome was sitting with an unfinished drink and a plate of chicken straight from the stew I made in a saucer placed on a tray. There were pieces of chocolates and half eaten apple on the same tray.

    I wondered if they were eating together or what exactly is going on.
    There was a romantic movie showing on the television screen, Jerome will never be found watching those.
    He likes wrestling game or war movie but he appears comfortable watching it.
    He was probably doing so because of Oby.

    His belt was loosened up, his shirt was half buttoned.
    It maybe because of the food he ate or he’s trying to feel free with himself, or better still to show off his six packs to Oby.

    I don’t even understand the crazy idea running through my head.

    I try to wave off the idea forming in my head as I took his hand shake calmly but still can’t wave off the ideas after seeing things the way it was.


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    Episode 6

    I couldn’t pretend to play cool anymore, Jerome left few minutes after I came in.
    I asked him why he didn’t call and he said he got carried away with my Oby.

    “You never told me that Oby was a beautiful damsel with full front and back package. Wow, I was taken aback when she answered the door. Mhennnnn, you’re very stingy, you couldn’t even inform me that your woman was around, you want to have her all alone and not even care to introduce her to your friends. You make her seem like just an ordinary village girl with no class at all… well, I’m glad I saw things for myself. You and Chuka needs to take me to the village where this types of girls are harvested from it’s peak… I’m serious. She is beautiful and a great cook too. she has overfed me with her delicious cooking. Look at her… she is a full satisfaction without even touching her. You’re really enjoying Austin…

    Oby was just blushing and bending her face shyly while a fat grin was plastered on the face.
    I wondered why she was smiling seriously to all Jerome was saying.

    I was about telling Jerome to leave when he stood, dressed up properly, took his car key and walked out.

    I was boiling as I quickly took a shower, changed into something simple before coming to the sitting room.
    Oby was busy watching a comedy live show and laughing loudly
    I walked to the kitchen and gasped out in total shock.
    Things were thrown here and there, dirty dishes filled up the sink.
    Pots were littered with food oil, the ground was scattered with pieces of rice and dirts.
    I saw the plate of the chicken stew empty in the sink
    I also saw the bow I used for the vegetable soup and also fish stew on top of the kitchen cabinet.
    I opened the plate and the fish stew was also touched, no single ice in it which means is been a while it was out of the fridge.
    I sighed sadly, opened the vegetable, i saw finger prints on it.
    It smells like it was about to spoil.

    My anger grew, I was totally disgusted at the sight that greeted me
    I stood there staring and unknowingly what to do.
    I was hungry, and really needed to eat.
    I checked the fridge and shut it angrily. It looks disorganized.

    I can still hear Oby laughing loudly, I have to find something to eat first before I angrily destroy something.
    I took plates to the dining where the things I bought was carelessly kept.

    I quietly started unwrapping them. The grilled fish with chips and suya, all in different paper plates.
    I looked over at Oby, she was so much into the ongoing show on the television.

    I called out to her

    “Oby… Oby…babe…
    She turned toward me and move back her attention to the television.
    “… there’s suya, fish and chips over here. Come over… let’s eat together…”

    She nodded with a wave of hand that she was coming but her focus was still on the television.
    I took my laptop and began working, arranging my work plan for the week. Marking out the house that was almost taking, the ones paid for already and the one on lease.

    I began to eat silently, I didn’t bother calling her again as I concentrated on the work I got.
    I left the fish and chips for her and focus on the suya with some orange juice.

    After a while the show was over by 7pm exact.
    She came over to the table, looked around the place with a frown.

    “When your friend said you’re stingy I thought he was just joking. You bought fish and suya and did not even call me or bring mine. You’re busy eating and enjoying alone… that’s very bad and I’m begining to count on his words… because this is a glaring act of stinginess…”

    Her word provoked me and I barked angrily at her
    Unleashing all the stored up anger that I was trying to let go.

    “You opened your mouth to say I’m stingy? Jerome said so and you went banking on that… you kept surprising me with your behavior Oby. You accommodated my friend for over 3hours without calling to let me know. Aside from pictures, have you met Jerome before, why will you even allow him come in when I specifically asked you to dismiss everyone from the door or call me. You obviously had a great time with him around, my words or presence doesn’t count. Anyway, Over there is the fish and chips I bought for you, I should be eating real home made food but everything in the kitchen is messed up. you can also have the remaining suya because I have suddenly lose my appetite…

    She interrupted angrily with a raise of her voice.

    “If there is something you want to tell me then say it to my face because I noticed that ever since you came back you have been carrying face like post office. Acting like I’m invisible that I don’t exist. If you’re not happy having me around then why did you send transport fare for me to come? I think I should be the one angry here, you said you were leaving for church, normally your church supposed to close by 12:30pm but you came home pass 4pm. Who is deceiving who here? You mentioned seeing a client but how many hours does it take to see somebody? You obviously had your classic Abuja babe you went to chill out with then return to your village girl who doesn’t have a say over what you do. I’m twenty years, I’m not a baby and you shouldn’t play smart around me because you think am a nobody. You told all your friends that I’m just a naive village girl who knows nothing. Jerome said so, he said that you used to belittle me in front of them and he never knew I was this beautiful until he saw for himself. I’m sorry we ate the food you made, he kept me company all through the period that you were away, is only normal to give him food. I was hungry and ate twice plus some chocolate. I’m counting all this because you are stingy and needs to understand how things were used in your absence. I had a great time talking and laughing with Jerome and the truth is he was great at it that I didn’t even miss you or remember to call you. He showed up at the door, what do you expect me to do? send one of your bossom friend away? I know Jerome from pictures and I should be able to recognize him in person. My phone is still in the room and I haven’t checked it for hours now because I was having a great time here while you were having yours outside. I just remembered I needed to tidy up the kitchen but I seriously had to finish that TV program since you were not in the mood of talking to me. You can also take the news that i…I urinate on the bed to your friends. Tell them I use to bedwet because you have rubbished me enough to them already. Maybe first thing tomorrow morning I will be traveling back… coming here was a mistake…I shouldn’t have…”

    She walked away to the kitchen, I didn’t bother going after her.
    I just sat there speechless.
    I wasn’t expecting all the accusations or bashing. I was supposed to be the angry one here but she is acting like I did her wrong.
    She never missed me, Jerome fed her with his lies and she believed him.
    Oby is just gullible, I’m not surprised though.

    Don’t I have right to be angry with her for mismanaging things in my absence.

    I’m not asking her not to eat or serve Jerome but take the quantity you can finish and return the rest back to the fridge but instead she brought out all the food, finished some and left the rest on the counter.
    She never bother to call or reply my messages.

    I grew up with strict parenting, my parents hates wastage or disorganized house.
    I hate it too and that’s why I make sure everything is kept carefully away.

    I know we haven’t live together before but just a day and is looking like we have lived for years in disagreement.

    I couldn’t sit still on my chair, I went to meet her in the kitchen.
    She was almost through with washing the dishes.
    I silently took a long broom and began sweeping the kitchen, after then I took mob and clean up the ground.

    The remaining fish stew and the soup was back to the fridge. She returned them back.
    I brought out the soup and tasted it, it was tasting spoilt.

    “This soup is bad. It was out from the fridge for so long… vegetables are meant to be properly preserved…I..

    I gasped sadly as I took it towards the wastebag.
    She suddenly grabbed it from my hand.

    ” Livit…leave it…I will eat it like that. Don’t throw it away…is still good. It seems that too much money is begining to shark you like palm wine…

    I told her she can’t eat it because it has spoilt she ignored and return the soup to the fridge.

    I left her alone as I tidied up the kitchen ground.
    She suddenly bent down, searching for something in the cabinet.
    She bent so well that her whole thighs and some part of her undies was showing.
    I asked her what she was looking for she said I shouldn’t mind.
    She was through with what she was doing and started walking away, I called her and she ignored.
    I bite my lower lips confused.
    I made sure everything was properly kept, I removed the spoilt soup from the fridge and pour it into the trash bag with other trash in it.
    I washed and cleaned up the place before taking the trash outside.

    After I was done, I went to the living room and she was not there.

    I went into my main bedroom and she wasn’t there too.
    I saw her lying down in the visitors room. I try talking to her by apologizing first for my initial actions.
    It was 8:30pm and it will soon be time for my bed.
    I try to explain the things that i love and hate all over again.
    She was still angry and refused me touching her. I try kissing her and she turned her face to the wall.
    After much trying, I left her alone. I asked her if she still cares for the fish and chips and she said she hates fish and chips, she would have prefer the suya but I have eaten out of it already.

    I try to convince her that there are still some left and I deliberately bought it for her.
    She refused accepting it.

    “You stingily bought it for yourself because if you got them for me then you shouldn’t have touched them. I’m not eating it…if I’m hungry there are other things I can eat, chocolate, apple, banana bread and the rest of it but I won’t touch any of those things you bought. I hate fish and not a fan of potatoes… maybe you should also try to know the things I like and hate. You are not the only one with dos and don’t. Go and eat your stingy food and leave me alone…

    I cautioned her that I wasn’t stingy and is high time she stop calling me that.

    She didn’t say anything as I walked out of the room.

    I won’t condone disrespect and arrogant. I don’t know what Jerome filled up her head with but Oby should know better.

    She has to come in terms with her wrongs, I won’t bother her again.

    I put back the rest of the remaining things in the fridge, put off the television and went to my room
    The bed was dry, thanks to the air condition.

    I took another bedspread and pillow cases and dressed up the bed.

    As I was coming out to the sitting room, I saw her with one pack of unopened juice and chocolate heading back to the guest room. She walked past me without a word neither did I say anything.

    I checked around the house to finally make sure everything was fine before retiring to bed.
    I answered few calls both from family and business.

    Why will Oby suddenly starts thinking I’m stingy? Her behavior towards me changed within few hours, all by spending time with Jerome.

    She was my wife to be, and I have always made sure I defend and respect her both present and absence.

    She has never suspected or disrespected me before, either in words or action.
    Is over two years of knowing her.
    Although it has been a distance relationship and spending time together under the same roof have suddenly turned into war and reveal alot other things.

    I have never denied her anything she ask and sometimes send money to her without her asking, that’s aside paying school fees and other bills she brings to my notice.
    I make provision ahead of her personal needs, set her money aside because is very important.
    Even if I don’t eat, her bills will have to be paid first before any other thing.

    That is more of the reasons why I’m angry and worried.
    I couldn’t sleep, I thought of going back to her but that maybe encouraging her ill manners towards me.
    I continued working far late in the night in bed until I was tired.
    I packed up and slept off.
    Morning came, I got ready for office. Took breakfast of tea and bread.
    I usually leave by 7:30am but I was delaying, hoping Oby will come out from the next room she slept in.

    I was hearing noises, I decided to go in and check, just then she came out from the room. She was wearing one of my polos not the usual cloth she wore last night.
    She greeted me coldly and I replied.

    “How was your night? Did you sleep well
    I said while trying to let go of yesterday drama.
    She replied coldly again.
    I went to hold her but she walked away with an empty pack of juice and chocolate paper wrap in hand which she threw into the trashcan by the dining.

    “, I’m leaving for work Oby, I could have stayed to iron our minor last night disagreement out but I have alot on my desk today. There’s eggs, tomatoes and many other things you can either use to make egg sauce or anything you feel like taking. There’s also bread in the fridge and tea with mayonnaise and Nutella. Whichever or whatever you want to eat, please do so. I will buy more things on my way home and I will make sure I come home early because of you. Is there anything you will want me to buy for you…if you can’t think of anything then text it to me whenever you remember. Is almost 8:30am. I have to go… I love you, so much… hope you know that?

    She was standing by the wall and staring at nothing.
    I bent over and kissed her forehead, remind her again not to open door for anyone and if it becomes complicated she should call me.
    I took my bag and car key before leaving.

    Immediately I got to the office which was almost 10am, I had awaiting client waiting for me by the reception.
    The receptionist already called to inform me.
    My day got real busy immediately I set feet into the office.
    During my lunch time, I called Oby to know how she was doing.
    She said she was just watching the television.
    She was lively and happy.
    She asked when I will be coming back, I informed her that i will soon be driving towards the market side so that I can get other things for the house.
    She mentioned I should buy ice cream, grilled fish with chips.
    She confessed with laughter that she tasted the one i kept in the fridge and realized it was very delicious.
    I laughed and asked if she microwave it before eating, she replied that she does not know how to use the microwave and is better she don’t touch it in order not to spoil anything.
    Oby was laughing when she said she enjoyed the fish and chips cold like that.

    I wondered how she enjoyed it but I ignored though.
    I promised to buy more for her on my way back.

    I love the fact that she doesn’t pretend or act like she knows everything, she sometimes humbles herself with the truth and sometimes plays like she knows it all.

    I got home around 5pm after leaving office almost 3pm. I had many other things to do but I had to suspend it because I promised Oby I will come home on time.
    She washed the bedspread in her room and was just taking it back to the room when I came in.
    I also bought two Sanders and one sneakers for her since I know her exact size of shoe.
    She was very happy, she jumped on me like a baby and kissed me passionately.
    She was a good kisser I must commend.
    I don’t know how she learnt that but it wasn’t a big deal.

    She looks good in my my shirt, which was the only thing she was putting on.

    She informed me that she made yam with egg sauce.
    She served it on the dining and I thanked her.
    It wasn’t exactly what I intend to eat but I pretend to enjoy it.

    We tidied up things together and right from the kitchen our kissing and romantic spree began.
    We dragged along to the main room.
    The kissing and romance wears on. I wondered where she learnt such perfection from.
    I was happy enjoying the moment that I didn’t bother to care over any other thing.
    I wasn’t wearing any top except for pjamas trouser which I was ready to fling aside if she wants me to go extra mile.

    She whispered that she loves my bare chest, I smiled and kissed her the more.

    She kept pulling at me like she was asking for more. I fling aside my pajamas and ready for the show but she suddenly went Cold.

    “What is it…is something wrong? I asked confused at her sudden cold reaction.


    She pointed towards my manhood and I suddenly felt embarrassed.
    “… your third leg is huge. It will shift my womb… I’m kinda scared.

    I was speechless and embarrassed at first as I stylishly covered up with the duvet.
    She suddenly began to laugh

    “…I’m joking… relax. Well, I’m not kidding with it’s hugeness but is perfect. I’m only a little scared that’s all. I always wanted to do this with you, I have imagined it, practice it in my head… play it repeatedly in my mind. I have envision how interesting it will be. And now… I’m kinda scared…

    I breathed, kissed her hand and said.

    “I understand you honey… that’s why I did not force you. I allowed you to be ready for it. Is almost three days that you have been pushing me away and I never persuaded. Having your virginity is one of the most precious gift that I will forever cherish. I will love you like my life depends on it. Trust me I will be extra careful in doing it, I know you will feel some pain but it will be for a short period. I have been reading online concerning women’s virginity. I wanted to be very careful in other not to hurt you honey. If you are not still ready, then I will wait. Anytime, even if is on our wedding night… there’s no need to rush because I cherish you. Maybe we shouldn’t do it yet since your mind isn’t relaxed. Alright??..

    I said picking up my pjamas from where I threw it to wear
    She suddenly held my hand.

    “Let’s do it. I’m already in the mood for it… you also want me as much as I do. there’s no perfect time than now. Let’s not pretend to each other. Please be gentle… although I’m still a bit scared.

    I promised to be gentle, took some lubricant and within minutes it was all over.
    She lay back panting hard and smiling.

    I sat up with confusion, so much dissatisfaction and disappointment.

    “What’s it Austin?

    For the first time she boldly called my name with disgust in her voice.

    “Nothing… nothing. I’m cool.
    I replied as I stepped away to the bathroom, cleaned off and returned.

    “Can we go for another round, I enjoyed it. Let’s make it a night of fantasy… c’mon Austin. Give me more… your third leg is magical. Bring it on…

    I turned to her, trying to hide my disappointment.

    “Oby, you aren’t a virgin? I don’t understand… What happened to your virginity…who took it? How come you never mentioned it all this while. I’m..ju… just speechless. What’s really going on?

    I said the last part with a show of rage.

    She was mute, she didn’t say anything as she suddenly went quiet and had this sorry face that I wasn’t ready to buy.

    I need explanation, i need answers. The more I stare at her the angrier I become.
    Because she knew all this while that she wasn’t a virgin like I thought she was yet Kept quiet.
    Who took my wife’s virginity and innocence.

    I couldn’t think straight, as we sat there in total silent.
    How, who, when did she loose it and to who exactly?.
    That’s exactly what I planned to find out.


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