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    ๐Ÿฆ๐ŸฆTRAP BY LOVE ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿฆ

    ๐ŸŒน Episode 1 ๐ŸŒน

    โœ Written by Certified Daniel Etim Jnr โœ

    It was in the early hour of the morning that Tessy laid facing the ceiling. A mere looking at the room you will know that it’s a female room due to certain things that is found in the room, a big dressing mirror, and other female stuffs like that. Tessy laid on her bed facing the ceiling, her long brown hair covered her eyes as she fling it backward to have a clear view. The cool breeze was blowing and sweet scent of food was coming out from the kitchen, it’s obvious that Mrs Jerald Bailey was preparing food for her daughter.

    “Tessy what are you still doing in there “? Mrs Jerald yelled from the kitchen in a loud tone that Tessy will hear. Reality struck Tessy that she has not even taken her bath yet talkless of dressing up, she stood up from the bed, taking off her clothes just leaving her white panties on. Hairs could be seen on her belly adding more beauty to it. She had a fair complexion as she dashed into the bathroom to have a quick shower ๐Ÿšฟ, in less than ten minutes she was out tieing a white towel from her breast region to her thighs.
    She applied some lotion, went straight to the wardrobe looking for a suitable clothe to wear. Soon her eyes caught a pink handless gown and she preferred that one as she took it and then put it on.
    Doing all the females stuffs that they use to so in the room, she came out of her room looking so hot and beautiful as her shoes kept making noise.

    “What took you so long Tessy “? Mrs Jerald asked without looking at her still concentrating on the food that was on fire.

    “Mom in done now so no need to talk too much” she said and peck her from behind walking to the counter, she poured herself a cup of hot coffee and then empty the content and drop the cup down.

    “My daughter it’s your first day in high school, I need to tell you some things and how you sh…. ”

    “I know mom, I won’t disappoint you ” she cut her mother short without allowing her to finish her speech.

    “See Tessy high school life is different from……

    “Mom I know please if you keep talking now I will be late and that will not be good at all” she said smiling and her mom returned the smile

    “Okay just have your breakfast first before you leave” she said setting the table as they both sat down scooping their food as the spoon kept making noise with the plates without a word from both of them.

    “Wow what am I missing here ” Jerold said from the door coming in, seeing him Tessy smiled the more and stood up walking towards him. They hug each other and then he pecked him on the cheek.

    “Come join us” Tessy said leading him to the dinning table

    “Good morning mom” Jerold greeted and hug Mrs Jerald as she reciprocated

    “Welcome my son, you are here at the right time “she said and he chuckled

    Jerold is Tessy’s boyfriend they have good times with each other and the bottom parents knows about it. Tessy is 21 while Jerold is 23 which makes the two of them a perfect match for each other.
    Jerold sat down and Tessy couldn’t help than to keep smiling at him and giving him secret glances, he noticed it but wave it off.

    “Let’s go or you will be late ” Jerold break the silence as she stood up clearing the table and packing some of her stuffs which Jerold and her mom helped her with some of it, they head out the room to where the car is packed outside, opening the boot they put the stuffs and closed it back.
    Jerold enter the driver seat while Tessy enter the front and her mom in the back, as he insert the key in ignition and then set the car in motion heading to the busy road.


    Jerold matched the break and they all emerged from the car taking her belongings to the main campus.

    “Room 212” Tessy kept saying it while walking and checking the number ๐Ÿ”ข it’s obvious that’s her room she will be staying, soon she found the number pushed the door ๐Ÿšช open and head inside. Getting inside she found two other ladies sitting on the bed playing naija whot. One was wearing a jean bumb short while the other was wearing a short skirt that stopped below her knees.

    “Hey good morning ” Tessy greeted dropping her belongings while Jerold did same, the smell of cigarette and it smoke ๐Ÿšฌ was all over the room and it was Juliet who kept blowing the smoke out and the cigarette was in her mouth.

    “Who are you guys “? Tessy asked

    “We should be the one asking you that “Juliet said looking at her

    ” Fine, I’m Tessy by name and this is the room am going to stay, that’s my mom there and that Jerold ” she explained pointing Jerold and her mom.

    “That’s cool, do you mind having a taste of this “? Juliet said walking to her stretching the cigarette to her

    “No thank you k don’t take that ” she said smiling

    “Okay anyway I’m Juliet by name and that’s Evelyn over there ” she explained

    “Tessy excused me a minute outside ” she said and her looks alone could be described that she’s not happy with what she’s seeing, the people that her daughter will be staying with in school.

    “Tessy, I’m not okay with this your roommate ” she said out

    “I knew it mom that you are going to say it, but mom trust me. It’s still the same me I won’t change, I know how to handle this ” she said smiling holding her mom on the shoulder

    “Are you sure Tessy? She asked and she nodded in a yes gesture

    “Trust me mom I can handle this ” she replied

    “Come here Tessy ” she said spreading her hands as they embrace each other.

    “I love this your clothe Jerold ” Juliet said licking her lips and blowing kiss to the air.

    “Thank you dear ” he replied smiling just then Tessy and her mom returned and after series of talks they bade her goodbye heading to the door ๐Ÿšช as Tessy followed them to see them off.

    “I will miss you dear ” Jerold said looking into her eyes

    “I know that and me too ” she replied

    “Please take care of yourself ” he said and she nodded her head as they embrace each other.

    “Bye” ๐Ÿ‘‹ she said waving her hand at them as they zoomed off to the busy road again. She exhale and then returned to her room

    “You have a cute brother Tessy ” Juliet said

    ” Oh that I’m sorry he’s my boyfriend not my brother ” she replied and sat down on the bed.
    To be continued

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    ๐Ÿฆ๐ŸฆTRAP BY LOVE ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿฆ

    ๐ŸŒน Episode 2 ๐ŸŒน

    โœ Written by Certified Daniel Etim Jnr โœ

    Tessy woke up and looked through the window to see many students walking on the school environment, it’s obvious she has overslept as she double tab her phone and the time boldly displayed 3:15pm ,she had lecture by 3:30 she quickly jumped up from the bed throwing away the duvet she used in covering herself, Evelyn and Juliet had already left though they are not in the same department ๐Ÿฌ.
    She quickly rushed into the bathroom, took a quick shower without doing much make up but wearing a simple gown that stopped on her knees she grab her books and biro pen and head out of the door. She wasn’t familiar with the environment because she’s new to the environment, looking at the busy school compound as students kept booming our from nowhere and it confused her the more, she didn’t watched her steps as she hit her leg on a hard stone and she fell down instantly feeling the pains as her gown flew open.

    “Here take my hand ” Desmond and Raymond said at the same time stretching their hands to her at the same time, none of them knew Tessy before. Raymond saw Tessy falling so he decided to go help her up likewise Desmond too. Teddy was confused as she didn’t know who’s hand to accept, both of them were not ready to withdraw their hands.
    “don’t worry I’m fine ” she replied trying to stand up but fall again to the ground thus keeping the two guys hanging on the air. She didn’t want to hurt any of them so she decided to โ˜‘ do it her way not to hurt them.
    She finally stood up dusting herself and picked up her books and walked out of them, just then reality struck her that she don’t know her destination and they are the only people to help her out she quickly turned back to them.
    “Please I’m new here can you help me to the economics department “?she asked looking at the both of them.

    “Let me take you there ” they said at the same time again, thus confusing her the more. The whole thing seems like a drama to her, she didn’t understand what was happening neither did she know who’s hand to accept.

    “Are you guys kidding me? What’s happening? She asked as the two guys glanced at each other exchanging a deadly glare.

    “Okay fine, don’t worry I will find my way to where I’m going ” she concluded and walked out and her phone began ringing instantly, she took it out and looked at the screen to see that it was Jerold that was calling, she smiled and slide the phone to receiver side as she smiled.
    “Hey lover boy how are you? She asked just immediately

    “I’m good and you ?he replied
    The looks on the two guys faces could be described as jealousy
    “I’ll call you back, I’m heading to lecture now” she said and hang the call.

    She was still looking for the right place to enter when she finally saw Juliet and Evelyn walking holding hands together with each other at a far distance, she shouted their names but that was crazy cause they won’t hear her due to the noises. People turned looking at her wondering whether she’s on her right senses to be standing there shouting.
    She started running towards Juliet and Evelyn and she finally caught up with them breathing hard and panting as an animal who escaped from its prey. Juliet and Evelyn was startled seeing her like that thinking that someone is after her
    “Who’s after you? Juliet asked
    “Thank God I’ve found you ” she replied holding her chest

    “What’s it speak up cause you are making us scared ” Evelyn said looking at her expecting an answer from her

    “It’s nothing, I was just looking for the right direction to get to the economics department but none care to help me” she said and Juliet chuckled

    “And that’s why you are panting like this, come let me show you there cause time is against us” she said leading the way, already it was 3:59pm which means that she’s really late.


    Please ma’am can I come in”? Tessy asked standing at the door expecting an answer from the lecturer both she didn’t paid any attention to her as she continue writing on the board. She stood there feeling embarrassed as some people laughed at her silly act, she thinks that she’s still in secondary school that you will take permission before entering the class not knowing that in lecture hall you just enter like that without any permission.
    She has been standing for 5 minutes without the lecturer caring to say a word to her or asking her to come in.
    A lady who was sitting by the door snap her finger at her to come in as she walked slowly as her shoe kept making noise noise. She was really boiling in anger for such embarrassment on her first day in school, she sat down with the girl and brought out her pen to write.

    “Here you don’t take permission before entering the class, you just enter like that ” she whispered to her so as not to attract people’s attention.

    “Okay thanks ” she replied

    ” By the way I’m Patricia by name, a 100 level student ” the fair lady said

    “I’m Tessy by name same 100 level studying economics, thanks for helping me or else I would have still been standing there ” she replied and Patricia smiled

    “You can count on me anytime ” she replied and they both concentrate on the board.
    Tessy exhale as she dropped her books on her bed, the day was so stressful. Her first day in school was not pleasant at all as the incident of the day flossed back into her memory, all thanks to Patricia who helped her out, she owed her a lot. She undressed immediately and then the thought of the two handsome guys who happens to to help her out when she fell earlier pop into her memory as she smiled. It’s weird though for the both to offer help to her, she didn’t want to hurt any of them so, ignoring them was the best idea for her to do.
    She remembered the fair one telling her that he’s Raymond while the one that had brown skin with with a gap teeth happens to be Desmond.
    Just as she was reflecting on the days issue her phone began ringing, she looked at the screen and it was boldly written UNKNOWN ” she slid the call and pick it and deep masculine voice sounded on the other end

    “Hello Tessy “the voice called

    “Yes hello please who’s this”? She asked

    “It’s me Raymond “the voice sounded on phone and Tessy was really shocked. How did he get her number? Who gave it to him? Her hands were vibrating as she wondered where he got her number from.

    “how did you know my name? And how did you get my number? She asked hoping that he answered her.
    To be continued
    How did Raymond got her number?

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    ๐Ÿฆ๐ŸฆTRAP BY LOVE ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿฆ

    ๐ŸŒน Episode 3 ๐ŸŒน

    ๐Ÿ’œWritten by Certified Daniel Etim Jnr ๐Ÿ’œ

    Before Tessy could say another word Raymond had already ended the call thus returning the rest of her questions to her throat.
    “What the fuck! She yell as she sat on the bed thinking of the next thing, just then her phone beep and the green light blink telling her it’s a message, she clicked it open “Meet me at the school cafeteria by 6:00pm ” the message reads

    “This dude is not serious, how can I just meet him like that? Is he my father or who? She hissed and throw them phone to the bed and then fell on the bed dozing to a deep sleep.
    Juliet and Evelyn came back to meet Tessy sleeping, they just mind their own business by sitting on their different bed discussing on how the day went.
    Tessy woke up sweating profusely as she checked her time it reads 6:30pm ,ah had 12 missed called 3 from Jerold, 3 from her mom and 6 from Raymond. Seeing Raymond call too she hissed and then tried to call Jerold first without even exchanging pleasantry with her roommates.

    “Hey Tessy whatsup? Juliet asked feeling a bit nervous

    “Oh am sorry guys I didn’t notice your presence ” she pleaded

    “Whatever ” Juliet replied heading to the kitchen to find something for her stomach.
    Tessy dialed Jerold number at first it rang but no response, just as she was about dialing it the second time, a text message entered again “You want to be stubborn right? You better open the door cause I’m at your door ” the message reads and Tessy gasp for air wondering what Raymond is up to, she stood up wearing just a headless top to check whether Raymond is really at her door. Opening the door she found Raymond outside neatly dressed in a pair of jeans and white T-shirt coupled with white cap that is to match, Tessy quickly closed back the door leaning on it as her heart beat increased.

    “You better open the door and come out now” Raymond said from the outside with his hands in his trousers pocket.

    “Who’s that Tessy ” Evelyn asked looking at her

    “A stalker ” she replied thinking whether to open up or not

    “A stalker? Evelyn asked and she nodded her head in a yes gesture, Evelyn wondered who the stalker was as she walked to the door trying to open it

    “No please don’t open it! Tessy yelled but it was too late cause she has already opened the door.
    Seeing who’s at the door was a surprise to Evelyn

    “Raymond? She called softly

    “Yeah, you better tell that your roommate to come out here or I enter there and get her ” he said. Raymond is a cute guy and he is the son of the Vice Chancellor of the college, Evelyn entered the house again to meet Tessy sitting on the bed with her pillow.

    “You better go out now oo or you will miss this opportunity ” Evelyn said eyeing her

    ” Tell him to leave me alone, I’m already dating ” she responded

    “Did he tell you that he wants to go on a date with you “? She asked but Tessy kept mute ๐Ÿ”‡

    “Listen it’s a great opportunity, he’s the son of the Vice Chancellor you have to give it a try ” Evy said

    “I love Jerold and I’m not ready for anything silly that will hurt him ” Tessy responded and Evelyn sat down on the bed and placed her hands on her shoulders

    “I know Tessy but you just have to hear him out first “she said and stood up. After what seems like eternity that Raymond is not ready to go except he sees Tessy, she stood up and dressed up and walked outside to meet him.

    “Good girl, now follow me to my car” he said pointing to where his car is parked

    “But you said that we will meet in the school cafeteria “? She asked folding her arms

    “We are going in my car so don’t question me” he replied. After so much argument she later followed him and they zoom off.

    The cafeteria was filled with people as Raymond located a quiet corner with a round table and two chairs.

    “What will you take “? He’s asked her

    “I’m fine and okay, can you please tell me why you called me here “? She asked without looking at him the waitress was still standing without them saying anything to her

    “Bring two hot coffee ” he ordered

    “For who and who? Don’t even do it o cause I won’t drink it. The waitress had already left after being told what to bring.

    “Please tell me why I’m here and how you get my number, my name and my location ” she asked looking at him as he took a sip from his coffee and then place it on the table again.

    “You want to know it “? He asked and she nodded her head

    “Good. The day you fell your complimentary card fell ๐Ÿ’ณ down followed by your document which I picked and was about giving it to you but you walked out on me ” he explained. Hearing that Tessy heart skipped, that document is what she has been looking for sweating but couldn’t find it and here is Raymond telling her that he’s with it, what a complicated situation.

    “Em… Em… I mean where is it? She asked as Raymond brought out the document and showed to her as she tried to collect it.

    “Hey take it slowly. You want it? Then come to my house tomorrow by 3:00pm and get it ” he said and before she could say Jack he was out of sight heading to the door. She wanted to tell him that she has lecture by that time but he was nowhere to be found. The document that is with Raymond is very important especially in the case that she’s schooling in that school and without the documents she can’t be regarded as a, student of the school and she will be restricted from certain things. Many things kept flying into her memory right then thinking of the next thing to do whether to go or not. But why is Raymond asking her to come and get it in his house? Why not give her here? She asked herself and stood up heading to the door too.
    Desmond was sitting next to them in the next table, due to the cab that covered his face they couldn’t recognized him, so he heard all their conversation as his heart sink into his stomach. He has been trying to get to Tessy but here is Raymond trying to be fast than him to get to that position, he was not ready to give up so easily. He took his last sip from his drink and stood up trailing Tessy from behind without her knowledge.
    Tessy collapsed on the bed after the long journey, she took off her clothes thus leaving her with her black bra only and black pants, it was as if she belonged to the kingdom of the black’s with all her things were in black.
    Since they were only females in the room so she didn’t need to hide anything cause they all have the same thing in common.

    “How did it go”? Evelyn asked

    ” Worse ” she replied pinking her phone it was obvious that she was online chatting without paying attention to her as the notification sound keep sounding. Just then a knock sounded from the door, since Juliet was outside receiving cool breeze she thinks that it’s Juliet that is at the door

    “Come in Juliet the door is open ” she said still concentrating on her phone and the door cracked open and Desmond walked in. Seeing Desmond she jerked from the bed throwing her phone aside as she struggled with the bed sheet to cover her nakedness for Desmond not to see anything, but already he had seen all.

    “How do you get here and who are you looking for “? She asked

    “I followed you from the cafeteria and it’s you I’m looking for ” he replied boldly

    “Oh my God what have I gotten myself into “? She asked herself just then the door opened again and another guy entered standing at the door, seeing the new guy that just entered Tessy let out a loud scream that filled the room.
    To be continued
    Guess who’s the new guy that makes Tessy scream?

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    ๐Ÿฆ๐ŸฆTRAP BY LOVE ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿฆ

    ๐ŸŒน Episode 4 ๐ŸŒน

    ๐Ÿ’œStory by Certified Daniel Etim Jnr ๐Ÿ’œ
    Tessy was froze seeing her mom at the door but it was not a big deal cause she did nothing but the problem is that she won’t take it that way.
    “Tessy! Mrs Jerald called shaking her head

    “No mom I can explain, it’s not how you are thinking ” she defended giving Desmond a deadly look for causing her the problem.

    “Quickly come outside now ” the mother ordered and without time wastage Tessy was out of the room to settle issues with her mom, but Desmond was not helping matters at all cause he didn’t mind he was still standing there.
    It’s obvious that he really needs to talk to Tessy.

    “You came here just few days ago, does it mean that you came here to act a porn movie “? Mrs Jerald asked spreading her hands wide

    “Mom it’s not like I came to act a porn movie, the guy just came uninvited to collect his… to collect his… I.. His lesson note ๐Ÿ“ ” she replied stammering.

    “It better be so cause I won’t take any nonsense from you ” she fired at her which she smiled in response.

    Back to the hostel Desmond was still standing waiting for her to return just then the door opened and she enter closing it back.

    “Don’t tell me you are still here “? She asked

    “Does it seems like its my ghost that you are seeing “?he joked smiling at her

    “Who’s smiling with you here”she replied folding her hands and having a straight face without smiling

    “Wow I like your angry face, you can still keep it that way ” he said with his hands in his trouser pocket.

    ” I need to talk to you Tessy, outside ” he said and walked out which make her to sigh of the stress in college, how guys are already giving her restless time.

    She later went out to meet Desmond who was still outside, getting there she stood at a distance giving the both of them space not to get to each other.

    “I’m here ” she said out

    “Good girl, I just wanted to know whether you will be chanced tomorrow for us to have lunch together ” he broke the silence which Tessy chuckled remembering that Raymond also invited her to his house, just as she was anticipating her phone vibrated and the green message light beep. She unlocked the phone and look at the message content “67 Malaysia road, if u are late then consider another punishment ” she read it and the anger in her rise of which Desmond noticed it.

    “I gotta go now ” she broke the silence and then walked out from him

    “To Raymond house I guess “? Desmond said and she stopped at her track and then looked back at him.
    How did he know that she will be going to Raymond’s house? Who told him? Are they planning this together? What is even happening? She asked herself all those question and then entered her room again.


    The street was bright due to the presence of the street light, the taxi just dropped Tessy as she looked at the unfamiliar environment. She was wearing a long red gown with her long hair on her backside.
    She was just at Raymond’s gate, a mere looking at it you will know that it smells money cause the wall near the gate has a scanner that scans you before entering the house. It’s been days and Tessy didn’t care to call Jerold which was bad and she has been missing his calls.

    Swing herself at Raymond’s gate, she wondered what she was doing there but suddenly recall that she’s there for her missing documents, she walked to the gate and just as she was about pressing the doorbell a voice came from inside of the house and it was loud and clear which was from a microphone.

    “Come in Tessy ” the voice sounded and she could detect that it’s the proud guy voice called Raymond she stepped inside and was wow with the looks, no wonder he is behaving like God because his father is damn rich.


    “Welcome to my small palace ” Raymond brag about himself

    “Thank you ” she replied and checked her wrist watch to be sure of when to go

    “What!? 10:00pm. No please it’s late give me my documents let me go” she broke the silence but Raymond didn’t say a word but rather chuckled which got Tessy irritated.
    “What is funny here “she asked him

    “It’s just that you are funny” he replied and climbed the bed without saying anything again and the room was so silent neither did Tessy say a word again. Raymond laid facing the ceiling the silence was just too much as Tessy finally broke it.

    “Raymond please let me have my documents ” she pleaded which he still didn’t say anything which got Tessy angry.

    “Fine, have it to yourself ” she said I’m an angry tone and picked her bag heading to the door.

    “Wait! ” Raymond voice sounded from the bed which made her to stop on her tracks without looking back at him. Raymond climbed down from the bed and open his bedside drawer bringing out the documents and walked close to her in a way she adjusted backward to the door stretching her hands to him for the documents.
    “let me have it please ” she said stretching her hands to him and Raymond was now wearing a baby face which she has not seen before.

    “On one condition that I will give you ” he replied hiding the documents in his back

    “What’s that? She asked angrily
    “Tessy you are beautiful ” he said as his eyes keep trailing her body which she didn’t want it to happen and his eyes finally rested on her lips.
    “Thank you for the compliment, please can I have it now? She said and Raymond walked closer to her, she adjusted backwards until her body hit the wall which no space was left for her again to move. She was vibrating physically hoping that he doesn’t do what she is thinking oo.
    “Please stop! She fired at him but it seems he was deaf, his two hands rested on the wall guiding Tessy and they were now closer to each other.

    “Please let’s have lunch tomorrow ” he broke the silence and Tessy was kind of confused on what is happening. Desmond asked her to go for lunch with him and now it’s Raymond turn or does it mean it all the mond’s are trying to play pranks with her.

    “there’s no way I’m coming she replied folding her hands

    “Please Tessy “he pleaded looking directly into her eyes which she looked back at his.

    “Okay fine maybe I will, just give me what belongs to me” she said and Raymond handed her the document she tried to walked away as Raymond grab her on her waist and she froze,their lips were now close to each other. Looking at each other, Raymond slowly lean forward bringing his lips closer to her own, she tried to resist it but it was too late as their lips finally joined with each other, Raymond kissed her, she didn’t respond to it at first but finally responded it it kissing him back which Raymond smiled rubbing her back and she immediately pulled away from the kiss.
    What has come over me? She asked herself as she ran out of the house

    “Noooooooooooooooooo! Tessy coming back it’s too late to go alone please “Raymond shouted and she stopped, it’s true that it was late cause the time was 12:00am. She turned and walked back to him

    “Please spend the night here, we have a guest room please don’t go now it’s dangerous “,he said pleadingly as Tessy looked at him after series of arguments accepted to sleep over.


    7:00am was the time as Tessy rushed out for school so as to meet up with her lectures, she was in a hurry not looking forward and watching her tracks still thinking on the night event, how could she possibly kissed Raymond back? How will he take her? As a slut or what? She asked herself but it was too late for her to recall that she was still walking on the road as she bumped into a figure and was about falling when the person grab her on the waist as she regained balance looking at the person that rescued her.
    To be continued.

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    ๐Ÿฆ๐ŸฆTRAP BY LOVE ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿฆ

    ๐ŸŒน Episode 5 ๐ŸŒน

    ๐Ÿ’œWritten by Certified Daniel Etim Jnr ๐Ÿ’œ

    Tessy looked closely to see Desmond holding her on the waist and his eyes fixed on her own, they stayed like that for a minute before she realized that he was still holding her and that she has a lecture to attend to.

    “Thanks, please let me go ” she said looking into his eyes as he looked into her own too before finally letting her go, she tried to walk away when Desmond hold her back as she turned and looked at him seeing the pleadingly look on his face, she knew that he still wants her to go with him for lunch

    “Tessy please remember what I said yesterday, please I will send you the address on where to meet me please ” he said looking at her

    “Did I tell you that I’ve agreed yet “?she said a little bit harsh

    “that’s too harsh for a lady to say, just try. Hope to see you there “he said and walked away while Tessy kept looking at his retrieving image.
    “Why are these two people disturbing me at a time? Maybe I will start hiding from them to avoid any embarrassment “she said and hurries down to the lecture hall.
    Everywhere was full exception of one sit near which happens to be next to Patricia, she settled down brough out her notepad and other writing materials to start writing.

    “Hey Patricia, we meet again ” she said

    “Yeah Tessy nice thing you are not late to class today “she said and they both chuckled at her statement.
    Tessy phone beep in alert as she slid it open looking at the message from Jerold “College life has taken away your time from me, you missed my calls without calling me back even to text me is a problem now, I guess it’s over enjoyment ” the message reads and Tessy frown but deep down she knew that Jerold is saying the truth cause it’s up to a week she started school but didn’t call Jerold. She slid her phone inside her jean pocket and concentrate on what was on the board.


    Tessy was so tired after several lecutures, she slumb on her bed to relax from the stress of the day. Her stomach was telling her to fill it but no food was in the house, she started yawning cause she was really hungry and tired. The time was already 4:43pm in the evening which she did not have any other lecture for the day.
    Her phone started ringing and it was her mom when smiled and pick the call

    “Hi mom”

    “Yew baby, how are you doing “?Mrs Jerald asked on phone

    “I’m fine mom and you “? She asked

    “I’m fine too sweetheart but Jerold is not happy with you ” Mrs Jerald said

    “Mom, I know but it’s not my fault, it’s over stress. Please I will make it up to him I promise “she said

    “Okay dear, but please don’t do anything that will hurt him oo”

    “Okay mom I’ve heard you”

    “Bye sweetheart and please take your studies serious oo”

    “Okay mom bye” she replied and ended the call, just then two messages beep in at the same time, one message from Desmond and one message from Raymond, she opened Raymond’s own first.

    “Hey pretty, remember 6:00pm today at “High class joint, I will be expecting you ” the text ended and she scroll over to Desmond own.

    “Please Tessy I will be expecting you by 6:00pm and please don’t keep me waiting, I will send you the address soon” the message ended. Tessy was so confused she was nervous cause the two people wants her at the same time, she didn’t want to do anything silly as she kept her phone and then head to the kitchen to prepare herself something to eat,but she really wanted to try Raymond own out.


    Tessy was dressed in a white long gown and pair of flat shoes that added to her beauty, she was described as a queen herself. She looked stunning as she stepped out of the house locking the door, her phone beep and it was message from Desmond “High class joint please meet me there now I’m there ” the message reads as she was wondering whether to go or not. Why are the two people at the same place and same time? Could it be that they want to use her? Could it be that they wants to trick her? Many thoughts were flying in her head as she kept thinking on the outcome of the situation at hand, fine I know what to do” she said and boarded a taxi to “HIGH CLASS JOINTS”.

    Raymond kept glancing at the door and at the same time looking at his wrist watch to check the time whether Tessy will still be coming or not coming again, the time was already 6;15pm but Tessy was not found. The music that played in house made the house comfortable for customers to enjoy their stay. Blue bulb light illuminated the house likewise the AC that made it more cooler than it supposed to be.

    Desmond also walked into that same joint and then sighted an empty table that has two chairs expecting Tessy too he sat down there too. He was in a simple clothe, black polo ๐Ÿ‘š back trouser and a black face cap as if he belong to the family of black’s.

    Just then Tessy stepped into the environment scanning it very well, the place was cool for her liking and everything was just okay and normal, she stood at the door and then step inside the house and was welcomed by the pleasant scent that emerged from the house and the lovely song that played along, her eyes instantly caught Raymond glancing at his wrist watch occasionally and she knew that it’s her that he’s expecting, her eyes also caught Desmond who was sitting at the far end of the house looking down and sipping his drink as if he’s not expecting anyone, she was really disturbed cause the two guys being at the same place if she accepts one and reject one they will end up fighting for her and she didn’t want that to happen. It’s high time I make my own decision before things get out of hand” she said to herself just then Raymond’s eye caught with her own, he signalled her to come to his table, she started walking towards Raymond table when someone grab her from behind

    “Hey Tessy what are you doing here ” Patricia said

    “Hi Patricia what are you doing here too”? She replied her question with question

    “I’m here to see my boyfriend and he’s there” she said pointing to a particular sit but the sit was empty as nobody was found there again

    “Who are you talking about ?nobody is there ” Tessy said and Patricia was shocked too because when she entered the guy was there and now he’s no where to be found.

    “Excuse me Tessy I’ll be back soon” she said and ran out of the joint in search of her boyfriend
    Looking again she couldn’t find Raymond on his sit and the sit was empty, it was only Desmond that was still there, she didn’t come there for Desmond so she decided to take her leave. She proceeded to the door when Desmond eyes caught with her own, she averted it and look at elsewhere for him not see her but it was too late cause he had already seen her

    “Please don’t stand there and keep me waiting, just come over I’m waiting “TGE message reads and she look up to see Desmond looking at her to come, she finally walked to his sit. She sat down folding her hands and looking down pressing her phone

    “What will you like to take? He asked

    “Thank you I’m okay ” she replied and Desmond frown

    “What “?

    “I say I’m okay, I won’t take anything ” she replied a bit harsh and Desmond gulp down the lump that was in his throat.
    “Okay fine no problem ” he said and sh3 continue pressing her phone

    “Tessy “he called in a soft and romantic voice and she looked up to meet his gaze
    Desmond holds her on the both hands looking at her in the eye.

    “Tessy you are so beautiful ”

    “Thank you ”

    ” I don’t have much to say but, I want to tell you that you are such an angel dear, the first day k saw you I could think straight again and all my heart longed for you Tessy,you are the one that captures my heart, please Tessy give me a chance to love you, give me a chance to show you love, give me a chance to be the man in your life, I promise never to hurt you “he confessed looking at her as she looked down expecting to hear her own response but she was quiet all through.

    “Please Tessy say something ” he pleaded

    “I’ve heard you Desmond but…..

    “But what Tessy “?he cut her in

    “Nothing, sorry I’m not ready for it” she said looking away to avoid his angry eyes

    “Tessy! ” another masculine voice called her from her back she turned to see the most shockest person she didn’t expect to see by then

    “Jerold!, what are you doing here? I…. Mean…. Who are you looking for “she stammered and Jerold shook his head in disappointment


    “No let’s leave here I can explain, please don’t create a scene “she but him short dragging him out of the joint.
    To be continued

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    ๐Ÿฆ๐ŸฆTRAP BY LOVE ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿฆ

    ๐ŸŒน Episode 6 ๐ŸŒน

    ๐Ÿ’œWritten by Certified Daniel Etim Jnr ๐Ÿ’œ

    “Tessy what’s this and why are you here”? Jerold asked after she had drag him to a cool place.

    “Jerold it’s not what you think “she pleaded

    “Then explain it for me to understand “Jerold bark in anger and Tessy could detect it from his voice and his actions

    “Jerold I’m sorry you met me at the wrong place, but that shouldn’t mean that you should judge me according to where you meet me” she said looking into his eyes.

    “Can we settle this at my place please”? Teddy pleaded and Jerold was confused but she had known and trusted Tessy for a long time and knowing very well that she can’t cheat on him so he decided to let it go that way.

    “Tessy you know I love you and seeing you with another guy being so close is just like that he will take you away from me and I don’t feel comfortable with it ” he said holding her two cheeks and looking into her eyes, Tessy returned the eye contact thus creating more forum for their love to flow in the air. Slowly slowly they lean to each other until their lips finally meet, Tessy lips was moistened and the pink area shown very clear, they kissed from what seems like eternity or that they will never see each other again but that was true because Jerold has loosed her.

    Jerold finally broke up from the kiss looking unsatisfied but that was not the main place it should have been done.

    “I gotta go Tessy I have something to attend to ” he said

    “Okay dear bye ”

    “I love you Tessy ”

    “I love you Jerold ” she said as Jerold walked out of sight


    “Stay away form that girl dude, she’s mine ” Raymond said angrily looking at Desmond who didn’t even care whether he’s talking to him or not.

    “And what if I refuse to adhere to your instruction what will happen “? He asks sipping his drink

    “You will have yourself to blame for it man” Raymond threatened

    “Don’t you think it’s a silly thing for guys to fight over a lady? Why not allow her to make her own choice? Desmond asked standing up to look at him in the face

    “I repeat myself stay away from that girl or…….

    “Or what “? Desmond cut him short before he knew what was happening Raymond send out a punch ๐Ÿ‘Š but Desmond was so fast to caught his hand on the air

    “Not so fast dude ” Desmond said bringing down his hand.

    “It’s a silly thing for two guys to agree over an issue especially coming to girls stuff, so I’m not a fool. Enjoy your day ” Desmond said and walked away from him leaving him behind.
    “Hey girl whatsup with you? You have been busy these days even to stay in the room we don’t find you again gist us ” Juliet said looking at Tessy who was lying on the bed facing the ceiling

    “Babe say something na we are waiting to hear you, or did they taste you without paying you “? Evelyn added and Tessy looked at her in an angry eyes

    “It has not gotten to that extent girls, stop deceiving yourself. The point is just that I’m confused “she said

    “Confused about what? Tell us na we are here to help you ” Evelyn said adjusting to where Tessy was.

    “Hmm okay, the situation is just complicated because two guys are after me and at the same time making things hard for me to understand ” she said looking at Evy and Julie

    “You mean Desmond and Raymond “?Evy asked and she nodded

    “And how did you get to know”?Tessy asked in alert

    “Have you forgotten so soon that they both came here looking for you “? Evy said and Tessy remembered it.

    “Oh I remember now, sorry for that, but I’m really confused they are really troubling me” she said and Evy held her on the shoulder looking at her

    “But who do you love amongst the two of them “?she asked and the question caught Tessy unaware because she wasn’t expecting such question yet. Seeing that there was no response from her, Evelyn decided to let it go.

    “Okay, I think you should follow your heart and let your heart decide it ” she said out loud

    “Yeah you are right ” Tessy concluded

    “But as for me I think I will go for Raymond cause he is damn rich and his father is the vice chancellor, he can even help us with some stuffs ” Juliet ranted out and Tessy couldn’t help than to smile at her funny attitude

    “Shut up there Juliet, it’s not all about money, it’s about what you feel for each other “Evelyn said

    “I know but Raymond is the best. ..” she said again

    “Shut up, who told you that”? Evelyn fired

    “Shut up too, who are you to command me “? Juliet said standing up and facing Evelyn as if they are about to fight an intercontinetial championship in the wrestling.

    “Hey girls that’s enough, I think that’s okay, it’s my case and I will settle it not for you guys to fight over it “Tessy said and they both space from each other after exchanging deadly glare between each other.

    Patricia could be seen pacing up and down with her phone on her ear, trying to reach someone but it was not going through.

    “What’s this all about ? How could Raymond possibly invited me and now he is nowhere to be found? Is this how his friends go on a date with their girls? He better change oo or else ” Patricia said resting on the wall.
    She has been waiting in high class joint expecting to see Raymond who invited her there but Raymond was nowhere to be found and it was already getting late which she didn’t like it a bit just then Raymond came from behind and hold her on the waist which made her to startled in fear and after seeing that it’s Raymond her mode changed to that angry one again, probably Raymond understood why she’s like that. He doesn’t need a soothsayer to tell him why, so he went ahead in apologizing.

    “Baby I’m really sorry for keeping you waiting for long, I’ve been really busy with my dad in the office ” he said and Patricia didn’t seem to buy the idea.

    “Come on babe, I say I’m sorry please ” he pleaded again looking into her eyes and holding her two hands.

    “Why must you always come up with excuses when it gets to me “? She asked and he was quiet for a while

    “Where you not the one I saw earlier this evening in this same joint who happens to escape immediately I entered “? She asked looking at him to find the truth which instead of that Raymond frowned

    “What are you trying to tell me now? That I was here earlier and after seeing you I ran away? Is that it “? He asked raising his voice a little which made Patricia adjusted backward.

    “Did the person wear this type of clothe? He asked turning for her to see his clothes, after examining it Patricia noteiced that it was not the same as the other person wear so she wore an apologizing look.

    “It’s obvious that you are tired of this thing cause you are full of complain ” he said angrily

    “I’m sorry Raymond it has not gotten to that, I love you still as before and nothing can change that ” she said and Raymond smiled after hearing that.

    “Can we go now “? He asked spreading his hands

    “Sure we are good to go “she replied

    “Then smile for me na” he said and Patricia let out a charming smile which made Raymond to chuckle.

    “That’s my girl, let’s go ” he said and they walked hand in hand inside the joint.



    The night was already dark and scary due to different sounds made by the animals both aquatic and terrestrial. Every part of the street was dark including some hostels which happened to be only candle light illuminating the room. But in a particular busy were the darkness took over, a fire was burning with the help of ๐ŸŽ† firewood which lighted the environment. Deep inside the bush were nobody could possibly think that people were there, Raymond could be found standing in the middle of a circle made by heavy and strong guys who sat down around the fire as if they wanted to play moonlight ๐ŸŒ™ play in the night. All were dressed in red from head to toe which means that something is happening at that particular hour of the night.

    “Dragon lords”!

    “We are poisonous than poison!

    “Dragon lords “! Raymond shouted again

    “We are poisonous than poison! They shouted in response

    “Dragon lords”!

    “We are poisonous than poison! They all chorused and then exchange hands with each other and then returned to their sits again.

    “I summoned this great meeting because of what’s on the ground and that it should be solved with immediate effects ” Raymond said looking at each and everyone of them.
    Dragon lords was known to be the most notorious and baddest cultist gang in the campus but the secret is that nobody knew that Raymond the only son of the vice chancellor was their leader. None can ever think of it even if such a person is being told, they will not believe because Raymond is one of the cool type who doesn’t talk much nor make trouble but little did they knew that he is more dangerous than they thought.

    “Capone we are ready to handle and carry out the mission ” Lighter said who happens to be one of them who had broken teeths and a skull hairstyle, he was not smiling nor laughing.

    “There’s this new girl that I’m crushing on,but it seems like one rat is also crushing on her too ”

    “Who be that cock to crow when the boss and Capone is on stage, Capone nothing do you, we dey your back ” arrow concurred

    “So let’s be ready incase he refuses to listen to my warning so that we will strike when it’s time to do so ” he said and sat down on the ground while silence took over and sooner did they smoke began to filled the area as they began smoking like never before.

    Desmond not home, his day was really bad thinking that Tessy will accept him, but due to how he see things it will not be easy for him to have her as his own. He changed into his night wear not minding to eat because he had already filled himself in the restaurant, meanwhile Desmond is an orphan who struggled to send himself to school cause his parents died while he was in jss1 in secondary school, so he had passion for education that was why he wasn’t ready for defeat, he did all via best to make sure that he makes it in life no matter how much it will cost him. He finally jumped on the bed, and cover himself with hmtge duvet while Tessy image appears into his memory again, he sighed and closed his eyes to erase the picture. He switched off the bedside lamp and drifted to a deep sleep.
    To be continued

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