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    New story!!


    Subtitle: Own by an overbearing billionaire.

    Genre: Billionaires.

    Tags: Romance, ceo, possessiveness, jealousy, separation, love, s*x, lies.

    Rated: 🔞🔞🔞 (strictly Adults only)

    Characters description:-

    Andre Knight: 26years, 6ft3, strong abs, tan skin, hazel eyes, dirty blonde hair……. A great workaholic, with straight face, blank expression with a cold and intimidating aura around him….. Rude and arrogant. Knows what he wants and goes for it at all cost.

    Debby Ryan: 22years, 5ft2, fair skin, big round brown eyes, brown hair, skinny model like body with a colourful aura around her…… An uneducated unemployed warm girl….. does all kinds of jobs just to make some money, always happy and cheerful.



    Own by


    An Overbearing billionaire 💰💵

    🌺 Chapter 1🌺

    Debby’s POV

    I stood outside this tall building or should I say mansion. I can’t believe this building belongs to one family.

    I was passing by this street last week, when I saw a sign post ‘House cook wanted’. So I decided to give it a try.

    So here I am standing outside the gate, I stood not knowing what to do. I was very bold coming here, but now I’m scared.

    I don’t know if I’m qualified to be a cook here. I turned back, deciding to go back home and search for job elsewhere, but my luck ran out.

    The gate opened and a security man came out.

    “Hey, young lady” He called out for me.

    I turned back and flashed him a weak smile.

    “Good afternoon sir” I greet him.

    He didn’t bother replying my greeting, he just stared at me from head to toe and shake his head.

    “What are you doing here? Are you looking for someone?” He asked me.

    “I came for the house cook sign put out here” I replied him.

    He looked at from head to toe again and laughed sarcastically, then shook his head.

    He gave me a disgusting look, like I’m some piece of shit.

    “What gave you the boldness to come here for a job? Do you think you are qualified to get a job here?” He asked me with a clenched jaw.

    I scoffed mentally at his choice of words.

    Look who’s talking, he’s behaving like he owns this mansion. He’s just a security man, for heaven’s sake and he’s looking down on me.

    Ah! Pot calling kettle black, I sassily mock him mentally.

    ” I don’t think I need some kind of certificate or qualifications to get a job as a cook” I told him boldly.

    I’m poor, I get but that. But it doesn’t mean he can rub it in my face and make me feel bad about myself. You can call me a spitfire but I don’t care.

    “Oh you don’t know? The knights are very sensitive with their food, so don’t think you can meet up to their standards. Young lady you better go back home or search elsewhere for a job” He said, turned to leave.

    Oh no, you can’t just insults me and leave you jerk.

    “I won’t go nowhere, I was thinking of going elsewhere but for rudeness, I must get this job” I retorted harshly at him, with determination in my voice.

    He turns back to me abruptly and glared harshly at me…..I guess he didn’t like what I just said.

    Well, you can’t blame me, he started it.

    “Leave” he snapped at me.

    “No” I replied equally stubborn.

    “I said Leave” he said through gritt teeth.


    “Leave” he’s getting angry but I don’t care, who is he to insult me.

    “No, I won’t leave” I told him, I crossed my hands over my chest, waiting for what he’s gonna do.

    He can’t just talked to me the way he wants, and expect me to be ok with it… I won’t allow it.

    Seeing I’m not ready to listen to him, He ran towards me and pushed me hard, I fell flat on my butt.

    I hissed in pain when I tried getting up.

    That bastard! How dare he push me?! Don’t he have respect for women?!

    “I said Leave” he said with anger dripping from his words.

    But I don’t care, I’m angry too….he insulted me!

    I get up, hissing when the pain from my butt strikes.

    Before I could open my mouth and give him a piece of my mind, a black SUV drove to the gate and stopped waiting for the security man to open the gate.

    I was hoping the security man would be the one opening the gate, but unfortunately it opened on it’s own.

    Instead of the SUV to drive in, the driver’s door open and a man in a well tailored suit came out of the SUV. He seems to be in his sixties, but he’s very handsome for his age.

    Also, he seems to be a rich man…no, a billionaire and I guess he owns this mansion.

    He walked towards us and smiled at me, I don’t know what to do so I smiled back at him nervously.

    I mean, what would do if a billionaire is standing in front of you and smiling at you?

    Kill me now.

    “Good afternoon sir, welcome sure” the security man rushed out greeting the man.

    I almost laugh out loud because of his pretence of been a good man, a while ago he was being a demon.

    “Good afternoon James” He replied the security man,

    The rich man turned to me and said.

    “Young lady, how can we help you” he said surprisingly soft.

    I smiled and stretched my hand for a handshake, I thought he wouldn’t accept my hand but to my greatest surprise he did.

    “Good afternoon sir, my name is Debby, I came here for the house cook vacancy” I said and withdrew my hand from the handshake.

    He looked at me, then nod his head thoughtfully. He faced the security and glared at him.

    “Then what was she doing on the ground” he fired at James.

    James cleared his throat, scratching the back of his neck nervously, shifting from one leg to another.

    “Sir……sh…….she,…… I….” He trail off, not knowing what to say. He looked at me as if asking for my help.

    A sadistic smirk tugged on my lips, so now he wants my help. A while ago he was staring at me like a dirty rag.

    “Sir” I called gain his attention. The rich man turned to me and his stern look disappeared, replaced with a beaming smile.

    “Sir, I fell on my own, he wanted to help me up” I lied smoothly, James was rude to me but I can’t bear to land him in trouble.

    The rich man kept quiet for some seconds, looking between James and I.

    “Come inside with me dear, we have something to discuss” the rich man said to me guiding me inside the compound.

    “Oh, and James, park the car inside” he said.

    I, on the other hand just followed him inside like a lost puppy, I don’t know what he wants to discuss with me.

    I don’t even know if he’s a good man or not, I just followed him inside.

    To Be Continued……………………..

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    An Overbearing billionaire 💰💵

    By: Racheal Dennis.

    Chapter 2👄

    Debby’s POV

    Entering the man’s living room left me wowed, I mean everything is so classy and expensive.

    Beside the entrance door stood the potrait of a very beautiful woman, her eyes so soft and friendly.

    She has a pair of blue eyes, if one didn’t take a closer look, you will think she wore contact. She have a jet black hair, a warm welcoming smile playing on her lips.

    “Debby are you alright there?” The man asked me.

    I nod still not taking my eyes from the potrait, I’m so engrossed in it.

    “I was talking to you but you didn’t reply” he said.

    I turned wanting to ask about the woman in the potrait, but then I saw the woman.

    Standing next to him with the same warm welcoming smile on her lips.

    I gasped. I think I stared too much at the picture, now I’m imagining her. I slapped myself lightly as if to wake up from my daydream, but it didn’t work, rather the woman’s smile widen.

    “Debby meet my wife Nora” the man said, looking at Nora with so much love.

    I stood dumbly not knowing what to do, I’m awestruck. How can someone be this beautiful? I guess God was being partial when creating her.

    I waved at her shyly.

    “Oh dear, don’t be shy” she said and took my hand into her soft delicate hands, “come, let’s have a seat” she added and led me to a couch.

    I sat down, she and husband sat opposite me.

    “Would you like something to drink?” Nora asked me.

    I’m kinda thirsty, I’ve been going on all morning without food or water.

    “Water please” I replied.

    Immediately I said it, a maid came and placed the water in front of me, like she was on standby, waiting for command.

    I drank the water almost too quickly, fortunately I didn’t choke on it.

    I dropped the cup on the small table beside me and raised up my head to see, Nora and her husband looking at me carefully….monitoring my actions.

    Which makes me wonder why they’re watching me…..do I look weird? I shrugged that thought from my mind.

    I cleared my throat quietly.

    “Sir, what is it that you wanted us to discuss?” I asked him.

    He smirked

    “well first things first, call me Mr knights” he said, I nod in affirmation.

    “So, I will be honest with you” he paused looking at me, I don’t know why but he’s looking at me. “We don’t need a cook” he said.

    What?? They don’t need a cook, why then did they put that notice there.

    Something is not right here, or do they put that notice there to lure girls in and use them for ritual?!.

    Oh my God, I hope they haven’t drugged my water…. was that why he was looking at me?, Wondering why I haven’t died yet?,

    No, I can’t die like this I need to get out of here.

    My breathing became rough, I begin to breath unevenly.

    Nora noticed this, so she placed her hand on my shoulder, using the other hand to rub my back, trying to calm me down and get my breathing back to normal.

    “What happened just now?” Nora asked, panic noticeable in her voice.

    Mr knights too is looking worried, I shook my head to tell them I’m fine.

    “You were having a panic attack” Nora states.

    “I’m fine, why did you put that notice there if you don’t need a cook?” I asked, I have to confirm with them if what I’m thinking is right.

    “Well we need you to do something else for us…..” He exchange looks with his wife then turn to me. “We need you to do something…… something difficult” Mr knights said.

    Something difficult?! Could it be robing a bank?! Wait….what am I thinking?!

    “What is that?” I asked.

    “Debby, after this job is done, 5million will be transferred into your account” Nora said smiling, why is she always smiling.

    I smiled mentally.

    5million, that’s a lot of money.

    I can start a business with it and even further my education and nobody will ever look down on me ever again.

    I don’t think any job can be too difficult for 5million.

    “What do you want me to do?” I asked them.

    Mr knights and Nora shared a knowing look.

    Ok, now I’m confused, why will they share a look? I didn’t ask any foolish question, right?.

    Nora laughed nervously.

    “Marry our son” she said looking at me straight in the eyes.

    Say what now?!

    Marry their son?

    Are they out of their minds?.

    How can I marry their son….. someone I don’t know!

    what if their son is a cripple or deaf and dumb, what if he’s an imbecile.

    I shuddered at that thought.

    I can’t sacrifice my happiness for money.

    if they want their son to get married so bad they should talk to him about it….. why are they willing to pay such a huge amount just to find a wife for him.

    Mr knights and Nora were both looking at me expectantly, their eyes begging me to say yes, I can see the desperation in their eyes.

    “I can’t” I said.

    “Why?, Is the money not enough?” Nora asked, I looked at her like she’s lost her mind, she’s a woman, how can she ask me something like that.

    “Don’t worry about the money, if it’s not enough, we can add more later” Mr knights said.

    What is wrong with rich people….. throwing money about, thinking everything is about money.

    Don’t they know that there are some certain things that money can’t buy?,

    Money can’t buy happiness, they should look for something better to use their money for.

    “It’s not about the money, I just can’t do it. sir, if you want your son to get married, sit him down and tell him he’s old enough to settle down, you can’t choose a wife for your son or hire one for him” I told them.

    “Debby you don’t understand, our son won’t listen to us, he’s a workaholic and never gets time for himself, just please marry him” Mr knights said.

    I shook my head in disbelief.

    “I can’t do it, what if he already have a girlfriend?” I asked.

    “He doesn’t have time for himself how can he get a girlfriend” Mr knights chuckled lightly.

    “Debby please help us” Nora said, I couldn’t talk, I just kept staring at them questioningly.

    A lot of questions are running through my mind, I need to investigate this family, but before that I need to get out of here, but how can I leave.

    “Or do you need time to think about it?” Nora asked.

    Hmmm, that’s a good idea, I can say I need time to think about it and leave immediately.

    then I will never come back here, after all, they don’t know where I live.

    I nod my head quickly, that I think I heard my neck crack a bit.

    “Okay we’ll give you some time to think” Nora said.

    Mr knights dipped his hand in his pocket and brought out a small card, his business card I think, and stretch it to me.

    “Call me when you make up your mind” he said. I collected the card and stood up quickly.

    “I’ll take my leave now” I told them.

    “I’ll see you off” Nora offered but I politely decline with a fake smile, I need to leave as fast as I could.

    “Okay dear, Take care” she said, I nod and rushed off like my pants is on fire.

    I was in a hurry to leave, that I didn’t pay attention to where I was going…. I didn’t see a man carrying a small briefcase and a phone in his hand Walk in.

    I was in such a hurry that I walked right into him and everything he held in his hands fell on the hard floor.

    “WHAT THE FUCK” the man roared.

    To Be Continued……………

    Guess who the man is……….

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    An Overbearing billionaire 💰💵

    Written by; Racheal Dennis.

    Chapter 3👠

    Debby’s POV

    “What the fuck?!” The man yelled.

    His voice sounds so thunderous, that if the foundation to this house is not strong enough it will shake it.

    I took a step back, head bowed, I dare not raise my head to see how angry he actually is.

    I bent down to pickup the phone and briefcase that fell from his hands, although the phone is already broken.

    The phone look so expensive, I’m just hoping and praying he doesn’t ask me to buy him a new one….. I will just have to sell myself to replace the phone.

    “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” I mumbled continuously as I pick each piece of the phone that scattered around.

    I stood up, head still bowed, I stretched out the stuffs to him.

    “Why don’t you f**king watch where you’re f**king going?” He yelled again, I flinched.

    Doesn’t he know anything other than yelling?

    “I’m sorry sir”I apologised.

    “F**king raise your head when I’m talking to you” he hissed harshly.

    I instantly raised my head and behold the sight that befall me is magnificent, I’m mesmerized by it.

    The man before me is dressed in a black tuxedo, his dirty blonde hair styled and neatly combed backwards, his hair rests perfectly on his shoulders.

    His eyes are the perfect shades of green, his lips so pink and kissable, I unconsciously lick my lips.

    My eyes travel down to his chest, his muscles are budging out, like it can rip out of his suit any second, I’m 100% sure he’s got strong abs in there.

    His tan skin glittering, only one word can describe this creature in front of me, beautiful.

    “Hey” he waved his hand in front of my eyes, to cut me off from my trail of thoughts.

    He studied me from head to toe.

    “Are you a new maid here?” He asked me.

    I opened my mouth to reply him, but Nora rushed to the scene and begin to look at me, searching my body, maybe looking if I’m injured.

    ” Oh dear, are you alright?” She asked in her soft voice, but you can tell she is genuinely worried.

    “Yes” I told her with a small smile.

    She puffed out some air from her mouth.

    “Thank God, I thought I heard a crash” she said.

    While we were having this conversation, the man I ran into stood impatiently.

    Then he cleared his throat at once, reminding us of his presence.

    “There’s nothing to thank God about, this wretched girl ran into me and broke my stuffs” he said through gritt teeth, glaring down at me as he’s way taller than me.

    He’s 6ft3 I guess, compared to my 5ft2, I’m a shorty.

    Nora just laughed and waved him off with one hand, as if what he just reported is not a big deal.

    “Just shut it Andre” Nora said.

    The man, whom I know just now as Andre, opened his mouth to argue, but Nora sent him a harsh glare, that shut whatever he wanted to say.

    Andre scoffed sent a glare four times harsher than his mother’s to me. I couldn’t withstand it so I averted my gaze from him.

    Nora turned to me with a smile and took the phone and briefcase from me.

    “Dear you can go home now” she told me, I nod in affirmation “and think about what we discussed” she added, I nod again and quickly dashed for the door.

    I can’t stay in the same room as that guy, being in the same room as him, makes an unexplainable chills run down my spine.

    There is this aura around him that makes me wanna pee on myself.

    I left the compound as fast as I could, immediately I stepped out of the compound, my old Nokia phone rang.

    I brought out the phone from my back pocket and saw it is Anna calling.

    I rolled my eyes, of course she must call me.

    Anna is my best friend, we’ve been friends since as long as I can remember, we are practically sisters.

    “Hey Anna what’s up” I answered the phone.

    “Don’t what’s up me, you left without eating the food I kept aside for you” she said.

    I can imagine her putting her hand on her waist and having a very angry face on right now.

    “Sorry, but remember I told you, I won’t eat anything until I get a job and start to contribute to the up keep of the house” I explained.

    The thing is, I once had a job at a bar but I had to quit, cause the boss is an old creepy and perverted man.

    So I vowed not to stress or depend on Anna to feed me, until I get another job.

    “Debby!!” Anna barked, I moved the phone from my ear a bit.

    “Yes” I replied.

    “Did you hear a word of what I just said?” She said.

    “Huh?” I asked cluelessly.

    She huffed frustratingly, I can tell she is doing an eye roll right now.

    “Of course you didn’t hear me” she said, then paused, “I said come to FK’s cafe, Lucas is meeting us there” she said.

    “Why are we meeting there?” I asked confused.

    “You have to tell us how your interview went” she said and end the call, that snicky girl, I know she hung up to avoid me asking her too many questions.

    Anyway I kept my phone back in my pocket and begin my journey to FK’S cafe, I need to prepare myself for their questions before I reach there.

    Ten minutes later, I found myself in FK’S cafe.

    As soon as I stepped foot inside the cafe, little Manson ran to me and hugged my legs, that’s where he can reach.

    Manson is the owner of this Cafe’s son, he’s so adorable, he’s just three years old but he’s got a smile that can get girls falling.

    I picked him from the ground and placed him on my left side hip. I kissed his forehead and he giggled, his cheeks turned to pure shades of pink, he’s blushing.

    My eyes scan the whole cafe and I saw Anna and Lucas sitting at our usual spot.

    I walked towards their direction, getting there I sat on the empty chair next to Lucas.

    “At long last the queen arrived” Lucas said, standing up from his chair and does a dramatic bow.

    Anna and I laughed briefly and shook our heads at his silly behavior.

    “Lucas Please sit down” Anna told him, she pushed him down on his chair.

    “So…..?” Anna said and trail off looking at me expectantly, waiting for me to complete her sentence.

    Lucas scoffed playfully.

    “Anna at least, let her catch some breath” Lucas said, I sent him a thank you smile, but Lucas being Lucas had to spoil it, the next word that left his mouth made me glare at him playfully.

    “So……..?”. He repeated what Anna said.

    I took in a big gulp of air, I guess they won’t let it go until I tell them.

    “Well they want me to marry their son” I blunt out tiredly, I dropped Manson down.

    He’s struggling to get down, the minute I put him down, he ran off to meet his mother.

    “What!!” They both exclaimed simultaneously, their eyes bugging out that one push can make them fall off their eye sockets.

    “Just like that?” Lucas asked crossing his arms around his chest.

    “So what did you say?” Anna asked.

    “I said no” I replied nonchalantly.

    Lucas and Anna kept quiet, they both are looking at me, maybe they’re Short of words.

    “Did you see their son?” Anna finally found words in her mouth.

    “No, I didn’t” I replied.

    Now thinking about it, I should have asked them for their son’s picture, well I already said no to them.

    Anna narrowed her eyes at me, she wanted to open her mouth to say something but someone else bit her to it.

    The voice I hate to hear, the voice that always speaks in my nightmares, the voice that bully me all my high school life.

    The voice I prayed never to hear again in this life time.

    “Well well well, what do we have here?, Little Debby”

    I tensed in my chair, my whole body went rigid.

    It has been years since I graduated high school but I still feel the hair at the back of my neck stand at the sound of her voice.

    My breathing rapid at this moment, my heartbeat is kinda fast, standing at a mile you can still hear it beating.

    We are no longer in high school so why do I still fear her.

    Come on Debby, you need to stand up for yourself, I encouraged myself.

    I mustered enough courage and stood up to face her, I need to face my fear.

    That is one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made, cause the moment I faced her, I regretted it.

    Words vacate my mouth, my mind became blank instantly, my mouth hung wide open.

    Standing before me is a goddess, I can never compare to her in any way or form.

    Although her face is caked with make-up, her tan skin is to die for, her skin glowing and smooth.

    She wore a short skinny pink coloured gown.

    “What? Cat caught your tongue?” She asked in an overly sweet tone, she chuckled lightly and eyes me from head to toe.

    “Olivia Thompson” I whispered, hoping she wouldn’t hear it, but that witch have a very sensitive ear, she heard me loud and clear and her lips twist in a smirk.

    “Debby fucking Ryan” she called me.

    I rolled my eyeballs, I thought by now she’d have outgrown that childish way of calling my name.

    She makes it sound like my dad is fucking me…..God! what am I thinking?! I scold myself mentally.

    “Why are you dressed in rags?” She asked after she accessed my clothes.

    “I thought by now you’ve become rich by the way you clung to your books and pen, need” she said, a sickening smile plastered her face.

    I growled lowly.

    “I thought by now you’ve gotten married by clinging to those sugar daddies” the words flew from my mouth unknowingly, it’s like my mouth have a mind of its own, I wasn’t able to control it until I said everything.

    “How dare you!!” Olivia gasped, she raised her hand to slap me, but Lucas caught her wrist on time.

    Where’s all this new found confidence come from I don’t know, but I’m glad it did.

    She pointed her perfectly manicured finger at me, her eyes red and clouded with tears, but she pushed them back.

    “You…. You’re……” I smirked, guess she’s lost all the words in her mouth.

    This is a first, Olivia never….. I mean, never lose in an argument. Seeing her like this gives me so much joy.

    “Grrrrrrrrrh” she groaned frustratingly and catwalk out of the cafe angrily.

    Immediately she left, Anna playfully slap me on the back.

    “Way to go girl” she said. I just chuckled nervously.

    “Yeah, when did you become so fierce?” Lucas asked putting his arm on my shoulders.

    “I’m hanging out with you guys, right?” I asked and they nod. “Of course I’m learning from you two, you are my great masters” I told them and they laughed, Lucas puffed out his chest like he just achieved something.

    I shook my head sideways at his childishness.

    “Alright guys, we’re taking someone’s virgin ass to somewhere new to let loose” Lucas said, giving Anna a knowing look.

    “Yay!!” Anna exclaimed joyfully, throwing her hands in the air, jumping up and down.

    “Anna take Debby home and dress her up, I’ll pick you two by 07:00pm” Lucas said.

    Anna looked at her phone and gasped, obviously dramatic, she threw her hand on my shoulder.

    “It’s 5:47pm already” she said and turned to Lucas ” We have very little time to get ready, so we have to go now” she said and begin to drag me out of the cafe without even waiting for Lucas’s response.

    We board a taxi and before 10mins we’re already home, cause ‘someone’ told the driver to recklessly or we’ll be late for our appointment.

    Arriving at our apartment (Anna and I are roommates) Anna pushed me into the bathroom and told me to start taking my bath, that she’ll lay down clothes for me to wear.

    I groaned, Anna’s choice of clothing is very different from mine and her choice always makes me nervous.

    They are so not me.

    I wanna argue but she didn’t give me any chance to, cause she shut the bathroom door.

    I groaned again, gently banging my head on the wall, but I stripped anyway and begin to take my bath.

    After taking my bath, washing my body thoroughly, I stepped out of the bathroom, wrapped in my towel.

    I met Anna sitting by the dressing applying make-up on her face, her hair slightly wet.

    “Anna have you taken your bath?” I asked her, using the hand dryer to dry my hair.

    “Yep” she answered now she’s applying a red lipstick on her lips, red suits her perfectly.

    “Since when and where did you take your bath?” I asked.

    “10mins ago and I went next door” she replied casually.

    I stare at her in disbelief, how can she go nextdoor, our nextdoor neighbor is a dude, so why did she go there for a bath.

    “Why are you giving me that look?” She asked when she turned and saw me looking at her.

    “Why did you go there?, Couldn’t you wait for me to come out?” I asked.

    “Wait for you?” She asked resthorically. “You spent 20mins in the bathroom and you expect me to wait for you, you must be kidding me” she said and stood up from the dresser.

    She rushed to her room and came back with a blue crop top….. offshoulder and a faded blue ripped jeans trousers, she shoved them in my hands.

    Then she rushed to her wardrobe and came back with a pair of white sneakers.

    “Now go and change into these” she said clapping her hands together in excitement.

    I looked at the clothes strangely, then I looked at her….. has she gone nuts, she knows this is so not my style.

    “I’m not wearing this” I told her shaking my head in denial.

    She breath in and out, then looked at me from head to toe, shaking her head with a suspicious smile…….her arms crossed across her chest.

    “Debby Farrah Ryan, put the damn clothes on before I count down to one” she said then raised her five left fingers.

    “Five…….four…… three……two……..”

    “Okay okay” I said quickly give in, letting her complete her count down means trouble for me.

    Immediately I put on the clothes, Anna sat me down on the dresser and begin to do my makeup, after my makeup is done, she moved away from the mirror.

    My eyes grew double in size and unconsciously a smile crept in my face.

    Anna is a miracle worker, I almost couldn’t recognize myself.

    The girl in the mirror have a beautiful blue eyes and a beautiful face, smile so bright, so full of life. And that girl is me.

    “Wow” I awed at Anna’s masterpiece.

    “Yeah…… yeah…. I know” she said cockily.

    In that moment, our doorbell rang.

    I went to the door and open it, Lucas stood by the door, two flowers in his hands.

    He blinked rapidly when he took in my appearance, the flowers almost dropped from his hands.

    “Woah” he exclaimed in a hoarshed voice, he gulped. “You’re gorgeous” he said.

    “Thanks” I replied.

    “These are for you, my Lady” he said in a funny British accent while offering me one of the flowers, I couldn’t help but laugh.

    I accept the flower with a smile and thanked him. He gave the other flower to Anna, she accepted and tossed it across the room, but not before saying thank you.

    Lucas just chuckled at her silliness.

    “I have two beautiful ladies as my date tonight, now let’s go partying all night!!” Lucas shouted throwing his pumped fists in the air.


    “Yay!!!” Anna shouted joyfully, they both grab my hand and pulled me outside.

    We entered Lucas’s car and he took off immediately.


    💎 Andre’s POV 💎

    My head’s killing me, all these paper work is really taking a toll on me.

    I’ve been working non-stop since last month, I have a project at hand so there’s no time for slacking off.

    Next week I’ll travel to Spain, when I return, I will conclude the project.

    Being a CEO is not easy at all.

    I know my company is biggest in America…….. and I have braches all over the continent, but I still have to work all day and night.

    Or else everything I’ve worked so hard to build all these years will just crumble to the ground.

    To become this successful at 26 is not a child’s play……though my dad is a billionaire, I set up my empire with my hard work.

    And I can say I’m richer than him today.

    The sound of my ring tone filled my study, I picked the call without looking at the name.

    “What?!” I asked grumpily. I closed the file I was signing and kept it aside.

    “What crept in your pants?” Sean (my best friend) asked in his usual carefree voice. I rolled my eyeballs.

    “Sorry man, all this paperwork is just giving me a headache” I told him, he chuckled.

    “When are you traveling to Spain?” He asked.

    “Next week” I replied.

    He kept quiet for a while.

    “Yo man, why not come out tonight let’s have some fun” he said.

    “Fun?” I look at the heap of files at the corner of my table and grunt. “I have no time for fun, I have bunch of paperwork to sign” I told him.

    “I know Andre, just come out to release some steams, cool off a bit” he insisted.

    I closed my eyes, lean back on the chair and released a long sigh……I guess he’s right.

    “Okay” I said, “where are we going?”

    “I heard a new club is now opened in Tank Lane, Michael and I will wait for you there” Sean said.

    “Okay” I hung up.

    I hear out and found my driver standing next to my Porsche. He bowed a little when he saw me coming his way.

    “Where are we going boss?” He asked me, I just stretched out my hand, he handed the car key to me and step away from the car.

    “I’m going alone” I said. I entered the car and drove off.


    💎 Debby’s POV 💎

    “Are we there yet?” I asked for the hundredth time (okay I exaggerated a little), but I’ve been asking this question for some time now, Lucas and Anna refused to answer.

    I can’t see anything cause I’m wearing a blindfold.

    “Relax babe, we’ll be there soon” Anna said, from the way she said it, I can tell I’ve bore her with my questions.

    I decided to keep quiet and not ask anymore questions for the rest of the journey.

    Driving for what felt like hours to me, I feel the car jerk and finally came to a stop.

    They quickly came to my side and guide me out of the car, when we’re completely out of the car, Lucas removed my blindfold and shouted.



    My eyes grew wide and purge out, they brought me to a place I’ve never step foot in all my 22 years of living on this earth.

    A club!!

    They brought me to a freaking club!!

    To Be Continued

    Is Debby and Andre coming to the same club?

    What do you think is gonna happen?

    Are they gonna cross paths again?

    Are they gonna fight again or it’s gonna be the other way round?

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    An Overbearing billionaire 💰💵

    Written by: Racheal Dennis.

    Chapter 4👠


    🌀 Andre’s POV 🌀

    Immediately I step foot into the club and girls started throwing themselves at me.

    They’re are all giving me flirtatious looks, trying to get my attention.

    I scoffed, these girls have nothing important to do with their youthful time….. I hate it when girl throw themselves at me.

    They only flirt with me for two things…..one for my good looks and the other for my money.

    Although, The girls are all very beautiful……. so-called high class babes….. some people might say they’re my perfect match.

    But to me they are all gold diggers, beauties without brains.

    I skipped through the crowd and went up to the VIP section.

    That area has the best view in the club, from the VIP section you can see whatever shit going on down in the club.

    I glanced around and saw Sean and Michael waving at me to come over, I took long stride towards them and sat next to Michael.

    “So how do you like this club” Sean asked.

    I just nod at him, whilst Michael ordered our drinks.

    “How’s your company?” Michael asked.

    “Hmm…… great” I answered, bringing the glass of whiskey to my lips.

    The strong smell of the whiskey filled my nostrils and my taste gland watered.

    “Andre, I arranged girls to entertain us later” Sean said and winked at me.

    Typical Sean.

    Sean’s cure to any problem in this world is wine and women, ever since his first love broke his heart by sleeping with his rival……he turned into this carefree life.

    “I’m not interested” I stated clearly showing my lack of interest.

    “But they are very beau…….” He trail off, his looking towards the entrance of the club.

    I followed his gaze and my eyes fell on a girl. She wearing a white crop top…..she look so skinny.

    Beautiful is not the best word to describe her……this girl is gorgeous. She drew attention anywhere she pass…..men fixed their gaze on her.

    Something about her felt familiar, it’s just like I’ve seen her somewhere but I don’t seem to remember where.

    The way she looks around tells me that she doesn’t want to be here……I can clearly tell she doesn’t belong here.

    Her eyes full of innocence, like she does not know of the evil roaming the world…..hell, I can say she’s an angel.

    I don’t know what happened, but seeing this girl, suddenly makes me remember that maid girl that came to my parents home this morning.

    That maid girl is the first girl who didn’t throw herself at me…. it’s makes me question my charms.

    Now taking a second look at this girl, I can see some resemblance between her and that maid girl.

    Or are they the same person? I questioned myself.

    But then again, that maid girl doesn’t seem like she can’t afford these clothes.

    Fuck, I should stop comparing that maid girl to this angel.

    “Guys” Michael exclaimed, hitting both Sean’s and my head.

    “What the fuck” Sean and I whispered yelled, rubbing our head while glaring at him.

    “Don’t give me that look, I’ve been calling you, but you two seems to be in a trance” Micheal grumbled.

    “Whatever” Sean wave him off, then faced me. “Andre, what do you think about that girl” Sean asked.

    “I don’t know” I said nonchalantly.

    “You don’t know? Well I’m gonna get her tonight” He said.

    “Okay” I said, then what he said registered in my head.

    “No!” I exclaimed, there’s no way in hell I’m gonna let that happen, she’s gonna be mine.

    Wait, what? Where did that came from?

    Why do I want her to be mine? I questioned myself. I groan inwardly.

    They both stared at me questionly, raising their eyebrows as if urging me to continue.

    “Why did you say no? do you like her?” Michael asked interested.

    I looked anywhere but them, how am I supposed to answer them.

    “No” I replied.

    “Then why can’t I have her?” Sean asked frowning in confusion.

    “I don’t know but you can’t have her” I said glaring at him, daring him to ask me another question.

    I looked to the direction of the angel, but she isn’t there, I looked around but still didn’t see her.

    Where could she have gone to? I thought worriedly.

    When did I became like this, worrying about a woman I know nothing about.

    Hmmm…… there’s something in her that makes me wanna protect her and keep her with me at first sight.

    I guess I’m losing my mind…..I need some air.

    “I’m going out for some fresh air” I announced, they just nod their heads dumbly…. staring at me with wide eyes, I guess my action surprise them.

    Even I, I’m surprised at myself, I’ve never felt drawn to any woman before, this is the first time.

    Anyways, I shrugged it off as fatigue……maybe tiredness is making me do things……, I walked out of the club.


    🌀 Debby’s POV 🌀


    My eyes grew wide to the size of an orange.

    They’ve brought me to a place I’ve never set my foot on all my 22 years of living on this Earth.

    A club.

    They freaking brought me to a club.

    Kill me now.

    “Why did you bring me to a club” I asked scowling, they purposely didn’t tell me we’re coming to a club……. cause they knew I wouldn’t come if they had told me we’re coming here.

    “Com’on Debby, you need to live a little. Do you wanna be a nun?” Anna said throwing her hands in the air.

    “Is clubbing called living?” I asked.

    Well, anyone can say I’m sulking at this moment, I don’t care. I don’t like coming to clubs.

    “Debby, do you wanna die a virgin? Don’t you wanna get laid and know how it tastes before you die?” Anna asked placing her hands on her waist.

    “I’m not gonna die and besides me being a virgin is not a big deal, I’m just waiting for the right guy to do it with” I said.

    Lucas came in front of me with a big smile, he went down on his knees and took my hand in his.

    “Baby your Mr Right is right here, I’m here baby” he said kissing my knuckles.

    “Shut up Lucas” Anna shushed and pushed him out of the way, she smacked him in the head.

    Then she turned to me.

    “Debby just come in let’s have few drinks……we’re already here, we can’t leave without going inside” Anna plead giving me her infamous puppy eyes, pouting her lips.

    She knows I can’t say no after seeing that.

    “Okay” I said reluctantly.

    “Yay!!” Lucas yelled jumping up and down like a little kid who just had the taste of a new candy.

    They both ran in leaving me behind, I smiled at their excitement. I slowly follow behind them.

    I regretted it the moment I step foot in the club.

    The club is so crowdy…. maybe it’s because today is the opening.

    The dance floor is filled with boys and girls dancing with their partners, the whole place smell of alcohol and cigarettes.

    Inhaling the smell alone, makes me wanna puke.

    ‘so they brought me here to cater for myself’ I thought.

    I managed to slide through the crowd and found a table, I sat down and my eyes begin to roam the crowd looking for Anna and Lucas.

    But didn’t find either of them.

    I couldn’t stand the smell so I decided to go out and board a cab and get back home.

    Almost to the exit, a guy came in front of me and blocked my way……he should be around 35 to 40, a sinister laughter boomed from his throat.

    He seems to be drunk, his breath smell of alcohol and cigarettes.

    The smell follows him as if he bathed in the alcohol. I covered my nose with my right hand.

    “Hey, beautiful…….the……. party ain’t…….over yet” he said hiccuping at each word he said.

    I took a step back and wanted to go the other way but he came in front of me again.

    “Talk to me babe” he said moving his hands to my face.

    “Move aside” I told him.

    Instead of moving aside, he smirked.

    “Playing hard to get, huh” he grabbed my right hand very tight….. I swear I heard my bone crack……then he begin to drag me out of the club.

    I struggle in his hold, trying so hard to free my hand from his grip but he wouldn’t bulge, making me wonder how strong he’d be if he’s sober.

    “Let go of me, you freak!!” I said hitting him on the back, he keeps laughing like my hand isn’t causing any harm to him.

    “Let me go!!”

    He dragged me out of the club to a dark alley and threw me on the ground.

    “Don’t worry darling, I’ll go easy on you and I promise I’ll be quick” he begin to unbuckle his belt.

    I wanted to stand up and run for my life, but I fell right back and hissed in pain. I guess I strained my ankle when he threw me on the ground.

    He sat on top of me, using his elbows to suspend himself from crushing me with his weight.

    He tore my top revealing my bra.

    Oh God, please send someone, anybody to save me from this pervert…..It him to take my innocence, I’ve…….been saving myself for my future husband all these years…..how can God let this man come from nowhere and claim it.


    “Someone help me” I called for help, hoping someone might come by this alley and hear me.

    “Help, some……..” He shut my mouth with a punch.

    He punched my mouth very hard that I begin to cough blood.

    “Shut the fuck up, little slut” he yelled in my face, spit splash from his mouth to my face.

    Tear started to flow from my eyes, I’m completely helpless……, I can’t fight him off because he’s way stronger than me.

    He unbottom my trousers and started to pull it down slowly, taking his time, savouring the moment because he knew nobody will come to my rescue.

    “Help me” I called for help weakly, my voice is too low I can hardly hear myself, so I don’t think anyone can hear me call for help.

    This pervert will succeed and take my innocence.

    “I’m gonna enjoy this, I’ll worship your body” he said and brought out his d**k. I closed my eyes, I don’t want to watch him deflower me.

    I waited for him to take action but nothing happened.

    Then I feel him leave my body, like someone pulled him away forcefully.

    I opened my eyes and saw a man standing in front of me blocking me from the pervert view.

    He punched the pervert in the nose severally and blood started pouring from the nose, the pervert held his nose, groaning in pain.

    “This is between me and my girlfriend, man” the pervert said.

    The man scoffed.

    “It doesn’t seem like she’s your girlfriend” the man said, giving me a side glance.

    “Now leave before I call the cops” he roared at the pervert.

    The pervert stood up, gathering his trousers in his hands and leaped away.

    The man turned to me with worry and concern written all over his face, he rushed to me and cradled me in his hands.

    I couldn’t see his face clearly because the alley is dark.

    “Miss, are you okay?” He asked.

    I wanted to answer him and tell him thank you but I’m too weak, I can barely keep my eyes open.

    My eyes shut close and darkness enveloped me.


    💎 Andre’s POV 💎

    My phone has been ringing since I started walking out of the club.

    So immediately I stepped out of the club, I brought the phone out of my pocket and checked the caller.

    My mom’s name flashed in the screen.

    Answering the call, I brought the phone close to my ear.

    “Hello Mom” I said.

    “Andre, you’re not in your house. Where are you?” She asked.

    “I went out for some drinks with the guys” I answered, mentally bracing myself waiting for scolded, cause she does it anytime I went out with the guys.

    Usually it doesn’t end well, we either end up waste or get into trouble with the police.

    “You went drinking by this time of the night?” She sighed, frustrated. “This is why I always tell you to settle down, you need a woman in your life to help you straighten your ways. Andre you’re not getting any younger, you’re…….”

    “Mom” I cut off her rambling.

    “Mom, I’ll get married but not now, I have somethings to do first” I told her.

    Mom has has never missed an opportunity to nag me about getting married, something about her wanting to see her grand kids before she dies.

    I like, who the fuck plan their own death.

    “But Andre, what if I set up a blind date for you?” She questioned hopefully, I can practically see her wagging her eyebrows suggestively.

    I don’t know what’s happening to me but my mind and thought somehow managed to flicked back to that maid girl, the way she stare at me with her big brown eyes.

    She’s so small and petite that I feel like I should hold her in my arms and hide her away from all the dangers in the world.

    Thinking about her make me want to protect her and love her and care for her Forever.

    Wait….maid girl? No, I will only protect that angel from the club…. only her!

    “Andre!!” I snapped out of the daze I was in.

    “Did you hear what I just said?” My Mom asked.

    “Yes mom, I don’t need a blind date…… I already have a girlfriend” I told her.

    “What? When did that happen?” She asked shock and excitement obviously in her voice.

    I smiled, I know I’m making this decision in a haste, but I have made up my mind to find that angel and make her mine forever.

    She will be mine alone. I smile subconsciously, I guess this is what people call love at first sight.

    “Today” I told her, pleased with myself for making the choice.

    “Wow, that’s goodnews, when can I meet her?” She asked excitedly, already eager to meet my girlfriend, no scratch that……. My wife.

    “Soon” I said.

    “Okay, I need to tell your dad about this good news” she said and hung up not waiting for my reply.

    No mater what it takes and how long it takes, I must find my Angel, cause she’s mine.

    I turned wanting to go back inside when a whisper like voice caught my attention.

    “Help me” the voice called, it sounded so helpless and tired.

    I began taking long stride to the direction the voice came from, not wanting to be a minute late or something bad might happen to that person.

    Following the sound it led me to a dark alley, who’d be so foolish as to pass such place at this hour.

    This area is not safe, especially at night time. Increased my pace and arrived at a scene I hate to see.

    A man hovering over a girl, she lied down , I can tell she is tired and have given up fighting.

    She just lay there sobbing quietly, I took a closer look at her and noticed she’s the girl I saw at the entrance of the club not long ago……the angel…..MY ANGEL!

    Her tears have wiped the make up from her face, making me see her face clearly and confirming my doubt.

    The Angel I saw at the entrance of the club is the same as that maid girl.

    They are one and the same person but how could she afford this kind of outfit, when I saw her this morning at my parents home, she was dressed like a maid.

    When the realization of the situation slapped me in the face, I saw red.

    Rage clouding my vision and I quickly pulled the man from my Angel. I begin punching him mercilessly.

    “How” punch “Dare” punch “You” punch “Touch” punch “what’s” punch “Mine” punch, punch.

    I punch him continuously until I heard the sound of his nose crack, then I left him.

    If I should continue to punch him, I’m sure as hell he won’t be out of the hospital for at least a week.

    Although I don’t mind putting in a hospital bed, who the hell does he think he is to touch what’s mine……nobody and I mean nobody touches her.

    He held his bleeding nose.

    “What the hell, this is between me and my fucking girlfriend” he said groaning in pain.

    “It doesn’t seem like she’s your girlfriend, now leave before I lose it and fucking make you spend the whole month in the hospital” I threatened, slightly losing my temper.

    He pulled his trouser up, struggling with his belt as he leap away.

    He should pray to God that I don’t see him ever again or else I will surely do something terrible to him.

    I quickly turned back to my Angel, I rushed to her and held her in my arms, her mouth bruised.

    I guess that bastard punched her, he’s so lucky I didn’t kill him today.

    She groaned painfully.

    “Angel are you okay” I asked even though I can clearly see that she’s not okay, I just wanted her to speak……. I want to hear her voice.

    She opened her mouth to say something or was saying something but I couldn’t catch it, then her eyes suddenly dropped and she went limp.

    “Angel” I called panicking but she didn’t answer.

    Blood drained from my body, I hope this not her dying. I just found her how can she die, I need to save her.

    I carried her in my arms and begin to run to my car, I lay her in the back seat of the car and hurried to the driver seat and turn on the ignition.

    I drove out of the parking lot like my life depends on it.

    Well my life depends on it, I don’t know what I will do if anything happens to my Angel.

    I drived for 15minutes without actually knowing where I’m going but I found myself in the parking lot in my compound.

    I carried my Angel limp body and into my mansion.

    All my servants stopped what they were doing….. staring at me with shock expression.

    This is the time I came home with a woman…..an unconscious one at that.

    So I don’t blame them for being suprise.

    Natalie rushed to me ( Natalie is a 45 years old woman and my chief cook) stretching her hand, wanting to take my Angel from me but I shook my head at her.

    “Sir, should we prepare the guest room?” Natalie asked.

    “No, send nurse Mary to my room now” I ordered, not even caring if she’s older than me. She nod and made to leave immediately. “Wait” I called her back.

    “This lady in my arms is the madam of this mansion, tell everyone. She should be addressed as madam and should be treated with respect” I told her and left not waiting for her reply.

    I laid her on my bed and sat next to her, impatiently waiting for nurse Mary to come.

    Not long Mary came in.

    “Sir, you sent for me”

    “Yes, please check her” I gave way for her to carry on her job.

    “Okay sir” she begin her job, just then my phone started Ringing.

    Brought it out, Micheal name boldly written on the screen.

    “Andre, where the fuck are you man?” Michael asked, the moment I received the call.

    “Something came up so I came back home” I told him.

    “What happened?” He asked

    “Nothing major, drop by my office tomorrow, I’ll give you the details” I told him and hang up.

    “Sir?” Mary called and I gave her my full attention.

    “It’s nothing serious sir, she’s in a state of shock that’s why she fainted. All she needs right now is rest” she said, I nod.

    “I should take my leave now” she said and carry her kit then left.

    “Angel, I should go and prepare something for you to eat when you wake up” I told my unconscious Angel and placed a lingering kiss on her forehead, then I left.

    A small smile on my lips as I go downstairs, I don’t know when I started cooking for someone. I haven’t even cooked for myself before.

    This little angel got me bad at just one glance.


    💎 Debby’s POV 💎

    I opened my eyes and shut them right back, the brightness is too much.

    Felt like I’ve been sleeping for days and I swear this is the best sleep I’ve had in years.

    I snuggle in my bed to enjoy the warmth, it’s so soft like today’s bread.

    Then like a light bulb, it clicked in my head that my bed is not in anyway soft. I immediately sat upright and instantly regret it, when a throbbing pain stab my forehead.

    Holding my head in my hands, I look around the room and noticed I’m in a strange room.

    This room is twice the size of my own room, the wall are painted in creamy white…..the curtains dark brown mixed with off white.

    A big flat screen TV stood proudly on the wall opposite the bed with two couches in front.

    Everything about this room screamed money.

    But how did I get here?

    I used my hand to feel my forehead and noticed a small bandage, then everything came running back in my head

    The club… the pervert….. the God sent.

    I gasped, this must be the godsent’s room.

    Right on cue the door open and a man came in, a tray of food in his hands.

    He dropped it on the nightstand besides the bed, and turned to me.

    That’s when I fully saw his face.

    Oh my God…..why must it be him.

    He is the man I ran into this morning……why did he have to be my savior.

    Or did he recognizes me and save me from that pervert only to bring me to his house to punish me?

    Oh God take me now………..

    To be continued

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    An Overbearing billionaire 💰💵

    Written by: Racheal Dennis.

    ✳️ Episode 5 ✳️


    🌀 Debby’s POV 🌀

    “You’re awake” he chirped happily, he set the tray of food he was carrying on the nightstand and sat next to me on the bed.

    I sat upright and subconsciously moved back a bit, he narrowed his eyes.

    “You must be hungry” anxiousness evident in his voice, “here eat something” he cut a small piece of pancake and brought it to my mouth.

    I turned my face….away from him.

    Why is he giving me food? Isn’t he supposed to punish me for destroying his stuffs? Isn’t that’s why he brought me here?.

    “Angel open your mouth”

    Angel? Since when did I become an angel?

    Why is he calling me that? or is he mistaking me for someone?

    Maybe he doesn’t recognize me…… I should grab this opportunity to escape from here.

    I quickly stood up from the bed groggily, I bruced myself ready for the fall…… since my legs are too shaky to keep me standing…. but the guy acted on reflect.

    Almost like he expected my fall….. he caught me before I could fall to the ground.

    “Easy Angel”

    I balanced myself with a little of his help…..okay a lot of his help.

    “Thank you sir—–”

    “Andre” he cut me off.

    “Huh?” I asked.

    “Call me Andre” he smiled at me.

    “Andre?” I frown.

    He pulled me into a tight embrace immediately his name flew from my mouth……this caught me off guard.

    “My name sounds so perfect coming from your mouth” he kissed my forehead.

    I pushed myself from him and wiped my forehead with the back of my palm……he furrowed his eyebrows.


    “What is wrong with you Mr….. you can’t just go around kissing and embracing people as you like” I scold him angrily.

    “I don’t go around kissing or embracing people” he replied.

    He make move to take me in his arms again…..I quickly held out my hand to stop him.

    I scoffed.

    “You don’t? Then what about me? Am I not a stranger?” I narrowed my eyes at him.

    “You’re not a stranger to me…. you’re my girlfriend”

    I stared at him with my mouth wide open.

    This guy is really mistaking me for someone else….. maybe I look exactly like his girlfriend.

    I laughed awkwardly.


    “Yes Love” he answered, I rolled my eyes.

    “You are making a mistake, I’m not your girlfriend….. my name is Debby Ryan and we have not meet before now” I explained to him calmly, emphasizing on each word.

    “Silly you” he walked round me and hugged me from behind.

    “How can I make a mistake? I know you are not my girlfriend….. yet, but you will be soonest” I moved away from him and faced him.

    “I can’t be your girlfriend either” I told him.

    The cocky smile on his face wiped and replace with a scorn.

    “Why can’t you be my girlfriend?”

    “Because……. because…….”

    Oh no…..this is why I hate myself for not being smart…. how come words are failing me at this critical situation?

    Why can’t I find an excuse?

    Then it click in my head……Lucas.

    “Because I have a boyfriend” I blunt out and smirk triumphantly.

    Now he will have no choice but to chase me out.

    But the smirk I have on vanished, when I saw how furious he is.

    “What?!” He sneered. “You have a boyfriend!” He growled.

    “Yes?” I answered….well more like ask.

    I’m not sure if my answer will provoke him more.

    He begins to walk towards me, with each step he takes forward, I’ll take one step back, untill my back hit the wall.

    He put his hands on the wall, caging me.

    Is this guy mentally ill?

    “What’s his name?” He asked me calmly…..there’s something about his voice that tells me this is calm before storm.

    “Lu… Lucas” I stuttered out.

    He nods thoughtfully.

    “Listen to me Angel, you’re mine! Your body…..soul and heart it all belongs to me. You’re mine to love, mine to care for and mine to protect. You’re mine and mine alone!” He boomed at me looking straight in my eyes, his voice filled with possessiveness.

    “I don’t like sharing…..what’s mine shall remain mine forever. So Angel, I need you to go back and breakup with that fuckard, okay” I nod wordlessly, he smiled and kissed my forehead head again.

    It’s clear now….. he’s sick! He’s really mentally ill.

    “Now Angel, eat your breakfast, I’ll be downstairs in my study doing some work……when you’re done, come find me” he guide me back to the bed and help me sit down.

    I need to get away from this man.

    “When can I go home? My roommate will be so worried about me by now” I asked him.

    “Finish your breakfast first, I’ll personally drop you off” he said.

    “Thanks, Andre. please estimate the cost of the medical bills, I’ll pay you back as soon as I get a job” I gratefully told him.

    He stare at me with an unreadable expression.

    “Angel, you don’t have to pay for anything, everything that is mine is yours too, you can do whatever you like. Besides no girlfriend of mine will work under nobody, I can take care of you so you don’t need a job” his words are clear and he left no room for arguments.

    I just nod, he smiled and left the room.

    Gosh! this guy is a physcopath…. how can he just claim me as his girlfriend when he clearly know nothing about me.

    This guy is crazy and he needs help.


    🌀 Andre’s POV 🌀

    I sat in my study, my phone pressed to my ear, impatiently waiting for Dave to pick up.

    She have a boyfriend…. who is that motherfucker that thinks he can have my girl?.

    I never in my life thought I would love a woman…..but now that I have found someone to love, I won’t let one motherfucking cunt take her away.

    Over my dead body!.

    “Yo Andre, wassup, man?” he finally picked up.

    “I need you to look into this name for me ‘Debby Ryan’, tell me what her relationship with Lucas is” I told him.

    “Okay” he answered.

    “I need this information on my desk tomorrow morning” I said.

    “Got it” he hang up.

    I need to know if what Angel told me is true…..besides nobody dares competite with over something….my Angel is mine alone….


    Debby’s POV 👠

    Finally, I’m in my street, I’ve managed to escape from that psycho.

    It’s a good thing his maid bought my lie or I would’ve been doom.

    Right now, I’m standing outside my apartment door…..I rang the doorbell and waited patiently for Anna to open up.

    I lean on the door frame.

    “Coming!” I heard Anna’s voice from inside.

    Not too long, the door flung open and Anna appears in front of me with a towel wrapped tightly around her chest.

    “Anna!” I quickly pull her in for a very tight hug, I mean a tight hug. I released a long sigh as I hug her. “It’s so good to see you again”

    “Ca… Ca.. can’t breathe” she gasped. I quickly released her and rushed inside.

    I slump onto the sofa closest to the door and points towards the fridge, Anna nods and rushed towards the fridge and came back with a cold bottle of water.

    She opens it and hands it to me.

    I took the water from her and take large gulps, then drop the empty bottle on the table and belge.

    Anna sits next to me, worry clear in her eyes.

    “Debby what happened? You just vanished into thin air last night… You left your phone, where were you? Lucas and I looked everywhere for you, we were so worried…. ”

    ” Anna!” I cut off her blabbing, I place my hands on her shoulder. “I’m home now safe and sound…..thanks to one psychopath” even if he’s a psychopath, I must acknowledge his good deeds…..right?

    But I really do hope and pray I never come across him again.

    Anna sigh and pick up her phone from the table and dialed a number…..I guess Lucas’s number.

    She placed the phone on her ear, waiting for Lucas to pick up.

    “Lucas, you can stop searching now” she paused, listening to what Lucas is saying. “She’s back…. No…. She’s okay… See you later” then she hangs up.

    “Tell me what happened”


    I begin to tell Anna everything that happened…..right from the club to Andre’s house and how Andre claimed me to be his girlfriend.

    After telling her everything, I watch her expression and man…..I regretted telling her in the first place…….she burst out laughing.

    I narrowed my eyes at her, impatiently waiting for her to stop laughing.

    After laughing her guts out for some minutes, she stop and look at me all over.

    “Debby… I know last night was kinda crazy and scary for you… But the part where that Knight in shinning armour came and save you from that pervert is my dreamed moment. Him claiming you to be his girlfriend… Is the best thing any girl can ever wish for… Well I know I’m wishing for it” she said with a dreamy eyes.

    I look at her…..mouth agape……out of everything I said, that was what she could picked out of it?

    How can a guy you just met for the first time… Well actually for the second time, claim you to be his girlfriend, just like that……??

    “Really?” I asked.

    “Yeah.. girl better go back and tell him you’re ready to be his property forever!”

    I just scoffed and looked the other way.

    She can say whatever she wants, that’s none of my problem.. my problem right now is how I can get a job….a good job.

    I stood up and head towards my room, when Anna’s words stopped me dead on my tracks.

    “Our landlord came by this morning”

    I turn to her slowly and walk back to her in a flash.

    “What did he say?”

    She shrugged.

    “Nothing much… Just that our rent is due in two weeks”

    I groaned frustratingly.

    ” Oh, Anna… I’m so sorry, I thought I would get a job before the rent is due… I’m such a good for nothing”

    She smiles and gives me a side hug.

    ” Come on, Debby. Don’t be like that… Remember I told you I can pay for our rent… You don’t have to go job hunting desperately… I have a well paid job”

    ” No, I must do something to support us. I don’t know where I would have been if not for you…. Anna, I seriously need to repay your kindness”

    “Debby, you don’t have to” she said.

    I roll my eyes and head towards my room

    “I need to” with that I shut the door behind me.

    I changed from my clothes and rushed into my bathroom, I prepare a bubble bath tub and dive in.

    I closed my eyes and released a long sigh….this is just what I needed to calm myself down and forget about everything that has happened,….. Especially that man who claims to be my boyfriend.

    I am still in the bathtub, when Anna knock on my door.

    “Debby your phone is ringing”

    Oh, it must be that psychopath…. I don’t want to hear another of his ranting, he’ll reprimand me for leaving without letting him know…. No I don’t want to hear any of that right now.

    “Don’t answer it… It might be a that guy”

    “Oh! You mean your BOYFRIEND?!” Anna tease me.

    She’s so lucky that I’m in the bathroom, or else I would have smacked her head so hard.

    I heard her footsteps going away, I step out of the bathtub and wrap a towel around me.

    I walk to my small closet a pick out a white tank top and blue shorts to wear.

    I laid them out on my bed and apply some cream on my body. After that, I wore the tank top and shorts, then I step out of my room and head towards the kitchen.

    I rampage through the fridge and took out an apple to eat. I sat on the stool next to the counter and begin to eat the apple…..right in that moment Anna came back with my phone ringing in her hand.

    “You’ve got to answer this, Debby” she said.

    I took the phone from her and press the answer button and bring the phone to my ear.

    “Hello?” I said, my voice sounding a bit rude, I don’t need to be polite with that psychopath.

    “Hello, I’m Phoebe James from Knights milling Inc.. am I speaking with Debby Ryan?”

    ” Yes” I replied, now I’m more than interested.

    ” Good, I’m calling to inform you that we have a job for you but not as a cleaner…..when you get here tomorrow morning at 7:30am, we’ll explain the job clearly to you. We’ll be expecting you tomorrow” with that she hangs up.

    I jumped from my chair and begin to do a happy dance, I can see Anna looking at me curiously.

    “Anna, remember that job I applied for at knights milling Inc?” She nods impatiently. “They’ve just called me to tell me I’m in!!”

    “Ahhhhhhh!” Anna screamed and jumped into my arms, we both embracing each other and dancing round and round in happiness.

    “But I applied for cleaning and she informed me that cleaning isn’t available……”

    “Huh?” She frown…. confused, I guess.

    “She said they’ll explain it clearly to me tomorrow…..who knows it might be a better position” I said positively.

    We continue jumping happily for a few minutes.

    “Okay, now you’ll need new clothes…. Let’s go to the mall right away” Anna said.

    ” No… I’ll manage the ones I have, you know I don’t have money right now”

    She looks at me in disbelief.

    “Don’t worry this is on me”

    I shook my head in disagreement.

    “You know I won’t accept it, I…”

    “Shhh” she hushed me. “You can’t say no to me, this is my gift to you, you must accept it” she didn’t leave any room for me to argue further.

    She picks up her car keys and pulled me towards the door, bouncing happily as we went.


    The next morning…..

    I woke up extremely early, took my bath and got ready for my new job.

    I was way too excited to sleep last night…. To get a job was so hard for me, so I will do everything possible to make sure I keep this job for a long time……whatever this job is.

    I step out of my apartment and board a taxi, I gave the address to the driver and he took off.

    After driving for a good minutes, we arrived at the big, long building or knights milling Inc.

    I paid the driver and head inside the building, I met with the receptionist.

    “Good morning, I’m Debby Ryan… I’m looking for Phoebe James”

    She wears a warm smile on her face.

    “Go through that elevator, to the 7th floor” she directed me.

    “Thank you” I thanked her and head towards the elevator.

    I pressed the 7th button, the elevator ride is boring, but kinda comfortable since I’m the only one in the elevator.

    After some minutes, the elevator stopped, I stepped out and saw an office with “Phoebe James” clearly written on the door.

    I walked to the door and knock, I heard a faint come in.

    I open the door and step in, I saw a beautiful woman in her thirties.

    “Good morning, ma’am. I’m Debby Ryan…”

    She raised her head and Access me from head to toe, then sends me a soft smile and nods at me approvingly.

    “Good, please sit” she gestures to a chair in front of her, I sat down not knowing what to do.

    “So… The cleaning position you applied for is not available, but we have another job for you” she paused and watch my reaction.

    Honestly, I’m scared….I pray she doesn’t change her mind. She should give me a good job.

    “You’ll be working as an assistant to the PA of our CEO”

    What?! Ok, I know I was looking for a good job but not this…..I’m not educated…..I know nothing about being an assistant!

    “Your duties are simple….. just serve our CEO coffee and prepare the conference room and run a few errands here and there. So can you do it?”

    I sighed. I thought it’s gonna be a difficult task…..if it’s this simple, then I can definitely do it!

    ” Yes I can”

    She smiles brightly.

    “Lucky for you, I’m the PA… So right now you’ll go serve our CEO coffee, he just step in” I nod and stands up.

    I head towards the door but stop when I remember something.

    “How does he like his coffee and where can I make it?” I asked.

    “Black with no sugar and the coffee machine is right outside my office….. his office is on the 8th floor”

    I nod and head out.

    Truly the coffee machine is outside, I make the coffee per Phoebe’s instruction…….then I head to the elevator.

    It stopped on the 8th floor and I step out.

    I reached the front of an office door, a name was written on the door but I didn’t bother to look at it.

    I just knock on the door and heard a come in, I opened the door and step in.

    I close the door behind me……my head bow down, I rushed to the CEOs table.

    But my bad luck vibe kick in, I don’t know what happened, but the coffee mug slip from my hand and poured on the table…… some splitting on the CEO…..some splitting on my hands.

    “Shit!” I hissed quietly.

    “MOTHERFUCKING CUNT!!” The CEO cursed harshly.

    Why does his voice sounds familiar.

    “Are you fucking blind?” He said, anger coated his words.

    I unconsciously raise my head to look at him……. I swear I regretted it instantly.


    Oh no……. It’s the psychopath, I thought I won’t ever see him again.

    “Angel, are you okay?”

    Oh boy! Here we go…..

    To Be Continued

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    An Overbearing billionaire 💰💵

    Written by: Racheal Dennis.

    Chapter 6 💰


    Debby’s POV 👠

    I thought I finally escaped him, but my ugly bad luck had to make me see him here again.

    Wait……. don’t tell me he did a background check on me and found out I’ll be working here!

    “Angel, are you okay?”

    His question pulls me from my nightmare…… No, daycare!

    He’s looking out straight in my eyes, without blinking. Suddenly I become aware of how close we are…..he’s very close to me……our nose almost touching.

    I stands up right instantly, and quickly take a step back to create space between us.

    He frowns at my action, and take a step forward to close the space…..but I take another step back and held out my hand to stop him.

    He stops and narrow his eyes at me.

    “What are you doing here, Angel? And who the hell made you carry hot coffee?” He asks, eyeing my hand which coffee split on.

    I frown……I thought he knew about me getting this job, why is he pretending to be surprised now.

    I also look down at the hand and notice it’s getting red from the hottness…..but that’s not my problem right now……my problem is this mad man.

    Looks like this psychopath is stalking me, I need to teach him a lesson first.

    “Eh, what am I doing here? I should be asking you that question what are you doing here?!” I growled in his face.

    “Well, that doesn’t matter now….. come let me apply some oitment to your hand” he takes me by the hand. I pull back my hand and placed it on my waist.

    Then suddenly, something clicked in my head and I glare daggers at him.

    “Wait a second…. don’t tell me you are stalking me… How shameless can you be?! Huh?! You even stalk me to my recent place of work… How did you even get in my new boss’s office?”

    All these while, he’s just looking at me…..like I’ve grown two heads or maybe gone nuts.

    He release a long sigh and pinch the bridge of his nose.

    “I didn’t stalk you, Angel” he said quietly.

    “Of course! Then, what are you doing here?!”

    “This is my office” he said like it’s the most obvious thing.

    I open my mouth to say something, but what he just said replayed in my head.

    “Wait… wait…. Rewind, repeat what you just said”

    “This is my office”

    A loud gasp left my mouth…realization dawned on me.

    It makes sense…… if this is not his office, how can he come in and sit in the swivel chair, enjoying the luxury of this office……

    So the man I’ve been trying to run away from is my new boss? The CEO of Knights milling Inc?

    Fate! Why do you have to be so cruel to me?!

    Oh my God! I’m so screwed… He will definitely fire me.

    How can I be so stupid, because of my smart mouth I’m going to lose my job before even actually working.

    What am I going to do now?

    If I beg him now and ask him to let me continue working here, he’ll never agree.

    God please help me, I don’t wanna live in the streets. I need this job… What to do?

    I was so lost in my thoughts, I didn’t notice him closing the space between us…. He puts his finger under my chin and raises my head.

    He looked straight in my eyes, as if he’s searching for something.

    I don’t know why, but his touch is electrifying…. Sending shivers down my spine…. I can feel my cheeks warming up.

    Ugh! Debby focus… You’re about to lose your job! I reprimand myself.

    I quickly went on my knees and grab one of his legs…. I need to plead for mercy if I wanna keep my job.

    “I’m so sorry Mr knights…. I didn’t know you are the CEO…. I shouldn’t have spoken to you like that just now, please don’t fire me, let me keep my job, I’m very hard-working I promise I will never let you down, just please don’t fire me…..you are the most kindest…..most handsome CEO ever…… please I really beg you, don’t fire me!”

    I begin to shed fake tears…..you know…to make my pleading sound sincere.

    Even if he’s a psychopath…. he’s rich enough to own a company and he’s already become my boss…..I should be loyal, right….?!

    He bent down and gently held me up… He begin to wipe my tears.

    “Baby, what are you doing? Please don’t do that again”

    He lead me to his chair and help me sit down….I wanted to stand up but he push me right back.

    The chair is unbelievably comfortable.. but this is not time to ravish the comfort.

    “Please Mr knights, I’m really…”

    “Shhh” he place his Perfect finger on my lips to stop my words.

    Then he smiled at me.

    “Angel, you don’t have to beg me like that… Remember what I told you before? Whatever that is mine, it’s also yours. So tell me, who in this whole company have the guts to fire you?”

    ” Huh? ” I look at him strangely… Is this man Normal?

    Yeah…..I almost forgot, he’s not normal. I think I should start getting use to it.

    “Baby……listen I might be the boss here and everyone reports to me and receive orders from me… But you’re my boss, I report to you and receive orders from you. So you see, I don’t even have the right to fire you” he said, the smile still present on his face.

    “Mr knights, I.. ”

    He frowns a little.

    “To you it’s Andre. You’re not allowed to call me Mr knights” he said.

    “Does everyone in your company calls you Andre?” I asked, cause honestly….I’ve never heard of any employee calling their boss by his first name.

    “No, only you have the right to call me Andre”

    “Then I’ll stick to what everyone else calls you”

    ” But you are not everyone… You’re my girlfriend”

    Oh, here he goes with the girlfriend talk again.

    “Sorry boss, but I’d rather call you Mr knights”

    He stays silent for some moments.

    “Fine. Then I’ll lay down some rules, for every time you call me Mr knights, you’ll receive a…..kiss”

    My eyes grew wide and I quickly slap my hand on my mouth.

    “You wouldn’t dare” I narrowed my eyes at him.

    “Try me” he smirked

    “No… I’d prefer not to”

    He went out of the office and came back almost immediately…..with a first aid kit.

    He takes my hand in his and begin to apply some oitment.

    When he’s done I got up from his chair and bend down to pick up the broken coffee mug……but he stopped me immediately.

    “Leave it… I’ll send for one of the cleaners to do that” he said.

    “Okay……So what will be my next duty for today?”

    He smiles and take my hand… He leads me to a room that’s attached to his office.

    Though I call it a room… But it’s the size of my apartment.

    He made me sit iny a sofa, he walked towards the small fridge at the corner of the room and came back with bottle of youhgurt and a remote control.

    He hands them to me and sits next to me.

    “Sorry that I don’t have popcorn” he apologizes.

    I tilted my head in confusion…..what is he trying to do?!

    “Our next duty is watching movies”


    Is he for real? I thought I came here to work?!

    He doesn’t say a word…he simply points towards the TV.

    Jesus! Why did I cross paths with him in the first place?! What have I gotten myself into?! I groan mentally.


    We’ve been in the room watching movies…… well I’m watching the movie, while Andre is busy staring at me.

    And his gaze is making me kinda uncomfortable……It to create a little space between us, but he pull me closer.

    Like seriously this guy is occupying my personal space.

    I couldn’t stand his stare no more, I turned to him and I swear…..I almost forget what I wanted to say.

    He’s got a boyish grin on his face, hie eyes twinkling in excitement, which makes him super…. Hot!!

    Wait… What? Where is that coming from?

    “Mr knights, you…….” his lips crashing on mine cuts me off.

    His lips move in perfect sync with mine…the kiss was soft and brief. He breaks the kiss and wink at me, sending me another of his boyish grin.

    “What was that for?!” I frown.

    “I told you, for everytime you address me by my last name, you’ll receive a kiss” he said.

    Oh, I totally forget about his stupid rule… And besides I thought he wasn’t serious.

    I scoff at his words.

    I turn to face the big flat screen, forgetting about what I wanted to tell him in the first place.

    Though, I can still feel his gaze on me.

    “Can you please focus on the TV?!!” I snap at him.

    “I prefer watching you……you’re my private movie”

    I ignore his statement and glance at my wrist watch…..a loud gasp left my mouth unconsciously.

    “We’ve been in here for two whole hours!”

    “Does that matter?” Mr knights asked nonchalantly.

    ” Yes! Mr kn….” I swallow my words…I don’t want him to give me another kiss.

    I guess I’ll start learning to address him by first name.

    He raises his eyebrows, waiting for me to finish my sentence.

    “Don’t you have work to do? Or files to sign?”

    He simply smiles.

    “I’d rather stay here with you” he said.

    I roll my eyes.

    From what I’m seeing now…. Andre knights is so sweet, kind and generous……so why is his parents looking for someone to pay a huge amount just to marry him?

    Well, that is something I don’t understand and don’t want to understand.

    I got uo and head towards the door, pulling Andre with me.

    We enter his office and I led him to his swivel chair, I push him on it gently.

    “Andre, start working now!” I command him…..okay it came out way sterner than I imagined.

    “Say it again”

    “I said you should sta…….”

    “No. Say my name again” he said.

    What’s so special about me saying his name?. He’s looking at me expectantly.


    Immediately I said it, he stands up from his chair and pulls me in for a hug…a real tight hug, as if he wanted to press me into him.

    He kiss me on the forehead and finally released me from his hug.

    “My name sounds so perfect coming from your mouth” he said.

    I wanted to say something, but my phone sees that as the perfect time to ring.

    I fetch it out of my pocket and check the callers ID, it’s…….


    Oh no!! What am I going to say to him? I can’t receive this call here…. cause if I receive the call here I don’t know what Andre will think of me.

    If I receive the call will Andre judge me? Or worse, will he…..fire me??

    To Be Continued

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