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    SANDRA’S HEART TALE๐Ÿ’Œ (Base on true life story)
    Part 1.
    By Amah’s Heart.

    Alot of people have different life tale, I have read many and never thought I will one day tell mine here for others to read.

    I have held back for so long and Just felt is time to let my pain out.

    I will start right from when it all began.

    I came from a loving home, my parents were awesome when it comes to caring for us.
    I’m the first child and have younger siblings. A sister Lucia and two brothers.

    My parents were young and love each other before getting married.
    After two years of getting married they had me.

    Initially, my mother was also in another relationship before meeting my Dad.

    She had a very close friend whom she tells every secret about herself.
    My mother values her friendship with Viva as she is fondly called.
    She tells her everything, her pain and when she is happy.

    Viva knows my Mom’s ex boyfriend Palo and also knows my Dad.

    After my Mom met my Dad and they later got married, she did not quit her previous relationship with Palo.
    She continued seeing the other man secretly without my Dad knowing.

    The only person that knows every of my mom’s movement was Viva….her best friend.

    My mom trusted her with her soul and can swear with everything in her that Viva was on her side and can never leak her secret.

    Viva assured my Mom continuesly that all her secrets was very safe with her.
    My mom believed her wholeheartedly.
    Viva has never disappointed her before, so there was no reason to have doubt.

    We had a happy home, Dad was very caring and mom later stopped her etxra marital affair.
    She warned the other man off, and told him that she was a married woman and needs to focus on her new family.

    She ended the relationship with Palo after she became pregnant of me.
    she knew it was time to call it quit.

    Despite the other man persisted and still wanted my Mom but she was determined.
    She ended the relationship and focused only on my Dad.
    She later had me, after sometime she also had my three other siblings. Lucia my sister and my two little brothers which made us two girls and two boys.

    It was a blessed family and my parents were happy.
    Viva usually visit to spend time us.
    She will ask my Mom whenever my Dad is away “why she quit her relationship with Palo who was doing far better than my Dad?

    Viva said it would have been better if she ended up with Palo than with my Dad.

    Although my Dad was doing well and makes sure we don’t lack anything but he wasn’t like Palo who was far richer.

    Viva gave different reasons why my mom shouldn’t have called it quit with Palo but my mom told her that she made a mistake to even continue seeing Palo after she got married and also cheating on my Dad.
    That immediately she found out she was pregnant for my Dad, she have to end things with Palo and focus.

    She told Viva that my Dad is a good man and doesn’t deserve such.

    She felt guilty with what she did but will never be with any other man except my Dad.

    Viva teased my Mom that if she doesn’t want Palo then she will go and take over.
    My mom asked her to do whatever she wants but count her out.

    Viva saw that she couldn’t convince my Mom and finally let her be.

    My Dad cared for us as a father will do.
    We kept growing as one family and there was peace and unity.
    But suddenly and gradually my Dad changed.

    He changed towards my Mom which was unlike him.
    He no longer sleep on the same bed with my Mom or even eat the food she prepares.
    If my Mom sleeps in their room my Dad will rather go to the sitting room and sleep.
    If my Mom cooks he won’t taste the food. He makes sure he provides everything in the house and gives my mom money for food but he stopped eating anything she makes.
    He will rather ask me or Lucia to make something for him to eat and whenever I or my sister cook he will eat but won’t touch my mom’s food.
    It was shocking for my Mom because she couldn’t figure out what she did wrong to warrant such ill treatment from my Dad.

    My mother kept wondering what could be the problem, what made my Dad to suddenly change towards her.

    she could not lay hands of what was happening. She tried to talk to my father to know where she went wrong but my father said all was well that he has no issue with her.
    My mother kept asking him what she might have done wrong but my Dad will say he was fine and there was no problem.

    Obviously there was a problem but my Dad refused to tell my Mom or even admit it.

    He got worse as the day goes, he started going out and won’t return back on time. Sometime he will come back the following day.

    My Mom also confides in her best friend, Viva who suggested my Mom leaves my Dad alone for sometime, probably he will come around when he is ready.

    Finally my mom left the bed room for him because each time she sleeps in the room my father won’t sleep there.
    So she started sharing room with I and my sister while the boys had their own room.

    Our once loving family was gradually dividing and yet none of us knows exactly what was the main problem or the reason my Dad was misbehaving all of a sudden.

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    Part 2.
    By Amah’s Heart.

    My Dad’s behavior wasn’t getting any better. My mum stopped asking him what the problem was and try readjust to the new situation.

    Viva comes around, she also has two kids but no husband.
    Viva’s husband was late and she was raising her two young children.

    I never knew all this while that my Dad wasn’t my real father.
    When my Mom got pregnant for me, it was actually for Palo and not for my Dad.
    My Dad didn’t know and nobody knew about it but my mother told her best friend Viva that my Dad wasn’t my real father but Palo was.

    Viva promised to keep it all a secret.

    When my Dad was acting strange, Viva will comfort my Mom. She was like a family friend who comes around often.
    My Mom will cry out her pain to her over my dad’s sudden strange behavior.

    Viva will tell my Mom to ignore my dad’s attitude.

    I finished with my secondary education, i had to proceed to the university to further my studies cause my dream had always been to become a Doctor.
    I always knew that after I graduate in the university I will go for my masters degree program in abroad.

    After I completed my secondary education, I started making plans to proceed to the university.

    But shockingly my father said that he has no money for me to further my studies.

    I was in shock because we are not poor nor very rich.
    I am from a moderate family that could afford for me to study at any institute of my choice. So I was shock when my father said he had no money for me to go to the university.

    I have to stay at home for one year, waiting till when my Dad will change his mind for me to continue my studies.

    My biological father, that’s Palo was later married years later after my mom break up with him when she discovered that she was pregnant.

    Palo knew that the pregnancy was his own and not rightfully my mum’s husband.

    my mother ended things with Palo when she was newly pregnant with me. Palo decided to respect my mom’s wish and also because he didn’t want my mother to get into any trouble.
    He played cool and let my Mom enjoy her marriage in peace without coming in between.

    Even though he had wanted my Mom for himself and also the pregnancy but he knew my Mom’s heart was for my Dad and he couldn’t convince her or force her to stay.
    He also did not want to be the reason she will have misunderstanding in her marriage.

    Palo have to let it all go, he later got married and focused on his family.

    The two people that knew about the affair and the baby was Palo and Viva.

    Palo was living in another state with his wife, faraway from us.

    After many years of marriage, Palo had no child with his wife.
    They tried to conceived through different means but none worked out for them.

    So with all this issue going on, Palo found a way to contact my Mom.

    He was secretly begging my mother that he want his child, Which is me.
    Palo told my Mom that he wants to see me and wouldn’t mind flying or driving all the way down to the State that we live in.
    but my mom refused.

    My Mom denied him access to me and refused his plea.
    She told Palo that he will be bringing more trouble to her home if he starts with his claims.

    Palo has to come to reasons. He let it go.

    But he was never aware of what was going on in our home. And was never aware that I was unable to proceed with my studies since my dad claims he has no money.

    And the first year was over after staying home without going to the university. Second year came and still past I was still home. I began to get worried and was always in tears.
    my mother felt for me but she could not do other wise. She was still wondering why my dad will treat me that way. She always console me that all will be fine.
    she asked me not to worry that she will raise money on her own to sponsor me to school.
    Her words made me stay positive but how will my Mom raise money when she wasn’t really working. She depends on my Dad for the house upkeep.

    My kid sister who was following me direct also completed her secondary education at the end of the second year when I was home.

    The third year came and no sign of me proceeding my studies.
    My kid sister, Lucia got an admission in higher institute. which was far more expensive than the university I wanted to go.

    My Dad paid all her fees and sent her off to school. I remained at home.

    That act of our dad was so painful to me.

    I cry and cry all through because I don’t know what my offence was and why my supposed Dad refused to send me to school but instead send Lucia to a very expensive institution.

    I couldn’t take it anymore. I summoned courage and went to my dad, I asked him to tell me my offence. I have always does everything he says, I obeyed his every order. I was a good girl to the core and never goes against his rules or that of mother.
    I lived as a good example for my younger siblings and never questioned his authorities but what I don’t understand was his strong refusal in allowing me go to the university. I have been home for over three years even before Lucia finished her secondary.
    he sent Lucia to one of the best high institution even after complaining of not having money for me to go to school.
    I told him that If I did offend him without knowing I pleaded to be forgiven.

    I Could not hold my tears anymore but to cry it out in the presence of my dad.

    All he could say was that he is fine with me that I have done nothing wrong to him.
    He could not give me any reason why I should be staying home and my kid sis is in a higher institution.

    He just dismissed me without any hope to hold onto.

    I could not take it any more but kept wondering why my dad will treat me that way.
    And my mother, knowing how troubled I was still did not mention anything to me.

    And as the years come and go my dad has never asked anything from my mother. they still do not share same bedroom and he doesn’t eat her food.

    One day, i told my mom that I wonder if my dad is my biological father because no father will treat his daughter like the way he was treating me.
    I asked her to tell me what she knows, if she has any clue on why my Dad was misbehaving towards her and towards me too.
    Because I don’t understand all that was going on.
    I was suppose to be rounding up with my degree program but here I was at home, no hope of furthering my studies.
    So I insisted but my mother kept denying that she knows nothing.

    The trauma was too much. I cry every morning. At times she will meet me in the room crying, some times late in the night she will hear me sobbing. She could not bear it any more to see me been punish for a crime I did not commit.

    She was so worried too and had sleepless night but she was scared to tell me the whole truth because she wasn’t sure if my Dad changed because he found out about her past.

    She did not know how to tell me that the man I have always loved and was bearing his name and also called him dad for 25years was not my real father.

    My Mom wondered how my Dad will even get to know the truth.

    The only person she spoke with over all her secrets was Viva, whom she trusted so much.

    Viva was begining to act nicely around my Dad whenever she comes around.
    She will sometimes sit in the living room with him, laughing and talking over whatever they were watching on the television while my mother will remain inside the room.

    My mother decided to ask Viva if she mentioned anything to my Dad.
    Viva assured my Mom that she will never do such to her.

    That she was only been so close and friendly to my Dad so that she will find out the reason behind his ill attitude.

    Even though she has no husband of her own, only her two kids she will never betray my mother.
    She said that my Dad is a loving and nice to be with and the reasons behind his sudden change is what she doesn’t know and she never mentioned anything to him.

    My Mom believed her, so most times if she comes around instead staying with my Mom, Viva will stick around my Dad.

    My mom believed that her dear friend was only acting along just to find out what made my Dad change towards her and also towards me.

    Since Viva has become a family friend, my mom’s best friend and my Dad was equally okay with her. My mother never suspected anything.
    My mom still praises her as her best friend and the only one trustworthy enough to protect her secrets.

    While Lucia was in school, I remained at home, hoping that one day my Dad will have a change of heart and send me to school so that I can achieve my dream of becoming a doctor.

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    Part 3.
    By Amah’s Heart.

    My Mom couldn’t bear seeing me in tears she decided to talk to my sister instead.

    When Lucia returned home from her first semester break, My mother confined in her and told her the truth about who my real father was. And also told her she doesn’t know if Dad is aware because from his behavior he seems to know something. My mother said she will rather die in silence than to admit such to my dad.

    Lucia was shock and pleaded with my mom to tell me. That is was only fair for me to know the truth than to be going through unknown trauma.
    My kid sister was deeply hurt cause she had also spoken to our dad about me not going to school but was ignored as well.

    Few days later after my mom spoke to her, Lucia decided that she will reveal the secret to me.
    Since my Mom was afraid of opening up to me, my sister was determined to tell me everything that I needed to know.

    Lucia came to me and began to explained everything that she was told. She even mentioned that probably my dad also knows everything that might be his reason for punishing me and making me to remain at home.

    I was really devastated, it was just too much to take in.
    I cried and couldn’t control myself.
    I had to leave home and stayed in church for some days. I Could not bear to look at my mother to the face. I was very angry with her for what she caused me and kept it away from me all this while.

    My Mom called severally but I refused to take any of her calls nor reply her messages
    Even Lucia was calling but I didn’t answer it I only reply to her message and told her exactly where was.
    I asked her not to bother coming to see me because I needed enough time to clear my head and they all decided to let me be.

    My dad was not aware when all this was happening in the house. Perhaps they told him am spending some days in church and to him that was not really a problem since his love towards me was not genuine.

    I guess my presence always irritate him. He probably saw me as a product of my mother infidelity.

    After 3days of staying in church on the forth day I returned home.

    My mom kept begging me to forgive her. It was hard for me but I had to, because she is my mother and will always be my mother and I love her for loving me.
    It was really a very sad period for me.

    I later told my mom that I will forgive her on the condition that she takes me to my real fatther and she accepted.

    She started making arrangements. She summoned courage to contact Palo.

    And they agreed on when to meet.

    My step father was never aware of what was going on. We acted as if nothing happened and he was still in his silent way.

    Finally the day came when I had to meet my real father. We made arrangements both my mum and i.
    We traveled to the state where my real father was based since he was not in the same state with us.
    My mum communicated with him and he sent an address where we will meet him.

    Lucia was the only person who knew about our trip.

    Though hurt but I was excited to meet my father.
    When we got there, we didn’t go to his house instead we meet at one restaurant. He was so excited to see me with tears in his eyes he hugged me so tight I could not hold myself but to cry.

    And he could not get his hands off me but after sometime we were all seated. And he order for food and drink.
    I saw how relieved my mum was as we sat round the table eating.

    Meeting my father for the first time was like I knew him for years already cause I felt that special love and indeed we look almost alike just that his black in complexion while am fair like my mother.

    Most people use to tell me I look like my mum but I saw my dad I realised I only have her colour but I look like my father.

    After we were done eating, my father start by apologising for not been by me all this while and told me he had attempted many times to get in contact with me but my mum refused him from doing so.

    my mum made us to know that she had no intention of doing so and made it clear that her only reason was that she never wanted to destroy his home and as well as hers but the way things were moving she could no longer keep it a secret from me cause I was asking alot of questions that needed an answer and also going through difficult times.

    my father asked what I was doing at the moment according to him I must have been done with my university studies. But to his greatest surprise I wasn’t. I have not even started yet.

    I explained to him how I have been home all this while because my step father had no money for me to further my studies.

    I never told him that my kid sister is in a higher institute studying business administration.

    My father could not blame anyone but himself because I was indeed his responsibility and he failed in that aspect.

    I also blame my mom for not telling him because his well to do, he work in a big company and also had lesser responsibility since him and his wife had no kid yet.

    So he promised to resume his responsibility to me, And he said if I ever need anything I should not hesitate to tell him.

    He later took my mum and I to the bus station and we took a bus back home.

    Its was long journey so we arrived home late.
    On arriving home, we met my step dad in the sitting room watching football, I greeted him before heading straight to our room and my mum did the same too.

    After sometime my mum went and joined my step father in the sitting room thinking he will ask her where we were coming from
    am sure she already have answer in her mind just Incase he ask her anything but my Dad didn’t ask, he was busy with his football match so my mum left him and retire to our room.

    Throughout the night I could not sleep, I was happy that finally I met my father. He assured me that I will be going to the university soon. I had a beautiful night after a long time of sleepless nights.

    Lucia was also happy for me and kept it a secret from her father.
    My real dad always called to check on me and send me money most often.
    My step father was still not aware that my I was communicating with my father.

    My kid sister’s break ended and she went back to school.

    I used some of the money my father usually send to me and registered for a computer class while waiting for a new academic year to begin.
    I attended computer class for 3months.

    Sometimes my father will drive down to my town and give me a call and I will joined him and spent few hours with him in a fast food or any hangout park before going home.

    Finally I was done with my computer class and the time came for me to apply for university, I bought the form and did every necessary thing that was required.

    its was like a dream come true when I got an admission to study my preferred course in the university.

    I was so excited.I was so happy and my mother was happy for me too.

    she told my step father that she can’t allow me to stay home anymore that she is going to take care of my education all by herself.
    That she intend opening a buisness that will help her do what she needed to do to be able to pay my fees.

    We all kept the real fact away from my step dad.
    My step father listened to every word she said but didn’t reply.

    Viva later asked my Mom how I managed to get into school and cleared all my fees.
    My Mom told her everything, how Palo took the responsibility of taking care of me and my education.
    My Mom asked her never to reveal it to anyone, especially my Dad and she promised my Mom that all her secrets are safe.

    My step father’s attitude started getting more worst. sometimes he will stay a week without coming home.

    that did not trouble my mum any more, all her concerned was on her children.
    She was happy that I was finally in school, Lucia too although she was far ahead of me and my two kid brothers who were still in secondary School.

    My dad (Palo) gave me some money to look for a good hostel where I will live.

    I left the house one early morning when my step father was off for work. Went in search for a good hostel where I will live. I did not succeed that day.
    The next day I went and my kid sister came to join me, we saw a good place were I could stay. I pay for it and everything was put in place.

    My father (Palo) bought everything I needed before I moved in.
    My hostel wasn’t far from the school, I had everything because Palo made sure of that.
    I focused on my studies with a big smile on my face.

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    Part 4.
    By Amah’s Heart.

    While in school, my daddy came to take me home for weekend. When I got to his house I greeted my step mother she didn’t respond.
    My dad took me to my room, I wasn’t comfortable at all because of my dad’s wife.
    I don’t want to cause misunderstanding between them or make them to start exchanging words.
    My dad came to my room and saw how uncomfortable I look, he asked me to feel at home.That I should relax my mind.
    he went to the kitchen to get me something to eat, I ate and remained in my room. I don’t want to come out and my dad’s wife will see me and start feeling bad.

    The next day which was Saturday I got up early in the morning and start by cleaning the whole house.
    I did what I was suppose to do even before she came out of their room.
    I went to the kitchen too and clean everywhere after washing the dirty plates that we used the previous day.

    My step Mom came to the kitchen that morning and met me cleaning the whole place.
    I greeted her cheerfully but she did not respond again for the second time.

    I felt bad with her cold attitude towards me. I wish she can be a little friendly, I wish she can respond to my greetings or even be a little nice.
    But she wasn’t, and did not hide her coldness toward me.
    I try to please her during the day but she doesn’t look pleased.

    She was just quiet all through. I over heard her and my daddy exchanging word in their room. I could not hear what exactly they were saying but I guess its was about me.

    It makes me more uncomfortable, it was obvious that I wasn’t welcomed in their home.
    I could not wait for Sunday to come for me to leave.
    I didn’t really know what I could do in order to get along with my father’s wife.

    I understand it may all be because she doesn’t have a child and don’t feel pleased that my Dad had me in the past and decided to bring me home.
    My presence probably reminded her a whole lots of things or make her feel like it was her fault that she has not been able to conceive.

    None of this was my intention, I really wish she can see that I only meant well and nothing more.
    Since I can’t force her to like me I decided to wait patiently for the next day which was Sunday to arrive so that I will be out of the house and back to school.

    Finally sunday came, my Dad dropped me at the park and I travel back to my base.
    I Continue attending my classes until another semester break came.

    Lucia and I traveled back home for the holiday.
    We had good time at home with mum and my kid brothers.

    Viva was no longer coming to the house like before, she relocated to another town but she usually calls my Mom on phone to know what is happening around her and my Mom will quickly update her on everything going on.

    As the festive holiday was ongoing, my step Dad decided to travel out to another town but he didn’t inform us where exactly he was going to spend the Christmas

    We had a great festive period that Christmas. My step dad wasn’t part because he hardly stay home.
    Things keep getting worst with him and my Mom.

    After the festive period was over, my step dad was back to staying home and keeping to himself as usual.

    One day, my step dad called my mum one evening that he wanted to talk.
    He said he wanted to talk to my Mom and I and he also asked Lucia to join us.

    My mum knew he was up to something, is been over several years of living like strangers in the same house and then suddenly my step Dad wants to talk.

    We were seated in the living room, my mum, my step father, Lucia and I. While the boys were sleeping already in their rooms.

    So when we were all seated quietly waiting for whatever he was about to say.
    my step father looked at my mum and asked her all of a sudden.

    “Tell me, who is the father of this girl?

    He asked my Mom while pointing at me.

    My Mom looked at me but didn’t say anything. She remained mute without answering the question.

    Since my Mom didn’t reply him, my step Dad turned to me and asked.

    “Who is your father??

    I was speechless too and did not respond to his question.

    He smiled sarcastically and said.

    “Okay….since none of you want to answer my question…I will help two of you out.

    He looked at my Mom with fire in his eyes and then back to me before saying.

    ” two of you take me for a fool, you thought I don’t know what has been going on. Before you take a step I’m already ahead. Whatever you do in secret will still be revealed to me. I have my ears everywhere around you…

    He looked at me and started pointing a finger straight at me while he continued to talk.

    “,I know you have been communicating with your real father, whose name is Palo… your mother’s side cock. Yes…are you surprised? I know everything that you thought you can hide away from me. Your mother lied to me that she is the one sending you to school and paying your expensive fees, I laughed within me because she actually took me for a fool and thought I believed her. I did my findings like I have always done and it came to my notice that is actually your father that is taking responsibility of your school. Yes… don’t be shock because I’m not done yet. You even visited him from school and he also pays your accomodation fee in school aside your school dues. My point is simple and clear, since you finally met your father and he is taking care of you there is no needs of living under same roof with me. Go and continue to live with your father, you no longer belong here. Pack your things and live my house, I don’t want to house another man’s child under my roof. As for your mother… whatever she wants to do with her life is all her business. I’m not responsible for her upkeep or wellbeing anymore. I have already washed my hands off her long time ago. If she decides to stay here then is her business and if she decides to leave is best choice for her because I will never be responsible for her wellbeing. Infact is better I don’t see her at all because her presence means nothing to me. You people thought you can keep doing hide and seek for me. I have my eyes and ears around you and whatever you do will be revealed to me…

    After the whole talk, we quietly walked out of his sight without having anything further to say.

    My Mom was surprised that my Dad knew all her secrets.
    She began to wonder how he got to know so much.
    It occurs to her immediately that it was only Viva, her best friend that she told all her secrets and Viva has always assured and swear to keep all safe.

    My mother have always updated Viva about everything because she trust her dear best friend so much.
    But now, she wasn’t sure anymore. She was deeply worried on how all the old and latest information got to my Dad.
    Everything she shared with Viva that was meant to be kept as secret was right in front of my step dad.

    My Mom had her doubt that Viva is not capable of betraying her.
    So she decided to pressure Lucia if she updated my dad by chance or whatever means.

    Lucia said she can never do such, she was not the one.

    I know Lucia was telling the truth, she is definitely not the one that leaked what supposed to be a secret to my dad.

    My Mom after asking Lucia, decided to call Viva just to confirm.

    She put it on speaker and began to speak to her.

    After asking her, Viva screamed in shock.

    “How is that even possible?? Who could have done such? You trust me with so much. How can you even think I will go behind your back to tell your husband all your secrets? I have never failed you all this years and will never start now. I’m feeling disappointed that you of all people will think I will betray your trust. You are my best friend and we are not just starting today… we have been friends for many years. I value our friendship and your secrets remain safe with me. I can never ever do such. He probably heard it from somewhere but not from me. I don’t speak to your husband, we have nothing to talk about. I was only close to him back then because I was trying to help you mend your home. But ever since I relocated to another town, distance has become a barrier. My two kids are grown so I’m focusing on my own happiness and that is all that matters at this moment. I didn’t do such and will never reveal your secrets to anyone. Trust me…

    Viva kept talking, denying ever doing such. she told my Mom that the world is too small, perhaps Palo discussed with someone who knows my step father and it gets to his ears.
    that she could not do such a thing.

    My mother believed her, she felt convinced that Viva was actually saying the truth
    Within me I was not convince. I had my doubts on Viva.

    My mother never told anyone of her secrets except Viva, she has no other friend that she trust so much like Viva.

    Aside me and Lucia who knew about the ongoing thing about my real Dad, Viva was the first to know even before us.
    Palo (my Dad) can’t stoop low and start involving in petty gossips when all he has wanted to do was to protect me by all means.

    Viva was my only target in mind but because my mother believed her every word I try not to push.

    Since my step dad wanted me out of the house, one of the options was to travel down to my dad’s town and move in.

    My Dad will be happy to have me but what of his wife?
    I spent only one weekend there and she made it unbearable for me.

    As I began to pack my bags, I have so many thoughts running through my mind.
    I wasn’t too worried at same time I was because a man I once took as my father just kicked me out of the only home that I have come to know.

    As I looked over at my Mom, she was still wondering how my Dad got all her secrets right in his palm.

    She has refused to believe that Viva will ever do such.
    Within my mind, even as i pack my bags I knew Viva maybe the betrayal despite she sounds convincing over the phone.

    Well, the secret is out already, how it got out nobody is sure.
    now, the question remains “where do I go from here?

    There’s only one place on my mind and is definitely not my hostel.


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    Part 5.
    By Amah’s Heart.

    The holiday break was almost coming to an end when I packed my belongings to my father’s house.

    It was not a problem, my father was happy to receive me and helped me unpack my things.

    His wife was still her usual self but I did not intend to stay this time.
    His place was the only option I had at that moment.

    After packing in my belongings that day, the following day I picked few of my things and went back to my hostel.
    I stayed in my hostel until the full resumption of school.

    My mother was going through a lot of stress and trauma.
    She lives in the house like a stranger not as husband and wife.
    My step dad will sometimes travel out of town and stay upto a month. He only come home weekend to see his two boys since I was out of the house and Lucia was in school.

    My brothers also noticed my step dad’s behavior and how he was treating my Mom.
    They saw that my Mom wasn’t happy, she was always looking worried and sad.

    Even when she was sick and got admitted in the hospital, my step dad did not care if she exist or not.

    There was a time my Mom became so sick, the sickness lasted for some time. She was mostly in the hospital getting treatment.
    My step Dad never cares which was well expected. He leaves the house and stay out for weeks before coming back.

    After my mother recovered from the illness, she don’t need to be told again that it was time to move on.

    She knew is high time she pack out of the house. She has suffered for years for the sin of her past. She has endured and kept hoping that my Dad will forgive and come back to his normal self but my step dad gets worst with each passing day.

    His words were harsh and cut deeper like fresh wound. His silent was another battle that my Mom try to live with.

    After my step father revealed all my Mom secrets, she tried to apologies, to speak to him, to explain herself, to ask for his forgivenes but my step father did not give her that chance. He did not allowed her to even sit close to him or hear what she has to say.

    She was done with the torture and decided to move out for sometime, maybe my step Dad will come to reasoning and maybe wants her back.

    My mother rented a place of her own within the town and moved in.

    She Left my two brothers who were still in secondary school and can take care of themselves.
    She Left them in the Care of my step Dad because they were old enough to decide for themselves. And they can always visit her and she can also visit them.

    Lucia also was informed about my Mom moving out. She wasn’t happy with the news but she understands that my Mom has suffered for years, she was suffering in silent and smiling in public because my step dad made living a hell for her.

    We accepted the change as it came and was ready to live with it.

    I gathered up my savings and gave my Mom and she add it with her own personal money and opened a provision store.

    Her provision store which consists of different types of beverages was not far from her rented apartment.

    My kid brothers do visit her, mostly during weekends.
    My mother had peace of mind for the first time in many years.
    She continued managing with her small business which kept her going and occupied her mind from thinking too much.

    Over at my side, school was ongoing and everything was moving on fine.

    I later went into a relationship, my boyfriend has been asking me out for sometimes and was persistent.
    I decided to give him a chance, it will be my first relationship and I was positive that it will turn out great.

    He was very loving and was a biochemist which was also what he read in school before graduating.

    He showered me with so much love and gradually I fell in love with him too.

    I became madly in love with him and will sometimes visit him in his apartment.
    He was nice, jovial and handsome.

    During my birthday, he bought gifts for me and took me and my sister Lucia out to have some fun.

    My Dad also called and brought gifts for me
    It was a great moment that I wish it will not end.

    I always call my Mom to check up on her and she will assure me that she was doing great.

    My boyfriend was everything I needed in a man, maybe because I loved him and did not see any other fault in him.

    He was the very first man in my life. I have not been in a relationship before and experiencing a love life with him makes me happy. He was smart, brilliant, caring and good looking too.

    As the relationship advanced, I began to notice something about my man. He loves women and easily get carried away with anything in skirt.
    I began to also notice that while I’m away in school, girls comes to spend weekends with him in his apartment. Different girls usually visit him while I’m away.

    Whenever I’m with my boyfriend, his phone will be ringing constantly, he started putting his phone on a silent mode just so it won’t ring out.

    Everything about him became suspecious and I began to feel uncomfortable in the relationship.

    One day while I was in his apartment, my boyfriend had a visitor. His male friend came around. Later when the guy that visited was about to leave, my boyfriend decided to see him off.
    He left his phone in the house where it was charging to see his friend off.
    It was unlike him to leave his phone behind. He usually go everywhere with his phone and if he happens to leave it for some minutes it will be on password.

    He probably felt confidence in leaving the phone because it has password and I don’t know what it was.

    Immediately they stepped out, I went to where the phone was plugged and try to unlock it but none of the password I used opened the phone.
    His date of birth came to my mind and immediately i tried it the phone unlocked.

    I was even surprised that it worked. I began to go through his pictures and messages.
    I saw different love messages and chats from numerous girls.

    The painful one was his chat with his supposed baby mama.
    I never knew he had a child. Despite how long we have stayed, he has never mentioned to me that he has a child.

    He hide everything from me and assured me that i was the only one in his life and he has no business with other women. He told me before that he was open like the palm of his hand and will never hold any secret from me.
    I believe whatever he says because I was deeply in love with him.

    But everything changed in that seconds as I went through his phone and began to discover other relationship he was having with other girls.
    None of that was as painful as the fact that he has a baby mama and was still very much in touch with her.

    I quickly copied some of those messages and forward to my phone.

    I felt so bitter and stupid to have given all of myself to him. I thought he deserved it all, I never knew that he doesn’t worth it.

    I was deeply hurt and felt so broken.
    When I noticed him coming, I quickly plugged back his phone and pretend as if nothing happened.

    He came in and try to touch me but I carefully cautioned him.
    He was surprised that I was acting all cold all of a sudden.
    He asked me what was wrong. I told him that I wasn’t feeling too well. I think I was having little fever.

    All I wanted to do was to just leave the house and faraway from him.

    He said he will get me drugs and I will feel alright but I told him I wanted to leave.
    I can’t stay, I need to return back to my hostel and take enough rest before any drugs.
    He try to convince me to stay but I was already at the door. He couldn’t talk me out of leaving.

    When I returned home, I couldn’t sleep nor eat anything.
    I kept thinking of the whole thing.
    I was still shock at what I discovered about my boyfriend.

    For days, going to weeks I was not myself.

    I made a decision to end the relationship. It was a tough decision and was very difficult for me but I had to.

    He came pleading and kept asking what he did or what exactly was his offence.

    I decided to tell him everything I discovered and asked him why he will keep such a sensitive thing concerning his baby mama and his child away from me.
    I was open to him, he was my first man. I gave him myself because of the kind of love I have for him.
    What else was he looking for in other girls. I knew he has being cheating on me for sometime which I try to overlook for the sake of love but what I can’t over look is the lies. If he had mentioned about having a child in the begining of our relationship I wouldn’t have mind but for me to discover that he has a deep secret which he was hiding all this while makes me doubt everything he has ever said and I can’t be in a relationship with a man who likes everything in skirt and keep secrets from the one he claims to love.

    He tried to lie again, pretending as if doesn’t understand what i was talking about.
    I brought out my phone and showed him the messages that I copied from his phone to mine.
    He was speechless and began to apologies.
    He said he was sorry but I was done with him for good.

    He tried to get me back through different means but my heart and mind was out of the relationship

    He called Lucia, my sister to plead on his behalf but after i told Lucia what he did and why I will not change my mind Lucia agreed with me.

    It was a very sad moment which almost affected my studies because I couldn’t concentrate anymore.

    I wasn’t taking his calls, but one day while I was in my room thinking to myself and wishing for many old days that I shared with him. As I was there, he called again.

    I suddenly felt nauseated, I felt like throwing up.
    I wasn’t feeling so strong. I knew something was not right.

    His call came in again.

    I stare at my phone as it kept ringing, it was hard getting over him.
    Is it because he was the first man in my life or because I gave him all of my heart?

    I really don’t know but I have to decide if i really want to move on or take his call, forgive him and live with whatever I see which includes his baby mama and his womanising nature.

    It was my decision to make and I have to make it quick before I will break down completely.


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    Part 6.
    By Amah’s Heart.

    It later turned out that I had fever.
    I try to concentrate on my studies and to remain focus. It was hard intially after I cut off every form of communication with my man.

    My second semester exams was over and I went to my father’s place to spend the holiday.
    As usuall its was not a comfort zone for me, I do what am suppose to do and will always remain in my room because I had nothing to discuss with my step mother.

    I always feel much better when my dad is around.

    Am an adult so she could not make me do what I don’t want to do.
    I made sure i help with house chores. Tidy up things and put the house in order whenever I’m around.

    After a month of staying there, I told my father that I want to visit my Mom and spend time with her.

    I went over to my mom’s place, she was happy to have me around.

    I assisted her with her buisness and will always stay in her store to help out in attending to customers.

    I forgot about my past relationship, and felt alive again while with Mom.

    My Mom was still hoping that my step Dad will come around someday.
    Even though my brothers said he still spend time outside the town but returns back within the week.

    They said Viva even visited the house one day and was with my step dad all through the weekend before leaving.

    My Mom did not think much about that, she trust Viva so much and knew that her dear friend can’t disappoint her.

    I was wondering why Viva will visit my step Dad but had never come to visit my Mom since my mother moved out of my dad’s house.

    I try not to put negative ideas on my mom’s head because at the end Viva can never do wrong in her eyes.

    She still believe that her whole secrets was revealed to my step Dad through someone else but never from Viva.

    Viva will always find means to convince my mom that she was trust worthy but deep down I know she wasn’t what she seem to be.

    My brothers comes around and we will all have a great moment before they leave.

    One day, my brothers visited my Mom.
    They came with a disturbing news that my Mom found unbelievable.

    My brothers said my step Dad finally brought in another woman to the house who moved in with her luggages.

    “Who is the woman? did she knows that Dad is still married to Mom? Why did she move in with her things. Is she young or elderly???

    I have many questions running through my head and I kept asking my brothers without even waiting for an answer.

    My brothers shocked us futher by saying.

    “Is Aunty Viva. Yes… the woman that moved into the house is Aunty Viva and she shares the same bedroom with Dad. They act like they are already married.

    I couldn’t control my anger on hearing that. I was boiling inside.

    Viva did not only destroy my mom’s life by betraying her to my Dad she had the gut to start having an affair with her best friend’s husband.

    What a world, at least this will open my mom’s eyes to the kind of friend Viva was.

    I just couldn’t keep calm.
    I got dressed and wanted to go over to my step dad’s house to give Viva a piece of my mind.
    She is a snake in a green grass. She was the cause of all our predicament but kept acting nice all this years.
    As I try to go my Mom stopped me from going.
    She asked me to calm down and not get involve until she confirmed from Viva first if she is capable of doing such.

    She wanted to call Viva first to know if the news was true because it sounds unbelievable to her ears.
    She said maybe my brother was mistaking my dad’s new woman for Viva.

    Viva has been her friend for years, she can not do such a thing.

    My brothers were very sure of what they were saying but my Mom decided to confirm from her dear best friend first before she could believe.

    She picked up her phone and started calling Viva.
    She called severally but Viva refused to answer.
    She waited till evening and began calling her again but still Viva did not answer my mom’s call.

    My Mom patiently waited till the following day and decided to go over to the house so that she can be sure.
    Since Viva refused to pick my mom’s calls, the only option was for my Mom to go to the house and see things for herself.

    She asked me to stay back and watch her store that she needs to handle things all by herself. she was sure the woman in the house is not Viva.

    I stayed back while my Mom went there.

    When she got to the house, she was shock to see that my brothers were right.

    Viva was actually the new madam of the house.
    My Mom quickly confronted her and Viva started calling my Mom names.
    Viva called Mom a naive, stupid prostitute. She called my Mom different names and told my Mom she was the new madam of the house and nothing will change that.

    My Mom angrily slapped her across the face and Viva slapped my Mom right back and a heavy fight broke out between the supposed best friends.

    My brothers rushed to them and began to seperate the fight.

    My step dad came in and started pushing my Mom out of the house.
    While Viva was jubilating and laughing sarcastically while my step Dad maltreat my Mom.

    My step dad threaten to get my Mom arrested if she ever step her foot into the house again.
    He warned her never to come close to the house that as she can see he has moved on and forgotten everything about her.

    He moved on long time ago, years back and Viva has been his eyes and ears given him enough reason to hate her.

    Viva was in his life and there is nothing my Mom or anyone can do about it.

    Viva kept laughing at my Mom as my step Dad pushed her out of the gate.

    My Mom returned home and kept crying.
    She could not stop crying.

    I try to console her, she was going through a serious emotional pain.
    She said all this years she has been suffering in her marriage and never knew that her best friend was the architect of it all.
    She didn’t know Viva was behind all her misfortune and sadness and yet she was pretending to care about her and kept assuring her that all her secrets were safe.

    I was boiling angrily after hearing how my Mom was maltreated. I really wanted to go over there and deal with Viva by myself but my Mom asked me not to go.

    I obeyed but my hope was that I will meet Viva on the road one day and give her the insult of her Life for all the trouble and pain she made my Mom go through.

    My Mom trained us all well, she was a good woman and has a soft heart.
    Her only mistake was in the beginning when she met with Palo and I was conceived but after then my Mom remained faithful and loved my step Dad with everything in her.

    Viva was always asking and wanting to know everything happening in my mom’s Life.
    Since my Mom doesn’t keep numerous friend, she trusted Viva and will always pour out her heart to her.
    She will always update Viva on every new development.
    She trusted Viva so much and never thought Viva only wanted her downfall.

    As I watch my Mom weep bitterly for days, my heart was shattered. I wish she didn’t trust Viva the way she did or take her as a best friend.
    It hurts so badly but I’m glad that my Mom has confirmed the truth.
    Seeing is believing and she has seen and believed The sad truth.

    Lucia returned from school and saw Viva in the house as the new madam.
    She was already told about what was going on and did not take it lightly.

    Lucia insulted Viva. when my step dad came back from work, Viva told him that Lucia insulted her.
    My sister was very angry as she continued talking back at Viva. My step dad slapped Lucia twice across the face.
    After slapping her he warned her that next time she insult his new wife he will throw her out of the house.

    Viva was smiling as my Dad threatens to throw Lucia out if she ever say or do anything bad to her.

    It was sad moment for my Mom who was really heart broken and for us because my mother has a good heart and trust too much.

    While she was trying to recover from the whole shock and trauma that Viva caused, I was helping out in her store while waiting till when a new semester will start and also trying to get used to the fact that my step dad’s new wife is my Mom best friend.


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