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    πŸ’”πŸ’” RUNAWAY DAUGHTER πŸ’”πŸ’”
    (Forbidden to be a lesbian)

    Written ✍️ by ©hinny


    ** PROLOGUE **

    She’s daddy’s girl, lost her mom at a very tender age and it made her alone all the time

    Her name is SERA KENNETH, a fifteen years old girl, beautiful and smart, she is under the care of the maids employed by her father

    Mr KENNETH is her father, the business tycoon that’s always busy and hardly makes out time for his only child and daughter

    Sera Kenneth passes through difficulties staying with the maids but can’t do otherwise

    She played a big role in her life, acts like a mother to her and is always there for her. SERA is her name, the chief maid

    She’s in control of the others and makes sure Sera Kenneth is safe

    “The mansion is now a hell for me, what a rut am into “,Sera cries out

    The pains seems unbearable for her when she caught the two maids LISA and SUSAN in debauch

    Lisa and Susan are lesbians and no one knows about it, they had swore to threaten the life of Sera if she ever discloses their act but it wasn’t okay for her being their sex tool

    “I hate such life and would rather die than to be a lesbian “, Sera muttered to herself

    The trials were tough for her that she disappeared the first time but was hunted back by Susan and it hurts cause the chief maid knows nothing about what she’s passing through until she got missing again

    Sera Kenneth discloses the secret to Maxwell the bounty Hunter

    Will Lisa and Susan succeed in threatening her life when they finds out that their secret is exposed by Sera ?

    Sera is out in the street, will she ever be comforted ?

    Will her dad ever reverse his life ?

    ***Let’s find out in the story

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    πŸ’”πŸ’” RUNAWAY DAUGHTER πŸ’”πŸ’”
    (Forbidden to be a lesbian)

    Written ✍️ by ©hinny


    **CHAPTER 1 and 2**


    Walking round the mansion is now my duty since I have nothing to do

    I don’t know what house chores is all about neither do I know how to do them

    Reading my books and novels is now a deal that I had with myself, am good at watching movies too but this time, I choose to Walk around the building and see new things

    “Everywhere is neat, hope I won’t make it dirt if I step my foot wears on them and I will shouted at and beaten up again by anty Lisa “, I muttered to myself

    I pulled out my foot wears and held it in my hands in order not to pass through hell again this time

    Because I had a bare foot, my footsteps wasn’t heard until I climbed down the stairs and made my way straight to the kitchen

    I stood at the door for some minutes staring at the cook that was so busy that she didn’t notice my presence until I called her out

    “Anty Sandra, you’re so busy, may I come and help you ? I asked her

    ” Oh ! Little rat you’re here, what do you think you can do in the kitchen since you can’t even sweep your room ? She replied me in a mockery tone

    “But it doesn’t matter Anty, you can teach me and I promise to catch up immediately “, I told her

    ” Stinky girl, I don’t have your Time okay, quietly leave here or I show you the way myself…. Ah ! Your foot wear is now your hand wear ? Better for you or Lisa will cut off your ear this time “, she scolded me

    I left the kitchen immediately and went to the dinning only to find my food set there

    Eating now will make me fall asleep, let me wait for some time

    I walked pass the sitting room that was well arranged and went outside, the security man was asleep so I went to the garden

    “You came out here bare footed Sera “, said uncle Kelvin

    Immediately, I ran to the tap, washed my feet and wore back my slippers before going into the garden

    Uncle Kelvin is so happy today that he didn’t shout at me to leave the garden

    The flowers were so beautiful that I took some, butterflies flee round the garden but I couldn’t get one cause they flew faster than I can run

    “Sera Leave the garden, I have a lot to do here “, uncle Kelvin said to me

    I took to my heels before he repeats it the second time, immediately I entered the house, I pulled out my foot wears again and quietly climbed the stairs

    Happiness filled my heart each time I glanced at the flowers, I would use them decorate my room

    A sound or should I call it a scream brought me out of my thought immediately

    “Oh my gosh ! Yeeeaaah! “,I heard the voice saying

    Seems like someone is dying in there and the voice is similar to anty Kate’s

    “Oh my gosh instead of Oh my God, Will gosh save her from dieing ? I thought

    Anty sera ones told me that God is the only one that saves, maybe she doesn’t know and I need to let her know

    I walked to the door and knocked but no one responded, slowly I opened the door

    I gasped when I saw anty Kate and uncle Moses naked on the bed

    What I saw them doing is what I do see in movies before, until anty sera promised to punish me if I watch such movie again and sometimes, I read it I n novels

    I quietly closed the door and left immediately to meet anty sera coming out of her room with a huge smile on her face

    “Anty sera good afternoon x, I greeted her returning the smile

    ” I thought you are taking a nap by now baby, have you eaten ? She asked

    “Am not hungry yet but I will eat when I feel like ? I answered her

    “Alright baby, let me go do some laundry”, she said almost leaving

    ” Should I come with you ? I asked drawing back her attention

    ” No baby, you need to rest this weekend “, she replied and left my sight

    I stood there for some minutes and heaved a sigh of relief, as I left her corridor to the next, I heard Anty Lisa saying

    “I wanna suck your tit baby “, I stood there confused, can someone’s teeth be sucked ? Does she have a baby ? Is she married ?

    All this questions ran through my mind, “uhhhhhhhh “, I heard a female scream, it baffles me cause I don’t understand what’s going on any longer

    Opening the door is risky but I need to know what’s going on or I should go call back anty sera ?

    No , she might cuddle me to sleep

    I gained courage and opened the door slowly, what I saw drained the blood in my body, I widened my eyes with my mouth agape

    “Anty Lisa is sucking anty Susan’s vagina, so they are lesbians and no one knows”, I muttered to myself

    Looking at what they were doing again made me laid out a loud shout

    Immediately, I shut the door and ran into my room panicking in fear


    When Sera shut the door, Susan turned her gaze on the door

    “Lisa, seems like someone left here now, I have the feelings and I also heard a loud voice that sounds like sera’s “, Susan said

    ” But there’s no one at the door, or you’re trying to bring a stop to this right ? Asked Lisa

    “No baby, let’s continue, you’re getting angry already “, Susan replied

    Despite all, Susan still looks uncomfortable because she was sure of what she’s saying

    She tried to utter a word and Lisa shut her up with a kiss

    They kissed for a very long time and Lisa kissed her down to her boobs, she sucked and licked her nipples so hard that Susan laid out sweet moans

    She kissed her down to her belly and then to her pussy, Lisa sucked her clit for a long time and the inserted her finger inside of her

    She fingered and at same time sucked her so badly

    Susan couldn’t control the sweetness of what she felt in her body

    They were like this until they both reached the climax


    Sandra the cook was done with all she was doing and stepped into the dinning to find sera’s food still untouched

    She bluntly left the dinning and headed straight to sera’s room, she kicked the door open so hard that Sera had to jump up from the bed

    “Anty Sandra, hope all is well ? Sera asked her

    But Sandra was so furious that she had to give her a slap then drew her out of the room to the dinning

    “You saw your food in the dinning yet you walked passed it and went to sleep, Sera are you crazy ? She shouted at Sera

    Her scolds attracted the attention of the chief maid ‘sera’ that was doing some laundry

    Even Lisa and Susan couldn’t couldn’t concentrate on their dirty acts anymore, they had to leave their room and walk downstairs

    “Anty Sandra please don’t think otherwise, I never knew when I slept off that’s why “,Sera said with tears

    Sera left her work and twitched straight to the dinning to see Sandra Lisa and Susan boiling in rancour over little Sera

    “Why are you all rude over this little girl that you don’t have sympathy for her at least once ? Sera yelled at them

    They grimaced and left without uttering a word because they are aware of the rules in the house and sera has the right to give them conditions

    **SERA ***

    Dread filled my heart immediately I set my eyes on anty Susan and Lisa

    What are they up to this time ? I have passed through hell in the hand of Anty Sandra just now, are They coming to start from where she stopped ?

    But I was surprised they didn’t even utter a word until Anty sera came and they left, maybe they didn’t see me

    Anty Sera took me upstairs and then came back for my food

    “Baby girl, feel free and comfortable with me okay……. am here for you and nothing will happen to you “,anty sera said cuddling me like a baby

    She fed me and amused me a little before going back to her duty

    I grinned at her when she turned at me before leaving

    “Anty Kate never came out as others did, maybe she has slept off “, I thought

    I miss my dad so bad,I wish he’s here but he never made out time for me

    I once asked her the reason for that and he said he doesn’t like it cause it made him think of my mom

    Each time he’s back, the maids and guards becomes my best friend but turns out to be my enemy when he leaves

    Dad said my mom died when I was three years old,the thought of loosing my mom and missing my dad made me cry bitterly

    I felt shambles when I saw anty Susan standing in front of me…….

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    πŸ’”πŸ’” RUNAWAY DAUGHTER πŸ’”πŸ’”
    (Forbidden to be a lesbian)

    Written ✍️ by ©hinny


    **CHAPTER 3**


    I thought of the ground opening for me to fall in when I caught anty Susan staring at me with anger shown clearly in her eyes

    What is she here for ? I thought the game is over ? Ohhhh God ! Am into a mess , what will I tell her ?

    The fact that I don’t know the reason for her being here is making me uncomfortable

    “Am not here to crack jokes with you, I just need you to cooperate or you see the other side of me, hope I’ve made myself clear ? She asked me grimacing her face

    “Ok anty, I’ll cooperate “,I replied her almost crying

    She quietly sat down beside me with a wicked smile on her face

    “Sera….. did you peep through Lisa’s room today ? She asked me

    Am in deep hell again, what do I have to tell her ? I guess it’s better to lie in order to save myself from this shit

    “Are you deaf , Sera ? Her scold brought me out of my thought

    ” No anty am not deaf ‘,I answered her

    ” So why wasting my time “, she furiously asked again

    “Anty, I didn’t peep into her room and I haven’t thought of that before talkless of doing it “, I answered her panicking in fear

    I thought she would believe me rather she promised to pour me an acid if I fail to tell her the truth

    Am in fire already if this issue has reached this extent, I had read in a novel some months ago on how acid kills instantly or leave a little chance of survival

    I thought of telling her the truth rather than to die

    “Sera, do you know you are playing with fire ? She asked me

    ” Anty , am honest, I never did such thing “, I replied her but she gave me a slap that I vomited the truth

    I felt my body burning and her eyes are red already, I tried standing up but she held me back and pulled me into the bed

    “Sera, comply to my rules or you would regret it “, she muttered to me

    ” Now baby girl, tell me…… What did you see then ? She asked

    This question drained the blood in my body, what I caught them doing is too dirty to be said out

    How am I to explain it ?

    I couldn’t be myself anylonger, I wished Anty sera would come over

    “Sera, start talking “, she told me this time in a calm voice

    There is no other option left for me than to tell her everything though I don’t know her mind but I think it’s better than dieing

    “Anty Susan………. I caught anty Lisa sucking and licking your vagina when I peeped through the door “, I said to her

    ” Did you ever shout, tell me Sera ? She asked again

    I never knew my voice was Loud enough that she heard me shout when I saw them

    “Yes anty , I shouted “, I answered her

    This issue is cool because it isn’t anty Lisa, if not it would have been hot on me this afternoon

    Anty Susan stared at me with a smile on her face and licked her lips, she called me beautiful and so many other names then pushed me down on the bed

    She tried to kiss me but I resisted it, with anger shown clearly on her face she stared at me

    I felt her hand on my nipple and I hit her so hard that she gave me a slap again, I never knew I was strong to this extent that I couldn’t let her succeed

    Anty sera called out my name and I overheard it but she held my lips so that I can’t speak

    She whispered to me not to tell anyone what just happened between us or I would face her wrath

    Immediately, anty Sera slowly opened the door

    **CHAPTER 4**


    When I saw the door opened slowly, I knew it would be anty sera, thanks to God who brought her here

    I am so happy right now and my heart seems to be at place cause I know anty Susan can’t hurt me anymore

    Telling anty sera is one option for me but my life is at risk if I do so

    “Sera, are you sleeping ? Anty sera asked me……… Before I could respond, anty Susan Chuckled in

    “Awwww ! Sera you’re here, she’s good…. I was comforting her about what happened between she and Sandra, I wasn’t comfortable on how she dealt with her then, so I tried making her Happy this time in order for her to forget some things “,anty Susan narrated

    Her voice was so innocent that you would think it reached her heart, I tried many times to speak up but her threat is about life and death

    Being motherless is never a good thing but I called it my fate, if I could call up my mom, I would have done that

    My dad is being selfish, a father that doesn’t feel like staying at home, I won’t blame him though

    He has never thought of remarrying and I have tried many times telling him about it but he insisted to remain single with the excuse if not having feelings for another woman since my mom died

    He said he’s scared of putting me into suffering by getting a wife and he thought of it being a good idea at his own side

    But I think it would be better for me than passing through hell people I respect as my father’s workers

    “Hmmmm…. Susan when did you start being good to Sera ? Anty sera asked anty Susan bringing me out of my thought

    “Never mind Sera…….. being good pays $, she replied

    Her response made me think of how good she is to me, beating me up for no reason or trying to lure me into her dirty acts

    “Which of them is an example of being good ? I asked myself

    ” Better for you or the boss will sack you as we all know how he acts “,anty Sera said

    They both chatted for sometime and anty Susan left the room

    I felt a bit relieved when she left, but her actions before anty sera’s presence never left my mind

    “Baby girl, hope you are good ? You look nervous, tell me …………. Did Susan hurt you ? Anty sera asked me

    Honestly, am baffled, telling her the truth will risk my life but hiding it will still keep me uncomfortable but there’s no other option left for me

    “Am good anty, she played with me though I was shocked “, I replied her and she smiled at me


    Susan left to her room and sat on her bed with her eyes opened widely

    “That girl is so sweet… Kissing her lips will look so good, she’s still a fresh fruit, every part of her body glits and are so charming………… She will taste good than Lisa, sucking her will be so sweet, I feel like having her right now “, she thought to herself

    She lay down on her bed and started counting the ceiling, all her mind was still on Sera

    “Sera almost caught me,……. Ahhhh ! I was so smart, if not my life would have reversed now, that lady is a devil’s incarnate blocking everyone’s way in this house but I will always be smarter than her “, she murmured to herself

    Susan stood up again like the bed is a thorn to her, scratching her head like someone loosing some knots

    She sat on the floor and kept biting her finger in deep thought

    “There’s this strange feelings I had when I touched her nipples…… Hmmmm ! I must get her to myself, I will eat her up alone keeping Lisa unaware…… That Lisa herself is bad too, she might take her away from me “, she thought to herself

    Sera was the only one she thought about, Lisa became an old stuff to her that she hissed heavily whenever she remembered her

    Her thought were cut off when her phone beeped and it was a message from Lisa

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    Love you all πŸ’–πŸ’‹πŸ’–

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    πŸ’”πŸ’” RUNAWAY DAUGHTER πŸ’”πŸ’”
    (Forbidden to be a lesbian)

    Written ✍️ by ©hinny

    Rated 18+ πŸ”žπŸ”ž

    **CHAPTER 4 & 5**

    When Susan’s phone beeped, she took it only to see that it’s Lisa’s message

    “Sweetheart, it’s gonna be hot tonight…. I hope you would enjoy it and don’t forget to give me those sexy moans that makes me go deeper “, Susan read out the message

    She hissed and frowned her face, her plans was to Meet Sera tonight, but now, Lisa is spoiling her plans and if she should disrupt everything, Lisa will start suspecting her

    “This girl, I’ve tasted her many times, I need something new……. Something to freshen me up…… Something that tastes different”, she said to herself

    The thought of Sera made her wet and she noticed it, she took the pillow to try comport herself with it but her efforts were in vain

    She thought of moving to sera’s room but remembered that the chief maid was with her, Calling Lisa was another option for her but she waved it off rather decided to satisfy herself

    She fondled her breasts and took it into her mouth, sucking her boobs made her feelings increased, she then Inserted her index finger into her pussy and fucked herself

    As if it wasn’t enough, she inserted another finger and moved in and out of herself mercilessly letting out moans that pleases her

    She was like this for over thirty minutes until she got satisfied and lay down on the bed licking her fingers until she slept off


    When looking at anty sera, I knew she felt uncomfortable with the reply I gave her that I was just playing with anty Susan, but that’s the only option left or I would visit hell

    I began thinking of what anty Susan would have done to me if anty sera never came

    She tried kissing me and also touched my breast……. What is she looking for ? Or is she now a man ?

    Everything about this baffled me, infact, I regret peeping through that door

    “Sera are you okay ? Anty sera asked me bringing me out of my thought

    ” Am okay anty, just that I miss your voice “, I answered her

    Anty sera is good at singing and her voice cuddles me to sleep

    “You need to take your bath first, I will sing for you after dinner “,anty sera said to me

    I nodded at her with a smile and when she was done with what she was doing, she left to her room

    I kept myself busy with reading until the awaited time reached and I took my bath and had dinner

    Anty sera kept her words to sing for me until I slept off

    I slept for over an hour when I felt a tap on my shoulder, I relunctantly opened my eyes thinking it’s anty sera but to see anty Susan lying beside me

    I jumped from the bed like one who has saw a ghost and she rushed after me immediately

    She dragged me to the bed again and ordered me not to utter a word

    “Remember, you either comply or I fulfill my promise Sera “, she said to me with a wicked smile on her face

    My heart beat increased this time, all I could do was to shed tears again because I felt there’s no hope

    She kissed my earlobe and bit it seductively….. “Sucking you will be so sweet “, she whispered to my ear

    I closed my eyes so tight cause I don’t want to see this happen, the only person I called in my heart was anty sera because she’s the only one God can use to save me

    If any other person apart from her comes into this room, I would be a damaged image

    I felt her lips in mine, she kissed my lips so many times but I resisted to open my mouth for her

    She kissed me down to my neck and then unbuttoned my night gown, it’s this time that I covered my face with my hands

    She tried many times to touch my breast but I pushed off her hand

    “Sera, you better be calm….. Allow me touch this little tits or I strangle you to death $, she referred to me raging in anger

    If sobbing would save me from her, my tears would have done enough

    She fondled and caressed my breast, she played with my nipples and pitched it then kissed my breast many times down to my belly

    About to place her mouth on my nipple…….. The door handle was whined

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    ***Many said they are confused, bear with me, I know my vocabularies are awkward but I can’t resist writing
    ***This is my first story and you can never compare my write ups with that of an ART student talk more of a LITERATURE student (science students will understand what I mean, I don’t know how I started writing and I’ve tried many times to stop but can’t)


    SERA KENNETH (little Sera):the motherless child, her father is known as MR KENNETH the business tycoon, he hardly stays at home and hardly has time for his daughter, for that, he employed workers that takes care of his big mansion and his daughter too (he doesn’t know his employees doesn’t care about his daughter)

    The workers are listed below :

    ANTY SERA (the chief maid ) she’s the only one that takes care of little Sera

    LISA and SUSAN: the two lesbians that was caught by little Sera (Sera Kenneth) and they wants to lure her into being a lesbian too

    KATE, SANDRA, MOSES, KELVIN : the workers too and are strict to little Sera

    THE SECURITY MAN : another worker that is kind to little Sera

    MAXWELL: the bounty Hunter that was hired to get back Sera when she got missing


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    πŸ’”πŸ’” RUNAWAY DAUGHTER πŸ’”πŸ’”
    (Forbidden to be a lesbian)

    Written ✍️ by ©hinny

    Rated 18+πŸ”žπŸ”ž

    ***CHAPTER 6 and 7***


    I took a deep breath when I saw the door handle turning,I knew it must be anty sera, that lady is the savior I have in this house

    “Sera remember my rules or else “,anty Susan said to me frowning her face

    She immediately covered me with a blanket and sat down innocently beside me

    The door opened widely and anty sera walked in,I saw the shock on her face when she set her eyes on anty Susan

    “Ahhh ! Susan why are you here by this time, hope all is well and you are not hurting this little girl ?anty sera asked her

    I couldn’t stop staring at her to know what she’s about to say while she kept smiling like one who won a prize

    “Common Sera stop thinking that way,how can I hurt her…do you want me alive then, uhhhhhhhh! I was just singing for her ok “, she answered innocently

    The worst is that her lies are so credible and she doesn’t think twice of what to say

    “Hmmmm ! Why then did you stop, cause I wasn’t hearing your voice when I was at the door post “,anty sera asked her again

    ” Uhmmmm ! she told me to stop and was asking about you before you came in… now you’re here u have to go “, she answered almost standing

    She bid me goodnight and left immediately like all she said was honest

    Anty sera didn’t utter a word anymore rather she stared at her until she left her sight

    “Hmmmm ! I wonder this kind of instant change “,anty sera muttered to herself

    She sat beside me slowly and pulled me closer to herself…”tell me baby,why are you crying ? She asked me

    I didn’t remember to wipe my tears and the stupid anty never worried to, now she has left and am here cracking my brain on what to tell anty sera

    “Anty,am missing daddy alot,I need him…I want to stay with him “, I answered her still sobbing

    ” Does it mean you are no longer comfortable with me,did I offend you Sera ? Did anyone hurt you ? Share your problems with me, am here for you “, anty sera said looking so worried

    I can’t tell the reason behind my request or I would roast in hell afterwards

    “There’s no problem anty, just that it’s high time I stayed with my dad “, I said to her

    ” Sera don’t worry, your dad will soon be back, telling him what you just said is not a good idea rather it would put me in trouble “, she replied

    She told me stories and sang for me until I slept off


    Susan was so furious but she pretended to be happy when leaving sera’s room

    She walked straight to her room to see Lisa lying half naked on her bed

    The presence of Lisa in her room made her more angry but she tried smiling when Lisa looked up to her

    “Ohhhh ! My baby, were went you, I’ve been here for so long ? Lisa asked her standing from the bed

    “Hmmmm ,I went to the kitchen, I was so hungry but am okay now “, Susan replied

    She lied to her just to save her from the stress of too much questions from Lisa

    “Ok babe ! Let’s start now, it’s almost late “, Lisa said biting her lips

    Susan thought of what to say to bring an end to it but she couldn’t come up with anything

    They helped each other remove their clothes and started kissing ravenously, they fell into the bed holding each so tight

    After some minutes, they let themselves, breathing heavily and staring at each other

    Lisa sat on the bed and turned Susan to face the ceiling, she climbed on top of her licking and bitting her lips seductively while staring at Susan to make a move, but she didn’t

    She laid there like a stick without a smile,all her mind was on Sera this time, she wished Sera never came in and she enjoyed the little girl to her satisfaction

    The thought of telling Lisa to let her be or even pushing her out Came to her mind but she waved it off because she knew it’s touching the Lions tail

    Lisa would go to all extent to know the reason for her actions if she does that, or she would threaten her life

    Lisa is a type that does anything possible to get someone she loves to herself without looking aside

    “Susan,you look worried, your mind isn’t here “, Lisa said to Susan bringing her out of her thought

    ” Nothing, am just weak but I think I can manage “, Susan replied her

    Lisa pretended on not hearing her and started kissing her again, she kissed her ears down to her neck and then to her breasts

    She licked her nipples and bit them, Susan laid out a soft moan at that

    Lisa fondled her breasts and sucked them, she sucked it slowly and then very hard that Susan grabbed her savourly

    She gave her a soft kiss down to her abdomen and Susan fascinated

    She kissed her down to her pussy and savoured her, “baby open your legs for me,I need to eat this “, Lisa said seductively

    Susan didn’t hesitate to spread her legs, she’s enjoying it, she has pleasure over it though it’s Sera she wants

    Lisa licked her pussy that she held her so tight not to stop, she licked her clit for a very long time and then started sucking on it

    Susy couldn’t hide the pleasure she felt anymore, her moans made Lisa suck her more

    She inserted her finger in her and moved in and out of her still sucking on her

    Susan’s pleasure for this increased that she slowly sat on the bed biting and licking her nipples seductively

    She grabbed Lisa’s boob into her mouth and sucked it ravenously and played with the other

    “Oh my God ! Suck it so hard sweetie “, Lisa groaned seductively to Susan inserting another finger into her wet pussy

    She fingered her slowly and then became fast moving in and out of her that Susan couldn’t stop moaning

    The both satisfied themselves and ended up sleeping off so tired

    There is a change in Susan over Lisa ✨
    Little Sera wants her dad back…. will her request be granted ? Will that bring a stop to this mess she’s into ?

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    πŸ’”πŸ’” RUNAWAY DAUGHTER πŸ’”πŸ’”
    (Forbidden to be a lesbian)

    Written ✍️ by ©hinny


    ***CHAPTER 8 and 9***

    Susan and Lisa fell back on the bed and slept off so tired last night after they reached the climax

    The both freshened up immediately they woke up and Lisa left to her room

    Susan never knew she missed a call from her mum when she slept off, her phone rang many times and she didn’t wake up

    When she took her phone and saw the missed calls, her heart beat increased

    “Hope all is well, I have to return the call, I pray is not about my dad “, she murmured to herself

    Network hitches couldn’t let the call go through so she dropped the phone in deep thought and left to her duty place

    Lisa was busy with her cleaning when she heard footsteps on the stairs, she looked up to see Susan Walking downstairs with dread shown clearly on her face

    “Susan, you aren’t looking good, your face isn’t bright… What’s wrong “, Lisa asked her

    Susan had deaf ears to her questions, she wasn’t herself anymore because she felt something bad has happened

    She just walked passed Lisa and went straight outside without taking a glance on her

    Lisa only watched her pass without trying to stop her

    Some minutes passed and Susan went back to her room to redial her mum, she took her phone and saw a message from her junior brother to come back immediately

    Her heart skipped when she read the urgent message, she couldn’t control the tears that ran down her cheeks

    Immediately, she ran to Sera and explained everything to her, though it was urgent, Sera had no choice than to grant her permission

    She ran back to her room fidgeting, picked some important things she needed and headed downstairs

    Lisa caught her up on the way and held her so tight, she looked into her eyes and saw the tears struggling to roll down

    “Susan let the tears out please “, Lisa calmly said to her……… She blinked and all the tears ran down uncontrollably

    “Now tell me, what’s the matter ? Lisa asked her

    She heaved a big sigh of relief and then opened up to her

    “I got a message from my brother that I should be at home urgently, am scared my dad’s life is at risk… He has been in a critical condition for a long time now “, Susan said with tears

    ” It’s okay baby, nothing it’s gonna happen to him okay “, Lisa comforted her

    Lisa pleaded with her to wait for a minute and she complied, before she left, Lisa handed over to her some thousands naira notes and laid her out of the compound


    Since I woke up, I haven’t gone outside, I decided to lock myself indoors in order not to set my eyes on anty Susan

    Seeing her will make fear grip me again and I won’t feel comfortable any longer

    Anty sera has been with me since I woke up trying to convince me go to church with her but I refused…. I insisted to stay in doors not until anty Susan called her out

    I stood beside the door inorder to hear there conversation, a huge smile appeared on my face when I overheard anty Susan requesting for permission to go see her parents

    Now she has left and am free, at least for today, I granted anty sera’s request of following her to the church when she pleaded with me again

    But the worst part of it is that we are on long vacation, out school is not yet to resume, staying in this house this holiday is so rut to me

    Happiness filled my heart as anty sera instructs me on how to arrange my room, she’s the only one that teaches me…… Others mock me

    After that, I took my breakfast and showered, I got dressed very fast and had to wait for anty sera in her room

    She was so pleased seeing me dressed decently sitting on her bed……. My first time if going to church, I can’t wait to see how it looks like

    Anty sera got ready and we left, I enjoyed all activities that was done especially the sweet voices of the choristers

    Afterwards, we took a ride home, it was so good seeing many faces today gathered to worship one God

    Anty sera took me to some places after I took launch and had a nap

    I made many friends today, saw many people making themselves happy but it hurts because am always alone……. No mother, no siblings, my dad is not here with me…. Anty sera is the only family I have with me, she’s even more than a family to me

    Today was so special to me, I never felt like going but anty sera forced me and we left


    When Susan left to see her family, she was panicking in fear

    She was directed to the hospital when she couldn’t find her parents at home

    Her mom was weeping beside her dad that was lying unconsciously on the hospital bed when she ran into the ward like a mad woman

    If tears would make his dad healthy again, the amount of tears that ran down her cheeks alone when she knelt beside him would solve the issue

    After some minutes, the doctor sent for her presence, she reluctantly walked to the doctors office with her eyes swollen already

    “An sure you are miss Susan “, the doctor asked her

    She wiped her face and cleared her throat, “yes doctor, am Susan “, she replied

    The doctor stared at her with pity and then shook his head,. “it’s obvious your father is in this condition, as you can see, he is regaining some lost strength but he has loosed blood already….. So I advise you pay an advance of twenty thousand naira for treatment to start immediately “, the doctor explained further

    Susan opened her handbag and brought out the money Lisa gave her, counted it and it was twenty five thousand naira

    She paid the advance, added more money to the remaining and gave to her mom, she stayed in the hospital until sunset…. She now decided to leave

    Back to her working place, she walked straight to her room and lay down, she felt a bit relieved because her dad has started talking before she left the hospital

    After some minutes passed, she took her bath, went to the kitchen and took her dinner after which she had a little rest

    Lisa wasn’t aware she was back and she never wanted her to know

    Her thought went straight to sera said she decided to go enjoy her and make herself Happy

    Unknowingly to her, Sera pleaded with her Anty sera to sleep with her in order to avoid Susan

    Minutes elapsed and Susan stood up, left her room to sera’s only to find the room empty

    “This girl is a bastard, she might be with Sera but, why will Sera allow her then… Now that I need her most, she swifted, I will see her tomorrow “, she muttered angrily to herself, shut the door so hard and left to her room

    The sound of the door woke little Sera up, “this anty is a beast, her plans won’t work out tonight “, she said to herself smiling



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