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    (A Rebel For Love)


    Written by
    Ifeoma Isabella Okeke


    ❤️❤️ Toss Away ❤️❤️

    A young woman and a little boy were seen walking along a bushy path on bare foot. It was dark and the moon was high, shining it’s rays on them.

    “Mama, when are we going to reach the big house you said we are going to? Will there be enough food and water to steal from the house? I haven’t eaten since morning,” the young boy with her said and fumbled with his worn out short that has so many holes in it and brought out a small cut dirty cloth, “Look Mama, this is where I will put some of the food we are going to steal in the house, it will last us some days,” he added happily.

    “Where we are going, son, there will be plenty of food for you to eat,” the young lady said to her son. She was wearing a handmade gown with corsets sew together, her gown was filled with dirt, new and old ones. It has passed the road of stitches so many times.

    They continued walking in silence until they came to a big house, the biggest house the little boy had ever seen in all his life. It was as if the building was almost touching the sky. It was guarded by several guards in uniform and blocked by a little brick fence wall with a large big door at the middle.

    Walking closer, the little boy realized the walls were higher than he thought.

    His mother’s rough coughing brought his attention to her, he watched her bring out her old dirty clothes, which served as handkerchief and placed it on her mouth. “Are you okay mama?”

    Spitting into it, she nodded her head and wiped her lips quickly and carefully so that her son wouldn’t see the blood and began to panic.

    “We are almost here, Storm, you know how I taught you how to walk silently, we are doing that now.” She told him as they stopped some distance away from the guards. She turned and entered the bush, holding her son by one of his little hands and they began to walk quietly. Pushing some heap of dry leafs that was in front of them, out of her way. In front of them was a small tunnel and she entered it with her son. Walking silently in the dark tunnel until they came out in the middle of the compound, a garden, it was hard to spot the tunnel from it, very hard. Storm wondered how his mother gets to know about the tunnel which leads inside the beautiful building.

    The dirty unkempt woman screamed out a name, which attracted the gaze of the guards inside and they raised their spear and swords, ready to attack when the door to the beautiful building opened and a man wearing an expensive robe on his naked chest and black shorts came out with his personal ten Ninja’s.

    The guards all dropped their weapons and bowed before the older man.

    He recognized the dark skinned woman who had dared to call him by his given name.

    “What is it, Phoenix?”

    The woman smirked, and Storm stared at his mother, he didn’t even know his mother had a name, a beautiful name. “So you still remember my name, Ariadne?”

    “What do you want?” The important man asked.

    The woman then pushed Storm towards him.

    “I am tired of taking care of your son, you can have him all to yourself now,” she said as Storm moved back to stand beside his mother.

    The important man was quiet as he regarded Phoenix, “You’ve changed a lot, what happened to you?”

    “You happened to me, Ariadne,”

    “Do you need money? You’ve never come to ask me for anything before, I have searched everywhere for you Phoen-”

    “Save me all this sermon Ariadne, I will take the money.” Phoenix interrupted him.

    “How much do you need?”

    “100 coins, not silver, golden coins.”

    With his orders, a guard gave the money to Phoenix in a small bag who counted it. She turned to go and Storm followed her, his mother was a wonderful actress. The important middle aged man didn’t kill them, instead, he gave them some money after his mother had pretend to leave him here.

    “Where are you going?” She asked her young son, “You are staying here, that man,” she added, pointing at Ariadne, “Is your biological father, you will be living with him from now henceforth.”

    “I don’t want to live with him Mama, I want to stay with you,” Storm said and to his utter surprise his mother slapped him hard.

    “Are you deaf? You will stay with him.” she told him in anger.

    “I want to stay with you Mama, I promise I won’t steal or trouble you again, please Mama, let me go with you.”

    “This is where you belong now, not on the streets.” Saying that, she pushed him so hard that he landed on the ground. “If you know what’s good for you, hold him or else I will kill him myself.” she threatened Ariadne and turned once again to go.

    Ariadne nodded his head once and two guards held until Storm who started struggling to free himself.

    “Please Mama, I won’t disobey you again, I promise, let me go with you.” Storm pleaded, but his plea fell on deaf ears.

    With his eyes filled with tears, he watched his mother go, walking past that beautiful giant door, not stopping once to look at him.


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    (A Rebel For Love)


    Written by
    Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

    Chapter 1️⃣

    ❤️❤️ Separate Ways (Part 1) ❤️❤️

    “Take him inside and give him to any of the servants, they should bathe him and wear him any of Fred’s clothes, they are almost the same height and prepare a room for him to sleep, I will see him by morning.” The important man ordered and went back into the house.

    Storm cried and didn’t struggle as they carried him inside.

    He was bathed and wore expensive tunic clothes that reached the ground. The female servant who had bathed and dressed him, took him to a big room, where a king size bed was seen in the middle.

    “This is where you will spend the night young master,” the servant said and put on the oil lamp. “Good night,” She left when the young boy didn’t make any movement.

    Storm tried to stay awake but couldn’t, the bed and beautiful scent from the room was alluring to him. He falls asleep immediately when his head touches the bed. Tomorrow morning, he’s going to plan his escape from here. Luckily for him, his mother showed him the secret tunnel which they had used.

    “Where is he?” a loud booming voice, which belonged to a female, woke him up and he sat upright in the bed and was on his feet when the door to the room opened and a woman, skin like the sun, entered, glaring coldly at him. Her female servants, five of them followed her in. Her glaringness seemed to deepen when she saw the tunic he was putting on. “Who wore this wretched boy one of my son’s clothes?” she snarled loudly which made Storm start crying as he wished the ground should open and swallow him.

    “I ordered them to do what they did, after all, I was the one who brought the clothes for them,” Ariadne said as he moved closer to Storm, smiling down at him who moved backwards, his back touching the wall.

    “You have the guts to bring this bastard child from the gutters here? Are you now insane?”

    “Rose, mind your words and point of correction, he’s not a bastard, he is my son, my blood.”

    “Burn that cloth if he removes it, I don’t want to see it. I don’t want him in this house, I want him gone from this house,” Rose said and left with her female servants.

    “Ignore her and her words,” Ariadne said as he went ahead to sit on the bed and motion Storm to come. “I won’t hurt you, you are my son.”

    “I want to go home, I want to go and meet my mother, can you do that for me kind sire?”

    “I wish I could do that, but I can’t, besides, even if I want you to see your mother, I don’t know where she stays now.”

    “I know there, I can take you there sire,” Storm said, walk-in slowly, one step at a time to meet Ariadne, he sense the important man wasn’t as scary as his wife.

    “You must be hungry, let’s eat before you take me there, what do you say?”

    “Okay sire, I haven’t eaten since yesterday,” Storm said, his stomach agreeing with him. Crying and missing his mother had made him forget he hadn’t eaten since.

    “I will ask the Royal tailor to come and measure you before the end of today so that you can start wearing your own clothes.”

    “Thank you, sire.”

    “Follow me,” Ariadne said, getting up from the bed and leading the way out of the room.


    Almost at the outskirts of Ashland kingdom, in front of a big building, a mansion like, a young girl about 10 years with blue hair which was tied in a bun stood in front of twenty guys, all in their early 20s. They were standing in the middle of a very large compound. Beside the blue haired girl was another young girl of her age with dark hair tied in a ponytail. Both girls were best friends and were putting on white long gowns.

    “My name is Juno, your teacher who will be teaching you sword fighting,” the young girl said, seeing their surprised faces, she added. “You all may be wondering where my father Warlord Emera is. Well, the Emperor summoned him early this morning and he has to go and leave me in charge.”

    “Juno……” one began and she interrupted him.

    “Master Juno, you show me some respect pillock,” she said, threatening him with her eyes. “Anyway, what is it smellfungus?”

    “When can we start our training, Master Juno?”

    “Now,” Juno said and put her hands behind her back. “First thing you need to know is about power and justice. Justice without power is hollow, but power without justice is merely violence. Warlord Fara said that. He was my late great great grandfather. And he wrote a book about it called, ‘The Wind Fighter’ which you all must buy right now for only one piece of silver coin before the real training commerce.”


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    (A Rebel For Love)


    Written by
    Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

    Chapter 2️⃣

    ❤️❤️ Separate Ways (Part 2) ❤️❤️

    “Any question you have will only be answered after your payment, so if I were you I would pay very fast, pay your money to my treasurer, Rumi.” Juno concluded her speech and smiled with delight as the young men started paying and going back to their line.

    Once Rumi collected their money, she turned to look at Juno who nodded her head once and Rumi left them, running inside the building.

    “Don’t worry, she went to bring the book my late great great grandfather wrote,” Juno assured them and waited one minute, with no sign of Rumi. “What’s wrong, please she will be out.” she added and true to her words, Rumi came out, running towards her with empty hands. “What is it?” she asked once Rumi was closer.

    “I couldn’t see the books at the place you kept it.”

    “Go back and check it, check under my bed,” Juno said and Rumi left to do as said. Juno faces the young men once again, “Do you believe me when I say something about my late great great grandfather?” at the nod of their heads, she smiled, “You shouldn’t, number one lesson, is not to trust your enemies when they offer you their friendly right hand. There is no book, next time please pay close attention, like, how can a very young girl like me know about the book my late great great great grandfather had written when it’s not in the market, think with your head and not with your anus.”

    “So what about our money?” one asked, coming out of his line.

    “Gone, just forget about it.”

    “First of all, you lied and took our money, that silver coin I gave to you, I have been saving it and you are telling me to forget it and that it’s gone? You are going to give me back my coin or else I am going to beat you black and blue if you don’t give me back my money, you are just a little kid.” he threatened.

    “Give us back our Money,” the others said in unison.

    “Come and collect your money.” Juno told them and before any of them would do something, the booming voice of Lord Emera was heard.

    “Stop!!” he walked towards them as the young men quickly composed themselves. “Juno, go inside, right now,” he told his daughter.

    Snorting loudly at them, Juno turned and left.

    “I know she tricked you into bringing out your money, right?” at their nods, he continued. “I am sorry for that, I will pay you back your money,” he apologized to them. “So follow me, let me show you where your training will begin.”


    Emperor Palace:

    Ariadne took him to the palace dining table where Storm saw three children, two boys and a girl who seem to be the oldest of them.

    Storm noticed the girl was staring at him with hatred in her eyes, he pushed his eyes off hers and concentrated on other things, like the chair he was sitting down on, a chair made of gold, and the decoration of the dining room.

    Ariadne sat down, his three children were seated on his right hand side and he made sure Storm was seated on the other hand. He clapped his hands once and the maids started bringing in food and water. Dishing out their food in their separate plates, a female servant was given a spoon which she used to taste the rice and soup, then tear some part of the fried chicken, this is to make sure no poison was inside the food.

    Everything was new to Storm who couldn’t tear his eyes away from them.

    “You can eat your food,” Ariadne said to Storm who nodded his head and began eating. “You look too skinny son.” he added and watched in amazement as Storm quickly finished eating his food. “If you still need more, you can have mine.”

    Without wasting time, Storm quickly took Ariadne food and cleaned the plate. Only when he finished eating did he drink water.

    “Thank you Sire,” Storm thanked and noticed the stares given to him by the other three who hadn’t touched their food yet.

    At that moment, the Empress walked in majestically with her personal maids and halts when she saw Storm.

    “What is this black demon doing here?” The Empress demanded angrily.

    “He is here to eat Rose.” Ariadne replied to her.

    “He is not welcome here, and you allowed this black demon to eat on the same table with my children, do you want him to kill them for me?”

    “Stop this Rose, he is my child and I won’t allow you to insult him like he has no one.”

    “But it is true, he has no one, if he does, where is that whore of his mother, where is she? Are you even sure he is your child? I want to see the face of the woman who had birthed this ugly child.” Empress Rose mocked. “Reca, Morgan and Fred, up to your feet and March to your rooms, I will bring your food to your rooms, go now, I don’t want you to bear this black devil.” she ordered and her children obeyed her, leaving the dining room one after the other.

    “Rose, don’t insult my son, he has my blood running through his veins and this should be the first and last time you refer to his mother as a whore, I won’t tolerate it next time, don’t push me to the wall.” Ariadne warned her, raising his voice at her, when he returned his gaze back to Storm, his anger was gone and he smiled at him. “Come, let’s go and check on your mother,” that moved storm quickly, standing up to his feet and didn’t hide his joy.

    He thought the important man was joking when he had promised him back in the room, but now he realized he wasn’t.

    Taking one of his little hands in his, Emperor Ariadne led the way outside and climbed a black horse which was decorated with golden and silver armour, carrying and putting Storm in front of him. The neighs from the horse alerted the guards who opened the huge gate for the Emperor, “So which way, my son?”

    Storm filled with happiness, pointed at the road which he remembered he and his mother taking and soon they left Ashland and entered the small kingdom of Altamon, the people of Altamon, seeing the horse and knowing who it belongs to, cleared the path for them, it was only then storm realized the important man wasn’t alone, some other horse riders who are guards were at their back.

    He pointed at a small house built with wood and Emperor Ariadne stopped his horse.

    Storm didn’t wait as he jumped down from the horse and ran towards the closed door, opened it and went in. He didn’t notice the blood on the door nor on the floor outside the house.

    When he entered the one room he shared with his mother, his happiness was gone from his face, no sign of his mother, he saw a lot of blood on the floor, and the room was scattered.

    Storm noticed the important man behind him and placed his hands on his shoulder.

    “Son, they found the dead body of your mother , someone killed her,” Emperor Ariadne said with sadness. “She was murdered.”

    “She left me and now she is gone, why would anyone want her dead? She is the only thing I have left in this world.”

    Emperor Ariadne wanted to rebuke him for saying such words but kept his tongue on check because the little boy wasn’t far from the truth, he wasn’t part of the boy’s life, yet.

    Storm was angry at his mother for leaving him behind and not taking him. He was also angry at himself for allowing his mother to trick him.

    Storm was so angry that he noticed the changes in the room.

    Emperor Ariadne noticed and his eyes nearly bulged out of its sockets, the little boy had his mother power.

    Every metal in the room levitated in the air.


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    (A Rebel For Love)


    Written by
    Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

    Chapter 3️⃣

    ❤️❤️ Separate Ways (Part 3) ❤️❤️

    Emperor Ariadne was quick to close the door behind before any of his personal assassin’s and guards saw it.

    “You have to calm down son, please,” he said and placed a hand on Storm, startling the young boy with his touch, the metals started falling down. “It’s okay, everything is okay, you still have me.”

    “You shouldn’t have let her go home last night,” Storm said, trying not to get angry at the important man in front of him, “Please take me to where you saw the body of my mother.” he pleaded and Emperor Ariadne did just that.

    He led Storm to the place where he had traced the blood, a burnt body lay there. The people who were once going around their daily activities, ignoring the burnt body, were seen gathering around.

    Storm went over to where the body lay, bent low and started inspecting it, after a while, he stood up and faced his father.

    “That’s not my mother,” he said to the surprise of Emperor Ariadne.

    “And how do you know that?” Emperor Ariadne asked.

    “The shape of her hands and besides, her left thumb was cut, she has no left thumb and this lady here has, which means this is another lady that was killed to make me believe she is my mother.” Storm explained to the surprise of Emperor Ariadne.

    “You are very intelligent, son,” Emperor Ariadne said with pride in his voice.

    “As someone who claimed to have known my mother, shouldn’t you know that this lady isn’t the one.”

    “That’s mean Phoenix is alive but has been kidnapped,” Emperor Ariadne said, ignoring his son statement and faces his guards, “Half of you should comb around in every part of Altamon, check if you will see any trace of a bandit.” he ordered and carried storm in his arms and went to where his horse is, he climbed on it and place Storm in his previous position, “Bury that woman and close the door, but my Royal deal on it, that should warn the people of Altamon not to trespass into the house, it now belongs to the Emperor.” saying that, he kicked his horse and started heading back to his palace with his invisible assassin’s.

    Reaching his palace quickly, he sent for his Warlord.


    Warlord and his daughter with her friend, Rumi, followed him to the palace, he was riding his horse while one of his warriors was leading the horse his daughter and Rumi were on, on his foot.

    Juno had persuaded him into allowing her to follow him.

    “I just want me and Rumi to see how the palace is… again” Juno whined.

    “No, you are going to cause trouble in the palace, go and help your mother in the kitchen.”

    “I am going to tell mother that I saw you at the traven with your friends telling them you want to take in another wife,”

    “But it wasn’t me who had said that.”

    “I saw you giving that friend of yours a go ahead which means you supported the idea, didn’t you?”

    “No, what do you expect me to do at that mome- wait a minute, how do you know of all these, where you at the traven that night?”

    “Yes, I and Rumi were outside, watching you through the traven window and luckily for us, you and your old friends were sitting beside the window. Just know the moment another woman walks into this place, this house, she is as good as dead, I will kill such a scoundrel in such a way, that the Creator will end her system of reincarnation. You don’t want your wife, my mother, to know you supported your friend in having a second wife and bringing me and Rumi to the traven.”

    “But you both came there on your own free will,”

    “On what proves father? What proof do you have?”

    Warlord Emera stared at his daughter for a minute, when he had prayed to the Creator for a son and the Creator answered his prayers and made his wife pregnant, he had hoped it would be a boy who will take over his position one day but instead, his wife gave birth to a girl. He had loved Juno when he set his eyes on her and made a promise to teach every martial art he knew, but now he is regretting it. How would he convince his ten year old daughter why he had supported his friend; his friend’s wife of 20 years had run away with her younger lover leaving behind her children. “Sometimes you don’t act like your age Juno and I know even if I tell you no, you will find a way inside the palace before I arrive, fine, you are coming with me, but you must promise not to cause any trouble.” The first time he had brought Juno to the palace, she had sneaked into the Empress room, wore her clothes and as if that wasn’t enough, she had commanded the Empress to dust her tiny feet. If not for the friendship he had with the Emperor, the Empress would have succeeded in having Juno head.

    At the age of 10, almost everyone in Ashland has had a taste of his troublesome daughter.

    “I promise father,” Juno said and they both used their eyes to threaten each other

    Warlord Emera (I won’t take you with me, stop me if you can.)

    Juno ( I know where you hide those expensive wines) Smirking (I will break all of them before you return.)

    “It’s a deal,” they both said at the same time and both shook their hands.


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    (A Rebel For Love)


    Written by
    Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

    Chapter 4️⃣

    ❤️❤️ Separate Ways (Part 4) ❤️❤️

    They soon arrived at the palace and were welcomed with open arms by the palace guards who recognized them.

    “Where is the Emperor?” Warlord demanded immediately he get down from his horse.

    “He is in his inner chamber my Lord waiting for you, he personally asked me to bring you to him once you arrive.” A guard replied to him, bowing his head slighting in respect.

    “Lead the way,” Warlord said to the guard and then turn to face his daughter, “Juno, you will stay here and do not cause any trouble for anyone, please,” Juno nodded her head and he turn his gaze at Rumi, “Watch out for your friend, make sure you both don’t get into trouble, but in case Juno doesn’t listen to you, you know what to do?” Rumi nodded her head and smiled at him. Warlord Emera went with the guard.

    “You greeted my father but not me, am I now too small for you guards to see? Don’t forget you all passed my father school who then spoke with the Emperor and you were given this very post, I can take it all from you after my father steps down,” Juno said to the guards.

    They started greeting her one after the other.

    “Next time, don’t make me remind you,” She said and entered the palace with Rumi.

    “You shouldn’t be talking to them in that way Juno, they are way older than you, if all of them decide to join hands and beat you, you will stand no chance against them.” Rumi told her friend.

    “That was why I started learning self defense at the age of two, I know how to take care of myself, and besides, I was there when they came to learn martial arts from my father, I was their senior.”

    “Even though, just be careful,” Rumi said and at that moment, Princess Rica and her two personal female servants were seen, heading towards them in the long corridor. Rumi greeted the Princess, by stopping and going down to her knees and bowing her head, making sure it touches the ground. The servants with the Princess, recognizing Juno, did the same. Rica and Juno both stared into the eyes of each other.

    “You again, don’t you know the rules yet, you bow down to the Princess, daughter to Emperor Ariadne,” Rica said after several minutes had passed and Juno made no movement in bowing down to her.

    “And now in that senseless brain of yours, you have spoken like a Princess which doesn’t even suit you, don’t forget that we risk our lives to protect you and your father, giving us sleepless nights while you and father both sleep peacefully, you should respect us. Anyway, Rica, respect yourself if you don’t want to cry and run to your mother,” Juno said without fear and dragged Rumi up to her feet, “Let’s go.” she added and started walking away.

    They continued walking down the corridor until they got to the end of the corridor, which led to the back of the palace, where they heard some voices mocking and laughing at someone who crying. Juno started heading towards the voices.


    After arriving, Emperor Ariadne took his son back to the room he had slept the previous night, it will be his room from now henceforth.

    “I will be back, you can wander around my son, feel free, this is your home,” Emperor Ariadne said and left his son before he could say anything.

    The first thing he had noticed was his bed which had been arranged. He sat down slowly on the bed and began thinking.

    She brought me to my father, he is my father, my papa, but then again, he wondered.

    Why would anyone want his mother dead? How did his mother know this powerful man, his father, and why did she hide it from him until now? If this powerful man is his father, why did his mother allow them to suffer for so long? Why lie to him and allow them to beg?

    He needed answers.

    So many questions, he got so many questions to ask his mother to get his answers. He waited for his father to come but he didn’t.

    Storm stood up from the bed and left his room, his father hasn’t come as promised, he is going to have a look around, and make sure he doesn’t encounter the Empress.

    His plan to run away using the secret passage in the garden couldn’t come to pass anymore, his mother has disappeared all of a sudden, probably kidnapped like his father had said, whoever that took her killed and burned another person, but why?

    He walked the long corridor and came out in the open, he saw some servants who were busy with their work. He saw a robust woman with four of her apprentices, all females who were watching her making and mixing some herbs, for tea for the Emperor and his household. When he tried to go closer to peer at the pot, he was pushed roughly to the ground by one of the apprentices and they started laughing at him, which drew the attention of servants around them.

    “No matter how you wash that skin of yours, the smell of a street rat’s stench still follows you around, you’re a ugly black demon, your eyes should be plucked out,” the robust woman said, which made all of them start laughing at him.

    He tried standing up but another servant kicked him and that sent him flying a few meters away from them, he sat upright, sitting on the ground.

    The whispering started and Storm could bear the hurtful words he was hearing anymore, he started crying as he couldn’t hold back his tears anymore.

    It wasn’t a crime to look different?

    “What’s going on here?” The cold chilling voice of Juno was heard and all the whispering and laughter ceased. Storm froze when the new female voice sounded behind him, another tormentor, he couldn’t look at her, he stared at the ground before him.

    “We are laughing at this devil child,” one of the male servants answered, laughing out a little as he pointed at Storm.

    Going to stand in front of him, Juno bends down to lift his head gently with one of her hands, brown eyes widened when it met with two mismatched color eyes. Storm’s right eyeball was white and his left eyeball was red.

    Juno couldn’t look away as they stared at each other. She broke the gaze and stared at his clothes instead.

    “Tell me, who among the illiterate mumpsimus made you cry?”


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    (A Rebel For Love)


    Written by
    Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

    Chapter 5️⃣

    ❤️❤️ Separate Ways (Part 5) ❤️❤️

    Storm was quiet.

    “Tell me, don’t be scared, I won’t do anything to them anything.” Juno assured him with a smile.

    “All of them, but they started it first,” Storm said, pointing at the servants making herbs.

    “We received orders from the Empress herself to torture this smelling street brat and then, she gave us permission that we can hit him as we like pissy miss,” the head woman making the tea herb said with a smirk. They are all acting base on the instructions on the Empress, that boy hasn’t seen it all, his is just the beginning, he will wish for death soon.

    “Oh, I see, the Empress again,” Juno mused and went over to meet her, “Sorry again, what did you say again?”

    “I think you heard me perfectly well,” the woman said, crossing her arms around her.

    “Not about the Empress giving you a go ahead to punish this cute boy, but about the last two parts.”

    “You mean the pissy miss?” The woman asked and then smiled, “That’s what you are.”

    “You shouldn’t have called me that,” Juno said and forcefully kicked the pot of herbs out of the fire, and made it pour directly into the body of the robust woman.

    Her shout and screams attracted everyone in the palace and the Emperor with Warlord Emera left what they were discussing and rush to the scene when they both heard the scream. They both saw what was happening.

    “What’s going on here?” The Empress Rose and Emperor Ariadne asked at the same time.

    The servants there started pouring cold water on the woman screaming.

    “She poured the tea herb pot we were preparing on her,” one of the servants answered.

    “Wait a minute, who is she?” Juno asked, pointing at the screaming woman on the ground.

    “Juno, that’s the woman taking care of all the herbs in this palace,” Warlord Emera said, pinching the bridge of his nose, he was embarrassed once again.

    “Oh, I didn’t know that, I thought she looked like the woman who stole my mother’s Jewel and ran away,” Juno said, going to meet the woman, knee down beside her and then proceeded to press her neck on the pretence of helping her.

    “That doesn’t give you the right to touch any of my workers,” Empress Rose said. “For touching them, I shall have you flogged 100 strokes of cane.”

    “My Empress–” Warlord Emera began to say, trying to plead with the Empress but got interrupted by his daughter.

    “Just because you have the title of an Empress doesn’t give you the right to treat others like trash, you told them to beat him, right,” she said pointing at Storm and went to meet the Emperor pointing and touching his stomach with her index finger. “They don’t have the right to treat him like that, you are the Emperor for crying out loud, use your goddamn fucking brain the Creator gave to you.”

    There was a brief silence after Juno’s little speech.

    “I am so sorry for her words my kind Emperor, please forgive her, she is just a little child.” Warlord Emera began to beg but Emperor Ariadne wasn’t staring at him or Juno, he was staring at Storm.

    “My son, what happened?” Emperor Ariadne asked, glancing at Storm from head to toe, he saw how the clothes he was wearing were crumbled and filled with dirt.

    “They laughed at me and then pushed me to the floor, they could have done more if she hadn’t arrived,” he didn’t have to say the name for the Emperor to know who he was referring to.

    “I am so sorry for whatever they did to you son, and thank you my daughter for standing up for him. I will make sure this comes to an end,” Emperor Ariadne said, surprising Warlord Emera as he thanked his daughter.

    Juno crossed her arms across her chest and started breathing heavily dramatically as if she fought against the whole world and won.

    “And as for you, all of you that laid a hand on my son are fired,” he said and his eyes mistakenly met with Juno, “In fact you all are fired.”

    “Storm, come with me,” Emperor Ariadne said and placed a hand on the shoulder of Warlord Emera, “We will continue our discussion another day my good friend, but start preparing them, I am going to be needing them sooner than later,” he added and left with Storm.

    “Let’s go home,” Warlord Emera said to his daughter and Rumi, and then faced the Empress, bowing his head in respect, “So sorry for what my daughter might have caused, we shall take our leave now.” he added, and left with the two girls.


    Emperor Ariadne took Storm to his room and made sure he had his bath again and was given another set of Fred clothes to wear.

    “I have sent for the royal cloth maker, he will be arriving soon,” Emperor Ariadne said as Storm joined him in on the bed. “I know you know what you did today in that place.” He added, speaking of what Storm did back then in that room in Altamon village.

    Storm was quiet. “I don’t know what you are talking about…… Papa,”

    “You don’t have to hide it from me,” Emperor Ariadne said with a smile, he was so happy hearing Storm calling him ‘Papa’. “See,” he said and lifted up one of his hands towards his mirror made of metal, it lifted up by itself which amazed and shocked Storm. He watched as the mirror floated in the air and suddenly, it dropped to the ground, crashing hard and breaking into many pieces.

    “Your highness are you alright?” the voices of his assassin guards outside his room were heard asking in concern.

    “I am alright, just a little mistake don’t come in yet until I say so,” Emperor Ariadne said with difficulty, his voice which sounded as if he was in pain prompted Storm to look at his father, the sight terrified Storm. Blood was coming out from his nose, ears and mouth.

    “Are you hurt, Papa?”

    “No, well, a little, yeah” Emperor Ariadne fumbled with his words, “You saw what I did now, right?” Storm nodded his head and he continued, “That’s what you did back then in that room, you are like me, a mentalist, but unlike you, my power was taken away from me by him but not my strength and will to survive.”

    “Why was it taken away from you? And your eyes are the same, not like mine which are different, why?”

    “Do you know that there is another Emperor, who rules the north and west kingdoms, and I rule the east and south kingdoms?”

    “I don’t know that,” Storm said, “I thought you are the only Emperor we have.” he added.

    “Of course not, your mother wouldn’t tell you, let me tell you a short story of two brothers and a Amazon warrior head guard priestess of Myrina. Her name was Phoenix.”

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