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    Possessed me ✖️ ✖️ ✖️ ✖️
    re-edited ✅ ✅

    episode 1 (✖️ ✖️)
    Hi my name is Joshua,😊 I had a succubus since when I became a teenager,a succubus was like a marine wife who comes to have sex, every night with me, her name was Delilah, since I became 13 when I started getting matured, I will see this Delilah in my dream and we had sex, I never told my parents or anyone, this kept on happening, till I was 16 years when I discovered it was actually a demon 👹 , when I came across a book my dad bought. it became a big problem, she started coming to me in the real life, I had to tell my parents, I was taken for deliverance, I was prayed for and the pastor told my parent I was free from this evil spirit, three days I didnt see her, I was happy to be cured but on the fourth day she came back, this time in real life and when I wanted to shout, she used her magical powers to seal my lips!
    Oh no am in big trouble.

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    Possesssed me ✖️ ✖️ ✖️ ✖️
    Re-Edited ✅ ✅
    .episode 2 \ ٠ \G\:K
    she threatened to kill me if I tell anyone, although I began to enjoy her presence but it was kind of weird, anytime she sees me with a girl, she gets annoyed, no body could see her except me, we started living like couples, my parents were the always working type 👨‍💼 👩‍💼, they didn’t actually have time for me e😌 but when I got to know her, I didnt see her as a bad thing anymore, I had sex from a young age making my sexual urge to increase.I hardly talk to girls and beside they weren’t as beautiful as Delilah, not even her match when it comes to complexion or shape, Delilah has a body of indefinite creation. lam the only child and my dad work with M.T.N line service, he leaves around 6:30am just to meet up and my mum walks in the petroleum company, same with her she leaves around 7 and both of them comes back around 11.so you can see how lonely I am, so I have time for Delilah. ✨ ✨ ✨
    Joshua :Honey am home! 😊 *am talking to Delilah, although am the only one who sees her*
    Delilah:Have been dying for you to be back from that stupid school
    Joshua:*smiles*And am back now 😊
    Delilah:I suggest you stop going to school, since your parents dont stay at home, they won’t know
    Joshua:you know I can’t do that
    Delilah:What if I made you the most intelligent man, I’ll make you know everything you are suppose to be wasting years learning, I’ll make you learn it just in one day 😃 \ ٠ \G\:D
    Joshua:woah! its not possible 😲
    Delilah:let’s have a round and you’ll see 😉 *I was still in my school uniform, she dragged me with my tie in a sexy way and threw me on the bed, she unzipped my trousers and my dick bulged out, I dont where boxers because Delilah can come for sex anytime, my dick size was 11inch erected and fat, thick and huge, I know right impressive but I think its Delilah powers that increase me that that size at 17 years old*
    Delilah :fuck, I like it when I suck your dick*sucking my hard cock, taken all of dick into her throat, I couldn’t help it but moaned softly Delilah was exactly like the porn videos I watched and was better, I have never seen a girl completely deep throat a large dick before, the way Delilah does it, Delilah completely swallow my cock and it was covered with her saliva as she came up to kiss me, Delilah was my everything, my first kiss, my first sex, my first crush, I was soo much in love with her, I never notice any girl apart from Delilah.
    we kissed passionately and she sat on me putting her boobs into my mouth and the inserting my large dick slowly into her world of hotness, she rode me nice and slowly and moaned as I sucked her massive pink nipples and kiss her, I took control and started to thrust faster and deeper into Delilah, it was great, as she moaned,
    Delilah:Fuck me harder! harder with the speed of lightening, you bad boy*And she was good in saying nasty words*
    Delilah Prov**\ ٠ \G\:P
    *My name is Delilah, am from a kingdom known as the Underworld, 💀 we are known as humans to be incubus (male) and succubus (female), what a stupid name to call us, some humans call us mami water or spirit husband or wife, damn with humans, although we exist because of humans, I was born 1000years before Joshua, I was told that my husband will be Joshua when I was just 16 years old and I was waiting for this Joshua of a guy, when he was born I was happy to see my husband as I watched him grew.My sexual urge was unlimited. I ❤️ love Joshua very much, I can’t allow him to be with another girl, I give him what any other girl will give to her man and more than other girls, I have powers, Joshua is a handsome 😍 guy, I made him more handsome, to be irresistible, he had many crush but love me.
    I love it when he fucked me hard and after two rounds he cummed into me, as I felt a hot thing rushing into my body, it was so good 😍

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    \ ٠ \G\:S possessed me ✖️ ✖️
    episode 3
    Delilah:Fuck! I love it when you come in me
    Joshua:Now grant me your promise
    Delilah:*smile*its done already*Her eyes turned blue and went back to normal*
    Joshua:yea! I feel it!
    Delilah:No more school!
    Joshua :of course *I didnt go to school anymore, when ever a teacher or the principal tried to call or visit my parents to ask about why I stopped school, Delilah used her powers on them.
    **Angel’s Prov **
    *I love Joshua, even though Joshua dont talk to anyone in class even the boys, he talks to no one, he’ve been my crush and suddenly he is no longer coming to school, anytime the teachers want to call to know what happened, it suddenly feel like they forgot, I’ve missed seeing him, even though he never noticed me, which is weird, am the most beautiful girl in the school as a whole,All the boys are after me except Joshua and it seems he’s the one I really love, I just wish he could notice me for once.Should I go visiting?? visiting someone who never noticed me for once, even talked to me! should I just mind my business *
    Angel:Bestie do you think I should go visit Joshua
    Ella:Gosh! whats wrong with you!the guy doesn’t even notice you and even if he do and I dont he likes you
    Ella:There’s more to than meet the eye
    Angel:What do you mean??
    Ella:that guy is not ordinary, there’s something about him, that I can’t just tell
    *What is Ella talking about, although I know Joshua is the strangest kid I have ever seen, he is damn intelligent, fucking handsome, never talks to anyone, never ask questions or answer question, never eaten in the class, never done anything fun! damn Ella is right, he behaves like,, like a ghost! but what ever it is, the love I have for him will not be quench, I must be his savior *
    **Joshua Prov **
    *After 5 rounds, Delilah was still begging for more *
    Joshua:Do you want to kill Me??Every day we have sex, yesterday was 6 rounds, I know its your powers that is keeping me alive or else I have been dead meat a long time ago.
    Delilah :please! one more and I won’t disturb you
    Joshua:I am really tired, when I wake up na
    Delilah:hmm*she looked at me in anger and vanished, just then someone knocked on the door, who could that possibly be, it can’t be my parents, who is this person na, I grumbled and went to the door, I was shock to see a girl I usually see in my class, I dont even remember her name*
    **Angel Prov **
    *God, my heart beat skipped just seeing him, wow he’s more handsome, he has started growing a goatee, soo matured*
    Angel:um.. I.. I just came to know why you haven’t been in school
    **Joshua Prov **
    *what should I say now?? just then everything looked frozen and I could notice a fly froze, not moving, even Angel, it was Delilah, she froze time*
    Joshua:what are you doing??
    Delilah:I will kill her
    Joshua:you dare not
    Delilah :Are you daring me?
    Joshua:No am not but dont
    Delilah :what are you going to say?? she loves you for her to come her, how dare she
    Joshua :And you know I dont love her, so dont kill her, as long as I dont cheat
    *All of a sudden, I saw Angel snapping her fingers saying hello! Joshua? are you alright, she made it to look like I was in deep thoughts *
    Joshua:oh sorry, I dont need school anymore, am taken home lessons. \ ٠ \G\:I
    Angel:home lessons??
    Joshua:yes, my teacher left few minute ago
    Angel:okay I wanted to give you this book *handing over a book to me, title “love”, damn Delilah is going to kill her, I won’t let it happen*
    Angel:so, bye then*she said in a sad tone and she left, I shut the door and there was Delilah dropping two plates of rice on the dinning table *
    Delilah:she dare gave you a love book, according to my research on human, it means love
    Joshua:Haha, who did she think she loves*I walked over to Delilah who was sitting to eat*
    Delilah:come and eat*I sat beside her and eat her delicious food*
    Joshua:wow hunny your food is the best
    Delilah:Thanks hunny, eat up let’s have sex

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    Ppossessed me ✖️ ✖️ ✖️
    episode 4

    *I don’t know but I have been thinking about Angel since that day, I wanted to call her or we her but I know my wife 😒 the jealousy Delilah will kill her 😪, in the next one month I became tired, sex wasn’t anything anymore, I derived no pleasure like I used to, this is because I had sex everyday and each day up to 4 rounds, she’s treating me like a toy 😡 but I was powerless 😭 *
    Delilah:Hey love, your parents are going to church and I dont want you to follow them, I’ll use my powers
    Joshua :stop it will you?? it only thing you know is I’ll use my powers and nothing else, can you imagine being powerless,? you’ll be dead meat by now!
    Delilah:how dare you talk to me like that, am I your mate?? what is it that a man desire that I dont give to you, everyday I give you sex, food, food as you wish 😡
    Joshua :😡 thats it Delilah! Am tired! I need a break*walking out on her, what rubbish, what a thing *
    **Delilah prov**
    *Joshua is changing, it seems my powers arent walking on him any longer, all this began when his stupid classmate visited him,Joshua is my source of power, our relationship is what has kept me alive, the sex we have increases my power, once Joshua loves me no more,I’ll lose my powers over him and once he doesn’t believe am existing am dead. No I can’t let this happen?? I’ll kill Angel!
    I moved in thin air and Angel was in the church, I have no powers to enter into the church, especially churches were they are real men of God, I know I’ll be detected through prayers,so I decided to kill her in her sleep. That night I appeared to her in a dream I created, *
    *in the dream*
    Angel:who are you?? why do you want to kill me? *Running away from me as I held a knife in my hands*
    Delilah:you dont deserve to live! *as I ran towards her, she shouted “Blood of Jesus”I could feel like a huge ball of fire hit my chest and I was loose, I disappeared and Angel woke up*
    *Angel prov**
    *I had the most terrible dream, it looked real to me, I quickly picked my bible which was under my pillow and began to pray very well*
    Delilah prov**
    *I could have died, that girl carries the fire of God, but I must kill her, I know what to do, my chest was really burning me and I lost some powers, I looked at Joshua who was already deep in sleep, I needed to charge up but his asleep so I’ll do it from his sleep, from his sleep, I dont usually enjoy it but I get more powers because it has to do with the spiritual realm, so its spirit to spirit, which charges me faster and quick. I had sex with him in his dreams and I was fully energize, to get Angel I have to make her do something offensive in the sight of God, and I know the perfect trap for her.

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    possessed me
    episode 5 edited
    *The next morning*
    Delilah:Josh, am sorry for the way I have been treating you.*I was shocked 😲 by Delilah’s words, was she for real?? *
    Joshua:you?? sorry?? 😒
    Delilah:Yes, its just that you know I love you*I think she’s up to something*
    Joshua:what are you up to Delilah 😏?
    Delilah:Nothing, I just dont want to lose you that’s why but I feel sad for my actions.
    Joshua:Really?! *wow 😲 am shocked, it seems she’s changing for real?? *
    Delilah:Today is Saturday, you could go visit Angel*
    Joshua:wow thats nice for you.
    Delilah:But dont fall in love with her, eat before you go*she served me a plate of my favourite food, chips 🍟 and sauce 🍲 😋 *
    **Delilah prov**
    *Good 😒 my plans are going to work, I added w love, irresistible portion to his food*
    *Joshua prov*
    *wow, I ate up and I immediately went to Angel’s house*
    Angel prov**
    *I heard a knock on the door, my parents arent usually around, I thought it was the garbage ♻️ man, I opened the door and I was shocked 😲 to see 🙊 Josh! *
    Angel:H.. ii. hi
    Joshua :Hey, I just thought I come visiting. can I come in??
    Angel:sure, why not*opening the door wider as the love of my life walks in 🚶, immediately I perceived the fragrance around him, it was strange, I was uncontrollably horny, within seconds I was dripping 💦 wet , Jesus, what’s going on to my body, this has never happened before, my nipples were as hard as rock and I came in to with Joshua*
    Angel:would you excuse me for a minute*I quickly went to my home, I couldn’t help it but rubbed my clit, which made me moan badly, I couldn’t just control my body anymore. *
    **Joshua Prov*
    *There’s this strange feeling, sensation I started feeling, my dick was erected 🍆, dammit! what is this? what am I trying to get myself into?? but I couldn’t help myself at all, I decided to check on Angel, I wanted to tell her something came up and I have to leave, cos this strange feelings am having can lead to something really nasty. I was soo shocked 😲 when I saw Angel, rubbing her clit hard and moaning, it aroused me, making my painfully harder
    *Angel prov**
    * I couldn’t just stop, then I noticed someone was a my door,, it was josh! *
    Angel:shit! *I said feeling ashamed of myself, as I quickly ran to close my door, what do I do now?? I really need sex to calm myself. I remembered I had God, I quickly took my bible and began to pray to give me self control
    **Joshua prov**
    *I quickly ran out of the house, going back home, I know who has this kind of powers, it was Delilah, why will she be doing this?? I am 100% sure she’s the one. Am going home to confront her once and for all.
    **Delilah prov**
    *No!!! my plan failed! I never knew she could resist, now she’s back to her God, who is protecting her from me! right now, I should be thinking on how to handle Joshua.\ ٠ \G\:Q I’ll make him forget all about today. As soon as he barges in, he started shouting on me*.
    Joshua:How dare you Delilah, I know its you! you are evil!
    Delilah:Sweet dreams *I said and snapped my fingers and he fell, I used my powers to drop him on the bed, This Angel is a big problem, I need to handle her once and for all. What else should I do. This girl is pissing me off*
    *Angel prov*
    *After my prayers, my body was calm, like I was under a spell, could it be it was joshua’s doing?? to make me defile my body?? I don’t really know Joshua to well! I went downstairs and I discovered Joshua has left since, I was soo ashamed of myself and I asked God for forgiveness, I know Josh will be ashamed too 😌 😌 😌 😌 phew 😥

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    possessed me
    episode 6

    *Angel prov*

    *It was on Sunday, as we prepared to go to church ⛪️, in my family 👪, its just me and my little brother and my 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 parents you see its just a perfect 👌 family. That day, our pastor, pst William called me in his office after service*
    pst William:Good afternoon my child
    Angel:Good Afternoon sir
    Pst William:The lord told me your classmate Joshua is under a great evil force.
    Pst William :yes, *could it be the strange things going on? *
    Angel:what kind of Evil force?
    Pst William : He has been attached to the kingdom of darkness since birth. And he needs deliverance.
    Angel:I dont think he will want to come here.
    Pst William:dont worry, next week Sunday you’ll take me there.
    *Delilah prov**
    *No!!!!!!!if that man 👨‍of God comes I am doomed, I must get Angel before next week Sunday, I am not just being destroyed because of some brat that calls her self a girl, who do she think she is??? Joshua’s savior?? his Angel?? she must crazy, I will make sure she has a painful death and very slow one. But I have to think of a plan, what should I do?? oh this can’t be my end?? why its hard, is because she’s untouchable. Then I got an idea, in less than three days I made Josh’s parents got promotion in their jobs that they had to start working in Charlotte, a place in U.S.A and before Saturday, the moved. I was soo happy, if Joshua is taken from me am doomed for life. *
    Angel prov**
    *After church ⛪️ service, I took pst William to their house, only for us to go there and we were told they had travel aboard, due to promotions given to them*
    pst William :This is the work of the demon 👹, Her name is Delilah, the second daughter of The Satan, but God is stronger than they are. If you want God’s help, we have to pray seriously, let’s go back to the church ⛪️
    Angel :I was getting scared 😱 where this was going to, but I have faith in God. *
    *Joshua prov **
    *I know its not a coincidence both of my parents got promoted the same time and the same day, when they arent working in the same place, this is Delilah’s work. But what is she planing to do. later that night after arranging the home and having dinner 🌾 *
    Delilah:Baby, you know I haven’t disturb you for sex for some days now 😊, I want it now
    Joshua:Me too 😋 I have missed you*I dont know why I love Delilah so much, before you could blink 👀, we were already kissing each other and I held Delilah tightly 😆 and started to massage her breast, her floppy huge breast, she moaned and started flinching her sharp fingernails into my hair, I quickly pulled my boxers and she pulled down her pants like a hungry Lioness and I sucked her Pussy and she moaned softly, pleasant to my ear 👂 and I slide my cock from the back and started to pound her as fast as I could go, going deeper at every thrust and finally after 10 minutes i cummed hard Joshua:Me too 😋 I have missed you*I dont know why I love Delilah so much, before you could blink 👀, we were already kissing each other and I held Delilah tightly 😆 and started to massage her breast, her floppy huge breast, she moaned and started flinching her sharp fingernails into my hair, I quickly pulled my boxers and she pulled down her pants like a hungry Lioness and I sucked her Pussy and she moaned softly, pleasant to my ear 👂 and I slide my cock from the back and started to pound her as fast as I could go, going deeper at every thrust and finally after 10 minutes i cummed hard into her*
    Delilah:You are the source of my life, no one can take you away from me
    Joshua:you too hun*I discovered something, anytime I have sex with Delilah, I loose a type of energy I can’t explain, its normal to loose energy during sex but I find something missing from my body everytime I have sex with Delilah. \ ٠ \G\:L
    *Delilah prov**
    *I wasn’t myself, how did that pastor know my name

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