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    New story 🔥

    Title:- ON MY MASTER’S BED 🔞

    Subtitle:- Nicklaus’s Addiction 🌹

    Genre:- Romance.

    Tags:- Assistant, billionaire, CEO, ruthless, betrayal, s**, rivals, love triangle!

    Written by:- Racheal Dennis.


    Male Lead:- Nicklaus Wilhelm Statham.

    6ft4 tall, strong abs, typical white boy with thick jet black hair….27years old.

    Bast*rd multi-billionaire!

    Cold and ruthless businessman!

    Owns chains of companies and hotels… Loves isolating himself, prefers his personal space!

    Allergies:- Women!


    Female Lead:- Anastasia Lopez.

    5ft8 tall, a shade of blue, big, round eyes.

    An oval shaped face, flawless skin with brunette, long hair… 21years old.

    Warm and cheerful.

    An undergraduate that does all kinds of day job to save her little brother!

    Smiles through any situation!


    Marcus Aurelius:- Nicklaus’s best and childhood friend.

    Matilda Jane Spears:- Anastasia’s best friend.

    Ms Bell Lopez:- Anastasia’s Aunt.

    Claudia Marie Murray:- Nicklaus’s personal assistant.


    New characters will be added as the story goes on!

    So what do you think of this new story?

    What comes into your mind as you see the title ON MY MASTER’S BED!


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    Nicklaus’s Addiction 🔥

    Chapter 1

    Written by: Racheal Dennis


    Anastasia’s pov 👠

    “Miss Lopez, we have limited time!” He paused and checked a file, then shakes his head.

    He takes off his eyeglass and wipes it softly before wearing it back.

    He pushes his eyeglasses up and balances it on his nose.

    I adjust myself on the chair and lean on the table, worry clearly written in my face.

    “What do you mean, doc?” I asked in a scared voice.

    I’m scared of what he’s gonna say, I wish he won’t say it but he must say it.

    “You must prepare yourself, because the medications aren’t working effectively any longer. We need to carry out the operation soon!”

    “Soon? How soon?” I asked.

    Doctor Hemsworth stares at me briefly and sighed.

    “Maximum of 40 days, or you should get yourself ready for a funeral”

    Funeral?! I shake my head, funeral is out of the options! It’s not an option!

    “Doc, last time you told me that there’s a donor… what happened now? Why can’t we use it?”

    Doctor Hemsworth opens a drawer behind him and rampages through it.

    He takes out a file and drops it on his table, pushing it to me.

    I pick it up and opens it, I don’t understand a thing… I’m just staring at it cluelessly.

    “Before we do any transplant, we carry out series of test to make sure everything is ok with the donor….”

    He trails off and stares at me to know if I’m actually listening to him, which of course I am!

    “… we did bunch of test on Mr Scott…”

    “Mr Scott?” I interrupt him.

    “Yes, the donor!”

    “Oh.. ok” I gesture him to continue.

    He clears his throat and leans back on his chair.

    “We found out Mr Scott isn’t as healthy as he claimed to be….”

    Not as healthy as he claimed? Did he catch a strange disease? But that shouldn’t affect his….

    “…. He was a smoker, he started smoking since twelve.. so, his lungs are damaged which kinda affected his kidneys…”

    I look at him anxiously, praying he won’t say what I dreaded most.

    “… Hence we couldn’t use his kidney anymore. We’ll look for someone healthy and you’ll buy one of his kidneys”

    “How much?” I asked.

    Doctor Hemsworth shuts his eyes briefly, he takes a deep breath and smiles encouragingly at me.



    My mouths hangs open unable to complete my sentence. Right now, my head is growing bigger.. getting too heavier for my neck to carry.

    9 million?! Where on earth will I get 9 million?!

    “Miss Lopez?” Doctor Hemsworth waves his hand across my face.

    I blinked and stare at him blankly.

    “Doctor, ca..can’t we find another alternative?”

    “I’m afraid not, we’ve tried all alternatives already. The operation can’t be delayed any longer!”

    I leans back on my chair and rub my forehead.. this 9million has given me a sudden headache.

    “But I don’t have such money, can’t we get a cheaper one?”

    “No! I estimated 9million, because we are trying to look into some charity organizations.. to see if we can find a donor!”

    I sighed. 9million is a very huge amount of money, my account is currently reading $2,000 and that’s my life’s saving!

    “Miss Lopez, I’d advise you start planning on how to get the money ready…”

    I rolled my eyes inwardly, tell me something I don’t know!

    “… that boy really can’t wait. But we’ll still try to keep him alive in as much as the medications are still working… just hurry up a little bit!”

    “Thank you, doctor!”

    He takes Mr Scott’s file from the table and keeps it back in the drawer.

    I get up, pick my jacket and bag, I stretch out my hand and shake hands with doctor Hemsworth.

    “Thank you, doc. I should go see my brother before I leave!”

    “Ok! Oh… tell your aunt to go home and get some rest sometimes, staying up all night isn’t too good for her health at her age!”

    I nod and head out.


    Standing outside my brother’s ward, I took a deep breath and wipe away my sad expression.

    I put on my most happiest expression and wear a very wide and bright smile… I knock the door lightly before opening it.

    “Is there any Denzel here?”

    Denzel raises his head and a smile appears on his face.

    He wanted to hop off the bed but I quickly rush to him and stop him before he could.

    “Easy, boy!” I told him.. you can’t blame me for being careful.

    His arms encircles my neck and he rests his head on my shoulder.

    “Anna, you’re here!” He said.

    “Yeah, and I brought mangoes!”

    He removes his arms from me and sits on his bed in anticipation.

    I bring out five mangoes from my bag and puts them on a plate on the table.. he reaches for one but I lightly hit his hand.

    “Hey, wait until they’re washed!”

    “Awwwn!” He whines and I laugh at him.

    I raffles his hair and hold his face in my palms.

    “So… how is handsome Denzel doing today?”

    “I’m fine! Here….”

    He reaches for a drawing book next to him on the bed and shows me a page where drew….

    Ah! I don’t even know what he drew! But I guess it’s some cartoons.

    “… Look, Anna, I drew hulk and captain America!”

    “Oh… ”

    I take a closer look and frown, why doesn’t they look like the hulk and captain America I know?

    Anyway, I give him a big thumbs up.

    “… Beautiful, awesome!” I smile overly sweet at him.

    He narrows his eyes and folds his arms on his chest, he points his tiny finger at my face.

    “You’re lying! My drawing is bad!” He said.

    I shake my head, keeping a serious expression.

    He monitors my expression a few more minutes then breaks into a bright smile.

    Actually, his artistic skills are so darn poor but I can’t let him know that… you can’t get Denzel back in a good mood after making him sad.

    “Tomorrow I’ll draw our family album!” He said.

    “Good, but please don’t make me look like a monkey this time”

    He pause and studies my face with a raised eyebrow.

    “But you look like a monkey!”

    I bared my teeth at him and he laughs. I look around and notice my aunt is not here.

    As if he read my thoughts, he said.

    “Aunt went to get some hot water!”

    I sighed and nod, a moment of silence falls on us and lasted a little longer.

    Denzel leans on me and rests his head on my chest.

    “Anna, doctor Hemsworth visited me earlier this morning!”

    “He did?”

    He nods.

    “What did he say?”

    “Hmm, he said I’m getting better and I’ll soon go back home and resume school”

    He’s getting better?! I wish it’s true.. doctor Hemsworth told him the exact opposite of his situation.

    “… is that true?”

    His question pulled me back to reality.

    “Is what true?”

    “Is it true that I’m gonna go home soon? Did you visit him? Did he tell you I’m getting better too? Did he tell you how strong I am?”

    His questions suddenly makes me emotional, I feel tears brimming in my eyes.. but I quickly blink them away.

    He’s really strong.. very strong. It’s not easy for a 9years old to be suffering from kidney disease and still be as lively as him.



    He raises his head and stares at me with a cute, inquisitive frown.

    “Why are you not answering me”

    “Sorry, I was thinking about an interview I have by 10am!”

    “Oh.. but is it true?” He asked again.

    I guess he’s referring to his question from earlier.

    “Yes, he said you’re getting a lot better but you shouldn’t stress yourself too much or….” I trail off.

    “Or what?”

    “He might extend your stay here!”

    He scoffs unbelievably.

    “That’s not true, Anna. He said he’ll let me go home if I continue to be a good boy.. and aunt said I’ve been quite good!”

    I almost laugh out loud. If only he knew doctor Hemsworth is just saying that to make him happy.

    “Hmm.. well, then, continue to be a good boy and don’t run about ok!”

    He nods and lets out a yawn.

    “Can I lean more on you, I wanna sleep!” I nod and he leans more and closes his eyes.

    Few minutes later, he’s fallen asleep on me. I gently lays him on his bed and covers him with a blanket.

    I stare at his carefree face and smile…I wish he wasn’t so unlucky to have caught this disease.

    I lean down and kisses his cheek… don’t worry, Denzel.. I’ll work hard to save money for you…even if I have to sell myself!

    I hear the sound of knob twisting and turns back, it’s my aunt.

    “Anna!” She calls me, smiling.

    I signal her to lower her voice and gesture towards Denzel’s sleeping form.. she mouths oh and walk in a lighter step towards me.

    She stops in front of me and looks me all over.

    “Anna, you’re becoming thinier… Are you not eating enough?” She asked with a frown, still accessing me.

    I laugh lightly.

    “Aunt, I have enough food back home” I reply her… Which is a big fat lie.

    “Oh, I see… It must be because you don’t get enough rest….”

    She drops the flask in her hand on the small table in front of us and take my hands in hers.

    Oh God! I know where this is going….

    “I know things are hard now and you’re working hard for us… but don’t forget to rest and eat.. don’t forget to read your books…..”

    I tone her off since I already memorize all she’s about to say.. she tells me this everytime I visit.

    “… do you understand me?”

    “Yes, Aunt, I understand!”

    She smiles and glances at Denzel before turning back to me.. she caresses my hair.

    “Did you meet with doctor Hemsworth?”


    “What did he say? I have been asking him and he keeps telling me Denzel is getting better…”

    She sighs.

    “.. but I feel like he’s hiding something from me!”

    I wanted to tell her the truth but recalling doctor Hemsworth’s advise, I decided against it.

    “Aunt, Denzel is really getting better, don’t think too much!”

    She stares at me as if she doesn’t believe me.

    “Are you sure?”

    “Yes, Aunt!”


    Blaring of my ringtone cuts her off, I quickly reach for it inside my bag and sees Matilda’s name (my best friend) flashing on the screen.

    “Aunt, let me take this… It’s Matilda!”

    Aunt nods and I quickly press the answer button.

    “Hello, Mat….”

    “Don’t hello Matilda me, miss Lopez!” She screams and I move the phone away from my ear.

    Her voice is so loud that even aunt can hear her even without the phone been on speakerphone.

    “Where the hell are you, Tasia?!”

    I open my mouth to speak but her voice comes up again.

    “Have you forgotten about your interview by 10am? It’s starting now… Where. Are. You?”

    I release a nervous laugh and grab my jacket from the bed, I signal my aunt that I’m leaving.

    She nods and pecks my forehead, she waves me to leave. I wave her and hurry out of the ward.

    “Tasia? Tasia, are you still there?”

    “Er… Tilda, I’m.. er….”

    What should I tell her, that I’m still at the hospital? She’s so gonna be livid if I tell her that.

    “Don’t tell me you’re not even close”

    “Ok.. I won’t tell you that”

    I hear a bang and I smile, I said it.. she’s gonna be so angry.

    “Why aren’t you there yet? Have you forgotten so soon how difficult it was for us to get….”

    I roll my eyeballs.

    “Fine, fine, Tilda, I’m heading there now!”

    She pause, then I hear her taking deep breaths to calm herself down.

    “You really know how to rile me up!”

    I laugh and she joins me.

    “You’re lucky you have my baby with you, or I swear I don’t know how you’ll make it in time!”

    Her baby.. that’s her old, rusty truck which she inherited from her grandpa.

    I stop in front of the truck, I open the door and throw my bag in the passenger seat… I hop in.

    “Alright, Tilda, we’ll talk later.. I’m about to hit the road!”

    “Ok.. good luck, girly!”

    “Thanks, I guess I really need that!”

    “Muaaah!” She makes a long kissing sound.


    I hang up and step on the gas. I check my time, it’s 9:49am… God, I have just ten minutes to get there.

    God help me!


    Finding a space in the parking lot, I park my car and step out… I walk towards the tall building and stop right in front of the big doors.


    Boldly written on top, I smile and breaths in the fresh air here.

    I can’t believe I’m attending an interview at my dream company, I intended to do my internship here after graduation.

    My phone starts beeping and I reach for it in my pocket.. my eyes bulges out when I see what the time is reading.


    I shove my phone in my pocket and rushes through the doors into the building… I head straight to the receptionist.

    “Hello, welcome to Statham enterprise… How may we help me?” She greets me with a warm smile.

    “Interview… I’m one of the candidates!” I reply.

    She looks at me with a frown, then checks her wristwatch.

    She sighs and points to an elevator.

    “Take the elevator, the interview is holding at the 19th floor!”

    “Thank you!” I said and rush to the elevator without wasting time.

    Thankfully, someone steps out of the elevator. I jumps in and tap the 19th button.

    I don’t know if it’s because I’m already late or if this elevator is actually slow…I groan and lean my back on the wall of the elevator.

    Finally, I hear a ding sound. The elevator doors open and I step out… I begin to walk down the floor.

    Until I see a group of young girls like me, sitting on a bench.. see chatting together and some just sitting on their own.

    They’re all dressed formally, I guess they came for the interview too.

    But the thing is, I don’t know if the interview has not started yet.. or if they’re done and waiting for results.

    I move closer to a girl whom I deemed friendly, I wave her and greet her with a polite smile.

    “Hi, I’m Anastasia!”

    “Hi, I’m Rita Orson!” She smiles back.

    “Er… I wanna know if the interview has started”

    She nods.

    “Yeah, it’s just getting started.. someone is inside the office!”

    I smile and breath out in great relief.. I’m lucky!

    “Thank you!” I told her.

    She nods and turns away from me, not the type that keeps friends?… Well, at least she answered my question.

    I look around and sees a space in one of the benches.. I quickly head towards it and sits down.

    Then I begin to arrange my credentials.

    Suddenly, I hear my name being called, I stood up at once and rushed towards the lady that called me.

    “You’re next!” Was all she said before going inside.

    I adjust my dress and put on a smile, I open the door and step into the office.

    A very beautiful lady sits on a big chair, facing her laptop.. she seems to be a few years older than me.. I think 2 or 3 years.

    My eyes scan her quality dress, I can feel her grace from her sitting posture.. she look so calm, like a sophisticated lady.

    I guess I was too busy admiring her that I didn’t notice she’s already staring at me… she clears her throat and that woke me up.

    I blink in embarrassment.

    “Miss Lopez, right?” She asked.

    “Yes, ma’am!”

    She must have known my name from my CV I submitted online last week.

    “Miss Lopez, what time did you arrive at Statham enterprise?”

    Oh? Is this how they start their interview here?

    “Miss Lopez?”


    “What time did you arrive at Statham enterprise today?” She asked again.. narrowing her eyes at me slightly.

    I can’t let her know I arrive late else I can’t guarantee I’ll get the job.

    A little white lie won’t cause any damage… right?

    “I.. I.. arrive..”

    I pause and clear my throat, I should speak firmly so she won’t detect I’m lying.

    “I arrived at 9:30am!” I answered.

    She puts her elbow on the chair’s armrest and rests her chin on her palm.

    “Are you sure you arrived at 9:30?”

    “Yes, ma’am!”

    She didn’t say anything more, she simply presses a few buttons on her laptop and turns it to face me.

    “Who’s this walking through those doors?” She asked.

    My mouth hangs open as I find words to defend myself.. but I found nothing to say.

    I mean, even a kid can clearly tell it’s me, there’s no way I can deny it.

    “Is that you, Miss Lopez?”

    “Yes, ma’am.. but there’s a perfect explanation for….”

    “I don’t need any perfect explanations!” She cuts me off.

    I open my mouth to defend myself but a glare from her shuts me off.

    “Here in Statham enterprise, what we need from our workers is honesty!”

    From her tone I can tell she’s angry at me.

    “Ma’am, I’m sorry for lying, I didn’t mean to.. I just had to tell that little lie because I need this job, I…. ”

    She cuts me off with a raised hand.

    “Miss Lopez, it’s best you leave our property now or I’ll send for the security to come show you the way out!”

    “Ma’am… ”

    I swallow my words when I see her typing on her landline, I quickly turn and walk out of her office.

    I have embarrassed myself enough, I don’t wanna increase my embarrassment.

    With my head hanging low in shame and disappointment, I walk out of the building.

    I walk towards where I parked Matilda’s car and turn back to take another look at the building… A little white lie does do a whole lot of damage!

    I open the door and throw my bag and credentials inside randomly… I’m too angry to care where they fall in right now.

    Just when I’m about to hop in the car, my eyes catches something… I notice how trapped Matilda’s truck is.

    Two cars trapped her truck… One closely behind it and the other closely parked in front of it.

    Who on earth are this blind people?! Didn’t they attend driving classes?!

    I rub my forehead gently, I’m too angry to care about this right now… I think I can maneuver my truck out of here.

    Opening the door, I get in and tries my possible best to drive out of this trap… But just when I think I’ve successfully escape, I heard a loud crashing sound behind me.

    I quickly got down to check the source of that sound… Getting there I groan loudly and kick my back tire.

    “Today’s really not my lucky day!” I grumbled.

    I just broke someone’s bumper! I take a look at the car to see if it’s an expensive car and man…this car must be super expensive.

    I don’t know car brands but from the look of this flashy car, it must be dope expensive!

    “Sh*t! What the hell did you do?” Someone yells behind me.

    I turn around and face him, looking at him apologetically.

    “I’m sorry, I didn’t know I’d crash your car…”

    “You call this crash?!” He yells.

    I frown…wait, why is he yelling?

    “You broke my boss’s car’s bumper and you call it a crash?! I’m so dead!”

    So it’s his boss’s car! Now I get why he’s yelling…I sighed.

    “I’m sorry, I didn’t know it’s your boss’s car… don’t worry, I’ll pay for damages!”

    He looks at me and shakes his head.

    “Can you afford it? Huh?”

    “Why can’t I?”

    He wipes his face.

    “This is a Lamborghini”

    I take a look at the car again. Oh! So this is the Lamborghini?

    I nod, it’s really a beautiful car!

    “Stop daydreaming, girl. What are we gonna do about this?”

    “How about you estimate the cost and I’ll do a quick transfer to you?” I suggest.

    The man look at the damage and frowns slightly.

    “I think this should be roughly around 2million….”

    I bang on his boss’s car cutting him off.

    “Enough!” I yelled at him.

    “Excuse me?”

    “I said enough! I’ve heard enough about millions today! Do you guys wanna send me to an early grave?!” I yelled again.

    “I’m afraid I don’t understand you!”

    “You can’t understand!”

    I turn away from him and graby bag and credentials from the truck…and started walking away.

    “Hey! What about the damage? Aren’t you gonna pay for it?”

    I pause and turn to him.

    “I believe your boss is a rich man, he can afford 2million!”


    “If he can’t afford it, look…..”

    I point at the truck.

    “…I gift you that truck, sell it and use the money to repair the bumper!” With that’s I walk away without turning back.

    To be continued.

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    Nicklaus’s Addiction 🔥

    Chapter 2

    Written by: Racheal Dennis


    Authoress’ pov 👠

    Fast footsteps are heard.

    Nicklaus approach the conference room in a long stride, with his female assistant tailing behind.. a ten feet behind though.

    He stops outside the conference room and takes out his gloves, he quickly wears them.

    He turn back to his assistant with a questioning, arch eyebrow.

    She shows him her hands, she’s already wearing her pair of gloves.

    Nicklaus nods and let’s her open the door, he walks into the conference room and everyone turns towards him.

    His eyes settles on a big belly, beard man sitting by the right side of the table…

    “That’s Mr Gu, he’s the current buyer of CLEAN FIRST!”

    He hears his assistant’s whispering voice in his bluetooth, perfectly attached to his ear.

    He nods and walks straight to his chair.. he leans back on his chair and clears his throat.

    “Mr Gu, this is Mr Statham… the CEO and founder of Statham technology and inventor of CLEAN FIRST!” Nicklaus’s assistant introduced him.

    Mr Gu stretches out his hand for a hand shake but Nicklaus refuses to accept it.

    Mr Gu awkwardly retreats his hand and chuckles nervously… he adjusts himself on his chair.

    “My assistant told me you proposed to buy CLEAN FIRST at 15million, correct?” Nicklaus asked him.

    “Proposed?” Mr Gu shakes his head. “No! Your assistant and I came to agreement already, that’s why I’m here… to pay!”

    The people that came with Mr Gu nods… Nicklaus leans back on his chair, making him look imposing.

    “I’m not selling it to you!”

    Mr Gu frowns.


    “Here at Statham, honesty is our number 1 policy. We expect whoever that is doing business with us.. or about to do business with us to be honest!”

    Nicklaus nods at his assistant, she turn the projector on and display some ratings on the board.

    “What’s the meaning of this, Mr Statham?” Mr Gu asked.

    Everyone’s attention is solely on the white board.

    “That is the current market price, similar vacuum cleaners like CLEAN FIRST are selling at $60,000,000 and they are not the same quality as our CLEAN FIRST!”

    Nicklaus pause and gets up from his chair, he walks towards Mr Gu and stand behind him.

    “I believe you as a businessman already did your research and you know this.. then why are you trying to defraud us?”

    Mr Gu scoffs.

    “How are we sure it’s better than other similar products?”

    Nicklaus walks back to his chair and stand behind his chair.

    “It’s personally tasted by me. Our CLEAN FIRST can detect every little, tiny dust other similar products can’t find!”

    He studies Mr Gu and smirk inwardly, he knows Mr Gu can’t afford it.

    “But it’s a new product and I don’t think anyone is willing to buy it higher than 15million!” Mr Gu said.

    “Really?” Nicklaus shakes his head. “If I decide not to sell it and let my company launch it as our latest product…”

    Nicklaus trails off and raised an eyebrow at Mr Gu.

    “I believe I don’t need to remind you how much I’ll make from it!”

    Mr Gu starts grumbling, then Nicklaus’s assistant signals Nicklaus that he has an incoming call.

    “Mr Orson is calling” she said into the bluetooth.

    “Receive it!” Nicklaus orders.

    She did and Mr Orson appears on the board since she haven’t disconnected the projector.

    “Claudia, where’s Mr Statham?” Mr Orson asked Claudia… after all, she’s the one he can see since she’s facing the laptop.

    “Speak, Mr Orson.. Mr Statham can hear you!”

    There’s a brief moment of silence.

    “Mr Statham I have made up my mind, I wanna buy CLEAN FIRST at… $60,000,000!”

    Mr Gu’s mouth falls open at the price Mr Orson is offering.. Nicklaus smirks when he sees this.

    “Mr Orson, I told you I’m not selling it any less than a $100,000,000!” Nicklaus said.

    “I know, I know…”

    Mr Orson sighs.

    “… okay, please, let me pay $80,000,000, please!”

    “I think you still need some time to think Mr Orson!”

    “No, no, no… let me pay $90,000,000…”

    “Call me back when you’ve carefully thought it through!” Nicklaus said and signals Claudia to end the call.

    Nicklaus turns to Mr Gu who is just staring blankly at the board. Nicklaus taps on the table and Mr Gu turns back to him.

    “It’s concluded, Mr Gu, you can’t afford this product”

    “B-but.. your assistant and I already came to an agreement…”

    “I have the final say!” Nicklaus said and walk towards the door.

    Claudia opens the door and he steps out, they head straight to the elevator.

    “Which floor are we headed, Mr Statham?”

    “First floor!”

    Claudia hits the button and they wait as the elevator goes down.

    Soon it stops and the doors open, Nicklaus steps out and headed for the exit.. Claudia quickly follows.

    “Mr Statham, are we going for a meeting?”

    “Clear my schedule for the whole day, I’m heading back home!”

    “Yes, sir!”

    Nicklaus stops in front of his car, his driver (Graham) takes his laptop and briefcase from Claudia.

    Graham opens back seat door.

    “Mr Statham, please!”

    Nicklaus gets in and Graham shuts the door.. he also quickly gets in the driver’s seat and he starts the car and drives into the road.

    Nicklaus look around the car and frown.

    “Graham, this isn’t the car we came in, correct?”

    “Y-yes, sir!”

    “Then why did you change the car?”

    Graham licks his lower lip and grips the wheel tighter, thinking of what to say.

    “I asked a question!”

    “I.. I took it to….” He trails off.

    He looks through the rearview mirror and sees Nicklaus looking sternly at him.

    “Car wash!” He said quickly.

    “Car wash?”

    “Yes, sir.. I took it to a car wash!”

    “Hmm!” Nicklaus simply hums.


    Anastasia’s pov 👠

    Stuffing the last bite of hamburger in my mouth, I close my eyes and chew with a satisfied smile.

    No shitty Lamborghini can spoil my day… I already have a 9million hanging on my neck… And he wants to add his own millons?


    I take large gulp from my coffee and look outside the cafe’s window.

    Everyone is busy outside, everyone is going on with their own business… I’m the only one with no business right now!

    What should I do now?

    I blew up my only chance of working in a good company, where I would have gotten a good pay.

    Now, I’ll have to go back to my delivery services tomorrow!

    I bang my head on the table gently, releasing a frustrated groan.

    “Hey, there, are you ok?” I heard a male voice asked.

    “Just go away, I’m not ok.. I’m going nuts!” I said sadly without raising my head.

    I heard him chuckles lightly, I heard him pulls out a chair and sits down.. I raised my head and see he’s older than me by a few years.

    Let’s say 4, 5 or 6 years older.

    “Hi, I’m Marcus Aurelius… I have been watching you and I notice you’re in a bad mood.. so I just came over to check on you!”

    “Hmm!” I hum.

    He chuckles again.

    “No matter what you’re going through, you shouldn’t think of committing suicide…”

    “Suicide?!” I frown.

    When did he see me trying to commit suicide?

    “Yeah.. banging your head on the table is an attempted suicide!” He said.

    I stare at him briefly then burst into laughter… He thinks I’m committing suicide?

    “I’m not committing suicide, ok”

    “Then why were you banging your head on the table?” He asked with a serious frown.

    I roll my eyeballs.

    “I was just venting my frustrations.. everyone does that when they’re feeling frustrated!”


    I laugh at his clueless expression.. I scan his clothes.

    He’s dressed in an expensive suit, I guess he’s a rich man… I scoff and get up carrying my bag and credentials.

    I don’t wanna be around any rich man, I can’t afford to pay for his suit if I mistakenly spill coffee on it.. just like I crash that car.

    Who knows if his suit costs a $20,000,000!

    “Hey!” He grabs my hand.


    “Where are you going?” He asked.

    I scoff.. obviously away from you! But I didn’t tell him that.

    “I’m going home or my day will just keep getting worse if I don’t go home now!”

    I think a well deserved rest will set things right.

    “Oh, ok…”

    He dips his hand in his pocket and brings out a small card.

    “.. well, here’s my card, call me whenever you need my help!”

    I nod and throw it in my bag, I flash him a smile.

    “Er… that’s a good bye!” I said and rush out before he can say something else.

    I reach for my phone as I walk towards the main road… Maybe I should give Tilda a call and ask how her interview is going.

    I just hope she doesn’t have a bad luck like me…no! I should check my account balance first…I just bought a cup of coffee and a hamburger.

    I’m too engross in my phone and I didn’t realize when I walk into the road… the sound of tires squealing makes me stop walking abruptly.

    I turn towards the sound and see a car coming towards me in great speed.

    A loud squeal leaves my mouth and…. black out!


    Authoress’ pov 👠

    “Sh*t!” Graham exclaims and steps on the brakes at once.

    He stared at the road with his eyes wide open in shock.

    “What the hell, Graham?!” Nicklaus asked.

    The sudden break has push him forward, making his forehead hit the front seat.

    “A lady suddenly collapse in front of our car, sir!”

    “Did you hit her?”

    Graham shakes his head.

    “No, no! I swear, I didn’t hit her…”

    “Then cut the crap and go check out what happened!” He orders him.

    “Yes, sir!” Graham said and quickly steps out.

    He rush towards the body, he turns her and gasp…”It’s her!” He whispers.

    He glares at her unconscious form and clenched his jaw.. his mind going back to the damaged bumper.

    “Why are you just staring at her?” An onlooker asked.

    “I didn’t hit her!” Graham tries to defend himself.

    Another onlooker scoffs loudly.

    “Even if you didn’t hit her, she passed out in front of your car.. are you gonna leave her here and run away?!”

    “But…” Graham couldn’t find any words to say.

    He wonders if he’s curse to come across this lady today… first, it was his boss’s car’s bumper… now it’s her almost getting hit by him.

    “Someone should call cops, we can’t let him run away!” Another onlooker said.

    Graham feel his phone vibrate in his pocket, he reaches for it and sees Nicklaus’s name flashing on the screen.

    “Mr Statham… ”

    “Bring her to the car!” Nicklaus cuts him off.

    “Yes, si….. ”

    Nicklaus hangs up before he can finish his sentence.

    Graham carries her towards the car and puts her in the passenger seat… he fasten her seatbelt before going back to the driver’s seat.

    He turns on the ignition.

    “Sir, should we take her to the hospital?”

    He looks through the rearview mirror and sees Nicklaus glaring at him… he then remembers that Nicklaus hates hospitals.

    “Is she wounded?”

    “No, sir!”

    “Then take her to my mansion… send her away whenever she wakes up!”

    “Yes, sir!” With that Graham steps on the gas.


    Graham drives into the garage and parks the car, he rushes over to Nicklaus side and opens the door.

    Nicklaus steps out and looses his necktie a little bit.

    “I’ll be in my study, don’t let me see her later!”


    Nicklaus glances at the lady.

    “She should be gone before I step out of my study!” Nicklaus said.

    “Yes, sir!”

    Nicklaus walks away. Graham walks over to her and carry her out, he grabs Nicklaus’s briefcase.

    He heads inside the mansion… soon he arrives at the master’s bedroom.. he decides to keep Nicklaus’s briefcase before taking her to a guest room.

    He lays her on the bed and takes the briefcase to the closet.

    By the time he comes back, she’s take off her jacket and blouse.. leaving her bra on.

    Graham quickly look away and curse silently.

    “What should I do now? Boss is so gonna go mad!” He murmurs.

    He glares at her sleeping form with a balled fist.

    “Boss is allergic to women, I can’t let her sleep on his bed.. what if he comes in and see this?”

    He sighs and leans forward to wear her, her jacket.. but he received a slap from her instead.

    “Sh*t! I thought she passed out!”

    He sighs deeply while rubbing his cheek.

    “I’ll just distract Mr Statham until she wakes up!” Graham said.

    He glares at her one last time before heading out.


    Anastasia’s pov 👠

    I yawn and stretch on my bed, this is the most comfortable sleep I’ve had in years!

    I turn and snuggle into my warm soft pillow, sleeping on a soft bed is like living in heaven.

    My eyes suddenly snaps open when something occurs to me…I quickly sit up.

    Since when did my bed become soft?

    Wait.. bed?!

    Last I remember was…I was walking with my phone in my hand, checking my account balance and then….

    Oh, no! Could it be I’ve died and now I’m in heaven?! What about Denzel and my aunt? What are they gonna do?

    How are they coping with the news of my death?!

    I open my mouth and begin to wail loudly.

    “Denzel.. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.. I didn’t wanna go.. aunt.. Denzel… I…”

    I swallow my cries when I heard a loud bang, my neck snaps towards the direction and a man rushes to me.

    “Shhh!” He hushed me.

    I nod and grab his hand.

    “Quickly tell me, where am I?” I asked.

    I must find a way to go back to earth… I still need to work hard to save Denzel.

    He snatches his hand from me and throws me a glare.

    “I suggest you put on your dress first!” He said.

    I look down and realize I’m in only my bra, my eyes quickly scan the place and I see my blouse and jacket by the edge of the bed.

    My hands finds their way to my chest immediately and I glare at him.

    “You pervert! What are you doing in heaven? What did you do to me?”

    Did he touch me? But I don’t feel strange or any pains..I feel fine.

    Maybe he didn’t do anything to me…He scoffs.

    “Heaven? You’re in Mr Statham’s mansion and I suggest you put on your clothes real quick!”

    I frown.. so I’m not in heaven? I didn’t die? I sighed in great relief.. that’s good!

    “Cover yourself!”


    Without wasting time, I reach for my blouse and wears it.. I also grab my jacket too.

    “So… what happened? Why am I here?” I asked.

    “You passed out in front of my boss’s car!”

    His boss’s car? Those words sound awfully familiar… I hop off the bed.

    “Thank you for bringing me home and letting me rest here for a while… Also, I’m sorry for any trouble I might have caused you!”

    He laughs.

    “It seems you don’t recognize me”

    I frown.

    “Am I supposed to?”

    He stays silent for a few minutes and stares at me with a smirk.

    “You broke my boss’s car’s bumper this morning.. have you forgotten?”

    My eyes grow wide.. now I know why those words sound familiar!

    I release a nervous laugh and take slow, cautious steps towards the door.

    “I thought we’ve settled that issue already”

    “By gifting me a rusty, old truck? Who’s gonna buy it? How much will I even get from it if I manage to sell it?” He asked.

    I scratch my head.

    “Hmm.. that seem like a YOU problem!” I reply.

    “Not at all, it’s a OUR problem.. I’m not taking that truck, you must pay the 2million!” He said seriously.

    “Then you’ll have to sell me!”

    “Sell you?”

    “Yeah! Because I’m broke.. I have 9million hanging on my neck, now you wanna add an extra 2million?”

    “But that’s not my problem!”

    I laugh.

    “Of course it’s not, but newsflash I don’t have even two thousand on me.. I’m a jobless, broke girl”

    He narrows his eyes at me before nodding.

    “Then I’m afraid the police will be involved!”

    “Just kill me instead, after all, I’ll no longer work my ass off to raise 9million for my brother’s operation.. you’ll foot the bills, then I’ll rest in peace inside my grave!”

    He draws his eyebrows together.

    “You think I’m joking about involving the cops?”

    I scoff.

    “Do you think I’m joking about my brother needing a 9million to save his life?”

    “But I didn’t ask about your brother!” He said.

    “But I’m telling you about my brother!”

    He points his finger at me.

    “You…. ”

    His phone ringtone cuts him off, he deeps his hand in his pocket and reach for his phone.

    He answers the call.

    “Mr Statham… ”

    Wait, is that not his boss? He might tell him about the broken bumper!

    I should better run away from here.. but my bag. My eyes sees it at the foot of the bed.. my credentials next to it.

    I grab them and dash out of the room when I feel like he’s not watching.

    “Hey! Stop there!” He yells but I didn’t look back.

    I run down the stairs and enters the living room, my eyes on the door as I head for it.. I open it and run out.

    I heard his footsteps behind me but I quickly lost him since I’m very good at racing.

    Finally, I made it out of the compound but that doesn’t stop me from running.


    Authoress’ pov 👠

    Nicklaus walks into his bedroom, he frown at how scattered his blanket and sheets are.

    But he’s too tired to complain, he takes off his suit and toss it on a couch.. he kicks his shoes off and falls on the bed.

    He sniffs the sheets as a sweet fragrance swifts through his nose.

    “Did the laundry man change his washing soap?” He wonders.

    He sniffs it again and smile.

    “I like this soap!” He said to himself.

    Soon he’s already snoring. Meanwhile, Graham couldn’t catch Anastasia.

    So he decides to go back and change the sheets before Nicklaus goes back to take a nap.. else, he’s gonna get those rashes again.

    He steps into Nicklaus’s room and freeze on his spot.. his eyes grows wide when he sees Nicklaus already sleeping on the bed.

    He knows what happens if Nicklaus touches a woman or uses what a woman has touch.

    “Sh*t! I’m fired!”

    To be continued.


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    Nicklaus’s Addiction 🔥

    Chapter 3

    Written by: Racheal Dennis


    Anastasia’s pov 👠

    I smile as I saw my apartment ahead of me…finally, I got away from that driver.

    I rushed towards the door, but I’m surprised to see Matilda’s truck parked outside.

    When did she get it back? No, how did she get it back? I wonder.

    I open the door to our apartment and step in, I walk towards a couch and slumps onto it.

    “Tasia, is that you?” Matilda asked from the kitchen.

    “Yeah…” I answered.

    I dump my bag next to me and take in a long breath.

    Matilda walks out from the kitchen and drops a plate of toasted bread on my laps.. I smile at her.

    “Thank you!”

    “You’re welcome, baby!” She replies.

    I pick the bread and take a large bite, I chew quickly.

    “Hey! Don’t choke on my bread, I don’t want your aunt to arrest me for murdering her niece!” Matilda said.

    I chuckle, if only she knew how far I’ve run this afternoon. Running for your life after causing trouble is real work.

    Few minutes later, we’re done eating. I reach for the glass of water Matilda placed on the table.. I take a few gulps and drops it.

    I burp quietly.

    “How was your interview, Tilda?”

    She breaks into a smile and wag her eyebrows excitedly.

    “I got the job!” She hugs me tightly.

    I hug her back and smile, at least one of us succeeded in getting a job.

    “Congratulations, Tilda!”

    She pulls away from the hug and holds my hands.

    “What about you? How did your interview go?”

    I sighed deeply, the excitement on Matilda’s face wipes off when she sees my sad expression.

    “What happened? Why are you sighing?” She asked.

    “I blew it up”

    She frowns.

    “What do you mean?” She asked again.. her frown deepens.

    I withdraw my hands from hers and folds them across my chest.

    “I didn’t get the job!”

    “What?! Why?!”

    She makes a surprise expression and look like she’s thinking about something…she looks at my outfit.

    “You are officially dressed.. and even though you’re an undergraduate your CV is pretty good…”

    She doesn’t know I didn’t get the job because of these…

    “… I don’t understand why you didn’t get the job!”

    “I arrived late and lied about arriving early… so I was thrown out for being dishonest!” I told her.

    Her mouth just stayed open as I told her the reason I didn’t get the job.

    “But that’s a little white lie.. everyone tells a little white lie to save their asses!”


    “Yeah.. you needed the job so bad and you can’t afford to lose your chance….”

    I didn’t expect Tilda to have the same thought as I..i thought she’d call me a fool for lying.

    “…so you told a white lie to secure it, what’s wrong about that?”

    I humphed.

    “Too bad, I was thrown out!”

    Matilda humph and flips her hair… she place her hands on my shoulders.

    “Baby girl, forget about that job.. it’s not for you. A better job will come your way soon!” She said.

    I know she’s just trying to cheer me up.

    “I hope so… I just needed money so bad for.. you know…” I trail off.

    Matilda understand what I mean, after all, she’s my childhood friend.. she knows everything about my family.

    “Don’t worry, Tasia, we’re in this together… We’ll both raise the money together!”

    I smile at her.

    “Thank you, Tilda!”

    “There are no thank yous between us.. we’re not just best friends.. we’re sisters!”

    I nod and pull her into a brief hug, I don’t know what would have become me if Tilda is not here.

    “What I want from you is to go back to school.. you can’t suspend your education like this!”

    “I have to.. if I wanna raise Denzel’s operation money!”


    “Don’t worry, Tilda” I cut her off politely.

    She stares at me with a broken expression.. as if she’s gonna burst into tears anytime.

    “My education can wait, I’m already in my final year.. I’ll go back to graduate when I’m sure Denzel is healthy again!”

    “I understand!”

    Then a brief, comfortable silence fall on us.. until Matilda breaks it.

    “Right.. I got a call from someone to go get my truck from Statham enterprise….” She trails off and study my expression.

    I groan mentally, I know she’s gonna ask about it sooner or later.

    “.. care telling me what happened? And why did you decide to abandon my baby?”

    Well, I can’t tell her I gifted her truck to someone because I broke their bumper.



    “What happened that made you abandon my baby?”

    I flash her a smile.

    “I was too sad to drive” I say the first words that came to my mind.

    “You were too sad to drive?”

    “Yeah.. you know, after getting all excited that you’re getting a place in your dream company, only to get kicked out…”

    I sighed and feign being deeply sad.

    “.. I swear, no one can survive that!”

    Matilda eyes me suspiciously.

    “Then why did you survive it?” She asked.

    I laugh.. she doesn’t know I almost didn’t survive it.

    “It was the lord’s doing!”


    The blaring of my ringtone cuts her phone, I sigh in relief and reach for my phone.

    If someone tells me my phone will save me from Tilda someday, I wouldn’t believe them.

    An unknown number flashes on the screen.. I stare at it with a frown, trying to figure out if this number has called me before.

    But unfortunately, I don’t recognize it.

    “Are you gonna answer it?” Matilda asked.

    I quickly answer it and takes it toy ear.

    “Hello?” I said.

    “Hello, Miss Lopez!” A male voice speak.

    I frown because even the voice doesn’t sound familiar.

    “Sorry.. but who am I speaking with?” I asked.

    I just pray it’s one of those companies where I had submitted my CV.. wait, why is everything about job to me?

    “Have you forgotten me so soon?”

    I stay quiet.

    “Broken bumper.. does it sound familiar?”.

    My eyes grows wide. How did that weird drive get my number?

    Matilda is staring at me curiously, I guess she’s wondering who called me.

    I can’t speak about the broken bumper in front of her… I get up and head to my room.

    I step in and shut the door.

    “How did you get my number?” I whisper-yell at him.

    “I got it from your files.. why were you even carrying your files along with you?”

    “That’s none of your business!” I said harshly to him.

    God, when am I gonna get away from this guy’s trouble?
    I hear him clear his voice.

    “I called to let you know that my boss just fell asleep on the bed with the sheets you slept on..if anything happens to him, I’ll hold you responsible!”

    I frown.


    “I said if something happens to my boss… ”

    “I heard you the first time!” I cut him off.

    “I don’t see why I will be held responsible If something happens to your boss after sleeping on his own bed!” I said.

    I mean, it doesn’t even make any sense! Why should I be blamed for something I know nothing about?

    “That’s because my boss is allergic to….”

    “Hey, wait.. I don’t wanna know the reason, I don’t care to know…I did nothing wrong, you and your boss should look for someone else to trouble.. I’m not available!”


    “No buts, I’m gonna hang up!”

    He scoffs.

    “Just know that I have your number now.. I’ll keep in touch!”

    I hang up and toss my phone in a corner angrily. I thought I have successfully escape from him.. humph!

    With the way he’s scared of his boss, it’s making me curious who exactly his boss is.

    Is he so scary? I bet he’s an old, fat belly and ugly beard man!

    All these rich bosses, always behaving as if they’re God.. as it they own the whole world!

    I fall on my bed and sigh.

    Hmm, I should better start looking for job vacancies online now.

    To be continued.


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    Nicklaus’s Addiction 🔥

    Chapter 4

    Written by: Racheal Dennis


    Authoress’ pov 👠

    A stream of sunlight hits Nicklaus face from the window, waking him up from his peaceful slumber.

    He sat up and stretch out his stiff limbs and a yawn flew out of his mouth.

    He pushes away the fallen strands of hair from his face and gets up.

    Looking around his room, he notices his shoes are no longer laying on the floor randomly… even his suit is not on the couch.

    Then he concluded that Graham remove them and puts them in their right places.

    He reaches for his phone and dialed Graham’s number.. Graham picks on the first ring.

    “Mr Statham….”

    “Come to my room!”

    “Yes, si….”

    Nicklaus hangs up before Graham could complete his words. He toss his phone on his bed and walk towards a couch.

    Graham walks into the room just as Nicklaus sits on the couch.

    He stops in front of Nicklaus and looks around his neck carefully from where he’s standing.

    “Mr Statham, you….”

    “It’s 7pm already, did you receive any call from the office?”

    Graham didn’t reply, he’s busy staring at Nicklaus’s neck with a small frown.

    Nicklaus notice this and bangs on the table in front of him, Graham flinches and blinks.

    “Sorry, Mr Statham!”

    “Did you receive any call from the office?” Nicklaus asked again.

    “No, sir!”

    Nicklaus nods. He checks his wrist watch and sees it’s already 7pm.. he sighs.

    “It’s dinner time, go order dinner!”

    Graham nods and turns towards the door, but he stops and turns back to Nicklaus.

    He take cautious steps back.

    “Mr Statham, d-do you feel uncomfortable?”

    Nicklaus frowns at his strange question…he didn’t reply Graham.

    “You don’t seem to have any reaction after waking up… ” He trails off.


    Graham nods.

    “What kind of reaction?”

    “You know, like… rashes… ”

    Nicklaus simply stares at him as if he’s gone nuts.

    “Why should I get any rashes?” Nicklaus asked.

    “Because you slept on the bed”

    Nicklaus turns to take a glance at his bed, wondering why Graham expects him to get rashes after sleeping on his own bed.

    “Graham, are you ok?”

    “Yes, sir….”

    “Then stop spouting nonsense! Why will I get any skin irritation after sleeping on my own bed?”

    “Because I…. ” Graham cuts himself off.

    He wanted to tell Nicklaus about Anastasia sleeping on his bed a few minutes before.. but he decided against.

    What if he loses his job for it, it’s better he keeps it to himself… After all, Nicklaus seem to be fine.

    “Graham go order dinner!”

    “Yes, sir!” Graham replies and head for the door.

    But Nicklaus stops him when something strikes his mind.

    “Graham, tell the laundry to continue using this new soap… I like its scent!”


    Nicklaus glares at him and he quickly looks down, avoiding Nicklaus’s harsh glare.

    “I perceive a scent on my sheets and I like it, tell him to continue using this soap!”

    “Oh, ok!” With that Graham rushes out.

    He shuts the door behind him and wonders why Nicklaus thinks the laundry man change his soap.

    Or could it be that Miss Lopez’s scent? He thought within.

    “I’ll just change his sheets to a clean set, if he didn’t perceive that scent then it means the laundry man didn’t change his soap!” He said to himself.

    Taking the stairs slowly.

    “Then it’s Miss Lopez’s perfume! Ah! Why is she always getting me in trouble with Mr Statham?”

    He climbs down the last step and walk absentmindedly towards the living room..

    Because of his absent mind, he bumps into someone spilling coffee on the ground.

    “Sh*t!” The person hisses.

    Graham looks up quickly and he gasps.

    “Mr Aurelius, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into you!”

    Marcus laughs and shakes his head.. he hands the now empty cup off coffee to Graham.

    “Graham, where on earth did your mind go?”

    “Nowhere… I was just thinking of what food to order for Mr Statham’s dinner!” Graham replied.

    He can’t tell Marcus about the Anastasia thing too, else Nicklaus will know about thing which will lead to one thing…

    He’ll be fired!

    “No need to order food, I brought dinner over… get Nicklaus down here!”

    Graham nods and turns to go inform Nicklaus but Marcus stops him and tells him to carry on with his work.

    Marcus sets the food on the dinning table and yells Nicklaus’s name from there.


    No reply.

    “Nick, come down for dinner!” He called again.

    Soon he hears footsteps approaching him, before Nicklaus comes in sight.

    “So lousy!” Nicklaus said and pulls a chair out.

    He sits down and look around the table, studying each food Marcus brought.

    “I’m lousy?” Marcus asked and scoffs. “Should I be a iceberg like you?”

    “There’s nothing wrong being an iceberg!”

    Marcus shakes his head.

    “No, thank you… I prefer being lousy!”

    Nicklaus eyes him and shakes his head.

    “So annoying!”

    Marcus behaves as if he didn’t hear that.. he puts some potatoes on Nicklaus’s plate and gestures him to eat.

    Nicklaus takes a small bite and chew on it slowly.

    “How does it taste?” Marcus asked looking at him anxiously.


    Marcus narrows his eyes and glares at Nicklaus.. his hand moves to his chest and he clings onto his heart.

    “You broke my heart! Do you know how much effort I put in making these?”

    “Oh.. it’s really awful” Nicklaus said and continues eating.

    They both continue eating in silence until Nicklaus breaks it…he drops his spoon.

    “How is that stuff going?”

    Marcus takes a gulp of water to push down the big lump in his throat.

    “No progress!”

    He studies Nicklaus’s expression, he notice Nicklaus clenching and unclenching his fist on the table.

    Marcus sighed.

    “Nick, it’s been what.. 13years?”

    Nicklaus stays silent and glares at a particular plate as if the plate has offended him.

    “I’d advise you forget about it, it’s been too long and I’m afraid we won’t find anything.. no matter how hard we search!”

    “No! I’m not giving up!” Nicklaus said adamantly.

    “But we’ve been searching for so long.. all our clues always meets a rock end.. they lead to nothing”

    Nicklaus gets up with his fist balled by his sides.

    “She can’t disappear into thin air, try all you can to find her… she’s the only person that can tell me what exactly happened!”

    Marcus shuts his eyes, but before he could speak again… Nicklaus spoke.

    “I’m going back to sleep, enjoy yourself!”

    Nicklaus turns back and head towards the stairs… his hands tucked in his pocket.

    Marcus simply stares at him until he’s out if sight.

    “Iceberg!” He mutters.


    Few minutes later…

    Nicklaus walks out of his bathroom in his sweatpants… his damp hair falls on his face.

    He sits on a couch and decides to do some paper works. Just then his phone rings and he reaches for it.. it’s Claudia calling.

    “Claudia!” He said.

    “Mr Statham, Mr Orson called me back and said he’s ready to pay $100,000,000 for CLEAN FIRST!” Claudia reports.

    Nicklaus smirks, he already know Mr Orson will call back today.

    “Tell him I said we should meet face to face.. for further discussion!”

    “Yes, Mr Statham!”

    “Also, make a reservation for our meeting tomorrow afternoon!”

    “Yes, sir. Hm…. ” She trails off.

    Nicklaus waits for her to speak but she doesn’t, Nicklaus clears his throat.

    “Anything else, Claudia?”

    “Er.. I just wanna know if you’ve had dinner yet. I’m just about to order some food, I don’t know if you….”

    “I’ve had dinner!” Nicklaus said and hangs up.

    He drops his phone on the table and walk towards his bed, he climbs onto it and shuts his eyes.

    He takes a deep breath a frown, he grabs the blanket and perceive it… He throws it away from him angry.

    He rushes back to the table and picks his phone, he quickly dials Graham’s number… Graham picks up after a few rings.

    “Mr Sta….”

    “Get your shitty ass to my room.. Now!” He growls into the phone and hangs up.

    Not up to five minutes, Graham appears in Nicklaus’s room.

    “Sir, you called me!” He said.. informing Nicklaus of his presence.

    Nicklaus points at his bed and realization flashes through Graham’s eyes… He already knows why he’s being summoned.

    “What happened? Huh?”

    “Huh?” Graham asked as if he’s clueless of what Nicklaus is talking about.

    “Why did the scent change? I just got up from this bed minutes ago… How come the scent change so fast?”

    “Oh… those sheets needs washing, so I….”

    “Get ’em back!”


    “Go. Get. ‘Em. Back!”

    Graham nods and rushes out of the room, he shuts the door behind him and takes a deep breath.

    He just confirm something, that scent is Miss Lopez’s perfume.


    “Mr Statham, I’m done changing the sheets!” Graham said after changing the sheets.

    Nicklaus walk towards his bed and lays on it, he sniffs deeply and smirks to himself.

    “Yeah, that’s the scent.. so soothing!”

    Graham just stands silently as Nicklaus takes in as much scent as he can.

    Nicklaus sits up and turns to Graham with a very harsh glare.

    “Don’t forget to inform the laundry.. he should continue using this soap!”

    “Huh? This soap?” Graham asked.

    If only he knows this is not a soap, Graham thinks.

    “I want to perceive only this scent on my bed!”

    Graham stands speechlessly.. he doesn’t know how to tell Nicklaus that the scent belongs to a woman and not a soap.

    “Get out!”

    “Yes, sir!”

    Graham quickly rushed out as if his pants is on fire.. he breaths in relief when he steps out.

    “Telling the truth means I’m fired.. what should I do? How can I make sure that scent stays on his bed everyday?” He thinks.

    He sits on the last step of the stairs, with his chin rest on his hands.

    “I must find a way before I get myself fired!”

    Just then his eyes catches Anastasia’s CV in a corner where he has hidden it.. he breaks into a smile as an idea pops in his mind.

    He gets up and send Nicklaus a text, telling him he’s done for today and he’s going home.

    He rushes towards the CV and picks it up.. then he heads out.


    Anastasia’s pov 👠

    I massage my stiff neck gently, sitting in front of a laptop and sending CV to different companies is not a fun job.

    I reach for my glass of orange juice which Tilda brought in earlier… just as I am taking a sip, my phone starts ringing.

    Reaching for my phone, I see Jack’s name flashing on the screen.. I smile.

    “Hey, Jack!” I said immediately I answer the call.

    “Tasia, I heard you went for an interview today.. how was it?” Jack asked.

    I rolled my eyes… Oh, I forgot to tell you guys, Jack is also my best friend.. he’s Tilda’s cousin.

    Here’s a little secret, I also have a crush on him…a very big crush. I mean who wouldn’t, he’s the most hottest guy I’ve ever seen!

    “Don’t even go there, I was kicked out!”

    He burst into laughter, I growl inwardly.. I guess that betrayer of a best friend already told him about it.

    “That’s what you get for being a lying freak!” He said.

    I knew it, Tilda already told him and now he’s calling just to mock me.

    He continues laughing.

    I can already picture him holding his stomach and rolling on the ground from how hard he’s laughing.

    “Are you done laughing?” I growl.

    He sobers up slightly.

    “I’d really love to see the look on your face as you’re walking out of the company!”

    I sighed and try to calm myself down.. or I swear, I’d slap him through my phone.

    “Did you call just to laugh at me?!”

    “No, no! I have good news!”

    My ears perks up at that statement.. you know, bad things have been happening to me today.. I can really use some good news right now.

    “… Tasia, are you still there?”

    “Yeah, tell me about the good news!” I said.

    I just hope it’s the kind of good news I wanna hear.. if you know what I mean.

    “I found you a new job!”

    “What?! Really?!” I asked..like I can’t believe it.

    “Yeah.. but it’s a waitressing job!” He said.

    I have done all kinds of jobs but not waitressing and besides their salaries aren’t that much..

    But what can I do.. I need money desperately.

    “Can you do it?”

    I think I should grab this opportunity first.. maybe a better job will come while I’m doing this job.

    “Tasia, stop spacing out on me!”

    I laugh.

    “Sorry, sorry!”

    “So can you do it?” He asked.

    “Yeah! I’ll do it!”

    He chuckles lightly.

    “Ok, I’ll come pick you up tomorrow morning and take you to the restaurant!”

    “Hmm, thank you, Jack!”

    “It’s fine, darling.. you’re my baby girl after all”

    I blush.. with his sugar tongue, tell me why I wouldn’t have a crush on him.

    “Alright, Tasia, I’ll hang up now and let you get some rest!”

    “Hmm, good night Jack!”

    “Good night!” I hang up and keep my phone back on the table.

    I jump off my chair in excitement.. I can’t believe I’ve gotten another job.

    My phone starts ringing again and my smile falters immediately.. don’t tell me it’s Jack calling again to tell me that the job doesn’t need me anymore.

    The phone continues ringing… My shaky hands move towards it and picks it up.. but I breath in relief when I see it’s an unknown number.

    Without much thoughts, I answer the call.

    “Hello, Miss Lopez!” A male voice said.

    “Yeah.. who am I speaking with?” I asked.

    “This is Graham”

    Graham? I frown, I don’t recall anyone going by that name.. or could this be a prank call?

    “I guess you are confused..”

    “Yeah” I replied.

    He laughs.

    “Broken bumper.. remember now?”

    I rolled my eyes and facepalm myself… I angrily sit on my bed.

    “Why are you still calling me?”

    “I just call to…”

    “Wait.. if you’re calling because something happened to your boss, then I’m sorry you’re just wasting your time!”

    I expect him to start ranting but he laughs instead.

    “I didn’t call you for that, Miss Lopez!” He said in a calm voice.

    “Then why did you call me?” I asked.

    “I have a job for you!”

    My eyes lit up immediately.

    “A job for me?”


    “But I thought you hate me!”

    I hear him sigh.

    “But sadly, I need you to secure my job and you need this job to keep your brother alive!”

    I narrow my eyes… Why is he bringing up my brother? Does he think I was joking about my brother’s health?

    “Come outside and let’s talk!” He said.


    “Yeah.. I’m outside your apartment!”

    I wanted to ask him how he knows where I live.. but I remember that I forgot my CV in his boss’s house.

    “Gimme a few minutes!” I said and hang up.

    I look at the wall clock, it’s 8:30pm.

    I grab a jacket and quickly wears it and head out.. luckily, Tilda is in her room sleeping.


    Really, I saw him leaning on a car in front of our apartment, I take quick, long strides towards him.

    “Hey, you!” I called him.

    He turns to me with a smile, I scoff.. so he does knows how to smile after all.

    “Get in the car, we need to talk!”

    I shake my head.

    “No, we can talk right here.. tell what you need!”

    He nods and clears his throat, he opens his car’s back door and brings out a file.. he hands it to me.

    “That’s your CV, check it if everything is inside!”

    I did a quick check and nod.

    “It’s complete.. now, what do you want?”

    He stares at me briefly, then clears his throat again.

    “My boss is kinda addicted to your scent on his bed…”

    “My scent on his bed?” I asked with a frown.

    I don’t seem to understand him.

    “Yeah, your perfume!”

    He clarifies and I nod in understanding.

    “He thought the laundry changed his washing soap, so he said I should tell the laundry man to continue using that soap… That he wants only your scent on his bed!”

    “That is not a big deal, just tell him it’s not a soap but a perfume!” I said.

    He shakes his head.

    “No, I’ll lose my job if I tell him!”

    “Why?” I laugh lightly. “I don’t understand, I lose an opportunity of getting a job in my dream company today… now you’re saying you’ll lose your job for speaking the truth?”

    He sighed deeply.

    “You won’t understand. I can’t tell my boss that scent belongs to a woman, he’ll…. ” He cuts himself off.

    I frown, I don’t understand life at all. I was fired even before I get a job because of a lie.. here he is trying to save his job with a lie.

    Life is just too complicated!

    “… He can’t know I let a woman sleep on his bed!”

    “Hmm.. well, you can just buy the perfume and spray it on your boss’s sheets!”

    He thinks about it and breaks into a smile.

    “Why didn’t I think of that?”

    His eyes move to my CV and he stops smiling, he shakes his head.

    “I just I was just thinking of how to help you save your brother that I didn’t have time to think clearly… you just gave me the perfect idea!”

    Wait.. he was thinking of how to help me save Denzel…he opens the driver’s seat door and makes to get in the car.

    “Hold on!”

    He stops and turns back to him, I see him smirk but ignores it.

    “How much do you intend to pay me?” I asked.

    “I was think $3000 per month!”

    My eyes grows wide at the amount.. $3000?! That’s a whole lot of money, I can’t get this money from any job.

    I grab his right arm and smile at him sweetly.

    “W-what if I say I can do the job.. can you still let me?” I asked.

    “But you just suggested that I should buy the perfume!”

    I chuckle and waves it off.

    “I was just bluffing. You see, my perfume is very special, it’s customized.. made exclusively for me.. you can’t find it anywhere” I said.

    He draws his eyebrows together.



    He thinks about it for a few minutes before nodding in agreement.

    “Ok.. send me your bank details and I’ll transfer $1000 into your account to make you believe I’m serious!”

    I nod.

    “You’ll be sleeping on my boss’s bed 30minutes before he gets home everyday!”

    “Yes, sir!” I said obediently.

    “Make sure you leave the mansion before 5:30.. don’t let my boss see you or we’ll both lose our jobs!”

    “Yes, sir!”

    “And lastly, make sure you arrange the bed before you leave!”

    “Yes, sir!”

    He frowns at me because I have been smiling non-stop… I bet no one would continue frowning after getting such a cool job.

    “Ok, that’s all.. I’ll come pick you tomorrow!” He said and gets in the car.

    “Good night, boss!” I said.

    “Don’t forget to send your bank details!”

    “Yes, sir… Bye, bye!” I wave him as he drives off.

    I jump happily.


    I can’t believe I just got two jobs today after having a bad day…

    I’ll do waitressing in the morning and going to that mansion in the evening to get a 30minutes well deserved rest.

    Today is not a bad day after all.

    To be continued.


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    Nicklaus’s Addiction 🔥

    Chapter 5

    Written by: Racheal Dennis


    Anastasia’s pov 👠

    Next morning….

    Something warm rests perfectly on my cheek, I purrs in satisfaction and snuggles more into my blanket.

    But the buzzing sound of my alarm clock didn’t let me enjoy my perfect sleep.

    I sleepily reach forwards and turns it off, I smile and continue sleeping.

    But I guess I offended nature unknowingly, when I’m about to doze off again.. my phone goes off.

    “For Christ sake! Who did I offend this morning?! Who’s disturbing my beauty sleep?!” I growl.

    A chuckling sound comes from the door and I snap my glaring, sleepy eyes towards the door.

    Jack stands there, waving his phone at me… silently telling me he’s the one calling me.

    “Time to get out bed, Miss sleeping beauty!” He said and walk towards me.

    I huffed and ignore him, I lay back down and cover myself with my blanket. I pick an extra pillow on my bed and covers my face.

    He laughs at me and snatches the blanket off me, I sit up and glare at him.

    “Why are you doing this to me?” I grumbles.

    “What am I doing?”

    I sluggishly get off my bed and walk towards my bathroom.

    “Your cousin’s room is right across mine.. go and disturb her, leave me alone!”

    I rest my back on my bathroom’s door and turns to Jack, he’s already arranging my bed.

    “Firstly, Tilda has gone to work…”

    I frown.

    “She left without waking me up? What am I gonna eat for breakfast now?”

    I’m a very bad cook, I swear nobody can eat any food prepared by me!

    “She already made breakfast for you.. it’s on the dinning table and she also left a small sticky note!”

    I nod and smile…she knows me too well.

    “And secondly, check your time!” He said and points at my wall clock.

    My gaze move to the wall clock and a gasp flies out of my mouth.. I’m suddenly wide awake now.


    He nods.

    “Yeah, that’s why I came to get you! You wouldn’t wanna be late on your first day at work.. right?”

    Work! I completely forgot about my new job.. when did I become a lazybone?

    Without sparing Jack another glance, I dash into my bathroom and slam the door shut.

    From inside, I can hear Jack laughing at me.


    Jack stops in front of a small coffee shop and steps out.. I follows him too.

    J&M’s coffee shop!

    I frown.

    J&M? Sounds a bit familiar but I didn’t read much into it as I’m already almost late… If not late.

    “Let’s go inside!” He said.

    He takes my hand and leads me inside, a bell rings as we walk through the door.

    The place is empty, no customers or waitresses inside.. I turn to Jack with a small frown.

    “Jack, why is it empty?”

    He laughs.

    “That’s because we’re about to open today!” He said and walks off somewhere.

    “Huh? What do you mean?”

    He comes back with a small notice board in his hands and carries it outside… He puts it in front of the shop and dusts his hands.

    *Now Open!* Written on it.

    “Welcome to our coffee shop!” He said.


    He places his hands on my shoulders and stares at me.

    “Tasia, I know you’ve been having a hard time recently.. with Denzel’s medical bills and stuff…”

    He turns me and pushes me slightly.. I walk in and he follows me.

    “… I don’t have the money to lend you, so I decide to set up this coffee shop.. we can get the money from here before we run out of time!” He said.

    I simply stare at him in shock, like I can’t believe what I’m hearing.

    “Jack, this is too much, I…. ”

    He places a finger on my lips, shushing me.

    “I know what you’re gonna say, that you can’t accept this… Yes, I know!”

    I wait for him to continue.

    “That is why I’m the boss and you’re the employee.. I’ll be paying you monthly, just as you want it!”

    I smile.

    I can literally see apples falling off my eyes right now… with him being so thoughtful, tell me which girl in her sane mind won’t crush on him?

    “So… what do you think? Can you be a waitress here?”

    I nod speechlessly, I jump into his arms.. embracing him tightly.

    “Ok… I didn’t expect I’ll from hugging someday!” He chuckles lightly.

    I pull away from him and smile.

    “I just wanna say thank you!”

    He frowns as he looks at my face, he wipes my cheeks with his thumbs.

    “Are you crying or smiling, Tasia?” He asked.

    I slaps his hands away and wipe off my tears myself, I didn’t even know I was shedding tears.

    “You and Tilda are so good to me.. why?”

    He pretends as if he’s thinking.

    “I don’t know about Tilda, but if I say it’s because I’m in love with you.. will you believe me?”

    I rolled my eyes and scoffs.. yeah, I know I have a crush on him but Jack doesn’t date girls like me.

    I’m not his type of girl.

    “Stop joking around!” I scold him.

    “No, I’m not joking, I….”

    The bell at the door rings, indicating someone just walk into the shop… we turn and see a teenage boy walk in.

    Jack and I shares a look.

    “I think we just got our first customer!” I said.

    “Yeah, let’s get to work!”


    Authoress’ pov 👠

    Nicklaus’s home…

    “Good morning, Mr Statham!” Graham greets.

    He opens the car door as Nicklaus walks towards him.. Nicklaus simply acknowledge his greeting with a nod.

    He gets into the car and Graham closes the door before getting on the driver’s seat.

    “To the office, Mr Statham?”

    “Psychologist!” He simply said and Graham understand.

    He starts the car and drives out of the compound.


    Graham sees an empty space in the parking lot and drives in, he parks the car and rushes to open Nicklaus’s door.

    Nicklaus steps out and adjusts his suit.

    “Wait here!” He said and head in.

    He walks past different wards and offices until he gets to a particular office, he knocks on the door.

    A very familiar female voice invites him in.. he opens the door and steps in.

    “Mr Statham.. longest time!” she smiles and gets up from her chair.

    She felt like giving Nicklaus a hug but stops herself just in time.. she remembers he’s not cured yet.

    “Rhoda!” He said.

    He walks towards the sitting area in Rhoda’s office and sits down.

    Rhoda quickly take off her glasses and puts it on the table before walking towards him.. she sits opposite him.

    “It’s been long, why haven’t you be coming for treatment?” Rhoda asked.

    “It’s not working!” Was his reply.

    Rhoda laughs.

    “I think it’s because you’re my brother.. how about I introduce you to another psychologist?” She suggests.

    Nicklaus glares at her and she slaps her mouth gently… Nicklaus crosses his arms on his chest.

    “If my own younger sister can’t cure me, then who can?”

    Rhoda choose to stay silent. She reaches for a file under her table and flips through pages until she stops at her particular page.

    “So.. why are you here? To ask about mom?”

    Nicklaus stays silent. Rhoda looks up at him and sighs.

    “Mom misses you, it will be better if you visit her sometimes.. she’ll be so happy!”

    Nicklaus scoffs and looks outside Rhoda’s window.

    “She talks about you all the time, she doesn’t blame you for whatever happened back then!”

    “Rhoda, I’m not here to reminisce about the past.. just prescribe some medication for me” he grits out.

    Rhoda wanted to speak but swallows her words, she fear she might anger him.

    “Are you gonna keep avoiding her forever?” She asked.

    Nicklaus balled his fist and clenched his jaw as if he’s refraining himself.

    “You know, nothing hurts more than a child avoiding his mother.. she can’t even touch you.. it hurts her ok?”

    He gets up angrily and head towards the door.

    “So you aren’t gonna say anything, Mr Statham?”

    Nicklaus stops, not turning back though.

    “Miss Statham, thanks for your services… I think I’ll find another psychologist like you suggested earlier!”

    Without another word, he steps out.. shutting the door in a loud bang.. making some people glare at him but he doesn’t seem like he care about them.

    He angrily walks out of the hospital…

    Graham quickly composes himself when he sees his boss coming towards him in rage.


    “To the office, quick!”

    “Yes, sir!”

    Graham quickly opens the door, Nicklaus gets into the car and he gets in immediately after.

    Not wasting time, Graham steps on the gas and drives off in speed.

    To be continued.

    Wait.. when do you think Nicklaus and Anastasia will meet?


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