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    OBSCURE πŸšοΈπŸ—

    The villagers of Orrander stood in awe as they watched the sky turn red at night with blue comets flashing down the sky in full speed.

    “It’s happening…”
    “It’s the curse. Our village has been cursed.”
    “Oh no!”
    Scared about the uncanny and peculiar colours and movement in the sky, the villagers wailed in awe.

    The king’s royal announcer dashed his way into the King’s chamber and bowed his head immediately his eyes and the King’s eyes came into contact.

    “Yes Cornelius and to what do I owe this rude visit, in the middle of the night?” The King stated adjusting his golden robe.
    “Forgive me your majesty, but the villagers are in great dismay for the sudden misfortune that has fallen upon us.”
    “A misfortune?” the king repeated standing up.
    “Yes your majesty, for the sky is red and strange lines keeps passing by, your majesty this is exactly as the sibyl prophecied two full moons ago” The royal announcer Cornelius stated, his hands shaking in fear.
    The king breathed out and tightened his robe on his body, he flounced out of his room and head to the royal planetarium.
    “This is outrageous… This is blasphemy! We’re doomed!” the king breathed out shaking his head as he watched the sky.
    Suddenly the door opened and the queen walked in with her dress sweeping the floor, her brows furrowed in worry.
    “My lord.” she called running towards the king.
    “Please be careful, my queen” The king sighed.
    “What is the meaning of this!” The queen asked.
    The king sighed and shook his head in melancholy.
    “Answer me my lord!.” The queen yelled.
    When she saw that the king wasn’t ready to tend to her question, she turned to the royal announcer.

    “Cornelius what is going on? The sky is strange and I keep hearing about a curse… Is this something I don’t know of?”
    Cornelius bowed. “Your highness, two full moons ago when you fell iill, a sybil visited Orrander and prophecied about a curse falling upon everyone that liveth in the village.”
    “And what is this curse?” The queen’s eyebrow arched.
    “The sybil stated that after the red turning of the sky and the strange passing lines, Orrander will forsee a great misfortune where once in every passing year, millions of children will be born but a child will bare a red marking on any part of his body, and that will serve as great misfortune because the sibyl announced that any child born with the red marking belongs to the beast of Orrander and should be annihilated immediately!”
    The queen gasped.
    “And I thought she was just being an imposter, I believed the sky can never turn red, but I spoke too soon!” The King sighed.
    “Killing children because of a silly marking? I laugh not. This is outrageous” The queen scoffed.

    The king turned to the queen. “My lady, I know you must feel vexed by this, but you’ve heard the stories about the beasts of Orrander, we should not make this a project of our smiles and put this into action.” The king explained and the queen shut her eyes in sadness.

    “Cornelius” The king turned to the royal announcer.
    “Yes, your majesty” Cornelius bowed.
    “Make this known to everyone in Orrander, that every pregnant maiden must be watched from now and henceforth, to prevent malodorous and foul things from happening in Orrander, every new born child must be inspected and the one with any red marking, be brought to the castle and be put to exile, and to those who will not be able to coat with this law, may leave Orrander and never return and to those who will fail to offer their child, will be killed by force along with their child, if the child happens to posses the red marking”.
    Cornelius bowed even lower. “For the people will hear this”.
    Cornelius left the room in full speed and the Queen almost fell to her feet but luckily the king caught her.
    “My lord” she cried. “This is too much to take in, killing innocent children, you’ll be staining your hands with blood”
    “My queen, killing a single child and saving my people, or letting a child live and letting my people die…”
    The queen wept even more and the king hugged her.
    “We will get through this Adalind, just trust me” The king said and placed a small kiss on the queen’s forehead.
    The Royal announcer passed the King’s New law to the people of Orrander and most of them were shocked by it, pregnant women wouldn’t sleep at night, for they would stay up all night praying to the gods of Orrander to keep their child away from the red marking.
    Two years passed with the curse over Orrander but surprisingly, no child with a red marking was ever found, every new born child was inspected and so was pregnant maiden, but all gave birth to children without any marking on any parts of the body and the people starts to believe that the curse over Orrander was just a prevarication.
    The Queen got pregnant with the years passed and with her royal physician visiting her every single day, told the queen she will be giving birth In a few days. the King couldn’t wait either.

    But surprisingly the queen fell into labour two days before her due date and her royal physician was called into the castle along with some midwives to help deliver the child.
    The delivery bell could be heard all over the small village of Orrander, as the people rejoiced with happiness of the Queen safe delivery of a male child.

    “Finally an heir to the throne.”
    “Wow, this is amazing, a crown prince is born”
    “An heir”
    “The king must be so happy.”

    The village was filled with happy laughter and joy in air, all happy for the queen and her safe delivery of a male child.
    Despite the village being joyful and happy for the queen, the castle was different.
    It was quiet and gloomy, every maids, and eunuchs servants stood in front of the ball room, all heads bowed in sadness.
    The midwives stood in shock in front of the queen who was lying on the floor looking very feeble and weak.
    The Royal announcer Cornelius who delivered the news about the Queen giving birth to the villagers walked back into the castle to Recieve the sudden news.

    “The queen’s baby just died, it died immediately it came out”.

    Cornelius stood in shock as he watched the king took off his crown and rubbed his brows in sorrow.
    “You already gave the villagers the happy news, how are we ever going to feed this to them” The King sighed.
    Inside the delivery room the queen tears crawled down her eyes as she heard of the sudden news. But she suddenly start to groan in pain

    “Midwives, back to your position” Her physician announced.
    “There’s another baby coming out” the physician announced.
    “Your majesty… Twins!! The queen just gave birth to another baby boy!” one of the servants who rushed into the King’s chamber stated and both the king and Cornelius dashed out of the room and to the delivery room.
    Seeing the bloody baby in the queen’s arm and the queen drowning in her own tears, and the first dead baby lying beside the queen, the king fell to his knees and a single tear dropped from his eyes.

    “The first one is gone… But I am okay with this one” The queen cried with joy.
    The midwives wiped the bloody baby and it lets out its first cry, a cry that made the king and queen smile with teary eyes.
    As the baby was being wrapped in a cotton fabric, one of the midwives noticed something on his back.
    A big and bright red mark laying on his baby skin.

    “The red marking!” the woman gasped..
    The King’s head and everyone else’s head turned to the baby and the midwife holding the baby, turned the baby’s back to the king and queen revealing the bright red marking on his back.
    “No…” The queen yelled “No…” she cried.
    A heavy tear dropped from the King’s eyes as he turned to Cornelius.
    “Cornelius” The King’s voice shook.
    “Yes your majesty”.
    “Tell the people of Orrander, that the queen had two babies and lost both of them”.
    “I understand your majesty” Cornelius bowed and walked out of the room.

    “No… Your majesty… No… Please” The queen cried taking her baby from the midwife and clutching it to her body.

    The king stood up. “Leave us alone, I’ll end this baby myself.”
    Immediately the king said that, the midwives, the royal physician and every other person in the delivery room left the Queen and King with their soon to be dead child.

    As the king moved closer to the queen, she shook her head.
    “Please don’t come any closer”
    “My lady, if I enforce a law and do not go by it, what kind of king will the people call me. My first child who happened to be alive is cursed, to prevent any bad luck in Orrander, we need to destroy this baby” The king stated as a single tear left his eye.
    “Then… Why don’t you destroy me too, kill me before killing our child, I don’t care about a silly red marking, children are born with marks on their bodies every once in a while” The queen cried.
    “Marks that aren’t red! My queen I know your pain, but for the people of Orrander-
    “I don’t care! If this baby dies, I die too, I lost the first one, you won’t do this to me..” the queen shook her head.
    “But my queen…” The king was confused as ever, of course he wanted a child, but not the one with a curse.
    The queen stood up, despite the pains she felt in her stomach, she moved closer to the wall where an emergency sword was hunged and she grabbed the sword immediately.
    “My queen what are you doing?” The king asked.
    “I’m ending my life, I can’t watch myself live and watch you kill my son” The queen replied breathing heavily.
    The king rushed up to her but she pointed the sword at the king.
    “Do not come any closer” The queen yelled. “Is there any reason to live if my child dies, tell me Archibald, is there any reason?”.
    Seeing tears drop from the queen’s tired face, the king became weak in the knees.
    He had no choice. Of course he loves the queen like he love his life.

    “Then drop the sword my queen… For your child will live… Our child.” The king stated.
    The queen clutched the baby into her hand and shut her eyes.
    “You promise?” she sniffed.
    “I swear on my parent’s grave, our child will live” The king sighed and the sword dropped from the queen’s hand, making some clashing sound as it collided with the floor.
    The king quickly rushed up to the queen and held her hand, taking the baby from her.
    “You’re weak… Please sit” The king stated making the queen sit.
    “Our child will live, but he won’t be staying here, the people of Orrander believes our child Is dead, so he can’t live here, for he will live in the other castle outside Orrander, to prevent calamities, He will have enough food and enough servants to tend to him, you need not to worry anymore my queen, I will stand by my words” The king sighed.
    “I don’t care where he goes, for he lives and breathe is all I care” The queen stated and her eyes went shut immediately.
    The king quickly called for the royal physician who attended to the Queen immediately.
    Standing in the ball room with half of the servants in the castle, the king clutched the baby in his hand very tight. His royal guard standing beside him.
    “To every servants here, you have been picked to serve the crown prince!” The King’s voice spread out through the whole place and little wave of mumur filled the whole ball room.
    “Silence!” The king ordered.
    “Yes! My first son died and the second one was born with the curse mark of the beast of Orrander. For he still carries the royal blood, my blood, he cannot be dead. But he will live in a faraway place, a castle outside Orrander and the servants present here will serve him till we see the outcome of his growth, by dawn tomorrow the crown prince will leave for the castle and so will the servants here, and let this been known as a secret for if anyone happens to be a tattle tale, will have their head cut off at all cost!” The king stated and left the ball room, leaving the servants to murmur all they want.
    And just At the cry of the morning rooster, hundreds of Servants, hundreds of guards, two royal physician, and four midwives, set out on the journey to the other castle with the crown prince in the Royal carriage.
    T. B. C

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    OBSCURE 🏚️ πŸ—
    Three years passed with the people of Orrander living in peace.
    No one had the slightest idea of what happened with the King’s son. And no one ever gave birth to children with the red marking.

    And every Crescent moon the king and queen managed to receive letters which contained information on how the young crown prince was living. He was growing up to be a charmer, he was just a boy but yet, when he speaks his words were clear and strong, two scholars were recently sent to the other castle to educate the crown prince of how to read and write, and the Queen was satisfied with it, and the king made a fine deal with her, allowing her to see her son every day of the full moon. .
    The first time the queen laid eyes on her three year old son, she watched him from afar being impacted by the scholar beside him, she couldn’t be more touched seeing how he was concentrated on learning so much, his bright emerald eyes danced around in excitement and his small hands tried to scribble something down.
    The queen had no choice but to approach him.

    It was the first time seeing his mother and the scholar couldn’t help but excuse them.
    Looking both at the Queen and the Crown prince, their beauty and resemblance were impeccable.

    The Queen smiled at the crown prince and he smiled back not knowing why.
    He had no clue it was his mother he was looking at, for the midwives brought him up to be the young boy he is now.

    “How are you doing young lad.?” The queen smiled.
    “I am fine.” The crown prince replied and the queen smiled even more.
    “Do you know who I am?” The queen asked.
    The crown prince shook his head Negatively.
    “Well, I’m your mother” The queen smiled.
    “My mother?” The crown prince asked making the queen nod.
    The crown prince said nothing and just watched his mother for a while…
    And he finally spoke. “Are you here to take me with you.?”
    “You do not like it here?” The queen had ask and the little lad shook his head.
    The queen was heartbroken hearing that and she promised they would be together someday.
    And every day of a full moon the queen would visit her son who seemed clearly normal that she started to doubt if the so called curse of Orrander was real.

    The Queen would watch her son from afar before approaching him, though he had no one but he always talked to himself and kept himself busy with his unique way of playing.
    The crown prince always welcomed his mother every time she visited and he would spend the whole day with his mother and the queen still promised him they were going to be together someday.

    Ten years passed and the king and queen agreed to bring the crown prince back to the castle of Orrander, because clearly he didn’t exhibit or cause any catastrophe like they said the bearer of the cursed mark will.

    Two days before bringing back the crown prince to Orrander, the king recieved a letter from the other castle from the Royal reporter informing of what had happened the previous night with the crown prince.
    It reported that the crown prince had gone berserk and pushed one of the servants off the window from his room due to extreme anger and that the servant falling from such high distance, died immediately.
    He didn’t do just that, that same night, he had requested for a hot bath and when the servant prepared the water to be hot enough and compatible for the human skin, the crown prince requested it wasn’t hot enough, the servant had to boil the water to extreme hotness that was dangerous to the human skin, but surprisingly the crown prince walked into the bath and didn’t even flinch and then got angry again saying the water wasn’t hot enough, when the servant tried to convince him it was the hottest, he dipped her hand into the water telling her to feel it and causing her skin to react and burn. And after that night it was like a strange switch in him because he never smiled again.
    He became aggressive and gets angry at the Littlest thing.

    When the king read the letter he head to the queen’s Chambers to share the news to her but when Queen decided to read the letter herself, she disagreed with everything.

    “So what is the Royal reporter trying to say? That my son is a beast for getting angry?” The queen scoffed walking back her forth in her room, her dress sweeping the floor.

    “He’s saying we should be careful!” The king stated.
    “Careful? Of my own son? I laugh not”.
    “Adalind Don’t let your emotions sweep you off, he’s my son too and the character he’s exhibiting is just plethoric, he is just a twelve years old lad” The king sighed.

    “So you’re saying my son can’t get angry? Like every body else. You just don’t want him back In Orrander” The queen yelled.

    “Of course I do, but with what he did, he killed somebody Adalind, you read what the letter said, he pushed a servant off a window” The king sighed.
    The queen paused and let’s out a sigh.
    “He’s exhibiting extreme anger and that is manacing” The king added taking his wife’s hand.

    “I want to see him myself, I won’t be waiting for a full moon, tomorrow morning I’ll be leaving the castle, he’s my son, I have to see to believe” The Queen upbraided before flouncing out of the room leaving the king in a confused state.

    Immediately the sun rose, the next day, the queen set off on a journey to the other castle to see her son, she couldn’t wait to prove to the king how the Royal reporters were wrong about her son.

    The Queen fell to her feet as she stood in front of her son in his room and watch him stab his own royal scholar with a sharp stake.

    Splattered blood laid on his shirtless body and white britches.

    The young lad turned to his mother with his eyes red in colour, his eyes were no longer emerald but red.

    “And why are you here mother?” The young lad asked giving his scholar a final stab.


    The queen couldn’t find her words as tears fell from her eyes, This person wasn’t her son.

    “My teacher was being a bit annoying, I had to make him quiet” The crown prince stated.

    “This… This… This isn’t right.” The queen shook her head.

    “Does this frighten you mother? Because it sure is a wonderful sight” The crown prince smiled.

    The queen stood up and shut her eyes, it was definitely the curse mark. He’s just twelve years old but yet he has killed two innocent people.

    “We can’t bring him back, I’m afraid to say our son isn’t our son right now” The queen said to the king after returning to the castle of Orrander.

    “I’m sorry” The king said as he watched his wife eyes gather so many tears.

    “Why us? Why my son? Why him?” The queen cried.

    “I can’t guarantee anything about him getting better or the curse leaving him but I hope he gets better” The king said embracing his wife.

    Getting better was an overstatement as to say, because as days passed the king and queen recieved letters containing horrid stories from what was happening with their son and how he’s slowly becoming more of a murder and a beast.

    He lets his anger take over him and does the most impudent thing ever.
    The queen never failed to pray to the god of Orrander for the betterment of her son.

    But her prayers felt like pins in water, as years passed.

    The Queen never wanted to lose hope on her son returning back to Orrander, but with the information she everyday recieved from the Royal spy sent to watch the crown prince secretly, the Queen knew, it was it for her son.

    At eighteen the crown prince was already at a height that was intimidating and many servants had fled the castle because of the ruthlessness of the crown prince…

    “He never wears a shirt, he only leaves his pants on saying he would burn if he puts on a shirt, he gets angry when things doesn’t go his way, he locks himself in his room and only comes out at night, I never stood before him, but the servants who did all testified that, if you stand too close to him, you will definitely feel the heat coming from his body, his eyes are not the eyes of a human, your majesty for i have not seen the crown prince in person, but was told his eyes were red and thicker than blood. For this is the beast of Orrander taking over the crown prince. I am just a gardener at the other castle, but your majesty I want to live, I shamelessly fled the other castle to live, please spare me for doing something so foolish, I am just a lowly gardener and have no right to flee, but your majesty, I wish to see the sun rise every morning and if I keep staying at the other castle, I don’t know what the crown prince might do to me, for the other castle is empty, all servants had fled the castle, leaving the crown prince alone. Have mercy on all of us your majesty…” The cry of a lowly gardener made the queen shut her eyes as the man bowed very low to the ground.

    “You fled the castle without the King’s permission and for that, you shall be punished, but for reporting all this instead of fleeing, you shall be banished, and as for the rest of the servants who fled without my royal consent, death awaits them.!” The king ordered in rage.

    The gardener was taken away and the Queen fell to her knees crying.
    “My son!”

    “My queen, do not cry!” The queen consoled.
    “He’s all alone, there’s no one at the castle to take care of him, my lord he’s all alone, we should send more servants to him, he shouldn’t be alone”
    “And let him kill them? Adalind I understand where you are coming from but that boy is no longer who we call our son… The beast of Orrander has taken over him and there is no way we can Break that curse!” The king sighed.
    “You want him to be all alone?” The queen sniffed.
    “For lonliess is what awaits the beast!”.
    “My son, is not a beast! Please!” The queen cried. “He doesn’t deserve what is happening right now, even it’s just one, just a single servant to attend to him, then I will learn how to breathe properly!”

    The king sighed not knowing what to say.
    He pulled his wife in a big embrace and while stroking her hair he said.
    “For everyone lives matter, and so does our son’s life, I can’t guarantee the life of that servant going over to him, but our son deserves to live too. Adalind for everything will be fine… I hope.”
    T. B.C

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    OBSCURE 🏚️ πŸ—

    “A thief!”


    “A thief, close the gate and do not let any one of them escape!” Yelled a royal guard.

    One of the Castle’s royal chef had caught some old aged men stealing from the castle’s kitchen, and without saying a word, she had informed the castle guards…
    The guards ambushed the kitchen, with the men still inside the kitchen, trying to escape.
    Seeing the royal guards, three men jumped out of the kitchen’s window, and as the other two men tried to escape through the same window…
    They were caught and stopped by the royal guards.

    “You’re both under arrest! For trying to steal from the Royal kitchen” A guard yell, his thick voice frightening the caught thieves.

    “Your majesty!” Cornelius, the King’s Royal announcer who also is the king Royal guard, bowed in front of King Archibald.

    “Cornelius!” the king called, acknowledging his presence.

    “For I am here to report thefts your majesty” Cornelius stated.

    “Theft is nothing new in Orrander, but whoever is caught doing it, shall be punished!”. The king stated.

    “This morning five old lads came to the castle’s royal kitchen to steal. Three, managed to escape, and the other two have been caught, and we need your presence to know the outcome of their lives!” Cornelius yelled…
    “And where are these thieves?” The king asked, standing up.

    “in the dungeon your majesty!” Cornelius replied.

    “Bring them to exile room, I’ll be waiting…!” The king said, floucing out of the room.

    “Please spare our lives!” cried one of the thieves as he knelt in front of the king in the exile room.

    “silence!” the king yelled, taking a good look at the old lads in front of him…
    One had black hair with some white strands on it, and the other one had complete white hair on his head, his beards also white proving how old he was getting.

    “When people who have committed such great sin are brought here, to this room… Death only awaits them.” The king stated looking at Cornelius, who stood still which a sword clutched in his hands.
    “Please we are just commoners who wants to eat and live, please spare our lives your majesty!” The man with black hair pleaded.
    “And we also want to eat and live, for I am not ruthless, I am just setting things right, for everyone who sin deserves to be punished, a some people just get punished without even having to sin.” The king stated, gesturing his hands forward and immediately Cornelius placed the sword in his hand.

    “Please your majesty! Spare our lives!” cried the Older man.
    “The god of Orrander shall welcome you after I set things straight!” The king stated pulling the sword out if its scabbard, revealing its sharp blade that frightened the men.

    The doors to the exile room suddenly went open and the queen walked in, her Azure dress sweeping the floor as she walked up to the king.

    “My Lord!” she called. “Reports from the other castle”

    The Queen paused and turned to the men on the floor.

    “What is going on.?” She asked.

    “They committed theft!” Cornelius replied immediately.
    The queen glanced at the sword in the King’s hand and then at the men.

    “And you think the only rational way to fix this, is by annihilating them?” The queen gave the king a glare.

    “My lady! It is the only way!” The king replied resting the sword on the shoulder of the white haired man.
    “S-S-spare me!” the man shivered glancing at the sword on his shoulder.
    “And why should I spare you? The great kings of Orrander never spared anyone, you should be grateful I’m making your death quick” The king hollered, his face, expressionless.

    “If I’m to spare your low lives, there’s no way you won’t keep out of the castle, you might come back and steal more, once a thief, always a thief! So give me a reason why I shouldn’t kill you both right now!” The king yelled.

    “I… I have a wife at home and she’s pregnant… We have no food… Please spare our lives your majesty!” The man with the black hair cried.

    “You’re making me sound like a bad king. I have made it possible for every man here In Orrander to contain their families with edible jobs, I even make the invalid and disabilities work. So having no job and no food isn’t certainly my fault and my problem, and then you dare steal from steal from the royal kitchen?” The king scoffed.

    “Please your majesty! I have a daughter… She has no mother, if you kill me she’ll have no one! Spare our lives your majesty!” The white-haired man cried.

    “The god of Orrander shall welcome your souls” The king stated, raising the sword up when the queen stepped in front of him.

    “My Lord…” The queen interrupted.
    “I believe every sinner must be punished, or have a price to pay, for the sins they have committed. Rise on you feet, both of you!” The queen ordered.

    Both men got on their feet with their heads bowed.
    “You mentioned having a pregnant wife, and you mentioned having a daughter.?” The queen arched her left eyebrows.

    “Yes your highness.!” The men said in unison.

    The queen glanced at the king.
    “The castle is also running out of servants if I may say!” The Queen smiled.
    “I’ll humbly serve you your highness!” said the white haired man.
    “Oh please, you’re both old” The queen laughed.
    “How old is your daughter?” The queen asked.
    “She’s a maiden of eighteen years old.” The man replied.
    “Wonderful! And how due is your pregnant wife..?” The queen asked.

    “According to the physician we conducted, by next week she might put to bed.” The black haired man added.
    “Splendid, Cornelius! Look after them, the king and I will have a brief conversation”.

    The king and queen stood in front of the exile, the king waiting for the queen to begin.

    “My lord, this morning, a report came in front the other castle, from the Royal spy, the crown prince passed out today and he suggested it was due to his starving gut. All servants had fled the castle leaving my son, he might end up starving to death”

    “And where are you going with this Adalind?” The king asked.

    “The maiden and the pregnant maiden! We can send them to the other castle, or I go there myself.!” The queen replied.

    “Nonsense Adalind. I can never let you step foot into that castle. And I understand where you’re coming from my lady. The maiden and the pregnant maiden will be sent to the other castle to serve the crown prince…” The king stated.

    A feeling a guilt flashed across the queen’s face.
    “And if they die?” she asked.
    “They have paid for the crimes the men committed, fear not Adalind. We’re only humans.” The king said embracing his wife.
    T. B. C

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    OBSCURE 🏚️ πŸ—

    “Are you sure your father’s going to like this Rosanne?”

    “of course he will!” Rosanne smiled.

    “You know he prefers you inside the house, you always go by his words!”

    “Oh be quiet Garam, I’m just making a present for my old man!” Rosanne Spat.

    “I can clearly see that, but he’ll certainly get mad when…

    “Garam…” Rosanne interrupted. “Everyone, including my father keep saying we’ll both be getting married soon, and Is this how you’ll rant negatively when we get married?” Rosanne asked.

    “No, I apologize… My lady!” Garam’s bright eyes shifted from Rosanne to the flower crown in her hand.

    “And done!” Rosanne smiled standing up and. “Father’s certainly going to love this one!”

    “I Guarantee” Garam added.

    “Do you want me to make more for you dear Garam?” Rosanne flashed a smile at the boy in front of her.

    Melting from her smile, Garam shook his head. “I have enough thanks to you Rosanne,”


    “It’s my father calling!” Rosanne gasped.
    “He’s back already?” Garam questioned.

    “Quick, be a gentleman and hide this present, I’ll give it to him later” Rosanne rushed her words, placing the flower crown in Garam’s hand.

    Holding up her dress, Rosanne’s bare feet hopped on the wet grass and her long brown hair moved sideways as she ran towards a small cottage, which was her home.
    Rosanne slowly, opened the front door of the cottage and walked inside.

    “Father.” She called, immediately she saw her old man.

    “Roseanne… Where have you been?”

    “Oh, I was at the garden, with Garam!” Rosanne replied.
    “I told you to stay inside and practice your embroidery lessons” The old man sighed.
    “Embroidery is tedious!” Rosanne shook her head.
    “Tedious? You silly girl, you’re eighteen, you’re a woman, no maiden dare calls embroidery tedious!”.

    “I just find it that way!” Rosanne smiled.

    “Rosanne…” Her father called.
    “Yes, father…” she replied, her eyes slowly noticing the sack of potatoes on the floor.

    “Would you like to work in a castle?” Zackary, Roseanne’s father asked.

    Rosanne’s ocean eyes sparkled immediately her father mentioned the castle and she let’s out a gasp.

    “The castle! Yes! I certainly would love to work at the castle, it’s intriguing, rather than locking my old rump in here all day.”

    “Look Rosanne, I know how playful you can get, the castle is not a place you make flower crowns and chit-chat. A lot happens and you don’t want to get caught playing whilst you’re supposed to work” Zackary stated.
    “Father, I know when to work and when to play, I am not a child.!” Rosanne declared dauntlessly, walking up to the stack of food behind her father.

    “What is this?” Rosanne asked, as her eyes danced around the juicy tomatoes in front of her. “Where did you get so much food, father?”

    “I… Uhm… Ran some errands inside the castle today, and Uhm… The king gave me these!” The old man expressed, his fingers raking his white hair.

    “Really? That is incredible! What sort of errand father.? For the king to offer you so much food. Just yesterday we were starving!” Roseanne said, pulling out a corn from its sack.
    “The food, is not for my errand but for you Rosanne!” Zackary said.

    “For me?” Rosanne gasped. “what did I do? And how does the king know of my existence.?”

    “Now listen carefully Roseanne, this is a secret between you and me. The king has a son!” Zackary started.

    “A son? But I thought he died, everyone said he died” Rosanne whispered.

    “He did, but surprisingly he was a twin, and his twin survived, the king stated that he’s keeping his son hidden in the other castle outside Orrander, from bad people and surprisingly, you’ve been picked as one of his loyal servant to serve him at the other castle.” Zackary explained.

    “What? Me? I’ll be working for the King’s son?” Rosanne’s lips curved into a smile.
    “Yes you will, and you’ll be getting paid In coins too” Zackary added.
    “This is amazing father, we’ll become rich! The gods of Orrander are finally looking out for us!” Rosanne smiled.

    “And… You’ll be leaving tomorrow!” Zackary stated.
    “So soon.?” Rosanne pouted.
    “The earlier the better and the richer we become, these foods are like a payment in advance and of course you’ll meet other servants in the castle, and you’ll get to sleep properly and eat properly!” Zackary explained.

    “Can I tell Garam about this father?” Rosanne asked.
    “Just Garam!” Zackary stated and immediately the front door opened.

    Garam walked into the small cottage, his height towering Zackary and Rosanne.
    “Good day father…” Zackary smiled.

    “And how are you doing Garam?” Zackary asked.
    “I am indeed fine.” Garam replied.
    “And how are your wonderful parents?” Zackary asked.
    “They are unquestionably fine as well” Garam replied.

    Zackary looked back at his daughter and then at Garam.

    “I’ll be heading out for a while, I’ll be at Mrs Huggins bakery if you need me” Zackary stated stepping out of the cottage.

    Rosanne quickly rushed up to Garam, she took his hand in hers and let’s out a smile.
    “I just recieved the most outstanding news ever!” Rosanne squealed.

    Garam smiled. “And by outstanding you mean?”
    “Look at all these foods, my father brought all these from the castle.” Rosanne grimaced, prancing towards the stack of food.
    “Really? Tell me more…” Garam smiled walking up to her.
    After giving Garam an earful of the ‘good news’ her father had passed to her, Garam lost his smile, his back slouched from his sitting position.

    “Garam… You don’t look happy, like I expected you to be.” Rosanne said standing up.
    “And when will you be back?” Garam asked.
    “Oh, that doesn’t really matter now, what matters is that I get to work at a castle.” Rosanne grinned. “Do you know how mighty this job is, it’s way better than embroidery!”

    “When will you be back, and when shall we get married?” Garam asked taking Rosanne’s hand.
    “I don’t know when, but there’s no rush in this Garam!” Rosanne smiled, tucking a strand of Garam’s hair behind his ear, before slowly placing her hand on his cheek.
    “We’ve been betrothed since we were children, working for a castle isn’t going to change that!” Rosanne smiled.

    “Well I hope not!” Garam smiled, his light brown eyes staring into Rosanne’s ocean eyes.
    Garam suddenly lets out a sigh. “But you’re leaving tomorrow morning!”

    “Yes, the earlier the better!” Rosanne nodded.
    “So I Just have today to spend with you!”
    “Garam! We spend time together everyday, me being away for a few moons will not cost a thing!” Rosanne shrugged.

    Garam quickly got on his feet, being the aloof young man everyone described him as, he took him a lot of gut before leaning down towards Rosanne to give her a kiss.
    It was the first time they would be sharing a kiss.
    Rosanne quickly shut her eyes, understanding Garam’s message, she was ready and not ready at the same time.

    Garam lips brushed against Rosanne’s lips, as he gave her lips a light peck.
    Rosanne’s eyes fluttered opened.

    ‘That was it?’ she thought.
    T. B. C

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    OBSCURE 🏚️ πŸ—

    “You seem more than happy this lovely evening” Zackary smiled at his daughter as he watched her prepare a hefty meal for supper.

    “Working in the castle, made her this way!” Garam added, reaching for the carrots Rosanne chopped.

    “I won’t hesitate to cut off your fingers, if you keep eating these carrots!” Rosanne warned pointing the knife at Garam.

    “You can’t possibly do that!” Garam smiled.

    “Watch me!” Roseanne added.

    “Roseanne, I’ll be at the garden, call me when supper is ready!” Zackary stated before walking out of the cottage.

    “Is it just me or does father doesn’t seem happy with you going to work for the castle!” Garam stated.

    “Father can get a little emotional sometimes, it’s not like I am going away to die!” Roseanne laughed. “But he’ll get through it, you’ll be here!”.

    “Yeah, I guess!” Garam shrugged.

    “I’ll make sure to write father a letter every single day, so he won’t feel like I’m away!” Roseanne announced dramatically, placing her hands on her hips.
    “Are you forgetting something?” Garam eyed her.
    “What?” Roseanne asked raising her eyebrows.
    Garam tilted his head at her and she lets out a gasp.

    “Sadly, I can’t read or write!” Rosanne laughed to herself. “You always help me with the letters I write and receive, how forgetful of me!”

    “I can always teach you how to read and write, but that’s against the law!” Garam added.
    “Yes, father would turn the tables if he heard that… All maidens aren’t allowed to learn how to read or write, they are to learn how to be companion towards their husbands, Now this is one of the rules I despise here in Orrander, because I enjoy it when you write!” Rosanne expounded angrily.

    “When we get married and live together, I’ll teach you how to do so, it will be our little secret!” Garam smiled.

    “You are just the sweetest Garam!” Rosanne grimaced.

    After preparing supper, Rosanne called her father, like he had suggested. And the three of them had supper, and chatted around the small table.

    The day had turn dark making Rosanne lit up the lanterns, inside and outside of the house.
    Garam thanked Rosanne’s father for supper and decided to go home since it was already dark.

    “Rosanne, escort Garam out the door!” Zackary announced as he walked towards his room to go to bed.

    “Sure thing father!” Rosanne smiled, getting up on her feet and walking towards Garam.

    Rosanne and Garam stepped out of the cottage, the cold and dark night welcoming their skin.
    Little lanterns laid at the doors of each cottage on the street, brightening up the road path.

    “So by dawn you’ll be leaving for the castle!” Garam sighed.
    “Don’t feel sad Garam!” Rosanne titled her head with a smile.

    “I’ll definitely look for a way to send letters!” Rosanne smiled.

    “Okay then!” Garam smiled with a sigh.

    “Kiss me!” Rosanne ordered.

    “What?” Garam was taken aback from Rosanne’s sudden words.

    “What are you waiting for?” Rosanne asked pulling Garam close.
    “Oh… Sorry!” Garam apologized, getting flushed.

    He slowly got his lips on Rosanne’s forehead and was about to kiss her, when she burst out laughing.

    “Not on the head silly, on the lips.” Rosanne giggled.

    “Sorry, I was a bit shaken!” Garam chuckled. “I’m trying to be a gentleman here”.
    “You are a gentleman!” Rosanne smiled.

    Garam felt his face heat up, as he slowly leaned down towards Rosanne to give her a kiss.
    Both of their lips locked and an exciting feeling circulated their bodies as they kissed.
    Rosanne smiled as they disengage their lips.

    “Goodnight Garam!” she beamed.
    “Goodnight… Rose, I hope to see you soon!” Garam stated, pulling Rosanne for a brief hug.
    After saying their night greetings, Rosanna walked back into the cottage, letting Garam walk home under the night sky.
    The rays of the morning sunlight shimmered on Rosanne’s face, and the smell of wet grass engulfed Rosanna’s nose, causing her to jerk awake.

    “It’s morning!” she yelled to herself.

    “It’s morning… It’s morning… Okay Rosanne stay calm.” Rosanne said to herself stepping out of her bed made, of hay and an expensive looking fabric.

    The door to her small room opened and her father shoved his head inside.

    “Rosanne!” He called.

    “Good morning father!” Rosanne smiled.
    “Good morning Rose, get dressed! The queen of Orrander is here!” Zackary smiled.
    “The queen! Goodness! This excitement, I can’t control it, I’ll be meeting the queen, this is too much to take in” Rosanne ranted, holding her head.

    “Anyways, just get ready my little pumpkin!” Zackary smiled, before leaving the room.
    Getting dressed in one of her finest dresses, Rosanne made sure, she brushed her hair from her head to her waist before walking out of the cottage.

    Stepping out of the cottage, Rosanne let’s out a gasp when she saw the castle’s royal guard, all standing vertically in front of the house, a royal carriage with the Castle of Orrander symbol laid body on the carriage.

    “She’s here,” One of the royal guard announced, opening the door to the carriage.
    Rosanne turned to her right, to see men and women with thir children standing in front of their cottage, staring at the amount of guards and the beautiful carriage in front of her cottage.
    The queen was here for her, and it felt like a dream.

    The queen stepped out of the carriage, and Rosanne gasped. It was the first time she will be meeting with anyone of the Royal blood, needless to say, the queen!.
    The queen’s dress looked expensive and it glistened under the sun due to the little diamonds it had, her slender body made the dress prettier, her golden blonde hair tied in a beautiful, and a little tiara laid at the front of her hair.
    The queen drew so much attention, and the villagers watching, wondered what a queen of high class looked for in a place this.
    Rosanne almost burst out of happiness when the queen stepped in front of her.
    The queen was as beautiful as she had been described, she had a slender face, big bright green eyes and a protuberant nose.
    The queen’s lips curved into a smile as she stood in front of Rosanna.

    ‘Such a beaut!’ she thought.

    “Your highness” Rosanne suddenly dropped into a curtsy, holding her dress on both sides.

    “Rise my dear!” The queen gave a forced smile.
    Sending a beautiful maiden like this to the other castle. What was she thinking?

    “It’s such an honour to meet you your highness!” Rosanne smiled.
    “My pleasure” The queen smiled.

    Zackary stepped out of the cottage and gave the queen a neck bow.

    “She’s ready, your highness!” Zackary said.
    “Very good!” The queen muttered.

    “I’m not ready yet, I need to get my things,” Rosanne stuttered.
    “Things.? No dear, the castle you’re headed, has everything, clothes, foot wears, food, you name it and your wish is our command!” The queen smiled.

    “Really?” Rosanne beamed.
    “Yes!” The queen smiled.

    ‘Is this my lucky day or what?’. Rosanne couldn’t contain her happiness.
    T. B. C

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    OBSCURE 🏚️ πŸ—

    Rosanne could feel her eyes getting wet as she waved goodbye to her father.

    She was happy leaving, but at the same time, she was going to miss her dear father.

    Roseanne sat quietly inside the carriage, opposite the Queen who watched her with a smile.
    She couldn’t believe it, she was going to the castle to be a mere servant, but was recieving such exclusive escort.

    “Just so you know dear Rosanne, if you can work in the castle with nothing happening, you’ll be recieving a pay!” The queen smile.

    With nothing happening? What does she mean?.

    “Ah, yes your highness, my father already mentioned that, and I’m certainly glad to work for the crown prince!” Rosanne gave a small bow.

    “Good! Cornelius here, will explain to you, the little things you’ll need to do when you get there, the journey to the other castle is everlasting and I will be stopping at the castle in Orrander!” The Queen smiled.
    Rosanne turned to the royal guard beside her and he flashed her a smile.
    “I’m Cornelius” He stated.
    “Rosanne!” She gave a slight bow.

    The journey became quiet until the carriage got to the castle of Orrander.
    Rosanne couldn’t contain her breathing, as she looked out the carriage window to see the tall castle in sight.
    ‘It’s beautiful and heavenly’ she thought.

    “These horses are running faster than ever!” The queen declared, realizing they were back at the castle.

    A royal guard opened the door to the carriage , and the queen stepped out.
    “My journey ends here, dear Rosanne, I wish you all the luck!” The queen smiled.
    “Thank you your highness!” Rosanne smiled.
    “Ah well, you’re welcome!” The queen smiled, her Emerald eyes leaving Rosanne and to the castle.
    The door to the carriage went shut and Rosanne felt the excitement in her heart.
    The journey to the other castle began as Rosanne heard the neighing of the horses.
    She heard as the horses hooves trampled on the grasses and soil of Orrander, causing the carriage to move, in full Speed.

    Cornelius suddenly start to speak.
    “Young Rosanne, could you lend me your ears for now!”.
    “Yes of course” Rosanne smiled.

    “Good, we’re now going to the other castle outside Orrander called, ‘sylph’ owned by king Archibald’s father, it used to be a forgotten castle, but now the crown prince lives there, and so you don’t get surprised, you will be the only servant working there for now. For the other servant is under some kind of situation in the Castle of Orrander. So for now, you shall be the crown prince only servant” Cornelius explained.

    Rosanne turned to her, her ocean blue eyes capturing the rays of sunlight from the window.
    “Why am I the only servant? And why isn’t the crown prince staying in Orrander, but castle sylph? Why is he alive, but then the whole village still mourns for his death?” Rosanne asked.

    “Rosanne, I’m afraid my job isn’t to answer those questions, but to tell you about your job, the crown prince remains a secret because the king and queen wants it that way, i am afraid I am in no position to answer those questions!” Cornelius said, giving an apologetic bow.

    “I understand!” Rosanne lied
    She clearly didn’t know why the crown prince was being ostracized.

    ‘is he an invalid? A disabled?’ she thought.
    He could be worse.

    “And now the Castle sylph is a very big castle, it’s bigger than the castle in Orrander, and mind you, you and the crown prince will be the only ones there, your job everyday, is to make sure to cook for the crown prince, every morning when the sun is at the north behind the cloud, in the afternoon when the sun is right above the castle, and in the evening when the sun has set, the castle has been stocked with food and every morning of a full moon, more foods come in, and of course you have every right to prepare what your guts desires. You must also prepare the crown prince baths, he doesn’t like warm or cold baths, he prefers hot baths, do not mix the hot water with cold water, you must boil all the water, till the castle is full of steams and the water is dangerous for you to touch!” Cornelius explained, causing Rosanne to widen her eyes.

    Cornelius continued. “And the crown prince does not like to be seen, so make sure to stay out of sight, he will aware of your presence but make sure he doesn’t come face to face with you, you must leave every meal at his door, by opening the door a little bit and placing the food on the floor. After preparing his bath, you’ll see a bell outside his room, ring the bell and leave the premises. Descend to your room once it’s nighttime and turn off all the lights!”

    “Is the crown prince okay?” Rosanne finally asked, causing Cornelius to shut up.
    “Now that is a bit rude, the crown prince is absolutely fine” Cornelius smiled. “His taste in things are just a little over the top!”

    “Ah… I see” Rosanne smiled.

    “Now if I may continue… The crown prince room, is at the top of the castle and your room, is at the bottom of the castle, the laundry room is at the back your room, and the kitchen is just below the crown prince room, make sure to leave leave the above floor where the prince lives, and make sure the castle is dust free every now and then, now if you can keep up with this, I’m sure the queen will raise your pay”
    Cornelius smiled.

    “Now all this are just petty jobs!” Rosanne smiled happily.

    “Yes they sure are, just remember the things I told you, and the crown prince is around your age if I can guess, and he’s a little bit… How would I put this, he’s not friendly” Cornelius smiled.

    “I understand!” Rosanne nodded. “I’m going there to work, not be friendly with the crown prince!”.
    “Now that is one positive spirit, I wish you good luck!” Cornelius smiled.
    “Thank you” Rosanne beamed.
    And that’s how the journey went quiet until the carriage left Orrander.
    T. B. C

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