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    Mystery of Amanda’s death episode 1

    The news of the fifteen year old Amanda that was raped to death was swift to spread through the town like wildfire.

    I was staying in the same house as Amanda and her parent, her dad only. I got to know that her mom was dead already and Mr Andrew who was her dad refused to remarry and was staying only with her daughter who he showered much care on.

    Mr Andrew was many things, nice , hardworking, young and humble, one might not even know he was our landlord because of the way he relate with all the neighbors. His daughter Amanda was also a good girl, respectful,smart and diligent, everyone liked her .

    We’re all touched and saddened to see her dead body which was molested by an unknown person. Everyone was a suspect ,not excluding the ladies in the house and also Mr Andrew.

    After we all woke up to this sad news , I was swift to start getting my things so as to run away because I was sure it was going to involve law and that was what I was scared of.

    I already had a case file which involved rape. My ex girlfriend set me up after I told her I was no longer interested in the relationship because of her infidelity but she manipulated me to be with her for the last time. We both drank alcohol and I passed out during the process. I woke up to see police officers pointing guns at me, Amaka was beside me, her clothes shredded with some bruises on her face.

    With that, I was arrested for rape, she later dropped all charges, she claimed I did it due to the influence of alcohol. I was granted bail and also paid for settlement which was close to two hundred thousand naira. She later returned half of the money to me, claiming she only wanted to get back at me for calling off our five years relationship.

    So been arrested as a suspect for a rape case was not good for me,so I thought running away was the best thing to do but after a rethink, I decided to stay.

    A police van and an ambulance arrived at our house,the dead girl was placed inside the ambulance while all of us got into the van which conveyed us to the police station.

    I was extremely scared, we’re only three males living in the house apart from Mr Andrew and I was sure looking like the culprit with my past record ,coupled with the fact that I was the only single person in the house, the other men got their wives to confirm their alibi.

    We’re all marched into the interrogation room, we’re all given a paper to write statements which we all did but what was odd was that Mr Andrew didn’t follow us into the interrogation room. He wasn’t treated like a suspect but to me ,I felt he should be the main suspect. My intuition told me behind all the nice and decent face he always put on ,lie a monster that raped the innocent girl to death.

    I know it was sort of unreasonable but my intuition is always right and he was also the only one in the room with her, we didn’t have anyone break into the house overnight,so he was supposed to be the main suspect.

    After we’ve all finished writing the statement, an officer collected it from us and left the room. I know we’re supposed to be sympathizing for the calamity that befell the young girl but her death led to the calamity which we found ourselves,so no one had the time to mourn her.

    I was already lost in thought of what will happen to me if the perpetrator wasn’t fish out when I suddenly heard someone called my name.

    ” Sir ” I jerked as I replied.

    ” I knew it ” the officer who called my name said as he moved closer to me.

    ” You’re the guy who raped a girl in Badagry but was allowed to go through settlement ” he said and all eye was suddenly fixed on me.

    I sighed as I was sure I was the number one prime suspect.

    ” Yes, you’re the one, it was the last case I handled in Badagry before I was transferred here,so I can’t forget your face ” the officer added clearing the question I had in mind. ” How an officer from Badagry recognized my face in Ikorodu”.

    ” It was a misunderstanding sir, I ” I wasn’t able to complete my sentence as he slapped and pulled me up.

    ” I’m not the one sir ” I protested.

    ” We’ll know if you’re the one after we’ve ironed your smooth skin inside the torture room ” he said as he dragged me out of the room.

    On getting to the torture room, I was amazed when I saw Thomas there, his face had already been disfigured due to beating .

    ” What’s he doing here ” I asked myself.

    Thomas was one of the younger brother of Mr Andrew, we’re sort of close as he’s my age mate, whenever he visit his elder brother,we always hangout. That was when I remembered he visited yesterday, he also slept over and he was the only one missing in the morning.

    Could he be the perpetrator of the act. The mystery is yet to unfold.
    Who raped Amanda to death?
    Watch out for the next part tomorrow..
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    Mystery of Amanda’s death 2

    Thomas was one of the younger brother of Mr Andrew, we’re sort of close as he’s my age mate, whenever he visit his elder brother,we always hangout. That was when I remembered he visited yesterday, he also slept over and he was the only one missing in the morning.

    ” What’s this one offense ” the officer who took me into the torture room asked one of the two officers torturing Thomas.

    ” He’s the prime suspect of the girl that was raped to death ” the officer replied him.

    ” Why do you think that ” the officer who took me in asked.

    ” The father of the victim said he’s his younger brother, he came to visit them yesterday and slept over but when he woke up and found his dead daughter, he was nowhere to be found which means he ran away after he raped and killed his niece ” the officer explicated.

    ” I didn’t kill her sir, I didn’t even know she was dead till I was arrested this morning ” Thomas screamed out.

    ” Okay, so after you raped her and left the house, she was still breathing ” one of the officers torturing him asked glaring at him.

    ” No sir, I didn’t rape her, I’ve never raped anyone in my life ” Thomas protested.

    ” So you both had sex with her consent ” the officer asked him.

    ” No Sir, I can’t have sex with my sister, it’s abominable, I can’t do it even at gun point ” Thomas replied.

    ” But you actually did it ” one screamed at Thomas.

    ” I didn’t do ” Thomas was met with a slap to his face as he tried to deny it.

    ” I didn’t sir , I only left the house at 11pm when my girlfriend called me that she’s coming over” the slap wasn’t effective enough to stop Thomas from talking.

    ” And no one knew you left the house ” the officer that slapped him asked.

    ” I woke him up and told him I was leaving but he only grumbled “okay” with sleepy eye and I thought he’ll lock the door since I informed him ” Thomas replied.

    In as much as I knew that Thomas could be telling the truth, I didn’t want the police to stop torturing him so that he can at least admit falsely that he did it, that way , I’ll be free from whatever doom lay ahead of me.

    ” I don’t know if he was the perpetrator but I think this one is the person that did it ” the officer that took me into the torture room said ,as he introduced me for the first time.

    ” Why did you think that ” one of the officers we met inside the room asked.

    ” He was a rapist in Badagry before fleeing here to Ikorodu which means he could have done it again, old habit don’t die easily ” he replied, glaring at me.

    ” No sir, I didn’t rape anyone, it was mere implication then ” I tried to protest but was met with a slap that shut down my left eye.

    ” Amaka , e no go better for you ” I muttered under my breath.

    ” Leave him to us, we’ll deal with him too but the victim’s father was adamant on this guy ” one of the two officers said pointing at Thomas.

    ” He said , he’s certain he raped and killed his daughter to get back at him ” the officer added.

    ” Get back at him for what ” the officer that took me in asked.

    ” I don’t know but he’s sure that he killed his daughter” the officer replied.

    ” Wow ” Thomas suddenly exclaimed and we all stared at him at once.

    ” Now I understand what Skippo is trying to do here ” he added with a smile.

    ” Who’s Skippo ” the three officers asked in unison, helping me to voice out my mind.

    ” Skippo is Andrew and we’re not brothers, that’s just a camouflage ” Thomas replied.

    ” So if you’re not brothers,what are you ” one of the officers asked.

    ” We’re business associate that deals with kidnapping and selling of human parts to ritualists and politicians” Thomas replied.

    I didn’t know when I muttered ” hulala”.

    I knew it that something was odd about Mr Andrew, he’s too cool to be true, my intuition is always right, which means he actually knew something about the death of the girl.

    Now I believe in the police to unravel what actually happened as I was sure I was less incoherent to the case.

    ” What are you talking about” one of the officers asked him.

    ” Skippo and I, we’re kidnappers, we have guys that also work with us to perform the operation but Skippo and I are the head, yesterday I went to meet him to tell him that I want out of all this but he wasn’t happy with the decision, he asked me to sleep over so we can discuss it in the morning but I ran away in the midnight because I was sure he has a dangerous plan for me ,so I think he raped and killed his daughter to sent me to prison ” Thomas explicated.

    ” Do you think we’re a fool here ” one of the officers said laughing.

    ” He wanted to frame you and get you arrested when he knew you could leak his secret, you must think we police officers don’t have brain to think ” the officer added as his laughter intensified.

    ” We’re all bound by oath and any attempt to reveal what we do, even thinking about voicing it out will resolve to immediate death but what Skippo doesn’t know was that I already found a way to unbind the oath, if you think he’s not capable of killing his daughter, then try investigating how his pregnant wife died three years ago, when we need to deliver a six months old unborn baby to a client and she was the only alternative ” Thomas said and I felt my legs lost balance.

    ” Omoh, this sh*t is getting real ” I muttered as the three officers passed a stare between themselves.

    Could Thomas be saying the truth? Is it true that Mr Andrew could have molested and murdered his daughter all because he wants to get Thomas locked up forever?
    The mystery continue
    Watch out for part 3 tomorrow!!!
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    Mystery of Amanda’s death 3

    The molestation and death of Amanda came as a shock to everyone but the mystery it started unveiling was more shocking. The saint has been tainted, hidden secrets were now in the open, my intuition told me more will be revealed and like I already told y’all from the beginning, my intuition is always right.

    I noticed the name on the badge of the officer that took me into the torture room, Whetonji Elijah was inscribed on it which means he’s from the tribe of the Egun people. The two other officers name are Alao Tunji and Daniel Ifeanyi.

    ” Are you sure of what you’re saying”? Office Ifeanyi asked Thomas.

    ” Yes and if you want evidence,I can provide it for you right now ” Thomas retorted confidently.

    ” Where is the evidence ” officer Ifeanyi asked.

    ” It’s on my Google drive, if I see an Android phone now, I can login my account and show you the evidences ” Thomas replied.

    Officer Alao handed Thomas his phone, and he login his google drive account on it . After he was through, he gave it to the officers to check some of the contents on it which I wasn’t given opportunity to see it.

    ” What ” officer Elijah suddenly screamed and I could tell that whatever it was they saw on the phone wasn’t pleasant.

    ” Where’s Mr Andrew ” officer Elijah asked the two officers.

    ” Last I saw him, he was at the counter ” officer Ifeanyi replied.

    ” go and detain him now and also inform the DPO of the progress ” officer Elijah ordered the two officers and that was when I knew he was ranked above them.

    ” Sir , I already told you that I’m innocent ” I said so as to make the officer remember that I was still there since it looked like I’ve been forgotten.

    ” Keep your mouth shut ” officer Elijah barked at me.

    I stole a glance at Thomas and I couldn’t help but thank the Lord in my mind. There are many times we’ve slept together in my room and I didn’t know that I was sleeping with death.

    ” What if one of the day he slept over ,they need a heart and they don’t have one available , argh ” I exclaimed as I cleared the thought away from my head.

    After few minutes, Officer Elijah also left the room, leaving me and Thomas alone inside the torture room.

    ” Good morning sir ” I said as I mistakenly locked gaze with him.

    Many questions was running through my mind that I wished to ask Thomas but I kept shut.

    After few minutes, another officer entered the torture room and led me and Thomas out into an empty cell.

    It looked extremely sordid and was smelling of urine. I didn’t know the logic behind Nigeria police , I’m not the prime suspect again and yet, was locked with the hardened criminal. I sat down and rest my back on the wall as I dished few hot curses on Amaka, it was the evil she did that was still affecting me.

    Few minutes later, Mr Andrew was led to the cell, he was on singlet and short.

    ” You ” he screamed as he ran towards Thomas and held him up against the wall.

    ” I’ll kill you, you killed my precious girl and betrayed me ” he said with tears on his face as he started punching him on his face.

    ” Stop the facade because I’m not buying that ” Thomas screamed angrily as he pushed Mr Andrew away from him.

    ” Which kind wahala be this now ” I muttered as I made sure I was far away from them.

    ” I knew you killed her so as to frame me because you thought I won’t be able to reveal our secret ” Thomas added glaring at Mr Andrew.

    ” Why will I frame you and also kill the only person I cherished in my life ” Mr Andrew asked with a perplexed expression.

    ” Because you don’t want me to walk away and since I ran away in the midnight before you could kill me, you decided to use your daughter as a trap ” Thomas replied.

    ” Hell no Thomas ” Mr Andrew screamed.

    ” Even tho I wasn’t happy you’re going, but I still want you to be happy, you’ve been with me from the start and done a lot for me, I asked you to sleep over so that I can take you to some of the properties I have and hand them over to you with cash to set you up this morning” Mr Andrew added with a look that depicted he was honest.

    ” God, what have I done ” Thomas said with a regret filled tone as he looked dumbfounded

    ” I thought you’re planning something dangerous for me, that’s why I revealed all to the officers ” Thomas added as he suddenly started punching the wall furiously.

    ” Wait, are you saying you’re not the who killed my daughter ” Mr Andrew asked.

    ” Hell no, you know I liked Amanda just like my own younger sister, you of all people should know I can’t hurt her ” Thomas replied.

    ” Then who could have killed her ” Mr Andrew asked and Thomas suddenly glanced at me. My heart skipped seven beat at once.

    Thomas was about to say something but was interrupted by sound of gunshots outside. It was like the Talibans invaded the station as shot was been fired sporadically for almost thirty seconds.

    ” Hello everyone ” a female voice suddenly boomed from a mega speaker outside.

    ” We the black brazier of this community are in mourning right now and trust me, you don’t want to get on the wrong side of us, our queen was raped and murdered overnight and we know the person that did it is inside there, so if you officers want to live, we’ll advice you to bring the person out quietly now or we’ll burn down this station along with everyone and kill anyone that try to escape ” the female voice threatened as more bullets was released into the air.

    ” E don happen ” I muttered in my mind as the latest revelation hit me to my marrow.

    Is innocent young Amanda the queen of one of the notorious cultist in town or they’re talking about another person? Who killed Amanda since it wasn’t Mr Andrew or Thomas?
    Is there more mystery to be reveal?
    Watch out for part 4 of Mystery of Amanda’s death tomorrow.
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    Mystery of Amanda’s death 4

    I was sure after I’m free from the clutch of the police officers, I’m already prone to develop trust issues. How the h*ll will Amanda be a cult member, not ordinary cult member, she was the queen of the most deadliest female confraternity.

    I knew Amanda to be a good girl, smart and also respectful, a lil bit outspoken and also timid. I always have her around me especially few months ago when she was preparing for her waec. I tutored her mostly on Maths, physics and chemistry.

    I should be less surprised because a tiger will begat a tiger but I couldn’t stopped myself from been surprised. Even Mr Andrew was surprised because he thought his innocent little girl was a saint.

    But how a fifteen year old girl managed to head a confraternity was more shocking. I knew some ladies in the street that belong to the confraternity and they’re all over twenty years of age . What was more surprising was her act of disguise, even an oracle will be deceived.

    After few minutes, the tension outside finally calmed, the police had to go meet them and negotiate with them before they finally leave. BB is a deadly organization and all there members are ready to die anytime,if the police had tried to hit an iron with an iron ,it would have been deadly and they’ll also be at the receiving end. The girls are ready to die but I can’t say that for the officers.

    ” So you think Charles here is the one that raped my daughter ” Mr Andrew asked Thomas after Thomas had told him that I was been probed because I raped someone before relocating to Ikorodu. I was only looking normal on the outer appearance but a crusade was going on inside of me. I knew if they want to kill me inside the cell, there’s no way I’m escaping it.

    ” He’s not the one ” Me Andrew said confidently.

    ” Why did you think that ” Thomas asked .

    ” Remembered my last birthday three months ago which I didn’t celebrate” Mr Andrew asked.

    ” yeah ” Thomas replied.

    ” Well, I went out with him to flex and he got drunk, heavily drunk, that was when he told me that his ex girlfriend framed him for raping and that was why he had to leave his neighborhood and I’m also sure the person that raped my daughter isn’t any of my neighbors ” Mr Andrew explicated.

    ” It could be a rival of their gang or anyone else ” Mr Andrew added looking frustrated.

    ” But whoever it is , I’m going to get revenge for my sweet girl ” Mr Andrew said standing up.

    ” How ” Thomas asked as he also stood up.

    ” Let’s get out of here first ” Mr Andrew replied.

    I almost laughed out loud hearing that. People that are going to rot in jail if they’re lucky and didn’t get a death sentence are already planning a life outside.

    They suddenly put there hands together,hit their left legs on the floor and suddenly disappeared out of the prison.

    I rubbed my hand on my eye first to be sure I was seeing well.

    ” Argh ” I screamed as I discovered that I wasn’t hallucinating.

    ” Olopa o, olopa oo,, olopa oo ” I started screaming as sweat had already covered my face.

    Part 5 drops tonight
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    Mystery of Amanda’s death 5

    I was a non believer of superstition, I’m of the motive that there’s nothing like voodoo except trick and slight move of hand. Magic doesn’t exist in my dictionary but right in front of me, in hd format,I witnessed a magic, a voodoo was performed live.

    I screamed at the top of my lungs to get the attention of the police officers if any was around.

    After almost one minutes of screaming, two police officers finally heed to my shout and ran to my cell.

    ” Why are you shouting like that ” one of them asked me.

    ” They disappeared ” I replied gasping for breath.

    ” Who ” the second officers asked.

    ” The two people that were with me, Mr Andrew and Thomas ” I replied.

    ” but you’re the only one inside there” One of the officers said glancing through the cell.

    ” Yes, that’s what I mean, we’re three but the other two did juju and disappeared ” I retorted almost screaming.

    ” What ” the two officers exclaimed in unison.

    ” Go and get inspector Elijah right now ” one of the officers screamed at the second.

    While the second officers was gone, the one with me was accessing the cell’s door, the lock and all.

    Few minutes later, officer Elijah was seen coming with the officer that went to summon him.

    ” What happened here ” he asked as he got to my cell.

    The guy here suddenly started screaming and when we got here,he said that the people inside the cell with him used juju and disappeared.

    ” Did you confirm the lock wasn’t broken ” Officer Elijah asked looking a bit too calmed for the situation.

    ” yes ,I did , everything is intact ” the officer who had stayed back with me replied him and officer Elijah suddenly let out a mischievous smile.

    ” Open the lock ” he ordered them and the lock was unlocked.

    ” Where did they stand when they wanted to disappear ” he asked me.

    ” Here ” I said pointing at the spot they stood before they performed their abracadabra.

    ” Are you sure ” he asked me.

    ” Yes ” I replied nodding my head.

    ” Okay, do anyone of you know where those two clothes was put ” he asked the two officers.

    ” Yes sir ” one the officers replied.

    ” Go get them for me ” he ordered him and the officer disappeared out of sight. He returned with two polo belonging to Mr Andrew and Thomas and handed it to officer Elijah.

    Officer Elijah used his finger to make circle pattern to cover the spot I pointed to him, he dropped the two shirts there and started making some utterances which sounded like incantation.

    After he was done, he hit his head thrice with his palm and hit the two clothes that were placed on the spot with the palm.

    I watched live and direct as two beings came out of the floor and what was weird most was that they’re wearing the polo that officer Elijah placed on the floor.

    ” Arghhhhh” I screamed before I passed out

    I woke and found myself on the bed in a hospital, a drip was attached to my hands. I felt all that happened was a dream until I saw a police officer sitting beside me.

    I was told I was gone for three days and a lot had happened between the three days. Many people had been arrested, and Mr Andrew and Thomas couldn’t escape from jail again.

    After I was fully steady,I was taken back to the station to sign some documents before I was finally released to go back home.

    After I returned home, I started packing my things at once, I was sure not spending another day in the house of horror.

    My things were all ready, remaining my bed only. I lifted it up so that I’ll be able to fold it together and tie it, that was when I noticed the journal beneath it. I picked it up and saw the label ” The secrets ” on it.

    I knew it wasn’t mine because I’ve never own a journal before. I opened it and the handwriting I saw there sure belong to Amanda.. Amanda had a written journal for some secrets, what secrets could be in it , I was very much in haste to read it.

    What secrets did Amanda have in her journal, when and why did she leave it in my room, or is Amanda still alive.

    Watch out in the final episode of Mystery of Amanda’s death.
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    Final episode loading…..

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