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    I left my school environ around 12:15pm on Wednesday to continue the rag day in another location.

    A girl said she will like to go with me no issue let’s go together.

    We arrived at the favourite Alaba market and started the routine of shaking our cup and dancing. People started giving us money πŸ’° I was happy and excited and she too.

    Around 2:02pm, the weather changed to being cloudy and dark seems rain want to fall 5 mins later it started rain Elephant and snake πŸ˜ƒ.

    It took the rain complete 4 hours 20mins and it finally stopped. I was feeling cold that I can’t rag again.

    Meanwhile the girl’s mom has called her earlier to come to the house so she can return to school the next morning.

    Immediately the rain stopped, I told her to start going that I’ll go too since night is covering.

    I was standing there after she has gone waiting for a cab that can take me to my school’s bus top when my phone rang. I slotted my right hand into my pocket brought out my phone and it was my roommate on the phone calling

    …. “Hello Chris please I heard a tanker fell on the road and there is petrol spillage all over. There might be a fire outbreak if the situation is not arrested buh they have presided over the situation”…

    …..” No wonder I couldn’t find a vehicle going that side what will I do now”??

    ….’There is test tomorrow as said by our departmental president from our lecturer he added buh if you can’t come today ensure you sleep over and come very early tomorrow morning so as to meet up the test”..

    Okay I’ve heard you I’ll see what I will do

    He ended the call, I checked the time and it was 7:50pm

    Ah 😲😲 it’s late ooh

    Buh I have to go back school because of tomorrow’s test I need to read and prepare. What is all these one na? πŸ˜β“ And all my books are in the hostel 🏨

    Just after I put my phone into my pocket I heardπŸ‘‚ “one chance one chance one chance”

    Wow see as God dey work this is the best opportunity for me to go back β¬…

    Buh I have watched a film called “ONE CHANCE” and plenty bad scenes and outrageous things occurred in that movie πŸ™†β€β™‚

    That was just a mere movie and it’s not reality my mind whispers to me.

    Another of my mind said: Buh remember movie is a replica of reality ooh.

    My minds were fighting and bantering each other then I decided to enter the one chance vehicle πŸš—

    I asked the driver do you hear that a tanker fell on the road amd there is no road? He said there is a secret route that he will take and we will arrive early than usual.

    I entered, looked around and everyone is on black with tinted eyeglass

    Ah be like say this one na the real one chance ooh 😲😲

    To be continued……

    26th September, 2021

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    {PART 2}

    …… When I entered the vehicle I looked around and saw the caliber of people am sitting with, I knew I have entered the wrong vehicle.

    So immediately I wanted to play smart by jumping down from on board buh I was held back to my seat.

    Ah! 😲

    Are these people really ritualist or kidnappers? πŸ˜₯

    Blood πŸ’‰ of Jesus I can never be used for ritual or any form of evil thing.

    I started praying in my heart

    God save my soul you know I didn’t go to steal nor kill anyone please spare my life oh! God 😭😭 na rag I go rag πŸ™

    Tears πŸ’§πŸ’§ was coming down from my eyes buh I kept saying please God save my soul. I shall not die buh I will live to Glorify my father who is in heaven.

    While I was praying in my heart, a lady from among them was shouting ” One chance! one chance!! one chance!!!” πŸ™†β€β™‚πŸ™†β€β™‚

    How can I tell people not to enter this vehicle that it’s a wrong one?πŸ€¦β€β™‚.

    I was already pushed in between two hefty men at the back seat and they were smoking marijuana 🚬🚬.

    The time is 8:33pm and night has covered already.

    Just before the vehicle was moved, a lady entered and immediately we took off. 🚐 πŸ’¨. I didn’t stop to pray in my heart and all I was saying is: I didn’t go to steal nor kill Oh! God save my soul. For the sake of my parents and my unfulfilled destiny please God save my soul.

    I don’t know if they are spiritually inclined that they can interpret what my heart was saying buh I’m sure they didn’t hear me praying.

    One tapped my shoulder from behind and said: 🀫 It’s too late to pray because this prayer won’t save you again.

    “…. Sir please don’t harm me. I am not a criminal, I am a student and today is my school’s rag day. I was only ragging…” I tried to explain myself buh he kept mute.

    Then my mind pondered over last conversation with my roommate.

    “… Chris don’t come home a tanker fell on the road and there may be no vehicle at the moment sleep over and com very early tomorrow morning so that you can meet up the test”…

    I have already made up my mind not to go ooh buh because I needed to prepare for the test that’s I had to go. Now I’ve landed myself into one chance vehicle. All these were going through my mind after I tried to talk the huge guy and he didn’t say a word.

    We are now on the journey proper and we are going smoothly. Buh the vehicle is already cloudy because of smoke 🚬🚬☁️.

    At a point they removed their eyeglasses, wore mask 😷 and put them back.

    Tears kept rolling down my cheeks and questions like:

    βœ… Is this how my own will end?
    βœ… Why didn’t I leave to rag?
    βœ… Why didn’t I sleep over?
    βœ… Who even sent me?
    βœ… Why didn’t I listened to my roommate?

    Kept going through my mind..

    ….. To be continued

    27th September, 2021

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    {EPISODE 3}

    …….They put on their masks and their glass and as we proceeded on the journey, they diverted and took another route by the left.

    It was then I realized that I’m actually a meat in the hands of the butcher.

    I raised my head looked at the other other lady who entered last lo and behold babe 😍 has dozed off even snoring vehemently. πŸ™†β€β™‚

    How can someone who is a potential dead being be sleeping like this abi she is also one of them? I asked myself.

    My heart is beating 2rpm per second tears gushing off my eyes. I felt my cheek bones and neck bones growing out times 10^10. I have emaciated within hours because or thoughts.

    The education I signed for has not been completed. My parents are at home and are not aware that am no longer going to live.

    My siblings who look up to me, how will they feel? What about my unfulfilled destiny and assignments given to me by God? πŸ™ŒπŸ™

    Please Lord I don’t want to die this way. I know there is death but God this is not the manner I agreed with you before coming here on earth 🌎.

    Just then while I was talking to God, “ALL THAT MATTERS by GUC” crossed my mind when I started singing it.

    I put you know front
    In front all my problems
    You’re all that matters
    You’re all that matters

    I will make room for two
    You and I Jesus
    You’re all that matters
    You’re all that matters.

    I was singing and at same time crying😭😭 concurrently.

    But why is God not answering me? I have been praying and singing πŸ€”
    Is he dead?
    What wrong have I done to deserve this death? I asked in my mind.

    I started again:
    Please God if I don’t return, make my parents strong for me. They should forget about me so easily. Comfort my siblings and don’t let them feel the heat of my absence but if I return, I will serve you forever I will give you my all.

    As we were going I peeped to check to check the time in the car and it was 09:28pm.

    They diverted to the right again and keep going.

    I am totally lost of the route we are talking but if they let me out at this point with the help of God I’ll be able to navigate my way back home but am lost.

    I asked the huge guy sitting near me.

    Me: Sir where are you taking me to?
    Him: kept mute
    Me: Sir but I told you am going to park and you guys diverted why?
    Him: kept mute
    Me: Sir please take all I have and let me go please.
    Him: kept mute

    I was still trying to use my brain coupled with the films I’ve watched.

    Me: sir please can i go to toilet? I want to defecate.
    Him: handed me a small custard rubber for me to toilet inside.

    The shit ran into me immediately. I was shaking and shivering like a convulsion patient.

    Buh one thing that marvelled me is the babe still sleeping mercilessly like someone who is at her bedroom. May be she is dreaming of herself in London πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ or what?

    We were still going but it was getting darker and there was no ray of light at sight. We gone far such that I wasn’t hearing sound of vehicles nor humans anymore.

    With a very harsh and deep voice πŸ”Š

    ,… “Hey bring all you have on you”….

    To be continued……

    28th September, 2021

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    {EPISODE 4}

    “…. Hey bring all you have on you..” He ordered me.

    Please don’t harm me let me go please. I want to go home I pleaded while handing my small bag that contains my rag money, phone, room key and Biro to him.

    Just immediately after I handed over the bag to him, my phone rang he took it out and busied the call.

    5secs later, my phone rang again he brought out the phone showed it to me I saw “SWEET MOM”.

    Ah 😲 it’s my mom calling 😭 tears rushed out from my eyes again.

    May be God have spoken to her in one way or the other that’s why is called to check up on me. Then the guy asked: Do you know the person calling? Yes she is my mom I answered. πŸ™‹πŸ’•

    He continued – I am going to pick this call but you will tell her you’re fine and okay do you understand?

    I nodded my head in agreement to their terms. He picked the call πŸ“± and held the phone into my ear.

    Meanwhile I’ve cleaned my tears and cleared my throat so that my mom will not notice anything. The conversation between us goes thus:

    Me: Hello my sweet mom how are you doing?

    Mom: I’m good son and you?

    Me: Am doing very great here

    Mom: How was your rag day?

    Me: (….tears running from my eyes and wanted to cry but controlled myself..) Mom it was good and I got some money during the process too.

    Mom: Hope you’re at home safe?

    Me: Hmmm em… em… (…. The guy slapped me and ordered me to say I’m okay..) Yes mom I am save at home I arrived safely.

    Mom: (…noticed the slap and asked…) What is going on there?

    Me: nothing it just a breakage in network

    Mom: Are you sure you’re fine and safe at home?

    Me: Yes trust me mom am very safe!

    Mom: Okay my irreplaceable son

    Me: Love you mom have a nice night rest. Talk to you tomorrow.

    Mom: Love you so… She couldn’t finish ‘the son’ when he ended the call, put the phone on silence and dropped the bag somewhere in the vehicle.

    Close your eyes – he commanded again

    I didn’t bother to close my eyes because tho my fate of living is dead but I can’t just close my eyes so quickly.

    Two other guys held my hands to the back, handcuffed me and threw what I thought should be the key away. They the tapped the other lady and it was then she realized herself. She started shouting but it was too late for her to shout because her mouth was tied with piece of clothing. Her hands were also handcuffed.

    I tried to navigate through the darkness to see how the environment looks buh all I could see are palm trees and other gigantic tress seeming like a forest.

    Please spare my life my girlfriend is pregnant and there is no one to take care of her please spare my life I cried while pleading still with them with excuses.

    After a little while too the lady’s mouth was untied and she started crying and pleading. I am the only daughter of my mom my dad is dead and I fend for my mom and siblings but all she was saying is like water poured at the back of fowl.

    They packed the car near the forest covered our mouth with masking tape and pushed us to move down the track road

    Two guys led the line while three was at the back. I was at the back of the lady closer to the three guys at the back. Because I don’t know the condition of the road, while they were pushing me I fell and hit my head on the ground.

    They picked me up dashed two slaps on my face and told me to keep moving. We continued the movement into the thickest part of the forest. I became tensed up when I perceived the odour of dead πŸ’€βš° humans around the area…

    The other lady was shouting in a low tune calling God to come and deliver her from the hands of the wicked. They heard her and drilled her with beating πŸ‘Š until she fainted. πŸ’”

    2nd October, 2021

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    {EPISODE 5}

    ….. She fainted and one of the guys carried her on his shoulder as we all walked into the forest. 🌲🌳🌴

    We got to a point where only huge trees are seen and feelings like human ghosts moving around. They took her away to another part of the forest.

    After about 10 mins of taking her away, I started hearing some moxed sounds of cry.ing, screa.ming and moan.ing at the same time from the lady.

    I can’t really tell the full story of what transpired at that scene because I wasn’t there with them and we were at totally different locations meters apart.

    The sound stopped after some time and her voice wasn’t heard again πŸ”„.

    Three things went through my mind at that point.

    βœ… Her mouth is being covered in order to stop her from shouting.

    βœ… She is being forcefully slept with and has fainted again.

    βœ… Or she is finally dead. πŸ’”

    Which of these illusions is true? I don’t know which because I’m not there. I just prayed in my heart “May God be with her and save my soul Amen.

    I was still praying in my heart when the two guys who were guarding and monitoring me stripped me naked😭, covered my eyes and mouth and made me to lie down facing the sky.

    The again tied my two hands and legs to 4 trees about a meter apart so I can’t move my body then a voice popped up saying “Nina! Nina! come and perform your duty on him.

    Ah! 😲 what do this people want to do to me God? I was crying buh there is no way the tears can come our.

    According to what happened, Nina seems to be on a very special assignment and her job is to collect SE.MEN from every man that is being brought into the forest before the person will be finally executed🏹

    I’m lying helpless and hopeless on the ground until she came, started by caressing my body and without my permission she sucked me slowly and then faster till I have to release in her mouth then she took my cum away and left me there. πŸ€¦β€β™‚πŸ˜­πŸ’”.

    I don’t know the reason behind that action neither do I know what they wanna use that to do.

    I’m still afraid till date because sperm is life and contains my destiny. But I believe with God πŸ™ŒπŸ™, nothing will happen to me as an aftermath.

    After she has gone, the guys came to untie my legs and mouth my hands and eyes was left tied.

    They again took me from there and kept me somewhere that feels that a booth and retie my legs for the next operation.

    16th October,2021

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    Thursday 23rd September 2021 was the day I was released after the torture, molestation I came back alive Hale and heartyπŸ™ŒπŸ™.

    Joy cometh in the morning in the end. πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    ….. My legs were retied under something that feels like a booth. My eyes were tied hands tied only mouth was left untie.

    I already lost hope after the last operation done by Nina coupled with the treatment I was given.

    “Wake up, wake up. It is time for your final execution” (….with hand tapping me at the back) I wasn’t sleeping either so even his footsteps were heard from afar off.

    On hearing the line “Final execution” My heart skim over three beats. I know I’m just a piece of meat in the hand of a butcher πŸ˜­πŸ’”.

    They untied my legs, gave me a helping hands and lifted me up.

    We journeyed from that location to another one about 150m away. Asked to sit down and straighten my two legs which I did.

    Because my eyes were covered I’m working with body language and feelings.

    (………sounds of liquid being poured into something…)

    “Open your mouth and drink” A voice spoke out while shifting the apparatus that contained the liquid towards my mouth.

    Initially I shook my head in disagreement to their command of drinking the water until two slaps was given to me like debit and credit side.

    I drank it after a while.

    The work of this liquid is to make their victims become unconscious for a while to enable them carry out their operation/agenda. Well the liquid has no special taste except tasting like portable drinking water.

    I was unconscious though not totally unconscious buh the only thing I could remember vividly when I gained consciousness was being forced to the liquid.

    I didn’t know I was at the shrine where the final incantation, conjuring is going to take place until I heard the Chief priest doing incantation.

    Incantation, appraisal of his juju and singing continued for about 1 hour and still counting.

    Then there was a sudden stop in the incantation.

    “Hey stay with him let us get some herbs from inside the forest” I heard that with my unconscious state.

    The guy who was asked to stay with me came down to my level and spoke to me but I can’t hear him a he said was echoed thrice.

    He kept saying it until I heard “GO?”

    I nodded my head even without hearing what he was saying and immediately he untie me and uncover my eyes, shook my hand into his and we started running to escape..

    “Can we really escape?” I asked myself.. During the running process I regained consciousness.

    Before we run for 2 mins we were caught up with held and evacuated to the shrine again.

    From where we were held, the guy started receiving beating till we got to the shrine he was being beaten I mean intensive and no-mercy beating.

    About 5 minutes after arriving at the shrine, the chief priest arrived too and tried to enquire what the matter is. The three guys who held us, narrated the entire incident to him.

    It was then I know that these guys were set to monitor us and they see and heard everything that happened and I was innocent..

    It is from their explanation I know what the guy who wanted to help me escape was asking me and he asked me for 5 times before I could decipher and nod my head.

    The chief priest in his wisdom, knowledge and judgmental sense made a wise decision by ordering the guy to be killed and me to be set free.

    In his words “Kill him, remove his vital parts including his pancreas and let our go. Give him everything you’ve taken from him and don’t harm him that is my decision”

    My small bag was returned to me with everything intact. They put me in another vehicle after we walked from inside the forest.

    While we were coming out, I saw a two guys whose eyes are covered mouth tied and are being taken into the forest πŸ’”πŸ’” they’ve caught another set chain πŸ€¦β€β™‚πŸ€¦β€β™‚

    They dropped me at some distance from the main road.

    I brought out my phone to check time and it was 05: 03am

    Except you guys here, no one has heard this story πŸ“–πŸ“–

    On my phone I also saw;

    Mom——-132 missed calls
    Roommate——-3 missed calls
    Elder sister——– 78 missed calls
    Son Inlaw————40 missed calls
    Younger brother—– 63 missed calls
    Others—————– 54 missed calls

    I give God all the Glory.

    21st October, 2021

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