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    <b>😍My Dream High School😍
    Written by, Rejoice


    Olivia is a clumsy teen who live with her family in the mansion of Lady Bianca Madison, A wealthy business traveller.
    Olivia and her family live as servants who take care of her mansion and her beautiful proud daughter, Ella Madison.

    Olivia is so much inlove😍 with Ella’s school which causes her to hide inside Ella’s car boot🚗 which Olivia’s dad drives Ella to school with…to just stare at the beautiful rich ‘MacHills High School’🏬 before heading to her dummy dirty school to sleep😴 all day.

    Then, Ella came home with her friend one day, with the news of a handsome rich newbie name ‘Noel Bernstein’

    Who have this crazy love for music and guitars.
    The niece to MacHills proprietor.

    Olivia sees his pictures📱and fall inlove with his pictures😍 and now would do anything to meet Noel Bernstein.
    And that won’t happen if she keeps hiding in Ella’s car boot..
    So she have to try something else..

    Main Characters
    Olivia Greene
    Mr Greene
    Mrs Greene

    Ella Madison
    Lady Bianca Madison
    Samuel MacHills.
    Noel Bernstein
    Sophia De-Vale
    Emily Mylar
    Sally George
    Tristan Ruley
    Mrs Summer

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    <b>😍My Dream High School😍
    #Chapter 1
    Written by, Rejoice

    🤦‍♀ Olivia’s POV🤦‍♀

    Who has that leg? Ahh! That leg on me. Oh I know it’s Gboy!
    This silly boy!
    Why would a six years old brother be disturbing my sleep?
    And oh… It was such a sweet sleep Dream. I was already taking over from Ella as the queen of MacHills High… Sam was already crushing on me!
    But now this!
    I hissed and yanked his legs away.

    ‘Disturb me again, I kill you’
    I sighed and fell back to sleep.
    But as some witches would love it, Mom came in.

    “Are you getting up from there or not!” I sighed and did, flinging my hair back.
    “Ella is about to wake up. Her food is not ready yet!” She said and slapped her forehead. I gasped and rushed out of the bed.
    “Oh no! Big trouble.” I said. We rushed out..
    No. I came back and hit Gboy hard on his leg.

    ‘You idiot’

    “Olivia!” Mom called.
    I rushed out, forgetting my slippers.
    I met mom in the large kitchen. She was about pouring the mixed eggs into the hot frypan on the cooker.
    I stood at the door as my stomache danced in excitement of the sweet aroma that filled up the kitchen immediately the eggs got into the fry pan.

    “Olivia, come help out and quit standing there like a statue.” Mom said.

    Ahh! Mom got a bad mouth atimes.
    I walked over to the counter, and began bringing out dishes from the drainboard.

    ‘For Ella
    For me.
    For Dad

    “What’s all that plates for?”
    I frowned, “Mom… Won’t we have brea —” She cut me short with a ‘shh’
    “Shh.. Ella is at the door.” She whispered.
    I gasped and placed back the rest of the plates.
    Keeping just Ella’s.

    “Now! Why do an ordinary fried eggs and bread take a life time to prepare!” Ella voice yanked from behind.

    “Im so sorry Ella. My alarm had to spoil.” Mom said, scared.
    I know mom lied.
    “What an excuse! Mom is definitely hearing this. Nonsense!” Ella hurled.
    My mom turned to her in a swift, “Oh no Ella. You can’t let your mom hear this. She’ll have ten percent of our salary deducted pleasee.” Mom begged hurriedly.
    Ella rolled her eyes proudly.
    “Well, Just get done with that in the next ten minutes.” She said and walked out, shaking her butt.

    Argh! I felt like smacking it.
    “Did you have to lie about the spoilt alarm?” I asked.
    Mom raised her brows at me, “Stupid you Olivia. Do you want ten percent of our little salary to be deducted? Then be ready to stop school for awhile.”

    Ahh! That would be soo better.

    While Ella was having breakfast, I
    quickly went to my room which I share with my brother, Gboy, and had my bathe. Then pulled back into my Pajamas so she doesn’t notice I had my bathe already.
    ‘This’ I do every morning.
    Dad do sneak my school bag which I always place my school uniform and shoes inside to the car and put them right inside the car trunk.
    I came out minutes later with a mop to tidy the living room and Ella was still eating. She spends like forever on her meal. Eating and busy with her phone at the same time.

    “Have you arranged my bed?” She asked.
    “I’ll do that before heading to school.” I answered politely.
    “Whatever” She yanked.
    That’s just her.

    Mom came out from the kitchen.
    “Olivia leave that to me. Go to the kitchen and clean things up there.” Mom said and winked at me.
    I understood. She was backing Ella so Ella didn’t see her wink at me.
    I left the mop happily and rushed to the kitchen.
    I know mom has something for me there.
    I got in and met Gboy eating up the egg and bread already.

    I rushed to him and grabbed the plate from his hand.
    “You silly thing. When did you wake up, Were you dreaming about food?” I asked and began throwing the eggs into my mouth till my mouth got filled up.
    He frowned and made to cry.
    Oh no! This will Alert Ella.
    “Here. Have it.” I pushed the plate to him.
    “Better.” He smiled and consumed the remaining eggs.

    “So are you hiding inside the boot today again?” He asked after dropping the plate in the sink.
    “And who did you drop that for?” I asked.
    “Mom. Not you.” He said.
    “Good.” I said.
    “So my question.” He said.
    “Go and take your bathe.” I said and walked away.
    Ella wasn’t at the dinning when I got back to the dinning-room.
    She had gone to take her bathe and prepare for school possibly.
    Mom was mopping.. But she dropped the mop immediately she saw me.
    “Get back to work.” She said, inhaled and walked away.

    “Argh argh arghh!” I slapped my forehead.
    I should have slept at the kitchen.
    Minutes later, I had a running footsteps.
    It was Mom.
    “Olivia, go now. Go right now. She’s done. Give me the mop!” Mom whispered hurriedly. I dropped the mop ans rushed out to the exterior… Creep through the wall till I got to the garage.Dad was leaning on the car bonnet. He rushed to the boot, opened it and I crept in hurriedly.
    He closed it.

    Just then, I heard Ella’s voice.
    “Mr Greene open the door. Im late already.”
    The door opened and was closed back.
    I inhaled. Here always feel hot and sweaty.
    Too sweaty.

    The car dove off.

    Fifteen minutes later, the car stopped. I could hear voices at a distance.
    I could percieve the rich scent of ‘MacHills High school.


    Soon, the car door opened and slammed back.
    Minutes later, The boot opened and I crept out with my backpack and rushed into the backseat of the car.
    Dad always made sure he parks where I wouldn’t be seen.
    Ella’s expensive perfume filled my nostril in the car.
    Dad came into the driver’s seat.
    I wind down the window glass a bit and stared at the magnificient and luxurious beautiful school.
    There were few students in their rich looking school uniforms heading into the school hallway.
    Only the school uniform would make you wish so much.
    Grey flare skirt that barely covers the thighs for girls… A navy coloured long-sleeved jacket over a white shirt… With neckties, long navy socks that reaches the knee and black sneakers..
    It looks just great!

    Every guy here is handsome. Every girl here is beautiful and takes careful steps.
    They all were heading into the hallway.
    I’do wish to go in there some day.
    Im damn sure, the classes would be super beautiful with everything!
    Not like my dummy school!

    Wow… Who is that girl?
    They said Ella is the school most beautiful student and also the current school Queen but if only I would doubt that.. I mean, Look at that blonde hair girl. She’s just super beautiful.
    I’do place her as an Angel..
    She’s so beautiful and glows.
    I’do wish to be her friend. Maybe her name would be, Scarlet or Sophia or even Olivia!
    Hahaha… These are my most favourite names..
    And Sam.. If only I’do see him.. He’s so cute.. but I shouldn’t crush on him so much.. He’s Ella’s boyfriend.

    How is the start?

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    😍My Dream High School😍
    #Chapter 2
    Written by, Rejoice

    🤦‍♀ Olivia’s POV🤦‍♀

    I watched with smiles at everything my eyes could reach and see.
    I wasn’t getting tired.
    Olivia would never get tired of staring at her dream high school.

    I just wish I’do be in here forever.. And just stare till the next day. I’ll never get tired.
    But dad would soon talk… And yes, he did.
    “Olivia you’ve stared enough. You’ll be late for school.” He said.
    “Just two more minutes dad.” I begged.
    “I have a feeling that Ella would find out im still here.” He said.
    “You say that everytime dad but it never happen.” I said.
    “It might now.” He said as he started the car.
    I sighed and stared one last look at my beautiful dream high school as Dad drove out and into the road.

    He stopped at the usual spot where he’do go out for me to dress into my dummy school uniform.
    I pulled out my pajamas and dressed into my stupid uniforms.
    Sky Blue skirt, white short-sleeved shirt with white shoes and short socks..
    I packed my hair in four bonds the way I like it, then came down with my bag.
    “Bye dad.” I said and began walking towards the school.
    I met Tristan,my best friend at the gate and he smiled and waved at me.
    I waved back too with a really happy smile.

    I saw an Angel today!

    I like Tristan but nothing’s more exciting than having a rich bestfriend.
    Okay I don’t mean that kind of likeness. I just like him as a friend.
    But Tristan knows nothing about me hiding in the boot so there’s no way im gonna tell him that I saw an Angel in MacHills.
    Though I wish I could just tell him.

    “Olivia hope you ain’t gonna sleep all day again in class today.” He said.
    “And have me reported to the class master of having some sleeping illness.” I said and we lauged.


    “Olivia Greene!” I heard a voice like Mr Grants own.

    Mtcheww. Geometry teacher.
    Oh how I hate Geometry.

    “Olivia! Do you have some sleeping illness like they reported?” He yelled.
    That was when I realised that I was sleeping.
    Uh! I threw my head up from my desk and blinked blurly at him.
    His bulky trouser made me want to laugh but I quickly held my lips with my fingers.
    Mr Grants could be mean with such things.
    “Now get your fingers out of your lips and tell the reasons for sleeping in class when we ain’t in recess.” He ordered.
    I shook my head.
    “No reasons sir. I mean there is but it’s just one reason. I took sleeping pills.” I lied.
    “You took sleeping pills on a school day?” He asked.
    “No. Last night but the effectiveness are really strong.” I said
    “She’s lying Mr Grants. Let her face some punishment.” Sally, a stupid enemy of mine said from behind.
    Well it’s time I beat this silly girl up.
    Her name should be ‘silly not Sally’
    I wonder who made her the Class Captain.
    Like, I hate this school!

    “How dare you say she’s lying!” Tristan threw at her.
    I slapped my forehead.
    “Oh i’ve got a headache sir.” I said.
    “Not a sleeping illness anymore.” Sally giggled.

    Argh! I must punch that lips of hers.

    “Well Miss Greene..I gave out an assignment to be submitted tomorrow morning. I musn’t look for yours.” He said.
    I nodded. “Yes sir. Mine must be on top.” I grinned.
    He walked out and I turned to Tristan. He’s my seatmate.
    “An assignment? I did’t even grab anything from all he taught!” I said and rubbed my forehead.
    I still feel dizzy.
    “Hey Olivia, I’ll help you out.” He said.
    Awwwwn.. Like he always do.
    I felt like hugging him but.. that might be later. We’re in class.

    Finally! School got over after it took like forever.
    Tristan and I trooped out of the class with so many others.
    We are like many in the class… Plus the next class.. Ew!
    I couldn’t breathe.

    We walked out of the gate and then I could finaly breathe.
    “Hey Tristan. Bye. See you tomorrow.” I said, as I waved him and about zooming off to home with a race cos my stomache is really playing me some piano of hunger.
    “Hey Olivia… you are forgetting something.” Tristan called me back.
    I stopped and scratched my hair.
    He came closer, “Your Geometry assignments.” He said and I gasped.
    “Oh my craziness! Im so dumb Tristan.. Im so dumb.” I said and quickly wore my backpack at my front…
    I opened it and searched through the books inside.

    ‘Oh God of Geometry, let me find my geometry workbook in my bag.
    Oh God of geometry, let me find my geometry workbook in my–‘

    I grinned as I found it.
    “Yes! Got you.” I stretched it to Tristan who took it and placed it carefully in his bag.

    ‘Ohhh.. What a friend I have in Tri…stan.
    Always show a lot of care.. For me!’

    I’ll remix this hymn after… Maybe Sing it for him on his birthday.
    “Olivia. I’ll miss you.” Tristan said and smiled.
    Well he looked cute in that smile tho.
    But wait? Did he say he’ll miss me?
    Have I ever missed him as well?

    “Well, I’ll try and miss you today.” I said.
    “Ah! That would only happen if you don’t go all night thinking about your dream High school.” He laughed.
    I laughed too.
    “Oh…Im so cripingly hungry.” I said.
    “Oh what’s crpingly hungry? No such word like that Olivia.” He said.
    I rolled my eyes, “But it fits the statement. Argh. Im going already. Bye.” I smiled and ran off.

    I kept running till I got home.

    *Lady Bianca’s Mansion*

    Ash and creamy coloured. No gate but the compound is extremely big.
    No swimming pool at the front exterior but there is a large one curved-shaped at the backyard which look super beautifully blue but I hate swimming. I rather eat all day.
    Okay im saying this cos am hungry. I actually like swimming pools.
    But I wouldn’t dare to near there.
    Ten percent of our salary would be deducted.

    I walked through the marble walkway and up to the large front porch.
    I rang the doorbell… I usually come back before Ella and today I can say, I was earlier than I use to.

    Well if it was me I’do sleep at MacHills or live in there.
    Oh silly me. Ella has a luxurious, beautiful and expensively furnished bedroom in a mom’s mansion.
    Why would she sleep at school.
    Only me could do such!
    And then it stroke me.
    I didn’t arrange Ella’s bed. I just hope mom did cos im too tired and hungry.

    The door opened and mom stood with a suprised grin.
    She has a messy hair, and a dull eyes.
    OH.. I just hope it isn’t what im thinking.
    I grinned..
    but my grin faded when I remember Dad isn’t always home by this time. He must go to drive Ella back.
    Well it took her awhile to open the door which is quite suspicious and she refused to leave the door which is totally sudpicious.
    “Mom” I called.
    “Olivia, you came back so early today.” She said.
    “Im hungry.” I playfully pushed her out of the way and went in.
    I turned towards the corridor which lead to our rooms but she came over and blocked my way.
    “Ah mom.. Do you want me to die? Are you trying to stop me from going to the kitchen?” I asked with a light smile.
    “No Olivia, the thing is that your dad is not home.” She said.
    “Ofcos I know that.” I rolled my eyes.
    “I… there’s… mh..s..someone else in.” She stuttered.
    “Annie?”I asked.
    Annie is her gossip friend but Ella stopped Annie from coming around.
    “No Olivia.” Mom answered.
    “Who then?” I asked and then I gasped.
    “Mom!” I half yelled as what she was about telling me trailed into my senses.

    I couldn’t stand and look at her any longer, I pushed her away and rushed to their room (Mom and dad room).
    Throwing the door open, there on the bed, sat a man in black leather pullover, a brown shorts and black boots
    He looks younger than my dad and also handsome…
    Okay.. cut the crap! What?
    Why’s he in this room?

    <b> TBC
    Your likes and comments please.

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    <b>😍My Dream High School😍
    #Chapter 3
    Written by, Rejoice

    🤦‍♀ Olivia’s POV🤦‍♀

    “Who are you?” I asked him.
    “I’ll be going now girl. Seems you came too early.” He said and stood up.
    “Who the hell are you?” I yelled at him.
    “Olivia.” Mom called calmly from behind.
    “Im Judan.” He said.
    “I don’t care if you are Judan or Jerico. Get out of here and don’t show yourself here ever again!” I yelled and pushed out of the way.
    “Get out Mr Judan.” I said.
    “Fine. Im leaving. Christy please explain to your darling daughter.” He said and walked out. I followed him to make sure he really left.
    I watched till he got to the road, crossed and was out of sight.

    I went back in to see mom standing at the entrance door, shedding tears.

    “Mom.. How could you do this?” I asked disappointedly, facing her.
    “Olivia its –” I cut her short.
    “How can you cheat on dad.”
    “Olivia im sorry, let me explain.”
    “What do you have to explain? Why did you get married to poor daddy if you know you were gonna cheat on him after?” I asked, holding back the tears that were about rolling off from my eyes.
    “Olivia I was going to but thank goodness you came. Now im totally regretting.” She wept.
    “Who knows if you haven’t been cheating on dad before now.” I blurted.
    “No Olivia. I haven’t. I met Judan just last week at a grocery shop.” Mom said.
    “And that had to lead to seeing him in dad’s room?”
    “He got me. He promised to help send you to MacHills High. He said so many things.” She said.
    “And you believed him? So you’ve been seeing him secretly.” I said disappointedly.
    She nodded.
    “But nothing had happened between us, I swear it.” She said.
    “Don’t let people like him fool you mom. That man has nothing with the way I saw him. He must have filled up your brain with lies.” I said.
    “Please Olivia… Don’t let your dad know about this. I promise im not gonna see Judan again.” She begged.
    “When everyone goes out to school and you stay alone. Where’s Gboy?” I asked.
    “I’ve not picked him from school.” She said and I gasped.
    “Ah mom!” I sighed and rushed off.
    To Gboy’s school.

    How could she allow such a man fool her? Does she even know what it takes to be a student in MacHills? and she let that man brainwash her with his lies.
    Did I even tell mom I need some one like that to help me into MacHills?
    Ella and her mom could do that but they can’t! Then it’s some stupid man who just wanna have his way into mom’s panties!

    Ah mom is so dumb.. But I really don’t blame her.
    I just hope dad doesn’t find out, though she’ve promised never to… cos if she do and I get to know I’ll tell dad!

    I was almost at ‘Fielders School’ gate (Gboy’s school) When I sighted him come out from the gate and starts coming towards.
    I paused. He saw me and paused too.
    “Olivia!” He called.
    “Shut up.” I yanked.
    He ran to me and stopped in my front.
    “Don’t you have manners? And ain’t you afraid? Want me to deal with you huh?” I asked.
    “Now what have I done. I should be the one upset that mom didn’t come to pick me up.” He said.
    “Don’t you have manners to call me ‘sister’ and ain’t you afraid to go home alone?” I asked.
    “I have waited for two hours. What was mom doing? See you came home before me.” He said, folding his arms.

    ‘She was busy tryna cheat on dad, but thank God I caught them in time. So she’s regretting now.
    “She was actually cooking and messed up the whole kitchen.” I lied.

    At the mention of kitchen. My stomache grumbled. His stomache grumbled too. Louder than mine.
    We laughed at each other.
    “Oh, I have some Smiley cookies.” He said and searched his bag.
    “Who gave them to you?” I asked as he brought out a pack of delicious ‘smiley cookies.’
    “My new friend.” He said.
    “New friend? What did I tell you about collecting things from strangers?” He frowned.
    “Maggie isn’t a stranger. She’s a new friend.” He said.
    “Whatever. Is even a girl. Now gimme the cookies. Im throwing it in that trashbin over there.” I said and pointed at a blue wastebin ahead.
    “No way.” He said and ran off.


    “Stop there you silly thing!” I yelled.
    He was running and eating the cookies at the same time.
    He passed the wastebin. I passed seconds later.
    “Gboy you musn’t finish up that cookies!” I shouted.

    Arghh. He’s such a fast runner.
    He’s really gonna finish up those cookies without giving me any to eat.

    I stopped to catch my breath.
    He stopped a distance away, giggling.

    “Mocking me?” I frowned.
    “No.” He shouted.
    “You look so funny in that three packed bond.” He said and I touched my hair.
    Oh my! I packed my hair in four bonds. How did it got to three?

    Ah One must have loosened while I was running after this silly boy.

    “Now bring the cookies.” I said.
    “Sure Olivia. Im no selfish brother.” He said and began coming towards.
    He reached in my front and stretched the pack of cookies to me.

    I took it and ate three left.

    “Delicious?” He asked with a grin.
    “Delicious.” I answered with a wink.
    He giggled.
    I took his hand and we walked home.

    🙎‍♀ Ella’s POV🙎‍♀

    There was just an hour left to go home.
    I had my cute yellow cheerleader dress.
    Which includes, A yellow flare thigh-show skirt, a yellow shoulder-cut jersey which stoped just below the navel and a white canvas to match.
    That was what others wore as well… Which include my friend, Emily. But I am the leader.
    We danced.. Practising new steps.
    We practice every tuesday and thursday at the gym hall.

    I got tired and turned to the girls.
    “We have to end it here for today.. See you guys on thursday.” I announced and they cheered happily and began heading to the Change room.
    “Ella is practice over?” Emily asked.
    “Yeah. Sam would be expecting me now.” I said.
    “But he’do be at the school field playing football.” Emily said.
    “I just wanna watch him playing.” I winked and began walking to the Change room.. Emily followed behind me.

    We dressed back into the school uniform and I did some light make up and applied a fairy pink lipgloss on my lips…
    Emily took my makeup and applied too.
    I rolled my eyes.
    “Even if you do, you wouldn’t be more beautiful than I am.” I said.
    “Sure.. I wouldn’t.” She said.
    Being done, we got out towards the field where I saw Samuel.
    His brown-coloured hair look messy.
    But he looked so cute…
    “He’s so charming.” I giggles to Emily.
    “Yeah. He do. Everyone knows that.. Everyone crush on him… He’s the proprietor’s son.” Emily said.
    “Yeah. I know you do too. Right?” I asked.
    “Who wouldn’t.” She said.
    I rolled my eyes.

    “Ain’t he lucky?” I said.
    “Lucky, yes.. Being the schol proprietor’s son and has every girl crushing on him. That’s a lot of luckiness.” Emily said.
    “Oh.. not that. I mean, ain’t he lucky to have a beautiful girl like me?”
    She smiled, “Ofcourse he is. Who doesn’t know that?” she sad.
    I smiled.
    We sat at the backrest bench beside and watched him.
    He was playing really good but he seem tired.
    I giggled, took out my iphone and took a shot of him.
    That’s when he saw me. Or maybe us. But he wouldn’t look at Emily twice. Im the only one he should see at all times.
    And he being so inlove with me is something that I’do never want to be slipped off my hands.
    He smiled and I blew him a kiss.
    Just then, something drew me to look at my right and I saw that new girl coming.
    I don’t know why I hate her so much..
    Maybe cos my silly mind tells me she’s way more beautiful than I am.
    Oh.. That’s bullshit. She have some ugly big blue eyes looking like a monster’s eyes.
    She doesn’t even know how to dress her hair. Ugh!
    Gosh I can’t stand her!
    I just hate to think she’s so beautiful and her figure… Ugh! Im the queen of this school. No one is more beautiful than I am.

    She got to where we sat.
    Why the hell is she here?

    <b> TBC
    Your likes and comments plsss..
    Who do you think the girl would be?
    How was this chapter?
    Say something and plsss your likes are needed.

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    <b>😍My Dream High School😍
    #Chapter 4
    Written by, Rejoice
    🙎‍♀ Ella’s POV🙎‍♀

    “Hello Ella Madison.” She waved with a smile.
    “Yes?” I threw eyes at her.
    Emily turned. She knows I dislike the stupid girl just immediately she was introduced in class last week.
    To make it worse, she’s my classmate.
    Like we are in the same Home class too.
    I wonder how she got to know my name.
    Well…What a thought. Im the most popular girl in MacHills, Everyone knows Ella Madison. Current Queen of MacHills High school.
    “Hi..” She waved at Emily just with the same smile.
    “Im Emily.” Emily said.
    “Im Sophia. Sophia De-vale.” She said.
    Oh oh. Whatever.
    “So Sophia you..” Emily was saying but I threw her a glare and she shut her trashy mouth up.
    “We don’t need a third party here. So excuse us.” I threw at whatever she calls herself.
    She raised her brows in gasp. Then calmed.
    “Well I just wanted to say Hello!” She yanked and walked away.
    “Why the hate Ella? She’s just a newbie trying to have some friends.” Emily asked.
    “She should find her low class.” I said.
    Just then. Sam began walking towards holding a bottle water.

    “Hey bae.” He said once he got to me.
    “You look sweaty.” I smirked.
    He smiled at looked at Emily.
    “Sam.” She smiled at him.
    Now when she said she was crushing, she wasn’t lying..

    He sat beside me and put his hand around my shoulder.
    “You should be going home now. Your driver has been waiting for hours.” He said to me.
    “What if I stay a little more with you.” I said and touched his hair.
    “Consider your friend Emily here,” He said.
    “Emily can go.” I said and glanced at her.
    Her eyes were focused on the field.
    “Awn. Messy hair.” I said.
    “Evidence that I just got out of the field.” He whispered with a smile.
    I smiled as I scrolled to my phone gallery and showed him his picture.. The one I took when he was in the field.
    He pushed his hair back.
    “Argh! Babe You so gonna kill me.” He said. Cos he knows what I can do.
    “Caption; Boo Would Never Stop Being Cute Even With a Messy Hair.” I said with a smirk smile.
    “No. Don’t post that babe. Im quite messy duh!” He laughed.
    “I will. Are you gonna drag that with me?” I laughed too.
    “Emily.” He called.
    “Uh?” She answered.

    ‘Now what’s up with this?’

    “I really love this beauty here.” He laughed and pecked me on the cheek.
    Emily just smiled.
    Argh kill me!
    “You know that black hair guy in the field?” He asked.
    “What about him?” I asked, seeing the guy. He’s kinda short. He sat on the field with another guy much taller than him.
    “Well, He’s crushing on Emily.” Sam said. I almost vomitted.
    Emily just chuckled.
    “What’s funny? His name is Joe. Joe Peter.” Sam said.
    “I see him most of the time. He’s quite ugly and short. He must be an Art student from Homeroom two.. Emily what do you have to say?” I said.
    “He’s good at the field tho.” She chuckled.
    “Yeah. but not better than my boo.” I said and looked at Sam.
    He raised his eyebrows.
    “Nothing’s wrong if he’s more better than I am. He’s a good damn player.” Sam said.
    Just then, I saw Mr Greene! coming towards.
    I rolled my eyes.

    “I’ll be goiing now. Get up Emily, let’s go.” I said and she stood up.
    Sam pecked me and I stood up.
    “Bye Bae.” He said.
    “Bye boo.” I said back with a smile and we walked away.

    ♀ Olivia’s POV🤦‍♀

    Once again, I forgot about arranging Ella’s bed.
    We were busy watching Tele Novela.
    Me, mom, Gboy.

    Then we heard Ella’s car drive in to the compound.
    My heart jumped. Or rather, our heart jumped.
    We all jumped down from the couch.

    “Switch off the TV Gboy!” Mom said and Gboy ran to the TV.
    “Mom did you help me tidy Ella’s bed?” I asked mom.
    “Now you remember that. Yes I did.” She said.
    “Thank God!”

    We all scampered to our positions.
    Mom to the kitchen, Me at the door, waiting to open it.
    Gboy to the backyard to dispose the bins.

    We’ve been watching movies since I and Gboy came back and finished a bowl of cereal and stole two juice from the fridge without mom knowing.
    We feel really free whenever Ella is out.

    The doorbell rang and I opened up just immediately to avoid answering questions.
    I got out of the way and Ella came in.
    “Welcome Ella.” I said.
    “Thank you… And im hating the smell in here. Spread some fresher here.” She said and walked upstairs in her egoistic manner.
    Dad came in a minute later.
    “Dad do you percieve any smell in here?” I asked.
    “No smell at all.” He said after raising his nose in the air for five seconds.
    “Ella do. And we need to spread some air fresher in the next five minutes.” I said and dad ran off for that.
    I watched him. If only he saw that man today.
    God I just wanna get that stupid man out of my head.
    I just hope he hadn’t slept with mom yet.
    Mom is so dumb!

    I closed the door.
    Dad came back with an air fresher.
    Well I won’t deny that the new scent made a difference.
    Gboy came back.

    “Why this?” He asked, pointing at the air fresher in dad’s hand.
    I came close to him.
    “Shut up. Were you farting all this while we were watching TV?” I whispered.
    “No. Mom was. But she said I shouldn’t talk.” He said and chuckled.
    I breathed and raised my face up.
    “Oh I think I percieved it.” I said and headed to the kitchen.
    Besides im hungry.
    Gboy followed me.

    “You’ve not done your homeworks.” I shot at him.
    “I did them at school while waiting for mom to come pick me.” He grinned.

    Oh.. Nothing to stop the glutton from coming with me.
    I sighed and entered the kitchen. He followed, humming.
    Mom was microwaving something.
    “What’s that mom?”
    “Ella’s dinner.”
    “And ours too.” I smiled.
    Gboy grinned.

    Night came.
    I had my my bathe. Gboy was sleeping already.
    I layed down and fell asleep immediately.

    >>Im I dreamin or is this real?
    I clung my bag and packed my hair in four bonds just the way I like it.
    I wore my school suit jacket and laughed happily at mom, dad and Gboy who were all grinning happily at me.

    “How do I look?” I asked them with an excited grin.
    “Wow magnificient.” Gboy said.
    “Shut up. Im not a mansion!” I yelled at him.
    He giggled.
    “Honey, you look breathtaking. Just like me.” Mom said and flapped her lashes.
    Dad smiled at her.
    “You are right honey.” Dad said to mom and she blushed.


    You look beautiful dear. Come on. It’s your first day in MacHills High. Don’t be late.” Dad said to me.
    “Gosh, MacHills here I comeee.” I laughed and ran to Ella’s car.
    Okay is this dad car? cos the colour is different. Ella’s car is white..But this is red..
    “Dad what about Ella?” I asked as dad drove off.
    “We own this house now.” Dad said.
    “Oh my!” I spread my hands wide, laughing happily.
    The next thing, Dad pulled into MacHills High School and I jumped down from ‘our’ car.
    “Bye Daddy.” I said and ran to the hallway.
    I saw my class without stress and wondered why.
    Beautiful class!
    Awwn… Is that Samuel sitting next to my seat?
    Oh my God! I can’t breathe!
    I rushed to him.
    “Hi Samuel.”
    “Welcome to MacHills Olivia. Just call me Sam.” He said with a charming smile. Then took my hand and placed a soft kiss on the back of my hand.

    Awwn.. Im floating away.. someone save me!
    My eyes rolled into my head.

    “Where’s Ella?” I asked. I wish she’s not in this class.
    “She’s no more the queen. We got a new queen. Sophia.” He said.
    “Sophia?” I asked.
    “And talking about the queen? Here she comes.” He smiled.
    I turned and saw her.
    She look sooooo beautiful and familiar.
    I was going to say ‘Hello most beautiful’ when Ella rushed into the class and jumped on Sophia.
    “You idiot!” Ella barked.
    I was going to separate them but a punch to my nose sent me crashing on a desk.<<


    #47791 Reply

    <b>😍My Dream High School😍
    #Chapter 5
    Written by, Rejoice
    🤦‍♀ Olivia’s POV🤦‍♀‍

    “Ohwwww.” I yawned aa I rubbed my sleepy eyes.
    It’s morning… I pulled the duvet to Gboy and dropped my legs to the floor.
    “OIivia, you’ll keep waking me up each night with some stupid dreams. Must you dream and sleeptalk? ew!” Gboy groaned and covered his ears with his pillow.

    I rolled my eyes.

    “You.. you punk! Don’t talk to your else sister that way!” I half yelled.
    “We don’t need to go to school today.” He said and pulled the duvet to his head.
    “Why?” I asked.
    “We went to school tonight. Remember?” He said.
    “Are you possessed? What school!” I asked.
    He pushed the duvet away and looked at me.“MacHills! you met Samuel, and Sophia.You asked about Ella and you yelled at me. I was giggling while listening to you sleep talking.” He said with a grin.
    I gasped.
    “Did I say all that out?”
    He nodded with a giggle.
    “Oh my! I hope Ella didn’t hear me.” I prayed.
    “Her room is upstairs. Remember?” He said.
    I sighed in relief.
    “You were mumbling but I was right next to you so I heard them.” He said.
    I scratched my hair.
    Then the door opened wide.
    “Rise and shine my dear children.” Mom came.
    “We don’t need to. Im sleeping. I don’t wanna go to school today. Olivia was sleep talkng.” Gboy said and covered hia ears with his pillow again.
    And Maggie? I mumbled.
    He threw the pillow away and sat up.
    “Ofcourse I will.” He grinned.
    “Who’s Maggie?” Mom asked.
    “She’s a–” But Gboy covered my mouth.
    “No one Mom.” He said.
    Mom sighed and walked out.
    I removed his hand from my mouth and poked him on the nose.
    He groaned and rubbed his nose with a grin.

    🙎‍♀ Ella’s POV🙎‍♀

    My alarm rang, waking me up from my dreamless sleep.
    I yawned and reached for my phone which layed beside me.
    Sighing when I realized I slept off while chatting with Sam.
    I opened our chats and there were messages.

    💬Sam: Guess what Bae? [10:12pm]

    💬Sam: Ella? [10:20pm]

    💬Sam: Okay, I’ll just tell you. My cousin would be coming down from Texas to school here in MacHills. [10:25pm]

    💬Sam: I know you’re asleep already. Alright goodnight. I love you. Kisses😘😘 [10:35pm]

    I sighed again and replied him.

    💬Me: Sorry hun. Slept off..

    After that, I dropped my phone, got out of my all-pink kingsized bed and dragged myself to the bathroom..to brush my teeth.
    After brushing and repacking my messy hair, I moved out of the bathroom, took my phone and walked out to eat.

    And huh? about Sam’s cousin coming down to the state to school in MacHills. Well that’s cool.

    I reached downstairs to meet my breakfsst already set at the large dinning table.
    Pizza and coffee.

    But no one is in here.
    Im sure Mr Greene is washing my car… and Mrs Greene must be in the kitchen with her dummy and clumsy children.
    Well isn’t it Olivia’s duty to stand and watch me while I eat?
    “Olivia!” I called out loudly.
    No answer
    Gosh! I hate shouting!
    I ate my meal quietly.
    My phone rang minutes later.
    I smiled and picked up the call.

    “Hi babe.” He said.
    “Yea boo.” I answered.
    “Babe how are you?”
    “Fine.. having breakfast right now.” I said.
    “Yeah. I still feel dizzy. I might sleep in class today.” I laughed.
    “Well.. See you in school babe.” I said.
    “Yeah.” I said and the call dropped.

    A minute to finishing up my meal, Mrs Greene walked over to the dinning.

    “Where’s Olivia?” I asked.
    “She is–”
    “She’s here Ella.” Olivia said,running over in her pajamas and bedroom flipflops.
    “What were you doing? From now on, you should stand right here and watch me eat. That is your duty.” I said.
    She nodded.
    “Speak.” I shot.
    “Yes I will.” She said with her hands behind her.

    What a clumsy human. Parking hair in four bonds like a kid.

    “Now, go tidy my bed. I need the bedspread and covers changed.” I ordered and she nodded, bowed and ran off.
    “And you..” I turned to Mrs Greene.
    “Take this dishes and I musn’t see those dirty clothes in the laundry room when im back from school.” I said.
    “Yes Ella.” She said and went for the dishes.
    She took the dishes and turned towards the kitchen.

    ‘ew! clumsy servants!’
    I rolled my eyes.


    🤦‍♀ Olivia’s POV🤦‍♀

    I ran to Ella’s room and quickly changed the bedspread, covers, duvets, pillowcases.
    I need to be quick so I could go to the car before she does.
    I rolled and gathered the dirty ones which I pushed to the floor and was about carrying them when the door opened and Ella walked in.

    “You can leave.” She said and I carried the bedcovers and moved to the door. I was about turning the doorknob when she called me.
    “Yes Ella?” I answered and turned to her.
    She had her left hand on her hip and her flashy phone in the other. (One I’do wish to have)

    “Recently, you stopped asking about my school. Have you given up? Knowing you and your family are too wretched to send you in to MacHills.” She asked.
    I swallowed. I’ve known Ella as a proud insulter.

    Say something about this chapter.

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