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    Episode 1.

    Story by Miriam Edem (Miriam Eyen Efik)

    Francis comes out from an office looking pale holding a file.
    He immediately let loosed of his tie and untucked his shirt as he went down the stairs sorrowfully.

    Once again he has been denied of a Job after 6 years of graduation with a first class degree. The thought of it drives him crazy as this is the last company he has dropped in for an interview yet he’s rejected.

    There’s no other place he could go to now, so he hopped into his colleagues place.
    They all had their different jobs they were doing, and they are back relaxing.

    He walked in and sat down while his friends looked surprised.
    “Guy where are you coming back from? Mark asked.
    “Give me water first abeg, Francis replied but he was given a glass of juice instead which he gulped it all down in seconds.

    “It didn’t work out? Fred asked and Francis heaved.
    “Can you imagine, since morning I left the house happily without even eating, they didn’t still accept me. Guys what is wrong with me na? Abi I go grow old looking for job? Francis asked.

    “Na wa o, na you get the 1st class come dey suffer with am. This life sef, Victor said and Francis angrily looked at him.
    “Eh you dey mock my 1st class ba? Because you get luck carry your third class see work do, Francis said.

    “That’s grace for you, you wey get how e take help you? Victor asked and Francis got up immediately.
    “Stop it! You two just stop it! Victor wetin bring that nonsense talk come now eh! Mark asked.

    “No no no forget am. I no blame am, shebi na me carry myself come here to collect insult, just leave am, Francis said carrying his file.
    “Guy don’t be like this, you came here to see us you can’t go like that, Fred said getting up.

    “The way i came here is the way i am going back after all una no invite me come. Abeg make I go my house find better thing chop, Francis said and left and they all looked at Victor disappointed.
    “What? Not like I told him a lie na. I know his state is pitiful but let’s not forget the way he do put himself first because he had a 1st class, Victor said.

    “All that is over now na and you’re still thinking about it, Fred said.
    “You shouldn’t have said such a thing at this time, you made him feel bad and don’t forget na our paddy and he been dey help us for school, Mark said.

    “No wahala I go visit am tomorrow, but sha I didn’t plan to say it that way, Victor said.
    “You better do, Fred said and sat down.

    “But wetin this guy go do? Make he just open business na if office work no be his calling. Haba its 6 years already o, he don submit application for the whole Nigeria and even gateman he never see. Let him do business na, Victor said and the guys looked at him.

    “Hmm I thought of the same thing too, he can still succeed in business o but you know Francis has always dreamt of working in the office. He does not like stress at all that’s why he killed himself with books so after graduating with good grades he will be absorbed in one company, Fred said.
    “As e no come work na make he remain like that? He should wake up o and help himself. If he had started business 5 or 4 years ago he would have gone far by now na, Mark said.

    “Exactly! I been take style tell Francis this thing one day and he shun me. Wahali I shock! Victor said.
    “Hmm you know what, next month is his birthday. What if we gather money among ourselves and give it to him as capital so he can start a business. I think it will better than we throwing party for him bla bla, Fred said.

    “300,000 naira won’t be bad right? Mark asked.
    “Of course not, I’m sure he can add up something and get started, Fred replied.

    “I’m in, but I pray he accepts, Victor said.
    “We have to talk to him and open his eyes to the possibility of him still making it even in business, Mark said.

    “I just like that guy sha, but its sad how everything dey for his family. His senior na imbecile, he just dey for house dey remove saliva. Francis here na 1st class graduate, but no job. His only sister despite she fine like 10 people, no one wan marry am. You sure say nothing dey wrong somewhere? Victor asked.

    “You too dey talk. You don forget Maria is working and earning well, at least good thing dey inside, Mark said.
    “Okay o, just worried sha, Victor said……………

    Francis returned home but got welcomed by his senior brother.
    The sight of him got him more angry and he hissed pushing him aside.

    “Frank! What happened? I’ve been trying your number but its not connecting, his mom came out from the kitchen and he heaved.
    “I switched it off, he replied.

    “And you didn’t touch your food before leaving. By the way how did it go? She asked making him to sit down but his face said it all.
    “Frank I told you to calm down and take things easy. You will have a job at the right time. After all i am capable of taking care of you right? she asked and he shook his head.

    “For how Long? And you will soon retire, he said.
    “I am not complaining, you will take care of me at the right time and if i retire Maria is working na, she said.

    “Wont Maria get married? Mommy please i don’t like that talk. I need a job, i want to be a man. What’s the need of going to school if you or Maria keeps feeding me like I’m Joe? My friends are already laughing at me, he said.
    “Your friends are laughing? Don’t worry na, they will regret they did, time shall tell. Come and eat before your food gets cold, she said dragging him up.

    “I’m not hungry abeg, he said.
    “Its your favourite o and i wont let you miss it. Just go change up and eat your food, stop worrying, his mom said and he took his file and left for his room………..


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    Episode 2.

    That evening Francis came out to the sitting room to watch the football match that was about to start and his senior brother walked in to sit beside him but he shifted.
    “How many times have I warned you Joe? Don’t come near me abeg shift! He shouted and his mother walked in immediately.

    “Have you heard from Maria? She asked.
    “Is she not back? Francis asked.

    “No and she’s not picking up her calls, she replied and Francis smiled.
    “You worry yourself too much. Maria is a big girl and she can take Care of herself. Probably she’s at the saloon or her boyfriend place, Francis said and His mother hissed.

    “What stupid boyfriend is that? The boy that she’s earning more than? She asked.
    “Mama is love o, if she’s happy with him so be it, after all he is earning something unlike me, Francis said.

    “And that can never happen, or let’s watch and see na, she angrily said and sat down while Francis looked surprised.
    “Mama o, Maria is 33 and not getting any younger. Abeg let her make her choice and settle with whoever her heart chooses, I’m sure they can manage together, Francis said and the door handle was touched like someone wanted opening it.

    “Oh she’s back, his mom saw it and Joe quickly staggered and opened up for her.
    “How are you? Maria asked him as she stepped in while Joe smiled.

    “Mama good evening, she greeted and settled down.
    “Evening and welcome. But why did you not pick my calls? Her mom asked and Maria rolled her eyes.

    “I was at my boyfriend place, Maria replied and her mom nodded.
    “Oh i see, so because you were with him you ignored my calls huh? She asked.

    “Mama! Haba she just came back na, Francis said.
    “Was i talking to you? You better shut up there! His mom shouted and Maria heaved taking her bag.

    “I had a long day at work today, since you don’t want me to sit down here I’ll just go to my room, Maria said and left while her mom started laughing clapping her hands.
    “What won’t i see? Your mates are bringing Better rich men to the house, your own is chewing gum boys that won’t even marry you. Stupid girl! She shouted.

    “Mama what’s this na? In fact let me go to my room, Francis angrily said getting up.
    “Get out! If i didn’t built this house would you have room to carry your chewing stick legs inside. You what are doing here? get out! She shouted on Joe who staggered also inside and she let a loud hiss.

    Francis left to Maria room to talk to her but saw her crying. She immediately cleaned her tears when she saw Francis.
    “Sorry, the door wasn’t locked, Francis said approaching her and she tried keeping a cool look.

    “I noticed you didn’t look good when you walked in, what’s wrong? And why are you crying? Francis asked sitting beside her and she sniffed.
    “Nothing, maybe just stress from work, she replied.

    “Sister i know you’re lying, you can’t be crying because of stress, what’s going on? He insisted and she cleaned her eyes.
    “What do you expect? Its the same old story again, she replied.

    “You mean? Is it about your boyfriend? He asked and she sadly nodded.
    “What happened? I thought you two were happy? He asked surprised and tears flowed the more from Maria.

    “I thought the same too. I don’t understand anymore, what’s happening to me? She asked and Francis shook his head and hugged her.
    “No nothing is wrong with you. They are just mad, he replied while she cried on him.

    “But sister what did he say happened? as in what warrant the break up? Francis asked.
    “He can’t say anything. He’s only saying he cant continue anymore, she replied and Francis heaved.

    “You know Fred actually knows your boyfriend, maybe i can get the exact reason from him, Francis said.
    “Okay cause i really want to know so i can make it right cause its getting me crazy. Sometimes i check myself if i have body odour, mouth odour or anything that chases men away from me but i cant find any, Maria said and Francis smiled.

    “Sister you’re beautiful and smells sweet, common come have something to eat, Francis said.
    “No I’m not hungry, and what about you? How was the interview? She asked and Francis sighed.

    “Well same old story. I didn’t get it, he replied.
    “Oh no not again, she said.

    “Its fine sister, i strongly believe I’ll get a job, he said giving a smile.
    “What if you start a business for a mean time? Something to get you busy i mean, she said and Francis heaved.
    “You know i thought about the same thing too, but its sad I’m forced to do what i never planned. Anyway I’ll take my time and think of a very good business to start, he replied.

    “Good, I’ll support you then, she said.
    “Awnn thanks my love muah! He shouted throwing her kisses while she laughed.

    “Come lets eat joor! Forget about that heart breaker dude, he said dragging her up.
    “I hope mama has left the sitting room? I don’t want her wahala o, she said.
    “Your shining armour is here, worry no more, Francis said and she laughed hitting him as they left the room……..

    That night at Francis friend’s place, Victor kept screaming in his sleep and his friends tried waking him up.
    “What happened? You’ve been shouting for minutes now and we’ve finished the anointing water we had, Mark said while Victor kept breathing hard.

    “Ahh ahhh ahh I was pursued with machete and the place was dark. I for die o, Victor replied and his friends were just watching.
    “See dey stop rough play o, you just make me finish prayer for mouth, Fred angrily said.

    “You think say i dey play? Victor asked and his phone began to ring.
    “Your mother? At past 2? Mark asked and Victor quickly picked up.

    “Mama, he said still breathing.
    “Victor how are you? I just had a bad revelation about you, his mom said and Victor looked at his friends who looked surprised too………


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    Episode 3.

    “Victor are you hearing me? She asked when everywhere was quiet.
    “Yes mama but I’m fine, he replied rubbing his head.

    “It is not you are fine, the dream was not funny at all, his mom said.
    “Allow that boy to sleep for today work na, what is it! His father angrily said on the background.

    “So what I’m doing is bad eh? She asked him still on phone.
    “You can still talk about whatever revelation you had in the morning or visit him later to discuss it. Please you’re disturbing me ahh, he said and Victor heaved.

    “I can’t believe you’re saying this like it doesn’t concern you. I told you………”Its okay mama I’ll call you in the morning so you’ll tell me about it, Victor said cutting through knowing a serious argument might burst out.

    “In fact I’ll be there tomorrow, bye bye, she said and dropped the call.
    “Why you tell your mama say you’re fine? Fred asked.

    “You didn’t hear the quarrel that almost burst out ba? Its better i tell her when she comes because I know she will, Victor replied getting up.
    “Where are you going to now? Mark asked.

    “I no go fit sleep again o God forbid! I wan go parlor watch film, Victor replied and Fred started laughing.
    “Na small thing dey fear you like this? Fred asked.

    “Eh na small thing i agree, Victor said.
    “If people dey see death eh, the kind race people for run eh, Fred said laughing hard.

    “Guy no mind am but come sleep joor nothing fit happen this night again as e be so. Our prayers and anointing water go carry you till next year sef, Mark said holding him back but Victor burst out laughing when he saw truly the water is finished and the bed was soaked.

    “See as una mumu, Victor said.
    “We gree, the mumu na for all of us, Mark said.

    “Make I go drink water first abeg, Victor said and ran out of the room………….

    In the morning Maria was trying to prepare breakfast and she noticed someone was behind her. She turned and saw her mother just leaning on the door looking at her,
    “Ahh mama you scared me. Good morning, Maria greeted.
    “I scared you means what? Why should you be scared in your own house? She asked and Maria heaved.

    “How was your night? Maria asked.
    “You too how was your night after the amazing breakup with your chewing gum boyfriend, she said approaching her and Maria stopped what she was doing.

    “Who told you this? Maria asked.
    “No one has to tell me, i know you more than you know yourself, she replied.

    “Please mama I only want to have a peaceful breakfast this morning and go to work. But wait o, are you even worried I’m not married yet? Because your anger shouldn’t be because the guys are not rich, of course you know rich men came and were very serious but it all crashed. Have you ever sat me down to know what’s going on and why I’m having all the disappointment in relationships? Maria asked and her mother smiled.

    “What are you trying to say now, that i don’t care? She asked.
    “Mama you don’t care at all and you’re making things more difficult for me! Maria shouted hitting her legs as tears swelled up in her eyes and she held her.

    “Sweetheart who will even believe you’re more than 30 years? You’re even looking younger than Francis……. “Mama just stop! If you’re trying to make me feel I’m still fresh and beautiful won’t stop the fact that i should be married! What will i say is keeping me? Maria asked.

    “And who will dare ask you such rubbish? Her mom angrily said and Maria sniffed.
    “Just let me be, Maria replied and returned back to what she was doing.

    “Okay i will let you be. But You better don’t kill yourself o because of husband. Me do i have husband? Her mom said and Maria turned to look at her as she slowly left the kitchen. Maria quickly closed the door behind,
    “Unbelievable! She said and returned to the pot…………….

    Francis was going through His iPad when his phone began to ring and it was the guys calling. He hissed and let it ring twice before picking up,
    “Na my call you dey ignore? Fred asked.
    “You been forget anything with me? Francis asked.

    “Don’t be like that this o haba na women dey keep grudges and not guys! We dey show house after work today sha, Fred said.
    “Hmmm I don hear, he said and Fred laughed.

    “My guy! What wine should we bring for peace offering, Fred said and Francis smiled.
    “Our guy still dey vex o! Fred shouted on the rest and Victor got the phone.

    “Correct guy! Victor hailed that Francis shook his head smiling.
    “Una no well o shebi you know? Francis asked.

    “How you take sabi that one? If you see wetin Victor do last night eh and our performance true true we no well, Fred shouted at the background.
    “Amebo no go kill you for this life you come so, victor said and Mark got the phone.

    “See we dey come house make we gist you, Mark said.
    “I dey wait o! Francis shouted laughing.

    “No wahala na, we go land with your favourite, you know today is Friday!! Victor screamed out.
    “Crazy guys! Francis said laughing and they dropped the call.

    The door opened and his mother walked in which Francis quickly covered his bedspread on his body.
    ‘Ah mama at least a knock, he said.
    “Meaning what? She asked and he shook his head.

    “Anyway i came to talk with you, she said sitting down in his bed.
    “Okay, he said dropping his phones to listen to him.

    “I heard your friends are coming here, are they good people? She asked and Francis looked at her.
    “Mama i don’t understand, its not the first time they are coming and you’ve known them since we were in the university so why such a question? He asked.

    “Eh but they laughed at you na, she replied.
    “Mama we have reconciled and we are cool. They didn’t laughed at me as you think, it was just a misunderstanding, he said.

    “Okay since you say so, just concerned sha. But do you know Victor mother? I’ve never seen her before, she said and Francis smiled.
    “His mother is in the village and she only comes to visit Victor and goes back, he replied.

    “Okay o if you say so but I’ll love to see her sha. Let me leave you with your phone, she said getting up.
    “Mama is that all you came to say? He asked.

    “So is it bad to talk with my son in the morning? She asked and saw his boxer on the floor and she quickly took it which Francis struggled to get it from her.
    “You do masturbate or what? She asked after seeing semen in it.

    “Ohhh mama this is embarrassing na, come and start going abeg, he said snatching it from her and she laughed going out………..


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    Episode 4.

    Francis came out from his room and met Maria setting the table and he greeted her.
    “Hmm the tone and the face doesn’t look good this early, she said.
    “Is it not mama, she’s behaving so strange now, he said sitting down and Maria smiled.

    “So she came to you after meeting me ba, she said.
    “But why is she behaving like this na? Its getting annoying abeg, he said.

    “Maybe old age is setting in, she replied.
    “Old age kwa, abeg o I don’t think I will hold on o, you need to see what she did in my room like what for? He asked.

    “You know they always say twice a child. I think we have to adjust and understand her now okay, she said and Francis heaved.
    “Anyway what’s up for breakfast? He asked.

    “Egg sauce and yam, she replied and left to get more dishes and their mother walked in dressed for work.
    The little smile on Francis face vanished and he bowed his head still annoyed but she ignored him and sat down.

    Maria walks in immediately,
    “Oh you’re set to go? Maroa asked.
    “As you can see. What about you? No work today? She asked.

    “Hmm I took today as off, not too bad sha, Maria replied.
    “Uhmmm, her mother said nodding and drew her tray close to start eating.

    “By the way why is Joe not out yet? Maria asked.
    “Please na will you allow me eat this food in peace? What is it na! Her mother shouted in a way that shook them.

    “Jesus Christ! Mama its your first son and first blood you’re shouting like this? Ahh is not fair na as if it was Joe that made himself like that, Maria said.
    “What are you trying to say now Maria? No tell me what you mean by that. So it bad now I said i want to eat this food without seeing any disgusting thing huh? Her mother asked.

    “What! Disgust…… Gosh i need to leave this place, Maria said and left immediately while Francis shook his head and slowly left too for his room.

    Maria got to Joe room and met him still in bed,
    “Joe its morning and you’re not up, she said touching him and saw his temperature was high.
    “Hmm i knew it. But don’t worry okay, just try to tidy up yourself and come down for break fast so I’ll take you to the hospital okay, Maria said and he nodded.

    “Sorry okay, your food is on the dinning, she said and slowly left the room………..

    Just as Francis friends promised, they showed up at his place just after work.
    “Abeg we came to see the gods with peace offering. Please accept this bottle of champagne, Victor said jokingly giving it to him with his head bowed and Francis laughed getting it from him.

    “Mad guys, please take your seat, Francis said.
    “Thank you boss, Victor said as they sat down.

    “So how was work na? Francis asked and left to get glasses.
    “No bad o, God dey push us dey go, Fred replied.

    “How’s mumsy and Joe? Mark asked.
    “Mumsy is not back from work…….”that your mama dey try o. She still gallant to dey hustle, Mark cuts in and Francis smiled.

    “She will be retiring soon though and as for Joe, Maria took him to the hospital cause he was feeling feverish. They are not back yet, Francis replied pouring the champagne into their glasses.
    “Eiya maybe na malaria, he will be fine, Victor said.

    “I know, Francis said.
    “This one you are serving us your drink, its for you o, Fred said.

    “Leave that thing joor. Wetin una say happen to Victor last night? Francis asked and Mark shouted very happy Francis brought it up.
    “You no dey forget something? Victor asked Francis.

    “Tah forget wetin? Hear wetin happen o. We dey our own dey sleep jeje with correct dream, when this mumu start to dey shout dey hit body for bed. Wake up na, mbanu! Na so i remember say Father been bless holy water for us, i rush to go bring am na. As i come back, Fred don turn prophet plus pastor for room o. As Fred dey cabash I dey shout amen dey pour holy water until the Innocent water finish for this idiot head before he wake up. We carry mattress keep outside o, everywhere just soak with water, Mark narrated while Francis was rolling on the floor with laughter.

    “You say na who pray? Fred? Francis asked holding his stomach.
    “E shock me sef i swear. I come dey reason am if na me been conduct deliverance service. E be like say God been once call me, maybe earpiece been dey my ear that time, Fred said.

    “ohh now i sabi wetin been wan kill me for dream, na your prayers Fred. Even Satan surprise say you pray, you just keep me for hold because satan been dey reason your matter, Victor said.
    “Thunder fire that your mouth. E easy for person to pray sweat? Something wey my prayer go carry you till next year sef you dey talk rubbish, Fred said.

    “Na that holy water pain me pass, i just waste am for this mugu, Mark said and Francis was practically crying.
    “Una been sleep so for night? Francis asked.

    “My guy reject sleep o,he just run go parlor dey watch film till morning satan do my guy strong thing, Mark replied laughing hard.
    “Una don kill me o! Francis shouted.

    “But on a very serious note, Victor was seriously attacked that his mother sensed it…… “Sensed kwa? She see revelation about him just at that same time, Mark cut into Fred.
    “Serious? Francis asked.

    “I tell you, she call me immediately i wake up, she dey road to come sef, Victor confirmed.
    “Ahhh I thank God for you sha but e pain me as i miss the drama, maybe i for parade the whole house dey cast and bind, Francis said getting up from where he laid laughing.

    “Una no go understand show God saved me, Victor said.
    “Eh eh Fred, there’s something i want you to do for me before i forget. You said you know Maria boyfriend ba? Francis asked.

    “Yes he works in one of our branches, wetin happen? Fred asked.
    “That idiot broke up with my sister yesterday with no reason, Francis replied.

    “Eh! Wetin dey happen na! Mark shouted.
    “I no believe joor, that guy wey love your sister like wetin. Maybe na just misunderstanding, Fred said.

    “I say They broke up yesterday oo, like final and real breakup. I want you to call him here and try to find out what really happened because I’ve been thinking about it the whole night. I just want to know wetin my sister do am, Francis said.
    “Don’t worry i gat this one, let me call him sef, Fred said taking his phone and dialled a number……..

    To think that this is my 3rd time in typing this particular episode makes me want to cry…. Hmmmm sacrifice though!😖😖


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    Episode 5.

    Story by Miriam Edem

    “Will he be back from work sef? Mark asked.
    “Why not? Victor asked and he picked up.

    “My guy! Fred hailed as everywhere went quiet.
    “How far na how you dey? He replied.

    “I dey o I dey, how work na? Fred asked.
    “I still dey work sef still trying to settle stuff here before Monday, so tired, He replied.

    “Eiya weldone. Don’t worry your babe by now go prepare something delicious for house then massage you wella when you return, Fred said but there was no reply.
    “Hello? Fred called out.

    “Hmm I don hear, he replied.
    “Wetin happen i say bad thing? Fred asked.

    “Not really sha but we are not together anymore, he replied.
    “You dey lie ba? Wetin happen? Fred asked but he heaved.

    “I don’t know how to tell person this thing o, I don’t know at all, he replied.
    “Guy tell me what happened, I promise i won’t tell the brother if that’s what you’re afraid of, Fred said and he heaved again.

    “For the past 2 months with Maria I’ve been having bad dreams to bad dreams I Can’t understand. But the one that broke the camel back was when I was attacked and warned very well to stay clear from Maria. Guy i didn’t know what to do. I love Maria i swear but i couldn’t help it, my life is more important, he replied and Francis was very angry and even attempted to get the phone but Mark held him while Fred left where he sat with them.

    “You really mean what you just said? Fred asked still on phone.
    “I can’t lie na i can’t. I’ve not even been myself that’s why I’m killing myself with work here so i can forget some things, he replied.

    “Why not discuss this with Maria, she’s a very understanding girl, Fred said and he scoffed.
    “That will even hurt her more, look guy I think there’s something about that girl she has to find out herself, i can’t die o, he replied and Fred heaved.

    “I feel so bad hearing this now, but if you think Maria need help, please give it to her i know there must be something you can do, Fred said.
    “Guy wetin you want make i do? I’m scared o i swear, he said.

    “Don’t worry guy we go talk okay, bye bye, Fred said and dropped the call and Francis let out a loud hiss.
    “What rubbish! What is he trying to say now? Francis angrily asked.

    “Guy calm down o, there’s something i didn’t tell you sha about your sister, Victor quietly said and they all looked at him expecting him to say more.
    “Hmm, there’s one of Maria ex I know, that should be last year or about 2 years ago. He said Maria had a serious body odour that scared him away, Victor continued and Francis began to laugh.

    “Na wa for you Victor o, Mark said.
    “You see, that’s why i didn’t want to tell you guys because you won’t believe me. I even asked him if Maria had body odour when he met her but he said no that it just started suddenly, Victor said.

    “Trash! I don’t blame them, i blame my sister who is allowing herself to be insulted this way by guys, i dont blame them! Francis shouted and the door opened. Joe walked in first followed by Maria,
    “Wow they are back! Mark shouted and stood up shaking Joe and they all gave her a hug.

    “Come take one glass, Fred said pouring in drink for Maria.
    “Why the celebration? She asked confused.

    “Nothing o, its just Friday, Fred replied giving Joe a glass who let it down with his shaky hands.
    “oh my God! I’ll clean that up, Maria said dropping her glass and Rushed in to get a mob inside.

    “Ordinary glass you cant hold again or what? Francis shouted on him.
    “Guy don’t start! Fred shouted on Francis and he hissed.

    “Don’t worry let me do it, Victor said standing up to get it from Maria when she returned.
    “No don’t worry just enjoy, she said.

    “I insist, Victor said and got it from her and she smiled.
    “I’m so sorry about what happened, Joe is really down with Malaria and Typhoid. He was given injection and i got him drugs, Maria said.

    “Sorry bro you’ll be fine, the guys said and Francis mom walked in.
    “Ahh momsy! The guys shouted.

    “Look at my children, so you all came today! She said touching them as they stood up.
    “Yes o, you’re just looking fresh everyday like no man business, Victor said and she laughed hitting him.

    “You’re not serious. How are you? And how are your parents? She asked.
    “They are all fine ma, they replied.

    “Thank God thank God. You all should enjoy okay let me go in, she said.
    “Okay ma, welcome ma, the guys said and Maria got the mob from Victor when he was done and took it inside.

    Victor phone began to ring and it was his mom calling,
    “Hello mama, he picked up.
    “Where are you o, I’m on the way, she said.

    “Okay mama I’m at Francis place with the guys, Victor replied and Francis mom walked in.
    “Is that your mom? She immediately asked and he nodded.

    “Ahh let me talk to her, she said approaching him.
    “Mama Francis mom wants to say hello, Victor said and gave her the phone

    “Hello ma, Francis mom said laughing.
    “Good afternoon ma, how are you? She asked.

    “I’m fine o, so we finally speak on phone, Francis mom said and Victor mom laughed.
    “so are you coming? Francis mom asked.

    “Yes I’m on the way, i wanted seeing my son its been long, she replied.
    “I understand my sister and Victor is here with his friends. Maybe you can drop by here so we can see ourselves na, Francis mom said.

    “That will be good, she said.
    “Yes and my house is just before their place, Francis mom said and called out the address.

    “Thank you I’ll be there soon, she said.
    “Okay I’ll be waiting, Francis mom said laughing happily and gave the phone to Victor.

    “Okay mama tell the driver to drive safe o, see ya, Victor said.
    “Okay bye bye, she said laughing and dropped the call.

    “Mama this one you’re excited like this i don’t understand, Maria said.
    “Me too o, victor said.

    “this children leave us joor like its a crime for mothers to be happy. When she comes you call me okay, She replied.
    “Let me get you something to eat na, Maria said.

    “Oh so you know? She asked and went in again while Maria smiled excusing herself from the guys………..

    Minutes later Victor went out to go pick his mom who just arrived and they walked together which the guys happily greeted her.
    “Look at how you people are getting fat, what are you eating eh! She shouted but they only laughed.
    “And You people don’t want to get married ba! She continued.

    “Ahhh mumsy!!! They Shouted.
    “Ahh momsy what! What are you waiting for? She asked.

    “Don’t mind them my sister, Francis mom said and she turned and saw her and they hugged themselves.
    “So its you? I’ve been wondering who Victor mom is finally I’ve seen you, Francis mom said.

    “Nice to see you too ma, you have a wonderful son, she said.
    “Thank you very much, let’s go in so we can talk nau, Francis mom said.

    “Sure, and as for you I’ll be back, she said referring to the Guys and left with Francis mom.

    They got in and Francis mom quickly locked her room door. Victor mom face suddenly changed as she sat down looking at her.
    “So we get to see, Francis mom said.
    “Yes and why touch my son? She asked and Francis mom smiled……….


    #49828 Reply

    Episode 6.

    “Relax, I didn’t know he had a mother like you, Francis mom replied.
    “Really? You almost destroyed my son that night what for? He is your son friend for years for crying out loud! Victor mom shouted.

    “So what! He mocked my son for not having a job after knowing Francis is more intelligent than he is, Francis mom said and Victor mom began to laugh.
    “Ahh Nkiru is it my son fault you sold his certificate? Or you think I don’t know? Look leave those kids alone, they have been friends for more than 10 years and you almost cut my son off for just a misunderstanding or didn’t Francis mocked Victor when he had a low grade? Victor mom asked.

    “Because he’s better than him, and mind you his certificate is still intact. I don’t just want him to have a job after all Maria is working in a well paid place more than your son, Francis mom said with a smirk.
    “I see and why did you choose Maria and what did you use in exchange for that? Victor mom asked and Francis mom smiled.

    “Simple, she won’t get married. I’m a woman of strategy and I well placed her so that when I resign she will take good care of me. Victor is a man and soon he will get married to one stupid girl who will eat his money, Maria Is a woman and in a very right position to take care of me with her good heart, Francis mother replied and Victor mom burst out laughing.

    “I can see that, but you have 2 sons na why are you only talking about Francis? She asked.
    “Look stop talking about my business, so tell me, how were you able to hide your identity from Victor despite he’s a smart kid? Francis mom asked.

    “Hide? No na that’s for those who are afraid to be caught. I’m a prayer warrior, people come to me for prayers and respects me like kilode, so why should i hide? Victor mom asked and Francis mother laughed out loud.
    “So the pastor na? She asked.

    “Pastor what? With my tithe and offering and prayers i am shifting him aside. Look everything is packaging o. When i lost my daughter to an accident when she wanted going for youth service, you must be aware of that right? Victor mom asked.
    “Yes that should be three years ago, Francis mom nodded.

    “Exactly, you need to see condolences left and right. No one even by mistake suspected me rather they prayed for me and that was how i attained more levels, Victor mother boasted.
    “Ahhhhhh Without them knowing she went into the ram way, Francis mom laughed and she joined her.

    “So that’s why you’re protecting Victor because he is the only child? Or is there a bid on his head? Francis mom asked.
    “Ahh my sister, don’t even go there. Victor visited when his sister was to be buried and that was when all the dirty eyes fell on him. One even brought her chewing stick daughter for him to marry and i cast and bind her, hatred started o. The next thing they placed a demand but lie lie you see that Victor, he goes no where not when I’m still alive, Victor mom said.

    “Hmm all those dirty cranky beings with over jealousy in their body. Why can’t they follow and establish theirs? No wonder they are always first to be called witches, Francis mom said and hissed.
    “Don’t mind them, senseless people with their bitter cheap meats. But it looks like one of your son is sick, Victor mom say.

    “Yes that weakling. Just one night with him turned him that way, very useless boy, Francis mom replied.
    “One night? I don’t understand, Victor mom said and sat well to digest the gist.

    “You should know na, Francis mom said hitting her.
    “I’m honestly lost here, tell me about it, Victor mom said very serious.

    “Well you know my husband died when he was 11 years na so i needed some servicing and went the other way. Just one night i mate with him in the dream weakened him and he fell that way, but his brother is a strong boy though, can’t you see as I’m looking Fresh, Francis mom said getting up and Victor mom mouth was opened.

    “First time hearing this? Francis mom asked when she saw the surprise on her face.
    “Kind of, you know some people there in church always pray against spirit husbands and wives, i never knew it can happen between mother and son, she replied and Francis mom hissed.

    “Now you know, Francis mom said.
    “So what is going to happen now to Francis? Wont he get married? Victor mom asked and Nkiru scoffed.

    “i think i understand why you’re asking all these questions because its not your thing. Mine is related to the water and we do these things most, Well what’s my business if he gets married or not? Its all about his capabilities, But the girl should better stand well and should better behave. In fact that’s why i don’t want him to have a job sef so he wont be thinking about marriage. Already as it stands so he doesn’t gave a girlfriend because the urge isn’t there and he’s not aware of what is happening to him either. All he sees is semen in the morning and that’s all, Francis mom replied and Victor mom clapped her hands in disbelief.

    “Abeg I cant do that to my Victor o after all i have a husband…. “Exactly! The point is you have a husband and i don’t, so let it be after all you don’t love Francis more than i do, Francis mom cuts in.

    ‘No problem, we all have our cockroach in our cupboards. Let me go see my son, Victor mom said standing up.
    “Oh no problem, we have discussed enough and i hope it will be just with us, Francis mom said.

    “Do i look like a gossiper to you? Victor mom asked and Francis mom laughed opening the door and they left together.
    They saw the guys so engrossed on Francis iPad when they got in and Victor mom cleared her throat as a sign.

    “Ahh mommy you’re still here? Victor asked.
    “Look at this one, I left and came back, Victor mom replied.

    “I even forgot you’re here sorry, Victor said.
    “Is Maria done cooking? I’m hungry o, Francis mom asked.

    “Its on the dinning but you were locked up discussing, Francis replied.
    “so what? And where’s Maria? Francis mom asked.

    “She stepped out to see a friend, Fred replied.
    “Hmmm just now now i left here? or did we talk that long? Francis asked her friend.

    “Hmm i don’t know but i think we did, check out the time na, Victor mom replied checking her wristwatch.
    “no problem but join me in eating na, you cant leave like that, Francis mom said.

    “No no no next time please, let me have a little time with my son before i leave but i promise next time, Victor mom said.
    “No problem then, looking forward to that, Francis mom said and gave her a hug while Victor got the house keys from Fred.

    “Bye ma, the guys said while she waved and kept shouting on them to get married soon.
    “Funny woman, Francis mom said with all smiles closing the door behind.

    “I can see that mama, Francis said looking at her.
    “jealousy. Wont you guys have something to eat? She asked.

    “We will ma, Maria gave us our share, Mark replied.
    “alright then, she said and left to the dinning……..


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