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    LUCI ☠️
    🧚 The Fallen Angel 🧚
    {Mated to a heavenly tyrant!}

    Prologue:- Lucifer’s banishment!

    Written by: Racheal Dennis.


    Narrator’s pov

    Thousands of years ago!

    Large dark clouds moved furiously in the sky, heavy and deep rumbling sound blast the earth.

    Animals ran about in great despair, stumbling and falling, stomping and fighting for ways to survive the raging storm.

    Birds flee from tree branches, flapping their wings swiftly to get away from the unknown wrath.

    Trees swaying furiously, causing disastrous whirlwinds. It’s very obvious, nature is angry, heaven is unleashing it’s anger and grievances upon the earth.

    The gates of heaven opened and a being was cast down, causing a earthquake.

    A very deep, angry and thunderous voice echoed in the lands.

    *And I banished thee from heaven’s abode!*

    The being casted down groaned in pain, he glared at the dark clouds.

    *Ye shall roam the surface of the earth… and thou shalt meet thy mate in hundreds of millennials years!*

    A lightening lashed on his back, accompanied by a loud thunderclap…he screamed loudly in great pain.

    *Thou shalt find pleasure inflicting damnation on people! From this day henceforth..hatred is carved in thy heart!*

    He folded his lips in teeth, as another lightening lashed on his back harder…this time, inflicting a deep cut on his back.

    *Ye shall be striped off everything holy…for thy heart shall constantly be troubled!*

    He tried to get up, but another lightening hit his back and he fell back on his face…a deep and painful growl erupted from his throat.

    *Thy name shall no longer be called Lucifer, ye shall be known all through the lands Satan the devil!*

    Lashes upon lashes lightening continuously lashed on his back, causing him to scream in an agonizing pain.

    With each lash, the pain increased.

    *I pronounced woe upon woe unto thee*

    Soon, the lightening stopped lashing on his back, the voice talking vanished and it’s all silence!

    Lucifer shook his head, he grabbed a rock in front of him…using it as a support, he got up with great difficulty.

    “No! No! I’m innocent! My Lord, do thy servant justice!”

    He coughed out blood.

    “My Lord, thy servant beseech thee! this is injustice, thy servant seek justice from thee…”

    He coughed and spout blood.

    “…I’m innocent, lord I’m thy humble servant..I dare not do such…cast me not from thee, I beseech thee.. I’m innocent!”

    Nature stood still as his voice echoed back at him, there was total silence.

    He lifted his head and gazed at the dark clouds, he watched the clouds slowly turned white.

    “No~o~o~o~o~o!” He roared loudly in frustration.

    His heads fell dejectedly, his muscles relaxed and fell on his knees.

    “I mustn’t forgo this, I mustn’t forgo this!” He vowed.

    1927 (Thousands of years later)


    “Master! Master!”

    The maid rushed into his chamber, her hands shook and her lips quivered in great panic.

    She fell on her knees, bowed her head and hided her face from him.

    “Master! Bad news!” she cried.

    He got up with deep frown lines on his forehead, his eyes squinted at her trembling figure.

    “What has happened?” He asked.

    “Mi.. mistress, she’s…”

    His heart skipped at once, he sprang off his chair and strode towards her.

    “Speak! What has happened to your mistress?!”

    “She.. she..”

    “Speak fluently! Or….”

    He left his words unfinished as he opened his hand and a small dagger appeared, he flaunted it in face.

    The maid’s eyes widened in utter despair, she gulped nervously and nodded quickly.

    “Please have mercy and spare my life, master….”

    “Then speak!!”

    “I swear on my mother’s grave… it’s never my thoughts to wish mistress ill-luck…”

    “Just speak!!!” His voice thundered.

    “Yes, yes”

    He stared at her impatiently, she raised her head a bit and stared at his feet while she spoke.

    “The midwives couldn’t save her, they….”

    She choked on her words when she didn’t see her master’s legs no more, he’s teleported from there.

    She breathed in great relief.



    The midwives greeted him and quickly bowed when they felt his presence, he ignored them and walked straight to the bed.


    His most trusted aide greeted him, but he also ignored him and sat on the bed.

    He took her hand in his, he felt her pause and narrowed his eyes.. they are slowly turning red.

    “Why can’t I feel her breath?! Why is she so cold?! And blue?!” He asked in a deadly calm voice.

    None of the midwives uttered a word, they wouldn’t speak a word for fear of their lives.

    “None of you dare speak a word?!” He asked again.

    But they are still silence, they are all taking sneak glance at each other.. silently fighting on who’s gonna speak first.

    “Master asked a question, speak and your lives will be spared” his aide said.

    One of the midwives touched her head on the ground, she crawled closer to him.. though she’s still in a safe distance.

    “Ha..have mercy on us, master” she stuttered. “W-we.. we tried our best but.. but we.. she…” she doesn’t know what to say.

    He slowly turned away from the mistress, he glared at the midwives with his flaming eyes.

    They were all suddenly lifted off the ground, their hands flew to their necks and they began struggling.. as if they are struggling to get away from someone.

    He clenched his fist and they began choking, they were jerking as though someone blocked their air lungs.

    “Filthy bunch!” He growled lowly.

    He clenched his fist tighter, his shut and the midwives stiffed as though they were status.

    “Useless creatures!” He opened his eyes and released his fist.

    Their bodies slumped down, he turned back to the mistress and touched her head.

    “Master, do you wish to resurrect mistress?” His aide asked.

    “Silence!” He snapped at him.

    He cut a small potion of his flesh, causing him to bleed. He quickly feed her his blood, before the cut would heal up.

    He waited for a few moments, but got no reaction from her.. he frowned…

    He thought maybe he didn’t feed her enough blood, he cut himself again and feed her another potion of blood.. but still no reaction.

    “Master, she…”

    “Shall I feed her more blood?” He asked.

    He stared at his hand, he’s surprised his blood is not working.

    “Forgive my impudence, master, but I’m afraid she is dead” his aide said.

    “Impossible, I fed her my blood.. or shall I feed her more?”

    His aide stared at the mistress, he frowned when he understood something.. he quickly bowed.

    “It’s the curse, master”

    “The curse?”

    “Yes, master”

    He recalled the scene of his banishment, those words replayed in his head.. and his eyes turned red.. scarlet red!

    Anger and betrayal flashed in his eyes, he balled his fist and clenched his jaw.

    “I mustn’t let it be true, I mustn’t let it happen!”

    He reached for a small heavenly dagger, his aide’s eyes grew wide and he held HIS hand.

    “Master, you mustn’t use this dagger, your wound shall take time to heal”

    He snatched his hand from his aide’s grip and cut his flesh.. he opened her mouth and poured enough blood in.

    He blinked when he didn’t get any reaction, his chest rise and fall rapidly as he breathed heavily.

    He looked up and growled loudly, the whole chamber shake at his deep growl.

    “This is injustice! You are being unfair! Punish me and spare my mate! She’s innocent, I beseech you.. she’s innocent!”

    But she still remained unmoved, he growled again and started stabbing himself with the heavenly dagger.

    “Stop, master, please stop”

    “I shall die with her, she mustn’t die alone!” He roared.

    “Master, you’re immortal… ”

    “Be quiet!” He yelled.

    He fell on his knees when he’s done stabbing himself, his blood has formed a small pool underneath him.

    But there’s no wounds on him, his wounds are perfectly healed.

    “We shall move from this place” he said.

    “Whence shall us go from here?”

    2021 (present day)….(Ninety-four years later….)

    Los Angeles… (City of sin)

    “Master” Caldwell, his most trusted aide called.

    “Caldwell, I have been telling you this for many years now…” he said.

    He stood facing the big glass window, with his hands perfectly folded behind him.

    “… we are in the 21st century already, there are no masters and servants…”

    He turned to Caldwell, he tapped his right shoulder and looked him in the eyeballs.

    “… address me as Mr Bright”

    “Yes, master…”


    “Mr Bright”

    He tapped his shoulder again. He walked away from the window to his chair, he sat down and stared at a necklace laying on the table.

    “Why did you come for me?” He asked Caldwell.

    “Er.. I think it’s high time we went back, we need our king back to keep things in order”

    He didn’t respond to his words, his eyes simply remained focused on the necklace.. he picked it up and frowned.

    “Mr Bright, we don’t know how long we can hold on without you”

    There is a long moment of total silence, he clenched the necklace in his hand.

    “It’s not yet time”

    “But Mr Bright…”

    “Any news from Carling?” He interrupted Caldwell.

    “Yes, she found him”

    He nodded in affirmation, he dropped the necklace back on the table.

    “Good! Let’s pay Robertson a little visit!”


    St Paul’s cathedral

    *….sin, the world is so sinful. Be careful of whom you associate with, for the devil lives among us…*

    “Hey, Lanie!”

    Gabriella nudged me.

    Gabriella or Gabby, as I usually call her has been my childhood friend, since as long as I can remember.

    We both came to the convent together and we are being taken care of by father Reed.. we consider each other sisters.

    I ignored her and pretended as if I’m so focused in the sermon, but I know she’s not gonna let me be.

    *…we are the salt and the light of the world. Let us shine our light and give Satan no room to overcome the world, it is written….*

    “Laniee!” she dragged my name.

    “What?” I finally gave her my attention.

    After all, I was beginning to get bored of this same old gospel.

    “Father Reed is repeating yesterday’s sermon” she said.

    Oh… she’s also thinking what I was thinking, but we’re still in the convent..she shouldn’t say things like this.

    “I wish he could just change his gospel..he keeps preaching the same gospel over and over again”

    “No, he’s not.. yesterday he said we should be diligent in doing the work of God and shouldn’t chase after worldly pleasures” I quoted father Reed’s words.

    Gabby rolled her eyeballs.

    “He meant the same thing, he only changed the words today”

    “No, he didn’t mean the same thing.. I have told you to pay attention during gospel time, how are you gonna spread the word of God like this?” I scolded her.

    “Oh, I know the word more than you… ”

    Father Reed cleared his throat from the pulpit, we snapped our heads towards him.. he’s eyeing us warningly.

    “Sister Melanie and sister Gabriella, please step out and wait for me in my office” he said.

    We both got up, everyone’s eyes are on us, which I’m quite used to since this is kinda a normal routine for Gabby and I.

    “Yes, father” we both replied.

    Then we quietly walked out. On our way, Gabby threw an arm around my shoulder and whispered to me.

    “I guess we were too loud just now”

    I gently pushed her away.

    “Tell me about it”

    She laughed at my frustrated expression, while I sighed.

    “Why do I keep getting in trouble with you?”

    “Because you love me”

    “You wish” I huffed.

    Gabby is sent to me by the devil, she always disturb and get me in trouble everytime gospel is going on.

    And I also wondered why I can’t resist her temptation, I always give her a listening ear.

    “What do you think father’s gonna do to us this time?” She asked me.

    I stared at her and smirked mischievously.

    “He might make you wash the toilet!”

    “Nope! He won’t make me do that”

    “Then what do you think he’ll make us do?” I asked.

    Gabby sighed, then shook her head and held onto her rosary tightly…she closed her eyes and looked up to the sky.

    “Let’s just say, if the Lord have mercy on us we might just be late for school or…”

    She tore her gaze from the sky to me, she grinned in a mocking manner.

    “… we are gonna miss school today” we both concluded.

    We shared a short laugh.
    It’s true, father Reed is gonna cut off our ears with his words today.

    I just pray the Lord will save us from him today!

    To be continued.

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    LUCI ☠️
    🧚 The Fallen Angel 🧚
    {Mated to a heavenly tyrant!}

    Chapter 1.

    Written by: Racheal Dennis.


    Melanie’s pov 🧚

    It’s been 3hours (three hours) since Gabby and I are waiting in father Reed’s office.

    My eyes moved around his small, but we’ll organized office.

    From the small statue of Jesus Christ nailed to standing on the table, to the heap of files resting on the left side of the table.

    Father Reed is a very neat man and always keeps his office tidy, he doesn’t do well with dust… there are no dusty file in his shelf.

    In fact, father Reed’s office is exactly like those seen in films, but he doesn’t have that typical reverend father’s look though.

    My ears perked up at the squeaky sound of the door, my head turned involuntarily and I saw father Reed walked in.

    “Get ready” Gabby whispered in my ear.

    I chuckled quietly.

    Father Reed walked straight to his chair and sat down, Gabby and I bowed our heads with a pretentious remorseful expression.

    “Father” we both called him.

    I can tell he’s already staring at us through squinted eyes, his spectacle must be resting on the bridge of his nose right now.

    “Raise your heads” he said in a calm voice.

    We raised our heads quickly, he sighed and opened his drawer, he reached for his spectacle case.

    He took off his spectacle and kept it in the case, then kept it back in the drawer.

    “Is it a must that we should go through this routine everyday?” He asked us.

    “Father, we…”

    “You’re the future of this sinful generation” he interrupted Gabby as usual.

    Gabby and I exchange looks, I could tell she’s groaning and grumbling in her heart right now.. I bite back a laugh.

    “That’s what you get for being a noise maker in church” I whispered to her, she bared her teeth at me playfully.

    Father Reed seemed to caught it, he banged on the table lightly and got up.

    “Be serious in all things you do, the future of this generation lies on your shoulders”

    We nodded our heads in affirmation.

    “If you’re not well equiped with the word, how can you face the world alone?”

    He paused and sat back on his chair, he reached for a file and opened it, then put it towards us.

    “You’ve written your names and it’ll soon be submitted, are you sure you can get in with this behavior? Don’t you know you’re being watched closely by higher authorities?”

    My eyes focused on the list of names written in the file, my name is clearly and boldly written at the top.. in my handwriting.

    I could feel Gabby’s gaze on me, but I didn’t spare her even a glance.

    “To be a nun means there’s a great responsibility resting on your shoulders, it means there are gonna be a lot of temptations along the way…can you overcome them if you continue like this?” He asked.

    I shook my head.

    “Why can’t you can’t you just be like the other sisters, Melanie?”

    He stared at me a few moments, then drifted his gaze towards Gabby.. he sighed deeply.

    “Or is Gabriella the distraction? Should I separate you two by transferring you to another convent?”

    “No!” Gabby and I exclaimed simultaneously.

    I stared at my name on the file again, I gulped.

    “Father, we are sorry.. we promise we’ll pay more attention to gospels from now on” I said.

    “Paying attention is just not enough, practicing them is what matters… you’re training to be a nun and you need the word more than anyone else”

    “I understand, father, I’ll do my best to put the words into practice”

    “Hmm” He hummed and nodded in satisfaction.

    Then there’s silence, he must be thinking of our punishments right now… Maybe I should suggest the punishment first, then he’ll give us a lighter punishment.

    “Father, how about Gabby and I go on a evangelical mission?”


    I nodded quickly, he squinted his eyes at me for a while then shook his head in disapproval.

    “You’re not strong enough in the word… ”

    “Father, you’ve been teaching us about the ways of the lord since we were kids.. of course we are strong enough” I said, pretending to persuade him, but in my heart I’m actually praying…

    Please say no, please say no, please say no, please say no.


    Yay! I shouted in mentally, I can imagine my subconscious mind doing pumping fist in the air and dancing in joy.

    “Go to mother Emily’s orphanage, help her take care of the kids and recite the scripture with them” he said.

    “Yes, father” we replied.

    He leaned back on his chair, he nodded and waved his hand.

    “Go get ready for school” he told us.

    “Thank you, father” we thanked him and rushed out.



    Gabby puffed out some air when we stepped out father Reed’s office, I also, let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

    “We survived! God blessed us, we are safe!” She shouted dramatically.

    We walked down the hallway in silence, we heard faint worship songs coming from different offices as we walked by.

    After walking for a few minutes, we made it out of the hallways and took a turn, which lead to our dormitory

    “Have you really made up your mind?” Gabby broke the silence.

    “Made up my mind about what?” I asked her back.

    “Being a nun..do you really wanna be a nun?”

    “Yeah” I answered without thinking about it.

    “You know, it’s not compulsory… you mustn’t be a nun simply because you were raised by a priest” she said.

    I nodded.

    “I know that”

    “It’s good you know.. so, let me ask you again, why do you decide to be a nun, Melanie Martinez?”

    Why do I decide to be a nun?
    Hmm… I haven’t really thought about it, I just know I wanna be a nun.

    “Lanie, don’t tell me you don’t know”

    “Well, I just wanna be a nun, I don’t think there should be a reason for serving God wholeheartedly”

    She stopped walking and stared at me, I also stared at her but in a state of confusion.

    “Think about it, why do you wanna be a nun.. think about it thoroughly, sister Melanie” she said in a bold voice.

    I guess she’s trying to imitate father Reed’s voice, she linked our arms and we continued our journey.

    “But I think father Reed is kinda being too harsh on us, we’re still kids…”

    “Kids at 23?” I scoffed.

    “Of course, I’m still a kid even if I’m 30”

    I rolled my eyeballs.

    “Let’s forget about this, we’re running late” I said.

    Narrator’s pov 🧚

    “Let us go, let us go.. I promise, we’ll share it 50-50.. but let us go first” a man cried, begging the lady sitting in front of him.

    But she seemed like she doesn’t give a dime about him, she absentmindedly played with the knife in her hand.

    He wanted to escape, but he knew that’s not an option…she might seem absentminded, in reality she’s very focused.

    His eyes turned to his heavily pregnant wife chained against a pillar, she stared at him with her tear stained face.. she is begging him to help her escape.

    But he could do nothing as they are both chained separately on different pillars, his heart broke.. he turned back to the lady.

    “Let us go.. we can share it 60-40.. but just let us go first.. let us go before Mr Bright gets here, or we won’t have the chance to….”

    He’s cut off when the doors broke and fell in a very loud bang, revealing Lucifer.

    The man’s eyes slowly moved to the door, he stared at Lucifer in pure horror. Lucifer strode in as if he owns the place.

    “Well, well, well… what a wonderful plan, Robertson!” He (Lucifer) said, he smirked at the man…(Robertson).

    The lady sitting in front of Robertson, stood up at once immediately she saw Lucifer.

    “Master” she greeted him with a bow.

    Lucifer ignored her and walked straight to Robertson, he crouched down a bit and grabbed his jaw.

    “You did a great job, Carling”

    He praised the lady, but he’s staring at Robertson with a smirk playing on his lips.

    “Did I just heard you say 50-50?” Lucifer asked.

    Robertson gulped slowly, he shook his head which made Lucifer huffed…he lifted himself and turned away from Robertson.

    His eyes scanned the room, he realized they are in Robertson’s living room…he faced Carling.

    “Carling, what was he doing when you go here?”

    “He was packing up, planning on running away” Carling replied.

    “Excellent!” Lucifer exclaimed.

    He laughed briefly, he gazed at the big flat screen tv resting on the wall.

    “Nice tv you’ve got here” he complimented.

    He turned around and faced Robertson, he smirked.

    “Where’s the money you owe me?” He asked.

    Robertson stayed silent, Lucifer doesn’t seemed to like his silence.

    He grabbed Robertson’s neck, just when he was about tightening his grip…he heard a weak whimper.

    “St-stop… don’t kill him” he heard a feminine voice said.

    He turned towards the sound and saw a heavily pregnant woman chained against a pole, he let go of Robertson and engrossed himself in staring at her.

    This pregnant woman seemed to bring back memories, memories he’s been burying and trying so hard to forget.

    He suddenly felt a ounce sense of pity, he imagined his deceased beloved in that position…his legs itched forward to set her free, but….

    “Please don’t hurt her, let her go, please…I beg you in the name of God”

    Lucifer tensed when he heard Robertson’s words, a deep growl emitted from the deepest part of his throat…he glared at Robertson.

    “God?!” Lucifer squinted his eyes. “Don’t bring him into this!” He growled.

    He lifted his hand and Robertson’s wife was suddenly lifted off the ground, Robertson froze in fear where he was chained and he shook his head frantically.

    “M-mr Bri… Bright, she.. she’s pregnant”

    Lucifer’s eyes hardened when he heard those words, he gritted his teeth and clenched his jaw even tighter.


    In that fit of anger, Lucifer waved his hand swiftly, causing Robertson’s wife slammed on a wall.


    A very sharp sound left her mouth, accompanied with a cracking sound….like bones being broken.

    But it’s suddenly silence when she landed on the ground in a loud thud.

    Robertson stared at her speechlessly, her body laid on the ground with mouth gushing out blood.

    A small pool of blood quickly formed around her, staining her white blouse and turning it red.

    He shook his head and cowered away from Lucifer in great fear…his whole body started shaking.

    He was even scared, too scared of rushing to his wife for fear of what Lucifer might do to him.

    “Now where is my money?!” Lucifer growled.

    Robertson couldn’t speak, he continuously shook his head. His lips quivered as he searched for the right words to say, but his brain was failing him at the moment.

    Lucifer took a few steps away from him, he (Lucifer) rested his back on the wall and tucked his hand in his pockets.

    “I’ll ask you one more time… where’s my money?!”

    Robertson gulped slowly.

    “I..I..give me some time..give me more time..” he stuttered out when he finally gathered words.

    “More time?”


    “But gentleman, that wasn’t our agreement.. I’ve given you enough time, don’t tell me you haven’t gotten any money since then”

    He nodded quickly.

    “I..I did get some money, but..but…”

    “But what?”


    “You spent it all on wine and women?”

    “Yes.. yes”


    Robertson simply shook his head, he didn’t know what to say.

    “I asked why?!”

    “It’s… it’s the devil”


    “The devil..he made me do it, I swear, the devil pushed me”

    Lucifer furrowed his brows at once, he hit the wall behind him.. creating a dent shaped like his palm.

    “The devil?!” Lucifer growled.

    In a snap of a finger, he’s standing in front of Robertson with his hand tightly wrapped around Robertson’s neck.

    “What has the devil done to you humans! Always pinning your misdeeds on him! I wasn’t there when you were lavishing the money!” He growled.

    Lucifer slammed Robertson on the pillar, making him cough lightly.

    “Do you wanna know where my name, Bright, was derived from?”

    Robertson couldn’t speak, he was simply choking. Lucifer held his neck tighter, lifting him off the ground and causing his legs to dangled.

    “Lucifer… do you know what it means?!”

    Robertson managed to shake his head in denial, Lucifer scoffed.

    “Brightest star… I am Lucifer, I am the devil whom you are falsely accusing!” He roared in Robertson’s face.

    Robertson held Lucifer’s hand and tried removing it from his neck, but it’s obvious he’s not at the advantage.

    “Filthy human! How about I show what the devil actually looks like?!”

    Lucifer narrowed his eyes.

    Robertson’s eyes widened in horror when he saw Lucifer’s eyes changed to a scarlet red.. his lips quivered in great fear.

    Color drained off his face and he went pale at once, it’s written all over him that he’s scared.

    “Y-you..you…you…you…” No words left his mouth.

    “Yes, I am the devil… it’s so sad you and your wife are gonna walk on different paths, starting now!”

    Lucifer tightened his grip, Robertson couldn’t put up a fight any longer…his air lungs are blocked.

    After struggling for a very brief moment, Robertson went limp, but even at that Lucifer didn’t let him go.

    He made sure Robertson wasn’t breathing, then let go of him and watched as Robertson’s body fell down.

    “Mr Bright, what should we do with the bodies?” Carling asked.

    Lucifer didn’t reply her, he turned around and headed out. Caldwell faced Carling.

    “Do with it what we’ve been doing to the others” was his reply to her.

    Carling nodded.
    Caldwell quickly rushed out after Lucifer, he cleared his throat quietly.

    “Mr Bright, are we teleporting or walking?”

    “Walking. Let’s go check out his warehouse” Lucifer replied.

    Melanie’s pov 🧚


    “We should have told father Reed we’re leaving” Gabby said.

    I quickly shook my head in disagreement, which made her frown.


    “He’ll make us recite the creed 27times” I said.

    Gabby laughed, she flung her bag on her shoulder and handed my phone to me.

    “I thought you’d like that, after all, you’re soon gonna become a nun and..”

    “Gabby, we’re already late today, let’s go” I said.

    “Yes, sister Melanie” she replied mockingly.

    I simply rolled my eyeballs and decided to ignore her, we headed out of our dormitory and started walking down the long hallway.

    “Do you think we should go to the orphanage first to sign in? And let mother Emily know we’re gonna teach the kids after school?” Gabby asked.

    “No, father Reed must have done that already, let’s just go straight to school” I answered.

    “Yeah.. that’s my thought too”

    We walked in a three minutes silence, before making it to the end of the hallway.. then we headed for the exit gate.

    “I think getting a cab will make us later than we already are, what do you say about walking to school?” Gabby asked.

    I checked my wrist watch, I discovered we only have 20minutes left… Her suggestion is simple the best now.

    “Alright, but we’re both girls.. walking in those dark alleys are actually kinda creepy and scary, do you think… ”

    Gabby threw an arm around my shoulder, she held her rosary and looked up at the sky.

    “We’re both blessed, God is walking with us.. we have nothing to fear” she said.

    There are times when I love her faith, but there are times when I think her faith will bring us nothing but trouble.

    Like right now, I have a bad feeling about us walking the alleys today.. but that’s the only shortest way to school.

    “Lanie, don’t think about it too much.. it’s the only short way to school” she said what’s on my mind.

    “Gabby, haven’t you heard, the shortest way is always the most dangerous?”

    She scoffed.

    “There won’t be any dangers today, let’s go”

    Knowing I can’t win if I argue with her, I took a deep breath and sighed.

    “Alright, let’s go” I said.

    Let’s just hope there aren’t gonna be any dangers as she has predicted… Let’s hope I’m just being paranoid.

    To be continued

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    LUCI ☠️
    🧚 The Fallen Angel 🧚
    {Mated to a heavenly tyrant!}

    Chapter 2.

    Written by: Racheal Dennis.


    Melanie’s pov 🧚

    “Must we go by this alley?” I asked.

    My eyes moved around as we walked through the alley, as if they’re looking for some unknown dangers.

    I kept having this feeling in my gut, that something will happen in this alley… but what should I do? Gabby won’t listen to me.

    “You’re being a scaredy cat” she said.

    “I’m not a scaredy cat”

    I grabbed her arm and leaned closer to her ear.

    “I’m training to be a nun, walking these alleys are very dangerous for me… anything can happen to me” I said.

    Gabby patted my shoulder, she smiled at me and touched the rosary on my neck.

    I rolled my eyeballs since I already knew what she wanted to say… it’s her slogan.

    “We have God”

    “Yeah, we have God.. but we should save him the trouble and protect ourselves first” I replied.

    We continued walking down the alley, it’s so quiet, dark and.. I don’t know if I’m imagining it or not.. but I can hear some weird crickets sound.

    Also, I could hear a quiet footsteps coming behind us.

    Gabby and I held onto each other tightly, she must have heard the footsteps too.. wait, I thought she wasn’t scared.

    God, I shouldn’t get raped here, that would be the end of my career!

    “Lanie, I say we run on three” she whispered.


    “3.. 2…”

    That’s when I felt something been snatched off my shoulder, I touched my shoulder and realized it’s my bag.

    “My bag!” I gasped.

    I can’t lose that bag, my whole life is in that bag.. my phone, nunnery entrance form.. I can’t lose that bag, I just can’t.

    This is what I was scared of, getting robbed or getting raped.

    “He’s getting away, quick, let’s chase him!” Gabby shouted.

    We faced the direction he ran off to, it’s a very narrow alley. If we both chase after him following this alley, we won’t be able to catch him.

    “Gabby, take the other alley.. we can’t catch him if we both use this alley”

    She nodded and ran off, I also chased him down this alley and he’s kinda gone far.. I just hope Gabby would block him.

    “Hey! Stop there! Hey!” I shouted.

    He didn’t listen, he increased his speed instead.

    Hmm, now I understand why father Reed always takes Gabby and I for a run.. now let’s show this thief what we’ve got.

    I increased my speed too and there wasn’t too much gap between us.

    Narrator’s pov 🧚

    Lucifer stopped in front of a door, he looked at it weirdly and also observed the environment.

    “Are you sure this is Robertson’s warehouse?” He asked.

    “Yes, Mr Bright”

    Lucifer nodded.

    “Open it” he said.

    Caldwell grabbed the handle and pushed the door open, but it didn’t open.. he frowned and faced Lucifer.

    “It’s locked”

    “Of course I know that, you don’t know when to make use of your powers.. seem you don’t need them anymore”

    “I’m sorry, Mr Bright” Caldwell quickly apologized.

    He grabbed the door handle again, he twisted it and pushed it open.

    “Mr Bright, please” he said.

    He made way and Lucifer stepped in, his hands tucked in his pants pockets as he looked around.

    “Robertson is truly a thief, only a thief would have his warehouse located in a dark alley” he said.

    Lucifer examine the goods briefly, he realized they’re bags of grains and flours.

    “He must have stole these goods and illegally selling them”

    “What should we do with them? Should we take them back with us?” Caldwell asked.

    “They aren’t ours to take back. Find the owners of these goods and refund them back”

    “Yes, Mr Bright” Caldwell replied.

    Just when Lucifer was about to step out, he heard a distant female voice shouting.

    *Stop! That’s my bag! Stop there you thief!*

    He narrowed his eyes, he stepped out of the warehouse and looked around the alley…but found no one.

    *Don’t run! I just want my phone back! Hey!* the voice cried desperately.

    It sounded closer this time, Lucifer started walking towards the direction where the cry for help is coming from.

    Seeing his reaction, Caldwell followed him.

    “Mr Bright, is anything the matter?” Caldwell asked.

    Lucifer didn’t reply him, he continued walking.. a quick movement passed his eyes and he smirked.

    “Caldwell, I have something to do first, carry on with the task I assigned you and meet me later!” He said.

    “But Mr… ”

    Caldwell left his words unfinished when he saw Lucifer vanished, he sighed.

    “You don’t really have to help, nobody will appreciate it” he said to himself.

    He stared at the direction Lucifer was headed, then sighed and shook his head.


    “Stop! Please stop!”

    The thief heard her cried behind him, but he didn’t stop, his feet continued running as though his life depended on it.

    Well, his life actually depended on it.

    His breath quickened with each step he took, he glancled behind him.. to know if she’s catching up with him.

    A victorious smirk played on his lips, when he saw her stop to catch a few breath.

    At that moment he knew she’s running out of breath, he’s gonna get away from her soon.

    That moment of distraction, made him ran right into a wall.

    He bumped his head and fell down. His eyebrows furrowed in a frown, as he rubbed his forehead and groaned painfully.

    “What the f**k!” He growled.

    He angrily got up to change direction, thinking he’s met a dead end here.

    Upon lifting his head, he realized he’s actually ran into a man and not a wall.

    He glared at the man standing in front of him, but the man smiled at him instead.

    “Good morning, there, Mr thief” the man said.

    “F**k off the way!” the thief growled.

    “Oh, I see you prefer a bad morning… anyway, I’m Lucifer and you’re….”

    “I don’t have time for your silly jokes”

    The thief reached for his back pocket and pulled out a small gun, he aimed it at Lucifer and looked behind him.

    She’s still quite far from him, he turned back to Lucifer and smirked.

    “F**k off or I’ll shoot you!”

    Lucifer chuckled lightly, he folded his arms on his chest.

    “I don’t like playing guns, but if you insist I’ll play with you” he said.

    “You’re a dead man!”

    He pulled the trigger, he watched with a smirk as the bullet hit Lucifer… but his smirk wiped off, when Lucifer didn’t bleed or groan in pain.

    Rather, he saw the bullets falling as though he threw the bullets at a wall.

    “You..you…why didn’t you die? Or bleed? Why….”

    “Because I’m Lucifer” Lucifer replied.

    Now it’s Lucifer’s turn to smirk, the thief gaped at him with a horrific expression..his gun fell off his hand.

    “You’re not normal” he said.

    He quickly faced another direction, getting ready to run away.

    But Lucifer lifted his hands and a wall suddenly sprouted from the ground, blocking his way.

    “Who are you?! Let me go man!” The thief yelled.

    Lucifer simply chuckled, he gestured at another curve in the alley.

    “You’re free to leave” he said.

    But it’s already too late, she’s caught up with them.

    Melanie’s pov 🧚

    I’m tired from all the running, I didn’t expect I would chase him this far… he’s really a fast runner.

    “Stop!” I yelled weakly.

    After running a few more distance, I finally caught up with him. I held his shoulder to support myself, then breath heavily and tried to catch my breath.

    “Hey, why did you snatch my bag?” I asked dumbly.

    A male voice scoffed loudly.

    “He stole your bag, can’t you see that?”

    I lifted my head and glanced at who just spoke, I instantly choked on my spit.

    Oh good Lord! Bless my soul.

    Who’s this sinfully handsome young man?! I questioned myself mentally.

    His sharp athletic jaws… his perfectly arched eyebrows… his pink lips and white eyes…I felt like I should just reach out and touch him.

    It’s almost as if God molded him with his hands, he’s the true definition of perfection!

    I could already imagined my mouth slightly open as I gawked at him…for a moment, I forgot I’m holding a thief.

    I was so engrossed in staring at him that I almost forgot myself, I blinked and shook my head.. I shook away every unclean thoughts off my head.

    I’m training to be a nun, I shouldn’t be thinking of any man in such manner… I shouldn’t drool over him.

    But he’s so handsome, staring at his face I couldn’t help but lust after him. I felt like… like…

    Wait… Melanie! What are you thinking?! Wake up! I yelled at myself mentally.

    I cleared my throat and pulled myself out from the enchanted kingdom of lust.

    “… stealing from weak little girls” I heard the handsome man tell him.

    “Here… I don’t need her bag anymore, just let me go, please” the thief said.

    My brows furrowed in confusion, why does he sounded so scared?

    At the snap of a finger, the handsome man has snatched the thief by his throat.. then slammed him against a wall.

    There wasn’t a wall there, how come there’s a wall now? well, that’s not important now.. I faced the men.

    “You wanna be a arm robber? I can help you, I’ll give you guns and you can go rob a bank”

    “What sort of advice are you giving to him?” I said.

    The thief is struggling to get away, but the handsome seemed to be more powerful.. he held the thief as though he’s holding an umbrella.

    “We should try to save his soul and not ruin him more, we can’t advice him to continue stealing” I said.

    The handsome man chuckled.

    “Darling, some souls don’t deserves to be save” he replied.

    I blushed lightly at the affectionate name he called me.

    “I know, but he’s not doing this intentionally… it’s the devil that’s leading him astray, we should…”

    He let go of the thief and in a second, he’s wrapped his hand around my neck in a very tight grip.

    “The devil.. the devil.. the devil.. the devil is innocent of all your accusations!” He growled in my face.

    My hands grabbed his hand holding my neck and tried to remove it, but that only seemed to anger him more.

    He tightened his hand, causing my legs to leave the ground.. my legs dangled as I felt my air lungs closing.

    “Why must you make the devil your scapegoat?! Why must my name be tarnished for humans crimes?!”

    What is he talking about? Is he not normal? Why would he refer to himself as the devil?

    I managed to move my eyes towards the thief, I silently begged him to save me.

    But he simply gave me an apologetic look…he pointed at something on the ground and ran off.

    He stole my bag, but I didn’t mind, I still saved him.. now he’s abandoning me? To die here? In the hands of this handsome psycho?!

    “I am not guilty of his crime, I AM INNOCENT!”

    Oh God! I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have lust over him.. please save me, please don’t let him kill me.

    To be continued

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    LUCI ☠️
    🧚 The Fallen Angel 🧚
    {Mated to a heavenly tyrant!}

    Chapter 3.

    Written by: Racheal Dennis.


    Narrator’s pov 🧚

    Lucifer narrowed his eyes maliciously and smirked, his grip tightened even more around Melanie’s neck.

    She released a squeaky cough, she grabbed his hand and helpless tried to remove his hand from her neck.

    But to no avail, his grip was very firm like a lion holding onto its prey.

    She had no choice but stared at him pleadingly, silently begging him to spare her life.. because she felt her air lungs are slowly closing.

    Lucifer suddenly felt uncomfortable…as though he’s strangling himself.

    He frowned when he felt he’s having a difficult breath, his firmly wrapped around her neck was quickly removed… and instantly flew to his neck.

    His frown deepened when he felt himself breathing fine again, he stared at Melanie…no glared at her.

    *Who is she?*
    *Why did I felt her pain?*
    *How is that possible? Is she….*

    He stopped his thoughts when he caught a very familiar scent, he crouched down.

    He watched her closely, then took her hand.. he perceived her.

    “Who are you?”

    “I..I’m Melanie Martinez” she said.

    Lucifer leaned closer, he took another whiff of the scene, then pushed her away from himself and got up as if she’s just burned him.

    “Did my dad sent you to punish me?” He asked.

    Melanie simply stared at him with a confused expression, she wondered why he’s asking such questions.

    “Dad must have sent you”

    Melanie’s pov 🧚

    My eyes were slowly closing, I could see Jesus Christ calling me already…I never knew I’d die so soon.

    I never knew my time on earth would be so short, just 23years on earth… without any mission accomplished.

    I have lost all hope, when suddenly, he released his firm grip around my neck.

    My body slumped onto the ground in a loud thud, I groaned in pain. My mouth fell mouth as I began gasping for air.

    Thank you Lord, I would have died if you haven’t come to save me.

    While I was thanking God, he suddenly crouched down to my level, he snatched my hand and perceived it.

    “Who are you?” He asked.

    Right, I didn’t introduce myself to him earlier, Maybe that’s why he was hostile to me.

    “I…” I coughed slightly. “… I’m Melanie Martinez” I answered.

    He leaned closer to me again and sniffed my hair, could it be he likes the fragrance of my shampoo?

    Did my dad sent you to punish me?” He asked.

    His dad? Who’s his dad?

    “Dad must have sent you to taunt me” he said.

    He got up, he started pacing in front of me with an expression that shows he’s deeply in thoughts.

    I forgot about him for the time being, my eyes glanced around when I remembered that thief pointed something at the ground for me.

    Finally, I saw it.

    My eyes caught my bag, perfectly resting on the wall, without wasting anytime I reached for it.

    I quickly opened it and checked if anything went missing, luckily, everything was intact.. I sighed, feeling relieved.

    “What realm are you from?” He suddenly asked me.

    I hugged my bag and got up, I blinked rapidly in confusion.


    His questions are so strange, I don’t even know how to answer them.

    Or is he asking which planet I’m from?

    “I’m from earth realm” I replied.

    He frowned at me.

    “Dimwit!” He growled beneath his breath, but I heard him.

    I glared at him for calling me a dimwit, but didn’t say anything. I don’t wanna provoke him, he might succeed in killing me this time.

    He looked up at the sky, then growled lowly.

    “Dad, is this a joke? Are you taunting me? Do you feel happy about it?!”

    I looked up too and wonder what he’s doing, who’s he calling dad? Could it be his father’s dead?

    Well, that’s his problem, I better get away from her before he strangle me to death.


    “Mel” I heard two very familiar voices.

    Turning my head to their direction, I broke into a smile and pulled them into a hug.

    “I almost thought I wouldn’t see you again” I said.

    They broke the hug and stared at me thoroughly, I guess they are looking for any injuries.

    “Are you ok, Mel?” Caleb asked.

    “I’m fine” I replied him.

    Oh, Caleb is our best friend from school, he’s also our classmate and desk mate.. though he’s not Catholic.

    “You got your bag?” Gabby asked me.

    “Yeah” I replied her and showed her the bag.

    She nodded, then threw an arm around my shoulders.. she does that everytime.

    “Let’s go” she said.


    I turned back to the handsome psycho man, he’s already staring at me.. or should I call that glaring?

    “Thank you for sparing my life, I don’t have anything to express my thanks…”

    I paused and studied him, he might look rich and handsome, but he seemed like a troubled young man… I sighed.

    “… God will bless you…”


    I flinched back and grabbed Caleb’s right arm, from the corner of my eyes I saw Gabby also holding onto Caleb.

    “I.. I.. everyone needs God’s blessings, and it seemed like you need it most now”

    My eyes grew wide when they fell on his fist, I watched as he balled his fist tightly.. please don’t tell me he’s planning on punching me.

    “He wouldn’t waste his blessings on me, he’d rather curse me!” He growled.

    “That’s not true” I said.

    Melanie, why can’t you just shut up and leave while you till have the chance? I scolded myself mentally.

    Right then, another man walked into the scene, he’s also handsome too.. but not as handsome as this lost soul.

    The handsome psycho took a deep breath, he shut his eyes.

    “Leave now, before I change my mind and kill you!”


    “Let’s go, Lanie” Gabby said, she and Caleb grabbed my arms and pulled me along.

    Narrator’s pov 🧚

    He glared maliciously at her as her friends pulled her away, his hands subconsciously moved to his neck.

    “Mr Bright, who was that? Why did I perceived your scent on her?” Caldwell asked.

    Lucifer didn’t reply, he had also caught his scent on her earlier.

    “Could she be your… Mate?”

    He threw Caldwell a very harsh glare, Caldwell started slapping his mouth for speaking without putting any thoughts.

    “She’s not my mate! My mate died years ago!!” Lucifer growled.

    “Yes, sir.. understood, sir” Caldwell said, bowing his head.

    Lucifer glared at him a few more seconds, then turned away and glared at the direction Melanie and her friends just went.

    “My dad must have sent her, but I don’t quite understand her mission yet”

    He narrowed his eyes.

    “Let’s go back, I must speak with one of my brothers”

    “Who? Michael?” Caldwell asked.

    Lucifer scoffed angrily.

    “No! Michael thinks too highly of himself!” He bite out.

    Melanie’s pov 🧚

    Moments later…

    We finally made it out of the alley, I let out a long sigh.

    “This is the last time I’m walking any alley with you” I told Gabby.

    “Yeah, me too.. I’m never taking shortcuts, never again!” she vowed.

    I studied her expression, I bite back a laugh.

    “Wait.. why do I feel like, you’re even more scared than me now?” I asked.

    She simply grinned, I rolled my eyeballs.
    We stood outside our school gate, it’s way past eight which means we’re already late.

    “Let’s go in” Gabby said.

    Caleb and I nodded, then we walked in. Suddenly, a thought occured to me.

    “Gabby, how did you and Caleb meet? Why did you take so long to find me?” I asked.

    “Well, I ran into a bunch of hooligans.. so, I was also running for my life”

    My eyes did a quick scan on her body.

    “Hope you’re ok?”


    Well, I guess we have learnt our lesson in a hard way, none of us will ever think of passing through any alley…no matter how late we are.

    “Then how did you meet Caleb?”

    “She didn’t meet me, I rescued her” Caleb answered.


    “You’re both late, I guess maybe you’ll decide to take the alley.. so I was just coming by the alley to get you girls”

    Awwn! What a sweet guy.

    “Thanks” I said.

    “You’re welcome, darling” he replied.

    Darling? This is the second time someone’s referring to me as a darling, but with different reactions.

    I blushed when that handsome psycho called me darling, but didn’t when Caleb called me darling.

    Why? I wondered.

    “Mel?” Caleb called me.


    “Who was that guy from the alley?” He asked.

    My brows furrowed instantly, when I recalled how his hand was firmly wrapped around my neck…I shuddered.

    “I don’t know him, haven’t seen him before”

    “Hm.. just pray you don’t cross paths with him again, he smells like trouble” he said.

    “I’m not gonna cross paths with him, after all, I’m never taking the alleys again” I replied.

    He laughed at my serious expression, he flicked my nose and clasped our hands.. Gabby’s too.

    Then we entered the school premises.

    Narrator’s pov 🧚

    Lucifer’s penthouse…

    “Those goods are already taken care of, Mr Bright” Caldwell reported.

    “Hmm” Lucifer hummed.

    The elevator doors opened, they stepped out and walked into the living room.

    “Get some girls ready, I’m having a pool party later” he instructed Caldwell.

    “Yes, sir” Caldwell replied and left.

    Lucifer walked towards a sofa, he took off his jacket and threw it carelessly on another sofa.

    A gush of wind blew past him, he rolled his eyeballs and walked towards his mini bar.

    “Must you always make a grand entrance, Barachiel?” He asked.

    He pulled out a bottle of an expensive wine (1949 Domaine Leroy Richebourg Grand Cru), he reached for a glass and walked back to the sofa.

    He stared at Barachiel who’s already sitting on a sofa, he laughed at Barachiel’s expression.

    “Alright, don’t give me that look, I’m your brother after all” Lucifer said.

    Barachiel scoffed.

    “Why did you call for me?” He asked.

    Lucifer opened the wine and poured some into the glass, he picked up the glass and shook it gently.

    “Do you care for some?” He asked Barachiel.

    Barachiel frowned at the glass Lucifer’s holding.

    “Oops! I forgot, you don’t know what this is”

    He narrowed his eyes at Lucifer, but Lucifer didn’t mind. He took a sip from the glass.

    “Something strange happened today, so I wanna ask you.. did dad sent anyone to me?”

    “No” Barachiel replied.

    Lucifer paused, he dropped the glass of wine on the table and leaned forward…his brows knitted.

    “No? Then who was that girl with my scent on her? Dad sent her to torment me, right?”

    “No, she’s your soulmate”

    Lucifer stared at him briefly, then banged on the table, he burst into a humorless laugh.

    “Soulmate? What a joke!” He continued laughing.

    Barachiel shook his head.

    “No, she’s truly your mate… ”

    “She’s not my mate!” Lucifer cut him off. “He’s just taunting me! He can’t give me a mate after letting Cora die!”

    Lucifer snatched the bottle of wine on the table, he finished it in one gulp and slammed the glass on the table.

    “We can only have one mate in our whole life, mine is dead.. she died years ago, I don’t need another!”

    “Luci, dad has a reason for whatever he does.. Maybe he gave you a second chance mate because you’ve been well-behaved lately”

    Lucifer scoffed.

    “Go back and tell dad, I don’t need his sympathy… I don’t need a mate!”

    “You don’t have a say in this”

    “I do have a say, he gave me a mate so he could take her away from me? He gave me a mate so he could torture me with her? No! I disagree!”

    He got up and walked towards the window, he placed his hands on the frame.

    “Go tell, dad, I’ll not give him the satisfaction of torturing me. I’ll torture that so called mate, I’ll make her lose everything she love… I’ll show dad, that I don’t need anything from him!” He growled.

    Barachiel got up, he walked towards Lucifer and tapped him on the shoulder.

    “I’ll pretend like you never said any of these, I won’t tell her… I’ll be watching how you treat her from heaven” Barachiel said.

    Before Lucifer could utter another word, he’s teleported from there.

    Feeling angry and frustrated, he kicked whatever is standing on his way.. he rushed back to grabbed the bottle of wine.

    He shoved it in his mouth and took large gulps, not minding if it’s pouring on his chest.

    “Mr Bright, some of the girls are ready!” Caldwell reported as he rushed in.

    Lucifer pulled the bottle off his mouth and smirked.

    “Human females?”

    “Yes, sir”

    He chuckled.

    “Dad, watch how I’ll f**k your creations senselessly.. PARTY TIME!” He smirked.

    To be continued.

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    LUCI ☠️
    🧚 The Fallen Angel 🧚
    {Mated to a heavenly tyrant!}

    Chapter 4.

    Written by: Racheal Dennis.


    Narrator’s pov 🧚

    Mother Emily’s orphanage…!

    Father Reed walked along the garden with mother Emily, she was watering the flowers when father Reed came.

    “You’ve been doing a good job in this orphanage, sister Emily” father Reed said.

    Mother Emily smiled, she watered the last flower and kept the empty bucket in a corner.

    She led father Reed to a bench, they sat down and stared at the flowers as they wave beautifully in the morning sun.

    “Though it’s a hard work taking care of the kids, but God is working with us” she said.

    “Yes, God bless us” father Reed replied.

    They just sat in a comfortable silence for a brief moment, they just enjoyed the breeze quietly.

    “Sister Emily, Melanie and Gabriella are coming over after school… please assign some work to them”

    Mother Emily chuckled lightly, she knew the girls must have done something at the convent again.

    “What did they do this time?” she asked.

    “They were talking during sermon, it’s becoming a habit of theirs recently” father Reed complained.

    Mother Emily laughed, she shook her head.

    “They are still kids, just let them be sometimes” she said.

    “I know, but you should try talking to them… especially Melanie”

    Mother Emily frowned when she noticed how serious father Reed sounded just now, she faced him slightly.

    “What do you mean?”

    “I think she is having doubts in her heart”

    “Doubts? About being a nun?”

    “I think so…you should talk to her, she might open up to you since you’re a woman” father Reed said.

    She nodded.

    “Alright, I’ll see what’s going on with her”

    Melanie’s pov 🧚

    *…. that’s all for today. Please, I need you all to come with your project in our next class, dismissed!*

    Professor Patrick dismissed the class, students joyfully packed their books and rushed out.. I’m not left out.

    I flung my bag on my shoulder and headed for the door, but before I could step out professor Patrick stopped me.

    “Melanie, wait” he said.

    I stopped and walked closer to him, although I already know what he wanna tell me.

    “Father Patrick” I greeted him with a nod.

    He simply hummed in reply, he packaged his books and shoved them in his briefcase.. he balanced his spectacle on the bridge of his nose.

    He leaned on the podium, he coughed lightly to clear his throat.

    “I saw when you entered my class, you were late” he stated.

    I nodded in affirmation, because lying won’t help at this point, also, telling a lie is bad for my training.

    “What took you so long? Reed called me and said you’d be ten minutes late.. but you were forty-five minutes late instead”

    He paused, I guess he’s studying my expression but I wasn’t looking at him.

    “Care to explain?” He asked.

    I didn’t reply, I simply folded my lips in my mouth and bite it.. I mean what should I tell him.

    That I took a dark alley because it’s the quickest way to school? Or that I was robbed and almost killed?

    Father Reed would hear about it if I told professor Patrick the truth…

    Lie! A small voice at the back of my head told me.

    “Melanie, I’m waiting for your explanation” he reminded me.

    “I.. I.. er…”

    Lie! I don’t wanna lie, it’s bad to lie but the situation I am now, the only thing that can save me is a lie.


    I took a deep breath, a small lie wouldn’t hurt.. after all, professor Patrick pushed me.

    “I couldn’t find a taxi in time, I had to walk all the way” I lied smoothly.

    I’m surprised at myself for not stuttering, it’s as though it’s not my first time telling a lie.

    “Hm” he nodded.

    There’s a long pause as he stared at his briefcase, I honestly don’t know what he finds funny in it.

    “Recently you’ve been slacking off in your studies, you got a B in our last test…why was that?”

    “I wasn’t feeling too well then”

    “I’d suggest you do well in our next test, or I’ll be forced to relate this to father Reed” he said.

    I nodded… can I say I’m under pressure?

    “Melanie, are you paying any attention to my words?”

    “Yes, father Patrick, I promise I’ll do my best”

    He sighed, carried his briefcase and headed towards the door, I followed him because I know he’s gonna give an advise or two.

    “You see, Melanie, I know you must be feeling oppressed” he said.


    “Yes, you might think Reed is being too harsh on you, but he’s doing it for your own good… ”

    We arrived at a staircase, I gave him my hand to hold onto to support himself as we walked down.

    “… we all want you to pass your entrance test in flying colors”

    Entrance test for a being a nun, everyone wants me to be a nun.. they all have great expectations.

    Could Gabby’s words be true? Do I wanna be a nun because I was raised by a priest? Is this what I really want?

    Hmph! I shouldn’t let Gabby’s words put doubts in my heart, I wanna be a nun and there shouldn’t be a reason.

    “… if you have something bothering you, you can talk to Reed about it”

    I nodded.

    “Alright, go on, your next class will begin soon” he said.

    “Thank you, father Patrick” I thanked him.

    He nodded, smiled at me and walked off. I watched him leave until he’s out of sight, then I felt a tap on my shoulder.

    “Lanie!” Gabby’s familiar voice yelled in my ear.

    I winced and frowned playfully at her.

    “When will you stop doing this?” I scolded her.

    “I’ll stop when you stop spacing out” she said, but sounded as though she’s reprimanding me.

    I rolled my eyeballs and headed towards block G, that’s where I’m having my next class.. Gabby too.

    “I saw father Patrick leaving, what did you two just talked about?” She asked.

    “My grade on last test… I got a B”

    She frowned instantly, she stopped walking which also made me stop.. she stared at me.

    “What’s wrong with a B?”

    “Er… Maybe you should ask father Patrick and father Reed” I replied then continued walking.

    Gabby quickly followed me, she threw her right arm around my shoulder.

    “Lanie, I think father Reed is not being fair to you.. he shouldn’t put too much pressure on you”

    I didn’t say anything, I just kept walking in silence and waiting for her to continue.

    “You need some space to think clearly, I have told you before, there are some decisions you’re being forced to take”


    “Being a nun. I mean, you don’t even have a reason for wanting to be a nun.. which means, it’s not what you truly desire”

    Am I being forced into making this decision?

    “How about we go out and get you some space to clear your mind?” She suggested.

    “You know we can’t just go out, father Reed and the sisters won’t let us”

    She sighed and flicked my forehead, I glared at her while rubbing it to numb the pain.

    “We’ll leave under the guise of going out to get experience for your project”

    “But.. but that’s lying” I said.

    It was just a few minutes ago that I told a lie, I haven’t even confessed my sin and prayed for forgiveness yet.

    Now she wants me to tell another lie?

    “I know that expression” she said.

    “What expression?” I asked.

    “The guilt” she answered.

    Guilt? Is it so obvious that I’m feeling guilty?

    “Don’t worry it’s just a white lie.. and I’ll be the one to say it” she said.

    “Hm” I nodded.

    Maybe I should just use this opportunity to see a little of the outside world…I need some time outside the convent walls.

    Narrator’s pov 🧚


    “What’s my name?!”


    “Scream my name!!”


    He looked at the girls as they jumped happily in their bikinis, some are even walking around the pool totally naked.

    He smiled and nodded in satisfaction.

    “I love what I’m seeing! Scream my name!” His voice boomed.

    “Lucifer!!” The girls shouted just like they’ve been shouting.

    “Louder!” He boomed again.

    “LUCIFER!!” the girls yelled crazily.

    He grabbed a bottle of champagne, he popped it open.

    He took a sip and spat it on one of the girls who’s standing naked in front of him, then poured the rest on her.

    His mouth fell in a wide O shape as he lets out a very loud laugh, he smacked the girl’s a*s and she moaned softly.

    Abandoning her, he walked to another girl who was twerking by the pool.. her hands holding the rails to support herself.

    “Whoops!” Lucifer exclaimed.

    The girls busied themselves dancing, swaying their hips to the loud hip-hop songs blaring in the air…

    If a goody two shoes were to be in this place right now, he or she would say these are lost souls.. they’ve already sold their souls to the devil.

    Some of the girls are laying on folding chairs, smoking and drinking as though they’re in a competition.

    They all seemed to be very high already.

    “I love this party! Increase the volume!” Lucifer shouted.

    The volume of the music was increased per his command, he looked around and nodded in satisfaction.

    He gaze up to the sky, he smirked.

    “Dad, I hope you’re seeing this from your throne.. these are your creations!” He said.

    He took large gulps from the bottle of champagne in his hand, he laughed.

    “Watch me!”

    He looked away from the sky, he quickly unzip his pants and pulled it down.. he also took off his boxers and shirt.

    He’s stark naked now.

    “Who wants to get a taste of this sexiness?” He asked over the loud music.

    Almost all the girls rushed to him, they went on their knees and began fighting each other.. over who’s gonna give him a blowj*b first.

    He laughed loudly and amusingly at how they’re fighting each other like animals over him, he smirked at the sky again.

    “Are you seeing how your creations are lusting over me, dad?” He asked.. referring to his father (God).

    He tore his gaze from the sky and they landed on a girl, he grabbed her shoulder and pulled her up effortlessly.

    Without wasting time, he crashed his lips on hers and started kissing her hungrily.

    He wasn’t enjoying the kiss because her mouth taste like garbage, but he continued since he’s trying to piss off his dad.

    One of the girls finally succeeded in grabbing his d**k, she started stroking him.. though the other girls are still trying to push her off to have their turn.

    After kissing the girl for a few seconds, he got tired of her and pushed her aside.. he grabbed another and crashed his lips on hers.

    He wasn’t feeling enough pleasure from that girl stroking him, he kicked her off and another girl quickly snatched his d**k in her mouth.

    Some of the girls whom knew they wouldn’t get any luck with his d**k, came to his back and simply resorted to romancing him instead.

    Lucifer hissed slightly, he even bite the girl he was kissing slightly.. the girl moaned.

    But he pushed her away when he tasted blood, the music seemed to be getting even louder with each second.

    The party was getting crazier, another girl pushed the one sucking Lucifer into the pool.. she took over without wasting time.

    “Ladies! I’m enough for everyone!” He yelled and smirked. “But will everyone be enough for me?”

    The girls couldn’t reply, since everyone is busy with one thing or the other.. their hands and mouths are occupied.

    “I have very large appetite!”

    He let the girls fight over him for a few moments, he watched them push each other away just to get a taste of him.. his smirk grew wider.

    *What a fascinating creatures!* He said mentally.

    After a few moments, he grabbed one of the naked girls and thrusted into her without a warning.

    She released a very loud moan, as if that sound just came from the deepest part of her throat.

    Lucifer didn’t wait for her to adjust and accept him, he began thrusting into her mercilessly.. it’s obvious he’s transferring all his anger on her.

    But the girl doesn’t seemed to care, she even felt honored to be f**ked by him.

    “What’s my name?!” He asked.

    “Lucifer!” They shouted excitedly.

    “Scream it louder!” He commanded.

    “LUCIFER!!” the girls shouted loudly.

    He laughed loudly, his laughter was even louder than the music.

    “That’s it! Who’s happy to have a taste of me?!”


    He laughed again, he slammed into her mercilessly, not minding wether he’s damaging her womb or not.. all he cared about was pleasuring himself.

    “Mr Bright” he heard Carling called him as she walked in.

    He faced her, but doesn’t stop destroying the poor girl’s womb.. though she’s not complaining.

    “Carling, how about I invite some human males to my party and you’ll join the fun too” he laughed.

    Carling sighed, she knew her master only laughs this much.. whenever he’s purposely doing something to piss off his father.

    “Mr Bright…”

    “This is fun, I bet you wouldn’t wanna miss out on this”

    “I have something to report”

    “It can wait until later”

    Carling shook her head.

    “No, sir, it’s about Robertson!”

    He paused, he stared at her with a small frown.

    “Don’t tell me dad resurrected him after I killed him”

    “That’s not the case, sir.. I found out who’s his boss” she said.

    Lucifer resumed his womb destroying mission, slamming the girl’s p*ssy furiously.

    “He’s working for someone?” He asked.

    “Yes, he was stealing those goods for a father Reed”

    Lucifer stopped his mission immediately, he stretched his body and the girls were suddenly pushed away from him.

    “A priest”

    Carling nodded.

    “You mean, one of dad’s earthly sons?”

    She nodded again and Lucifer bursted into an uncontrollable laughter.

    “And they say I’m the bad guy” he nodded. “Now this is way more interesting than f**king human girls”

    He snapped his fingers and he was instantly dressed in a very neat white tuxedo.

    “Mr Bright, why are you wearing a white tuxedo?” Carling asked.

    He smirked.

    “I’m going to church, dad wouldn’t like it if I entered his presence in black”

    He snapped his fingers again, a mirror appeared in front of him and he stared at his reflection.

    “Let’s go have a talk with father Reed, maybe his sermons might make me change…he might even baptize me” he winked at his reflection in the mirror.

    When he’s okay with his looks, he headed for the door.. but he suddenly stopped when he recalled something.

    “Oh, I almost forgot my wives!”

    He turned to face the girls, they’re still dancing and smoking as though they weren’t just fighting over his d**k.

    He shook his head, he clapped his hands and the music stopped.. they were all surprised to found themselves back in their dresses.

    “The party is over, earthly offsprings” he turned to Caldwell who just came in. “See them off”

    “Yes, sir”

    “Right, don’t forget to settle them”

    He turned back to Carling.

    “Let’s go to father Reed for our baptism!” He smirked.

    To be continued

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    LUCI ☠️
    🧚 The Fallen Angel 🧚
    {Mated to a heavenly tyrant!}

    Chapter 5.

    Written by: Racheal Dennis.


    Melanie’s pov 🧚


    The cab stopped outside the big gates of mother Emily’s orphanage, Gabby and I quickly alighted.

    “Keep the change, sir” I heard Gabby telling the cab driver.

    She turned to me and gestured us to go in, we approached the gates and stepped into the premises.

    “Are you sure you wanna move out from the convent?” I asked Gabby again.

    “Yeah, I’ve made up my mind” she replied.

    I nodded.

    Gabby has been secretly looking for an apartment with Caleb, she said she’ll tell father Reed about it when everything is ready.

    It was just this afternoon after class, that Caleb informed her he’s found an apartment…now she’s thinking of telling father Reed later today.

    “I know what you’re worried about, don’t worry…even though it’ll be my first time living outside the convent, I’ll be fine” she said.

    “Hm” I hummed.

    Gabby is right, I’m worried about what’s gonna happen to her…father Reed always tells us about how dangerous the world is.

    Now Gabby’s gonna be living alone, I pray she makes it..I pray God give her the strength to carry on.

    “Well, let’s just hope father Reed agrees” I said.

    “He’ll have to agree” she replied confidently.

    We arrived at a very long walkway, then continued walking in silence.. just admiring the flowers along the walkway.

    A few minutes later, we reached mother Emily’s office.

    I reached out and knocked on the door, we waited for a few seconds and heard her invite us in.

    Gabby grabbed the door’s handle and pushed it opened, we both stepped in.

    “Mother Emily, good afternoon”

    Gabby and I greeted immediately we entered her office, she lifted her head and broke into a smile when she saw us.

    “Melanie, Gabriella…how are you both doing?” she asked in her always calm voice.


    She gestured us to sit on the chairs in front of her, she pushed her heap of files in a corner.

    “How was school today?”

    “It was fine, ma’am” Gabby answered.

    I pushed out a chair and sat down, I placed my bag on the ground next to me.

    Mother Emily looked between Gabby and I, she nodded in satisfaction.

    “You’re both glowing in the light of God” she said.

    “Thank you, ma’am” we thanked her.

    She smiled, she’s always a happy woman. If I really end up being a nun, I would want to be like her…she doesn’t know sadness.

    “Father Reed called by today..”

    I exchanged a knowing look with Gabby, we know exactly what she’s about to say.

    “…he said you girls are slacking off again, talking during sermon”

    She chuckled lightly.

    “I know father Reed is a little bit strict with you, especially Melanie..but you should know he’s doing it for your good” she said.

    Everyone says he’s doing it for my good and I know he is, but…

    “He wants me to watch you and Gabby recite the creed 47 times…”

    My eyes grew wide in horror, I took a glance at Gabby, she’s also wearing the same look.

    Mother Emily noticed our expression, she laughed and shook her head.

    “Come on, I’m not gonna make you do it…just go play with the kids”

    “Really?” Gabby and i exclaimed.

    “Yes, go on” she replied.

    “Thank you, mother Emily” we thanked her.

    Gabby and I sprang up, without wasting time we dashed out the door.


    “Alright, girls, please stop discussing during sermons” mother Emily advised us.

    We spent two hours with the kids, now it’s time to go back to the convent or father Reed might gonna kill us with phone calls.

    “Father Reed shouldn’t come complaining about you girls to me, have I made myself clear?”

    “Yes, mother Emily” I nodded.

    She patted our backs.

    Gabby stopped an oncoming taxi, we waved at mother Emily and boarded the taxi.

    She stood by the gate and waved at us, until the taxi was out of sight.

    Narrator’s pov 🧚

    The church was empty and quiet when pushed the doors opened, he entered and looked around.

    His eyes met the statue of Jesus Christ nailed to the cross, it was standing proudly by the altar…

    There was also a picture of Jesus Christ and his disciples sitting round a table, having the passover…it was hanging in a corner a very feet away from the statue.

    He scoffed mentally.

    *Michael, these people really idolizes you so much!* He said mentally.

    He tore his eyes away from the picture, his eyes caught an inscription which he found quite offensive.

    He balled his fist and let it slide.

    Lucifer walked straight to the confessional box, he stepped in and put his hands together in front of him.. as though he wanted to pray.

    He took a deep breath, then spoke.

    “Forgive me, father, for I have sinned” he paused and waited for a reply.

    “Go on son, what sin have you committed?”

    He burst into a fits of laughter, his voice echoed in the empty hall as he laughed.

    “Son, be serious and confess your son”

    Lucifer continued, after laughing for a moment he stopped and stepped out of the confessional box.

    “Confess my sins? What sin could I possibly confess?”

    He paused, he heard father Reed’s footsteps approaching him.

    “Imagine this scene, the devil confessing his sins… that would really be a ridiculous joke” he laughed.

    Father Reed stopped behind him, Lucifer turned to faced him… He reached out his hands for a handshake.

    “Father Reed, it’s a pleasure to meet you”


    Father Reed trailed off, waiting or expecting Lucifer to complete his words.

    “Lucifer Bright”

    Father Reed’s eyebrows furrowed instantly, he stared at Lucifer with a confused expression.

    “Mr Bright, I don’t think naming yourself after the devil is a good idea… Lucifer isn’t a name any human is supposed to call himself” he said.

    Lucifer tilted his head.

    “Really? But it’s got a very good meaning, brightest star… what’s wrong with it?”

    “Yes, it has a good meaning, until the bearing challenged God and was driven from heaven”

    Lucifer clenched his jaw, he closed his eyes and took deep breaths to calm himself down.

    He opened his eyes and saw father Reed still staring at him, he smiled sweetly.

    “Father Reed, it seems like you know a lot about the bible, you must have studied very hard”

    “Yes, that’s why I’m the priest.. I must get very familiar with the bible”

    Lucifer nodded.

    “So.. you mean, God would forgive every sinner who confesses their sins?”


    “Hmm” Lucifer nodded.

    He walked to one of the chairs in the congregation, he sat down and crossed his legs as though he’s in his house.

    “That’s not a proper way to sit in the presence of the Lord, Mr Bright”

    Lucifer pretended as if he didn’t heard that.

    “You mean, God will actually forgive a thief who’s been stealing for so many years?”

    “Yes, my God is a merciful God” father Reed answered very proudly.

    Lucifer nodded again, he smiled and leaned back on the chair.

    “Father….” he called mockingly. “…then you should start confessing your sins now” he said.

    “Confess my sins?” Father Reed asked.

    “Yes, like they say experience is the best teacher… Confess your sins let’s see if he’ll forgive you after…”

    He trailed off, leaving father Reed in suspense.

    “After what?”

    “After you die!”

    Father Reed frowned.

    “I’m not sick, I’m very healthy and I’m not gonna die anytime soon”

    Lucifer laughed, he shook his head.. like he’s telling father Reed he’s (father Reed) wrong.

    “You know, father Reed, I just discovered something very interesting about you”

    Lucifer stared at him for a brief moment, took a deep breath and said.

    “Do you know, I found a warehouse in that dark alley… it’s very close to your convent”

    Father Reed tensed, but he still managed to maintain a confident facade.

    Meanwhile, Lucifer was busy studying father Reed’s body language… he was fidgeting with his fingers, like someone hiding something.

    His body language is just what Lucifer had anticipated.. he (Lucifer) smirked.

    “Which warehouse are you talking about?” Father Reed asked.

    “No rush” Lucifer paused. “Father, we all have our dirty secrets.. take me for example, I just had a naked party”

    He looked around and pretended as though he just remembered he’s still inside the church, he fell on his knees and put his hands together.

    “Oops! Forgive me father, I have sinned.. I shouldn’t have said that inside the church” he said.

    Father Reed glared at him, hoping he’d just say what he knows.

    Lucifer got up and laughed, he sat back on the chair and crossed his legs again.

    “I don’t really care if I say that in the church”

    “Tell me, what did you discover?” Father Reed asked again.

    “You must be a very impatient man” Lucifer replied.

    Father Reed couldn’t stand his ridicule anymore, he reached for his inner pocket and pulled out a gun.. he pointed it at Lucifer.

    Lucifer’s eyes grew wide, as though he’s scared.

    “Oh my! Father…you have a gun… interesting!”

    “Now speak or I’ll blow up your head!” Father Reed growled.

    The innocent look in his eyes vanished instantly, he narrowed his eyes at Lucifer warningly.

    “Robertson… ” Lucifer trailed off.

    Father Reed blinked when Lucifer mentioned it, but he was quick to compose himself.

    “..you must be familiar with him, correct?”

    “What’s with him?”

    His gun was still perfectly pointed at Lucifer, his hand tightened around the trigger.

    “He’s dead”


    Lucifer nodded.

    “Who killed him?” Father Reed asked.

    Lucifer simply stared at him (father Reed) with a sly smirk.

    “What do you think?”

    Father Reed frowned in confusion, he narrowed his eyes as he’s trying to understand something.

    Then he glared at Lucifer when he finally figured it out, he clenched his jaw.

    “You killed him?!” He growled.

    “Yes” Lucifer replied.

    He raised his hand and started picking his fingers, as though there are dirt in them.

    “I’m wondering who’s gonna do your dirty work now?”

    Father Reed breathe heavily, there’s a nagging feeling at the back of his mind.. pushing him to shoot Lucifer.

    “You’ve been acting like a good priest, preaching and telling your congregation to repent…whereas you haven’t even repented yourself”

    Lucifer got up, he dust his hands and adjusted his suit.

    “Your congregation have been thinking their priest is a saint, how would they feel if they found out about your true nature?” He asked.

    Father Reed stayed silent, he glared maliciously at Lucifer and his gun remained pointing at Lucifer.

    “Maybe I should just tell them about…”

    “Shut up!” He cut Lucifer off.

    This is what Lucifer hated most, getting cut off when he’s still talking.

    “Yes! I agree! Robertson was working for me and that warehouse is mine too!”


    Father Reed looked directly in Lucifer’s eyes.

    “I made Robertson work for me, I won’t deny it but I don’t see how that is your business!”

    “Of course it’s not my business, but who knows, I might come across a police officer and it might just slip off my mouth.. I can barely control my speech”

    Father Reed laughed and shook his head.

    “Well, too sad, you won’t be able to come across any police officer and my secret will be… saved”

    Lucifer arched a brow at him, father Reed smirked sinisterly and pulled the trigger.

    He watched the bullet hit Lucifer, he watched it go through his chest… but he’s surprised to see Lucifer still standing healthily.

    He frowned and shoot again, it’s still the same result.

    He couldn’t believe what he’s seeing, so he started shooting tirelessly at Lucifer… until he ran out of bullets.

    “Wh-what, what are you? Why aren’t you getting hurt?” Father Reed asked in a terrified tone.

    Lucifer smirked, he stared at his shirt that got torn due to father Reed’s endless shooting.

    “What monster are you?” Father Reed asked again.

    “I have introduced myself to you before” Lucifer replied.

    Father Reed’s eyes widened in shock, he stared Lucifer with his mouth speechlessly opened.

    He pointed his empty gun at him (Lucifer), his mouth quivering as if he’s catching an instant cold.

    “You, you’re truly Lucifer?”

    “Hm” Lucifer hummed in response as he dust his shirt.

    “Lucifer, the real, actual devil?”

    “What? I don’t look like it?”

    Father Reed shook his head as he took steps backwards, his gun fell off his hand.

    “You don’t believe me? How about I show you?”

    Lucifer’s eyes instantly changed from their normal beautiful brown, to a scarlet red… Lucifer smirked at him.

    Father Reed’s legs failed him and he fell on his knees, his eyes grew wider in fear.

    “Lord have mercy on me, Lord forgive me.. I’m having illusions about the devil.. Lord have mercy”

    In an instant, Lucifer’s squatting in front of him, he grabbed father Reed’s collar and glared at him with his (Lucifer’s) red bloodlust eyes.

    “Don’t you think it’s too late to ask him for forgiveness?”

    Father Reed shook his head, he continued muttering prayers and begging God to forgive him.

    “Oh, you said God is willing to forgive us if we ask for forgiveness… Is he going to forgive?”

    Father Reed continued his prayers.

    “As a priest, you knew what is right from wrong..do you think you deserve to be forgiven?”

    Lucifer chuckled when he saw beads of sweat on father Reed’s forehead, he wiped it off and twisted his wrist.. the fans and air conditioners turn on.

    “I would have spared you, but you just destroyed my shirt worth $26,765,000”

    His hold on father Reed’s collar tightened, making father Reed go mute…he was talking but no sound came out of his mouth.

    Meanwhile father Reed felt his stomach swelling up, he started having difficult breath and his eyes were suddenly releasing a warm liquid.

    Father Reed touched it and his eyes grew wider than an orange, he realized he’s bleeding from his eyes.

    “How about we do an experiment?”

    Father Reed stared at him frighteningly, he shook his head as if begging Lucifer to spare him.

    “The world doesn’t need priests like you, I’m doing the world a favour…since you’ve asked for forgiveness, maybe you’re going to a better place or else….”

    He trailed off, he slapped father Reed’s cheek gently.

    “… see you in hell”

    Immediately he said that father Reed’s stomach burst, making a loud sound and splashing blood all over Lucifer.

    Lucifer winced when he looked down at father Reed’s blood on his shirt.. he let down father Reed’s head on the ground.

    “Gross!” He said.

    At that moment, a very loud terrified squeal was heard from the door.

    Lucifer turned his head towards the door, he frowned when he saw Melanie standing by the door.

    *F**king me! What is she doing here?!* He growled.

    To be continued

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