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    🙏 Just be mine only for today🙏

    😍(My Indian psycho)😍


    By Choice novels💎💎💎

    She is the craziest girl in all of India

    Feared by so many but loved by few

    She is a prankster
    A psychopath
    A big time troubermaker

    A mad but amazing dancer 🙈
    A very terrible singer😂
    A skillful fighter👊

    No one messes with her😏

    At the mention of Aneka,men trembles
    Women shiver

    Terrorist of her little village of Singapore on India

    Living with her drunk dad and her annoying step mum,aneka embarks on a mission to find her lost mother who she has no image of or have ever seen her

    Her plan??
    “Go to American and scream my name is aneka and am looking for my mother!” 🙆🙆🙈

    Crazy right??
    But what happens when she bumps into a guy that suddenly kissed her and whisper solely into her ears

    🙏Be mine for today🙏


    I step out of the bathroom drying my hair with a towel

    I was totally naked

    Walking back towards the bathroom to drop the towel, swing my butt to the sound of the music

    “Nice a**” Her voice came with full sarcastism

    My mouth widen as my almost pop out

    “What the f**k!”I yelled quickly using the towel to cover from my waistline downward

    “How dare you barg into a guy’s room without knocking!”
    My voice held surprise in it but filled with anger

    She look at Me for a while before bursting Into a very annoying laughter

    “You? a boy? please be more real,I mean I didn’t even notice, your d**k was so small,I was actually thinking you maybe you finger the girls you f**ked”She said laughing as I could literary feel smokes steaming from both side of my ears

    ” I would so rather suck the stick of a lollipop than to suck that thing you call a d**k. It is ways so small and looks like a line been drawn on a paper” She drew a line on a paper and gave it to me

    Omg please help me not to kill this girl😭😭

    “Get out aneka” Barking at her she just smirk and walk towards the door

    “Come to dinner boss and FYI,you have a nice a**”She winked shutting the door quickly


    😂😂😂Well this crazy girl has a story to tell
    Do you like the story??

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    🙏 Just be mine only for today🙏

    😍(My Indian psycho)😍


    By Choice novels💎💎💎

    Nit one💨

    Trouble in paradise🙆


    “Anneka get downstairs now!” Step mama called and I smirk
    She always screams my name anytime she is mad or upset at me

    I wore my slippers as I wink at the small image of the goddess then bow to it
    I respect the goddess’s a lot

    Walking downstairs,i faked a tired and sleepy face yawning loudly

    “Step mama”I called out
    she turned and glared at me

    I smirk secretly when I saw Khalid face swollen big and red
    That will teach him never to touch A*s ever again

    His mum was also there fuming and sending deadly glares at me
    I quickly wore an innocent expression

    “Namoste mama”I greeted her trying to touch her feet but she quickly move away

    “Don’t you dare touch my feet you disgusting child,how dare you show a sign of respect after you almost destroy the handsome face of my baby”She said touching his sore face and I scoff


    Handsome indeed
    He looks so much like the excrete that I tried to force out because it was too strong🙆😂

    “Anneka,did you do this to Khalid?” Step mama asked and I bursted into a fake tears

    I was crying so much even more than an actress
    I so need an award 😏

    “Step mum,I will never hurt Khalid, I was upstairs sleeping,I never went out today” Khalid expression was priceless

    “No she is lying, she did this to my face” he said while I smirk secretly

    “Anneka I ask you one last time,did you do this to Khalid?” I knew she was getting upset but nothing can ever make me accept this responsibility

    “Of course not step mama,I will never”I said as step mama looked at me for a while

    “She did mama,I saw her sneaking out” Pia with her clone face said catwalkng towards us

    Pia is the real daughter of step mama and my step sister
    She is a local model in my little community but hell damn her pride is way more than the whole world combined

    Her make up🙆
    ohh goddess, her make up can make one forget all the lessons taught in school

    She draw her eyebrows long reaching her eyes
    Rub eye shadow both in her eyes and her cheeks claiming to be blushing😂
    Her foundation, omg,one for each day
    Trust me it takes time before it wears out

    Her lipstick
    Let us not even go there,one sentence
    It can cause the end of the world💨

    Did I tell you that Khalid is one of her boyfriends?
    Yep that is why she is standing up for him😒

    “Anneka”Step mum screamed but I didn’t flinch at all

    I glared at pia who had a smirk on
    Seems she isn’t scared of me,I will ensure I deal with her later

    I smirked at her evilly as I could see her shiver but stood firm back

    “Yes step mama,I punch his useless face”I replied boldly as step mum landed a slap on my face

    My mouth opened widely,not because of the slap but because she has the guts to

    “Go down on your knees and apologize to Khalid and his mama”She said and I frowned

    Anneka is getting mad😠

    “I said do it now!”She screamed about to hit me again but this time,I caught her hand in mid air

    I drag her forcefully, and pulled her close to me staring at her directly into her eyes

    Her eyes held so much fear cause she knew if I release my demon,she won’t be able to stand it

    “Trust me savitri you won’t want to try that”I said deadly as she looked Like someone who was about to pee in her clothes
    I wanted to laugh but decide against it

    “Let go of me anneka”She said and I smirk letting go of her
    I walk towards Khalid who couldn’t look me straight in the eyes

    “Get ready,cause your face won’t be the only thing I will destroy”I whispered into his ears as my gaze went down to his small d**k

    “That is next love”I blew him a kiss laughing away towards the exist
    His expression was priceless

    Have you heard of Anneka sarawati?
    Yep unfortunately last name,I didn’t know why my dad was given a woman name

    Well back to me
    Am sure you haven’t heard of me so let me introduce myself

    Am Anneka,the bravest of all
    Extreme troublemaker
    Leader of the A3,
    Anneka,Amera,and alita

    We are the most troublesome group of beauties in this little village
    We terrorize whomever doesnt want to be sensible

    But trust me,We are really brain nerds but like super hot brianic nerds😉

    Some consider me to be a tom boy cause I hang out with boys but am not
    I love dicks,not small ones though huge ones

    Well my dad is a drunkard and my step mama is just there
    She has two kids though

    Pia and rashid,both aren’t kids of my dad
    They are of her former hubby

    Rashid is probably f**king a slut by now

    Yes I know
    She gave birth to useless children😏

    Alright enough of me,I skip towards the A3 mansion
    Don’t get me wrong, when I say mansion I meant a play house of a tree fort

    “What’s up girlies”I yelled as amera block her ear

    “God you are so freaking loud”Amera complain as I smirk

    “You love me like that hubby”I yelled purposely into her ears as she yelled and fell down

    “Goddess of light,save me from this matured idiot”She said placing her two hands on her ears

    “Were is alita”I asked as the door immediately open with alita rushing in, Sweating terribly

    “What happened to you”Amera asked as she breathed out heavily

    “I went to get these….”She said raising some plants up

    “Omg no freaking way”Amera screamed sending us to the ground
    Damn she is so loud🙉🙉

    “What is that?”I asked and they turned to stare at me in shock

    “Please don’t tell me you don’t know what this is?” I shook my head sideways

    “It is the devils Russian plants,rub it on someone cloth and it grantees a week of sore pores,I mean huge ones on a person”She said as I nodded

    “I always wanted one of this,dammit who do I try it on now”Amera pouted sadly as I smirk

    “Ohh I have the perfect idea on who will be the right person for this”I said rubbing my hands evily

    I drew them close and whisper the name into their ears

    We all shared an evil smirk🙆🙆

    USA 🇸
    New york

    A huge company was been showed as the name description was seen

    🔥 Empire worlds🔥

    The press and media was seen all around this company as they tried to get a glance inside but the guards suppressed them

    Twenty cars drove into the building making the press go haywire

    So much securities scrambled around a particular white limo in the middle of the car

    The door opened as a young man walked out

    Everything on him was pure white
    From His hair to his shoes…
    He had five piercing earnings on and 10 good rings on his finger

    6 Rolex watch on his wrist and a tatoo on his arm

    His was beyond handsome
    Some many were fainting just at the sight of him
    Both male and female

    Without a second glance at the press,he walked into the company

    Every step he made were beautiful,bold and courageous

    But the question in everyone’s mind was

    Who is this beauty in white💁



    “Anneka”I heard my name been screamed and I did my happy dance with joy

    I quickly compose myself and wore a baby face

    Walking downstairs to see my step sister with huge pores over her perfect body

    I almost burst into laughter,

    “Mama,please don’t burst it,it hurts”She yelled crying profusely

    “Omg what happened to you Pia?”i asked faking concern as they both glared at me

    “You demon! you did this to me”She yelled as I pouted sadly

    “What! I will never harm my sister like this”I said purposely hitting her slightly as she fell on her mother mistakenly bursting on of the pores

    They both screamed as the juice of the pore was in step mama face

    I bursted into a hysterical laughter rolling on the floor

    That will teach her never to mess with Me

    Ohh I am so good at been bad😏

    Good job Anneka 👏
    I patted myself in the back doing my victory dance into my room 😂😂😂


    If I had someone like Anneka with me ehh
    life will be fun filled😂😂😂

    I beg of you

    This story is super amazing so please let us invite those that we know are good readers

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    🙏 Just be mine only for today🙏

    😍(My Indian psycho)😍


    By Choice novels💎💎💎

    Nit Two💨

    Back to high school🏫

    Manger Alex📝

    I walk slowly towards the EmS mansion as I could hear the sound of scattered glass and broken tables

    Emperor was at it again😔

    Mase called me earlier to inform me that emperor returned from the board meeting looking furious and before they knew it,he had already started breaking stuff

    EmS is a unique most creative band in all of America,not just american, but around the globe

    It comprises of two male and a female
    Emperor, mase (Short for mansion) and Sophie

    Both emperor and mase kinda hates women
    They call them Lucifer and agent of darkness😒

    Well Sophie is kinda a tom boy so it didn’t really matter

    Their voices are the best
    Emperor is the lead singer
    Made is the vocal assistant but also very good with the drums while Sophie is a rapper and a base guitarist

    They were a band signed up by emperor world’s production
    Well by the name you will know that it is owned by emperor himself

    I got into the room taking a good look at it
    It was beyond damage

    The glass tables and chairs were broken into pieces
    Medals and awards he won were scattered all over the place

    His awards are just too much
    He won 10 Like in a week

    He has a huge room were he store them but recently it couldn’t contain in a room so I asked him to take some to his room

    His hand was dripping blood over his five rings
    His hair was messy and all over his face

    He still look devilishly handsome as I tried hard to control myself from drooling

    There was water on his hair,dripping down his face
    His eyes were crystal blue
    His nose were well curved,shaped and molded

    His lips were small but too pink,sometimes it looks more of purple than pink

    His body was perfect as that of a model
    He had the shape of a girl although his chest is wide and his abs are well structured

    But His slim fit body makes him looks so much like a girl

    I remember when he was almost raped by a gay security who claimed to have a crush on him

    Henceforth, emperor hated both male and female around him
    I don’t really know why he hates both female

    He has only mase and Sophie as friends
    Both Mase and Sophie were his best friends from childhood

    I stood close to the door entrance with mase and Sophie behind me
    No one dares go close to emperor when he is mad
    It is a death warrant

    “They are stupid,bunch of old vagabonds!”He yelled pushing the glass vase to the ground

    “Emperor!”I called out as he stared at me furiously

    “Can you believe,those idiot threatening me”He yelled as a cold sweat ran down my face

    “Who dates threaten emperor romans?”
    He looked at me for a while then walk into the bathroom

    I quickly called the Maid to sweep the room and they did it quickly cause they didn’t wanted emperor to see them
    He may kill one or all of them

    He came out looking hot in a sweat pant and a blue polo

    His hair was still wet,but more wet
    He used the towel to Pam it then took the hair dryer

    He was a lot calmer now

    Switching it off,he walk to the couch and pick up his phone totally ignoring us

    “They want me to go back to high school and get my certificate or loose my entire empire”He said still not sparing us a glance

    Emperor didn’t attend high school
    He had to take over his father company when he died

    “Emperor I…..

    “No,”He interrupt waving his hand at me

    “Am gonna do it”He replied as my mouth drop

    Emperor hates people
    How does he intend to go to high school
    When there are a lot of female and male crushing hard on him

    “Hey dude,you need to rethink this”Sophie said as I and mase nodded in agreement

    “I have and am doing it,Am going to my high school,emperor high divas universe (Ehdu)”

    Ehdu was built by roman(Emperor’s father) before he died
    He named it after emperor

    “But what of people, how would you cope been around people,remember your allergies”Mase asked concerned as emperor smiled a bit

    His dimples went deep even with a little smile
    I tried hard not to drool

    I may not be a gay but trust me,no one can resist not to drool at him

    He is so beautiful
    Well why won’t he,his mother Mirabella was an Arabian while is father was a Romanian

    “Alex,get me a private suite close to school,my lectures will be conducted there”He said and I nodded as instructed

    “Also call the principal and tell him that he should make a very clear announcement,
    On no account should anyone cross the boundaries into my private suite unless a teacher and him or she must wear a protective hand gloves, a face mask,carry a sanitizer and must never make eye contact or touch me for any purpose whatsoever”He warned as I quickly made my way out of the room to make the call

    I walk took the elevator to the lower case of the house only to see Lucy cat walking towards me

    Slut in disguise

    She smirk seeing me as I glared at her hard

    “Ohh my,Alex I never expected to see you in my step son mansion” She said smirking and I frowned ignoring her completely walking past her

    She held my hand and seductively rub my hands over my chest
    My heart pound fast as I tried not to show that whatever she was doing to me had a great effect on me

    I pushed her hand and sent her a warning glare walking to call room

    I smirk seeing as I Still had a great effect on Alex
    I do miss his d**k but hell to him,I got a better one💁

    Wait! Why was I here again?
    Ohh right,that useless stepson of mine

    I walk towards his room as I wore a fake concern look on my face

    There he was,sitted on the couch looking so handsome and sexy
    I licked my lips as I imagine me licking those sweet lips of his

    Too bad he will be dead soon
    But I must ensure I suck that lips and d**k of his before his doom

    “Ohh emperor my boy,I heard what happened,are you okay”I asked trying to move closer to him

    “Stop Lucy,”He said softly but deadly as I froze on my spot

    “What do you want?”He asked as I frowned but quickly change my expression to that of a sad one

    “Ohh my boy,can’t mother be concerned for her child?”I asked faking tears as he just scoff

    “Enough Lucy,stop the pretense, you stink and your attitude Is just like you,take your fish smelling self out of my house now”He didn’t yell nor scream but I knew he was angry and meant every word he said

    “But Alex….”He push me slightly walking into his inner room

    the nerve of this boy,😒

    Sooner or later I will end you emperor and take over everything you have ever worked for
    Empire world will be mine👿

    I rushed to the bar to see papa been beaten by some men

    A little child came to inform me and step mama that he was been beaten by some men due to some bet he played and lost

    Step mama didn’t even lift a finger
    She acted as if the little girl was invisible

    Now I have to go face the idiots

    Papa was already unconscious but the men kept beating him
    My blood boiled over this as I wasted no time but charge towards them
    They were Four

    I punch the first one sending him flying into a sack of dog sheet
    Two advance towards me,as I use a rope to wipe the first one eyes and double kick the second one,using the rope to tied them both kicking them outside the bar into a muddy area

    The last one walk towards me with a knife smiling Like a fool with his rotten teeth

    He charge towards me with the knife as I tried to dodge but got a small cut on my cheeks
    How he has provoked the demon in me

    I charge towards him sweeping his leg off the ground as he landed hard of the ground
    Launching him with blows upon blows,his fave spilled out blood

    I kept punching him until he was almost half dead,then I left him and walk towards dad

    It seems everyone fled once they saw me
    I picked dad up,still unconscious taking him back home

    Step mama is a nurse am sure she can treat him

    Once again,I saved my papa from death 😒

    He bleached out loudly as the stink of alcohol elope me almost making me to barf😂

    Okay this man gat to stop drinking😨😨


    Hmmm emperor is very rich ohh
    Something about Lucy is making me to fear

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    🙏 Just be mine only for today🙏

    😍(My Indian psycho)😍


    By Choice novels💎💎💎

    Nit Three🍭


    Diamond ∆

    I smiled as my new range rover blue spot pulled over in the school parking slut

    Maria quickly ran to my side and knelt before me as I use her to step on the solid glass of Ehdu

    🚺Omg it is diamond
    🚺Wow! she is so classy
    🚹She looks like diamond indeed
    🚹Ohh my is that a new ranger rover spot?
    🚺Wow I love you diamond
    🚹I wish I could hug her
    🚺Ohh even step on the ground she walks

    I smirk inwardly as I pretended not to pay attention to any of their comments

    Breathing in the fresh air,I adjusted my short pink mini Cooper skirt and my crop top exposing half of my boobs

    Emperor is coming today and I have to look sexy for him

    “Girlie!” Amelia screamed as we did out signature pose with her taking a selfie while Dasie rolled her eyes

    Have you ever heard of the DAS divas?
    Well that’s us,we are the most sexist,hottest and charming models in all of America

    But we didn’t get that name cause if our looks,
    No we got the name cause of how well talented and rich we were

    Dasie is a talented keyboardist with great voice
    Her father is a rich politician while her mum is a rich business woman who owns several modeling companies over the world

    Amelia,my favorite girile, she is a very talented dancer
    Her father is a business tycoon while her mum owns a company that produce lingeries for women
    Her mum is Also a fitness diva and my mum best friend

    And I,diamond romans,the step sister to the love of my life emperor 😍
    Am a talented singer but mostly am the most seductive dancer you have ever seen
    My dad is dead so I have only my mum,she is the best mother in the whole wide world

    She is way richer than both amelia and dasie parents combined
    But even with her wealth,she is not quarter as rich as emperor

    “Hey girlie,what are you thinking?” Amelia asked snapping her hands on my face

    “Gosh! nothing okay!”I yelled at her as she nodded quickly in fear while dasie sent me a glare which I just rolled my eyes over

    Amelia is more like a pet to me,she is so gullible
    She does everything I tell her without thinking twice

    She knows me better than anyone but really is very scared of me

    Dasie on the other hand is the complete opposite of her,she glares at me at interval and doesn’t fail to question me or correct me when I do something bad
    She is like the two goddie shoes of the group

    I don’t know why I still hang out with her,maybe because she has been my best friend since kindergarten

    “The Bella twins are here!”Amelia whispered as I frowned in disgust

    The bella twins,stupid crazy girls who think they are better than me just because their dad is the president

    Ohh I am so…going to show them

    🚺Omg it is the Bella twins
    People screamed taking pics of them
    🚺I love you brie
    🚹I love you Bella
    🚹Gosh their outfit is so lit
    🚺I so love their hair
    🚹Look at their walking steps
    🚺They are so pretty,I so much envy them

    They walk towards me smirking and I frowned disgustingly
    They were wearing a strapless dress with fire flame trouser looking super hot

    “Wow,they are really pretty”Dasie said as I and Amelia glared at her

    The twins stood before me smiling as I frowned straightening my boobs up

    “Das!”They called out at the same time

    “Bella twins”We called out too sarcastically

    “I see you are well prepared for the arrival of our love” they said at the same time and it is really freaking me out

    “Okay now you guys have gone nut,how can you both love the same man”I asked Stoll confused as they glared at me

    “None of your business, diamond”Brie said and I smirk

    “And you,why are you sulking after your step brother”She taunt as I glared hard at her

    A limo drove in and lina step out looking hot with her three minions behind her

    🚺Lina,woah lina is here
    🚹Awwn my hottest model is in town
    🚹lina gomerze I love you so much
    🚺Gosh look at her shoes
    🚺And that bag
    🚹She looks like a million dollars rechantel
    🚺Ohhh my,she is so classy
    🚹I admire you Lina

    She walk towards us with in a transparent gown revealing her huge boobs

    “Das,Bella twins”She called out and I rolled my eyes while the Bella twins glared at her

    “Why are you dress like a slut?”Nicki asked and I smirk at the savage comment

    Lina was about to reply her when 10 silver range rover,the best models drove into the private parking slut reserved only for EmS

    Ohhh my! he is here💃
    I was literary jumping in excitement inside but tried to maintain a striaght face outside

    A golden limo drove immediately followed by another 10 range rover spot

    The whole school went died silent but excitement could be seen on the faces of each of the students

    Several securities came out of the range Rover and surround the golden limo

    Just then,Sophie came out as screams was heard very loudly
    She just gave a little smile and wave

    I so jealous her,she is the only girl close to emperor

    Mase came out as the scream became louder
    He just wave but didn’t smile

    Just then the whole school went silent,waiting for the king of my heart😳
    The one that fills my dream🙆
    My already married hubby😂(i laugh In Spanish😂😂)
    My honeybear😨
    My first pride💁

    Wait,why wasn’t he coming out??
    Please come out emperor or I will come drag you out myself

    Just then he came out wearing pure gold over him
    He even dyed his hair in a golden color

    Deaften screams were heard as both male and female fainted due to his handsomeness

    He gave a little smile revealing his dimples
    Immediately lina and Amelia fainted while I and the Bella twins tried to control ourselves
    Dasie just scoff and I glared at her

    I look around to see majority of the students on the floor
    Stupid school, fainting over my man😒

    Emperor walk boldly into his private suite which no one gas been instructed never to be seen close to it
    Mase and Sophie followed him in with few securities guiding the building

    They just ignored us as if we weren’t even humans

    “Everyone get to class now”The intercom said as I catwalk towards the school hallway

    Sparing a last glance at emperor suite,I shook my head sadly

    Will he ever come to love me as much as I do?😔

    “Get up dummy”I yelled at the player in my vedio game

    “Ohh I will so crush you” Alita said and I frowned

    This video game was suppose to be my jam
    Damn alita

    “I will make sure I destroy you”I yelled

    “And I am done”She said sweeping get pad as her avatar slayed the head of mine

    “Arrrgh you….you cheated dummy”I yelled in frustration as she smirk ..

    “No love, I didn’t cheat,It is a game of win and lose and in this game, am the winner and ya the loser. Don’t kill yourself over it”She taunted laughing and I glared at her

    “I demand a rematch,”I yelled but she kept laughing

    Amera walked in looking like wasted sperm

    “What’s with the sad face amera?”I asked and she smiled a litte

    “I did a little research yesterday and I have tracked down the location of your mother” She released the bomb as both I and alita stared at her in shock

    “What! Really??” Alita asked as she nodded

    Am still in shock
    I couldn’t even utter a word

    My mum!
    Have found my mum😭

    “Were?”I asked and she breathed out

    “USA new York”She said as my mouth drop

    “Wow…this is huge”Alita said and I nodded in agreement

    I stood up in excitement

    “Book me a ticket to America right away,let me go get my luggage”I yelled not waiting for a reply as I zoom to papa house

    The house was empty so I assume no one was in
    I quickly rushed to my room and started packing all my clothes and important stuffs

    It wasn’t much and I quickly rushed it over dragging it down the stairs

    I wanted to sneak out to the penthouse so no one would find out

    I was taking my steps slowly after checking if no one was in the living room
    I was about to run out….

    “And were do you think you are going with that luggage”Step mama said and I froze on my spot

    I turned to see step mama and pia glaring at me
    They had white colomotion on them making them look snow white😂

    “Step mama I…ehh…I….”

    “You ehhh…you….common talk….”She said and I stared laughing like a psycho as they stared at me confused

    “What’s funny idiot”Pia asked but i kept laughing nervously

    “I…I just remember were am going too….am going to the cinema” I said and they widen their eyes

    “With your luggage”They asked and I started laughing again

    “Ohhh,the luggage,!”I asked and step mama frowned

    “Yes the luggage dummy!”

    “Ohhh the luggage??”I asked again and they frowned

    “Wait ohh, are you traveling?”Pia asked eyeing my luggage as I curse her smartness

    “What….puff…..never!” I said laughing nervously

    “Well better”They said still looking at me

    Won’t they go inside??😒

    “Errm…won’t you go inside?”I asked and they frowned and sat on the couch

    “No we are not”Pia said and I glared at her

    “What of you,won’t u go inside back with your luggage?”She asked as I nodded

    How do I get this luggage to the penthouse?

    I took the luggage and place it on my head

    They look at me confused

    I smiled before running out in speed with my luggage on my head🙆😂😂

    “Come back here anneka,ANNEKA!!!” I could still hear her loud scream 😂😂


    Lol crazy girl 😂😂
    Seems our psycho is going to USA

    #44460 Reply

    🙏 Just be mine only for today🙏

    😍(My Indian psycho)😍


    By Choice novels💎💎💎

    Comment💬 and share before reading📖

    Nit Four✈

    The scandal 😔

    Kings 👑

    We were all seated in the conference room waiting for emperor’s arrival

    Gosh this boy is f**king annoying
    Keeping us here as if we have nothing else better to do😒

    Am Damon Kings but I prefer to be called Kings

    I’m very rich, I meam stinking rich 💰

    I gat six Modeling companies around the world and five textile industries

    Am handsome, well built and the third most handsome in America but anytime I look at emperor my achievement felt like nothing but trash to me

    He has everything anyone could ever accomplish
    To list what he has, will take all day or weeks

    Am damn jealous of him, I mean I always have been but anytime I look at him, I feel like killing him and taking over his wealth

    Especially now that diamond is all over him like he was the God of the universe
    She barely sees me as anything else but a fu*k mate

    I heard he was now going to his high to obtain his degree in business admin

    To me, I don’t really think that was necessary
    I mean how can a guy who has built over 60 companies around the globe 🌏 still want to obtain a degree

    “We’re the hell is emperor? ” Malisa asked in anger

    Well in case you weree wondering, we are the shareholders of Roman company here in the United States

    I know emperor doesn’t like his fathers decision but there was nothing he could do about it

    We consist of just 6
    Both genders are equal, male were 3 and female three also

    Malisa, davos and I Kings
    Malisa is the oldest, follow by davos, It was my dad roman choosed but my dad is late so I have to take over

    Then you have empress Lucy, lady gaga and Lady kia
    Am the youngest in all

    “That boy is always late” Lady Gaga said and I smirk

    None of us here like emperor and it is quite obvious except empress Lucy who always pretend to
    We all know she is after his wealth

    “I just hate his guts” Davos added squeezing the life out of a book

    “Does he think we don’t have businesses💼📝💰 to attend to huh” Lady kia said already sounding impatient

    We were all rich business men and women but in the sight of emperor, we were just some lazy bunch of idiots he could stress

    “Ohh really! ” His voice came in cool, sweet and calm

    I could see Lady kia shaking uncontrollably in her seat💺
    I shook my head wondering were her bravery went too

    He catwalk towards the high chair and gave us all a blank glance before sitting

    I stared at him in jealousy
    He looks so good in the emerald suit 👔 he was wearing

    He had silver rings on his hand and a silver chain on his neck
    I heard that chain cost 100 million dollars and was manufactured by one of his companies

    His used his bandanna to pack his hair in a pony tail style
    He looked so good, cute and professional at the same time

    “Am tired and stressed out so let’s get this over with” He said ignorantly and we glared at him

    “Emperor! ” Lady Lucy yelled at him as he look at her for a while then shook his head

    “What is it Lucy? ”

    “How could you speak to us like that? Didn’t your mom teach you respect? ” Lady Lucy uttered in anger and I gasp

    Ohh no!
    You want to provoke emperor?
    Do you want a death wish? then try calling his dead mom

    His eyes darken as we all move back in fear

    He charge towards Lucy lifting her up by her neck as if she weight nothing

    “Do you ever mention my mom👩 in your miserable mistake of a life”He said deadly as Lady Lucy struggled to breath

    ” Have I made my self clear”He yelled calmly but somehow it drove fear into us as we joined Lady Lucy to nod😂

    He put her down, arranging his suit

    “Meeting is over! ” He said walking out

    No one else said another word as we all walk out of the conference room leaving Lady Lucy to her fate

    Note to yourself Kings, never ever mention his dead mum🙅

    Lucy ^°

    “I want you to beat her, beat her over and over again” I yelled over the phone still holding my neck

    “Just do it idiot! ” I bark at him and hang the call

    I quickly opened the can of water and drank from it

    Ohh my emperor you will pay!
    For hurting me,I will surely make you pay

    You will pay for every pain you inflict on me
    I will make you suffer beyond doubt

    I was taking it easy on you before but not anymore
    I will kill you slowly

    You will plead for death but you won’t get it

    Am your lost NIGHTMARE Emperor 👿

    You will die like a chicken, but I will destroy you first

    I quickly dialed the number

    📞Release the video
    I ended the call and smirk😏

    Let the game begin
    May the odds be in our favour👿

    Manger Alex π

    “What the heck do you mean by that? ” mase yelled at me 😫

    A fake video was released of emperor raping a five year old

    He never did that!
    I mean I know emperor, and I know emperor can’t hurt anyone
    Especially not a five year old

    This was all Lucy doing 😒
    That witch Is a devil

    “Gosh emperor this is going viral and people are saying nasty things about you” Mase said and I drew closer to him

    “Read it” Emperor ordered still acting uninterested

    💬WoW! I can’t believe he did that

    💬Emprior is a monster

    💬It is true what they say about celebrities

    💬No wonder he doesn’t have a girlfriend

    💬I hate him😠😠

    💬He should be taken to jail

    💬Justice must prevail for the little girl


    I shook my head in disbelief
    I really can’t believe this people actually think that emperor could do such a thing

    Emperor hasn’t uttered a word but deep down I knew he was hurt
    He was always hurt,after that death of his parents and that idiot becca tried to poison him
    He stood up,took his cars keys and walk towards the door

    “No one should follow me!”He ordered and we nodded

    Just like that,he was gone!
    Both I and mase look tensed and stressed

    Where was he going too??


    I breath in the fresh air of the airport as I came down

    Wow, flying is really tough
    I thought I was going to die

    Well I managed to escape India with the help of amera and alita,now am in America

    It was so chill ❄🍃 but warm at the same time
    This was my first time been here

    I was supposed to stay with alita senior sister, who we had already informed that I was coming

    I made towards the people holding names of their relatives
    I didn’t see mine♏

    We’re was she??

    My phone 📱beep as a text message came in

    💬Hey,I couldn’t make it, am sorry,I got a call from the hospital were I work,please take a cab to 64 railway avenue across new zea💬

    #Love Rish

    Rish is alita senior sister,she works in a hospital here in america

    Well I guess it is just me
    I have to take a cab 🚕 to this address

    It was somehow dark already so it is not safe
    I stood outside the airport waiting a cab

    None came, So i decided to walk a bit further

    The street was empty, it seems every one had already retired to their various homes 🏠

    Wow! so early
    In India no one would be indoors by this time
    In fact this would be the perfect time for us to play and parte 🎉🍻🎈

    I walk further as I felt a little chilly ❄🍃
    I passed a sideway, only to find three huge men beating up a boy

    I wanted to pass and ignore them but it seems my legs had a mind of its own

    They walk towards the men…

    “Hey! why are you guys beating him up? ” I asked as they smirk licking their lips

    “Well, well, well who do we have here! ” One asked still staring at me disgustingly

    “My name is anneka! ” I answered boldly

    “Well anneka, you look yummy 😋” Another added licking his lips

    Am as dry as the bones of Elijah so what the heck is he looking at😳😳

    “Let the guy go” I ordered and they burst into laughter

    “Ohh darling worry about yourself not him,” The last one added and I smirk

    “I will kick your three stupid asses if you don’t! ” I threatened but they burst into another round of laughter

    “Fisty I see” The first said still using his eyes to undress me

    Okay that’s enough

    I charge towards them, sending one a huge punch while using my other elbow to send the other an upper cut💪

    The two guys fainted immediately as the other one ran away in fear dragging the other two

    Pathetic! I thought there would be more competition

    Bunch of scary cats
    I hope I get to see them again so I could punch 👊them one more time

    I look at the weirdo they were beating and he was shivering in cold

    I walk towards him but held my nose
    He risks of alcohol

    “Hey! ” I squat down to his level as his eyes we’re closed

    I couldn’t see his face clearly but I could see his abs almost popping out of the cloth he wore

    I brought out a blanket and covered him with it

    His eyes suddenly open, as he held my hand with great force

    Omg 😱 his eyes
    They were crystal blue
    They were the most beautiful thing I have ever seen

    I felt so mesmerised by them
    It was as if I was stuck in them

    Snap out of it anneka
    He may be a hypnotist

    I stood up to leave but his hand held me back as I turned to look at those eyes again

    “Just be mine for today! ” He said in a little tiny, sexy but cracking voice as he collapse on my body 😘😘


    Love always find a way of doing things

    Who did she meet?
    Who else is interested to find out who Becca is??

    What games 🎮👾was Lucy talking about??

    Real story just begun…

    Get your popcorn ready
    We are going for a ride

    #44462 Reply

    🙏 Just be mine only for today🙏

    😍(My Indian psycho)😍


    By Choice novels💎💎💎

    Nit Five✋

    The stranger👤


    I groan loudly as flashes of light were reflecting in my eyes
    I could also hear mummurs too

    What the heck is going on…

    The blanket that was used to cover my body was soft and comfy

    Okay, first of all, I don’t have such soft and sweet blanket in India
    So…. whose is this???

    Memories of last night came in fresh and I breathed out in relief
    Maybe the young man covered me up???

    But we’re was he??
    Still under the blanket, I could see reflection of lights and some people talking

    They couldn’t see me cause the blanket served as a means of coverage

    I look at the ground to see a little paper 📄
    There was a content written in it

    Picking it up, I read quietly

    📃Hey, thanks for last night
    I hope I get to see you again
    And please, when going out, use the blanket to cover your face, it is for your own safety

    Walk towards the black range Rover spot and it will take you to your destination


    Puff, what a jerk
    Left me here and ordering me around 😒

    He didn’t even say thank you,

    *Well he did say thank you in the letter* my mind said and I scoff

    Of course letter😒

    *Or were you expecting a kiss or something?* She said again

    Just shut up stupid 👎

    I peep out of the blanket and saw people

    They look like journalist
    Sorry rephrase that, they were journalist

    They kept flashing lights at the blanket probably waiting for me

    I peep a little more and saw th black range Rover spot a bit far from were i was

    I can do this!
    Yes I can

    Using the blanket to cover my face, I slowly stood up as the press ran towards me

    📷🎤 Hello mamn please tell us what happened last night

    📷🎤Did emperor rape you?

    📷🎤Did he assault you in any way?

    📷🎤Did he try to kill you?

    📷🎤Why are you hiding your face with that blanket?

    📷🎤Did he hurt your face

    📷🎤Mamn say something

    They kept asking useless question making me wonder who the hell was “Emperor”

    They surrounded me blocking me from passing with my luggage

    “Get out” I yelled and they all move in fear

    I should have done that a long time ago

    I walk freely towards the range Rover as man came out and took my luggage to the car then opened it for me

    Woah! Interesting
    I got in and sat comfortable in the car

    The driver asked me for my address which I gave to him

    It smells so rich and nice
    And I so much respect the fact that the driver said utter a word to me after that

    He drove straight to rish building
    I still had the blanket on my face

    I thanked him as he just smiled and nodded then drove away

    I look at the building at it was the right address

    I walk towards the door and tap on it softly

    She opened almost immediately and gave me a bone crushing hug!

    “I… Ca…..nt…. bre…..th” 😨I said and she quickly let go

    She looks so much like alita, just more matured and beautiful

    “Ohh my anneka, I am so happy to see you,” She said warmly and I smiled genuinely

    “Same here rish, Namaste” I greeted trying to touch her feet which she just smiled and hug me again but more gentle this time

    “Come in… ” She offered 🤗🤗🤗 helping me to drag my luggage in

    I look around the apartment and I smiled warmly
    It was not to wide neither was it small just a typical normal working lady house

    It was really neat and beautiful and had everything arranged in order

    “Am sure you think my house is small” She said blushing probably embarrassed🙈

    “Ohh no rish, I love it so much, it is just really nice” I complemented and she smile widely

    “Really??” She asked and I nodded

    “Promise! ” I said touching my ears

    “Ohh anneka, I thought you were lost, I got so scared, I even went to the airport”She said worriedly and I smiled at her warmth

    “Am fine rish”

    “Ohhh we are going to have so much fun together, we will go shopping, have sleepovers and do crazy stuff together” She said squealing like a little child which made me laugh

    “Ohh my, sorry, come let me take you to your room, so u can freshen up, then come down” She said taking my luggage upstairs as i trailed behind

    We got to a room and she opened it

    It was a typical girl room but was painted iny favorite color blue

    “I didn’t have much time to prepare it, I had to call alita and she said you like blue color so I painted it blue” She said and I pulled her in for a hug

    “Thank you rish” I said sincerely and she smiled tapping my cheeks

    “Don’t thank me anneka, you are also like my sister, I will leave you to change now” She said and left

    I got into the room falling flat on the bed

    I need to call amera and alita to tell them that am already here

    My mind drifted back to the stranger with the crystal blue eyes

    Get off my head you devil😂


    I smiled as I watched how the girl screamed at the press

    Something about her wants to make me cuddle her in my arms

    She is so pretty
    I remembered how she beat those men up without even stressing herself

    “I cant belive this, she manage to escape with no one seeing her” Manger Alex said and I smirk

    “But that is a huge problem” Sophie said and we all stared at her


    ” The girl didn’t reveal her identity, I mean obviously only emperor has seen her face ”


    ” The people who framed you may also be after the girl”She said and I frown

    “And why is that?”

    “Think about it, one statement from that girl can jeopardize your entire career, I mean basically everyone now sees emperor as a monster, so if she gives one report that emperor did rape her,meaning that emperor will be doomed! ”

    “But we all know emperor didn’t! ” Mase quickly objected

    “Yes, but thanks to the useless video everyone would believe he did”

    “So what does this mean? ” i asked for the first time

    “Meaning that, those people that framed you, will stop at nothing to ensure that they get the girl to testify against you, either through money or by other means” She said as I saw reason to her points

    “So what do we do now? ” manger Alex asked

    “Well, it is simple, we just have to get to the girl first before they do, if we can convince her to speak the truth then we can clear both scandal against you”Sophie landed taking a French fries🇫🇷🍟

    “Hmmm yes Sophie is right, emperor give us a description of her lets find her immdiately” Mase said and I nodded taking my phone
    Just then messsage appeared

    ✉Don’t trust anyone, find the girl yourself ✉

    Who the heck is this unknown person and how does he/she knows what is going on??

    “Emperor “I saw everyone looking at me

    “Don’t worry, I will find her myself” I said walking into my personal hideout

    It is kinda a secret house in my mansion which no one knows about

    📱Jake, I want you to track down the girl and bring her to the hideout

    📲Yes boss

    I hang up immediately

    Stretching my limbs at the couch, my mind drifted to rhe girl as a little smile appeared on my face


    “What the fu*k do you mean by that” I yelled at the private investigator I hired to find the girl that was with emperor last night

    “I can’t track her down when I have no identity of her,” He said as I scattered my hair in frustration

    “So what do we do?? ” I asked him but he didn’t reply

    My phone rang as I pick took it


    Great, just great😒


    📲If emperor finds that girl before you do, then I will personally kill you myself

    I gulp down hardly

    📱I assure you, he won’t

    📲Better, how are the hostages, have they agree to sign the documents yet?

    📱No boss, am still working on it, they will very soon

    📲Well they better, make sure you get everything under control
    He hang up as I breathed out in sign of relief

    I need to find that girl
    If I can be able to get her on my side, then emperor is doomed.

    Swarasati (Anneka papa)©

    “Ohh my goddess, we’re did you say she was? ” I bark at my wife as she kept painting her nails

    “I told you, she pack her bags and said she was going to the cinemas with it” She replied ignorantly as I felt like killing her

    “And you couldn’t stop her? ” I yelled as she glared at me

    “Stop her? stop that beast? do you want her to ruin my fine sexy face with her fist👊, and besides, I always wanted her to leave so why stop her” She said as I just glared at her

    “I gat no time for you” I walk towards the room as I pick up my phone and quickly dial boss number
    She picked up after the second ring

    📲What” She yelled and I knew she was angry

    Should I tell her??
    Ohh no she will kill me but I just have too

    📱”Hey boss

    📲What is it swarasati, am busy and gat no time for this

    📱Ermmm, I… ehhh… I…

    📲You what dummy?
    I gulp in hard

    📱I can’t find anneka

    📲What do you mean by you can find anneka
    Ohh no she sounds pissed off

    📱Before I woke up this morning, I found out that she left
    📲To were dummy

    📱I don’t know ma

    📲Gosh, you are so useless, so senseless, I thought I told you never to drink again

    📱But ma I…

    📲Just shut up, find that girl, you better find her soon or face the consequences
    She hang up

    Ohhh no
    What was I going to do now!

    Gosh! i don’t know were that little demon is

    We’re do I start finding her and her number isn’t even going through

    Gosh anneka, we’re are you😨😨


    So…… am I the only one who thinks Mr swarasati is hiding a secret

    Okay who is this boss???
    And who is was the hostages he was talking about??

    Who is the unknown number that keeps helping emperor
    Should he keep following the advice of the unknown??

    Seems three people are after anneka
    Who will get her first??

    Place your bet, I bet for Lucy

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