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    In love with the housegirl

    Episode 1

    “Welcome, Jade, this is where you will be living” mrs. Ola welcomed me to the new house. I held my Ghana must go sack in my hand and stared at the living room for almost 2 minutes. It was like nothing I had seen before. There were 4 black beautiful and comfortable chairs with a table at the center. There was also a table near to the wall with a very large tv set. The floor was tiled and there was a staircase that led upstairs.

    “Come let me show you to your room” Mrs Ola interrupted my survey as she moved outside. I followed. Mrs. Ola had been married for 3 years but they were childless. I couldn’t fathom the fact that her husband hadn’t consumed the beauty I saw moving in front of me. Mrs. Ola was fair, of average height and stunningly beautiful with large hips. Her figure was like that of a calabash. She led me to my room next to the gate.

    “This is where you will be sleeping. Better behave yourself, am I clear? She asked, looking at me in a strange way.
    “y-yes ma” I stammered. She left the room, stood at the door and gave me a short glance before walking away.
    I wondered to myself why she would look at me like that. I quickly waved the thoughts away. I lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling, lost in thoughts. I had come to the city to make money and take care of myself and my family in the village. I also had plans on enrolling into the university in the future. I was determined to make it. I planned on staying away from anything that would disturb my job or tamper with my loyalty to Mrs. Ola and her husband.

    “Food is ready” A feminine voice said. I jumped from my bed, suprised at how someone would enter without knocking. I lifted my head and saw a brown skinned beauty. She was of average height, and her hair was unkempt. But she was one of the most beautiful ladies I had seen….

    To be continued

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    In luv with the housegirl
    Episode 2&3&4

    “how can you just badge into my room like this? What if I was naked?” I asked, trying to be real.
    “Am so sorry” she said in a subtle soft voice.
    “It’s fine. Just drop the food over there” I told her, pointing at an old wooden table at the corner of the room. She dropped the table and was about to leave when I called her attention
    “Hey…am Jade, the new gateman. What is your name?

    “Am Anne, hope you enjoy the meal”. She said as she rushed out, not giving room for further conversation. I watched her walk into the mansion. I felt terribly bad. Why did I yell at her? Omo see as I take ruin things. This girl fine oh. I done hit jackpot. I waved the thoughts away and moved to the table where she kept the food. It was rice and stew. I devoured the food like a hungry lion. I finished, parked the plates on the table and decided to unpack my stuff. I neatly parked my clothes on the old dusty wardrobe when I heard a car horn. I guessed it must be Mrs. Ola’s husband. I opened the gates and he drove in. Mrs Ola’s husband was a short and fat man with no neck and a pot belly. I know no one was created ugly but Mrs Ola’s husband was somehow. Calling him ugly would sound rude.

    “So you are the guy my wife told me about”? He asked
    “Yes sir, I am” I answered, bending my head toward the ground.
    “You’re welcome to my house. Behave yourself and we won’t have any troubles”
    “Yes sir”, I answered. He nodded and walked into his mansion. I closed the gate and retired into my room.

    It was about 6:00pm. I lay on my Matress and stared at the ceiling when I heard a knock on my door. I rushed and opened, knowing it was Anne the house help.

    “I came to collect the plates. And sorry about I acted earlier. She apologized
    “It’s okay, and I enjoyed the food” I said, bringing out my best smile.
    “Thanks, she responded as she carried the plates out. I watched her carry the plates into the mansion. But I noticed she was nervous and couldn’t look me in the eyes

    In lv with the housegirl
    Episode 3

    “Jade, come and open this gate” Mr. John Ola thundered from outside, interrupting my sleep.. I jumped out of my bed and opened the gates.
    “Oga have a nice day ohh” I waved at his car as he sped off. I returned to my room to put on my shirt as I was used to sleeping shirtless. I heard a knock on my door…

    “Come in” I echoed
    “Jade, good morning” Anne said, presenting to me a tray. In it was a cup of tea and soft milk bread. Her beauty seemed to be increasing by the day. My heart melted, as I stammered..
    “good morning Anne. Thanks alot. Please, just drop it right there” I said, pointing at the table.
    “Jade, I’ve been wondering, you’re new here and I haven’t shown you around. D-do you mind?” She asked, holding her left hand with her right hand, and her head bent to the floor. Her words hit me like a lightening bolt. My heart throbbed in joy and sweetness.

    “Oh, that’s so good of you, Anne. I don’t mind. I will join you soon.
    “Okay” she said and took her leave.
    I had dreamt about her the previous night. My heartbeat increased each time I thought about her. There was something special about Anne but I just couldn’t place my finger on it. I had met a lot of girls back in the village but I had never felt the way I was feeling. I quickly rushed to the window and saw her walk into the mansion.
    “Jaaaade!” A voice called from the living room. I could tell it was Mrs. Ola. I quickly wore my slippers and rushed.

    “Yes ma” I answered as I arrived the living room.
    “Don’t call me ma. Call me Ola”. she said as she turned and glanced at me…
    I was surprised, I couldn’t fathom why she would ask me not to call her ma.
    “Now, Jade, I want you to listen carefully. Behave yourself and your stay in this house will be comfortable. One step out of line and I will make you wish you weren’t born…

    “That would be all. You can leave” she said as she turned and continued watching TV.
    Without a word I took my leave. Anna was waiting outside….

    In love with the housegirl
    Episode 4

    Anne showed me around the compound. She increasingly felt at ease around me unlike before.
    “That of ours, is he okay? He never seem to smile. Seems he is always angry. I mean, what’s his problem?” I asked Anna as we toured the compound.

    “Mr. John is a difficult person. He hardly smiles or laughs even with his wife. He has been like this ever since his wife had a miscarriage. That was 2 years ago” Anna narrated
    I kind of felt sad for Mrs. Ola. No wonder she is being so bossy with me.
    “Mrs. Ola can go extremes just to get what she wants. 2 months ago she locked up her husband in their room and insisted he gives her 1 million naira. Not even neighbors could stop her.” Anna added.

    “I really have to get used to such an environment where everyone is difficult” I said, surveying the carved grass hips.
    “Mm come on, not everyone” she said, this time giving me a short glance.
    “I have to go now, there are some chores that need to be done inside. I will bring your supper when it’s ready” Anne said.
    “Thank you for the tour. Am grateful” I responded.
    “See you later” she said and rushed into the house.

    Few weeks on, I was loving the new environment and Anne. Deep within me, I loved her. I had no idea of how she felt about me.
    “Jaaade! Mrs. Ola called from the living room one evening as I sat at my duty post, dusting my shoes.
    “Yes ma” I answered immediately I arrived the living room.
    “Here is your salary” she said as she put 3 bundles of money on the table. It was 35,000 naira.
    “Thank you ma…sorry…Ola” I said and picked up the money.

    “There’s something I want you to help me with this evening. Meet me in my room upstairs” Mrs. Ola said as she continued watching TV. I nodded and left.

    I came back around 8:00pm as instructed. But she wasn’t in the living room. I went upstairs to check for her. But I heard strange moans coming from her room. I tiptoed to her door and peeped through a small opening. My eyes could not believe what I saw!


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    In love with the housegirl

    Episode 5 &6

    Mrs. Ola spread her legs and inserttted her two fingers into her p…sy. She used her other hands to fondle with her br3st, moanning softly. Lightd lights were on at the time so I saw everything crisp clean. Her p…sy was hairy and her thighs were fair with some stretch marks.

    “So this woman is masturb3ting” I thought to myself. My trouser had swollen because mr D…ck was ready to swing into action. As if she knew I was at the door, she put on her dress and stood up from the bed. I ran to the living room, switched on the TV and stared at it, with my heart pounding about 50beats per second.
    “You’re here” Mrs. Ola said as she descended the staircase.

    “Yes ma…I mean, no ma…sorry…Mrs. ola. I just came” I stammered. The evening was a cold one but I was sweating.
    “Come, I want you to help me carry my fridge outside, I want it repaired” she said as she beckoned on me. She wore a black gown that barely covered her th..ghs. Her br….sts were almost completely outside. My d…ck was completely er…..t, but I had to control myself. I knew one mistake could cost me my job. Was she trying to tempt me? I mean, how can she dress like this before inviting me? All these thoughts clouded my mind as I followed Mrs. Ola to her room.

    “Come inside” she beckoned on me. I entered and looked around but I couldn’t find any fridge.
    “But ma, where is the fridge you want me to carry”? I asked looking nervous.
    “You’re not a kid, are you. Don’t you like what you see”? She asked, putting her right leg on the bed, and pulling her gown further up. At that point, I was confused. My spirit was telling me to report her to her husband. Some voice in my head was telling me to devour the beauty that was before me.

    “Ma…I..i, I think I forgot something in my room. Let me go get it,.. please I will be back.” I told her, as my voice trembled.
    “Don’t keep me waiting.” She echoed in a voice as evil as Delilah’s
    “I ran to my room and locked the door with it’s key. I couldn’t allow my d3ck to gain control of me. I was determined to control it. My stomach was grumbling in hunger. I had not eaten since Anne gave me breakfast. I got lost in my own thoughts and slept off. I woke up the next morning and knew something was wrong. I knew Mrs. Ola was going to kill me for not keeping to my words. I tiptoed to the window of the living room to see what she was up to.

    “Do NOT give that boy food again unless you want to lose your job. If I as much as catch you giving him even garri. You will regret it” Mrs. Ola instructed Anne.
    “Oh my God. I am finished” I thought to myself. The worms in my stomach wrapped up themselves and I felt a sharp pain in my belly….

    In love with the housegirl

    Episode 6.

    Mrs. Ola’s words hit me hardest. I felt like I had been stabbed with a dagger. Was it my fault? Is it a crime for one to keep his dignity? Why does ill-luck follow me everywhere? I thought to myself as I walked back to my room. I didn’t realise when rolls of hot tears trickled down my cheeks. Jade, you are a man. How can you be weeping like a woman? Come on, be strong like the tiger you are.

    I encouraged myself and stood up from the bed. I thought about my family back in the village. Again, hunger hit my stomach like a storm. I decided to call and check up on them before branching off to a nearby restaurant. I still had my dad’s contact inside my bag so I took it to a call-box and dialed… someone picked up almost immediately

    “Hello, dad, it’s Jade.” I said with excitement.
    “Hello Jade, your dad had an accident. He fell off a palm tree and a stick pierced through his chest. He is unconscious now” a female voice said. I could percieve it was a neighbor but I didn’t really care who it was at that time.

    “What? When? How? Please how is he?” I asked with pain, still trying to digest the news.
    “We carried him to the community hospital, and they are asking for 50,000 before anything can be done on him. As it stands now he hasn’t commenced treatment”. The voice replied
    “O-o-oookay. Please tell them to start treating him now! Oh God don’t let anything happen to him. Tell them you have 35,000 cash. They should start working on him. Text the account details to this number now. I will send you the money and complete the balance tomorrow” I said and hung up. She immediately texted the account details.
    “Oga your money is 300” the woman who managed the call box told me. I removed 300 and gave her. I pleaded with her to lend me her phone so I can go to a nearby bank and send the money, which she accepted.

    “Thank you ma” I said, as I returned her phone and rushed home. I was unsure what I was going to do next or what my next move was going to be. I sat in my room, lost in my agony. Should I go and apologise to mrs. Ola? But what if he try to take advantage of me again? No, I have to try… I concluded in my mind.

    I was a man who hardly prayed but I went down on my knees and asked god for one thing. I prayed that my dad should not die. My earnest praher was that he should make it alive even if it meant me borrowing money. I didn’t realise it was evening already. I heard a knock on my door. I opened it and to my greatest suprise, there was Anne with 2 flasks of food containing fufu and ogbono soup. Seeing her I felt some relief. I felt a ray of hope. But I overheard Mrs ola warning her not to give me food. I was surprised to the brim…


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    In love with the housegirl

    Episode 7&8

    “Anne…b-but I thought mrs. Ola asked you not to serve me food again?” I asked, as she came in and dropped the flask on the table.
    “So you really think I would follow those inhumane instructions of hers? I have been obedient to her but there is always a first time. Besides, I can’t watch you starve. There are still people with good hearts” she said, standing by the door. The softness of her voice coupled with her concern eased some of the stress from my heart. But I didn’t say a word.

    “J-boy, what’s wrong”? She asked, noticing I wasn’t as bright as the previous days. “That Mrs. Ola can’t starve you when am around. It cannot happen. Not on my watch…she added.
    “Thanks Anne, but it’s not just that. My dad had a life threatening accident back in the village. They demanded for 50,000 but I only had 35000. I don’t know what to do. I promised to balance up the money by tomorrow but am not sure where to get the money. With the situation between madam and I, I don’t think she can seat to listen to any talk of advance payment. Am tired” i said, with fresh tears rolling down my eyes.

    “Eat your food before it gets cold. We will work out something tomorrow” she said as she helped me serve the food in a glass plate and arranged water for me to wash my hands. I couldn’t imagine my condition in that house had it been she was absent.
    “Where will I start thanking you? Words cannot express my gratitude” I appreciated and started eating. The taste of the food made me forget my sorrow for a while.

    “I better start going before madam comes out. Goodnight. I’ll check on you tomorrow” she said and took her leave. After eating, I slept off. It was the sound of Mr. John that woke me up at dawn…I thought it was still in my dream but the sound thundered harder. Mr. John called for me and asked me to meet him in the living room. I was suprised at why he would call for me in that manner. From his tone, I could tell all wasn’t well. But I couldn’t think of anything wrong I had done. I walked into the living room and he was sitting with his wife.

    “Jade, you are taking me for granted, aren’t you? I mean, how could you?” He asked, putting on a disgusting look. My breathe began to increase.
    “Sir, what have I done”? I asked but Mrs. Ola interrupted…
    “Will you shut up? You still have mind to ask questions abi? She asked and leaned back on the couch.

    “Because of the relationship between your mom and I, I will show mercy. From today, you will not only be a gateman but you will also cut the flowers, wash the cars, run errands and sweep the compound. And I will deduct 10,000 from your salary. If you are not comfortable, then you are free to leave. Am done with you. Leave my sight” his tone was not the one I could counter. I quietly left the living room. Tears had clouded my eyes. Anne was by my door waiting for me. My countenance said it all….

    In love with the housegirl

    Episode 8.

    “I heard all what she said. Coupled with the lie she told Mr. John this morning. She said she asked you to carry a fridge from the room which you refused and even threatened to beat her.” Anne told me as she made me sit down on my door post.

    “What? How, how can she say that? I mean, how can she? That was a lie. I didn’t do none of those things…” I said, as warm tears flowed down my eyes freely. Anne seemed to understand what I was going through. She cleaned my eyes with her hands.
    “J-boy, stop crying ok? She put her hand in her pocket and took out a bundle of money
    “…..here, 20,000” she said and pointed the money at me. For about 10 seconds I just stared at her. I couldn’t believe there were still kind people in the world.
    “Take nau” she added
    “Anne, thank you so much. I don’t know what I’d do without you” i said and took the money. She brightened my mood and made me smile.
    “I made breakfast for you” she ran to the back of the house and came back almost immediately with a bowl of fried rice filled with meat.
    “Let me get going ok? Now run along and check on your dad”. She said and rushed back to the backyard to continue with the chores.

    I hadn’t even as much as brush my teeth that morning. I kept the bowl of rice inside and went to a call-box to call and check how my dad was doing. I dialed the number, it rang but no one picked up. I dialed again. This time, someone answered the phone. All I could hear at the background was wailing. Sharp female voices shouted in agony.
    “Hello, how are you? Did you finally get to the doctor? I asked, hoping it was the lady who picked up last time.
    “Jade, I know you are a man. And I want you to be that man now. I don’t know how you will handle this….a male voice said. I could percieve he was an elderly person
    “Yes nau, was I a woman before? Please tell me how my dad is faring. I have the balance, I will send it so he can finish his treatment” I interrupted.

    “Your father has passed away. The stick pierced his heart. There was nothing the doctors could do” he said. I didn’t hear a single word he said again until he hung up.
    My instincts were telling me to use the money and buy a bottle of poison so could go join him. My mind was cloudy. I cried from the main road to my room. People wondered what could make a man like me to be crying like a woman but they wouldn’t understand.

    Life had to continue. I didn’t want to go for the burial so I planned on not calling my village people again. I cleaned my eyes, maned up, and did my activities for the day, as Mr. John instructed. Anne came by that evening and gave me fufu and okro. I did not want to bug her with my tragedy tales. She had her life to live, and not worrying about me every now and then.
    “So after my warning, Anne, you still have the mind to give Jade food” Mrs. Ola said in an evil voice as she interrupted Anne who was on her way to the main house….


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    In love with the housegirl

    Episode 9-10

    I couldn’t just stand and watch Mrs. Ola punish Anne for my sake. I had to do something…

    “Please, let her go. I invited her. It’s my fault” I said, stepping outside.
    “You what”? Mrs. Ola asked looking disgruntled and annoyed.
    “Oh, I see. I see. Anne, go inside and wait for me” Mrs. Ola commanded and walked towards me. Anne gestured her hand at me, assuring me that everything will be fine.
    “After disobeying me, you still went ahead and made that girl disobey me too? I promised to make your stay here a living hell if you corportated. But it seems you are the stubborn type” she said, looking at me right in my eyes
    “But ma….”

    “Shut up” Mrs. Ola said, landing me a dirty slap on the right side of my jaw. For a second, my vision darkened and I saw stars. I also heard a sharp noise in my ear. I couldn’t believe mrs. Ola could take things that far. I Ioked away from her from that moment. I just stared at the floor…
    “You know whats up. When you are ready to give me what I want, you know where to find me” she said as she tuckled her long gown into her hands and marched away. The only person I felt pity for was myself for being born in the first place. “So this woman has the guts to lay her hands on me” I thought to myself in disbelief.
    I cannot let this one go. I will get back at her. I didn’t know where to start but I was prepared for revenge.

    I went about my chores that day, thinking about my dad…I thought about my mom too. She would have cried her eyes out. Telling her what I was going through in Mr. Johns house would give her early heart attack.
    Later that day, Mr. John drove into the compound with a new lady.
    “Jade, this is Shola, my wife’s sister. Mr. John grunted, presenting me to Shola…
    “Nice to meet you ma. You are welcome” I said, offering a handshake.
    “Thank you” she said as she shook my hand, giving me some weird looks. I carried her bag inti the room Mr. John showed me. Shola seemed to be having a good catch-up with her sister. They gisted and almost shouted the roof down. I went outside and started triming the grass hips when Mrs. Ola called me into the living room.

    “Here is 1000naira. I want you to rush down the road and buy pads” she ordered, pointing the money towards me. I couldn’t believe she had the mind to humiliate me like this in front of the new lady.
    “Hmm, Ola, don’t order mr. Handsome like that. Is he a gate man or an errand boy? Why don’t you just employ someone to run errands?” Shola asked looking suprised at her sister. I was shocked and suprised at Shola’s defense toward me….

    “He’s a house help and a gateman too. Quit it…”
    “Shisshh, cut that”…Shola interrupted.
    “Go and buy it your self. Mom didn’t raise us to be this disrespectful. How can you send a man to get pads for you?” She added, looking disgusted at her sister. Then she turned to me with a beautiful smile…
    “Jade, just go back to whatever you were doing, oh, Nnam” she said and whisked her eyebrows toward me, while chewing gum in an unethical way
    I walked out, thanking my ancestors for saving me from that embarrassment, but I wondered why she defended me.

    In love with the housegirl

    Episode 10

    Mrs. Ola walked past me while I was cutting grass out of the compound to get the pads. she pointed her 5 fingers at me as if to say “my mama”. I still felt bitterness for Mrs. Ola for what she was making me go through. I hadn’t come up with a plan on how to get back at her without anyone suspecting me but I was definitely going to do something. She had drawn a battle line unknown to her.

    The new lady came outside and sat on a stool to watch me work. She put on a mini gown and crossed her legs, exposing her brown beautiful melanin ties. I hate to admit it but the woman wasn’t looking bad. She was a short, chubby woman who had dimples that revealed themselves especially when she smiled
    “You are the hardworking type.” She said as she observed me
    “N-no…sorry, yes. I am a man. Besides, i grew up in the village where farming was the main economic activity. And being the only son of my parents didn’t make things any easier” i replied as I squeezed out a smile.

    “Relax okay, am friendly. Feel free” she said, waving her hair to the back of her head. So which village are you from? She kept interrogating
    “Am from Ommuna” I replied, trying to bore her away from the conversation. I didn’t want to answer more questions because I suspected where the interrogations were heading
    “I better get going. Am done for the day, ma” I added and went into my room. I took my bath, freshened up and sat on my bed. I wondered how Anne was fairing. I had not heard from her since morning. I need to tell this girl how I feel about her! I can’t conceal my feelings forever” I thought to myself. I heard a knock on my door few minutes later. My gosh it was Anne.
    “What are you doing here? And what did Mrs. Ola do to you after discovering you were giving me food? I asked, all excited.

    “I came to check on you. And about that, she yelled at me and that was it” Anne said and brought out a wrap of paper from her cooks-wear which had a large pocket in front of it. In it was fried stuff, akara, suya and noodles. Tbh, I was starving.
    “Oh, Anne, what would I do without you” I asked, collecting the items.
    “Mmm, I think, nothing. Hahaha. J-boy quit asking that!” She said in a casual manner.
    “Anne, there’s coolval Stories something I want to tell you. I’ve been holding it in for a while now. I think it’s best I air out my mind. I love you! This is something I’ve never told anyone before” I said, staring into her eyes…
    “I…i better start going. I’ll see you later. She said as she escaped from my grip and ran out of my room.

    I was in disbelief. Thought she loved me too!
    “Gosh, am so stupid! Why am I rushing things!… I said as i fell on my bed, disappointed in myself.
    I stepped outside to get some water and i met Mrs. Ola’s sister. She was the last person I expect to meet
    “Can we chat for a bit”? In your room? She asked.
    “No. Just say it here” I replied.
    “You’re quite handsome for a gateman. Do you have a girlfriend?” She asked me. I was surprised at the guts she had. I mean, she just came not too long ago.
    “Well, I don’t. why?” I asked.
    “Because I want you to be mine”. I kept quiet for a bit, wondering what she meant..
    “Please don’t say no. I will change your life for good. I will give you whatever you want. shola added as she drew closer to me and planted a kiss on my lips. Her lips were soft and natural. She was a good kisser. I wanted her to stop but she was kind of irresistible.

    Then I heard a bowl fall down. I turned and there was Anne. I had no idea how long she had been standing there but all I could see in her eyes was heartbreak and disappointment. Oh, my goodness, what did I just do? I thought to myself, looking at her….


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    In love with the housegirl

    Episode 11-12

    “Stop…just stop” I said as I pushed myself off Shola.
    “You have no idea what you’ve done. And the next time you try something like that, I will do something bad to you” I added, disappointed in myself for letting that happen.
    “I will give you time to think about it” Shola said, putting her hands on my shoulder as she was about taking her leave, which I didn’t hesitate to push it away as if it were a piece of trash.
    I saw the look in Anne’s eyes. She was hurt indeed. But I told her I love her but she didn’t respond. She just…left. so how could she be hurt? I needed to apologise to her and explain what really happened. I didn’t kiss Shola. She kissed me first. I had no idea where to start from.

    I swept the compound clean, parked the grass and hipped it into the trash can before going to the back of the house to find Anne. She was trying to fix the iron gas bottle which seemed to have been disconnected from the white gas pipe linking it to the kitchen
    “Hey, Anne. It’s not what you think. Shola kissed me first, not even giving me space” I said.
    “Really, so you kissed back didn’t you? I saw everything, J-boy” she said, concentrating on what she was doing.
    “Yes, but she is Madame’s sister. I couldn’t just push her off of me. She as well has the power to sack me from here. Look, am sorry!” I said, drawing closer to her.

    She abandoned the bottle and walked up to me….
    “Hmm, you just might be right. Ok, I forgive you.” She said, as she touched my chin with her finger.
    “Yesssss, thank you thank you! You know you are my only shield in this house. If you leave this compound I will die oh” I said, boiling with excitement.
    “Cut it, silly, and I think I love you too” she said, punching me lightly on my arm. I was the happiest man on earth, hearing Anne say that. It was unbelievable.

    “Really”? I asked with a smile on my face.
    “Yes, for real. You are still my J-boy nah” she said, holding the front of her cooks wear
    “Please, I don’t want to lose my job here, but I will try as much as possible to dance to their tune…whatever you see me doing, just know am playing along. My heart belongs to you” I said to her
    “One more thing, my dad passed yesterday”. I added
    “OMG! Am so sorry. Take heart, okay? Am here for you. Please, be strong, at least, for me” she said with compassion. Her words warmed my heart.
    “Thanks, I better get going. I will see you later, I said as I turned to take my leave.
    “I will see if I can sneak in some snacks for you” she said and returned to what she was doing while I retired to my room. Few minutes later while I was about to take a short nap, I heard a knock on my door. I opened and there was Shola…
    “We are about to have lunch. Am not asking you, I want you to join us, like right now” she said with so much authority, and was not prepared to have a no for an answer. “Okay then” I said, closing my door.

    She wore a tight black gown which held her body tight and printed out her figure 8 shape perfectly…but that didn’t really had an impact on me(though it did, b little. Am a man, with feelings so don’t judge me). Whileswing her, it occurred to me that since she was into me, I could as well use her for my revenge against mrs. Ola. She was ready to dance to my tune, so she was just the perfect tool for revenge. Realising that, I smiled an evil smile like a witch at midnight…


    In love with the housegirl

    Episode 12

    For the first time since my arrival I had the chance to dine with Mrs. Ola. While we were eating, she would steal evil looks toward me once in a while. Shola on the other side sat right next to me.

    Her gown was way above her knees and her laps were exposed but she didn’t seem to care. She would hit me with her leg and smile while eating. I served myself 2 big slices of chicken from the dish…I saw Mrs. Ola visibly annoyed but I cared less. It was an opportunity I couldn’t let pass me by.

    I rushed over the food and retired to my room. I fell on my bed like a lock of dry wood, still tasting the fried rice in my mouth…I took a short nap which was rudely interrupted by a loud noise..
    “Please ma, please ma” Anne begged as Mrs. Ola ruthlessly and mercilessly carried her stuff outside. I was surprised…what could Anne have done that would warrant her exit from the house in this manner.

    “Ma, please stop. No matter what this lady have done, you don’t have the right to throw her out. She has been loyal to you. It’s not fair. For once in your life, stop being so wicked. ” These words left my mouth but I didn’t know where I got the courage to speak to Mrs. Ola in that manner.

    “Did you just talk to me in that manner? I see you both are ganging up against me in the compound but it will not work. She is leaving this house for good and be rest assured, J-boy…you are next. Two stubborn set of people” she barked as she marched back into the house. I rushed and gathered Anne’s stuff together…I hugged her as she had already cried her eyes out. She leaned on my chest and cried the more.

    “Anne, it’s going to be alright. You’re not going to be out for long, okay? I will do everything within my power to make sure you come back and resume work, okay? You know I can’t do without you in this compound. I promise, you will resume work tomorrow” I reassured her. She nodded.
    I rushed into my room and took off 15k from the money she had given me earlier. I carried her bag and took her to an inn, not far from the house. I paid for accommodation for one day, which included feeding as well.

    I came back to the compound and went straight to my room when I heard a knock shortly after. It was Shola.
    “Hey, I thought about what you said earlier..” I said while she stood at my door
    “Aaaaaannnnd?” She said, expecting a positive reply.
    “I am interested. But there are some conditions that must be fulfilled. Anne has been thrown out and I want her back. Other conditions will come up as things unfold” I said bluntly.
    “Who threw her out?” She asked drawing closer to me.
    “Y-your sister did” I replied
    “Don’t worry about that. She will come back.” she said as she approached me. I wasnt in the mood, so I hugged her and ushered her out of my room in a fine manner.

    I finished my daily routines at the compound which was quite hectic. It had been a stressful day. I slept off and a noise woke me up at around midnight. I slowly opened my window and found Mrs. Ola discussing with a certain man. I couldn’t have a good look because it was dark. Mrs. Ola entered the compound and returned with 4 cartons. The man parked them in his boot and drove off… I had heard Mr. John complain of goods disappearing from his warehouse but it had not occured to me that Mrs. Shola could be the culprit. This was one more weak point for me to attack her on…


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