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    Episode 1

    “Marry me” he said to her as they sat opposite and very close to each other in an exclusive lounge.

    Veronica looked at him speechless. She wasn’t sure of what she heard.

    “Marry you? She asked just to be certain that she was hearing correctly

    “Yes, I said marry me…. Vero. you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me and it will be a great pleasure to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you and want you to be my wife…”

    She was suddenly uncomfortable, she was not sure anymore.

    This was the fourth week of meeting him, they started dating few days later after meeting and three weeks later he was already proposing.
    No doubt she loves him right from the second they met.
    It was in an event and they clique so well and felt inseparable.
    Her faith had restrained her from getting intimate with him yet. He had tried to but she turned it down.

    One of the questions she asked him was
    “Are you a true born again?

    “Ofcourse I’m a Christian and a worker in my church. my parents were both Evangelist before an unfortunate accident claim their lives, leaving me and my elder sister. We were groomed in a Christian home, baptised and took our Faith serious… although I fall out ones in a while but God bear me witness that s never intentionally. Sometimes my flesh desires take hold over my entire being…yes Vero, I’m a true born again. And my reasons for coming to you was because I saw godliness in you and it was as if the holy Spirit is asking you to make you my wife….”

    Veronica had blushed at the last statement.
    Peter was quiet convincing and she was happy that he was a true believer.

    This conversation took place few days after meeting for the first time and just few weeks later he was asking her to marry him.

    Even though she loved him but she was not sure if he was truly the right one for her.
    She was a strong believer and usually consult God over everything but recently she has been a little distracted with Pete
    Even to the extent of skipping her Bible reading class which she was one of the coordinators
    She sometimes forgets to pray at night and even morning, unlike like her. majority of the time she was on a call with Pete.
    He calls her during her bedtime and she will speak for a long time with him and doze off after then, he wakes her up with an early morning call.
    They will continue talking until she was out of bed and straight to the bathroom trying to get ready for work.

    Pete showers her with too much attention and love.
    Buying her gifts and different accessories.
    Veronica felt really loved and even though it seems her prayer life was getting cold but her relationship with Pete was getting hotter.

    “Vero… babe….you haven’t answered me…”?
    He tapped her bringing back her attention to the present

    “Ehmmm… Pete. I don’t know what to say. I haven’t even prayed about this…i don’t know how to reply you…Seriously…!

    “Why, you should atleast say something. I thought you love me as much as I do…? What could be the problem…
    He asked taking her hands into his while squeezing them gently.

    “There’s no problem Pete…is just that is not yet upto a month that we started dating. Although it felt like I have known you all my life right from the first day of meeting and loved you ever since but…

    “But what again… there’s no “But” Vero. The love we have for each other is enough. You don’t need to know somebody for years or decades or even months before your heart tells you that they are the one for you. A day is enough to know. a week is even too much…a month is just to prolong the relationship. Any serious guy who is ready to settle down will not see a woman for him and begin to prolong the relationship… except if the relationship is just for fun…or he doesn’t have the financial capability to settle down. I’m too old to be running in cycle Vero. I have what it takes…money is not a problem for me. I manages my father’s business and also work in a big pharmaceutical company that pays well. I have money and love for you Vero… If you don’t want or love me enough…I will totally understand and move on instead of wasting my time…

    Veronica quickly hushed him

    “No…no… Pete. Is okay…I wil.. will marry you…

    Pete started grinning from ear to ear.

    “That’s what I’m talking about. Vero…I don’t have a ring at the moment to engage you but I promise that i will order the best most expensive ring online and have it delivered tomorrow or next… hope that’s okay by you?

    Vero smiled with a nod. Pete poured one of the expensive drinks that he ordered as they cheered to their new engagement.

    Deep down Veronica hopes she was doing the right thing.

    (Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH’S HEART stories)

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    Episode 2

    She sat with her friend, Jane who visited her that weekend as they went on and on gisting like besties.

    “Vero, you should be excited.. like seriously. Many will be jumping with excitement if they were in your shoes right now. You dated Martin for close to three years and he never gave you a ring or asked you to marry him. Pete showed up like an angel into your life and after few weeks or knowing each other and dating he asked you to marry him… this is wonderful. I don’t understand Why you’re worried or wearing a long face as if he was forcing you to marry him…or did he force you?

    “No… Jane, marrying Pete isn’t the problem because I love him too but I don’t know if God approves. He seems too good to be true and the whole proposal thing happened so soon…

    Jane sighed impatiently and said.
    “will you rather want to wait for a whole year or two until he probably gets tired, see another woman and pursue his fantasy… Some men are like that…when they’re bored in a relationship they start thinking of trying new things. Is not all men though…and I know God who brought Pete on your way and make him propose is a good and kind God. If he didn’t approve of it Pete wouldn’t have met you. That guy is not only wealthy, he is too fine and generous. The other day he took us out and ended up shopping a bag full of wears and Jewelries for me. You better cheer up and start thanking God because a man like Pete is hot cake… And girl, you love good things, even though you work and make your own money but having a man spoil you feels heavenly. I’m also a lover of gifts and wouldn’t want to come around and won’t be able to relax, eat, drink anything I like plus and even take home present too….

    Jane began to giggle as she lift her her drink glass to her mouth.

    Veronica chuckled.

    “You’re right. Pete is God sent and I shouldn’t worry over anything because this is the pure blessings of the Lord… and there’s no sorrow to it. He’s coming tonight with my engagement ring…he ordered one of the most expensive ring online and will be presenting it to me later tonight. You are invited…”

    “I would have sued you if I was left out of the show. I’m already planning on the dress to wear as your chief bridesmaid…”

    She stood up and started demonstrating making Veronica to laugh even more.

    That evening Pete showed up and took Veronica and Jane out.
    He already booked down VIP table and had drinks ordered.
    He brought out the expensive diamond glistering ring and gave to Veronica.

    Seeing the diamond ring left Jane’s mouth open

    Even Veronica was dumbfounded too.
    They cheered to the new begining that was about to take place.

    After eating and drinking, he drove them back home.
    He dropped Jane at her place before driving Veronica home.

    He decided to stay over and didn’t go back to his place that night.

    He made attempt in getting intimate but Veronica was not okay with that.

    “Vero, we’re engaged already and about to get married… what’s the turn off for again. You are my wife, it remains to make it official. I don’t understand what is keeping us away…

    “Okay… ok… you’re right. I want this as much as you do but after i break up with my ex..I made up my mind to remain celibate untill I meet my husband. Is over a year now before I finally met you. I already told you my reasons for not wanting to get intimate before now…and like you said, we’re as good as married… right?

    They got intimate that night and early the following morning.
    Veronica was already tired and couldn’t prepare for church on time.

    Pete asked for a full meal breakfast and Veronica who was out to please her husband to be had no choice than to prepare the meal.
    After eating she decided to dress up for church.
    She had never gone to church late before. Is unlike her to miss Sunday programs.
    She sometimes handles the Sunday School for teenage class.

    Going late today is unlikely but God understand.
    As she was getting dressed, Pete came and grabbed her from behind.

    “You can’t possibly leave me alone in the house and go to church…”

    “, Come let’s go together then. Is good to be in the presence of the Lord and you will be delighted that you came. Since we’re going to be a couple, is better we get involve with the things of God so that our home will be blessed…”

    Pete turned her over to face him.
    He kissed her and said.

    “You know what honey… you’re right. I’m a church boy too and a very godly person. Maybe work and few other things kept me away and having you by my side will make all the difference. But looking at the time… you’re already late for service. Maybe you should stay home today with me…we can both go next week. Since I’m here… atleast that’s a big reason for you to stay home…

    Pete finally convinced Veronica in staying back.
    They went back to bed and continued from where they stopped last night.

    When people from the church called later in the day to find out why she wasn’t in church, Veronica lied that she went out just to avoid any of them coming over to check up on her.

    The following day she got ready for work and Pete had a thing to say over that.

    “I don’t like my woman working for any body. Don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that you are independent and career driven but since I have enough that can last us a lifetime…is of no use stressing yourself. After we get married… you will remain home… more like a housewife and if we happen to have a baby, then taking care of the house and the child will be a full time job for you…”

    “I don’t think that’s a good idea darlin. I can still care for my home while working. Working does not limit my ability in becoming a good wife or even a Mom. I enjoys making my own money and I really don’t know how to stay home and do nothing…”

    Pete drew her closer to his himself

    “You will finally get used to staying home honey. beside, what is the point of working since I will be providing enough for the house. I can pay you for staying home and in that way you will still be making your own money since that’s what you enjoys doing. All I’m concerned is that I want to come home everyday to my lovely wife with no wrinkles or stress line on her face. Baby, I love you and I want to give you the best… you’re my queen Vero, you need to be treated as such. I want my woman for me not for the entire world. And that’s the reason alot of things will be cut down if we have to be together…

    She nodded and went on getting ready for work.

    Veronica does not always like Pete coming over to her place and spending weeks, what if one of her church members or pastor visit and met Pete, they will start thinking that she was living in sin with a man who isn’t her husband yet and that is part of what she teaches against in the teen class.
    she wish it was the other way round. Going over to his place but Pete had told her before that due to the way he travels and mostly on the road, he had not been able to settle down and get a stable place.
    He was either lodging in a hotel or in one of his company’s provided accomodations for staffs only.

    That was the reason he wants to get married and have a home that he can always come back to.

    Veronica believed him. Is a matter of a little time and they will become husband and wife
    She told Pete not to worry that things will eventually work itself out when they gets married.
    She continued working and did not stop.

    Pete who later went back to his place still comes around with different gift for her within the week.
    He later traveled and did not come back for about two months but he communicate with Veronica over the phone with every given opportunity.

    Jane is mostly around by weekend. Veronica is always happy having her gist partner around.

    She told Jane of what Pete said concerning working and becoming a full time housewife.

    “, That’s romantic…i mean you only needs to stay home and do nothing. Pete is such a gentleman…he doesn’t want you to pick a pin. Most women will kill to be in your shoes. The only thing I see here is a man who loves his woman and want her only to himself…but wait a second, hope he didn’t mention that you will also stay away from me because that’s where I will blow hot and go to war with him…

    Veronica laughed and replied.
    “, Not at all. He wouldn’t say that because he knows how important you’re in my life… silly you. Sometimes Jane, everything about Pete and our togetherness will feel so good and heavenly but sometimes it feels awkward. The rules he wants me to follow is not my kind of person… not that I can’t do them but I’m not that kinda lady. Pete is not in a haste for us to get married again…is over five months. He engaged me within a month of meeting but I have wore this engagement ring for about five months and already getting intimate with him when I shouldn’t have. You know that I’m a church… praying girl…but ever since after meeting Pete everything seems a little different. Maybe I’m overreacting…I love Pete dearly and he loves me too… that’s all that matters right?

    “, Start getting used to the new wealthy lifestyle. You’re twenty seven Vero, already engaged and waiting to get married. What else do you want… atleast you got a ring from a man who adores you and will get married in his time and terms. Your ex took almost three years of your life and still left you with nothing. Pete only took few weeks and made all the difference. You need to do everything to keep him…sex, isn’t supposed to be a problem. You gave it freely to Martin and after he left you vowed to remain celibate untill you get married. You can’t possibly deny Pete intimacy… what if he goes out there and gets it from another woman… that will be a heavy blow and your relationship won’t be solidify like it is now. Relax girl, you’re still young and can explore a little more before walking down the altar and living according to Pete’s rules…”

    They talked alot of other things before Jane later left.
    Pete retuned from his journey with lots of goodies for Veronica.
    He stayed for two weeks with her before traveling again.
    After few more weeks Vero discovered that she was pregnant.

    Pete does not appear serious again with the whole marriage thing like he was before he engaged her and they started sleeping together.
    Anytime she raised the topic he will tell her to relax, they will be married but she does not see it as part of his agenda anymore
    And now she was pregnant, where will she hide her face.
    The church will know that she does not practice what she preach.
    Even the teenagers that she was teaching the right way will be discourage.
    Her pastor will be totally disappointed.
    Even though they already know that she was engaged and is been for several months but that is not a guarantee to start having sex with her man and even getting pregnant for the same Man that don’t even appear serious again in getting married to her.
    Or could it be that Pete only wanted to use the engagement to be getting under her pants because she told him that she can’t sleep with a man until she was married.
    What if Pete is a fleet, that isn’t serious with one woman?
    Veronica suddenly began to pray against those thoughts cycling her mind and scaring her off

    Even after praying she was still scared and uncertain of what to do since she was already pregnant with Pete’s child.

    What will Pete say about the pregnancy?
    Her fears grows with each passing minute.

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    Episode 3

    After talking to Jane, her friend suggested that she call and inform him right away.

    Veronica already knew what exactly she supposed to do, she only needed a little more push.

    She called him and Pete told her that he was busy with work and he will get back to her when he is free.

    Veronica waited all day but Pete never called back.
    She decided to call him again that evening but he was not picking.

    He later sent a message that he was occupied and not fully free. He will call her back Later.
    Veronica did not sleep that night as he waited and kept hoping Pete will call.

    She slept off eventually and when she wakes up in the middle of the night she quickly checked her phone, hoping to see maybe a text or miss calls but none was on the screen

    The following morning she called again.

    “Hello Pete…. you never called back again yesterday. we need to talk”
    She said immediately Pete picked up.

    “Hey honey… Good morning to you too. I’m sorry I couldn’t call back yesterday. I’m driving right now and I will definitely call you once I pack… that’s a promise”

    Veronica agreed and waited for his call. But after two hours and Pete still did not call, she was boiling with anger and picked up her phone to text him.
    Just then Pete called.

    “I’m sorry babe. A new product just came in and my company picked me as part of the marketing team that will take it to different pharmaceutical stores within the state for proper introduction… well, that is what that have been keeping me busy darling and I’m really sorry that I haven’t called back as promised. You sounded serious earlier… what is the problem, do you need money?

    “Pete, money isn’t everything. I know you have money and all but is truly not enough. We seriously need to talk…is not a phone call talk. I wish you can come around or I come over…. anyone.

    Pete sighed impatiently before saying.

    “No Vero… that won’t be possible. I can’t see you this week or even through out this month. I just explained how busy I am to you. I expect you to understand… you can tell me whatever it is over the phone.

    “Okay..ok fine. When are we really getting married Pete?Is almost a year that I have been engaged to you. I’m already twenty eight years and times is flying. You haven’t given me a specific time and that worries me alot. My family… some of the people in the church are asking questions and…

    Pete interrupted her

    “I don’t care about the people in your church or any other person Vero. They can’t contribute anything to our lives… they’re only there to gossip. We will get married Vero… give me more time. I didn’t plan for things to go this way, I thought we will be officially married couples by now but I can’t beat nature that took a different route for me. You usually say God has a plan for everything… maybe you’re right. At his perfect plan it will happen. Just be praying for me to hit it big. I’m working my ass off to buy us everything good, Have establishment, a nice house to call home and other additional things. Is your patient I need and I have always tell you not to worry yourself out…is unnecessary my love…

    “I just need a specific time Pete. I believe you and loves you but I want to know when exactly. My heart will be at rest if you tell me… because.. I’m pregnant…”

    There was silent at the other end. Pete was quiet and didn’t respond.
    She checked her phone to be sure that the call haven’t ended mistakingly.
    But it was still ongoing and Pete haven’t replied yet.

    “…. hello… hello Pete. Are you still there…hello. did you hear what I said… I’m pregnant Pete. Pete… hello…

    He suddenly cleared his voice and said.
    “You can’t be pregnant Vero…I mean i expected you to be careful….to quickly clean up after sex. Do you intend trapping me or forcing me to marry you with this nonsense that you’re saying? How will you allow such mistake? You’re twenty eight Vero and not eleven years old child that wouldn’t know what to do. How could let this happen…?

    Veronica laughed annoyingly before saying.
    “So… this is my fault right? You’re blaming me for this….do you know how careful I have been ever since we started sleeping together just to avoid falling pregnant. I never wanted to get pregnant untill I’m properly married and I can never trapped you with pregnancy Pete. When we met I wasn’t desperate for marriage, it was after the engagement and no sign of marriage in view I started getting worried…and now I’m pregnant. I didn’t let this happen by choice…I avoided it as much as I can until now. I’m sorry but we need to think a way forward or out of this. My people which includes my church members can’t possibly know…I will be doomed. I don’t know if I will be able to survive the shame. Pete… please. Let’s do something right and fast…”

    Pete cleared his voice again, interrupting her.
    “You kept mentioning your people and church member Vero. Since you care so much about them then go and marry them. What is wrong with you? Hope you’re aware that you can’t keep the pregnancy Vero. I’m not ready for a baby now and I know you care about your reputation… your family, your church and friends who respect and also count on your integrity. For me… I’m very much into my job especially now that there’s a means to make extra cash from this new product that arrives. I won’t let anything get in the way for me. Honey…I Love you don’t get me wrong but this is a wrong timing. You will have to get rid of it… you can’t keep it. If you need money…I can transfer money for you to go get rid of it. I don’t want to be involved with anything pregnancy…my job is my major priority Vero…I want to make alot of money for us…our future will be bright when we finally settle down. But you need to clean that mistake because I’m not interested… count me out of it…is just a fetus, go and get rid of it…”

    “God forbids it. Fornicating was enough sin but commiting murder is unforgivable. God have mercy on you for even suggesting that without thinking. Is not just a fetus Pete… this is the process every human was formed and birthed. I have already offended God enough and I’m trying to get back in line of total service to him…I will never get rid of this pregnancy. Abortion is not even an option because it will never happen… I can’t Pete… that’s having blood stain in my hand which can never be washed off. This are part of the things I preach against in my teenage class. I know I haven’t been practicing what I teach but God forbids it, I won’t do what you’re asking…. Pete, there should be a way… even if is a small wedding or introduction. So that it will appear like I’m married before this pregnancy began to show. please Pete…hello, hello Pete…are you listening to me…?

    Veronica checked her phone and realized that he had ended the call since and she has been talking to herself.

    Veronica became really troubled. She did not know what to do or who to run to.

    Pete claims to love her but he is no longer the man she thought he was.
    A God fearing man won’t open his mouth without fear to ask her to commit abortion rather he will find a way to make things right.

    What have she gotten herself into now.
    “God please… have mercy on me. Have mercy… help me out of this mess that I’m into. Save me Lord, I know I’m unworthy, I know I have fallen off but father because of your abundant grace please do not look at my iniquities… save me. God please.. I’m still your daughter and will serve you better than ever if you can help me out of this. oh Jesus Christ… Lord… don’t allow me to be doomed….”

    Veronica kept praying and continued confessing. She asked God to change Pete’s heart so that he can start thinking of settling down with her.

    A week past and still no sign of Pete. She was distracted and couldn’t even concentrate at work.
    She came up with the idea to go to the church and talk to her pastor.
    Jane called to know what she intend doing since Pete is not even picking her calls again.
    She told her that she does not know what exactly to do. She was hoping for some miracle so that Pete will do the needful.

    Veronica summoned courage and went to her pastor
    She told her Pastor about the man who engaged her but ever since then he is no more talking about settling down.
    The seriousness she saw in him before the engagement is no more there.
    The pastor asked her if they were already sleeping together and she said it only happened twice and the first was a mistake the second time was because they went for a party and got drunk.

    Veronica lied and said she had already asked God to forgive her and such won’t happen again.
    She hide the fact that she was pregnant already.
    The pastor prayed for her and told her that Pete may not be God’s will for her but Veronica who can’t afford the shame of single parenting or even abortion told her Pastor that Pete is only caught up with money making and wanting to give her the world. She told him that Pete loves her and she can’t afford to loose him.
    The pastor asked her to keep praying and also include fasting for about three days that God will show her mercy.

    Veronica went home, sometimes when she kneel to pray she will be carried away in her thought of Pete.
    After few more days Pete called and told her he was coming over.
    He asked her if she later aborted the pregnancy and she told him no.

    Pete did not say anything as he ended the call.

    Veronica was overjoyed and made Pete’s favorite meal as she waited for him.

    She called her pastor to inform him that the prayer worked, God has finally answered her.
    Her pastor asked her not to relax yet, that she should continue praying she agreed.
    Veronica waited all through the day Pete said he was going to come over but she didn’t see him.
    She called him and he picked and told her that he was driving, he informed her that he was called in for some emergency at work and couldn’t make it to her place again.

    Another week came and went by without Pete showing up or even calling and Veronica worries increased.

    She was worst than before because as the days goes her pregnancy kept advancing.

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    Episode 4

    She couldn’t take it anymore, if nothing is done soonest she will end up as a single parent and God forbids it, she had never fashioned her life as a single mother

    She teaches against single parenting for the teenagers.

    She told them to avoid premarital sex because it does not only has an affect nemesis but one of the major reasons is that they will become a single parent and that is not a good thing.
    Bringing a child they can’t take off and living at the mercy of others is not always enjoyable.
    Which is why they should strive hard to avoid allowing their emotions to come in the ways of their blessings.
    God frowns at it and had given a guildline which is the Bible and also position people like she, to speak the truth to their ears and be a good example that they can emulate.

    Veronica breathed shakily as she thinks back to all the teaching and counseling she carried out for both the teenagers and those who looks up to her.

    She ended things with her boyfriend because she wanted to live a life that is pleasing unto God.
    Although the relationship with her ex, Martin was already cold and shaking from both end and ending it after all was not much of a shock.
    It was rather expected.

    She was on track in becoming a lady after God’s heart before meeting Pete.
    It was like a magic with the way they connected.
    She had mistaken him to be God’s sent until she discovered that she was pregnant and now she is worst than ever.

    She can’t possibly fold her arm and do nothing while the pregnancy advances.

    The disappointment and shame will be too heavy to bear.
    Veronica thought of what to do all through that night and by the following day her mind was made up.

    She called Jane and when she came over she asked her to call Pete.

    Maybe if Pete have another close person call and plead on her behalf he may soften up and have a change of heart.

    Jane called him with her own personal mobile line, put it on speaker just as Veronica asked her to do.
    She spoke kindly with Pete asking him to reconsider Veronica and not allow anything come between them.

    At the end Pete assured her that he will think about it.

    Veronica was atleast hopeful but she did not relax.
    She met her pastor after service one of the Sundays and pleaded with him to call Pete and urge him into doing the right thing.

    The man of God agreed to do so for her.
    She gave him his number and perfect time to call and get him.

    When the pastor later called and spoke with Pete just as Veronica wanted.
    Pete responded well and also promised to get back to Veronica.

    Veronica waited for Pete call and finally he called her that night and they spoke.

    “Enough of giving out my number for everyone to call me. Please, don’t do that again Vero. I try to be calm and listen to all the callers but deep down i wanted to end the call right away without second thought. Is a very lame and desperate act… like forcing me to do your wishes because you’re pregnant. But, nevertheless I will come over next week…we will get to talk better…”
    Pete said to her.

    And he kept to his word this time and came around.
    Veronica was happy. They got to discussed and just like magic he agreed to walk down the aisle with her for the sake of the baby.
    Veronica couldn’t believe it but Pete actually agreed to marry her within four weeks just as she wanted.

    By next month her pregnancy will start showing and she can’t take that chance.
    and it was as if God decided to answer her prayer by making Pete to suddenly have a change of heart towards everything.
    The wedding planning was much more in a haste.
    It was just going to be family and few friends. Nothin serious and no big reception.
    Pete wanted it that way and she totally agreed to it too.
    Few handful of people to witness the day and wedding is done.
    The pastor, Jane and few others that heard she was getting married were happy for her and congratulated her.
    Only Jane knew that she was pregnant and she was the only friend that will stand by her on that big day.

    Since it was few people that will be attending the wedding, there was no need for big preparation.
    Her wedding gown was just simple, more like a dinner white gown without veil that hide her stomach properly.

    Pete only gave her money to go ahead with the preparation.
    Veronica makes sure she updated him on everything.
    She informed him on the very day that the church finally agreed on to avoid crowd and Pete was okay with it.

    Everything seems to be working out for Veronica’s good.

    On the wedding day, Veronica arrived early with the few family and friends that came with her.
    She waited for Pete’s arrival and became very worried when after thirty minutes he haven’t showed up.

    She tried calling but he did not pick up.
    Her worries increase when it was almost an hour and still no sign of him

    The pastor called Pete and his friend picked up and said they were coming.
    After few minutes later, Pete finally arrived.

    Pete did not come with any family because his parents were late and his sister lives in another country with her husband.
    He only came with his close friend

    Veronica breathed out in relief. Even if is just him that came she was okay with it.
    Her concern is that the pastor should quickly pronounce them husband and wife so that she can really be at peace with her self and know for fact that she was married.

    Without wasting time, the little ceremony was done within two hours and they were married.

    The little gathering of people had a good reception while the couples later went home

    Veronica isn’t sure what comes after now but her present happiness is that she was married and no longer worried or scared of becoming a “mother.

    (Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH’S HEART stories)

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    Episode 5

    She wakes up and saw his traveling box set and ready.
    It was lying close to the door while his usual suitcase was on the table.

    Veronica sighed heavily as she stood from the bed.
    She called out to her him.

    “Honey… honey… are you traveling again?

    Pet shouted back from the bathroom

    “Sweetie… I’m in the shower. I can’t hear you clearly…I will be out in a jiffy.

    She breathed slowly as she went to the kitchen to fix a cup of hot tea for herself and one for him.

    She saw a used tea cup in the sink, which is a clear indication that he had already taken tea.
    She stared at it strangely before going ahead with hers.
    She carried the hot steaming tea back to the room.
    He was out of the bathroom and already getting dressed.

    “Hey… good morning sweetie…” He greeted while putting on his belt around his waist.

    “You didn’t tell me that you were traveling again Pee. You just came back from three weeks journey on Tuesday… today is Thursday. You only get to spend yesterday with us and I was already looking forward to having you for the rest of the week atleast…

    Pete seemed to suddenly pick up his phone immediately it beep signaling a new message.
    He focused more in replying rather than in what Veronica was saying.

    “… honey… honey… did you hear any of what I just said?… honey… Pee…P…

    Pete dropped his phone he walked up to her and kissed her on the mouth.

    “What was that you were saying again?
    He asked while going back to dressing up.

    “I said… you just returned from a journey and you’re already traveling again. When are you going to create time to spend with us. I and the kids miss you around here. Rose celebrated her birthday last week and you were not present and hardly present in most of their birthdays. Josh is turning three soon and his only wish is to have his Dad around. He’s not interested in gifts or other promises…his only desires is for his father to be around. I’m not even talking about myself and how much I’m doing to be a good mother and also give excuses on why you’re hardly around. Sometimes words fail me, I don’t know what other excuse to give the kids…or anyone asking. Even in church, the pastor and some other close members kept wondering if I’m married to myself or what…”

    Pete turned and said with seriousness in his tone.
    “Everything I’m doing is for you and the kids sweetie. I’m trying to provide a comfortable life for my family. If I decide to stay home all the time who will foot the bills…? You’re a housewife Vero and no money is coming from your end. I bought this house three years ago and it ran in millions, I bought you a car to make movement easy for you and the kids. Rose and Josh school fees is in millions too. I’m not talking about feeding, wardrobe allowance and other upkeeps. How do you think I make this money…? Vero, I work hard and can’t afford to take any chances. Living a good life requires hard work and more money. Staying home won’t put money in my pocket, my presence in this house won’t clear the expenses, pay the bills and put food on the table. What good is my presence without money…eehh?

    Veronica sighed sadly before replying.

    “Then let me get a job and support you with some of this things you mentioned. Atleast the kids are in school now. Honey, I will drive them to school in the morning and take a break to pick them up later in the day… they will stay with me in the office or…it depends on the job until the closing time and we will go home together. In that way I will be working and be taking care of the kids and also the home…”

    “How do you think all this is possible, is not a rocket science though but you can’t possibly manage home, work and the kids at the same time. You either have to be fully dedicated to one and beside how much do you think you can be making that will actually help out. Or you think is every company that will give you free afternoon to drive to the children’s school… depending on how distance and drive back with them and they will have to tolerate kids during working hours? Veronica, is easier said than done…most of the women into this kind of busy lifestyle either got a nanny or leave their kids in school until the closing time and I Pete Johnson do not want such. You will continue taking care of the kids, I’m not complaining of the financial burden but the only thing I need is understanding… not complains or nag…”

    He later picked up his traveling bag that early morning after kissing his wife goodbye.

    “So, when will you be back? Veronica asked as she helped him with his suit case.
    “I can’t tell when exactly, you already know that sometimes I don’t always return at the exact time I say but… maybe early next month I will be back. I will try and be around for Josh’s birthday this time… alright? I transferred some money for the light bill and other unplanned expenses. Kiss the kids for me when they wakes up…”

    Veronica hugged him tight and Pete responded well.
    He went into his car and drove off that early morning.

    Veronica later got the children ready for school and drove them off.

    That weekend Jane visited her with her daughter who was just a year old.

    “… Pete’s is caring and all but sometimes I need him around. I’m not disputing the fact that he needs to make money but Jane, everything isn’t about money. The kids misses him and I also do. They woke up the day he travelled, rush down to say good morning to him with all smiles on their faces only to be told that he had travelled…I saw the disappointment on their faces and really felt for them. I know we supposed to get used to the kind of person he is and the demand his company placed on his shoulder because he’s part of the managerial team…is sometimes hard. But I’m trying my best to continue running the home alone in his absence. The money is actually a big deal…I use it to console myself… you know…”

    Jane laughed as she took another bite from her just delivered shawarma that Veronica ordered for her at her request.

    “Get used to the fact that your husband act like a ghost… he is hardly seen but that doesn’t make him unavailable. Girl chop the money, enjoy the wealth of your husband and stop whining. You should be thankful that he provides everything for you and the kids… many of us are not that lucky. You have really been an angel in helping me financially…I really don’t know how I would have done it. Being a single mom is not easy Vero, Becca is three years and I know the hell it was like within this three years of nursing her alone. You already know how Steve broke up with me and went back to his ex after I told him of the pregnancy. Vero, I have almost aborted Becca because I hated Steve and everything about him. The doctor warned me to be careful in my haste decision to avoid hurting myself. Babe, I had to bear the consequences alone. I used to regret everything but not again. Becca is the best companion and friend I could ever ask for. Despite is not easy but I grew thick skin and I’m happy I made the decision to keep her. Single parenting is not easy but is not a dead end. You that have a caring husband supposed to be super grateful. Pete is trying… give him an accolade. He did not only agree to save your face from shame when you earlier discovered that you were pregnant and he wasn’t ready. He still bent to your wishes and now you are living happily with two kids already and a strong stream of income…be grateful and don’t stop thanking the God that did it for you…”

    Jane finished her shawarma and instead of pouring the juice that Veronica offered her into a cup she drank directly from the full pack.
    Veronica laughed as she shakes her head knowing the kind of friend she has.

    Veronica was grateful that she did not end up as a single Mom.
    She wouldn’t have been able to withstand the shame and struggles that comes with it.
    Seeing what Jane went through initially before she later got a job and doing fairly okay, Veronica knew that it takes strength and courage and Jane was emotionally stronger compared to her.

    As much as she remains grateful, she still hopes that Pete will start spending more time with them than his continues travel.
    Maybe someday she will get used to it but for now she was still hoping for a change.
    She does not like the way Jane referred to her husband as a ghost but is just an idiom and not a big deal although she felt strange when she said that.

    She was only looking forward to when next Pete will be around.
    He wasn’t specific but early or late next month will not pass before he appears again just as the ghost that Jane mentioned.
    She felt cold all of a sudden and quickly muttered

    “Blood of Jesus…”

    Veronica went about her day without much thought of Pete.

    (Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH’S HEART stories)

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    Episode 6

    Jane noticed that Veronica was gradually changing towards her.

    She no longer cares or even helps her out when she is in need of something.
    Jane was bothered about Veronica’s changed behavior but she tries to remain friends with her.

    Veronica had gone shopping with Jane that weekend.
    Is already a month that Pete was gone and is possible that he may be planning to come back home that Saturday.
    She spoke to him yesterday morning and he said he will be home soon .

    She haven’t been able to reach him ever since the last time they spoke and is very normal with Pete.

    Whenever he is busy with work he hardly take calls but he will always call back during his free time.

    As Veronica was driving, her phone rang and it was Pete.
    She lifted one of her hand excitedly.

    “Let me guess… Pete is calling right? I know that must be why you are suddenly over excited…” Jane said.

    “You guessed right girlfriend…I have miss him and can’t wait to have him back. Let me park first so that I can take his call.

    She parked and began speaking over the phone with Pete.

    After the call ended she entered the road again and continue driving.

    “He said that he will be coming back next week not this weekend. Atleast I have something to look forward to…”

    She said while driving and all Jane could do was to smile.
    Deep down within Jane she wish life was a bit fair for her just as it was for Veronica.
    Jane was begining to see Veronica as the most favored.
    having a rich absent husband is far better than having a poor available man.

    She had already turned down two suitors that showed interest in her.
    She told each of them that despite she already had a child she can’t possibly marry them because she had suffered enough and do not have time to suffer with a man.
    She was looking out for already made man that got it all just like Pete.
    Although she haven’t seen one yet but she kept hoping someday he will find her.

    Jane hates to be at Veronica’s mercy everytime. She wants to be in an equal level with her not always the needy one.

    Getting a well to do man like Pete, who will pamper her with loads of gifts is the goal for her.

    Jane does not understand why God favored Veronica so much.
    is not that she was the most perfect or smarter than her.

    Jane sighed silently as she thought of Dan one of her serious men asking for her hand in marriage.
    He is doing okay financially, also has a nice look and equally serious in faith.

    Dan doesn’t seem to joke with the things of God. She could have consider him if he was rich not just doing okay financially.

    She can’t end up with man that will be preaching to her day by day with nothin tangible as proof for his love.
    She can’t be trekking or still managing with life after marriage.

    Is better she remains alone than with a broke man.

    God should try and favor her too like he did for Veronica after all God does not show favoritism.

    Jane tries to think straight but the more she thinks of how life is treating her and how Veronica is flourishing and glowing in wealth, it makes her feel cheated on.

    She was happy for Veronica but sometimes the human in her takes over and she can’t help but feel jealous of her friend.

    Veronica who was oblivious of the thoughts in her friend’s heart was free spirited as she pointed out the good things that Pete had gotten her in his last travel.
    Jane could only smile with a nod as Veronica talks excitedly and how much she loves Pete and how he loves her too.

    Jane silently wish Pete was actually hers. She wish she was in Veronica’s shoes.

    “Life is just unfair… so unfair”
    She muttered silently.

    Veronica was getting prepared for her second child’s birthday.
    few days to the birthday party Pete retuned and Jane was around the day he came back.

    She watched how happy Veronica was. She totally forgot about her presence and existence. she went laughing and talking with Pete as they both head upstairs to their room.
    Jane hiss while pretending to be watching animation with the kids.

    She wanted to leave right away but that may look suspicious.
    She waited for another thirty minutes before deciding is time to go.
    Just when she stood up to leave with her daughter, she heard Veronica coming with a mini box in hand.
    Jane smiled, expressing her teeth as she thought probably is part of what Pete came back with and Veronica wants to give it to her

    “Look at this Cristal diamond necklace with it’s ear ring…do you like it?

    Jane looked at the expensive jewelries and exclaimed happily.

    “Oh my goodness… this is so beautiful and must have costed a fortune. You’re asking for if I like it…I love it Vero…”

    Jane was about thanking Veronica when she heard her say.

    “I have stuffs like this already, instead of adding this to the collection. I may use it and gift the pastor’s daughter who will be doing her convocation ceremony and Thanksgiving next month. This will really look good on her… what do you think?

    “Uhmm… I think this is a bit…too expensive for the pastor’s daughter that is just around twenty or twenty one. Maybe you should give it to…to someone more deserving of it… somebody that will really value it.” Jane said hoping she will be able to convince Veronica.

    “No…I don’t think so. The pastor’s daughter deserves it more. Her father will continue praying for me and my family and I will always be on the their list of favorites. No one is more deserving of this… except the pastor’s daughter…”

    Veronica covered the tiny box and walked back to the stairs while Jane watched her leave.
    Jane was boiling angrily but couldn’t do anything.
    She carried her daughter and left.

    Veronica organized a big birthday party for her son who turned three.
    She called Jane as usual to assist with some things.
    Jane came just as expected and helped out in putting things in place.

    During sharing of gifts, her daughter got only an ugly doll and few other intangible things while other rich kids that attended the party were given something far more significant in their gift packs.

    After the party, two days later Pete travelled again.
    Jane decided within her that she will reduce how she visits Veronica.

    After sometime the way Pete usually drop money for Veronica reduced.

    The big amount he usually transfer for upkeeps reduced.

    Veronica complained and he told her that things aren’t as they used to be, she should try and readjust untill everything is normalize.

    Veronica wasn’t happy but she had no choice than to try to reduce her spending and that was the exact period Jane came to her after keeping her distance for sometime.
    She told Veronica that her daughter was not feeling too well and she needed money for hospital bills
    But Veronica told her that she can’t help her this time due to Pete no longer drop or transfer enough money like before.

    Jane left saddened by the disappointment but she didn’t show her displeasure.

    Dan, one of Jane’s serious suitor was able to bail her out of her troubles but Jane still refused to consider him.
    She had vowed to marry a very wealthy person so that Veronica will see that she is not the only favored one.

    She will make sure of that and will never settle for less.
    Her future husband will be far better and richer than Veronica’s Pete.
    It’s a deal and she won’t let her guards down.

    (Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH’S HEART stories)

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