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    *~House 419(18+)~


    Episode 1 -5
    Give your life to Christ .Jesus is Coming soon”brother and sister repent, repent oooooooo

    Arm robber you going no where, prostitute no place for you in paradise, gossiper, yahoo boy Ritualist ”

    picking pocket and gangster “I don’t want to mention names I for call you “(brother John stood at the compound screaming and demonstrating )

    you Wey never marry “you pack come meet your boyfriend “morning serious knacking ,afternoon marathon sex “in fact una dey do am for bathroom ha!

    Hell is waiting for you ” oga landlord you going no where “money never due you dey torment tenant ”

    hell, hell “give your life to Christ” I done say my own ” as for me and my family ,we are protected “heaven straight ” he paused when he heard loud noise coming from the neighbor room ”

    una done start ooo

    chai! Who stole my pants “ewo! No try me release my pant ” ngozi came out of the room tying wrapper ”

    calm down ngozi . Wetin happen (John held her hand holding his Bible) Abeg no touch me ,my body dey hurt ” she knock at sugar boy room and watch him came out of the room with boxer looking annoyed ”

    Wetin happen . I own you money why you dey knock my door ”

    where is my pant. She stretched her hand looking upset ”

    is like you are mad “I resemble dry cleaner ” bad market “sugar boy turn to enter his room

    “ngozi dragg him back with his boxer ” sugar boy you looking for trouble ooo” everybody see me see whala oo”sugar boy and his friends have stole my pants ”

    Wetin happen “mama chukudi rush out holding her wrapper ”

    thank you. Ngozi fried sugar boy blocking his way ”

    fine. I forgot to pack my pants inside last night ” now I can’t see it, everyone knew the kind of job sugar boy and his friends are doing “tell them to release my pants

    hey don’t even mention it “sugar boy fired in anger ” are we the only yahoo boys in this area, warn yourself ” sugar boy excuse to his room closing his door ”

    Haba! Ngozi .you shouldn’t have been careless now ” mama chukudi spoke picking her broom “haven’t you heard “pant is the logo for Benz ”

    Yeeeeeeeh … sugar boy as kill me oooo
    They have stole my pants oooooooo ” ngozi kept shouting ” she noticed everyone departed from her “she excuse inside looking upset………. …….

    Stop here” bike dropped flora, Benita and Beatrice in front of the gate looking tired ”

    they kept discussing about the party and their client ”

    jeohova ”

    John scream loudly holding brush ” he glanced at their dressing, showing every part of their body “the Lord is my strength ” he makes sign of cross on his head ”

    repent, repent ” kingdom of God is near ”

    Benita hiss and lead the way inside ” flora sat outside and light up cigarettes ” she blew it out eyeing John ”

    she stood up immediately and rush to call the rest of her friends, when she noticed oyinda coming down from the bike ”

    they all kept praising her while she kept smiling “babe please stop. I hate when people shout on me ”

    we are sorry jare, don’t mind flora and Beatrice

    ” actually, am not in the mood to talk ” my boyfriend gave me serious warning never to mingle with you ”

    why. “Benita stares at herself ” you know the kind of job you are doing now , he don’t want me to have any kind of relationship with you ”

    talk to you later ” they all watch her cat walk from their mist” Benita break the silent laughing and pointing at her ” wale personal ashawo” she kept laughing ”

    don’t mind her Benita “flora continued with her smoke “the only different between her and us ” we have lot of client but her own na wale

    sheybi you see sey she done bend”

    wale no dey give am rest ” they all laugh loudly making jest of her ”

    they noticed wale coming out of the room “they cleared their voices and excuse to their room one after the other

    you for continue, gossipers. I don’t know how you affected “ashawo ” he stood in front of their door shouting ”

    Benita came out laughing ” thank you . Na our job be that ”

    what different does it make with the pakeree you put inside you call wife ”

    Yeeeeeeeh “how dare you ” wale rush inside and came out with nothing ” if not because my baby beg me I for show you”

    stupid fellow ” so you can call us prostitute “you better don’t make me say your favorite style ” flora blew smoke in his eyes

    Yeeeeeeeh ” Jesus is Lord “bro John excuse from their mist ” using his Bible to cover his ear ”

    wale couldn’t speak and turn back to discover oyinda ” baby is not true oo ” wale ran after her “Benita and Beatrice kept making jest of him*******************

    ~House 419(18+)~
    Episode 2
    My dear, and you sure we are not making a big mistake” can’t you see what writing over there “house 419” rose pointed looking worried

    “common sun shine ” it just for the main time. ” Daniel embrace her and pack the remaining stuff in ”

    she lead the way inside and located their flat ” thank goodness honey . I won’t be able to share bathroom and kitchen with other tenant ”

    common Sweetheart.am doing all this for you “didn’t you said you prefer we build our house than to buy ”

    of course. Nothing better than to see the foundation of our house ”

    hmm. I hope it works out well the way you planned my dear ” Daniel grabb her cheek smiling ”

    it will. She heard the knock on the door and opened to discover mama chukudi smiling ” welcome oo, you just moved in ”

    of course”rose replied looking serious ” Mr John push mama chukudi gently from the door by mistake” he gave rose and her husband hand bill “worship at our church. ” Christ Jesus is our Savior ”

    thank you sir. ” my wife and I have where we worship ” Daniel spoke holding rose shoulder ”

    fiipa. ” flora laugh loudly from the back of the house ” I t k” (I too know) she kept teasing John and dancing “rose close the door gently looking upset ”

    honey didn’t I told you, now you can see ” I pray this end well”she sat down looking more upset ”

    common baby ” you don’t have to worry “all you need to do is to let the door closed ” Daniel sat down close to her grabbing her close ”

    you and your way of calming me down “rose brought out a smile and carry her bag to the room ” ……. …………

    Sugar boy came out of the room with four of his friends screaming in excitement ” flora, Beatrice and Benita ran out of their room asking them what happened ”

    maga done pay. All I need you to do right now ” invite all of your friends and enemies “let party “sugar boy scream in excitement ”

    thunder fire you there “ngozi came out her room without slippers ” anyone among you, that went ahead to collect money from this idiot we rot in jail ”

    Wetin happen. “your father na chief Jugde ” Beatrice dragg her bum short up smoking ”

    oh! I can’t blame you” ngozi pointed at her ” he has been using your pants, why must he use mine ”

    chai! This woman is looking for problem ooo “see me see whala “ngozi am warning you o, am I the only yahoo boy in this compound face Alex now ”

    which Alex ” her craziness never upgrade make she con meet me “I go naked am immediately ”

    they no born you well “ngozi dragg his boxers at the back ”

    chai! I would beat you oo “Alex tried to free himself ”

    you all should provide my pant’

    am not joking ooo ” ngozi refuse to let go ”

    they noticed the land lord car and disappeared to their room ….

    landlord (pov)
    animals, international buffalos” he came down from his Toyota car holding his walking stick ”

    you should have waited for me to teach you lesson” you would never forget ” I would have test my gun on you ”

    he closed his car in anger and walk to his apartment ” he turned back to discover nepa bill on the floor ”

    he pick it up adjusting his glasses ”

    what! His voice got everyone out ” Beatrice kept peeping to see what going on

    ” 250,000′ why am alife ”

    yeeh! Everyone kept murmuring ”

    keep shut. who is collecting the money “wale ” they enchoes at the same time

    “where is him ” the landlord ask looking upset

    “they turn to discover is no where to be found ” they all walk straight to his room **********************

    ~House 419(18+)~
    Episode 3
    Wale come out ooo “if you don’t want your little man die to before you” Beatrice spoke knocking at the door

    your papa little man go die “wale came out sweating with only boxers ”

    he was surprised seeing all the tenant and landlord in front of his door “good afternoon sir “he postrated to greet the landlord ”

    hold your greetes buffalo ”

    oga landlord .Abeg, leave me make I discipline this fool ” ebuka rush him punch ”

    he sat on the floor pleading “what my offence now, why are you all shouting on my head

    “including me ” oga landlord adjusted his glasses “no sir. Minus you ”

    ha ba!”assume I know I for no give you this month money “Mr Andrew almost cry ”

    Abeg, Abeg “i ngozi obina . No get time for story “kobo. You no fit collect for my hand for another light bill ”

    because you are the landlady” Beatrice spoke eyeing her ”

    ogini ashawo. Wetin happen ( she came closer to her dragging her bum short up) I follow you talk ”

    ask her one more time ” flora and Benita replied her coming closer to her “sugar boy and Alex kept giving them sign to beat her ”

    your mama na ashawo “village girl” Beatrice fired in anger holding bucket ”

    city girl peele oooo” you Wey dey done use tete “na your body remain no energy ”

    Yeeeeeeeh ” me” Beatrice hit her with bucket ” she ran to carry bottle “everyone ran to their room including wale ”

    if they born you well ashawo “come outside and witness your dead ” rubbish “she dropped the bottle and excuse to her room ”

    flora and Beatrice came out shouting ” sugar boy end up playing music and brought out whiskey to celebrate his win ”

    in no time the compound was filled up with lot of ladies and guys making merry ” flora, Beatrice, and Benita kept sugar boy company

    “he kept spraying them dollar ” brother John close his ear from the music they were playing and end up carrying his chair inside ”

    they heard the police car and ran to hide ”

    yes officers. Arrest all of them ” oga landlord pointed to sugar boy room ” they dragged him out ” he kept yelling ”

    flora and his friends were arrested while ngozi kept laughing from the window “ashawo ………

    Baby am going to miss you ” rose embrace her husband and kiss him briefly ”

    same here darling, I promise to leave work early ” he fried her and opened the car to enter

    ” they heard noise and noticed three ladies and four guys entry the house ” jeohova. ” rose couldn’t close her mouth seeing their dressing ”

    they are on bum short and transparent blouse ” Daniel was carried away and couldn’t enter the car ”

    honey ” rose brought him back from his thoughts ” yes ” he brought a smile and wave her bye ”

    una never see anything for this compound oo “sugar boy kept shouting ” when I no dey sleep for night who I call .i tire o” flora replied lighting cigarettes ”

    now , I con win money .one stupid village girl and “he couldn’t finish his statement when oga landlord entered the house ”

    I leave everything for God ” he entered his room locking the door “flora and his friends does the same ”

    crazy human being, dog” if not because I hate to shoot ” I would have waste you like chicken ”

    oga landlord hiss and entered his apartment ”

    honey can you see ” rose turned to face her husband ” he was speechless ” he entered the car and drove out ”

    rose return inside and noticed she forgot to lock the door ” she sat down for a while and returned to the kitchen to check on what she was cooking ”

    she was shock “seeing her soup gone “she kept pointing at the gas cooker “my soup, my soup ” I left it here am sure ” Yeeeeeeeh” she rush outside holding her phone *****************

    ~House 419(18+)~ πŸ“πŸ†πŸ”žπŸ‡
    Episode 4
    Neighbor, neighbor, help, help ” rose stood at the middle of the compound calling everyone awareness ”

    who be this JJC with tiny voice “ebuka came out with towel ” rose fold her hands looking worried ”

    please, return my soup “I prepared it specially for my husband. My love, and happiness “am going to arrest whoever done this ” rose spoke softly looking sobber ”

    Abeg, Abeg “where is Indian music coming from ” sugar boy and his friends came out of the room and sat down laughing ”

    waw! So we already have new neighbor ” sugar boy spoke smiling.

    She looks like angel, her hair is like that of oh! I forgot that girl that acted “city hunter ” Alex tease her and stood up to demonstrate

    mumu how you go remember “Abeg keep shut let hear our neighbors news “what happened oo. Madam angel ”

    hey am not angel “am rose.

    Waw! Look at her flunt English .this girl go good for phone call oo”

    yes sugar boy. You make sense die ” rose, rose “wetin dey happen now “welcome to ” house 419″ na mad people dey leave for here oo”

    what! Oh my God “rose held her chest ”

    Hey don’t faint yet “even our landlord na mad man ”

    you mean our landlord “rose ask looking serious.

    Yes now ” Abeg no tell am ,I never get money for new apartment ”

    anyway am not here for that “someone bump in to my apartment and stole my soup ” she clean her face with hahdkerchief”

    heya! Sorry oo. Na greeting me dat” na so dey greet me and my guys too ” take heart”sugar boy and his friends kept making fun of her

    am going to sue whoever done this to me” my husband would jail him forever ” rose left crying ”

    this girl mumu oo” soup wey dey done forget say dey shop ”

    wait o sugar boy ” na one mumu dey steal for this compound oo ”

    I fit be two mumu oo” gold guy replied lighting cigarettes ”

    whatever”abeg I get match with flora sugar “catch you later “sugar boy left his friends kept hail him ……

    Who stole this beautiful lady pot of soup “oga landlord stood in front of the tenant shouting ”

    non of them talk ” honey let it go ” we can just prepare another one right away ”

    no baby. It took me several hours to get a lovely taste ”

    do you hear that ” oga landlord fired in anger “several hours. Whoever stole her soup would never prosper ”

    Yeeeeeeeh ” ebuka scream covering his ear ” oga landlord lay another curse ” ebuka stood up in anger “Wetin happen self ”

    soup wey I just managed ” ginger too plenty self “do you just mentioned ginger ” rose came closer to him ”

    honey call the police ” I found the thief ”

    chai! Ebuka you fall my hand “(Chris stood up looking upset) guy you no supposed do that kind things now “you should have ask me for money

    you no the kind of job am doing ” am the first coordinator, directing manger , supervisor and official owner of medal company ”

    I no dey form that why ” Chris sat down adjusting his suit ”

    can you here that “the landlord pointed to ebuka ” you need to be arrested ”

    ebuka postrated to pleads “flora and her friends kept making Jest of him ”

    are you not saying anything anymore “Chris stood up dusting his suit ”

    you can go jare” oga landlord gave him permission to leave ”

    sugar boy and his friends excuse from the meeting ” oga landlord hand ebuka to the police ******************

    House 419(18+)
    Episode 5
    Papa chukudi where do you think you are going “mama chukudi held his clothes shaking her whole body “work of course(did you see me dress like a farmer)

    Without food money abi” mama chukudi push him back ”

    Woman you are looking for trouble ooo”everyone is hearing now, if I beat her up your would start saying am a woman beater ”

    den no born you well ” mama chukudi held his clothes using her head to push his tummy ” if you are not heartless .you won’t leave me with seven children without anything ”

    so you mean 300 hundred is not money ”

    it is in your village ” foolish man ” she kept eying him and hissing”

    you must be crazy for saying that ” papa chukudi push her from him ”

    hey. you are not going anywhere without food money oo”she stood up retying her wrapper ”

    mama chukudi it OK ” try to be patient now ” ngozi came out of her room holding her ”

    ogini. Wetin be your own ” sheybi you see what you have cause ” my husband has run away “mama chukudi pursued her husband out shouting ”

    she turned to face ngozi looking upset ” ngozi warn your self for this compound. no dey put your mouth for other people business ”

    God bless you for what you said ” sugar boy came out with boxers “the day I would beat you ngozi “Yeeeeeeeh. You go die patapata ” he demonstrated clapping his hands

    your mama go die, your last born and your aunty go follow ” sugar boy ‘ they send you to me nii. Abi Wetin happen self ”

    they all went speechless when they noticed two couples drove in “excuse me where is flat 6″over dere “ngozi pointed staring at the guy ”

    thank you “excuse me”

    the second couples came down from car looking classic ” chai! See fine babe ” sugar boy whistles ”

    hello please . where is flat 8 ” over there ” sugar pointed staring at her ass ”

    lord help me, make I get money “so I go commot for one room “mama chukudi knelt down praying “she opened her eyes to discover sugar boy and ngozi gone ” she stood up and walk to her to room………..

    sugar boy came out in some minutes and noticed ngozi carrying water to the bathroom ” he stood up and watch her hang her wrapper

    ” he grabbed it laughing ” you think say you get Madness “na today the madness go stop ”

    sugar boy you won die ”

    come outside if they born you well “sugar left and excuse to his room “ngozi kept shouting and yelling ”

    she noticed oga landlord voice and kept crying ” he wasn’t aware ” he drove out of the house ”

    sugar boy came out to tease her ” she kept pleading ” he threw her wrapper and watch her rush out of the bathroom ”

    sugar boy ran to his room ” she followed him ” he locked the door and watch her screamed for mercy ‘

    he kept laughing and making jest of her ” rape, rape oo” ngozi shout loudly forcing the door to open

    “everyone came out including rose and her husband and new tenants ” ngozi held her wrapper looking upset ”

    chai! Ashawo done plenty for” house 419″ Beatrice tease her clapping her hands and dancing ”

    Beatrice you dey craze” ngozi pick pestel and chase her around the compound ” they couldn’t separate them

    rose kept capturing them ” love It my first time seeing a life wrestling ” Daniel grabb her phone and dragged her inside ”

    sugar boy kept adding to the fight ” anyone that separate them would not prosper ” ********************


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    ~House 419(18+)~ πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ“πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ†πŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”ž
    Episode 6 -10
    Darling this house is even hotter than where we came from (eniola sat down holding hand pillow for support)

    this one you calling me darling, I don’t understand “leave pretence and go straight to the point” ayo close the door and dust the chair to sit ”

    is like ayo you always enjoy my whala” eniola turn to face him pointing ” if you don’t have brain ayo. I have ” she stood up and excuse to the room ”

    your whole generation lacks brain “see let me make something clear to you , if you show your naughty character here “I would pack my stuff and leave you ”

    ayo kilode (what happened) why are you shouting like dog” eniola demonstrated coming out of the room ”

    your father is dog ” ayo throws her pillow ” am repeating myself again “eniola. You know this our 5th apartment ”

    the longest time we use is”3 month because of your stupid character”am warning you eniola .for the last time ”

    if you do nosence”yeeeh” ayo step on the floor making sound ” I would finally divorced you ” he pick his key to leave ”

    Mr man who do you think you are threatening “you better be careful ,so they won’t know me and you in this house “eniola block him from leaving ”

    leave my way animal ” he pushed her to the chair ” she threw him pillow and close the door In anger ” as if is my fault “she hissed and excuse to the room…..

    Ha!ha”diana push Felix from him dragging her gown down ” he grabbed her close forcing a kiss ”

    she push him away gently and excuse to sit holding napkin ” he sat close to her and force a kiss ” she push him away in anger “what is it self Felix “is it food. Didn’t you understand when a woman start acting this way she need rest ” she hissed dropping the napkin in anger ”

    Felix followed her in calling her name” he met her staring at the mirror looking more upset ”

    listen very good Diana. I can’t let you keep doing this to me “it unfair now, he tried to touch her ” Felix is it food “read my lip “na food.

    Until you kill me abi ” she turn to face the door looking more upset ”

    what do you mean kill ” it a normal thing now, you are my wife you need to satisfy me every moment I need you ” Felix grabbed her close ”

    Felix you are looking for trouble ooo”help , help, help “she kept screaming and watch him push her to the bed ” Felix leave meoooo”no be food. Na food ”

    fuck your Diana ” you know how many times I prostrated to have you , numerous of yam and palm wine” you now telling me nosence

    Felix I would bite you if you pulled my pants down ”

    go ahead now ”

    help ooo, help oo ” help

    keep shut. And stop making noise “Felix covered her mouth ” she removed his hand and kept shouting. ………..

    ngozi rinse her cloth to dry and kept singing she paused when she heard noise and call everyone attention ” someone is dying, someone is dying” she kept knocking at everyone door and lead them to where the noise is Coming from ”

    they where surprise hearing something else ” harder, harder ” I love it that way ” mama chukudi left hissing ”

    eniola clap her hand hissing ” so as you fine reach na amebo spoil you (omo igbo )

    omo Yoruba sho mad nii) ngozi came closer to her and spoke to her face

    awo molebii mad ( your relative mad) see , I get craze for head ooo ” eniola removed her scarve and tie it around her waist ” for your life don’t ever carry your amebo come my door “shotiigbo (you done hear)

    if not because my husband gave me strict warning “I for show you ” she push ngozi away and left murmuring to herself ***************

    ~House 419(18+)
    Episode 7
    Goodness. why is this woman nothing picking her call (ayo kept calling at the same time horning)

    is this where am going to spend the night “chai! I get married to mistake ,no need to be told “big time mistake ”

    he came down from the car knocking at the door in anger “no reply from anyone ” he tried her number and noticed her hiss ( if you don’t want arm robber to kill your father, come and opened the gate right now)

    oh! You still shouting on me ” she hung up

    “Yeeeeeeeh “someone would die between me and you eniola ” he kept knocking.” he called her back yelling(enny if I count one to three and you didn’t come out .that is the last time you would see Me in this house )

    OK bye. ” eniola hung up first ”

    Yeeeeeeeh ” I said it, this woman is after my life ” chai! Who do I call ooo” he call again ”

    am sorry now. Do you want your husband to sleep outside ” he noticed the door open and watch her ran inside ”

    keep running oo ” he opened the car and noticed gun on his head ” hey. Cooperate ” now move ”

    alright sir. ” Yeeeeeeeh “eniola has implicate me oo” he started the car and drove inside as he was instructed ” he came down shivering

    “Wey your room ” he pointed shivering ” he lead the way inside ”

    ha! Ha” ayo .you should have said you came with your friend “eniola open the door smiling

    stupid woman kneel down before you die ” ayo walk In shivering

    eniola notice the gun on her husband head and kept pleading” we don’t have money here, it all in the bank”

    so as the room fine , no money ” sir. No money

    “food nko ” he ask sitting. Food dey ” my husband night food ”

    hmm.go bring am “come back what did you cook self “hope is not ginger ”

    no jollof rice” eniola serve him and watch him ate holding gun “he opened the fridge for water and drank to his satisfaction before leaving ” if not because I never marry “I for kill you ”

    but ,I would just leave una “good night ” he walk out closing the door “eniola got up shouting thief ” ayo transferred his whole anger on ” my own night food abi “you know it all your fault crazy woman ” he beat her with pillow ” and watch her ran to the room ………

    Imagine, a thief came to Robb innocent couples last night ” oga landlord stood in front of all the tenant looking upset ”

    assume it me “I would have shot him to dead “hmmm” they kept murmuring among themselves”

    keep shut everyone” now this is my judgement” once it is 6pm that gate you seeing over there would be locked “anyone caught trying to go out would pay a big fine ”

    ha! Ha” oga landlord. You done forget say na 6 our market just start “Beatrice blew chew gum

    ” who is that buffalo that just talk “everyone was speechless ”

    I already said my own ”

    you can go ” oga landlord dismissed them and excuse to his room ” Beatrice and her friends kept yelling ” sugar boy WAs not left aside ”

    chai! Why landlords go dey cage us” me one in town “sugar boy “yeeeh

    in no go better for anyone wey dey steal in this house “eniola shouted loudly ” hey please. “Diana keep her shout ” I hate curse ”

    she left first, opening gate for her husband to drive out ” she returned to her room making call ” eniola watch her enterted the room without closing her mouth ”

    Wetin dey do this pakeree “if not because I respect my husband standing here “Yeeeeeeeh. I for show you I was born and brought up in “orile agege” everyone kept halling her ”

    her husband felt embarrassed and excuse inside locking the door “he ignored her pleading and refused to open ***************
    ~House 419(18+)~
    Episode 8
    Benita , flora (come outside and see ooo) Beatrice kept shouting and hissing “rubbish ” she clap her hands looking upset ”

    ogini ( Benita came out looking surprise “chai! This is poor nosence o”

    oga landlord no fit use in own spoil our market now ,abi which one be this ”

    Wetin happen, why the noise ” Alex came out of the room using spray “your papa done lock gate “Beatrice spoke pointing to the gate

    lock Wetin ” sugar boy rush out buttoning his shirt ”

    which kind Kasala be this “flora sat down placing her hand on her forehead “she noticed the ring on her phone and pick “honourable ”
    Honourable : flora what going on now ” am in front of the hotel waiting for you ”
    Flora : honourable something came up oo” it best you arrange another girls
    Honourable :what! After 500 hundred thousand ”
    Flora :ehn! Ehn “Abeg commot for here “flora hung up lighting cigarettes ”

    Wetin this man do no make sense rara” Beatrice sat beside flora staring at the gate

    “they noticed brother John voice and hiss ” Jesus is the Lord of lord” babalawo bound down before him “he dance out of his room to the gate ” non of them answered his greetes ”

    council come house ” he ask looking surprise “no, na counselor ” Beatrice replied him looking upset ”

    madam Beatrice .it best you respect yourself

    “if I don’t .what would you do ” Beatrice stood up and use her chest to hit him “I wouldn’t do anything ”

    brother John excuse from her returning to his room and making a sign of the cross on his head ”

    mama chukudi off to choir practice ” ngozi came out of her room singing “she ignored everyone she met sitting and walk to the gate ”

    who close this gate “ngozi dropped her bag looking upset ” jamb question ” Alex replied dusting his shoe ” ngozi laugh clapping her hands ”

    your case no fit pain me ” no one except someone with big head to have brain ” na nail, nylon “go full your brain ”

    me ngozi ” Alex stood up in anger “what would you do ” ngozi held his clothes looking upset ”

    una no get brain for this house rara ” eniola came out holding her gown up ” and you “she pointed to Alex “you just get dick you be woman “Abeg commot for road make I passed

    ” she noticed the door lock and kept raining curse “Diana rush out covering her ear “hey woman. Can’t you do without curse ”

    una na see oo”na pakeree come out con cry ”

    do you just call me that , stupid name ” ehn! What are you going to do ”

    watch me ” Diana gave her slap “that is to correct you am” Diana ”

    Yeeeeeeeh “shift make blood no stain you ” eniola push Alex and ngozi to the gate “she removed her wig and decend on Diana ” she kept screaming “darling, darling ” help ”

    Alex and ngozi continue with their fight at the other side ” rose rush out capturing “sugar boy was the referee……….

    please stop begging me “I only let you in because I respect you ” Felix message Diana eyes with warm water ”

    baby easy ” sorry my dear “see what you wife did to mine darling.ever since I got married to her I never raised my hand on her ”

    your wife con thought her lesson abi, no worry

    ” it you am begging since now “please don’t let her sleep at the cell, she allergic to mosquito ”

    oh! You concerned about mosquito “see the way she deal with my wife ”

    please leave am getting angry ” Felix push ayo out closing the door ”

    Yeeeeeeeh ” Diana you fuck up. Na only me you dey get mouth for “see what a woman like you “done to you ”

    hey are you making jest of me “Diana look sobber “no baby. why would I ”

    chai! that woman na beast “she is not human being at all ”

    ouch! Add balm “Diana lay down flat holding her forehead (who is faulty landlord or tenant)

    ~ 419(18+)~ πŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”ž
    Episode 9
    Eniola came down from her husband car shouting and retying her scarve (am back oooooooo) she stood at the middle of the compound shouting”

    hey .Abeg carry your noise go that side ” ngozi pointed to her door looking upset “eniola hiss and raise her voice more “bad belle, crazy people ”

    na una mama go die for jail “she clapped her two hand pointing at their door one after the other “will you shut up there “ayo pick a little stone and stone at her direction “she bent down looking upset “ngozi kept laughing “Tom and Jerry ”

    is like you are mad abi”eniola decend on her while the rest of the tenant came out separating fight “sweet lord who brought this mad dog out of jail “rose spoke softly hidding at her husband back “he dragged her to the car and lock the door on her ”

    baby, what wrong now”I want to watch their fight ” don’t worry you meet them on it when you come back ”

    he drove her out while she kept peeping from the window ”

    ayo dragg eniola up in anger ” the worst mistake of my life is getting married to you ” I would return you to ghetto where i found you crazy woman “he dragged her to the door In anger

    leave me alone oo, leave Miii” help me neighbor his going to kill me ” ngozi stood up laughing ”

    eniloa threw her bucket in anger “her husband push her inside closing the door ”

    wonder shall never end “mama chukudi came down from where she was standing clapping her hands ” this house has finally turn to civilian barrack ”

    good morning mama chukudi “Beatrice came out of the room lighting cigarettes “morning “she replied covering her noise ” see Beatrice abi Wetin dey call you ”

    yes Beatrice “she replied letting smoke out of her mouth “you sure say you be human being ”

    Beatrice gave her bad glance and excuse to her room “you for leave am mama chukudi ” dat one no be human at all ” ngozi replied demonstrating ”

    they cut a glance at the landlord and excuse to their room ” buffalo, gossipers” you all are leaving soon ” rubbish “he opened the gate and excuse outside……….

    Ebuka came out his room singing and spreading clothes ” he dried the last cloth in his bucket and return inside ”

    Alex came out of the room yawning “he cut a glance at the cloth he spread on the rope and whistles ” he rushed inside to call sugar boy

    “he was more shocked than him ” they Empty the rope in a minutes and pretend nothing is going on ”

    they watch ebuka came out of this room in some minutes with bucket of water “he excuse to the bathroom and came out cleaning his body “he dropped the bucket in his hand and was surprised seeing the rope empty ”

    am I dreaming “he opened his eyes widely ” Yeeeeeeeh ” una done start ooo “oga landlord you no witnesses this one o”t

    hief no dey Robb thief oo ” sugar boy and Alex concentrated on their phones ” excuse me ” he came closer to them”

    do you saw the clothes I hang their “he pointed at the rope looking upset ” is like you are blind “Alex fired in anger ”

    hey. Easy ” sugar boy calm him down ” when did I took security as a job, because I don’t understand why your mentality no tell you say you dey stupid ”

    me…. “Yeeeeeeeh ” ebuka carry two bottles and break it at once ” if you one die ” pass this place ” sugar boy sat down crossing his leg”

    diana rush out of her room covering her ear “who got you out thief”she ask looking serious

    who be that “ebuka turn to face Diana and chase her to her room with bottles “before he returned sugar boy and Alex lock the door shivering ”

    he stood outside yelling “no one dare come outside ” I will kill all you “cloth I bought 50 thousand ” una go die one after the other (he yelled to his satisfaction before leaving inside


    ~House 419(18+)~ πŸ”žπŸ‡πŸ“πŸ“πŸ†πŸ€πŸ‘ˆ
    Episode 10
    Diana rush out from her apartment making call (of course am coming) she rush to the gate and noticed it was lock ” she look around and noticed sugar boy dusting his shoe and singing ”

    hey open this ” she pointed to his direction “he ignore her and continue with what he was doing ” hey are you deaf “open this ” Diana hung up the call looking serious ”

    Yeeeeeeeh ” sugar stood up loosing his belt ” do you just said am deaf”

    yes you are. I was talking to you, you acting like you on top of the world”sugar boy shut her mouth with slap ” she fainted removing her wig ”

    she woke up to discover all eyes on her “darling, darling “that all she could hear ” where Am i” she stood up dusting her gown ”

    haven’t I told you several times to mind the way you speak to people “now see your self ”

    baby, can you tell me what happened ” Diana look embrass ”

    forget about it ” her husband dragg her inside ” she kept crying and yelling at sugar boy ” I would sue you for this, you going to regret your action for laying your fitty hand on me ”

    her husband dragg her in and lock the door “he returned to face sugar boy and return three good time ”

    Yeeeeeeeh. You won die ” sugar boy run to carry pestel ”

    I thought you prefer I should discipline you myself ,but right now am going to do it with my colleague “( he makes a phone call mentioning barrack)

    oga Abeg, I use everything you like and love beg you .it devil work ”

    ha! Ha” why are you begging me now ” pick the pestle and hit me ”

    no oga. I don’t know you are a soldier ” sugar boy postrated crying ” ngozi kept laughing and pointing to him ”

    mama chukudi sat down to watch perfectly “now get up ” frog jump, frog jump ” he got up and and did as he was told ” the whole neighbors pleaded before he was release including landlord ” he ran to his room looking helpless……….

    babe which kind whala be this “why oga landlord go dey do like this” Beatrice held the gate smoking ”

    no yawa now , seems his serving as blockage to us we have to treat his fuck up “flora sat down looking upset ”

    how “Benita sat closer to him looking more serious ” fine, we no fit go out huzzle “huzzle go dey here ”

    so you mean we going to work home ” yes now, when oga landlord got tired he would let the door opened ” she excuse inside and change to something attractive ”

    Benita and Florence done the same smoking and playing music” they kept dancing and bringing people attention ” bro John close his window and ear making a sign of the Cross”

    flora notice rose and her husband Coming out of their apartment “she cat walk to meet him and dragg her husband from him” Benita does the same to eniola husband ”

    in no time the whole house turn to wrestling ring ” you be ashawo, stay away from my man. Am warning you ” rose spoke in anger ”

    you dey craze. No hold am well ” flora kept dancing ” eniola removed her wig and decend on Benita ” ashawo pass ashawo ” if you dey craze, go out ” Benita position herself on her and beat her up with her heels ”

    ayo left her for a while before separating them

    “enough ” oga landlord rush down screaming he fell from the stick lay on the floor ” they all stop fighting and rush oga landlord to hospital *****************,


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    *House 419* πŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ†πŸ†πŸ“πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
    Episode 11 -END
    Baby how is baba( eniola stopped her husband from entering the house looking worried) if I give you slap enny .yeeeehhh”it best you mind your self “he entered the house looking upset

    ngozi and mama chukudi left before he transferred the anger on them “rose and her husband came in with the rest of the neighbors discussing”

    no one cause this “if not “Beatrice and her friends” eniola fired in anger watching her door ”

    you see, your nosence no concern me” sugar boy sat down pulling his shoe “mr man who is doing nosence “Diana spoke In anger ”

    madam, I no follow you talk please ” he packed his shoe inside and lock the door on himself

    “you see we all need to stop this drama of a thing “hey. Rose pointed to Diana “I thought you more educated ,why are you acting like you never went to school “rose look upset ”

    you mean me.

    Of course ” rose replied nodding her head “my dear that enough ” let just go In” rose husband dragg her inside apologizing ”

    let me talk jhor, she thinks she can talk to everyone the way she likes “that not possible oo”

    wil you shut up there ” rose husband fired In anger ” she fried herself and entered the house in anger ”

    I thought I was the one that observed your character in this house Diana “I never knew I have a supporter”eniola came closer to her looking upset ”

    Wetin dey do you self” “she had her name and ran inside ” am coming oo”i was just receiving call ”

    You see Diana .me I like you o” ngozi sit her down peeping at eniola’s door “that eniola na crazy woman “the day I go beat am ehn! Yeeeeeeeh ”

    I pray no one go dey house to plead for her ” very good. I thought I was the only one that hate her “Diana spoke in excitement ”

    not only you ooo”even Beatrice and flora “see, u have nothing to be sacred of “that rose I one beat am self ”

    really! You must be a good fighter ” Diana spoke smiling ”

    of course. For my village I be champion ” dey notice the horn of a car and stop talking ” three guys came down with a lady ” they look classic in their outfits ”

    one could see the look on their face ”

    good afternoon sir “ngozi greeted smiling ”

    hold your greetes ”

    ngozi change her look hitching her neck”

    where is the landlord ”

    travel, hospital ” ngozi spoke in a stammering voice ”

    Look at that “illiterate ” what are you doing here anyway ”

    tenant, my room “ngozi pointed hitching her hair ”

    so lawal use the house for rentage”very good, very good ” tell him when he comes back “he only has five days more OK ”

    they entered the car and left ” wonder shall never end.” Diana spoke ahd excuse to her room ……

    Honey am telling you the truth ” Diana serve her husband food and sat in front of him “they look upset when they came
    telling him, he only has five days .that was their last statement

    “this is serious “James dropped the water in his hand “what do you think his happening Diana ”

    In my point of view and observation “I think something is fishy about this house ”

    really! Make me understand ” James look more serious ”

    first ,house 419″and the guy said a statement earlier “so he use the house for rentage”that means they were not aware “( Diana dropped her phone and look more serious)

    this is unbelievable ” no wonder he never shows more attention to the house ”

    exactly ” I think he has some business deal with those guys that visited this afternoon ”

    that is true ”

    James pack the plates to the sink “love, that’s is problem”my problem right now Is you ”

    have eaten. Let me eat main food ”

    James came closer to Diana “Diana change her look “at least relax now ”

    she noticed his hand on her lap ”

    I was even thinking of one idea ” what is that ” Diana open her eyes widely ”

    let do it here ” I watch latest porn earlier ” the style was like this” he sit her down and grabbed her leg up “this punishment ,let do usual ”

    no, this more ok” he grabbed her close and kiss her roughly grabbing her cloth up ”

    he was about getting inside of her when they heard the knock on the door “yes “they both enchoes at the same time ”

    Diana rush to get the door grabbing her gown down ” she was surprise seeing ngozi “she rush in without permission and cut a glance at James ”

    she turned to leave smiling ” James close the door looking upset ” why are you here “he ask picking up his belt ”

    film, “Zee wolrd ” she kept shivering staring at the pictures on the wall ”

    honey, as she been coming here “James ask looking serious “no. not at all “Diana sat down picking a nail polish ”

    perfect ” so you came to gossip with my wife

    noo oo”not at all ”

    you even bump in without being told ” James wrapp the belt in his hand ”

    now, go this way ” James lead her to kitchen ” she placed her hand on her head begging ”

    wash it all ” when you done knock at the door for key ” James excuse to the room with Diana *******************

    *~House 419*~
    Episode 12
    Sorry oga landlord “ngozi watch him came down from his car with walking stick ” she tried to hold him ”

    if you dare touch me ” he almost fell, holding himself while pointing his walking stick at her ”

    haba! Why are you transferring the anger on me now ” ngozi sat down eyeing him ”

    he closed his car In anger “all of you are leaving this house “no one is staying behind I swear with my life ”

    oga calm down now “we be your pikin ” Beatrice let smoke out of her mouth ”

    will you shut up there “oga landlord fired in anger ” so now , can do what you please abi ”

    see the idiot am talking to” she is smoking ” oga landlord threw stone at Beatrice ” she ran inside while the rest of the tenant rush outside

    “very good, wonderful” make una open your ear oga landlord won speak ” ngozi spoke demonstrating ”

    stupid illiterate ” lawal turn to face her looking upset”

    you see all of you staring at me.you don’t reach me to handle”i am a retired soldier ” I would shoot you all like rat and chicken ”

    rose brought out her phone to capture ” Diana located book and pen from her bag jotting everything he was saying ”

    what are you doing buffalo ” he pointed to Diana ” writing your word down ” by 2pm it would be out on newspaper ” Yeeeeeeeh ” oga landlord came down chasing her ”

    with due of respect sir ” I would like to see your ID card “James spoke looking serious ”

    for what. Why are you asking ”

    it won’t be nice seeing my boss here.. I meant a retired soldier without giving him a good honour and respect or what do you think neighbors ”

    perfect, I support you 100% sugar boy gave oga landlord bad glance ”

    you all think you can make mockery of me. No never, it would never happen ” he turned to leave ” oga landlord before you leave I need to deliver one message ” ngozi ran to meet him ”

    what do you want illiterate “(he look upset )your people visited earlier and said “you have five days left ”

    oga landlord eye her and left in anger ” mama chukudi dragg ngozi inside to hear more details ”

    sugar boy excuse to his room murmuring to himself same as others………….

    Yeeeeeeeh ” una done start ooo “if I start my whala dey go say eniola whala is too much (eniola shouted on top of her voice)

    what happened ” ngozi rush out eating the rest of her chicken ”

    if not because am offended .I won’t have talk to you “eniola spoke adjusting her cloth “but, whoever tried this mess ” Yeeeeeeeh “you better come out before your bed start getting hot on you ”

    woman what exactly is your problem “tell the world ,let them know ” rose came out with bum short looking upset ”

    madam how may I help you ” eniola spoke staring at her ”

    you can help me by keeping shut ” you too lousy ,are you the only one leaving here ”

    please and please “go back to where your husband chain you if you don’t want whala

    “what will you do idiot ” rose came closer to her”

    it simple I would just pulled your hair, and remove the nonsense inside it ” eniola kept her phone and came more closer to her dragging her hair ”

    the whole neighbors rush out to seperate them ” rose ” rose had her name and noticed her husband coming down from the car “she dragg her bum short up looking sobber ”

    she ran to the room dusting her cloth ” oga take it easy oo no be her fault o”na this mad woman cause am ” ngozi watch rose husband excuse inside In anger ”

    what do you just say ” eniola came closer to her” she was about hitting her when her husband came in ” Oya inside ” he spoke removing his belt”

    you see what you cause ” eniola poninted to ngozi looking sobber ”
    ” enter in the counting of three ” ayo fired in anger pointing to the door ”

    ayo please, she cause it ” she kept pleading ”

    beat am very well” ngozi kept laughing ”

    eniola gave her a bad glance “ayo dragg her in anger ***********

    *~House 419~

    Last episode
    Episode 13
    (Several weeks after)
    All this people are back again ” Diana close her door to watch their reactions “where is lawal .there”over there ” Diana pointed and watch them climb the stairs In anger ”

    she watch them dragged lawal down ” two guys kept hitting his head ” his cry brought everyone out “what going on here ” ayo came out with eniola ”

    waw! Wonderful, perfect ” so lawal have the gut to use the house for rentage”

    oga please. they are my my relative “yeeeeeeh”beatrice placed her hand on her head ” oga landlord are you kidding us ” ayo look surprised ”

    listen everyone ” one of officer spoke looking serious “the man you see here is an agent “he was ask to sell the house, his selfish interest make him use it for rentage

    “Yeeeeeeeh ” mama chukudi fainted while ebuka came more closer to the officers “sir, if I heard you well “this house is for sale”

    of course. ” ayo came closer to lawal and raise him up in anger “remember I just use 3 month “where is my balance ”

    what going on here “James entered the house with his uniform ” honey “Diana rush to embrace him “I said it. Now it happening ”

    what happened my dear” James look confused

    so you haven’t heard ” ngozi stares at him dropping her broom “oga landlord na agent “ngozi sat down crying ”

    agent what. “James look upset ” listen everyone of you “they all stay quiet ” I want you out of here in two week “am giving you two weeks to get out ”

    Yeeeeeeeh ” na lapo money I use rent here oo”mama chukudi open her eyes crying ”

    sweet lord. I should have I know this man is cunny when I saw” house 419 at the wall ” rose spoke looking sobber ”

    take him away “they watch the officers dragg him outside’everyone kept murmuring among themselves.

    sugar boy entered the house and noticed everyone looking upset “.what happened ” he ask looking confused seeing their reaction”

    you better start looking for apartment” Benita excuse to her room in anger ”

    see sugar boy or wetin den dey call you “oga landlord na agent ooo not landlord ”

    what! So what next now ” you still they ask” ngozi replied standing up ” he gave us two weeks to pack ”

    ha! Sugar boy sat down and join the rest ”

    no problem, no problem at all” it just the right moment to separate from crazy people have been leaving with ” eniola stood up dusting her cloth ”

    thunder fire you there “ngozi fired in anger “fire your mama and Papa idiot” she entered the house with another word ”

    ……. ..the end ****************

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