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    ☄️🥀 Her desire 🥀☄️

    💧🔥She is rich, hot but unhappy 🔥💧


    It tells a story about a young beautiful heiress who is a model, who have all the material wealth every young lady desires to have. But she don’t have what she desires for!
    That is attention!!! Yeah she always desires for attention from her parents but she can’t achieve her goals because she has the most busy people as parents. She didn’t have any parental care since when she a baby. That’s make her unhappy.

    Meet Max David her dad a business tycoon who own five grooving companies to himself!!
    The richest man in the country. And his wife Max Flora David who is also a business tycoon who deals on jewelleries.

    On her journey of life she will meet Desmond the all girls dream man in high school. Who is an unhappy guy who blame himself for everything that happened to his family. And also she will meet his best friends, his crazy and funny siblings and his sweet mom!!!

    She found out that Desmond doesn’t believe in love!! According to him is just a fictional word and love is only practice in fairytale stories.

    But will he hold on to his principle about love when Max Mirabella is in the picture or will his principle change……

    Let’s find out in this story of jealousy, comedy, romance, betrayal, hate and love…

    Pls this story depends on you readers!! Tell me if you prefer this one.

    Pls if your likes are encouraging I post every day!! That’s the deal!

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    💧 Her 🔥 desire 💧

    💧🔥She is Rich, hot but unhappy 🔥💧

    Episode 1

    Mira pov

    Hello I’m Mirabella, but I love to be called Mira! Let me tell you something about me…

    I’m Max Mirabella, am the only child of Max David a business tycoon who owns five grooving companies, one of the companies deals on soft drinks one in cosmetics while the other three are construction companies. He is the richest man in the country. Well my mom Mrs Max Flora David is not left out she is a business tycoon too who deals on jewelleries.

    Now you can see that I have the most busy people as parents! I only sees them once in a while. Even when I call them we don’t talk for a long period of time because when we are talking they will tell me they have something important to take care of that they will call me back but they don’t normally call back!!!

    Well all my life I didn’t enjoy any parental care because my parents are my nannies!! You can see my life sucks!!

    Well I have every material things every young lady desires to have. My parents care more about my material things more than my happiness. They don’t know money can’t buy everything! They don’t know I desire their attention, care and love!

    I am in my final year in high school. I am home alone! Is only modelling activities and my school works that keeps me busy. At home only the maids and servants keeps me company. Am always lonely because I don’t have friends. Let me say because I don’t want to have friends! I school abroad because my parents are always busy. I told my parents I don’t like it abroad that I want to school in my country. My parents promised me that I will attend the best high school in the country. I just smile at it!!

    Mrs Max; Mirabella!!

    Me; Yes mom!

    Mrs Max; Are you sure you will be okay without your bodyguards!!

    Me; I will mom! Am not a prisoner who is always escorted by uniform men! I am going to school not to the warfront!

    Mrs Max; okay! Your driver will pick you up. When you are through with classes. I’m going for a business meeting.

    Me; Okay mom!

    Mrs Max; okay sweetheart! Behave yourself!!

    Me; Yes mom I will! Bye!

    Well I just convince my mom that I don’t need any bodyguard. Am tired of uniform men following me any were am going making me look like a criminal! I just want to be like every normal high school girl!.

    Actually am a model! I just love modelling!! For me is a hubby and is just for fun! Because I don’t take it as a profession! I am planning to be a surgeon. Well am the model my parents are using in their various companies, well I have thousands of followers on Instagram. Am also an ambassador in many Brand of different companies.

    I was walking towards one of the classes, when someone said hello to me! When I turned to look at the person. The girl released a loud gasp and before I knew it she screamed!!

    Lucy; oh my gosh!! The great Max daughter, the model is in our school…..

    Me; please…. Stop shouting.. you are embarrassing me!

    Lucy; Okay I won’t scream again! But this is a dream. How can my biggest celebrity be talking to me! But what are you doing here did you miss your way!! I thought you school in England!!!

    Me; actually, I am attending this school now!!

    Lucy; Why????

    Me; Because, I want to stay in my country!!

    Lucy; Wow!!!

    Me; Well I’m Max….

    Lucy; Max Mirabella you mean!!!

    Me; Wow! You know me well!!

    Lucy; Who won’t know the great Max daughter the model, am your biggest fan. Am Larry Lucy!!!

    Me; is my pleasure to meet you!!

    Lucy; I am more honored to meet you!!

    Me; okay, well can you show me the science block!!

    Lucy; What! I thought you Will be in the art block just like me!

    Me; Being a model doesn’t mean that I can’t do science. Modelling is just my hubby!!

    Lucy; Wow! I admire you!!!

    Me; Stop it!!!

    Lucy; That means you will be attending the same classes with my best friends

    Me; Wow ! You have Best friends!!

    Lucy; yeah! The brainy ones!!!

    Me; wow! I will love to meet them!!

    Lucy; let’s go!

    She showed me my locker. She took me to the basketball court then I saw the two hottest guys!! But one is more hotter! He got those dreamy blue eyes that is charming and those curly hair!! Lucy voice brought me back to reality! The dreamy blue eyes guy left without them noticing!!

    Lucy; lady Mirabella!!

    Me; please call me Mira stop using lady

    Lucy; okay Mira meet Dan my bestie!!

    Dan; Nice to meet you Mira! But are you not Mr Max daughter! What are you doing here!!

    Mira; I am newly admitted here!!

    Lucy; wait!! Were is Desmond I thought I saw him just now!!!

    Dan; He left, you know he don’t like being social!!!!

    Lucy; He is boring

    Dan; But we both love him!!!!!!


    Is Desmond that boring!!🤔🤔🤔🤔

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    💧Her 🔥 desire💧

    💧🔥She is rich, hot but unhappy🔥💧

    Episode 2

    Mirabella pov

    Lucy; He is boring!

    Dan; but we love him!!

    Lucy; Yeah! Dan, Mira is in your block!

    Dan; Wow! Science!! I thought she is a model!!

    Me; Modelling is just my hubby!

    Dan; Okay follow lucy, let me go and change in the restroom.
    He left!

    Lucy;Mira don’t mind Desmond, he is not the social type!!

    Me; Neither am I!!!

    Lucy; what! You are not social!

    Me; I love to be alone! But i love visiting the orpharnage to see the children there, i love children!!

    Lucy; Wow! You are different!

    Me; You are my first friend!

    Lucy; Thanks for making me your friend! I am honoured! You love children that means you will love to meet Desmond siblings those crazy kids, but they are fun to be with!!!

    Me; Wow! I will love to meet them!!

    Lucy; There is a problem!!
    She sighed

    Me; what problem???

    Lucy; Desmond is the problem! He don’t like associating with people! How will you be permitted to see his siblings!!

    Me; Oops!!!

    Lucy; Don’t worry Dan and i will make sure he accept you as a friend!
    She stopped talking she was staring at something when i followed her gaze.
    I saw three boys beating up Desmond! I opened my mouth shocked!!

    Lucy; Those bully have started again!!! She said angrily!

    Me; Why are they beating him up!!!

    Lucy; He cross their lane!!!

    Me; How!!!

    Lucy; He destroy the biggest bully laptop!!

    Me; Just because of a laptop!! They are beating him up!!!

    Lucy; Mirabella!!! Is not just any laptop is the latest one!!

    Me; Even at that they don’t have any right to beat him up!!

    Lucy; This bullying is up to three weeks now!!!

    Me; What!! Unbelieveable!! This have to stop!!

    Lucy; And he don’t have any money to payback!! His mom cannot afford it!!!

    Me; I will pay for it!!

    Lucy; How? And why will you do that!!!.

    Me; Because, i don’t want them to bully him again! But i will do it without him noticing!!!

    Lucy; Why??

    Me; Because i don’t want him to feel bad!!

    I brought out my phone and called my manager in the modelling industry!!

    Me; Lady Karla pls can you order for the lastest apple laptop. My driver is coming to pick it!!!

    Lady Karla; Right away miss Mira!! I will get it!

    Me; thanks!

    Lady Karla; you are welcome!

    Lucy; oh my God! You are really serious about it!!

    Me; Yeah!!!

    Lucy; You are sweet!! Oh here comes Dan!!!
    Bye am off to class. Dan will take you to your class!!

    Me; thanks lucy!!

    Lucy left and Dan got to were i am he told me to follow him! When we got to the class. Desmond was already in the class with bruises all over his face! Dan spoke up sadly…

    Dan; Don’t tell me is Jace and his gang that did this to you!!!
    For the first time he spoke up!!

    Desmond; Yeah! They are right!!

    Dan; But you did not intentionally push him!!!

    Desmond; But i still pushed him leading to the destruction of his laptop!!

    Dan; You don’t have to take the blame!!

    Desmond; but i have to make sure my mom don’t hear about this!!

    Dan; Why Desmond????

    Desmond; she have my siblings and other things to worry about!!

    Dan; Oops…. Okay!!!

    Desmond; Wait!! What is she doing here Dan???
    He asked staring at me!!!

    Dan; Desmond pls don’t be rude!! She is in our block!!

    Desmond; Intresting!!
    He said not sparing me a glance!!

    Dan; Mira don’t mind Desmond!!

    Me; Don’t worry!! Am fine!!!


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    💧Her 🔥 desire💧

    💧🔥She is Rich,hot but unhappy 🔥💧

    Episode 3

    Desmond pov

    Am Desmond Ace am the first child of my parents. My life sucks!!! We are poor!! My dad is a gambler and a drunkard. He always beat my mom whenever he loses a game in gambling!!
    For me! I don’t have a dad my dad is dead to me because I hate him with passion!!

    Well now, he is late and I don’t miss him or regret his death he deserves it! You can call me bad son for that!!
    My mom is the one taking care of me and my crazy younger siblings who are Gary and Isabella. I love my mom and my siblings they are fun to be with!! Well my mom is a nanny. And also I have my two Best friends Lucy and Dan. I wonder how I became friends with them because Dan and Lucy are friendly and social while am not!!!

    Dan is a nerd just like me! But also is a computer wizard, Lucy in the other hand is not a nerd but she is just like a detective. You can hide anything from her easily, she can detect anything fishy. Drawing is my hubby. I love to be an architect in the future. Am good in science, most especially in the chemical aspect!!!

    There is something about this new girl!! I know she is great Max daughter but she is not proud! I thought she will be proud like a peacock. But she is not!! She just sat down calmly beside Desmond listening to the lecturer.

    Dan; After this class we have Dr Thompson class.

    Me; His practicals!!!

    Dan; yeah!!

    Mirabella; Oops..

    Dan; What’s wrong??

    Mirabella; Am not good in chemical practicals!! Only good in experiment concerning the animal or human body!!

    Dan; Don’t worry Desmond is with us! Me too I detest chemical experiment. Am only good at equations and computer operations!!

    Mirabella; Wow!! That’s awesome!!

    Me; let’s go Dan!!
    I said standing up after the class!!

    Dan; Mirabella let’s go!!

    In the lab

    Dr Thompson paired me with Mirabella, I noticed she is scared of chemicals and she allergic to the smell of some of some chemicals, her breathing was unsteady!!

    Me; Are you okay? Use the facemask!!!

    I handover the facemask to her, she collected it quickly from me and muttered,

    Mirabella; Thank you!!

    Me; Don’t touch any chemical just watch me!!

    Mirabella; okay!!

    She watched at what I was doing closely!!
    After class, we left the lab when we got outside we saw Lucy waiting for us anxiously!!!

    Lucy; Thank God you all are here I thought you all will sleep in the lab!!

    Dan; Lucy you are funny!!

    Me; Dan you know she detest the lab!!

    Lucy; let’s get out of here!! This place sucks!!

    We laugh at her utterance!!

    Lucy; oh Mira!!!

    Mirabella; yes!! How was class!!

    Lucy; It was boring!!

    Mirabella; like seriously!!

    Dan; Mirabella don’t mind Lucy every class is boring for her!!

    Me; Am on my way home Dan and Lucy!! I said going home!

    Lucy/Dan; We are coming!!

    Dan; Are you going home too Mirabella!!

    Mirabella; Yeah!! My driver is on the way!!
    You can go! Don’t worry about me!!

    You all may be wondering why people didn’t notice Mirabella! Well really did well in hiding her identity!! Her dressing was high class and classic!! But she wore a face cap with sunglasses that why her crazy fans didn’t notice her!! And no one will believe that great Max daughter who everyone knows that is attending the best school in England will be here!!

    But everything changed when her car got to school with her name imprinted on it with her security guards and her manager Lady Karla! Everyone started screaming her name!!!!

    I stared at her closely for the first time and noticed that Max Mirabella was a beauty to behold. She removed her face Cap and her sunglasses, she stared at her manager a bit angry and a bit embarrassed. The screaming of her name became louder when she removed her sunglasses, she wave off the guards that wanted to guard her to her car, many of the students who are crazy fans were screaming and talking

    * Why is she here!!

    * What is she doing here in our school!!!

    * Why is she standing with Lucy, Dan and Desmond!!

    * Is she attending this school now!!

    * Pls we want to take a picture with you!!!

    * You are our idol!!

    * We love you!!

    Mirabella; Lucy please follow me!!

    She held Lucy hand and walked towards her manager angrily!!


    Someone is angry 😂😂😂

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    💧Her 🔥 desire 💧

    💧🔥She is Rich, hot but unhappy 🔥💧

    Episode 4

    Mirabella pov

    Wait!!! Did my mom break her promise!! I thought I told her I don’t need security guards and I don’t want to attract the attention of my fans! I just wanted to be like all other high school girl!!

    Now they are screaming my name! It makes me as if I am more superior to them! And I don’t want it that way!! I told lady Karla to give the laptop to my driver and I don’t remember when I told her to come see me!!! I thought.

    I got to were she is and said

    Me; Lady Karla, why are you here?? I asked her calmly.

    Lady Karla; I came to see how you are doing in your new school!!

    Me; Why are you here with my bodyguards!!! I thought I told my mom I don’t need them!

    Lady Karla; Well you told your mom but you forget to tell your dad! Is the hand work of your dad!!

    Me; I don’t need security guards!!!

    Lady Karla; sorry….. But the deed is done!!

    Me; The laptop?

    She handover the laptop to me! I gave it to Lucy and she put it in her backpack.

    Lucy; You are a darling!!

    Me: don’t let him know!!

    Lucy; Sure!!

    Lucy left to meet Dan and Desmond I entered my car and the driver drove off.

    Lucy pov

    After Mira gave the laptop I went to meet Dan and Desmond.

    Dan; Wow! That was just like a movie I just watch real! Almost everyone is Max Mirabella fan!!

    Me; she is sweet, she never wanted her fans to notice her!!

    Desmond; let’s go home you two!!

    Me; Why are you Cold towards her???

    Desmond; Why will I be sweet to her!!

    Dan: Because she is good!!!

    Desmond; Whatever!!

    Dan; Wait! Lucy why did Mira asked you to follow her!!

    I stopped at my track when Dan asked me that question! Him and Desmond was staring at me waiting for an answer!

    Me; Is nothing!!

    Desmond; sure???

    Me; yeah!!

    Dan stared at me in his eyes he was telling me! ” Lucy you are lying!!”
    And to be sincere for the first time I lied to my best friends!!

    We all part ways as we all went to our different homes. Well my parents are better off. They are middle class citizen as their only daughter they make sure I have the best that’s why am attending the best high school. Desmond is under scholarship because is the brightest student in school. Dan parents are middle class citizen just like me!

    Dan pov

    I felt that Lucy is lying she can’t look straight into my eyes. I saw Mira giving her something. I wonder what is that, that made her lie!!
    I must find out tomorrow from her!!

    Desmond pov

    I got home and met my mom preparing dinner!

    Me; Good evening mom!!

    Mrs Ace; Evening my love how was school today!!

    Me; It was okay!!

    I noticed my younger sister Isabella coming to the kitchen with an angry face!!

    Me; What’s up with that face!!

    Isabella; Big bro I have told you several times you should prepare the funeral dress we are going to wear on Gary’s funeral because I will kill him!! She said angrily!!

    Mrs Ace; Isabella!! Quit talking nonsense!!

    I just laughed at what she said and Gary walked in with his hands on his pants pocket smiling mischievously!!

    Gary; Hey bro what’s up!!

    Me; What did you do to her!!

    Gary; Nothing serious! I just made her face more ugly!!
    I just laughed uncontrollably Isabella glared at him.

    Gary; sweet sis don’t worry, you don’t need any makeup to play a role in a horror movie! Your face is perfect for the role!

    My mom who was worried about Isabella mood was also forced to laugh!!

    Isabella; And you are proudly the younger brother of an ugly girl. You jerk!!

    Gary; Oops!! I made her upset!! Sorry….

    Isabella; I will kill you!!

    Gary; OMG!! My sis want to become a murderer at 14!!!!

    Isabella; I don’t mind being a murderer, if you are the victim!!! She smiled mischievously!

    Gary; Am touched!! It hurts!! She hates her kid brother!!

    He said as he placed his hands on his chest and behave as if he is hurt!!
    My mom placed her hands on her cheeks!! And said worriedly!!

    Mrs Ace; I won’t die because of you two!!

    I just laughed uncontrollably!!!!


    Gary you are something else 😂😂😂😂😂

    Lucy!!! 🤔🤔🤔🤔 I don’t know what to say 🤷🤷🤷

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    💧 Her 🔥 desire 💧

    💧🔥 She is Rich, hot but unhappy 🔥💧

    Episode 5

    Desmond pov

    Mrs Ace; Gary that’s okay!! No more word from you!!

    Me; Mom am going to my room!!

    Gary; Am coming with you!!

    Me; okay!!

    I know very well that anytime Gary follow me to my room is to ask me his stupid and silly questions.

    Gary; I saw lady Mirabella with you in the entertainment news today!!

    Oh I have forgotten that Mirabella is a model!! So everything she do will be in the news!!

    Me; Well she is attending my school.

    Gary; Wow! Is she your friend!!

    I was a bit irritated with the question.

    Me; No!! She is Lucy and Dan friend not my friend. Yelling at him calmly.

    Gary; Why are sounding that way??

    Me; nothing!!

    Gary; I have forgotten that my big bro is not friendly.

    Me; Whatever!!

    Gary; You are boring! You don’t have any female friends only Lucy. Lucy must be really Lucky!!

    Me; If you don’t have any reasonable thing to say, just leave you talk too much!!

    He smiled and said,

    Gary; I like Max Mirabella!!

    Me; You like her!

    Gary; hey bro I think like is understatement I mean I love her!!

    He winked at me and left! My kid brother is really crazy.

    The next day

    Mirabella pov

    The next day I left for school with my driver warning the guards not to follow me!! I know that it will not be easy for me now that everyone knows that am Max Mirabella.

    When I got to school everyone was staring at me dreamily, I seriously don’t like it that way!!
    I saw Lucy. I went to her.

    Me; Lucy, good morning

    Lucy; morning, I was waiting for you!!
    She said anxiously.

    Me; what is it??

    Lucy; Jace and his gang don’t want to accept the laptop.

    Me; show me were he is!!!

    She led the way we got to were Jace and his gang are. Jace saw me and he was shocked. I recognize him is the son of one of the managers in my dad’s companies.

    Jace; Lady Mirabella what are you doing here??

    Me; Am here to ask you why you don’t want to accept your laptop back??

    Jace: Wait!! Are you the one who bought it!!

    Me; what is important now is for you to accept your laptop!!

    He collected the laptop from Lucy.

    Me; And don’t you dare bully him again!!

    Jace; okay my lady!!!

    We left to attend to our various classes. We saw Dan he glared at Lucy she was surprised we walked up to him and Lucy said

    Lucy; good morning Dan!

    Dan; Lucy you lied to us! Your best friends! How could you! He shouted a bit angry!!

    Lucy; what are you saying…. She asked fearfully!!

    Dan; You don’t need to lie again I saw you and Mirabella giving Jace his laptop! Lucy we asked you yesterday what you and Mirabella was doing!! You said nothing. You should have just told us! Is not a bad thing!!

    Lucy; Am sorry! Mirabella don’t want Desmond to feel bad. That’s why we don’t want you two to know!!

    Me; am sorry that I made Lucy break the trust you have on each other. Please don’t blame her!
    I said pleadingly.

    Dan; is alright! Am not angry! I am just worried about how Desmond will react when he found out!!
    He said worriedly.

    Lucy; Am sorry!!

    She went and hugged him tightly. He hugged her back too. I just stand and watch them. They are really sweet!!!

    Desmond; Am I missing anything!!

    Dan; No!?

    Desmond; okay

    Lucy; I thought you haven’t come for classes!!

    Desmond; Well I just arrived!!

    Dan; Desmond and Mirabella we have class to catch up!!
    He told us!

    Me; yeah! See you later Lucy!

    Lucy; okay!!

    Me, Desmond and Dan left for classes after class, Dan left for the basketball court, Desmond left for the library. While I went to meet Lucy!! Lucy is a great person. I was really enjoying her company.

    Two hours later.

    Dan came to join me and Lucy, later we saw Desmond. When he got to were we are he spoke up!!

    Desmond; Hey guys! Jace didn’t glare at me as usual!!

    Lucy; Actually….

    She was stammering, Dan cut her off!

    Dan; Maybe.. he just want to forget about the laptop… And stop bullying you!!
    He said uncomfortably

    Lucy; exactly!!
    She said nervously!!

    Desmond; wait you two look nervous!!

    Lucy; we are just surprised about what you are telling us about the Jace the great bully!!

    He looked at them closely really doubting them!!

    Desmond; are you sure!!! Or is there anything I need to know????


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