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    “look Mom, I aced the test” I say handing over the paper for her to look at it. I just got back from school and I couldn’t wait for her to see it.
    “Hmm not bad. I always knew you would make a great doctor some day” she tells me as she made her way to the kitchen.
    “A fashion designer.” I correct her. “you’ve been my mom since the day I was born and you don’t know what my dream is?” I ask taking off my uniform.
    “I’m trying to but you’re making it hard for me. first you said a model and then you said gynaecologist and just when we were finally believing it would happen, you changed it to a nurse so how am I expected to put up with you?’ I ask
    ” no need to cause now I think I wanna be a fashion designer. I’ve been following the greatest designers in the world and very soon after I graduate from high school and go to college, I’ll have my very own fashion line. I’ll call it Debbie’s fashion line. what do you think?” I ask her
    “As long as it makes you happy then I’m cool with it”
    I hug her from behind “I love you mama” I say kissing her cheeks
    “you’re sweaty. hit the shower” she say playfully hitting me on the cheek.
    “if you say so” I say taking my bag from the floor and heading to my room.
    Who wants an introduction?
    I’m Debbie Stack. almost Eighteen. I’ll be done with high school in a few weeks after the final exams and if I make the required grade.
    I’m a single daughter to a single mother. I lost my dad two years ago in a fire accident that happened at my hometown in South Africa. mom was heavy with child before dad died but she lost the baby unfortunately. we moved to Berkeley some years back so we could forget the ugly incident and move on with our lives. a new country and probably a new environment would help since my dad had a house here.
    My Mom Emily has been taking really good care of me. I went to the best school she could afford in that area.
    I was my Mom’s only hope for a brighter future. we weren’t that poor cause we could afford a three square meal.
    I love my mom so much cause she never made me feel inferior even though deep down I knew that I quite a handful. I was stubborn, mostly rude and a bad talker.
    I had only one friend named Thandi. we became friends since my first day of school because just like me, Thandi was also from South Africa. we bonded pretty well making people think that we were sisters. Thandi was the opposite of me, although I was stubborn, I was quite polite but Thandi was the jealous type. she is always obsessed with having everything I have and since we were so close, I always gave in because I so much loved her. she was the sister I never had.
    I took my bath and wrapped the towel round my naked skin as I made way to the kitchen. I opened up the fridge to get some milk.
    “Debbie put on your clothes. don’t run around the house naked young lady” she tells me
    “I want some milk” I say to her.
    “we’re out of grocery. maybe I’ll get them later”
    “alright” I say and sat down on the couch
    Mom served me lunch.
    “Mom can I have a girls night at the end of this week. every girl throws one and it’s going to be my turn soon” I tell her and she nods
    “thanks Mom”
    I went to my room to finish my homework. I would love to see the look on Thandi’s face when she comes tomorrow. After completing my homework, I grabbed my pillow and lie down to sleep.
    I woke up the next morning. it was 7:30am in the morning
    “OMG… Mom why didn’t you wake me up I’m late for school” I whine taking the towel from my dresser
    “you were sleeping beautifully”
    “I have to take my bath Mom. like right now” I say rushing into the bathroom. I turn on the shower and had a, quick bath.
    later, I wore my uniform. I was already late to have breakfast so Mom packed me lunch. I kissed her cheeks and head out the door.
    when I arrived at school, luckily they were on their way inside. I spotted Thandi and ran to meet her.
    “you’re late” she stresses out
    “I know. I slept in. the bed was just too comfy” I say and she smile.
    on our way in, someone slide a note in my hands. I opened it to see a red rose.
    “Another one?” Thandi asks
    “he’s quite shy isn’t he?” I ask her
    “Freddie should just ask you out already instead of giving you flowers everyday. it’s just pointless” she tells me. I could tell she was jealous
    “Don’t worry he will. I plan on going to the dance with him, you know before we graduate”
    “hopefully that works out”
    “can’t you just be happy for me?”
    “I am. I’m just stating the obvious”
    “well I’m glad that turned out well” I say and walk inside.
    “Debbie!” she called but I ignored her and sat down on my seat. she’s always jealous because she loves Freddie and he doesn’t give a damn about her and came for me instead so she’s letting her anger out indirectly but does she have to do that to me.
    What’s wrong with people?
    I ask myself as the teacher walks in to commence lessons…

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    “Debbie, I’m really very sorry. I know what I said hurt you” she apologizes on our way to the cafeteria
    “it did pretty bad” I say shifting my gaze to the other side
    “Can we drop this already. we’ll be graduating in a months time and I don’t want us to have a fight before we leave and even if we should fight please it shouldn’t be over a boy” she begs
    “Alright” I say. my expression was emotionless.
    “come on already. I just said sorry. I can have the whole world hate me but not you Debs. you’re all I’ve got” she say giving me the puppy eyes. she was right though. she was all I had. we planned on going to the same college and also living together.
    “I forgive you” I tell her and she smiles
    “Should I buy a apology_accepted_milkshake? I know you love milk”
    “And I’ve been craving for that since yesterday. you do know me well” I say and we did our special handshake.
    “So since you like Freddie, he’s all yours. I’ve never loved him anyway” she says. I could tell she was lying but do I want to argue with her right now?
    no I can’t risk it.
    “thank you. oh and Mom finally approved our girls night”
    “yay” we both squealed
    “So high school will soon be bye school in less than two months.”
    “I agree” Thandi says walking to the milkshaker.
    “What do you expect college to look like?” I ask unsure of what the future has in store for me.
    “you know, messy, constant lectures, boy drama,.. blah blah” she continues
    “And how do you know? you’ve never been to college before?”
    “I have a cousin who’s in college and you don’t wanna see her when she comes home. it’s like she wrestled an electric eel or something” Thandi says and we chuckle
    “well college will be nice. I can’t wait. I’ve been dreaming about it since I knew I could dream”
    “Yeah me too. it’s one step closer to my dreams.” Thandi says
    “our dreams silly” I shove her playfully and she let out a low laugh.
    After school I walked Thandi home since her house was a few blocks before mine. I waved her goodbye and hummed a tune home.
    When I arrived, Mom was out. maybe she went grocery shopping. she did say she would go today. I say to myself and walk to my room. I had a call from Freddie. actually I called, I wanted to thank him for the flowers. it was sweet of him. I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge only to find a bowl of spaghetti so I put it in the microwave. Mom better comes back from shopping really soon.
    After eating I went to my room to rest. when I woke it it was already late. I heard the doorbell so I rushed to open it.
    “Mom you’re home” I say to her and moved aside for her to come in.
    just then it started raining heavily.
    “wow looks like you’re Lucky Mom” I tell her and she smiles
    “Thank the heavens” she says. I help Carry the bag to the kitchen.
    “how was school honey?”
    “it was OK. I learnt some new stuff” I tell her
    “that’s good. sorry for the food situation. hope you ate the spaghetti”
    “yeah I did. Mom you didn’t buy my stuff. you know the items I listed out to complete my projects” I tell her searching through the bags
    “OMG baby I forgot”
    “how can you forget Mom. it was very important. I need it to finish my projects before I submit them tomorrow otherwise I’ll get an F and it will totally affect my grades for college” I say stomping my feet
    “it was a mistake. I thought I bought it already.”
    “I’ll go and get it”
    “by this time? can’t you go tomorrow. it’s late” she tells me
    “it’s very important that I get it Mom please. I’ll take an umbrella. don’t worry I’ll be back in less than twenty minutes” I say grabbing the umbrella from the kitchen
    “Debbie” she calls out but I ignore her and make my way to the nearest store which is only some meters away from my house.
    I walk down the street. hopefully I will be back for a cup of hot chocolate cause this rain is definitely too much.
    “Just some blocks further” I say to myself as I kept on walking. just then, I noticed a black SUV riding very close to me. when I turned to look at it, it stops and when I move, it does the same.
    fear quickly gripping me, I increased my pace as I start to walk very fast but the car keep increasingly its speed.
    I started running but the car overtakes me and stopped. my heart was beating really fast. I tried to run the opposite way but two thugs came after me and caught up with me. they both held me and the other one covered my mouth so I couldn’t scream.
    I tried to break free but it was impossible as their hands were firmly on me so that I couldn’t move. they took me into the car and drove off to an unknown destination.
    Once we got there, I tried screaming but no one could hear me since it was raining pretty hard.
    “Please let me go” I begged but it all fell on deaf ears. before I knew what was happening, I was already pushed to the ground. A guy who i assumed was the boss got on top of me and tried to pull off my clothes. I knew what was happening… They want to rape me.
    I tried struggling with him but he punched me on my stomach while I was injected with a syringe which I assumed was drugs.
    “please… please don’t do this?” I begged once I felt his hands at the hem of my panties which he yanked off forcefully. I tried to fight but it was worthless since I was already becoming weak. the drug had started to take its effect on me.
    “I beg of you please. I’m just a teenager” I felt the tears pour out from my eyes. I never dreamed of loosing my pride like this. I always thought I would get settled first but here I was almost about to say goodbye to it.
    before I could plead for more mercy, he was already inside me. I felt a sharp pain as he thrusted deep and hard inside me. I tried screaming but there was no one to save me.
    I realised that I was all alone and no one would come for me.
    After going on for some minutes,
    she stood up.
    “She’s great. you boys should have a taste” he said to the others as they each took turns in and out of me.
    I couldn’t move. I had finally given up the struggle. I waited for them to satisfy their selves until they were through.
    “Wasn’t it better than struggling with us” one said and they all laughed but I couldn’t utter a word. my pride was gone.
    After fully dressing up, they took me to the same spot and dropped at the same spot that they picked me up. I tried to get up but the pain was unbearable so I just lied down on the floor, lifeless, with no one to call for help as the rain continually fell on my body.
    I closed my eyes and wept silently…

    Your Friend and Author.

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    Thandi’s POV
    I was about leaving my house for school when I spotted Debbie’s mom coming closer to my house. I shut the door and ran out to meet her.
    “Aunt Emily. are you okay?” I ask after noticing the bags under her eyes. she looked pale like someone who hasn’t had enough sleep. what could be wrong.
    “Where is Debbie aunt? we’re gonna be late for school” I ask her oblivious to the situation.
    “I don’t know” she blurts out before breaking down in uncontrollable tears.
    “isn’t she here with you?” she asks me
    “No. I only saw her yesterday and that was after school cause she walked me home” I explain to her.
    “I can’t find Debbie Thandi. she’s missing” she says crying more.
    “missing? how? when did that happen?”
    “please we have to find her” she says ignoring my question
    “Sure Aunt. let’s go to the police. hopefully they can conduct a search” I tell her and she nods slowly.
    we quickly stop a cab and got in.
    “Take us, to the station” I say to the driver since Debbie’s mom was still in shock of what happened.
    “where could you possibly be friend” I say to no one In particular.
    We were on our way to the station when we saw someone lifeless lying along the way, I took a close look only to realize that it was Debbie.
    “OMG” I yelled on top of my voice “stop the car. please stop” I pulled the driver’s arm and he did. Debbie’s mom came down and we both ran after her.
    “Debbie” her mom yelled still crying. she was cold to the bone. was she out during that rain? her face was injured and I couldn’t help but noticed the blood that was imprinted on her clothes.
    “we need to take her to a doctor” her mom says breaking into my thoughts
    “Yes… yes we should”
    i help carried her into the car and we drove to the hospital. her eyes were fully closed.
    when we arrived, she was rushed into the emergency room. so we had to wait for the doctor.
    I couldn’t go to school that day so I just dropped the idea. I don’t know what’s happening but Debbie needs me right now.
    we looked through the glass and notices the nurse cleaning her up, they took off her clothes and wore her the hospital robe as I call it.
    Few minutes later, the doctor got in. He did some tests felt her body temperature.
    When he was done, he came to us
    “Are you Mrs Stack” he asks Debbie’s mom and she nodded slowly.
    “how is Debbie doc? is she gonna be okay?” I ask him
    “Debbie is a critical situation. we’ll have to wait for the results before we can say any further.”
    he says and walks away. Debbie’s mom was crying her eyes out. I held her and tried to be of comfort. I couldn’t help it as the tears rolled down my cheeks.
    “After waiting for close to an hour, we were summoned to the doctor’s office and he gestured us to sit down which we did.
    “according to the results, Debbie was brutally raped and she was drugged as well that’s why she’s still in shock. if you hadn’t brought her here on time, she would’ve died” he says while I gasped
    “is, she gonna be fine?” I ask again
    “we’ll do our best but you have to be ready for anything. most times teenagers who into this condition often goes in a coma or trauma. I can’t say it would happen to her but there’s a high possibility that it might so be prepared” he says and left the room while her mom resumed crying
    “I told her not to go but she just won’t listen. what will I do now?” she continues
    “Debbie would be fine. we’re here for her. we’ll get through it together aunt”
    we, walked out of the office only to Debbie’s room
    “Who could be so heartless to do this to a little girl. don’t they have a conscience”. her mom held her hands as she sat on the bed.
    ” please wake up Debbie ” I begged
    she was put on drip.
    “I’ll go get something aunt” I say and walk out of the room.
    Debbie was lying there unconscious.
    some minutes later, she opened her and stared at us in a disapproving manner.
    “Debbie sweetheart. you’re awake” her mom says wiping the tears off her face
    I tried to hold her but she flinched
    “leave me. all of you get out” she yelled
    “Debbie!? ” I called trying to hold her hands
    “they’re after me. leave me alone. please don’t kill me”
    “Debbie what are you saying? who’s after you? I’m your mom and this is Thandi your friend” Her mom explains while I nod voluntary
    “please don’t do this. don’t touch me all of you. leave me alone.” she yelled on top of her voice
    the nurses rushed in and injected her with a, syringe that made her calm and fall asleep.
    I haven’t seen Debbie like this before?
    we were asked to leave the room.
    I know rape could make one traumatized but I haven’t seen it in person and now it happened to my best friend.
    I shut my eyes as I felt the fresh tears pour out from my eyes…

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    Two days later
    it’s been two days since Debbie was admitted in the hospital. i always visited her every afternoon after school. most times I bring them food and clothes since Debbie’s mom hasn’t left the hospital after the incident.
    I walk Into Debbie’s ward. she was seated on the bed. hand crossed over her legs. she looks somewhat lost as she stared into outer space. her mom was seated next to her.
    I can’t get this nightmare out of my head. my best friend looks like someone who’s gone completely insane. our final exams were coming soon and how would she write if she was in this state? she just has to come back to us. we need Debbie. I need Debbie.
    “Mrs Emily” I say breaking into her thought.
    she sniffed “Hi Thandi” she says trying to wipe the tears that were forming in her eyes.
    “How is she feeling now?” I ask looking at Debbie. she was moving, nor saying anything. Debbie who was a hard talker was now silent.
    “I don’t know Thandi. she’s not eating, she’s not talking to me, she just sits on her bed and stare out the window or the ceiling. she doesn’t want to take meds either” she tells me
    “Did the doctor say anything?” I ask again
    “he said she’s out of danger and would be discharged tomorrow. he gave me some drugs and suggested therapy for Debbie. I just wish that all of this never happened” she say covering her face with her palm “I don’t know what to do. I’m just lost” she added
    “She’ll be fine aunt don’t worry. here, I brought some food and change of clothes” I say handing her the bag
    “Thanks Thandi. you’re truly a friend. I’m grateful for all your support ever since Debbie was admitted here”
    “that’s what friends do” I tell her
    “how, was school and have you eaten?”
    “I took a bite and school was fun although our final exams are coming up soon” I tell her
    “I hope Debbie comes out of this soon”
    “yeah I hope so too”
    “I’ll go change” she says while i nod.
    “don’t worry. I’ll take care of her” I tell her before she finally walks out. I walked up to Debbie and Sat down next to her.
    I took her hands in mine but she didn’t say anything. she didn’t even spare me a single glance.
    “you know what Debbie?” I ask her unsure if she’s listening. but I really hope she was
    “Everyone at school misses you.” I say almost tearing up “I miss you so much Debbie. I don’t know what happened but I just want you to know that you have a lot of people waiting for you to get better. me, your mom and Freddie” I sniff “won’t you come back for us Debbie” I added but she didn’t reply
    “this silence of yours is killing me Debbie. just say something. anything”
    I squeezed her hands gently.
    a drop of tear slide down her cheeks.
    “You have to talk to me Debbie. just one word, that’s all I’m asking” I beg her
    “what do you want me to say Thandi?” she says and slowly turns to look at me.
    “OMG Debbie you just talked” I smile cleaning my face with my other hand. but she didn’t say anything further. she just stared into outer space.
    “you’re in there Debbie, I can feel it. you just need to heal. and I know you will because the Debbie I know is very strong and she is a fighter” I say hugging her but she didn’t reciprocate the hug.
    Just then her mom walked inside the room
    “did you see that Aunt? Debbie just talked”
    “she did what” she says walking up to us
    “our Debbie isn’t completely gone Aunt. she’s in there somewhere” I tell her and she nods taking Debbie’s hands in hers and kissing it lightly. Debbie would be alright soon.
    Finally, it was time to take Debbie home, I came back from school to help aunt pack her things. we were given some drugs for Debbie and was told to check in the hospital regularly.
    We held her hands as we led her out of the hospital. We took a cab home and after paying the driver. I ran to open the door.
    “Look Debbie you’re finally home” Aunt says smiling.
    the house was filled with a lot of decorations. aunt and I also prepared a welcome home meal for Debbie.
    we led her to the couch and sat her down
    “I’m so glad you’re back bestie” I say kissing her cheeks
    “she needs a shower don’t you think Thandi?” Aunt asks me and I nod.
    the doctor says to make Debbie feel loved so she doesn’t have to feel scared or feel insecure.
    I took her to her room to help her undress.
    I walk into the bathroom and stood under the shower letting the water pour on my skin. I close my eyes and the incident flashed right back.
    “Please don’t do this.. No.. No” I gasped opening my eyes and holding on to my chest. I was breathing heavily. I swallowed hard and took the towel from the line and wrapped myself up.
    I made my way outside the bathroom and applied some lotion. I saw some clothes on the bed which I assumed was picked out by Thandi.
    after wearing the clothes, the door flew open and she walked in.
    “you look gorgeous Debbie” she complimented but I gave a weak smile
    “come and sit down. let’s style your hair” she says leading me to the stool while I sat. I’m glad no one has asked me about the incident cause I’m not ready to tell.
    she took the hairbrush and comb and worked her magic with my hair.
    “there all done. what do you think?” she asks handing me a mirror to look at myself. I couldn’t recognize the person staring at me. I looked different and beautiful.
    “Freddie is gonna love this” she teases me
    “will Freddie love me after he finds out? will he think I’m still beautiful” I say to myself
    “you’re ugly Debbie. just a used piece of trash. no one will ever love you” my subconscious tells me
    “that’s not true” I say out loud.
    “Debbie are you okay?” Thandi asks me
    “im.. I’m OK”
    “don’t worry you’ll be fine. we won’t let anything happen to you.” she tells me
    “Thank you”
    “Debbie our exams are starting pretty soon, hope you’ll come to school. everyone has been asking about you. I feel like I’ve lost my twin”
    “I’ll try to Thandi but I’m not making any promises”
    “ok. would you look at the time? it’s running late, I have to go. see you later Best” she says and pecks me lightly on my cheeks.
    “bye Thandi” I say to her as she runs out the door.
    That evening, mom made dinner and gave me some pills. I took it and head to my room.
    I was thinking about school. how would I go? do you think they’ll know? I kept asking myself before I fell asleep.
    I couldn’t sleep one bit as I kept on having nightmares about what happened that night. so I was mostly awake drinking water every now and then.
    when I couldn’t take it anymore, I went to mom’s room to sleep. he hugged me tight and I was able to sleep without having bad dreams for once…
    Your Friend and Author

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    The rays of sun shone brightly on my face through the mirror.
    I opened my eyes slowly and realized that mom had already woken up so I did too.
    I walk to the bathroom to brush my teeth and have my bath.
    when I was done, I got dressed up in my school uniform and brushed my hair before heading out to the living room.
    Mom was in the kitchen making Sandwich for breakfast. I walked in to take some milk from the fridge and her eyes caught mine.
    “Debbie you’re awake and are you going to school” she asks me after staring at me from head to toe and I nod yes.
    “Are you sure about this?” she asks again
    “yes. our exams are coming soon so it’ll be best if I go” I tell her
    “If you’re not comfortable then you can stay alright.”
    “it’s fine mom”
    “OK” she reply, and just then we heard a knock on the door. I opened it only to find Thandi standing there
    “Are you ready?” she asks
    ‘come on we’ll walk together’ she tells me and I grab my bag
    ‘here take this for lunch’ mom handed me my snack bag
    “thanks mom”
    ‘you’re welcome sweetie and please be careful’
    “yes I will totally’ I reply as we both head out the door for school.
    We arrived at school and I went to my locker. I opened it only to find tons of letters lying there.
    ” what’s this ” I ask opening one of them
    “read and see” Thandi reply
    I couldn’t help but smile after I read the first one.
    ‘it’s a note from everyone in our class wishing for you to recover soon. here’s mine ” she says
    “Thandi I hope you didn’t tell them… ” I start out but she cut me off
    “no. I would never”
    “thank you”I say to her. I turned to go in when I noticed Freddie standing at the door and staring at me. usually I’d be affected but now, I’m not.
    He walks up to me
    ” Hi Debbie ”
    “so how are you feeling now? Thandi said that you were sick” he asked and I nodded yes
    “I’m feeling better thank you”
    “great so I wanted to ask if you would be my date to the dance’ he asked beaming with smiles
    “Erm can I think about it for a while’ I ask
    ” sure take all the time you need’ he says and walks away
    “you didn’t say yes?” Thandi asks
    ‘not after everything that happened to me ” I tell her “come on let’s go in” I added and walked inside
    Lectures began in full swing. I finally told Freddie I would be going with him to the dance. He couldn’t be more happy.
    We were almost on the verge of completing our final exams when I began to notice slight changes on my body which I didn’t take serious.
    I always ate a lot, My uniform was becoming a bit tight for me as, I was getting fat. my cheeks were full and I always slept in.
    “thank Goodness were about to finish high school cause my uniform seems to be a little tight on me” I tell Thandi on our way to school that morning and she ends, up laughing
    “That’s strange” she reply going through a novel “I wanted to say the same thing, you’re getting a lot fatter these days and a lot beautiful” she added
    “Naughty. don’t tease me too much. I guess I’m growing pretty fast” I tell her and she shrugs
    During lunch at school, I ate the breakfast mom packed for me but to my greatest surprise, I wasn’t full.
    So I bought more food at the school cafeteria.
    “you’re not gonna eat all of that are you?’ Thandi asks me when she saw the food I ordered. A bowl of ice cream, A packet of French fries, Spaghetti and a bottle of milk
    ” I am ” I say to her ‘I’m very hungry these days and I don’t know why ” I added
    “Debbie are you okay” she says placing her palm on my forehead but I shoved it away.
    “don’t I look okay?” I ask almost on the verge of anger
    “Debbie calm down I’m just curious. you slept when the Marie was teaching which you’ve never done before and now you’re eating like a giant with a monstrous appetite and that’s crazy cause you don’t eat a lot” she says to me
    “you’re just jealous of me Thandi, you always were. so because I’m eating to satisfy my hunger, you’re calling me a, monster” I yelled
    “That’s not what I meant… ”
    “excuse me lady but who asked you to keep stact on my food? first it was Freddie and now this?” I yell even louder to the surprise of other students
    “I’m sorry okay keep it down”
    “no I’m not keeping it down. maybe you should let me live my life the way I want it and if you’re not happy about that then leave my life and get your own life for goodness sake and stop interfering in every thing I do got it?” I say taking my lunch with me while Thandi stared in utter disbelief.
    After school I went home without Thandi and I didn’t care to ask where she was.
    when I arrived, mom was making dinner so after greeting her, I undressed and opened the fridge to find some snacks. I saw a bowl of lime and I devoured it hungrily. mom was just staring at me.
    “are you okay” mom asks
    “yes and why does everyone keep asking me that”
    “did you just eat that lime?” mom asks
    “yes mom it’s tasty” I tell her
    “and you aren’t disgusted about it or having a bitter taste?” mom asks again
    “come on mom it’s good try it” I tell her and she just keeps on staring at me.
    Finally lunch was served and i ate it with a, huge appetite. mom was just twisting her fork round her fingers as she stared intently at me.
    “aren’t you eating?” I ask her
    “I will. just go on” she tells me. I shrug and continue eating till I was done.
    I drank some milk and burped really loud.
    “thanks mom dinner was delicious” I told her and stood up ready to make my way to the bedroom when mom asked me a killer question.
    “Debbie when was the last time you saw your flow?”
    I stopped on my tracks and turned to look at her as my breath hitched…

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    “Debbie when was the last time you saw your flow” mom asks again making my breath hitch.
    “OMG… I.. I saw… Early last month… Mom” I yell. my eyes widen with shock.
    “Debbie I think… ”
    “don’t say it mom” I cut her short “it’s not true, it’s not possible. I’m not pregnant mom. No, Never” I say raising a finger at her. The tears were already rolling down my cheeks.
    “Shh Debbie calm down” she said trying to hold my arm
    “don’t tell me to calm down. first they raped me and as if it wasn’t enough, they got me pregnant as well!!?” I asked a rhetorical question
    “Debbie we still don’t know it’s true and that’s why we have to conduct a test to see if you’re positive” mom suggests
    “And how sure are you that I’m not carrying that thing inside me. what if the test comes out positive? so I’m pregnant for a rapist and I’m carrying his bastard child” I yell angrily
    “it wasn’t easy to forget what happened to me that night. every single time I close my eyes, the memories of that night keeps flashing through my brain and when I’m finally trying to let go and forget the past, I also have to carry this thing inside me?” I ask again crying uncontrollably
    “Look Debbie listen to me, we have to visit the hospital”
    “you don’t know what’s happening right now mom, let me give you a little preview,” I say wiping off my tears with my Palm “I’m gonna be stuck inside this house for nine stupid months and you know the worst part? everyone will point fingers at me. I’ll be scared to leave this house mom. Freddie just asked me out and what will I tell him? that I can’t come? why cause I’m carrying this freak inside me or is it that I’ve lost my right as a teenager? I’m barely eighteen, I still have a life, I haven’t gone to college, no job and I’m not even married yet so which guy is gonna date a girl if he finds out she gave birth at a tender age. what’s he gonna call me? loose?”
    I ask
    “Debbie let’s do the test and be sure of one thing, whatever happens, I’m here for you”
    “of course you’re here for me and that’s because you are my mom. I’m finished mom, I’m dead. I lost” I cried more as i fell to the floor.
    why does the nightmare keep on coming back. mom ran to hug me.
    “what will I do mom?”
    “shh sweetie you’ll be fine OK”
    “no I will never be fine, never” I say and ran into my room shutting the door..
    “Debbie open up” mom kept banging on the door but I didn’t open.
    She was at it for hours until she finally stopped.
    some minutes later, I heard Thandi’s voice. looks like mom went to call her.
    “open the door debs. I need to talk to you”
    “go away Thandi” I yell at her.
    “we love you very much Debbie and it’s breaking our hearts to see you like this” she says “open the door and let’s talk things out please before you give your mom a heart attack” she added
    I walked slowly to the door and opened it and Thandi rushed in hugging me tightly
    “I’m pregnant Thandi” I tell her whilst sobbing
    “you’re what?”
    “well I don’t know yet but the signs are saying otherwise”
    I sat down on my bed
    “and what if it’s not true? for all we know, it could be a sickness or something”
    “don’t give me force hope Thandi cause I’m pretty sure I’m carrying something inside me right now”
    “let’s not jump into conclusions. let’s see a doctor first and after that we’ll know what to do next OK?” she asks and I nod.
    “okay” I sharply reply.
    Fast Forward
    *The next day*
    After having my bath and taking breakfast, we took a cab and headed to a hospital. when we arrived, we walked briskly to the hospital, I didn’t go to school and so did Thandi. she’s ditching to help me. we are accompanied by mom who was wishing that everything was a lie and so did i
    We were told to wait for the doctor which we did. some minutes later, we were called to her office and after explaining everything to her, she finally agreed that I take the test which I did.
    we were told to go home and come back later, probably tomorrow for the results since it usually takes a lot of time but I refused and decided to stay. I wanted to see the truth. I want to know if truly I’m pregnant like they say.
    After waiting for hours, we were finally told that the doctor wants to see us.
    as we walked to her office, my mind kept on throwing questions at me which I was afraid to answer.
    “please sit” she said going through some files without looking at us
    “Is the result out doc?” mom asked
    “yes sure” she said handing the paper to mom
    “Congratulations Debbie Stack, you’re two weeks pregnant” she said smiling. it came like a bomb
    “what did you say?” I ask unsure of what I’ve just heard
    “you’re pregnant Debbie” she says again
    “that’s a lie” I blurt out “that’s not possible” I said shaking my head negatively
    “You made this all up. I am not pregnant”
    “the results clearly states… ”
    “I don’t give a damn about any stupid results okay. this is not mine” I say taking the paper from mom and tearing it up
    “Debbie calm down”
    “do you know what I want you to do doc?” I ask and she shook her head no
    “I want you to take this thing out of me. I want this baby aborted” I yell
    “I’m sorry but I can’t do that for your sake and the child’s as well”
    “you think I care?”
    “you could loose your life in the process. your organs are very delicate for an abortion and I don’t want to have a, hand in murdering an innocent child as well as you. Mrs stack I think you should talk to your daughter and make her see reason. I could give you some pills to take regularly though” she says to me
    “I hate all of you. I’m gonna kill this baby on my own and in any way I can” I stomp out of the office while mom and Thandi ran after me.
    “Debbie stop this” mom says holding my hands and trying to keep me still
    “no mom. she should stop this by getting rid of this thing”
    “that thing is your child Debbie. your own flesh and blood” mom snarls
    “it is a thing. it’s a bastard, the future child of a rapist, it is a monster, I don’t even care if it’s human, it could be an animal for heaven’s sake which I don’t intend to keep so tell that doctor I need an abortion right now” I yell even louder
    “you can’t have an abortion Debbie. you’re gonna die if you do. I already lost your dad and I don’t want to loose you too. you’re all I’ve got don’t you get?” she stresses out
    “so you’re saying that I should carry this baby? what about my life? I should just dedicate everything to nursing the child of a rapist. a bastard”
    “stop it Debbie. you’re creating a scene”
    “am i?”
    “you’re gonna keep it”
    “I did what you asked by coming here for the test so please let me handle this alone if you don’t want to help but I will never keep this baby. over my dead body” I said and walked out of the hospital. I took a cab home and ran into my room shutting the door.
    “I hate you. I hate this child. I hate it” I said hitting my stomach and crying as well.
    I threw all my stuff on the floor. I heard mom screaming my name, looks like she followed me home but I didn’t open up.
    I turned to look at my shelf and saw a toxic substance.
    “I have to get rid of this child” I said to myself as I took it in my mouth and swallowed it.
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