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    /He’s my father’s killer/

    Episode one


    “Finally, you’re home. I was gonna send a search party” Andy, my roommate, said as I step in our apartment.

    Yeah, my roommate and bestie is a guy. We are way closer than some female besties…like he pampers me a lot.

    I groan tiredly and drop my bag on the table in our living room and slumped onto a couch.

    “Water!” I whispered.

    He stretched out a glass of water in front of my eyes, I snatched it quickly and take large gulps.

    “Slow down or you might choke!” He scolds me but I paid him no attention.

    I finished the water within the twinkling of an eye and slam the glass on the table.

    Andy sat next to me and stare at me silently for a few minutes before he speaks.

    “What took you so long? I was beginning to get worried”

    I sigh.

    “It’s a long story”

    “I have time”

    I cleared my throat.

    “Well, I was trapped by the rain and I ran into a bloody man” I gasp quietly and slapped my hand on my mouth.

    I shouldn’t have told him about the bloody men, I promised him I won’t breath a word of it to someone else.

    “Bloody man?!” He narrowed his eyes. “Hey, missy, don’t tell me you ran into some trouble! And why didn’t you f**king called me?!”

    I hit his shoulder with a light frown.

    “Don’t curse in front of me!”

    “Tell me, how did you run into a bloody man?!”

    I covered my mouth and shake my head.

    “What do you mean by that?”

    “I’m not saying nothing”


    “I promised him I won’t tell anyone”

    He snatched my hand away from my mouth and held it down.

    “Are you being serious? What if he stalked you home? What if he sees you outside again and do something bad to you? And tell you not to tell anyone, will you still listen to him?”

    “That is different”

    “Different how?” He paused and glared at me. “Start talking, missy!”

    Andy ain’t gonna let this go, it’s best if I tell him everything.

    “I’m waiting” he raised his brows.

    “I knew it was gonna rain heavily, so I ran into an alley and I met him… He was bleeding so much, I just couldn’t leave him there to bleed to death so I had to help him wrap up his wound”

    “What?! you helped a wounded man….and the first thought that came in your head didn’t tell you to run for your life?”

    I chewed on my lower lip and blinked innocently.

    “My conscience wouldn’t let me….”

    he leans forward and flicked my forehead, I hissed and glared at him.

    “What’s that for?” I whined.

    “I pray your kindness don’t land you in trouble one day!”

    I smiled and wink at him.

    “it pays to be kind”

    Right on cue, my stomach growls loudly and I grab the hem of his shirt and tug it gently.

    “Andy… I’m hungry” I give him my cutest puppy eyes.

    He looks at me in amusement before he shakes his head and got up.

    “Go to your room and freshen up, I’ll set the table”

    I quickly shot up and flung my bag on my shoulder.

    “See y’all in five!” I dashed into my room.

    I can’t wait to eat… Andy’s cooking is the best!

    Lucifer 😈


    I raised my head and saw my right hand man, Chris.

    He helped me up and led the way to where he parked my car, I got into the backseat and he enter after me.

    “Boss, are you alright? Or should we call Anika to come over to the penthouse?”

    “I’m fine, someone wrapped me up!”

    “Oh! have you killed him or her? do we need to take care of the corpse?”

    I raised my hand and shake my head.

    “It’s fine. I didn’t kill her”


    “Yeah, a female” I clarified.

    “And you didn’t kill her?” I can hear the surprise in his voice.

    I shake my head and look ahead, I tapped the driver seat.

    “Drive!” I told the driver.

    “Yes, boss”

    Chris held my arm to have my attention.

    “Why didn’t you kill her? Aren’t you afraid we are gonna be exposed?”


    “But our number one rule is: don’t let others see us wounded to avoid suspicions!”

    I didn’t say a word.


    “She won’t say a word”

    “How do you know that?”

    “Not another word!”

    He nod and turn away, he knows not to disobey and speak.


    I strode into my penthouse with Chris following closely behind.

    “Boss!” my boys chorused when they saw me.

    I ignore them and head towards to the staircase.

    “Boss, the guy that ambushed you have been found” Chris reports.

    “Hmm” I hummed.

    “We’ve locked him up waiting for your orders”

    I nod and entered my room, I head straight to my bathroom to take a shower. Standing in front of the mirror inside the bathroom, I took off my shirt and stared at my chest.

    That female did a pretty good job… though I didn’t see her face clearly, but I captured her eyes and scent.. and that’s enough for me to recognize her anywhere.

    After shower, I step out and head to my closet, take out a shirt and pants. I changed and step out of my room.

    “Boss, Should I take you there?”

    I nod and he led the way.


    “That’s him” Chris points at him.

    I stopped in front of the f**ker and observe him… he doesn’t seem like a Mafia, he’s more like an assassin.

    “Speak! Who sent you?!” I growled.

    He stays silent and stares at me… no, glared at me.

    “The boss is asking you, who sent you?!” Chris asked him.

    “Just kill me! I won’t say a word!”

    I reach for my gun in my back pocket, since he’s asking for death why not fulfill his wish.

    I don’t waste my time on people like him.

    “You might wanna rethink your decision” Chris told him.

    He glared at Chris. “You won’t get anything from….”

    I didn’t let him finish his statement before I lost few bullets in his head.

    “Have the boys clean this mess up!”

    “Yes, boss”

    I shove my gun back in my pocket.

    “Come with me… let’s pay someone a visit!”


    “You’ll know soon!” I smirk.

    t. b. c

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    /He’s my father’s killer?/

    By: Racheal Dennis



    I burped loudly and pushed the plate of pancakes away from me, I’m so full, I can hardly sit comfortably on my chair right now.

    Andy frown and glared at me.

    “Burping like that is not lady like!” He scold me.

    “So what am I supposed to do after I stuffed my stomach with too much food?”


    I puffed and got up, I picked the plates and head towards the kitchen.

    “Where are you going?”

    “To do the dishes” I replied.

    He sighed and I hear his footsteps following behind… I know what he’s gonna say next.

    “I’ll do it, you have some rest” be offered.

    I shook my head in disapproval… I can’t let him do all the work, he cooked dinner so, it’s only right that I do the dishes.

    I turn on the tap and get into action, a shadow towers over me and I smile. Of course he must help me.

    “I’ll rinse and dry the plates” he said.

    I nod and released a long yawn, he turned and feel my temperature.

    “You’re not sick, you must be tired. Get some sleep after doing the dishes”

    “No, I’m not sleepy. But you can help me get some sleep”


    “Massage me!”

    He stared at me for some minutes with an unreadable expression.

    “Ok!” He agreed.


    “Hmm-mmm!” I moan quietly.

    My whole body is feeling so relaxed… Andy really know
    s how to please me. My bones are breaking and falling into their right places.

    “Andy….that feel so goooood!”


    “Yeah…I should start paying you for your services”

    “You can’t pay”

    I frown slightly.

    “Are you saying I’m poor?”

    “I didn’t mean that, what I meant is, my bill is very high”

    I roll my eyes.


    After few minutes of Andy massaging me, I got up with a satisfied smile.

    “Do you still feel tired?”

    “No, I’m feeling so relaxed. Thanks for this”

    He smiled.

    “It’s nothing”

    I roll up my mattress.

    “I guess you are no longer tired, are you in for a movie?”

    “Today is not movie night”

    “Yeah, I know. But it’s still kinda early, so I thought….. ”

    Hmmm, watching a movie doesn’t sound bad but I have to resume very early tomorrow.

    “No, I don’t wanna be late for work tomorrow or Donovan will dork my salary”

    He nods with a sigh.

    “Ok, go to sleep then”

    I tiptoe and give him a goodnight kiss on his cheek.

    “Good night, Andy” I wished him.

    “Good night, baby” he wished me back.

    With that I head towards my room. I’m gonna have a very busy day tomorrow.


    Tossing and turning on my bed uncomfortably as I feel my stomach turning in pain. I quickly sat up on my bed and gasped softly…. there’s a big blood stain.

    *Why now? It’s not yet time!*

    I got off the bed and head towards my bathroom. I look around for some tampons but I couldn’t find any.

    I facepalm myself…

    *Why didn’t haven’t I visited the mall lately?*

    Maybe I should go to the mall….but it’s already late. I wash up and step into my room, my eyes moved straight to the wall clock in my room.

    *09:01pm? When exactly did I went to bed?*

    I smiled..I can still hit the mall. I took my keys from the nightstand and head towards the living room.

    Andy sat on a but he’s already asleep, the tv is still on though. I turn off the TV and covered him with a blanket, then I head out.

    I’ll be back before he wakes up.



    I bang his head on the wall and hear a groan from him, but that didn’t let me free him. I grabbed his shirt and throw him down from the stairs.

    Frightened screams filled the air as everyone start running in the mall, Chris and I exchange looks and I smirk. I reach for my gun and points it at a chandelier and shot it.

    The screams increased and soon the mall is deserted, I walk down the stairs towards the animal.

    “Where is my money??!” I growled in his face.

    He borrowed money from to start up his business, now he doesn’t want to pay back. He crawled back, spitting blood as he does.

    “I..I…I.. d-don’t have it…..”

    Angrily, I clenched my jaw and shot his right leg, he screamed and shake his leg.

    “What do you mean you don’t have it?! Does this mall not give you enough income?!” He nods frantically.

    I look around…I turn to him and shot the same spot in his leg again.

    “You know I can set this f**king building on fire with you in it!!”

    He shakes his widened eyes in fear.

    “G-give…give…give me some time, boss. I….”

    “shut up!!” He quickly shuts up. ” I’m gonna set this mall on fire and you will still pay me my money by any means!”

    “No….no…no… please… I’ll… I’ll….”

    I hit his head with my gun and he falls back with blood pouring from his head.



    I stopped in front of the mall, it’s open sign is still there. I quickly strode in, but halt when I find out it’s empty.

    There’s no single soul in sight. I frown.

    *Why are the lights still on? And the doors open if there’s no one inside?*

    Something is not right. A small voice in my head told me to leave immediately, but another voice reminded me the reason I came.

    I sigh, I’ll just get some pads and tampons and I’ll put the money on the cashier’s desk.

    Skipping through different lanes, I finally found the pads and tampons, I collected a few and head towards the cashier’s desk.

    Few steps to the cashier’s desk, I begin to hear groans. I paused.

    *What is that? Is someone another person wounded? Maybe I should check it out!

    I heard towards the groan and what I saw made me froze in a spot. Everything I was holding fell off my hands just as I released a very loud frightened gasp.

    Heads turned towards me, red, angry eyes pierced my soul….my eyes moved to the body laying on the floor.

    The first thought that came to my mind is to run…and that’s what I did. I ran towards the exit.



    A gasp caught my attention. I glared at direction it came from….wait, those eyes!

    “Boss, she’s getting away!” Chris said.

    “Get her!”

    He nod and chased after her. I turned to the a**hole and stomped on his stomach.

    “I want my money next week…if you don’t have it then consider yourself a dead meat!”



    I ran as fast as my short legs could carry me, but I don’t think running away from a 6ft man is an easy task for a 5ft woman.

    Soon, my arm was grabbed, he flung me on his shoulder and head back to the mall. I hit and kick.

    “Let me go! I didn’t see anything…let me go! Let me go! I won’t say a word!”

    But it seems like he’s not listening to me, he increased his pace and arrived back in the mall. He throws me on the floor and I grunt in pain as my butts hits the ground.

    Another man… he’s even scarier than the one that brought me back….he crunched in front of me and grip my neck tightly.

    I cough, fighting to get in some air since he’s blocked my air lungs.

    He narrowed his eyes and look in my eyes.

    “Your eyes….!” He trails off.

    What’s wrong with my eyes? I almost ask him. Looking in his eyes is very scary, he’s eyes seems to be changing colours…..or maybe it’s my scared mind playing tricks on me.

    He sniffed deeply and snapped his eyes open quickly.

    “It’s you!!” He growled and pushed me away.

    Me? What’s wrong with me?

    He got up and glared at me, his hands fisted by his side. He turned away and pulled his hair.

    *Hmm…what is wrong with him?*

    “Listen up! This should be the last time I will see you!!”

    “Huh?” I’m confused.

    “Don’t ever show yourself in front of me ever again!!”

    I nod quickly, praying he’d let me go.

    “You should thank your stars today….now scram!!”

    I got up and head towards the exit.

    “wait!!” I turn to face him, his gaze moved to the man laying on the floor. “And don’t come to treat him….or I’ll kill you!”

    I nod and dashed towards the exit before he could change his mind. I forgot the pads I came for and run towards my street.

    Why do I keep running into scenes like this today?

    *Poor soul, sorry that I couldn’t help you!*



    “Boss, you just let her go?”


    “But why? She just saw our faces… should I go after her and silent her?”

    “No! Let her be!”


    “I have repaid her favour! She won’t get so lucky next time we cross paths!”

    I see the look of confusion in his eyes..but he decides not to ask and I didn’t tell him.

    I turn back to the f**kard.

    “Next week or you’re a dead meat!” He nod frantically.

    “Let’s leave!”


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    /He’s my father’s killer?/

    By: Racheal Dennis



    I’m suddenly blinded by a bright light, I squeezed my eyes shut tighter. I release a groan and turn on my bed, I grab a pillow and snuggles into it.

    Suddenly, I feel my blanket being ripped off me and I snapped my eyes open.


    He smiled and wink at me.

    “Your alarm woke me up”

    “You could have turned it off!”

    He fold my blanket and kept it on the nightstand, he move closer and carried me off my bed, he sat me on the only sofa in my room.

    He begin to arrange my bed.

    “Young lady, find your way to the bathroom or you’ll be late for work!”

    Looking at the wall clock, I gasped loudly.

    “Oh my God! Oh my God! Donovan is so gonna kill me!” I panicked and quickly head towards my bathroom.

    I hear Andy chuckling.

    “I’ll make breakfast!” He called after me.

    I didn’t reply him before I slam the door shut, I stripped off my clothes and got under the shower.

    As the water hits my back, I begin to replai last night’s event. I was so scared last night when I got home, I was trembling.

    But luckily for me, Andy was still sleeping in the living room and he didn’t take note of me leaving. Else, I’d have an earful already.


    The sweet aroma of mashed potatoes swift past my nostrils as I step foot in the living, I quickly rushed over to the dinning table and grab a chair.

    “Oh my goodness! Andy, you are just the best!”

    He did an eye roll and dished my plate.

    “Eat up, I’ll drop you off before going to the office” he said, I nod and digged in.

    After few minutes of eating in silence, Andy dropped his spoon and tap the table to grab my attention.

    “What?” I asked.

    “I forgot to tell you last night. Today is grandma’s birthday, are you gonna come with me to wish her?”

    I lean forward on the table and hit his shoulder.

    “Why are you just telling me? I haven’t prepared any gifts!”

    He laughed lightly.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll tell her we both prepared my gift”

    I sat down with a relaxed smile.

    “Better! Then let’s go there after work”

    He nod and turned back to his food. Ok, like I told you guys…. Andy is my bestie, we’ve been friends since childhood… After I lost my parents, his grandmother took me in.

    Hence, I also refer to her as grandma.

    I got up and packed my plate, I snatched Andy’s plate even though he’s still eating and head towards the kitchen.

    “Cat! I was still eating that!”

    “I’m late, go start your car”

    “But…. ” I sent him a glare and he kept quiet immediately.

    “Do you want Donovan to dock my salary so that I will be depending on you?”

    He shake his head and I smirk.

    “Good, go start the car then!” I command him.

    “Yes, ma’am!”

    With a smile I continue towards the kitchen.


    “Thanks for the ride, Andy”

    “It’s nothing, it was on my way”


    We both shared a laugh at his lie… The restaurant where I work is very far from his company and they are in totally different route.

    “Alright…, So, I’ll pick you up by 5pm”

    “5pm? Donovan won’t let me, I’m already late”

    “You don’t know that, just try”

    I nod, just then someone twist my ear from behind. I stilled cause I already know who it is… Andy, quickly start his car and drove off waving me as he does.

    I turn around slowly and face him, a cute nervous smile on my face.

    “G-good morning, Don!”

    He smiles sarcastically.

    “I saw your accomplise driving away just now, tell him I’ll dock half your salary this month!”

    “But… ”

    “But what? You overslept, right?!”

    I blinked innocently.

    “Lazybones! Go and get changed now!”

    I nod quickly and ran inside. Ok, here is the thing… Donovan is Andy’s cousin and three of us all lived with grandma, but I grew more closer to Andy.

    Maybe that’s because he’s only a year older than me… Donovan is 7years older than Andy.

    I entered the changing room and drop my bag in the locker, then I begin to wear my waitress uniform.

    That’s when I heard two voices talking.

    *I heard Lucifer almost killed him*

    *Yeah, but someone interrupted…. Who could that be? Was he or she killed too?*

    *I’m pretty sure Lucifer killed that person… Such an unlucky soul*

    I frown… What are they talking about? Lucifer? Are they talking about the movie?

    Hmm, that is none of my business. I better do what I’m best at instead of gossiping about some movie…. Waitressing!



    “Oooh.. yeah, baby right there!” The bitch moan as I thrust deeper into her.

    She pulled my head down and crash her lips on mine. I quickly pulled my head away and slapped her across her face.

    “Don’t bloody kiss me!!”

    She nod and I continue thrusting faster and harder into her. She tries to touch my chest… But I held her hands above her head and glared at her.

    “I said no f**king romance!!” I growled in her face.

    I pumped harder and soon I feel her c**t wrapped tightly around my d**k. I pulled out of her and shove my d**k in her mouth.

    I move a few times and grunt in pleasure as I cum in her mouth, I wait until every single drop is in her mouth before I pulled out.

    She swallowed it all staring in my eyes… I kicked her out of my way and head towards my bathroom.

    “Get dressed and leave!”


    “I will have Chris credit your account later!”

    I feel hands trailing down my back bone.

    “But baby….”

    I snatched my gun from a near by sofa and points it at her head, her eyes suddenly grew bigger.

    “Are you gonna f**king leave?!”

    “Y-yes.. y-yes..”

    She turns away and picked her clothes from the floor and ran out without even wearing her panties.

    I toss my gun back on the sofa and entered my bathroom…. I need to watch that sl*t’s scent off me.


    Dressed in black jeans and bodyfitted black t-shirt, I head downstairs.

    *Jane, listen to me, the boss wouldn’t like you barging in like that* I hear Jay, one of my boys say.

    I hear a female voice scoff.

    *Really?! But he has the guts to bring in another woman!*

    I rolled my eyes. I arrived at the living room and all my boys got up to acknowledge me.

    “Boss!” They all greet me.

    I nod and a few return to what they were doing…. Gambling!

    “Boss, she….” Jay didn’t complete his sentence before he was pushed out of the way.

    She raised her hand to… Slap me I guess, but I caught her hand before it could land on my face.

    I stared at her with a clenched jaw.

    “How could you bring another woman home? How could you cheat on me so soon? We just started dating last month!”

    “Who are you?!”

    She snatched her hand from my grip and stared at me as if I’m nuts…. If I pulled a bullet in her head age wouldn’t stare at me like that next life.

    “It’s me jane! Your girlfriend!”

    “Look, Janet, you and I have nothing together… We just f**ked and nothing more!”

    “But.. but.. you f**ked me so well and I thought we have a.. thing”

    “No! We don’t!”

    She stays silent for a few minutes.

    “I don’t believe you!”

    Too much talking is not my style… I reach for my gun in my back pocket and points it at her.

    “This is the last time I say this… We have nothing together! Now, scram off!”

    “No! I…. ” I cut he off with my gun, her body dropped and blood gush out of her forehead.

    “Clean it up!” I told Jay.

    “Yes, boss!”

    Just then my phone beep, u checked and saw a text from Chris.

    *Boss, the contains have arrived… I’m at the warehouse*

    I shoved my phone in my pocket and turned to the boys.

    “Tyler, come drive me to the warehouse!”

    “Yes, boss!”

    He got up and we head out.


    I arrived at the warehouse and saw Chris scolding one of the boys.

    “What is happening here?!”

    “Boss!” They greeted me.

    I simply nod and give Chris a questioning look.

    “Boss, five containers are missing” he reported.

    I frown and step towards the containers, I counted it and found out it’s true.

    “Who received them?”

    There’s silence, all the boys faced down and their bodies trembling.

    “I asked a f**king question!!”

    They flinched back excluding Chris.

    “M-me!” One of them said.

    I glared at him… He must be one of the new recruits.

    “Boss, calm down, I have assigned someone to look into it. They’ll find it soon” Chris said.

    “Train him well, or I will kill him! I don’t keep loafers!”

    “Yes, boss!”



    Time flies by quickly and soon it’s almost 5pm, I still haven’t have the courage to tell Donovan I’m gonna get off early.

    “Cat, table 7 order is ready” Anita, my coworker told me and hands me the order.


    I carried the tray and rushed towards the table.

    On table 7 is my favorite customer, an elderly couple and their granddaughter, Amy.

    “Granny, the food is here!” Amy fawn over the food.

    I placed their orders in front of them and Amy digged in immediately, her grandparents laughed.

    “Amy, slow down!” Her grandmother told her but Amy didn’t listen.

    The grandmother turned to me with a smile.

    “Dear, Catherine, you’re the reason Amy loves coming to this restaurant”


    “Yeah, she looks up to you”

    I crunched and watch Amy eat for some minutes, also wondering why she’s looking up to me… I’m poor and ugly.

    She stopped eating stared back at me.

    “Catherine.. you are so pretty” she fawned in her 6 years old voice and I frown slightly.

    Is she blind.

    “I told Mom about you and she said I’ll grow pretty like you if I eat more food.. is that true?”

    Hmm, that’s not true but I can’t let her know that.

    “Yeah, it’s true” I replied.

    “Wow.. I’m gonna eat more!” She starts stuffing her face again.

    I got up and face her grandmother.

    “Grandma, I should get back to work”

    She nods and I head back.

    Not watching where I was going, I bumped into… From the sound of his grunts, I guess it’s Donovan.

    “Don’t you watch where you are going?” He scolds me.

    “Sorry, I was in a hurry”

    “Hurry to do what exactly?”

    I bite my lower lip. Maybe I should use this opportunity to tell him I’m getting off work at 5pm… I hope he agrees.

    “Erm… Don, I wanted to ask you of something”



    “Wait! Don’t talk.. Andy already told me and he’s outside waiting for you”

    Then he rushes off before I could say anything more.. I wanted to ask if he’s coming to grandma’s birthday party too.

    I rushed towards the changing room and changed from my waitress uniform, flung my bag on my shoulder and rushed out.


    He was leaning against his car, he raised his head and walk towards me.

    “You’re out” I nod, he leans down and kisses my forehead. “How was work today? Stressful?”

    I shake my head.

    “Nope! Though the restaurant was packed, Don didn’t let me work too much”

    He takes my hand and leads me towards the passengers seat, he opens the door and I entered. He round the car and got in the driver’s seat.

    “You know, Don, he may act all tough but trust me he’s a softy inside”

    “I know”

    My stomach growls loudly.

    “That wasn’t me!” I said quickly.

    Andy laughed.

    “You’ll eat something when we get to grandma’s”

    I nod and we continue our journey in a comfortable silence.


    Cool music fills the air as we step into grandma’s home…. though the music is that of the 80s.

    Memories rushed in my mind as I walk in… I remembered the first day grandma brought me home, when she introduced me to Don and Andy.

    “Cat!!” Andy called me out of my memory lane.


    “Let’s go and greet grandma, she’s sitting over there” I nod and we walk towards her.

    “Grandma!!” I called her excitedly and she turned to us.

    A wide smile spread on her face and she opened her arms for me to come in.

    “Ooh, my grandbabies are here!”

    I jumped in her arms and she hugged me tightly, she kissed my forehead and caress my hair.

    “Happy birthday, grandma!” I wished her.

    “Thank you, darling. How have you been? How is Andy treating you? Is he bullying you? Does he give you enough food?”

    “He’s taking good care of me, he wouldn’t dare bully me”

    She shake her head with a frown.

    “You’re lying! Look how thin you are!”

    Andy sits next to her and scoffed.

    “Grandma, you’re being biased, what if she’s the one bullying me?”

    Grandma eyed him and huffed.

    “I’m not talking with you” she takes my left hand and raised it up, she holds out my ring finger. “When are you gonna put a ring on it?!”

    “Grandma!!” Andy and I exclaimed.

    I stared at her in confusion… Me and Andy… I shudder. Why will she even think of that…

    I glanced at Andy, though he’s looking surprise but I can see his neck and ears turning red… He’s blushing?

    “What? You two are old enough now, it’s time you ask for my blessings”

    “Grandma…. ” She raised her hand and cut me off.

    She turned to Andy and pulled his ear.

    “It hurts.. grandma, it hurts..”

    “Yeah.. so you’ll learn your lesson. Go get an engagement ring and engage her soon before someone else does it!”

    “Grandma… ”

    “Am I clear?”

    “Yes, yes, yes” Andy said quickly.

    What is grandma saying? I look at Andy, he simply wink at me and begin to rub his ear.

    Grandma is just having a weird thought…. I only consider Andy my best friend… In fact he’s my brother.

    “Promise me you’ll propose!” Grandma said looking at Andy expectantly.

    I also looked at Andy wondering what he’s gonna say.

    T. B. C.

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    /He’s my father’s killer?/

    By; Racheal Dennis



    Grandma and I stared at Andy… Grandma waiting for him to promise her, while me, I am waiting for him to say otherwise.

    “Promise me” grandma finally said.

    Andy glanced at me, he smiled and take my hand.

    “I promise!” He said.

    My eyes grow wide and I glared at him, he pulled me closer and whisper in my ear.

    “Just play along, I’ll explain later”

    I glared at him a few seconds before I turned back to grandma, a forced smile on my lips.

    “Grandma, let’s not talk about marriage now. Today is your birthday, come let’s dance” I told her.

    Grandma might be old, but she’s a very good dancer and she loves dancing a lot.

    She quickly got up and drag me to the center of the living room.
    “Are you sure you can keep up with me?” She asked me.

    “Bring it on!”

    She starts shaking her body and I begin to panic… I shouldn’t have suggested a dance. I turned to Andy, he simply wink and give me a thumbs up.

    Grandma grab my hand and shake my body.

    “Why aren’t you dancing?”

    “I… I…”

    Oh God! What did I get myself into? I watch grandma dancing to the 80s tone, some people of her age also came forward to join her.

    I laughed at their moves… What was I expecting… they are in the 80s life right now.

    Someone tapped my shoulder, I turn and shrieked and jumped into an open arm.


    She wrapped her arms tightly around me, we jumped around in each other’s arms. Soon we pulled away.

    “Cat, I was hoping you’d come and you did!” She said.

    “Of course, I must come, it’s my grandma’s birthday party after all”

    “You look so beautiful!”
    I roll my eyes and lead us to a chair.

    “Oh, please. I’m nothing compared to you… You look like a goddess!”

    She smiled and begin to look around… I instantly knew what…. or should I say, who she’s looking for.

    “Looking for Andy?” I asked her.
    She blushed and faced down, playing with her fingers on her lap.

    She is crazily in love with Andy since high school, but it has always been a one-sided love. I think Andy might be in love with someone else… or maybe he haven’t found the one yet.

    “He’s over there!” I point towards Andy, he seems to be on his phone.

    “Wow!” She awed… I laughed at her, though Andy is a hot guy and girls are crazy over him.
    But me… Hmm, I guess I have bad taste in men, cause I don’t find him attractive… at all.

    “Look how handsome he is!!” She whispered softly.

    I shudder and gag. I have been trying to match them since high school, but Andy never agrees… he’d always say… I don’t like her or stop trying to be a match maker.

    I should try today, who knows, I might succeed. I grab Grace’s hand and got up.

    “Let’s go say hello to him!”

    “Hello? What if he ignores me?”

    “We can conclude that after saying hello” I didn’t wait for her to protest, I pulled her towards Andy.

    “Hey, Andy!” I called him.
    He turned to me and keep his phone in his pocket, a small smile on his lips.

    “Cat, are you hungry? Are you ready to eat something now?”
    I shake my head.

    “Guess who’s here?”

    He frown slightly.


    I move aside and Grace step forward, she waved shyly at him. Andy frown more, he looked between Grace and I.

    “This is…….” He trails off waiting for me to complete it.

    “Grace… She’s Grace Henderson, she was in our class in 9th grade!”


    Oh? What does he mean by oh? Grace put on a bright smile.

    “A-andy… How have you been?”

    “Good ” he replied shortly.

    “Great, I…. ”

    “Grace, right?” He cut her off. “I have something to attend to, please enjoy the party!”

    He grabbed my hand and begin to pull me away. I turned to Grace with an apologitic smile and mouths.

    “I’m sorry, I’ll be right back”
    She nods with a smile and continue to watch us as Andy drags me off, I know she’s hurt.

    He stopped in a quiet corner and lets go of my hand, he glared at me.

    “What are you glaring at me for?”

    “I thought I have told you to stop matching me and her together?”

    “But why? She loves you!”

    “But I don’t love her! We can never be an item!”

    “Listen, Andy, you two are a perfect match”

    “We are not”

    I sigh… Does this guy plan to stay single all his life? He’s rich… Like he’s building up his company and he’s living fine… Why won’t he find a woman already.

    “Andy, why not give her a chance? And besides, grandma is on your neck about getting married… If you give her a chance, maybe it’ll lead to a long lasting relationship.. you know, marriage”

    “Marriage? I can’t marry someone I don’t love”

    I paused and stared at him a few minutes.

    “Someone you love? Who could that be? And when will you find her? Maybe in thirty years?”

    “Don’t be like that, you don’t know if I have someone in mind already”

    “Really? Who? Do I know her?”
    He nods staring in my eyes.

    “Tell me… What’s her name, I wanna meet you”

    “You know her name and you don’t have to meet her… You’ve already met”

    I frown. I know her name? We’ve already met?

    “Come on, tell me, I wanna know!” I whined.

    He pinched my nose and knocks my forehead gently.

    “It’s a secret!” He said with a smirk.

    “There’s no secrets between us”
    “Oh, there’s now… Go on and keep your friend company!” He gestures at her and leaves me standing there.

    Who is Andy in love with? Hmm, I will force the truth out of him one way or the other… Hehehehe!


    Soon, it’s night time and the party is over. Grandma has long retired to her room to get some rest, but before she retired, she instructed Andy and I to spend the night since it’s already late.
    So, now I’m in my old room and I’m sitting on my bed. Andy is locking the windows, when he’s done he came to towards me.

    “We are leaving very early tomorrow morning, don’t play with your phone too much and sleep early”

    “Yes, sir!” I replied.

    He leans forward and kisses my forehead gently.

    “Good night, baby!”

    I narrowed my eyes at him and wipe my forehead.

    “When will you stop doing that? I’m not a baby”

    “You are still my baby!”

    I huffed and rolled my eyes.

    “Whatever!” He chuckled softly.

    “Good night!” He turned off the lights and step out, shutting the door behind him.

    I set my alarm for 5am and lay back on the bed, I cover myself up and close my eyes waiting for sleep.


    Walking down the isle, I look around and saw everyone’s joyful expression. Grandma is smiling broadly at me, Grace’s smiling and giving me thumbs up.

    I look straight towards the altar… my would be husband is standing tall, in a domineering manner. But a blinding light is blocking his face, I can’t see his face.

    Maybe it’s because I’m too far away, I’ll see his face when I get close. In a twinkling of an eye, I arrived at the altar, but I still can’t see his face.

    I tilted my head to get a good view… but it’s still the same thing.

    “Do you, Miss Catherine Debby Justin take him, Mr……………………..”

    The priest’s voice suddenly became mute, I could only see his mouth moving but I can’t hear what he’s saying.

    “To be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, in wealth and in poverty, in failures and in success?”
    I didn’t heard my would-be husband’s name and I didn’t want to say a word, but my mouth acted on his own.

    “I do!” I blurt out.

    “Do you take Miss Catherine Debby Justin as your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, in wealth and in poverty, in failures and in success?”

    “I do!” I almost melted at his voice, so alluring and I swear I won’t get tired listening to him speak all day.

    “Lucifer, you may now kiss your bride!”

    I stilled, Lucifer?! Lucifer!! Like the devil?!

    He took off my veil and that’s when I saw him… I saw his face clearly…. Him? How could it be?

    No! No! This must be a nightmare….. Noooo!


    My eyes snap open and I sat up abruptly, my breath quickens. I feel something drop off my forehead and I realized I’m sweating profoundly.

    I look around… I’m still at grandma’s. Not in a chapel, or a church, or a wedding hall… I’m still at grandma’s.

    I take a deep breath and exhale softly… Thank God it was a dream, I thought I married a killer.

    Looking at the wall clock, it’s just 2am. I’d better get more sleep, tomorrow is an amazing day for me.

    T b.c

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    /He’s my father’s killer?/

    By; Racheal Dennis.



    “Grandma, we are leaving now” I told grandma.

    Currently, Andy, grandma and I are outside, standing next to Andy’s car getting set to leave.

    “Alright dear, take very good care of yourself. Don’t forget to eat in time and rest early too” she said.

    I nod. “You too grandma, don’t tire out yourself”

    She laughs and caress my cheeks fondly. “My beautiful granddaughter!”

    She turned to Andy and pulled his ear. “And you, rascal, make sure to take care of my granddaughter… and put a ring on it next time you come here!”

    Andy nods quickly and tries to get away from grandma’s grip.

    “Yes, yes, grandma!”

    She lets go of his ear and turn back to me, she pulled me in for a brief hug.

    “You two should take care of each other!” She whispered to me.

    “Yes, grandma!”

    “Good, now get in the car or you might be late for work!”

    I rolled my eyes. Today is actually my day off, but I’m not gonna let her know that or she won’t let me leave.

    Andy open the door and I got in, he entered after me and start the car. Grandma wave at us and I wave her back, a big smile on her face. We continue waving until we are out of sight.

    I sighed and fall back on my seat.

    “Grandma can be a handful sometimes” Andy said.

    “Yeah” I agreed.

    Then, I suddenly remembered something. “Why did you promised grandma you’d propose to me… what about the girl you love? Grandma will be disappointed to find out it’s not me!”

    He simply chuckles lightly.

    “Trust me, she won’t be the least disappointed”

    I’m not in the mood to argue with him,so I didn’t say nothing. A comfortable silence fell on us, I stare out the window, trying to count trees as we drive past them.

    “Right, Cat, do you know Lucifer?”

    Lucifer? I stilled as last night’s dream replayed in my mind. I got married to Lucifer in my dream….that man!

    “Cat?” Andy snap his fingers across my face and I blinked back to reality.

    “Do you know him?”

    I shake my head quickly. “N-no!”

    He furrow his eyebrows together.


    “I swear, I don’t know him!”

    He nods. “Hmm, good. In the future stay away from him, he’s bad news!”

    “Do you know him?”

    “No, I only came across him once and it wasn’t a good meeting….I heard you called out his name in your sleep last night, so I thought you knew him”

    Andy met with him? How is that possible?

    I better not think too much about it…I also met him once and I didn’t plan to meet him. Maybe they also met coincidentally.

    “Anywhere you meet him, don’t look him in the eyes, steer clear of him…he is a very bad man, he kills innocent people for fun and rapes girls that refused to give in to him”

    Huh? That bad?

    “So, you must stay away from him…avoid bumping into him at all cost!”

    “Ok, I heard you”

    He narrowed his eyes down at me, but soon smile and faces back to the road.

    I really need to visit church today…I must pray for forgiveness and pray to God that I shouldn’t see him again….ever again!



    “Here are your winnings, sir!”

    I smirk and look at my opponent’s face, he stares at the table in confusion.

    “Wanna go for another round?” I asked him.

    He raised his head and glared at me, my smirk grew wider.

    “No! I give up!” He grits out, he got up and left angrily.

    I hate him… he’s a bad man, taking money from the poor to enrich himself. He thinks he can do the same to me by cheating me, I know every trick he pulled.

    “Chris, get the winnings, we are paying father Sean a visit!”

    He stopped and stared at me.

    “Boss, you… Father Sean?”

    I nod.

    “Lucifer in church?!”

    “Yes! After all father Sean is my old friend”

    “But, boss…..”

    “Get the winnings!”

    “Yes, boss!”

    I got up and walk towards the exit… I exit the casino and head towards my car.

    Few minutes later, Chris came out with all my winnings, he put them in the boot and got in the car.

    “Boss, your containers have been found… The boys reported that the thief escaped”

    “They should find him and bring him to me alive!”

    “Yes, boss!” He begin to type on his phone.



    “Alright, Cat, take care of yourself….I’m going to the office”


    Andy leans forward and kisses my cheek, and he pat my head.

    He drives off and I entered our apartment to get ready for church…then after that’ll hit the mall and buy some necessities.




    Why did Catherine screamed his name last night? Could it be what I’m thinking?

    I reach for my phone and dialed Don’s number, he picked up after a few rings.

    “Andy, what’s up?”

    “Erm… Have you spot Lucifer around your restaurant lately?” I asked him.

    He paused and I heard some shuffling, like he’s walking… After few seconds of silence, he speaks.

    “No. Why are you suddenly asking about him?” He whispered.

    “Cat, she called his name last night… I’m thinking maybe she came across him”

    “Have you asked her?”

    “Yeah, she said she doesn’t know him”

    I hear him sigh softly.

    “Watch her closely for me…. Don’t let her leave when it’s her close time, until I come get her myself” I told him.


    “I have to go, I’m heading to my office”

    “No problem, later!”

    I hanged up and concentrate on the road…. Lucifer and Catherine… I must watch them carefully, I can’t let them meet.

    T. B. C

    Lucifer in church 😂😂

    Andy…. How are you connected to Lucifer?

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    /He’s my father’s killer?/

    By: Racheal Dennis.



    “Father Sean!” I called as I stride in the church.

    “Father Sean! Lucifer is here!” I called once more.

    Father Sean rushes out of the confessional and head towards me, a big smile on his face.


    He opens his arms for a hug, but I simply shake his hand.

    “Father Sean, I came with some donations!”

    “Bless you, my son”

    I rolled my eyes but nods anyway.

    “Father Sean, get back in the confessional, I wanna confess”

    He frowns deeply and stares at me…. Like he couldn’t believe his ears or something.

    “Co.. confess?”

    “Hmm” I nod.


    “Get in!”

    Not arguing further, he quickly rushed back and got in the confessional.

    I knelt in front of the confessional, I picked a small cross nearby and kissed it. I bring it closer to my chest.

    “Father, I have sinned. I did something very bad yesterday, I took an innocent life. But I know…… ” I swallow my words as Chris whispered in my ear.

    “Boss, the thief is heading towards the church!”

    I quickly got up with a devilish smirk on my face… I really need to show someone why I’m called Lucifer.

    “Father Sean, something came up and I must leave now”

    “Oh… Can you just finish your confession first?”

    “I’m afraid, there isn’t no need for that… I’m about to commit an even bigger sin!” I told him.

    I hear him sigh from inside the confessional.

    “Luci… I don’t think your mother will be happy with this path you’ve chosen!”

    I fist my hands and clenched my jaw… I feel my eyes change colors.. if that is possible.

    “Don’t bring her up! You always do this that’s why I don’t come here often!”

    “Luci, your mother was a very good woman and she was bringing you up in the way of the lord… How did you… ”

    “Father Sean, that’s enough! In this life we are living… Power is all. With power everything is within your reach… People will quiver at the mention of your name!”

    “But… ”

    “My family was good but that wasn’t enough… It led to their deaths… but being bad is what has kept me going… It pays to be bad!”

    Father Sean didn’t say a word… But I can tell he’s thinking.

    “Farewell, father!” I turned to Chris. “Let’s go get that thief!”

    “Yes, boss!”



    “Thank you, sir!” I got off the taxi and paid the driver. “Keep the change!” I told him.

    He smiled at me.

    “That’s so kind of you ma’am, thank you and God bless you!”

    I simply nod and turned towards the church. I step in and head straight to the confessional.

    I knelt down and I did the sign of the cross and kissed the cross in my hands, brought my hands together and closed my eyes.

    “Forgive me father, for I have sinned. I know I have been bad lately, I do not come to church regularly and I have fall behind on my tithe……… ”

    After confessing my sins, I dropped an envelope on the table… That’s my donation. Then I head towards the exit.

    Few meters away from the church, I heard a familiar voice growling.

    *How dare you steal from me?!*

    I heard a sound like someone was punched, then I heard someone coughing.. I frown.

    Are they fighting?

    *You actually have the guts to steal my containers!*

    Hmm, that voice…. Where have I heard it? I wonder.

    *It’s… It’s… It’s not me.. I.. I…*

    *Shut up! Who sent you?!*

    There wasn’t any sound.

    *Speak!! Who sent you to steal my containers?!!*

    Still no response.

    *Then prepare to face your maker!*

    I gasped loudly… Is he trying to kill someone?

    I must intervene… Killing is a great sin and a life will also be wasted… I can’t let that happen.

    I begin to trace where the noise is coming from… I arrived at a quiet corner and gasped when I saw a badly beaten up man laying on the floor.

    Without hesitation, I ran and stand in front of him. I raised my head and that was the greatest mistake of my life.

    Red, angry eyes pierced my fragile soul… an unreadable expression on his face.

    “Lucifer!!” I whispered softly.



    Looking out my window, I fold my hands behind me. I watch as people walk down the streets of New York City.

    Soon, I will have it all…I will be the Mafia King…I will be the one people are gonna tremble for at the mention of my name….soon!

    “Boss, I got bad news about the containers” my right hand man report to me.

    “What bad news?”

    “Lucifer’s men found and retrieved it back!”

    I turned to face him instantly.

    “What?! When did that happen?!”

    “Few hours ago”

    “Hours?! Hours!!” I pulled my hair angrily. “What about the fool we sent to steal the containers?”

    “He’s with Lucifer!”

    That bastard, he couldn’t even complete a simple task.

    “Find way to kill him if Lucifer doesn’t, before he spill anything!!”

    “Yes, boss”


    He nods and leaves. I clenched my jaw and fisted my hands by my side.

    Lucifer……one day…very soon, I will bring you down and take everything you own from you!!



    I glared at the petite figure in front of me… Where the hell is she everywhere? And how the f**k did she know my name?

    Hmm, she really wants to die so badly.

    “Move!!” I growled lowly.

    She shakes her head. She looks at the thief on the floor and her eyes watered… I don’t understand why, but seeing her tearful eyes, my heart skipped a bit and I felt sour.

    “Look how badly beaten up he is, he’s had enough let him go” she said.


    “No, let him go!”

    This girl’s got some nerves. She turned to the thief, she smiled at him.

    “I’m here to protect you. I won’t let him hurt you, ok?” She promised him.

    Chris step forward and tries to push her aside, but she bites his arm very hard and he withdrew his hand. He glared at her and reach for his gun.

    “Boss, should I finish her?”

    I raised my hand and stop him, I furrow my brows and stared at her. I’m really surprised at how bold she is…. But why is she always everywhere I am punishing my offenders?

    Is this coincidence? Or she has other motives?

    “Le..le.. leave.. get… Leave here..” the thief told her but she refused.

    “Don’t worry, I said I will protect you!” She said firmly.

    I chuckle at her statement. I observe her petite figure… She should be 5ft something.. how can a 5ft woman think of challenging a 6ft3 man?

    “Protect him?” I asked.

    “Yes! I won’t let you hurt him anymore!”

    I look down at the gun in my hand and back at her bare hands… She seems to just realized that I’m holding a gun.

    She gasped loudly and her eyes grew wide. I smirked slyly.

    “Protect him with what?”

    “I.. I.. I.. have a… Weapon!”

    She quickly dig in her bag and brought out a…. Pepper spray?!

    I couldn’t hold it in, I burst into a brief laughter, this girl is amusing.

    “I’ll fight you with this! Unless you let him go!”

    “Do you even know what crime he committed?”

    “I don’t know… What did he do?”

    “He stole from me!! He stole something very important from me”

    She looked back at the thief but quickly turned to me.

    “He stole from you doesn’t mean you can kill him… You can hand him over to the cops and he will be dealt with”

    This provoked him… Cops?! Where were they when my parents were killed?

    I cock my gun and aimed it at her.

    “I’ve had enough of your nonsense!! Move or I will shoot you!!”

    She didn’t move, she stood her ground.

    “Killing is a sin… No human is allowed to take life!”

    This girl is really something. Nobody talks to me in this regard and stands alive in front of me… Why is hers different?

    Why am I letting her go against me? Why haven’t I put a bullet in her head?

    “Boss, this is the third time you’ve cross paths… Why not kill her already?” Chris asked.

    Right, if it was someone else he or she would be dead by now.

    “You can kill me but I won’t let you kill him… He deserves a second chance to repent”

    Interesting…. Really, interesting. I like interesting things, I own anything that is interesting… I must own her too… She must be mine!

    “Boss, we should end her now!”

    Though her pose is daring and fearless, but her eyes betrayed her. Fear is clearly written in her eyes…..

    “Well, you can save him” I told her.

    She smiled but quickly wipes it off and tries to put on a threatening look.

    “How can I save him?” She asked.

    “Easy… Be Mine!”

    T. B. C

    Catherine… Pepper spray? 😂😂

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