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    ALEXA πŸŽ€
    (His Soulmate)
    Episode 1

    ⚠️ Don’t COPY or REPOST ⚠️

    Written by: Racheal Dennis.

    Alexa’s pov πŸŽ€

    Running… running… running!

    I can’t turn back, I’m scared..too scared to look back.

    It’s coming behind me, in a massive speed….I once turned and saw its red eyes and I couldn’t look at it twice.

    I’m tired but I must go on if I wanna stay alive…I must continue running.

    *Alexa, run! Keep running!* She yells from behind me.

    I increased my pace, running faster than before…I can’t get caught.

    *Run! Don’t look back!* He urges me.

    *Just run!* They both urged me.

    I heard a thud but didn’t turn back…the heavy footsteps stops, but not for long..it continues again.

    I’m panting and running out of breathe but that didn’t stop me…I must get out of here.

    *Rebecca!* I heard his panicked cry.

    I stop running abruptly and turn back….my eyes grew wide, my mouth hang open as I couldn’t process what’s happening.

    *Rebecca!* He cried again….and the reality of what’s happening dawned on me.

    It has finally caught up with them…she laid on the ground with its might form over her… barring its teeth at her…ready to devour her.

    He tries to fight it off but he obviously isn’t strong enough…it pushed him away with its snout.

    It already clenched its teeth on her neck, tearing it…I can’t just watch, I must help.

    I step forward but unfortunately its neck snaps towards my direction….I halt frighteningly.

    *No!* A scream leaves my mouth.

    It takes a step towards me….my heart beating fast but he suddenly steps in front of it…not flinching away from its glaring red eyes.

    He pushes it back and grunts.

    *Alexa, run!* He said before it tackles him and lands him on the ground…. its teeth positioned on his neck.



    My eyes snaps open and I quickly sat up… panting heavily. My headaches and my hands move to my forehead.. wiping off the beads of sweat.

    I reached for the table lamp and turn it on….I reached for the glass of water and pills on the nightstand…I stared at it and sighed deeply.

    *Don’t go into the woods… it’s dangerous!*

    *There are vicious beasts lurking around in the woods!*

    *Always stay in the house and don’t come out at night!*

    Had I listened to these words….had I been obedient…I wouldn’t be having this nightmares.

    The door burst open and my brothers…. Micah and William…rushes in.

    Though we all call Williams, Will.

    Micah rushed straight to my bedside but Will flips the lights on before coming to me.

    Will wipes off the sweat on my forehead… Micah holds my right hand in his.

    “Lexa, are you alright?” Will asked.

    “Had another nightmare?” Micah asked immediately after Will.

    I simply nod to answer both their questions. Micah and Will exchange looks and Micah sighed.

    “Thankfully, we are moving today!” Will said.

    I raised my head at once with a surprise expression on.

    “Moving?! When did that happen?! Why am I just finding out about it just now?!”

    I studied their expressions as I questioned them… Micah is avoiding my gaze but Will kept a straight face on.

    Micah turns to the alarm clock on my nightstand and gasp dramatically.

    “It’s 05:10am…” He claps his hands and stands up. “…Lexa, start packing, let’s move!”

    I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply…I don’t have time for his jokes now.

    I drop the pills I was holding and crossed my arms across my chest…a scorn on my face…I can imagine my brows knit together.

    “No!” I said looking at Will….his straight face still on.

    Micah laughs lightly.

    “Come on, Lexa. Don’t be stubborn now, we’re doing this for your own good” he explained.

    “No!” I said again.


    “No buts, Micah. I’m not moving!”

    They both know I don’t like it when we move…I always have problem adapting to a new environment.

    “Lexa, don’t be like that..now that mom and dad…..”

    “Stop!” I cut him off.

    I don’t like it when they mention our parents….I can’t get over what happened yet, even if it’s been almost a year now.

    “We’ve moved more than 20 times, when are we gonna stop moving?” I asked.

    “We’re only trying to find a quiet place for you… somewhere that won’t trigger your nightmares” Micah explained.

    I scoffed…excuse! That’s the only thing they say everytime they want us to move.

    He points towards my window…wait, did I forget to lock my window before going to bed?

    “Look, your window is just facing those woods…who knows if that’s the reasons for your nightmares” he said.

    I turn my gaze from the window to Will… he’s exceptionally quiet.

    Well, I don’t need to tell you about their personalities now….you can clearly tell that Micah is the simple and approachable one among them.

    Will is strict with me…no, he’s strict with Micah and I…but a bit lenient with Micah.

    “I still don’t want to move, Micah” I said staring pointedly at Will..as if he’s actually the one I’m talking to.

    And truly he’s the one I’m talking to…I was directing that comment to him.

    “But Alexa…..”

    Will bangs on my nightstand and stands up…he stares at me sternly.

    “We are moving today and that’s final!” I flinched back and grab Micah’s arm.

    “Wi..Will..calm down, let’s talk to her calmly, she’ll understand”

    “Well, you have been trying to talk to her calmly…did she understand?” He scolds Micah.

    Ok, that’s the only thing I like about him… instead of scolding me anytime I’m wrong, he scolds Micah instead.

    He turns to me.

    “Start packing up… we’re moving by 8am!” He leaves my room immediately.

    Micah sighs and sits on my bed, his hand on my right cheek… caressing it softly.

    “Don’t worry, Lexa, you’ll adapt sooner than you expect” he said.


    “True! I’ll take you round town when we get there…and who knows, you might make a whole lot of friends!”

    I rolled my eyes…I know exactly what he’s tryna do…I know what he meant by that.

    “I’ll show you all the beautiful scenery and…..”

    “Just tell me you want me to accompany you for your job hunting!” I interrupt him.

    He smiles brightly and winks at me.

    “You are really my sister…you know me too well”

    I shake my head. I wish I can be this free to everyone…I wish I can make any friends and talk about anything and everything with my friends.

    “Lexa! Lexa!” He snaps his fingers across my face.

    I blinked a few times.


    “What were you thinking?”


    He chuckles and shakes his head.

    “You were obviously thinking something”

    “It’s nothing..but I really don’t wanna move..I’m tired of being a new student everytime!”

    “You’ll be fine”

    Just when I was slowly accepting this place, we’re moving again.

    “I’m in my senior year, don’t you think all these frequent migrating will affect my studies?”

    “Nope! You’re smart!”

    “Try talking Will off…..”

    “No, Lexa. You can’t continue having all these nightmares…it need to stop”

    I huffed and rest my head on the headboard.

    “Don’t worry, I promise you…this will be the last time we move”

    I rolled my eyes…he told me the same thing last time we moved here and here we are moving again.

    “Don’t roll your eyes at me missy…or I’ll pluck ’em out!”


    There’s a long pause…none of us saying a word.

    “Where are we going this time?” I asked.


    I hummed. Who knows where we’ll go next…maybe France.

    “And I believe we’ll stay there for a very long time” he said.

    “You sound so sure”

    “Yeah… the agent guaranteed Will and I that the house we’re moving in isn’t near the woods…so, I don’t think you’ll have any nightmares”

    I don’t know why..but I suddenly released a long relief breath.

    “I hope so!” I muttered silently.

    “I know so!” He said.

    His phone suddenly beeps, he reaches for it from his PJs pocket.

    A small frown first appears on his forehead.. before a bright smile took over.

    “Lexa, start packing… we’re leaving by 8am!” He said and rushes towards the door.

    “Wait…where are you rushing off to?” I asked.

    “Oh, I got a text from Betty”

    Betty?! Who’s that?! I asked mentally with a confused frown.
    He seems to notice my confused expression and smiles.

    “Betty, my girlfriend!” He winks at me.

    I groan….his one week girlfriend. I forgot to tell you guys… Micah is a playboy….almost every girl in Texas is his girlfriend.

    I sometimes wonder if God made a mistake making this gross boy my brother.

    “So….I’m gonna go!” He didn’t even wait for my reply before dashing out.

    My eyes meets my alarm clock… it’s already 5:59am…. almost 6.

    I climb down from my bed and head towards my closet…I pulled out my suitcase and opens it.

    Seems I have no choice…I better start packing. I throw my hair in a messy bun and get into work.


    Two hours later….

    I look around my empty room….I’m long done packing and my luggages have already been moved out and put in the truck.

    I flung my backpack on my shoulder and head for the door…just then I heard Will’s voice from outside.

    “Alexa! Come on!”

    Humph! He reaches can’t wait to leave this place….they say we’re moving for my good…but why do I have this nagging feeling at the bank of my mind that we’re actually running from something.

    Like we’re always on the run… whatever!

    “Micah, go in there and pull that lady out!” Will growl at Micah.

    “I’m out! I’m out!” I said immediately I step out…I shut the door in a loud bang.

    I walk towards Will’s old toyota camry…the one our dad left him. I made myself comfortable in the back seat..and pulled out a story book from my bag.

    Will and Micah got in… Will starts the car and follows behind the truck moving our properties!

    After a few moment of silence, Will and Micah begin to talk in hushed voices….I know they don’t want me to hear their conversation.

    So I engrossed myself in my storybook!


    I yawned and open my eyes…I frown. When the heck did I fall asleep?

    “You’re awake!” Will said from the driver’s seat.

    Hold on… driver’s seat?! We’re still in the car?!

    “Are we not there yet?” I asked.

    “No!” They both replied.

    I groan and slumps back on my seat….I looked out the window and saw tall trees swaying to the tone of the wind as we drive past.

    My eyes shut involuntarily….tall trees…woods…they cause me nightmares.

    I quickly look away but not quick enough….my eyes caught something in the woods. I looked again to confirm my doubt and truly there they are….the cause of my nightmares.

    Two red eyes!

    My head turns away and I faced front….I don’t wanna look back. I need to get that picture off my mind.

    “Alexa, are you ok?” Will asked me.

    I guess he saw my frightened expression…I simply nod.

    “Are you sure? Or you want to stop the car for a while?”

    My eyes grew wide. Stop the car?! In the woods?!

    “No!” I said too loudly.

    Micah turns to me with a frown… Will can’t turn as he’s driving, so he looks at me from the rearview mirror.

    “Are you sure you’re ok?” Micah asked.

    “You can tell us anything” Will said.

    There’s a moment of silence, they both waiting for my reply.

    “I think I saw something in the woods!”

    They both shared a look, Micah turns back to me.

    “There’s nothing in the woods, Lexa…your mind must be playing tricks on you” he said.


    “Yeah.. maybe you’re still thinking about the nightmare”

    Hmm…that makes sense. It must be I’m just paranoid…I need to get that stupid picture off my head.

    I reach for my phone and earbuds in my backpack…and begin to go through my playlists.

    “How about we resume your therapy sessions when we’re settled in california?” Will suggest.

    “No!” I replied.


    “It won’t make any difference”


    I ignore him and put on my earbuds and decide to play *stuck with you* by justin bieber and ariana grande.

    I’m not gonna attend any therapy…I have tried it before it didn’t work.

    I just hope moving to California will help stop my nightmares.

    To be continued.

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    ALEXA πŸŽ€
    (His Soulmate)
    Episode 2

    ⚠️Do not COPY or REPOST ⚠️

    Written by:- Racheal Dennis.

    Alex’s pov πŸŽ€

    After a long torturing drive… Will finally stops in front of a building.

    Will and Micah quickly alighted, I also didn’t waste any time to follow suit. Micah throws his arm around my shoulders and inhaled deeply.

    “Lexa, can you feel the peace and quiet this place will bring you?” He asked.

    I raised an eyebrow at him.

    “We just got here… Who knows if we’re gonna move tomorrow!”

    He groans and rolls his eyeballs.

    “You’re such a killjoy!”

    I chuckled at his failed attempt to cheer me up and make me love this place.

    *Be careful, guys.. don’t break anything!* I heard Will talking to the movers as they move in our stuffs.

    I took the time to study the building… It looks like a portable mansion.

    I nod.

    My legs find their way to the backyard, to confirm if what Will and Micah said are true.

    A small smile finds its way to my lips as I saw a small garden of roses and lilies instead.. and a single guava tree with a few guava fruit on it.

    *This is perfect!* I thought mentally.

    Maybe they’re right, I might not get any nightmares since there’s no woods behind.

    Someone taps my shoulder and I turn… Micah and Will stands behind me… Will’s hands tugged in his pocket and Micah smiling brightly.

    “So.. what do you think?” Micah asked.

    They both looking at me anxiously.. waiting for my reply.

    I scoffed mentally, they’re asking for my opinion now… As if it has ever mattered.

    “Do you like it?” Micah asked again.

    I nod.

    “Yeah… since there’s no woods!”

    Micah claps his hands together and from my peripheral view, I saw Will sigh in relief… a small smile tugs at the corner of his lips.

    “Excellent!” Micah said.

    “The movers are done, let’s go in and check the rooms!” Will said.

    Micah takes my hand and pulls me along… I hope the inside won’t disappoint me!



    I couldn’t help it but awe at the beauty I’m seeing… Honestly, this house is ten times more beautiful than our previous house.

    It’s got high ceilings and high french windows… Let’s just say I can’t describe the interior in full, cause I’m pretty bad at descriptions!

    Wait… I need to get the room with its window facing the garden.

    I turned to Will with a smile… He studies my expression and sighed.

    “Fine… It’s that one over there!” He points to a room.

    He already knows what I wanna ask… He doesn’t need me to tell him.

    I rushed there but not before yelling.. “Micah! Bring in my luggage!”

    He groans but I hear him pulling my luggage along.

    I enter the room and rushed towards the window… I opened it and smile as I breathe in.

    The garden is right outside my window… I saw two butterflies, flying around a flower.

    “Well, it seems you really like this place now!” Micah said.

    I rolled my eyes.

    “Micah, I only like the garden!”



    Will clears his throat and calls our attention.

    “Well, Alexa, Micah and I have something to discuss… we’ll leave you to unpack and settle in!”

    I nod.. wanting them to leave. But my stomach growls loudly and I remember we haven’t had any food since morning.

    Micah looks at his wrist watch.

    “Will, it’s already lunchtime… Lexa and I will go for groceries shopping first”

    I slaps his shoulder.

    “Grocery shopping?!”

    He nods.

    “I’m already so hungry and you’re talking about grocery shopping?!”

    He nods again.

    “Can you say something other than nodding?”

    He chuckles lightly.

    “We’ll go buy groceries and Will is gonna cook for us!” He said.

    I rolled my eyes for the hundredth time.. what a bunch of caring brothers I have.

    I throw my backpack on my new bed and keep my storybook inside… Seeing my storybook, I suddenly remember something.

    I stands up abruptly.

    “What about school?”

    They both frown.

    “School?” They asked at once.

    “Yeah.. when am I resuming school? This is my senior year, I can’t slack off”

    Micah laughs.

    “Relax.. Will didn’t forget you’re a nerd…”

    “I’m not a nerd!” I cut him off.

    He nods frantically.

    “Right, right….!”

    “I found you your new school and talked with the principal last night… You’re resuming tomorrow!” Will said.

    I nod… At least they’re not gonna delay my studies. I turned to Micah.

    “Micah, you’ll go the grocery shopping alone…I wanna unpack and get my things ready for tomorrow”

    “No!” Micah and Will said at once.

    I furrow my brows together.

    “Ok… You’re both acting weird!” They both have a scared expression on.

    “Weird? We just don’t want to leave you alone in the house” Micah said.

    “I’m not alone, Will is gonna be here”

    “Will… he….”

    “I’m visiting one of my friends” Will cuts him off.

    “Your friends?”

    He and Micah nods.

    “You have friends here?”

    They nods again.

    “Since when?”

    They both exchange looks and Micah nods at Will… Like they just had a conversation telepathically.

    “Remember I came here sometime ago for business?” Will asked.

    “Yeah?” I replied.

    “Well, I made a few friends then… Now that I’m here, I must check on them!”

    Hmm… It’s confirmed… Their acting strange.

    Could it be my nightmares are taking a toll on them and they’ve gone…. Loco?!

    “Come on, Lexa… I’m starving, let’s get moving!” Micah said and grabs my hand.

    He turns to Will.

    “Extend my greetings to your friends!”

    Will nods…. While Micah pulls me out.


    Walking down the streets with Micah is a crime now! I mean, all the girls are glaring daggers at me… I guess they’re thinking I’m his girlfriend.

    I shake my head mentally… If only they knew I’m his younger sister!

    Ok, enough of the girls talk… I noticed something else.

    The people in general… Elderly ones… Men and women.. they all seem to be giving me a disgusting look… like I’m carrying some kind of disease.

    They’re murmuring among themselves as we walk past them… I pulled Micah closer and whisper in his ear.

    “What’s going on? Why are they staring at me like that?”

    He look around and throw his arm around my shoulders.

    “They can hear you!”

    “Huh?” They can hear me? How?!

    “Just ignore them… I bet they’re just surprised to see new faces in their town”

    Great! Just great! This is one of the reasons I hate moving!

    Micah stops walking and I raised my head with a frown.

    “Let’s check out this supermarket!” He said and pulls me inside.


    Writer’s pov πŸŽ€

    “Stop there!” A guard stops William as he’s about to walk through a gate.

    The guard access him and sniffs the air.

    “You’re not a rogue.. who are you?” The guard asked.

    “I’m Williams Dex!”

    “That’s not what I mean!” The guard retort harshly.

    William smiles… He studies the guard and shakes his head.

    *He must be a new guard!* He thought.

    “Which pack are you from? And what’s your rank? And why did you come to the Alpha King’s mansion?!”

    Williams rolled up his sleeve and shows the guard a small faded wolf’s head tattoo on his arm…. The guard’s eyes grows wide as recognition flash across his eyes.

    “I’m Williams Dex… from crescent moonstone pack… from the royal spy’s family!”

    The guard bows his head immediately he realizes william’s rank is far higher than his.

    “I’m so..sorry, Mr spy.. how may I help you?” He stutters a little.

    “I want to see the alpha King!”

    The guard nods…”I’ll inform him!”

    The guard rushes in and came out after a few minutes.

    “Mr spy, this way, please!”

    William nods and follows him. After a few minutes of walking down a very long corridor, they stopped at a big door…made of oak wood.

    Alpha King’s office boldly written above it.

    The guard knocks a few times and hears a faint “come in!”

    He opens the door and they both steps in… william and the guard quickly bows their heads as they saw the people inside the office.

    The alpha King sits on his big chair… with his beta by his left hand side…and a few elders.

    “Alpha King, William Dex is here!” The guard reports.

    The Alpha King waves the guard off… the guard rushes out as if his pants is on fire.

    Willam quickly falls on his knees with his head still bowed.

    “William Dex… Why are you just coming back?!” The Alpha King asked.

    William didn’t utter a word.. talking back at the an Alpha is a death wish.

    “After the death of your parents, we were expecting you and your brother to come back to the pack!” The Alpha King paused.

    The silence in the office is very thick.

    “Why did you and your brother come back! Speak!”

    “We’re sorry, alpha King… We thought we could catch him…”

    “Nonsense!” The Alpha King interrupts him. “I sent word to you, asking you to come back but you disobeyed me just because you thought you could catch him?”

    William opens his mouth to speak but the alpha King shuts him up with a glare.

    “Where’s he now?!”

    “He’s in hiding, but….”

    The door opens and a young boy enters the office… Everyone, except the alpha King.. stands up and bows.

    “Your highness!” They chorused.

    He arrogantly walked towards a similar chair with the alpha King’s and sits… without acknowledging their greetings.

    A deep frown on his face…like he was forced to attend this gathering.

    The beta king signal them to sit down.

    “Dad, who’s this?” He asked.

    “Alpha prince, he’s from the royal spy’s family!” The beta explained.

    William gave him a respectful bow.

    “Oh!” He exclaimed kinda disappointed.

    The Alpha King clears his throat and all attention turns to him.

    “William, I’ll pardon you for your parents’ sake… Come to the pack meeting tomorrow, you have a lot to catch up with!”

    “Yes, alpha King!” William replies.

    “You’re dismissed!”

    William didn’t get up.. this made everyone frown.

    “Do you want to be punished for failing in your duty instead?” An elder asked.

    William shakes his head.

    “I have a request” he said.

    “Speak!” The beta said.

    “I have a sister but she ain’t wolf”

    There was silence… everyone is waiting for him to complete his statement.

    “She’s human!”

    This statement caused an uproar as everyone is murmuring. The beta hits the table for orderliness… everyone quiets down.

    “What do you mean she’s human?” The Alpha King asked.

    “I don’t know how to explain it..but she didn’t inherit our gene”

    *How is that possible?!*
    *Both parents were wolves!*
    *This is unacceptable!*
    *She must leave!*

    The elders murmur.

    “It is against our law to let any human in our pack! You know that!” The Alpha King said.

    William nods.

    “I know, alpha King…but this is the only place she can be safe!”

    “No! She has only two choices now…either she leaves or we kill her!”

    William’s eyes grew bigger and he shakes his head.

    “No…she can’t die…”

    “Then she leaves!”

    *She can’t stay!*
    *She’ll expose us!*

    William stares at the elders as they all agree with the alpha King.

    Right then a thought comes to his mind.

    “Alpha, she’s one of us… maybe she’s a late bloomer, she might transform if she meets her mate” William said.

    Everyone quiets down and thinks about what he said…the young alpha prince shakes his head.

    “She must leave! Humans and wolves don’t mix!” He said.


    “Alpha prince is right!” An elder cuts William off as he tries to speak. “Allowing a human in our pack will be our downfall”

    William sighed in frustration…the reason he moved back was to protect his sister…now instead of protecting her, they want to kill her?

    “Alpha King…just give us one week…only one week…if she doesn’t find her mate here… we’ll leave…”

    “No!” The Alpha prince stands up. “She…..”

    “Xander!” The alpha King cuts his son off. “Their family is the royal spy..we should listen to him”

    “What?! Dad, we’re supposed to kill her! Have you forgotten that the hunters killing our kind are humans?!”

    “Alpha prince, Alexa is not a hunter…she knows nothing about wolves…she won’t cause any harm…”

    “That’s bullshit! She must leave or she must die….”

    “Xander! That’s enough sit down!” The alpha King’s voice boomed.

    The alpha prince grumpily sits back on his chair. Alpha King turns to the elders…and cleared his throat.

    “The Dex family are always out there risking their lives for our pack’s safety…. this is the least we can do for them in return!”

    “So we’re letting her stay?” An elder asked.

    “Yes! But for just one week! If she doesn’t find her mate, she’ll leave!” Alpha King said in a firm voice… giving no room for arguments.

    Even alpha prince (Xander) dares not argue.

    “This is why I don’t like coming here! I always end up getting angry!” Alpha prince grumbles and got up and marched towards the door.

    But not before stopping at William’s side and said through grit teeth.

    “I shouldn’t see her! Or I’ll kill her!”

    He steps out and slams the door shut… William bows.

    “Thanks Alpha King”

    “Just one week!” Alpha King said.

    William nods quickly…a small smile on his lips.

    “You’re dismissed!”

    William gets up and rushed out.


    Alexa’s pov πŸŽ€

    *…can I have your number?*

    I shake my head and rolled my eyes as I watch Micah flirting with the cashier.

    We’re done shopping and I’m waiting for him by the exit to pay the bills…but that gross boy is busy flirting with the cashier instead.

    Though I believe she’ll give us discount now… because Micah told her she’s pretty.

    Suddenly, someone bumps into me and the bags I was holding falls down…I almost lost my balance too.

    “Can’t you watch where you going?!” I heard a female voice growl at me.

    I frown and raised my head to give her my comeback.

    “You’re not only blind but dumb too! You obviously bumped into me!” I retort.

    She glares at me one more time and sniff the air…like a dog!

    Her glare intensified..she pushes me out of her way.

    “Filthy human!” She growls and storms out.

    What’s her problem?!

    I shake my head…I guess she woke up at the wrong side of the bed. I bent down to pick up my bags.

    “I’m sorry about my sister’s behavior!” I heard another female voice say.

    I quickly stand up…a smile on her face.

    “My sister was rude, sorry about that” she said again.

    “It’s nothing!” I said and turn to leave but she holds me back.

    “I guess you’re new in town”

    I nod and turn to leave again, but she holds me back again and didn’t bother to let go of me.

    “I’m Joyce and I’m from this pack…which pack are you from?”

    I frown…


    She nods, still smiling.

    “What’s a pack?” I asked again.

    Her smiles falters and she sniffed the air… what’s up with everyone sniffing the air like a dog?

    I sniff the air too but didn’t perceive anything off.

    “You’re human!” She exclaimed happily.

    “Yeah.. you’re human too” I said.

    She suddenly engulfed me in a tight hug.

    “You’re human! I can’t believe I met a human!”

    Ok…this is weird. What does she mean? Everyone on earth is human… right?

    Just then Micah comes and clears his throat…he reaches out his hand for a handshake.

    “Hi, I’m Micah..her big bro”

    Joyce quickly takes his hand….then he looks at Joyce the same way he and Will did this morning.

    And I noticed realization dawned on Joyce….like she just understand something.

    “No wonder she’s clueless!” She said.

    Clueless about what? This place is really weird!

    “So… what’s your name? Are you coming to school tomorrow? Can I be your friend?”

    “I… er….yes, I’m coming to school tomorrow but she might not be schoolmates”

    “There’s only one school here… everyone in our pa….”

    Micah clears his throat and Joyce chuckled.

    “Everyone in our town goes there”

    I nod.

    “Then, I’ll see you at school tomorrow”

    “I guess…”

    She laughs lightly and hugs me briefly.

    “I’ll see you tomorrow…gotta run before my sister kills me!” With that she runs out.

    I released a long breath…this is the longest I’ve spoke with someone.

    “I see you just made your first friend!” Micah teased me.

    He knew I was frustrated and tired of her…speech?

    “Did you get her number?” I asked referring to the cashier.

    “Of course! I’m gonna get laid tonight…”

    I cough to cut him off.


    “What’s gross about it…”

    “Don’t bring home!” I warned him in advance.


    I dumped the bags in his hands.


    “Let’s go home!” I said and rushed out before he can hand them back to me.

    To be continued.

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    ALEXA πŸŽ€
    (His soulmates)
    Episode 3

    ⚠️Do not COPY or REPOST ⚠️

    Written by: Racheal Dennis.

    Alexa’s pov πŸŽ€

    “Darling! We are home!” Micah yells as we step in the living room.

    Immediately, Will walks out from the kitchen with a sandwich in his right hand.

    My stomach growls at the sight of the sandwich… Micah and I reach for it at once… I turned to him with a glare.

    He ignores me and faces Will.

    “You know me too well, darling!” He gasp dramatically and falls on Will’s shoulder.

    I shudder and gave him a disgusting look… Watching him tryna act cute wanna make me puke!

    “At this point in time.. only your sandwich can save me” he said.

    He reaches out his hand.

    “Here.. sandwich, come to papa!”

    Will pushes him away and dust his shoulder.. then he turns to me with a smile.

    “For you, Alexa” he turns to Micah. “Go into the kitchen yourself if you want one!”

    “Thanks, Will” he nods and raffles my hair.

    Micah stares at us with his mouth wide open… I guess he’s looking for the right words to say.

    He nods and pretends to be hurt.. he clenched his jaw and blinked his eyes like he’s trying to blink some tears away.

    “Now I understand… Will just confirmed my doubts!” He slumps on a sofa.

    Will and I lean on each other waiting for Micah’s drama… episode 1 of Micah’s show today.

    “I have always knew it! Now it’s confirmed… I was adopted… Mom and dad picked me up from a dumpster…!” He begin to wipe off his imaginary tears and shakes his head.

    Will sighed deeply and thinks for a minute or two.

    “Alexa, how about we sell him off to those slave traders?”

    I nod thoughtfully.

    “Yes! We’ll make a great deal of money!” I supported Will’s notion.

    Micah cries loudly… overdramatically.

    “They don’t love me! They don’t want me!”

    Will and I burst into laughter… I cut a tiny piece of the sandwich and puts it in his mouth and he stops his dramatic cry.

    “Micah, you’re a clown!” I told him.

    Honestly speaking, my brothers have a very large appetite.

    They can eat a whole cow and five minutes later, they’ll be asking for more…. they eat like hungry wolves!

    “Alright, Alexa, go to your room and unpack.. and get your stuff ready for school tomorrow!” Will tells me.

    I nod and rushed towards my room.

    Knowing I’m resuming school tomorrow makes me kinda happy…


    Writer’s pov πŸŽ€

    Will watch Alexa enter her room and make sure she’s out of hearing.. then he turns to Micah.

    “The Alpha King wants Alexa to leave the pack!”

    “What?!” Micah exclaims.

    Will glares at him and look towards Alexa’s room.. the door is shut.

    “Bring your voice down!” He scolds Micah.

    Micah clears his throat and speak in a soft voice this time.

    “So… you mean we’re gonna move again? What are we gonna tell Alexa this time?”

    “We’re not moving… at least not now”

    Micah frowns.

    “What do you mean?”

    “We’re not fully sure yet if Alexa is truly not a wolf… so, alpha King gave us one week.. if Alexa can find her mate maybe there’s a possibility that she’ll transform!” Will explained.

    Micah stares at Will blankly for a few minutes… then looked towards Alexa’s room with a clenched jaw.

    “One week? How can she find her mate in one week?” He paused. “What if she doesn’t have mate?”

    “I don’t know.. but it’s the only choice we have”

    “No, it’s not the only choice… Let’s leave, let’s get Alexa out of here!”

    Will sighs and sits down on a chair.

    “We can’t!”


    “This is the only place she can be safe.. this is the safest place for her”

    “But…. ”

    “Don’t worry… I’m sure she’ll find her mate. If she doesn’t find her mate, we’ll leave right away!”



    A mighty wolf runs in great speed… as if it’s trying to outrun a grievance… It runs for a few more minutes and finally stops at a lake.

    Another wolf also stops by its side.

    They walks behind a tree… bones cracking sounds are heard… flaws transforms into fingers… and soon two young handsome boys walks out.

    Wearing basketball trucks.

    They sat on a rock near the lake.

    “Ok…” Coughs “Alpha prince…” Coughs again “do you mind telling me why we came here?”

    There’s silence as the Alpha prince didn’t reply and shows no sign of replying.

    “The meeting.. how did it go?” He asked again.

    The Alpha prince stays silent for a moment.

    “There’s a human in town!” He grits out… hatred dripping off his words.


    He nods.

    “What did the Alpha King say?”

    “She’s staying!”

    “Staying?! She should be killed or sent away!!”

    The Alpha prince clenched his jaw and closed his eyes.

    “Xander, let’s find the human and kill him or her!”

    Xander (alpha prince) still have his eyes closed… He’s fighting with his wolf as his wolf wants to be let out.. he can feel that his wolf is happy but he doesn’t know why.

    “….. Xander, are you listening?”

    Xander snaps his eyes open and turn to the boy… He sighed as he sees xander’s eyes change colors.. his wolf’s yellow eyes is on right now.

    “Are you ok?”

    “I don’t know, Connor… My wolf is suddenly acting up!”

    Connor (his beta prince, childhood and best friend) stares at him for a few minutes… studying his wolf’s eyes.

    “Hmm.. could it be he wants to come out for a run?”

    “We just finished a race!” Xander growls.

    He closes his eyes for a brief moment and opens them again.. they’re back to normal.

    “I don’t know what’s wrong.. my wolf has never fought with me to take control” Xander wonders.

    Connor smirks as an thought pop in his head.

    “Who knows..Maybe the moon goddess has finally showed you mercy and our future luna queen is near by… ”

    Xander smacks the back of Connor’s head.


    “I don’t have a mate, if I have one I’d have met her already!”

    Connor groans and shrug.

    “Who knows, she might be from another pack”

    Xander sneers at him and he laughs nervously.. then his body suddenly went rigid.. his eyes glazed.

    It stays that way for a few minutes before he blinks and faces Xander.

    “Xander, alpha King just mind-link me.. he wants you to come back now”

    Xander frown wondering why his father didn’t mind-link him instead… then he remembers that he blocked his mind-link.

    “Did he say why he wants me back?”


    Xander takes a deep breath and gets up.

    “Let’s go!”


    Alpha King’s mansion….!

    Alpha King sits on a sofa… Luna queen sits next to him, peeling an orange.

    The door open and Xander walks in… He slumps on a sofa.

    “Xander.. you’re here!” His mother exclaims happily.

    He smiles briefly at her and turn to his father.

    “You sent for me?” He asked coldly… or rudely, that should be the right word.

    His father ignored his tone and speaks.

    “Yes! I have something very important to tell you”

    “Then say it!”

    The Luna queen picks an orange and throws it at him.. she passed him a warning glare.

    “That’s no way to talk to your father, young prince!” She scolds him.

    Xander grunts and adjust on his seat.

    “Then tell him to cut to the chase!”

    She glares at him one more time before speaking.

    “Xander, you’re 19years old already and you know you’re not getting any younger… ”

    Xander rolls his eyes and throws his head back on the sofa.

    *Of course I know that… that’s our everyday campaign!* He thought.

    “…. You still haven’t seen your mate. So…. ”

    She hesitate and looks at her husband for support.. he clears his throat.

    “We have decided to send you back to high school”

    This statement settled in his head and he quickly sit upright with a deep frown on.

    “High school?!” He asked.

    “Yes, maybe you might find your mate there!”

    Xander scoffs angrily.

    “Every teenager attending crescent high is from this pack… I don’t need to go to school to find my mate!”

    His father shakes his head.

    “No! You’re going back to high school”

    “I’m not!”

    His father glares at him harshly.

    “I dare you to say that again!”

    “I said I’m not! I’ve graduated high school two years ago!”

    His father growls lowly… His mother quickly drops the orange she was holding and rubs his father’s back to calm him down.

    “Xander, stop talking to your father in that manner!” She scolds him.

    “Then tell your husband I’m not going back to high school”

    “But Xander.. this is the only way we can think of.. your dad will retire soon and you’ll become the new alpha King.. your coronation can’t happen without your mate!”

    “No! I’m not going!” With that he stands up and leaves the living room.

    He head for the door and shuts it in a very loud bang after stepping out.

    “You.. did.. how rude is that son of yours!”

    “Calm down.. he’ll come along!” Luna queen calms him down.


    Xander stands in the middle of the training field… He cracks his fingers and brings out his claws.

    He turns to his fighters.. scanning them.. looking for who’s strong enough to fight with him.

    “You!” He points at a guy.

    Though the guy is taller than Xander.. he’s standing at 6ft7.. but the moment Xander points at him… his legs starts shaking and fear appears in his eyes.

    “M-me..?” He stutters.

    “Yes, you! Come here!”

    The guy look around, begging his teammates to join him but they all look away.

    They can feel xander’s anger… And fighting with an angry alpha is officially signing your death certificate.

    “I said come here!” Xander growls.

    The guy takes slow steps backwards.. and soon he’s running away as if his life depended on it.

    Xander look around looking for someone else to spar with.. but just like the first guy, they all ran away.

    Xander almost chase after them but Connor, Dylan and Tyler held him back.

    He struggles to set himself free but they tried their very best to hold him down.

    “I just wanna train!” He growls in his alpha’s tone… (Commanding tone)

    They quickly bows their heads, but didn’t let him go.

    “Prince, how about you calm down first” Dylan suggest.

    “I’m calm!”

    He pushes them off him and marches towards a bench.. he sits on and balled his fist.. grinding his teeth against each other.

    Dylan, Tyler and Connor looked at each other.. silently fighting about who will speak first.

    “Xander.. what happened? What did the Alpha say?” Dylan asked.

    “He FUCKING wants me back in highschool” Xander answers immediately.

    They quickly sits next to him.

    “What?! Why?!” Connor asked.

    “They want me to find my bloody mate there!”

    “But you’re done with highschool” Tyler said in his quiet voice.

    “So.. what do you wanna do now?” Connor asked.

    Xander stays silent.. he knows even if he doesn’t wanna go back to highschool.. his dad will force him.

    His dad will use the alpha tone on and no one can disobey the alpha’s tone…not even him..the alpha prince.

    “I don’t know!”

    There’s another brief silence. Connor breaks the silence with a clap.

    “Don’t worry, Xander.. highschool is fun.. I’ll go back with you!”

    Dylan and Tyler nods too.

    “Yeah.. we’ll also go back with you.. besides we can choice any class we want”

    Xander takes a deep breath and exhale slowly… His fist remain clenched.

    He gets up.

    “I need a cold bath… let’s race later!” Then he rushed off.


    Alexa’s pov πŸŽ€

    I fall on my bed and released a long sigh… I’m finally done unpacking!

    I reach for my phone and check the time… It’s already 6:59pm. I didn’t know unpacking and arranging my stuff will take so much time.

    *What a tiring day!* I groan mentally.

    I got up and my eyes met the plate of omelet on the table… Will had no choice but to bring it to my room.

    Cause I was too busy unpacking.. when he called me to come have dinner I didn’t listen… Hence, he brought it to my room instead.

    I take a few bites and head to the bathroom… I’m tired and I need a bath.. and a long sleep.


    I didn’t spend too much time in the bathroom..I changed into my barbie pj’s and climb onto my bed.

    Tomorrow is school…I wonder how my new classmates will treat me…not that I wanna make any friends..but at least nobody should stir up unnecessary troubles for me.

    I sighed…. I just pray I get a good night sleep and don’t have any nightmares!

    To be continued.

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    ALEXA πŸŽ€
    (His Soulmate)
    Episode 4

    ⚠️Do not COPY or REPOST ⚠️

    Written by:- Racheal Dennis.


    Alexa’s pov πŸŽ€



    I groan and turn… I cover my ears with my pillow and went back to sleep again.

    But that annoying sound didn’t stop, it came again and even louder than before.

    I reached for the source of the noise and angrily turns it off… I sat up and yawned sleepily, I stretched groggily with a small satisfied smile.

    Coming here might really be a good thing, I slept so soundly last night and I didn’t get any nightmares… In fact, this is the first time I’ve actually slept without having nightmares since that incident.

    *Alexa! Come down for breakfast or you’ll be late for school!* Will’s voice echoes from the dinning table.

    My eyes involuntarily move to my alarm clock.. a loud gasp left my mouth and I quickly jumped off my bed.

    It’s 7:30am already!

    *I’m so gonna be late for my first day!* I panicked mentally.

    I dashed into my bathroom… God! I can’t believe I overslept.. it hasn’t happened before.


    I didn’t spend much time in the bathroom, soon I’m standing in front of my full length mirror.. viewing my outfit.

    A blue boyfriend jean..a white crop top..a pair of white sneakers…I let my hair down.

    I carried my bag and rushed out…I head for the door and just as I reached for the handle, a hand stops me.

    “Where are you going without having your breakfast, Miss Dex?” Will asked.

    I turn to him, I reached for my phone inside my back and shows him the time.

    “It’s 8:05am…I’m late, I can’t have breakfast”

    He shakes his head and drags me towards the dinning table.

    “Today’s your first day..the teachers won’t blame you for coming a few minutes after 8!” He said.


    “I’m not gonna argue with you..have your breakfast!” He said.

    I open my mouth to speak again but he sent me a glare that says shut up!

    “Let me ask you..do you know the way to your school?”

    I shake my head.

    “But I heard there’s only one highschool in this town..it can’t be hard to find it”

    “Eat your food, Micah will drop you off!” He said.

    He looked towards Micah’s room.

    “Micah! I’m leaving! Don’t forget to drop Alexa off at school”

    “Yeah, yeah!” Micah replies from his room.

    Will dropped his car key and carried his briefcase…he leans down and kisses my forehead.

    “Be good and don’t get in trouble with anyone at school” he tells me.

    I nod and he quickly left… Micah walks out of his room fully dressed in suit…I frown.

    “What’s up with you?”

    He smiles and did a pose.

    “I need to look hot if I wanna get some highschool girlfriends!” He said.

    “Eww! Gross!”

    He sits on the chair next to me..he takes a slice of bread from my plate and eats it.

    He reaches for my glass of milk but I quickly grabs it before he could…I glare at him.

    “I won’t let you put your gross mouth in my cup!”

    He rolls his eyes.

    “Whatever!” He takes the car key Will dropped on the table. “Hurry up.. you’re late, lazybones!”

    I quickly gulp down my milk and got up.. Micah carries the plate and glass to the kitchen before we head out.


    Micah stops in front of a very big gate..with *crescent high school!* written on it in bold letters.

    I peep inside the school premises… students are rushing off to their classes…though, some are standing in groups of twos and threes discussing.

    “We’re here!” Micah said.

    I nod…another new school… I’ll be the new student again.

    “Lexa, should I walk you in?” He asked.

    “No!” I said quickly. “I’ll go on my own!”

    He nods.

    “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine” he told me.

    He leans forward and pulls me in for a brief hug… He kissed my forehead.

    “I’ll come back later to pick you up!”

    “Ok… I’m gonna go now!”

    I sighed deeply and steps out… I wave him and waited for him to drive off.

    I turned and looked at the gate again… It seems like it’s even higher than when I’m in the car.

    Taking a deep breath I walk into the premises. I will first go to the principal’s office and get my timetable… but I suddenly realize I don’t know where the principal’s office is.

    *Whatever! I’ll just ask anyone I find approachable!*


    Ok…I know I’m a new student and some people are gonna notice it.

    What I didn’t expect is everyone…I mean, everyone in school noticed I’m new.

    Anyone I walk past must turn back and talk in hushed voices…some of them even pass me nasty looks…like I’m a carrier of a strange disease.

    *I guess I’m gonna find the principal’s office by myself!*

    Just then I heard the bell rings and students start rushing to class…soon, the hallways are empty and I’m the only student walking outside.

    I felt a tap on my shoulder…I turned and saw it’s that girl from the supermarket… Joyce.

    “Ah! I knew it’s you!” She smiled.

    I breathe in relief.

    “Finally, someone I’m familiar with!” I muttered under my breath but strangely, she heard me.

    She laughs.

    “Don’t worry..no one will give you a hard time” she said.

    I shake my head.

    “Really? I doubt that..you don’t know the glares I’ve been trying to survive since I came in”

    “That’s all they can do..our Alpha warned us not to bully you!”

    I narrowed my eyes.


    “Oh!” She slaps her mouth like she just said something wrong… something she shouldn’t have said.

    She laughs lightly.

    “I mean..our president..he warned everyone last night not to bully you!” She explained.

    “Oh…he knows me?”

    She nods. Their president knows me?

    “But I don’t know him!”

    Just then someone bumps my shoulder…if Joyce wasn’t holding me, I’d have fall flat on my face.

    “Get out of the way! Filthy human!”

    Filthy human? I looked at the trouble maker and realized it’s that rude girl from yesterday.. Joyce’s sister.

    “Janet!” Joyce scolds her.

    “What? She’s just a weak dirty human!”

    Why is she always referring to me as human?! Isn’t she one?

    “Janet, remember the alpha’s warning!” Joyce told her.

    “I don’t care!” She growls at Joyce and marches off.

    Joyce turns to me..with a small apologetic smile.

    “I’m really sorry about my sister’s behavior…I don’t know what is wrong with her lately”

    I shake my head and smiled at her.

    “I’m fine but are you really sure she’s your sister?”


    “Hmm… it’s hard to believe, your personalities are so different!” I said.

    “A lot of people say that”

    We both chuckles lightly…I guess, Joyce and I will be friends…I kinda like her!

    “So… What do you have this morning? Where’s your timetable?”

    “I haven’t got it… I was kinda looking for the principal’s office”

    “Come on… I’ll take you there!” She said and pulls me down the hallway.


    Writer’s pov πŸŽ€

    “Crescent high!” Connor screams as he parks his motorcycle next to Xander’s.

    Xander takes off his helmet and got off his motorcycle… Dylan and Tyler did the same thing.

    “I can’t believe we’re back!” Dylan said.

    “Yeah! It feels like a dream!” Connor said.

    Xander closes his eyes and inhale deeply… then his eyes snaps open at once as he feels his wolf jumping in excitement.

    “Can you guys perceive that?” He asked his friends.

    They paused and sniffs the air and shakes their heads.

    “No.. what are you perceiving?” Tyler asked.

    Xander sniffs the air again… He closes his eyes momentarily to savour the sweet aroma he’s perceiving.

    “It smells like vanilla and strawberry mixed together!” He said.

    Dylan, Connor and Tyler sniff the air again… They frown as they couldn’t perceive anything like vanilla or strawberry.

    “Xander… I only perceive Janet nearby!” Connor said.

    “Wait… that’s his mate’s scent!” Tyler exclaims.

    Their eyes grows wide… Xander’s eyes still shut as he smiles.. inhaling more of the scent.

    “No! No! Don’t tell me Janet is our future luna queen!” Connor said disgustingly.

    “The pack slut is your mate?!” Dylan exclaimed.

    This snaps Xander out of the daze he was in… His gaze harden.

    Right at that moment, Janet comes in and throws herself at Xander.

    “Xander! You’re really back!” She said flirtatiously.

    Xander sniffs her and frown… He grabs her hands and pushed her off him… she falls on her butts.

    “Xander…. ”

    “It’s alpha prince to you!” Xander cuts him off instantly.

    Connor, Tyler and Dylan stares at Xander in confusion… Xander clenched his jaw and balled his fist… He glares at Janet as though her touch just burned him.

    “Xander.. why did you push her off.. she’s your…. ”

    “She’s not her!” He cuts Dylan off.


    “She’s not my mate! I gotta go find my mate!” Xander said and rushes off.. following the scent.

    Janet huffed and angrily got up.. she dust off her pants.

    “How can I not be his mate! I’m his mate!” She grumbles.

    Connor, Tyler and Dylan shakes their heads and rushes after Xander… But not before Connor whispers.

    “Thank the moon goddess.. I thought a slut is our future luna queen!”

    Janet heard it and stomps her feet.

    “I dare you to say that again!”

    No one replied her as they’ve already left… She scoffs and marches towards the woods.


    Alexa’s pov πŸŽ€

    We stops in front of a door…*principal’s office!* boldly written on the door frame.

    “We’re here!” Joyce said.

    “Thanks, I wouldn’t have find it easily had I not met you!”

    “Hey! We’re friends!”


    She nods. “Yeah.. or you don’t wanna be my friend?”

    Friend? That’s something I never had.. and I always wish I have friends.. now here’s one why not give it a try?

    At least I will have someone to talk with.. someone to keep me company and maybe gossip with.

    “Alexa!” She snaps her fingers across my face.


    “I said, we’re friends”

    “Yeah!” I nod and she smiles brightly.

    “Yay!” She knocks on the door.. we waits for a moment and heard someone invites us in.

    Joyce opens the door and we steps in… A girl in her early twenties sits on a chair.. like she’s the secretary here.

    “Your high….”

    The girl clears her throat and Joyce swallows her words… she look in Joyce’s eyes and both their eyes glazed over.

    I frown… What’s going on? Soon, they snap out of their weird gaze… And Joyce laughs nervously.

    “Miss Damien.. we’re here for her timetable!” Joyce said.

    Miss Damien smiles at me.

    “You’re the transfer student?”

    “Yes… Alexa Felicia Dex!”

    She nods and reaches for something in her drawer… She types on her computer for a few minutes.

    Then she hands my timetable to me.. placed a key on the table and a list of books to me.

    “That’s your timetable.. your locker key.. and your list of books, you can get them from the library later.. but first go to class now!” She said.

    I nod and picked my locker key.

    “Thank you!” I said.

    “Good luck in your studies!”

    I nod and turn to leave… but from my peripheral view I saw Joyce bow slightly.

    But I didn’t comment.. maybe it’s a form of greeting here.

    We steps out and Joyce snatches my timetable.

    “Let’s see what you have first!”

    She glances through it and groans loudly.

    “Maths!” From her expression I can tell she hates maths. “I have maths too.. ugh! I hate maths!”

    I laugh.

    “Come on, let’s go.. we’re already late and we’ve missed half of the period” I told her.

    “Wait.. why do I feel like you’re happy” she narrows her eyes.

    “Because I love maths!”

    She rolls her eyes.

    “Then you must be a genius”

    “A genius?”

    Like.. I’m a straight A student doesn’t makes me a genius.

    “Yeah.. like who on earth just loves maths.. cause, I know I don’t! I always find any and every excuse not to attend my math classes…like right now, I was running away from math before I met you…and now you’ve got maths too!”

    “I prefer maths, it’s easy”


    “If you can know your formulas, then…. ”

    “Ok! I get it.. you love math! I’ll hide under your wings from now onwards!”

    I chuckles lightly and shake my head… Before we knew it, we’re in front of our math class… thankfully the door is still open.

    We step in.. all heads turns towards us.. the teacher stops writing on the board and turns to me… it’s a female teacher.

    I released a nervous laugh and wave at everyone shyly… I don’t like being the center of attention.

    “Joyce! What’s your excuse this time for coming late!” She scolds Joyce.

    “I was showing her the way to class!” Joyce said.. I almost rolled my eyes at her excuse.

    She was already late before she saw me.

    “This is the last time.. go to your seat!”

    “Yes, Ms Linda!” Joyce gave me a small thumbs up and rushed to her seat.

    Ms Linda glares at her briefly before turning to me with a smile.

    “You must be the transfer student… I’m Ms Linda and welcome to our class… Please come forward and introduce yourself to your new classmates!”

    Ugh! This is what I hate doing… Introducing myself everytime.

    “Hello.. I’m Alexa Felicia Dex.. 18years old… I’m happy to be your classmate.. I hope we get along!”

    “Everyone let’s welcome Alexa to our….. ”

    Someone rushed into the classroom… All heads towards the door and I see everyone bowing their heads.

    I frown… what’s happening? Why are they bowing?

    I turned back to look at what their bowing to… And I must say I’m stunned by the sight that befall me.

    A tall.. super handsome guy stands by the door… his hazel green eyes staring into mine like he’s trying to find my soul.

    My eyes moved to his lips and I subconsciously bite my lower lip.. I suddenly feel like crashing my lips on his.. I feel myself being drawn to him.

    I can hear my heart beating fast… it’s just like I fell in love with him at first sight.. this is the first time I’m feeling this way.

    Then I heard him utter a word.


    Just as he said those words.. I hear howls all over the place.. happy howls. I frown and look around.. surprised as to why they are howling like they’re wolves!

    Those these people belong to a cult or something?

    Still wondering what’s happening.. before I knew it, I’m engulfed in a very tight hug… that super handsome guy is hugging me so tightly.

    Sniffing my hair and muttering coherently..

    *Mate! Mate! Mate!*

    What does he mean? The british men calls their friends mates.. could that be what he means?

    *Mate..I found you at last!*

    His voice sounds doubled…like someone is echoing his words.

    I tried to push him away from me but his grip is so tight… I cough lightly and he quickly pulls away from the hug..

    “Mate.. are you alright? Di.. did I hurt you?” He asked.. worry written all over him.

    I frown even more… what the heck is happening? I better tell him I’m not his mate..I’m not his friend.

    “I’m not your mate, I’m…”

    He cuts me off with a growl… A growl? He growled like a real animal.. is he a dog?

    Everyone stops howling.

    “I’m not your mate, I’m….”

    He cuts me off again with another growl.. this time louder than before.

    “You’re my mate! I finally found you!”

    Oh! Now I understand… I guess his friend was lost before.. and maybe I look like her.

    “Dude listen… I’m not your friend, I might look like her but I’m not her.. I don’t know you… I’m not your friend”

    He smiles.

    “Yes, you’re not my friend.. you’re my mate!”

    Is this guy dumb? Mate and friend are the same thing… Maybe I should explain it to him.

    “Dude..mate and friend means the same thing!”

    He shakes his head.

    “You’re my mate..my Soulmate!”

    “Your Soulmate?”

    Could it be he’s having a psychological problem… could it be he’s nuts.

    Such a pity…a handsome guy like him is not normal.

    “Yes, you’re my soulmate..the one I’ll spend the rest of my life with!”

    “Huh?” Spend the rest of his life with me?

    “You must be from another pack..what pack are you from?”

    Pack? I remembered Joyce asked me this question before.

    “What’s a pack?” I asked him.

    Just then one of the guys that came in with him whisper in his ear…he frowns and sniffs the air.

    He lets go of my hand and step away from me…his gaze harden and he clenched his teeth.

    “You’re human?!”

    “Yeah..are you not?”

    Ok…I don’t know where that confidence came from…I noticed that since we moved here yesterday…I have been talking more than I used to.

    “You’re human!” He growled..

    “Yeah! Alien!” I retort.

    He keeps asking if I’m human as though he’s not human.

    He balled fist by his side.

    “She’s human! My mate is human!” He growls loudly…like he’s fighting with himself.

    His body shakes…his friends rushed forward and forcefully drags him outside.

    I shake my head…poor boy! He needs to visit a psychiatrist hospital.

    I turned back to Ms Linda, she’s staring at me in admiration…a satisfied smile on her lips.

    “Ms Linda, can I go take a seat now?”

    She nods quickly.

    “Yes, Luna!”

    “Luna? You’re mistaken… It’s Alexa!”

    “You’re my future luna.. I dare not say your name”

    I open my mouth to speak but I shake my head and decides against it…. I better go look for a seat.

    I turned back and look around trying to find a vacant chair… But discovered they all have the same look Ms Linda had just now.

    They’re all looking at me like I’m their god and they wanna worship me.

    I ignore them as Joyce is calling me over to the empty desk next to her.

    I better go sit down now… I can’t stand their stare.

    To be continued.

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    ALEXA πŸŽ€
    (His Soulmate)
    Episode 5

    ⚠️Do not COPY or REPOST ⚠️

    Written by:- Racheal Dennis.


    Writer’s pov πŸŽ€

    Connor and the others had successfully managed to pulled Xander outside… They’re currently in the parking lot.

    “Xander, you…”

    Xander cuts Dylan off with a roar and kicked the object in front of him…. Tyler’s motorcycle.

    “Hey! That’s my motorcycle!” Tyler complain.

    He takes a step back as Xander turns to him with his rage filled eyes.

    “How about I kick you instead?!” Xander snaps at him…he shakes his head and silently begs him.

    “Is the moon goddess playing a prank on me?! Huh?! How can my mate be a mere human?!” He rakes his fingers through his hair and pulled down on it harshly.

    “A weak clueless human at that!!” He roared.

    His eyes changing colors as his wolf is fighting to take control…he balled his fist and shut his eyes very tight.

    His breath rapid…it seems his wolf is trying to take control by all means and Xander can’t shut him out this time.

    Connor steps towards Xander and puts his arm on his shoulder… Xander tensed.

    “Xander…since she’s human, how about you just reject her and…..”

    “NO!” Xander growled and pushes Connor away from him.

    Connor staggers back and almost lost his balance.

    Xander opens his eyes and turns to them…they gasp and quickly bows their heads…his eyes are yellow…which means his wolf has successfully have control.

    “Alpha prince!!” They greets him.

    He glares at Connor.

    “How dare you suggest I reject my mate?!!” He asked in a growl.

    “It’s.. it’s…Xan..Xander, he hates humans” Dylan stutters.

    Xander’s wolf growls.

    “I don’t care what Xander thinks!! She’s my mate and I’m not gonna reject her!! I love and accept her just the way she is!!” He said in a daring voice….daring Dylan to argue with him.

    He turns and walk towards the school building… Connor, Dylan and Tyler rushed in front of him and block him.

    “Alpha prince…where are you going?” Connor asked.

    “Mark my mate!”

    They shake their heads.

    “No..you can’t”

    “I can! She’s my mate!”

    “Alpha prince, she’s human and knows nothing about us….!”

    “Then I’ll tell her about us!”

    Connor sighs…he doesn’t know how to make Xander’s wolf understand how humans think…and he can’t persuade him to give Xander control or he’ll charge at him for challenging him.

    “Liam!” Miss Damien called as she walk into the scene.

    Connor, Tyler and Dylan gives her a bow.

    “Your highness!” They greets her.

    She nods and faces Xander…she frowns seeing Liam (Xander’s wolf’s name) in control…as Xander hardly lets him in control.

    “Liam, let Xander be in control” she tells him.

    “No! He’ll reject our mate!”

    “He won’t, let him be in control and I’ll talk to him” Miss Damien said.

    Liam (xander’s wolf) shakes his head and charge towards the building… Miss Damien grab his hand and pulled him back.

    “Where are you going?”

    “To mark mate!”

    “Going with these yellow eyes?”

    Liam nods. “Mate will love me”

    Miss Damien shakes her head.

    “She’ll hate you.. she’s human and knows nothing about wolves…if she sees you like this, standing in front of her with yellow eyes.. she’ll run for her life!”

    Liam whimpers quietly.

    “If you want her to run away from you…then go to her now with your yellow eyes… otherwise let Xander take control”

    Liam’s eyes shut…after a few moments…his eyes open and Xander is back in control.

    Connor, Tyler and Dylan smiles as they saw Xander back in control.

    “Jenna! What are you doing here?” Xander asked.

    “I heard my younger brother found his mate…of course I’ll come check on him” she said.

    “You heard about it? How?”

    “Your pack-link was open when you screamed mate!” She rolls her eyes.

    There’s silence… Xander staring blankly at the woods… wondering why the moon goddess will pair him with a human girl.

    “So… Liam said you’re planning on rejecting her” Miss Damien said.

    (Ok, a brief explanation.. Miss Damien is Xander’s sister… Jenna Kenzie Damien…but everyone calls her Miss Damien at school)

    “Maybe…I can’t have a human girl as my mate!”


    “I just can’t…the future Luna queen is human…can she lead the pack with me?”

    Miss Damien takes his hand.

    “I heard she’s the Dex’s daughter…her parents and brothers are wolves….”

    “Then how come she ain’t a wolf?” Xander interrupts her.

    “That’s something we don’t know… I’d suggest you don’t reject her yet… let’s get home and call for her brothers, they might know why she ain’t a wolf”

    Xander thinks about Miss Damien words and nod….he inhaled deeply and exhale slowly.

    “Ok! But that doesn’t mean I accept her…at least not until I know why she ain’t a wolf!”

    “Yeah! Yeah!” Miss Damien said. “But your wolf already love her”

    “Liam and I are two different minds… he’ll be happy even if the moon goddess pair him with a fly!”

    Miss Damien chuckles lightly.

    “I should go back to my post before the principal fires me” she said.

    “I dare him to fire you!” Xander said.

    “Hey! In this school I’m not royalty…I’m just a secretary here and the principal have every right to fire me if he wants to!” She told him and rushes off.

    Xander sighs.

    “Everyone else are pair with wolves like them..why am I different?!”

    “So… Xander, what are we gonna do? Go back to class or go back home?” Dylan asked.

    “Class…my wolf won’t be at rest knowing she’s still in school… she’s human after all, she can easily get hurt!”



    Alexa’s pov πŸŽ€

    At the classroom…..!

    *…….. that’s all for quadratic equation. Turn to page 17, that’s your homework!* Ms Linda said.

    It’s almost 30minutes since I entered the class… everyone’s attention is no longer on me.

    Though they sometimes turn and peek at me…but it’s not like when I just came in.

    *Alright, class…have a nice day!* She said and leaves.

    Just as she leaves the bell rings… everyone rushes out. Joyce turns to me with a wide smile.

    She rests her elbows on her desk and rests her head on her hands.

    “I can’t believe you’re the future Luna queen!” She exclaims.

    I frown.

    “Ok, I know that guy is crazy…I don’t expect you to share his craziness!”


    I packed up my books and check my timetable…I have music next.

    “I have music next, do you mind showing me the way to class?”

    “Yeah…too bad I don’t have music too!” She pouts her lips.

    “What do you have next?”


    I nod and got up…she got up too and links our arms.

    “Right! I was meaning to as you…do you know that crazy guy from earlier?” I asked him.

    She gasp and look around as if others will hear me…I look around too, we’re the only ones inside the class.

    I head towards the door and she quickly follows me.

    “He’s not crazy!” She said.

    “He’s not?”

    “No, don’t let others hear you call him crazy” she said.

    She speaks like calling him crazy is a serious offense…

    “Going around and hugging people randomly, calling them his mate…if that isn’t craziness, then I don’t know what it is!” I said.

    “He doesn’t call random people his mate… let’s just say he fell in love with you at first sight”

    Fall in love with me at first sight? He sure has a funny way of professing his love!

    Anyways, he’s not my problem… he’s handsome but mentally ill, so he’s not worth my fangirling.

    “We’re here!” She said and stops in front of a class.

    I peep inside…not too much people have arrived. I turned back to her.

    “Thanks! I’ll see you later at the cafeteria!”

    “Hmm…which class do you have next?” She asked.

    I quickly check my timetable.

    “Recess…and none!”

    “None?!” She exclaims.

    I nod.

    “Man, I love your timetable!”

    I frown… that’s how my timetable have always been…I always have two classes everyday and I don’t know why.

    Maybe it’s Will’s arrangements..cause he doesn’t let me read too much at home too!

    He said something about it been bad for my health.

    “I wish I have only two classes like you!” She whines.

    I laugh.

    “I can take your classes with you if you want!”

    “Huh? Can you?”

    “Yeah..I love studying!”

    “Goodness! You’re out of this world…who just loves studying!”

    I shake my head…my first friend is a lazy ass when it comes to studying while I’m a study freak…how ironic!

    “Alright..I should go on before the teacher comes!”

    She nods and waves.

    “I’ll see you at the cafeteria!” With that she rushes off.

    I entered the class… Immediately, everyone stops whatever they were doing and bowed to me.

    Wait… Maybe it’s not me.. maybe it’s that crazy guy from my math class… I turned back but found no one behind me.

    I quickly sat down expecting them to go back to their activities..but no, their heads remained bowed.

    Someone moved closer to me and whisper in a stutter.

    “Lu..luna… acknowledge our greetings”

    “Me?” I asked as if it’s not obvious he’s talking to me.

    He nods.


    “A wave will do”


    I wave and smile at them nervously….I can’t wait to go home…to escape from this torture.

    They raised their heads after I wave them and continue with their activities.

    “Good morning, students!”

    The class went silent as the teacher comes in.. he look around the class and his eyes settled on me.

    He smiles and bows slightly… Not knowing what to do, I bowed too.

    “I see we have a new student…” He paused.

    *Please God, don’t let him make me introduce myself!* I prayed silently.

    “Anyways… Let’s start our class for today!” He said.


    “In our previous class, I told you guys to compose a piece and submit it today… but since we have a new student, I’ll just let some of your sing your piece…. ”

    Everyone starts rampaging through their bags bringing out notes… I don’t have any note yet so I just sit back and watch.

    “….. I’ll look through your piece and see if your tone is correct… Ok, who wants to go first?”

    Janet gets up and cat walked towards the teacher… Wait… I have music with Janet?

    I just hope she doesn’t try to pick up a fight with me.

    “Mr Cam, I’ll go first!”

    “That’s the spirit!” Mr Cam takes her piece.

    She does some vocal exercises and smiles.

    β™ͺβ™ͺ I first thought,,, that you’re my fairytale,,,,
    I never knew,,, it was all a dream,,,, β™ͺβ™ͺ

    Ok… I gotta admit, she’s good! She knows exactly what she’s doing… even Mr Cam is nodding with a satisfied smile.

    She continues singing… her voice perfect… pitch perfect and honestly, she’s perfectly beautiful.

    I jot down a few important points in her song and pitch.

    Claps echo as everyone cheer for her… I clap too.

    “That was lovely, Janet!” Mr Cam commends her.

    “Thanks!” She said.

    Mr Cam gestures her back to her seat. He turns to the class.

    “That is what we call perfection! She……”

    He is cut off by the sound of the bell…I guess he’s lost in Janet’s beautiful song that he didn’t know when Janet used up his period singing.

    “Ok, see you guys on Friday!” He said and leaves.

    I packed my books and bags and head out… Joyce is already outside waiting for me.

    “How was your music class?” She asked.

    “Nice..your sister is great”

    “Yeah, too bad I’m not as perfect as her”

    “Hey… you’re perfect, I like your personality”

    She kinda reminds me of Micah…they are both carefree.

    “Awwn, thanks… come-on, let’s go to the cafeteria..I’m starving!” She said.

    Her stomach growls to prove her point…she links our arms and pulls me along.


    My mouth hangs open as I stare at Joyce’s plate…is she tryna commit suicide?



    “Can you finish all that? Or we’re expecting someone else to join us?” I asked pointing at her plate.

    I’m not sure she can finish this mountain of food I’m seeing.

    “This won’t do, I just wanna manage it” she simply replies.

    “What are you? An elephant?”

    She laughs and shake her head.

    “I’m a wolf!” She jokes.

    She paid for the food and makes way for me to pay mine…I reached for my purse in my bag and hands my money.

    But the lady selling the food shakes her head…I frown.

    “Is this not the amount?” I asked…I hope I haven’t buy more than my cash.

    “You don’t have to pay, Luna!”

    Again with the Luna…is this Luna my look alike? Is this Luna the mate that crazy dude was talking about?

    Joyce smiles at the lady and pulls me close.

    “If she says it’s free..thank her and let’s leave, don’t ask her why”

    I’m confused, but I smiled at the lady and tell her a thank you.

    Joyce and I found a table in a corner and sits down… Joyce digs in immediately.

    I simply sat in awe as she eats as though she’s a hungry lion…within the twinkling of an eye she’s done…her plate is empty and I haven’t even start.

    She looks at my food, gulping as though she’s not satisfied yet…I pushed it towards her.

    She smiles brightly “thanks!” She said and digs in again.

    She burps quietly and pushes the empty plates away.

    “Are you ok?” I asked.

    I’m scared for her…I mean, no one can eat that very large amount of food and be ok.

    “Are you feeling uncomfortable? Should we go to the school clinic?” I asked.

    “I’m fine…I can eat another potion if I want to”

    “What?! Are you keeping a pot in your stomach?!”

    She laughs…then I feel someone’s gaze on me. I turned and saw that crazy guy and his friends sitting round a table few meters away from ours.

    He’s glaring at me as if I committed an offense. I turned back to Joyce.

    “Joyce…why is that crazy guy glaring at me?”

    Joyce tilts her head and look towards his direction…she quickly look away.

    “He’s not glaring” she replies.

    “He’s not glaring?! His brows knit together…you call that not glaring?”

    “He’s not glaring, he’s simply staring at his….”

    My phone rings cutting her off. I reach for my phone and saw Micah’s name flashing on the screen.

    “Hello, Micah?”

    “Hey darling…..”

    I flinched when I heard a loud bang from behind me….I turned back and saw that guy glaring daggers at me.

    Ok… maybe he wasn’t glaring at me before, but right now…I can’t even describe his expression but he look so damn angry!

    His friends trying their best to hold him down…only God knows who got him angry.

    “… Lexa! Lexa are you there?!” Micah calls from the other side.

    “Yeah, what were you saying?”

    “I said I’m outside…are you done with your classes?”

    “Yep, I’ll be right there!”

    “Ok!” We hang up.

    I turned to Joyce with an apologetic smile…

    “Your brother is here?”

    “Yeah.. I have to go!”

    “Alright, I’ll walk you out” I nod.

    We got up and head towards the exit.

    We arrived at the gate.. Micah waves at me. I faced Joyce.

    “We’ll see tomorrow! Thanks for accompanying me today!”

    She slaps my shoulder lightly.

    “We’re friends… Tomorrow I’ll show you around the school”

    I nod, we hug briefly and wave each other before I run towards Micah.

    “Hey! How was your first day?” He asked as he opens the door for me.

    I got in and sigh.

    “Let’s not talk about that first… I’m starving, what did you guys cook?”

    He rounds the car and sits in the driver’s seat.. he fasten his seatbelt.

    “Seatbelt please, Miss Dex!”

    I fasten my seatbelt too.

    “Will made your favorite”

    “Rice pudding?”

    He nods and I smile… Will pretends like he doesn’t care but I know he does.


    “Home!” I screamed loudly and slumps on a sofa.

    We got home earlier than I expected. Micah sits on a sofa opposite mine.. Will comes out of the kitchen and sits next to Micah.

    “Alexa, how was your first day? Do you like the school?” Will asked.

    I groan.

    “That school is full of weirdos!”

    “Huh? What do you mean? That was Will’s highschool, you know?” Micah said.

    I cleared my throat and took a peek at Will… he’s looking at me expectantly.

    “Well, the teachers are cool..but something weird happened”

    “What happened?” Micah asked.

    “A crazy guy suddenly runs up to me and hugged me, then called me his mate!”

    Will and Micah exchange looks and I saw something like a smile on Will’s lips…but it’s just for a split second.

    “He called you his mate?” Micah asked again.

    “Yeah! Even when I tried to tell him I’m not his mate, he didn’t believe me…then after that everyone started bowing to me and calling me Luna!”

    “Luna?!” They both exclaimed.

    “Yeah..I guess I look like someone they know or knew…I even got a free lunch because the lady thought I’m Luna” I laugh quietly.

    Maybe I’ll keep pretending like this so called Luna and get more free lunch next time.

    “Alexa, I wanna speak with Micah…why don’t you go freshen up and come back for lunch” Will said.

    I nod and rushed to my room…I’m feeling a little bit hot, I need a cold bath.


    Writer’s pov πŸŽ€

    Alpha mansion….!

    Xander didn’t spend much time in school..he left immediately Alexa left.

    Currently, he’s home, in their living room having a conversation with his parents.

    “We heard you’ve found your mate!” His father said.

    “Then you must have heard she’s human!” Xander replies.

    His father nods..his mother smiles and sits next to Xander.

    “I don’t mind if she’s human” she said.

    “But I do!”

    “Honey, there’s nothing wrong with her being human!”

    “Mom, humans and wolves don’t mix… it’s against our law, what will I tell the counsels of elders!”

    His father clears his throat.

    “We don’t know why she is human..both her parents are wolves! I have sent someone to get william here, he will tell us what happened and that will tell us if she’ll transform or not”

    “We don’t need to know if she’ll transform or not…. human or wolf she’s Xander’s mate, we should accept her for who or what she is” Xander’s mother said.

    Xander growls…he finds it hard to believe his mate is human..he got up.

    “Dad, send for me when William arrives!” Then he leaves angrily.

    He’s angry at the moon goddess for making a human his mate.

    To be continued.

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    ALEXA πŸŽ€
    (His Soulmate)
    Episode 6

    ⚠️Do not COPY or REPOST ⚠️

    Written by:- Racheal Dennis.


    Writer’s pov πŸŽ€

    Dex’s apartment…!

    Will and Micah made sure Alexa is in her room with her door closed before they starts their conversation.

    “Will, does this means Alexa is the alpha prince’s mate?” Micah asked.

    “I think so… they wouldn’t call her Luna if she isn’t!”

    Micah frown and shakes his head.

    “No!” He paused. “But she’s human.. Luna?”

    “It doesn’t matter… what matters is, she’s gonna stay!”

    “Will, we shouldn’t be thinking about just the advantage… Lunas always have a great responsibilities on their shoulders… do you think she can control those wolves? And besides she doesn’t know about us.. maybe we should tell her first.. you know, introduce her to…. ”

    “No!” William cuts him off. “No, we can’t tell her.. it seems you’re forgetting what happened when she saw that guy shift in front of her.. it was a miracle she survived.. no! We can’t let history repeats itself!”

    “Then what are we gonna do? We can’t keep her in the dark forever”

    Will stays silent and thinks about it for a few minutes.

    “I’ll go to the palace first and confirm if she’s truly the future Luna queen!”

    “Then if she is.. what’s gonna happen?”


    A knock on the door interrupts him.. he frowns at Micah.

    “Are you expecting someone?”

    Micah shakes his head but he doesn’t believe and glares at Micah.

    “Pray that isn’t one of your girlfriends.. or I swear I’ll cut off your balls!” He threatened him.

    Micah quickly slams his legs together and covers his d**k.

    “What? I need this to create my pups you know?” He replies dramatically.

    Will got up and head towards the door.. he opens it and saw a guy outside.. he tilts his head and saw a tattoo on the guy’s neck.

    “Royal messenger?” He asked as he recognizes the tattoo.

    The guy nods and reaches out his hand for a handshake.

    “Shawn Rex!”

    “William Dex!”

    Shawn nods.

    “Alpha King sent for you!” Shawn said.

    “Ok, I’ll be there right away!” Will replies.

    Shawn leaves and Will walk back in… He doesn’t needs to tell Micah what Shawn came for.. Micah heard their conversation clearly.

    “I guess you’re summon to know why Alexa isn’t a wolf”

    “Yeah, my thoughts too!”

    “Let’s prepare ourselves for the worse.. who knows if they’ll change their minds and ask Alexa to leave” Micah sighs.

    “Let’s not jump into conclusion, they might just wanna….”

    Will’s ears pricks up as he hears Alexa’s water stops running.

    “I’ll head to the palace and tell you how it went… Alexa is coming, you guys should eat first!”

    Micah simply nods.

    “Also, watch her do any homework she have.. and make sure she keeps her books and fall asleep before doing whatever you wanna do!”

    Micah rolls his eyes.

    “Will, give that girl a break… there’s nothing wrong with her studying”

    “There’s nothing wrong… But we can’t risk her having any headaches…”

    “You’re treating her like fragile egg.. wait, are you falling in love with your sister? Your biological sister?!” Micah exclaimed over-dramatically.

    William smacks his head.

    “What are you talking about? I don’t know how you end up being my brother”

    Micah nods thoughtfully… bite his nails with a serious expression on.

    “Yeah… I don’t know how you ended up being my brother?!” He wonders.

    Then he snaps his fingers as if he just realized something.

    “I remember! Mom once told me you were picked up from the dumpster!”

    William grits his teeth and balled his fist.. though playfully.

    “Micah Nelson Dex!!” He growls and charge at Micah on the sofa.

    Just then Alexa walks into the living room.. she didn’t study the situation at first.

    She rushes forward to separate them but Will isn’t letting go of Micah.. then she steps back and studied them.. she realizes they are just fooling around.

    Folding her arms across her chest.. she shakes her head and sighed deeply.. a little bit exaggerating.

    “Bunch of kids! Thankfully.. I’m responsible.. else I wouldn’t know what to do with this kids!” She sighs again.

    She watches them for a few minutes…she claps her hands to get their attention when she’s had enough show but they didn’t break apart.

    Then she falls on the ground and starts crying.. holding her head as she cries.

    “It hurts…it hurts…I can’t breathe… my head’s gonna explode..it really hurts…!” She cries.

    Will and Micah quickly breaks apart and rushed towards her… Will sits on the floor and rest her head on his laps…he starts massaging her forehead gently.

    “Does it still hurt? Did you try to solve any maths in there? I thought I told you not to stress yourself studying too much?” Will question.

    Though he tries to make his voice bold but anyone can clearly hear the panic in it.

    He turns to Micah.

    “Quick! Go get her pills!”

    Just as Micah was about to rush off..Alexa burst into laughter and sits up.

    “It works everytime!” She said and gets up.

    Micah and Will stares at her with their mouths slightly open.

    “You were tricking us?!” Micah asked.

    “Yeah…I’m starving and you both don’t look like you were gonna leave each other soon…I had to do that to get your attention!” She explained.

    Will takes a deep breath and got up…he pulls her cheeks gently.

    “Please don’t joke with something like this next time!”

    She nods and turns to Micah… he’s still staring at her like he can’t believe what just happened.

    “Come on, Micah…this is not the first time I’m tricking you guys!”

    “You’ve just broke my heart…I wonder which one my girlfriends will break later!” He said and begin to wipe imaginary tears.

    Alexa laughs.

    “Micah, you don’t have a heart.. you’ve trade your heart for your face!” Will said.

    Alexa laughs more.
    .. Micah holds his chest.

    “Another heart break!” He said.

    Alexa shakes her head…she loves her brothers.. even though Will is a bit too strict with her…she still love him as much as she loves Micah!

    “Alright.. Alexa is hungry…you guys should eat first I’m heading out” Will said.

    He nods at Micah and rushed out before Alexa could ask him any questions.

    Alexa turns to Micah.

    “Where’s Will going?”

    Micah shrug.

    “Who knows? Maybe he’s got a girlfriend at last!”


    “Yeah…come let’s go and eat!” Micah said and pulls Alexa towards the dinning table.


    Alpha King’s mansion….!

    Xander enters his room and closed the door..but halts abruptly when he sees a figure laying on his bed.

    He frowns and sniffed the air…he balled his fist and glared at the figure.

    “Janet! What are you doing in my room?!” He growled.

    Janet turns to him with a flirtatious smile.

    “Waiting for you!” She said.

    He opens the door…walk towards her and grabs her leg and pulled her off his bed…she falls in a thud.

    “Get out!” He said.

    Janet gets up and reaches her hand forward to touch Xander’s chest..but he quickly catches her hand before she could touch him.

    “Xander, come on…why don’t you like me anymore? We always used to be close since childhood..but you’ve been distant towards me recently”

    “We’ve never been close..and besides you’ve got your mate already…I have mine too!”

    Janet stomps her feet and snatches her hand from Xander.

    “But I don’t like him.. he’s too old and ugly!”

    “Cam is not old! He’s just 24!”

    “And I’m 18! I don’t want him.. you’re the one I want!”

    “You can’t have me, I have found my mate!”

    She huffed disgustingly.

    “I don’t care! We can reject our mates and be with each other!”

    “No! I’m not gonna reject my mate for you!”

    “But we make a perfect pair….”

    “Janet leave now before you get me angry!”

    Janet walks back to his bed and sits down…she crosses her legs.

    “Our family have been very close since I could remember..why can’t we just make us closer? I can lead the pack with you!”

    “Your mother being the pack’s cook doesn’t makes us close…leave!” Xander grits out.

    “No! I’m so much better than that weak human and…..”

    She wasn’t able to complete her statement… Xander’s hands wrapped around her neck and lifts her off the bed.

    Her legs dangles as she chokes…her air lungs blocked.

    Xander’s eyes change colors as Liam surface and glares at her.

    “How dare you call your Luna weak?!!” He asked in a deep growl.

    Janet’s eyes turns red as she silently begs Liam to let her go… Liam’s grip only becomes tighter.


    Liam’s grip tightened more….

    “Al.. alpha…prince…I…” She swallows her words.

    Liam narrows his eyes until Xander was back in control…he look straight in her eyes.

    “This is the last time you come into my room without my permission….and if you dare bad mouth my mate again… I’ll make you pay for it!” He warns her.

    Janet nods frantically… hoping Xander will let go of her.

    He throws her on the ground and she starts to cough… gasping for air.

    “Get out!” He growls.

    She quickly runs out. Xander walk towards his bed and sniffs it…he frown as he perceived Janet’s scent on it.

    *Peter! Come to my room and change my bed sheets!* He commands one of the cleaners through his mind-link.

    *Yes, alpha prince!*

    He walked towards a couch and slumps onto it…he closes his eyes and recall what just happened.

    *I hate humans and I hate her…but why did I get angry when Janet insults her?* He wonders.

    He had purposely let Liam take control to teach Janet a lesson for insulting their mate.

    *It must be the mate-bond working! The mate-bond is making me feel protective over her!* He concluded.

    Just then he received a mind-link from his dad…asking him to come to his office.

    He sighed and reluctantly got up, then he heads out.


    “Dad! You called me!” He said as he enters the office.

    It’s only his parents and William inside the office…a few minutes after he sat down, the beta king walks in and stands behind his father.

    “Yes, William is here!” His dad replies.

    William bows slightly and sits on a chair the alpha King showed him.

    “You must have heard your sister is Xander’s mate!” The Alpha King said to Will.

    Will nods.

    “And you know we can’t have a human as our Luna…we want to know if something happened during birth or if she’s purely human!”

    William clears his throat softly.

    “Alpha King, like I said yesterday…we are not sure if she’s human or wolf yet”

    “You said seeing her mate can trigger her wolf gene! We saw each other today! Is there any changes yet?!” Xander asked impatiently.

    “Well, alpha prince..you just met today and you haven’t mated yet…..” William cuts himself off.


    “Xander, wait!” Alpha King interrupts him. “What I wanna know is why she’s not a wolf”

    William sighed deeply.

    “When my mom was pregnant with her…she was kidnapped by some rogues…they feed her with wolfsbane and tortured her with all kinds of silvers… though Alexa was just a fetus but she saved my Mom. We thought the wolfsbane and silver won’t affect her.. until she turned seventeen and didn’t shift… she’s gone through a lot, our parents were killed right in front of her by a rogue wolf and that memory have been haunting her…I think maybe these are the reasons her wolf refused to surface!”

    Everyone sat silent as they listen carefully… Xander slumps back on his chair with a frown on his forehead.

    He has been blaming the moon goddess for pairing him with a weak human…but in fact, she’s stronger than he thought.

    “That’s why we have been keeping the fact that we’re wolves from her…we were waiting until she transform before we tell her…at least then she wouldn’t hate us after learning about our true self” Will explain.

    Xander frowns….he understands why she’s human now.

    But now that his wolf know she’s their mate, he’ll be craving to stay close to her else he’ll get weak.

    “William, since she doesn’t know about wolves… How can I get close to her? She’s my mate and I and my wolf can’t stay far from her!”

    William stays silent as he doesn’t know how to answer that question.

    “By right she’s supposed to move in with me the moment I recognize her as my mate… but I think she won’t agree to that now… She’ll think I’m crazy!”

    “Yes, Xander is right.. he and his wolf needs to stay closer to her” alpha King said.

    “That being the case, you’ll have to court her” Will said.

    “Court her?” Xander asked.

    “Yeah.. humans do it before marriage… You’ll court her and make her fall in love with you, then we can tell her about us slowly without her getting scared of us or hating you”

    Xander thinks about it and nods… He can’t afford his mate hating him.

    “Ok! I can do that!”

    “Maybe after she’s marked she’ll transform.. but by then she’ll already have fallen in love with you!” Will said and Xander smile.

    To be continued.

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