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    New story alert!!💃💃


    Subtitle:-🤰A baby
    Wasn’t part
    Of the plan 🤱

    Genre:- Romance.

    Tags:- Sex, betrayal, separation.

    Rated:- 🔞🔞🔞.

    Female lead:- Hazel, a 22years old girl, comes from a small town in Texas.

    Male lead:- Kurt, a 25years old man, lives in LA. He have a large chains of hotels and companies all over LA and different countries.

    He’s the youngest bachelor billionaire in all of LA.

    🌳 Synopsis 🌳

    Hazel is a girl of 5ft1, she’s beautiful but calls herself ugly. She’s got a strawberry blonde hair and a shade of blue eyes.

    She takes up a housekeeping job, just to help her best friend discover the dirty secret of Kurt Egan.

    What she didn’t expect is that, the man she had a crazy night with the night before, is actually Kurt Egan and her new boss.

    What will she do when she gets pregnant for him?

    How will she tell him that the baby growing in her womb is actually his?

    Kurt Egan is a cold hearted bastard, he never cared for anyone that isn’t him.

    He’s 6ft2, he’s got jet black hair and a shade of grey color eyes. Sexy isn’t word enough to describe him.

    He never open up to any one other than his best friend, James.

    But all that changes when a shorty girl waltzes into his life, making him feel things that he never he will feel.

    What will he do when he discovers that the girl he is falling for is pregnant?

    What will he do when he gets to know that the girl he loves is actually with him only to uncover his secrets?

    Who’s ready to follow these two people in their struggle for love💓💓💓💓

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    🤰A baby
    Wasn’t part
    Of the plan 🤱

    Written by; Racheal Dennis.

    Episode 1🌳

    💐Hazel’s POV💐

    The I sit on a chair in the corner of the club, my mask covering my face.

    This is my first day in LA and the first club I entered requires their customers to all wear mask, something about protecting their customers reputation.

    I take big gulps of my scotch. I mean this is LA, the city of sin and I plan to be a rebel for just tonight before I carry out my assignment.

    Promising your best friend something that might endanger your life is not an easy task, so I want to let loose tonight and get wasted.

    Maybe I might even find someone to give my damn virginity to.

    I remember Miranda’s words to me before I left Texas.

    *Flashback, two weeks ago*

    “Hazel, this man is heartless. Do you know how many lives he has damage?” Miranda said.

    I gasp dramatically.

    ” You know he’s heartless, and you’re still sending me to him?” I asked.

    She rolls her eyes.

    “Hazel, be serious. I can go myself but he knows I’m a journalist, I can’t go there undercover. I need an inside info about him” she said.

    “An inside info?” I asked.

    ” Yes. And I know the perfect way to get it” I look at her, raising my eyebrows at her. “There’s an opening for a housekeeping position, and I happen to already applied for it”

    ” So what?” I asked.

    “So, you will go in place of me”

    “Why is that?” I asked.

    She hesitate a bit.

    “Because… I applied for it with your name”


    “Please, Hazel. Do this for me, my career is on the line. You can’t sit back and watch your best friend’s career go down the drain, when you can do something about it right?”

    She pouts and looks at me with her cute puppy eyes, but I’m not gonna fall for that.

    “Don’t give me that look, cause it’s not gonna work this time” I said.

    “Ok, think about the innocent lives that the man affect negatively, are you just going to watch them suffer?” She said.

    Ok, now she is officially blackmailing me with innocent lives.

    She knows how soft hearted I am, and she knows I can’t say no to helping others.

    “Fine. I’ll do it, but if anything goes wrong don’t blame it on me” I said.

    “Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you so much” she jumps and starts to type on her cell phone.

    *End of flashback*

    So here I am, sitting in this weird club, drinking all by myself. I’ve been in LA for two weeks, and tomorrow is the day I’ll start work.

    Suddenly, a shadow towers over me. I raise my head and face with a mask, but I can see a piercing grey color eyes staring at me.

    I drop my bottle of scotch on the table and involuntarily bites my lower lip.

    I said I wanna let loose and tonight is the only chance I’ll ever get.

    “Why are you sitting in a corner all by yourself?” he asks.

    “Cause I like it quiet” I answered.

    “I like it quiet too. So do you mind if I join you?” He asks.

    I look at him from head to toe. His shoes, wrist watch and tuxedo all look expensive, which means he is rich.

    I can let him sit here and get him to pay for all my drinks.

    I smirk.

    “Sure. But you’ll have to pay for my drinks” I said.

    ” Oh, I don’t mind that” he sits next to me.

    I call for a passerby bartender.

    ” Get me five bottles of tequila, please” I said.

    The bartender looks at me, unsure of what to do. He avert his gaze to the guy sitting next to me.

    “You heard the lady, get on with it” the guy said.

    The bartender nods and hurry off. The guy turn to me, a sly smile on his lips.

    “That’s a lot of tequila you ordered there, is something troubling you?” He asks.

    I pour the last drop of scotch in my mouth and gulp it down.

    “Yeah. I’m about to do something bad, very bad. So I need to get myself drunk and know what it feels like to get wasted, how a carefree life is, because honestly, I might died in this mission” I rant.

    The guy laugh briefly.

    “You’re a funny one. But I think you are drunk already, are you sure you still need the tequila?”

    ” Yeah, I do”

    Just then, the bartender comes back with the tequilas a put them on the table.

    I grab one instantly and quickly open the cap and starts to drink with any care.

    I finish the whole bottle in one gulp, I drop the bottle.

    At that instant my favorite song turns up, I grab the guys hand and begin to pull him to the dance floor.

    “Hey, I don’t dance” he said.

    “Don’t worry about that. Just follow my lead!” I told him.

    I begin to move my hips to “intentions” by Justin Bieber. But I didn’t dance for long, before I starts feeling dizzy.

    No, no, not now. I still wanna have sex, maybe I can’t make it out of this mission alive.

    So I need to have a taste of it before I die. I turn to face the guy and wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him down to my level.

    I crash my lips on his, he quickly understands what I want.

    He responded to the kiss quickly and take control of it. Tasting every inch of my mouth.

    “Why don’t we take this upstairs?” He said.

    “Huh? They have rooms here too?” I asked.

    ” Yes. So….are you coming or what?”

    “Hell yeah!” I said.

    He wraps his arm around my waist and leads me through the sea of people dancing on the dance floor.

    He leads me through the stairs, untill we arrived at a door. He brings out a key card from his pocket and slide it in.

    The door open and we step in.

    He close the door behind him, he quickly takes my face in his hands and plants his lips on mine.

    He kisses me aggressively, greedily.

    Then he leaves my lips and run his tongue along my jawline teasingly, then begin to suck on my neck.

    I bite my lower lip to stop myself from moaning, but a moan still managed to escape my lips.

    “Jump!” He said.

    I jump and he wrap my legs around his waist.

    Then he continues attacking my neck with kisses, he walks slowly to the bed in the room.

    He lays me on the bed and leave me neck.

    “Should I pleasure you?” He asks.

    Pleasure me? I don’t have time for that, I just want him to fuck me. That’s all.

    I shake my head.

    “No. Just fuck me, and fuck me hard!” I tell him.

    He smirks.

    ” Your wish is my command” he said.

    He pulls his pants down, as I did same. I gasp and my eyes grew wide when I see his dick. It’s so big, maybe 8inches.

    I don’t know if he can size my virgin pussy, but I don’t care. I said I want to taste and I shall.

    With one thrust he enters my tight pussy. I gasp painfully.

    “Fuck!! Why didn’t you tell me you are a virgin?” He asks.

    ” Cause you might not agree to do this” I answered.

    He smirk at me with a tint of playfulness in his eyes.

    ” You are a bad girl and I like it” he said.

    “Bad girl just for today” I whisper.

    He begins to move his hips slowly, patiently waiting for me to adjust to him.

    After some painful thrusts, I adjusted to him. I nod at him to go faster.

    He continues to move faster, faster and faster untill we both reach our peaks.

    I was too tired to tell him to pull away from me, I laid there as he release his hot sperm inside me.

    He pulls away after Cumming in me, I wanted to get up, but then the drinks I’ve had kick in.

    My eyes become heavy and slowly my eyes closed.

    I feel the guy fall on the bed, but I didn’t open my eyes. I allowed darkness swallowed me.


    The next morning……

    I wake up and my head feels like falling off of my neck. I winced as I struggle to get up, standing up I look down at myself and notice I’m naked.

    I look around the room, I’m in a hotel room? I guess. I see my clothes in a corner, I quickly grab them and put them on.

    Then I notice the man sleeping so peacefully on the bed.

    That’s when last night’s event comes rushing back to me. I gasp quietly, I just had sex with a total stranger.

    No, this isn’t me. What was I thinking?.

    My eyes catches a mirror laying on a small table next to me, I picked it up and look at my face.

    I notice my mask is still on, I release a breath I didn’t know I was holding. I drop the mirror and look at the man again.

    He’s no longer wearing his mask, I can see his face perfectly fine.

    He’s so handsome and have that innocent baby face when sleeping.

    Thank God he didn’t get to see my face. I’ll leave and pretend that something like this never happened.

    And also I’ll never see this fela ever again.

    I remove my mask and puts it next to his, I bend down and place a kiss on his cheek. Then I head towards the door and rush out.

    I’ll go back to my normal life, that’s help Miranda uncover Kurt Egan’s secret.

    God help me!!

    To Be Continued.

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    🤰A baby
    Wasn’t part
    Of the plan 🤱

    Written by:- Racheal Dennis

    Episode 2 🌳

    🌳 Kurt’s POV 🌳

    The sound of my ringtone blares in the air, waking me up from my sleep.

    I turn and a blinding ray of the sun flashes in my eyes.

    I winced as pain strikes my head, I guess I’ve got a hangover from last night.

    I look at the other side of the bed, it’s empty. I guess that lady from last night is already gone.

    But I must say, I had an amazing time with her, that was the first time I had a virgin as a one night stand.

    Sadly, I didn’t get to see her face.

    I glance at the clock, it’s 8:40am. Shoot, I’m late for the office already, but who’s gonna complain, I’m the boss. I pull my clothes on.

    I angrily reach for my phone that won’t stop ringing.

    “What!” I roar at whoever is on the phone.

    “Is that any way to talk to your best, best friend in the whole world?” I hear my best friend, James, said.

    I roll my eyes and head to the door.

    “Why did you call?” I asked as I walk down the stairs.

    Some of the workers greet me and I just nod at them.

    “Is that a question you are asking me? Did you forget the housekeeper is coming in today? You’re supposed to tell her your rules!” He said.

    I can already picture him throwing his hand in the air in frustration.

    “You can do that” I told him.

    “Why? Don’t tell me you bang some slut and you can’t make it”

    I chuckled.

    “Okay, I won’t say it” I said.

    “Ugh! You’re impossible” he exclaims. I love getting on his nerves.

    “I know. Right, stay at my place and wait for the housekeeper. Tell her the dos and don’ts” I told him.

    “Why can’t you do it yourself?” He asked.

    “I’m going to the office, make sure she’s someone I’ll like. Bye, I have to go”

    ” You…. ” I hang up before he could continue his ranting.

    I step out of the club and head straight to the parking lot. I enter my red sport car and hit the road.

    Almost at a bend corner, I see a girl run into the road carelessly, my car almost hitting her.

    I step on the brakes and bring out my head to yell at her. But my words got stuck in my mouth when I see her face.

    She’s the definition of beauty, her strawberry blonde hair falls on her face.

    She puts a strand of her hair behind her ear and stretch her clothes while she’s still standing in the middle of the road.

    Just then, she seems to notice where she is. Then her face warm up from embarrassment.

    She quickly walks to the other side of the road and look at me with her big blue eyes that added to her beauty.

    “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. It’s just.. I’m.. kinda late for an interview and… ”

    ” That’s ok” interupts her.

    ” Thank you” she said and quickly walk away.

    I smack my head, I can’t think of her, I can’t afford to have a weakness. Thankfully, I won’t see her ever again.

    I start my car and continue my journey.

    💐 Hazel’s POV 💐

    After that embarrassing moment at the road, I finally made it to the mansion where I’ll work as a housekeeper.

    I see a bell button at the gate, I press the button and wait for a while.

    A security guard comes out and walk towards me.

    “How may I help you, Miss?” He asks me.

    “I have an interview with Mr Egan, this morning” I said.

    He opens the gate and I enter the compound.

    And, sweet baby Jesus, the compound is darn big.

    The mansion itself is big enough to house hundreds of people. A small fountain stands in the middle of the compound.

    “This way, Miss” the security guard said.

    I follow the guard towards the entrance of the mansion. We reach the door and he opens it.

    “After you” he said.

    I step into the mansion and I’m welcomed by a cool breeze and a nice fragrance.

    I close my eyes and take a deep breath, tasting the freshness of the house.

    I open my eyes and come face to face with a blonde hair guy, he has a smile on his lips.

    “Are you alright, Miss?” He asks.

    My cheeks warm up and I feel blush creeping up my face. I know I’m poor, but I don’t have to show it everywhere I go, right?.

    I turn around to see if the guard is still behind me, but he’s not. I turn back to this blonde hair guy and put on a fake smile.

    “I’m fine, sir” I reply.

    He nods.

    “Call me James. You are Miss Hazel Evans, I presume?” He asks, well more like states.

    ” Yes, sir” he glares at me. “I mean James” I quickly correct myself.

    “Good. So, come in” he ushers me to a sofa and gestures for me to sit down.

    I sit down.

    “So…. You already got the job. I just have some dos and don’ts for ya. I wrote them down on this paper that I’m gonna give to you, please study them to avoid any mistakes in the future” he said.

    He hands me a sheet of paper. I glance through it quickly.


    1: Always wake up by 5am to cook breakfast.

    2: Never look into your bosses eyes.

    3: Always replace your bosses bedsheets and blankets every morning after he wakes up.

    4: Make sure dinner is ready before 6pm.

    5: Never go to bed before your boss.

    6: On raining days, always remember to turn on the house heaters.

    7: Always remember to persuade your boss into taking his medicine every night.

    I take in a deep breath after reading through the dos and don’ts. I raise my head and sees James looking at me curiously.

    “Aren’t you gonna ask any questions?” He asks.

    I shake my head.

    “Nope. I’m fine with all of them, after all, with you as my boss I have nothing to worry about”

    He laughs.

    ” Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I’m not your boss, we’re in no way similar. Your boss is very strict, he’s a perfectionist. So I’d advise you tread lightly and avoid any mistakes at all cost” he said.

    I nod with a scared expression. So what Miranda told me is true, Kurt Egan is really heartless.

    Even this man that he’s acquainted with is still scared of him, God help me in this mission.

    “I would have stay to show you around the house, but I’m running late for work because someone delayed her interview” he said giving me a knowing look.

    I bend my head shyly. I hear him laugh briefly.

    “Anyway, just know that your room is four rooms down the hall. And the kitchen is right there” he points towards the kitchen. “You can give yourself a tour some other time, but for now? I’d advise you stay in your room and unpack your luggage” he said.

    He stands up and head to the door.

    “Goodluck, I’ll come by sometime and visit to see how you are coping with Kurt” he said and head out.

    I sigh and rest my head on my hands. This is gonna be a long and tiring journey for me.

    I better locate my room and unpack now.

    To Be Continued

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    🤰A baby
    Wasn’t part
    Of the plan 🤱

    Written by:- Racheal Dennis.

    Episode 3 🌳

    💐 Hazel’s POV 💐

    It took me three whole hours to finish arranging my room and unpack my luggage.

    I fall on my bed and rolling with a wide smile on my face, breathing in the freshness of the room and I sigh in contentment.

    Just then my stomach growls, reminding me that I need food like right now.

    I hurry downstairs to the kitchen to make something to eat. I open cabinets one after the other, but didn’t find any food stuffs.

    Does this Kurt never cook?. I decide to settle for some fruits instead, and maybe go to the grocery store later.

    But I’m disappointed at what I saw, the fridge is totally empty.

    Who is this Kurt guy? Doesn’t he know that food is life? Hmm, well I’m here now.

    And since I don’t joke with food, I’ll stuck this place with lots of food.

    I should head to the grocery store right now.

    I hurried back to my room upstairs and grab my purse.

    Then I head out.

    I made it to the gate when I realized, I don’t know the way to the store from here.

    Luckily the security guard is patrolling, I called for him and signal him to come over.

    “Do you need anything, Miss?”

    “Hazel, my name is Hazel. Please call me that, this whole ‘Miss’ thing is too formal” I said.

    He laughs a little bit.

    “Ok, Hazel how you need my help?” He asked.

    “Please I need your help with direction, I need to go to the grocery store” I said.

    “Oh, it’s not hard to find. One’s just down the road, let’s say five poles from here. A cab can take you there”

    I scoff. A cab? Really? People just waste money unnecessarily.

    “I’ll walk, see you later!” I said.

    “Hazel, you….”

    I wave him off with a small smile and walk away.


    It didn’t take that long before I arrive at the store. Now it’s time to get down to business, I pick a basket and begin to fill it with food stuffs.

    I pick out some pasta, rice sachets, all purpose flour, tin skin tomatoes, milk, venegar, chilli powder, cheese, chicken and some stock fish, cabbage and potatoes.

    I turn around as if I’m forgetting something.

    Then I lock gaze with it, my favorite recipe of all, Honey! And it’s the only one remaining, I reach out to get it.

    But someone beats me to it, my eyes follow the hand to its owner.

    And I’m met with a sexy smile from a handsome guy, I think we should be of the same age or he’ll can be older than me.

    “That’s mine” I said.

    “Well, hello to you too” he said and wink at me.

    I furrow my brows and glare at him. I don’t joke with honey and this guy just took the last one here, he’s so going to suffer from my fist.

    I drop my basket and gets ready to snatch it from him. He seems to notice my stance, so he chuckled.

    “Calm down, tigress! I reached for it first, but I’m a gentleman and since you want this so badly I’ll give it to you wholeheartedly” he said and hand the honey to me.

    An instant smile spreads all over my face. I put it in my basket.

    “Thank you, sir” I said.

    He laughs.

    “Sir? Oh, please. My name is Tyler, but you can call me Ty” he said.

    “Alright, Ty. Thanks”

    I carry my basket and head to the cashier. I hear Tyler’s footsteps behind me, I guess he’s following me.

    “Emm.. I didn’t catch your name” he said.

    “That’s because I didn’t tell you” I said. And smirk slyly.

    “Oh, I can give you a name of my choice then” he said.

    I stop walking and turn to him, looking at him curiously. He studies my face for a moment, and breaks into a smile.

    “You have blue eyes, I’ll call you Crystal” he said.


    ” Yeah, you’ve got shinny blue eyes, so Crystal!”

    I nod.

    “That’s not a bad name. I like it!” I said.

    He grins widely. We made it to the cashier, l bring out my purse and take out my credit card.

    I hand over to the cashier, but Tyler holds my hand and give his own credit card to the cashier. I look at him in confusion.

    “I’ll pay” he said.

    I remove my hand from his hold, and shake my head.

    “No, thanks. I have money to cover it” I said.

    “Please let me pay, you can pay me back in some other way”

    “What other way? I don’t even know you, I only know your name”

    “How about we get some coffee and get to know each other?” He suggests.

    “No, I’m kinda busy today. Today’s my first day at work, I can’t get in trouble with my boss” I told him.

    “I’m not talking about today, maybe tomorrow or next, or whenever you are free?”

    “How will you know when I’m free. I can just leave and this can be the last you see me” I said.

    He thinks about it for a while, then brings out his cell phone.

    “Here. Put your number on it” he said.

    I cross my arms across my chest.

    ” I don’t give my number to strangers”

    “We’re past strangers, Crystal. We’re almost friends already, though I consider you my friend as it is now” he said.

    Hmm. I can use his company sometimes when I’m bored at the mansion.

    And he can be my very first friend here in LA, I need someone to give me a tour too.

    I take the phone from him and type my number in. He dialed the number and my phone starts to ring.

    “That’s my number, save it” he said.

    “Here’s your card, sir” the cashier lady said to him.

    He takes back his card and carries our basket. I didn’t bother to stop him from carrying mine, cause honestly, it’s kinda heavy.

    “So, are you taking a cab?” He asks the minute we step outside.

    “Cab? What’s wrong with all of you guys living in LA? You guys depend on cab, a lot” I said.

    “So that’s means you’re walking?”

    ” Yeah. It’s just a stone throw” I said.

    “Ok, I’ll acommpany you”

    Wait, what? No, I just start working there today, I can’t just show it to anyone.

    “You don’t have to, I can walk there on my own” I told him.

    “I insist. I need to make sure you arrive safe and sound”

    ” But I… ”

    ” No buts” he interupts me.

    No, I have to say something. I can’t let him go with me.

    “Ty, I was just joking about the cab thing. I’m taking a cab” I said.

    He smile approvingly.

    ” Good girl. Now let’s get you in a cab”

    He stops a cab and gestures for me to enter. I reluctantly enter, he gives my basket back to me.

    “Call me when you get home” he said.

    “Ok, I’ll” I replied.

    I wave at him and tell the cab driver to drive. I watch Ty wave me good bye, untill the cab is out of sight.


    Within the twinkling of an eye, the cab stop. I step out and pay the driver, leaving the change as a tip.

    When the security sees me with the basket, he rushes to me and help me carry it inside.

    “Thank you… Jeff” I said reading his name from his badge.

    “It’s no problem at all” he said and goes out.

    I put all the stuff in places where they belong. I look at the time, it’s 4:43pm. I remember I’m supposed to make dinner before six.

    I put my hair in a messy bun and gets down to business. I decide to prepare Mac and cheese, and some cornbread.

    By the time I’m done, it’s already 5:50pm. I quickly dish the food and set them on the dinning table.

    Then I hurry to my room to take a shower, I can’t smell like cheese when I meet with the almighty Kurt Egan, right.

    After taking my bath, I change into some clean clothes, a white shorts and big orange t-shirt.

    Just then my phone starts ringing, I picked it up, it’s Miranda calling.

    “Hello, Miranda”

    “Hey… Hazel. Are you at his house now? How is he treating you?” She asks.

    I roll my eyes at her questions.

    ” I just resume work today, remember? And besides, I haven’t seen him yet. His friend brief me on what to do this morning, but I’m hoping to see him this evening” I answered.

    ” Good. Thank you once again for doing this. So have you seen any guy yet, I know the guys there are super hot” she said.

    She’s right though, that stranger from last night is super hot! Wait, why am I thinking about him!. But I can say Ty is hot, even James is hot too.

    “Yeah, you can say that”

    “You should thank me for sending you over there, at least now you can get your virgin ass a boyfriend!” She said.

    I tense when she mentioned the word ‘ virgin’ she thinks I’m still one, and I’ll leave it that way for now.

    Cause I honestly don’t know how to tell her that I gave my v-card to a total stranger, that I might never meet ever.

    “Hazel, are you still with me?” She asks.


    “Please don’t blow your cover, my career is depending on you” she said.

    Just then I hear the front door open and close with a loud bang.

    ” Miranda, I got to go now. I guess my new boss is home, I better go attend to him”

    ” Alright, no problem. Good luck” she said.

    I hang up and head downstairs. I guess is time to see the fearless Kurt Egan.

    To Be Continued

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    🤰A baby
    Wasn’t part
    Of the plan 🤱

    Written by: Racheal Dennis

    Episode 4🌳

    🌳 Kurt’s POV 🌳

    “I’m telling you, Theresa is not efficient enough. Felix won that contract because of her carelessness!” I said angrily.

    I step out of my car and head towards the entrance door of my mansion.

    James open the door and enter, I followed behind and close the door with a loud bang.

    “Kurt, you have to calm down” James said.

    I turn to him with anger filled eyes and he shut his mouth instantly.

    “Calm down? I sent her over to Felix undercover with so much effort, and this is how she performs!” I said through gritt teeth.

    ” But Kurt, you know Felix is a hard nut to crack. This is just the beginning of her mission, let’s give her some time”

    I close my eyes and open them, I’m sure my eyes are darkened in anger and hatred right now.

    ” Tell her I’ll let one mistake slip, next time if something like this happens, I’ll make her life a living hell. Felix Raine is going down!” I said and head upstairs to my room.

    “Where are you going? Aren’t you gonna eat dinner?” James asked gesturing to the dinning table. I see food on the table already.

    “I’ll be back in a few, I wanna freshen up” I said and continue my journey to my room.

    I speed past a girl on the stairs, her face bow towards the ground.

    I can’t see her face clearly and I don’t even wish to. I guess she’s the housekeeper James hired.

    💐 Hazel’s POV 💐

    Heading downstairs, I hear my boss talking on top of his voice.

    So Kurt Egan is really cold-hearted as everyone say he is, I can’t believe I was feeling regretful for agreeing to do this.

    How can he plan to take someone down? How many people is he going to damage their lives?.

    He walks up the stairs, taking two steps at a time.

    I bow my head afraid of looking him in the eyes, I remember James specifically told me never to look Kurt in the eyes.

    He slows down a little when he gets to where I was, but he didn’t stop, he continues to his room.

    I quickly walk towards James.

    “Hey, Hazel. I see you’ve cook dinner already!”

    “Yeah. Do you live here too?” I asked.

    “I wish. I only acommpany Kurt home, to make sure he gets home fine” he answered and begin to walk towards the dinning table. I follow closely behind.

    “So what did you make?”

    “Mac and cheese, and some cornbread” I said.

    ” Wow! Kurt’s favorite! I know you two will get along” he said.

    Me and that life destroyer get along? Ha. In his dreams. I’ll make sure I expose his secret to the whole world.

    It’s a pity someone as good as James is friends with that monster.

    James makes himself comfortable in a chair. Just then Kurt comes in and sits at the head of the table.

    I bow my head immediately.

    “Hazel, serve the food!” James said.

    “Yes, sir!” I said.

    He grunts.

    “Don’t start with the sir thing again, my name is James” he said.

    ” Yes, James”

    ” That’s more like it” James said.

    I serve the food into their plates and stand aside while they begin to eat.

    James puts a spoonful in his mouth and close his eyes, he moan at the sweetness of the food.

    “Hazel, you put your foot on this one. It’s delicious!” James praised me.

    I couldn’t help the giggle that left my mouth.

    Just when I feeling good and proud of my kitchen skills, Kurt spits out the food he puts in his mouth.

    He quickly reach for his glass of water and take large gulps. He put the glass down on the table and stand up.

    “What the hell is this?!” Kurt roars.

    “What is it, Kurt?” James asked.

    “It’s so spicy!” He said.

    I bow my head even more and close my eyes, afraid to look up at his expression.

    My whole body is shaking in fear right now.

    I know I can’t make it out alive, but I didn’t expect my death to come so fast.

    “I told you to tell her the dos and don’ts, why didn’t you tell her?”

    “I did, but..”

    “But what James? Why did she make the food so spicy?. Instead of telling her what to do, you were getting acquainted with her!” Kurt said.

    “Kurt, calm down. I can ask her to make something else for you” James said trying to cool him down.

    Kurt bangs his hand on the table, and I flinched back a little.

    “Why the fuck is she bowing her head like that?” Kurt asked.

    ” You said she shouldn’t look you in the eyes, remember? She’s trying to avoid your eyes” James explain.

    ” Raise your fucking dumb head, I wanna see your face!” He said.

    I slowly raise my head. And my eyes falls open when I see his face.

    ” You?!”

    ” You?!”

    We both exclaimed.

    Oh, no! This is bad, how can it be? My one night stand is actually my boss? I have my virginity to the almighty Kurt Egan?

    Why do I always have the ugliest luck in life. What if he recognizes me, what will I do.

    This is bad.

    “It’s you” he said as if he couldn’t believe his eyes.

    To Be Continued

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    🤰A baby
    Wasn’t part
    Of the plan 🤱

    Written by: Racheal Dennis.

    Episode 5🌳

    💐 Hazel’s POV 💐

    I can’t believe my one night stand is actually my boss. I gave my v-card to the almighty Kurt Egan. This is bad!.

    “It’s you!” He said as a look of recognition flash in his eyes.

    Please don’t tell me you saw my face last night. I can’t fail on this mission before actually even starting it.

    I study his stance. His shoulders tensed, his eyes darken, his fist and jaw clenched as if he’s fighting with himself.

    I titted my head in confusion.

    “You can’t work here. You’re fired!” He gritted out.

    “Kurt, man. What the hell are you saying? You can’t just fire her because of this little mistake” James said.

    ” Yeah, it’s just a little mistake. I didn’t know you don’t like spicy food” I said.

    He avert his gaze to me. When he look at me, his gaze softens a little but it was a flash, his eyes harden again and turn even darker.

    “I have my reason for firing you! Go pack your things and leave my house” he commands.

    “Hey, hey. It hasn’t come to that yet, let’s talk about this like adults” James said.

    I cross my arms across my chest and scoffs.

    The rumors are true, all he’s good at is destroying people’s lives.

    Well, I don’t think I can complete this mission, now he’s offering me opportunity to leave. I better leave before he changes his mind and kill me.

    “You want me to leave? I’ll leave!” I said and turn to go upstairs, but James runs in front of me.

    He leans towards me and whisper in my ear.

    “You can’t leave, you’re the only one who I think can put up with his mood swings. And besides, I didn’t take you to be a quitter”

    I think about it for a moment. He’s right. I can’t just sit back and watch Miranda’s career go down the drain without doing anything.

    Even if I don’t make it out, I will make sure I help Miranda expose Kurt Egan’s secret.

    I can manage to put up with his off and on mood swings.

    A loud bang draws my attention back to Kurt.

    He’s glaring daggers at James, if looks could kill I’m sure James would already be six feet under.

    “James? In my office!” Then he marches upstairs angrily.

    “Is he always like this?” I asked.

    “Yeah. Especially to new people, but you will like him when you get to know him”

    “Hmm, yeah right”.

    “I’ll be right back. Please don’t leave yet” he said and hurrys off.

    James is easy going and easy to please too. I wish he was my boss.

    🌍 James’s POV 🌍

    I enter Kurt’s home office. I see Kurt standing by the window, looking at of the window.

    I bet he’s got the best view in his office, you can see the beautiful of LA from his window.

    “Kurt, I…”

    “I don’t wanna hear it, James. She can’t work here” he said. He turn around to face me.

    “Ok, tell me why you don’t want her to work for you?”

    He avert his gaze from me and begin to look anywhere but me. I see his face start to turn red, he’s blushing.

    “Because she’ll become my weakness, I can’t let that happen” he said.

    Become his weakness?

    ” How can she become your weakness? She’s just your housekeeper and the relationship between you two is just boss and employee relationship” I told him.

    He release a long sigh and pulls on his hair.

    ” You won’t understand” he sits on his swivel chair and lays back his head.

    I sit in front of him. I’ve never seen Kurt worked up like this, which makes me more curious as to why he wants Hazel gone and also why he said Hazel will become his weakness.

    “What won’t I understand?” I asked.

    “This is not the first time I’m seeing her. I’ve seen her before and…..” He cuts himself off.

    “And what?” I asked.

    “And I think…I..I think I like her. But I had hope I never see her again, now she’s right in front of me” he said.

    I grin. This is the first time ever, Kurt have admitted to like someone. Someone who is not him or me.

    “Kurt, it’s a good thing!” I told him.

    His eyes snap open.

    “No! It’s not a good thing. You know I don’t do feelings, James. It’ll affect my business” he said.

    I stare at him in pity. I understand his pain, I know why he doesn’t want to have feelings for anyone.

    He’s been through a lot, so I really can’t blame him for trying to conceal his feelings. I’ve been with him since childhood and I witness exactly what happened to him.

    But now that he’s found someone that he likes, I can’t watch him let this opportunity slip away.

    He needs to let go of his dark past and embrace the future.

    Kurt might appear cold on the outside, but he’s a fluffy bear inside.

    I’ll look for ways to make him accept Hazel and embrace his feelings. He really need someone in his life.

    “Ok, Kurt. How about you let Hazel stay for three weeks, I’ll teach her everything. If you still don’t like her, then I’ll fire her myself” I suggest.

    He thinks about it for some minutes, then he shakes his head.

    “Two weeks!” He said.

    Hmm. Two weeks is not bad, I can make him accept his feelings then.

    “Deal” I said and stretch my hand out for a handshake.

    Kurt just stare at my hand strangely.

    “What are you doing?” He asks.

    “We need to finalize our deal with a handshake!” I said.

    “Your childish makes me hate you more and more” he said with a small smile.

    “You know you love me, don’t worry I love you too” I told him, I lean forward and kisses his cheek.

    He pushes me away and wipes his cheek with a cute frown.

    “Eww! Gross!” He said.

    I burst into a fits of laughter. I head towards the door.

    “Hazel will come up with your meds” I told him.

    “Don’t send her here” he yells after me.

    “I will, and be nice to her”

    I know exactly how to make Kurt accept his feelings for Hazel. I’ll make him so damn jealous, I’m so lucky I’m a flirt, I know it’ll come in handy one day.

    💐 Hazel’s POV 💐

    James comes back down with a wide grin on his face.

    “So…. Am I fired?” I asked.

    “Nope! Infact, you have to make him some noodles right now and take it to his room, together with his meds” James said.

    “Are you sure he won’t kill me and bury me there?” I asked.

    He laughs at my silly question.

    “Quite the contrary. But I’ll tell you how he like his noodles”

    I nod at him to continue.

    “He likes it when his noodles are not overcooked, and please, please, please don’t make it spicy” he said.

    “ok, I won’t” I reply.

    He enters the kitchen and open a cabinet, he brings out a small box. He opens it and takes out some drugs.

    “Always remember to give him this meds every night before he goes to bed, or else, I bet you won’t get a good night’s sleep yourself” James tells me.

    Why the hell does he needs drugs to sleep? What is he, a vampire?! Oh no! I hope he’s not gonna suck my blood.

    “Now I’ll leave you at it”

    “Huh? Where are you going?” I asked.

    “I’m going home. You don’t expect me to stay here with you guys, right?”

    “So, your are leaving me here alone with him?”

    ” Don’t worry, darling. He won’t bite…. Hard” with that James takes off.

    I guess I’ll have to do this on my own. I carry the Mac and cheese and cornbread, I put them in the trash and I start to prepare the noodles.

    After some minutes I’m done. I carry it and head upstairs, I knock on Kurt’s door but no response. I open the door and step in the room.

    Remember that paradise Adam and Eve lives in? Well, it can’t compare to this room.

    It’s spacious and twice the size of my entire house back in Texas.

    A big flat screen TV stood proudly on the wall, a big king size bed in the middle of the room.

    The walls painted with dark brown color and the curtains are of cream color.

    The room is cool and smells fresh. Everywhere is so neat, I don’t think I’ll do much cleaning in this room.

    “Mr Egan?” No answer.

    “Mr Egan!” Still no answer.

    I drop the tray I’m carrying on the table and begin to walk around.

    Then I see a door, maybe it leads to his home office or even a movie theater. Maybe he’s in there watching a movie.

    Wait… I take that back. Kurt Egan is not the movie watching type of person.

    Maybe the door leads to his office, maybe he’s in there signing some papers.

    Yeah. This sounds right!.

    I open the door and excitedly step in and that was a very big mistake. I see what I least expected.

    Standing before me, is Kurt Egan. He’s standing……. NAKED!!


    To Be Continued

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