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    Written by Sonia Okehie


    Patience is a good virtue not everyone possess. Some beautiful things of life takes a little time before they happen and are mostly worth the wait. A happy ending isn’t always the case in many relationships today simply because, most people lack patience and don’t see the need to go through the refining and hard times with their partners. Brace yourselves as I take you all on a ride down the memory lane of Nathan and Maria.

    Nathan was an example of a hardworking man. He was known for giving his best in anything he does and always strived for ways to break free from the shackles of poverty that had held him bound for a long time. Due to his lack of money, he didn’t see the need to pursue any lady, as he felt love was meant for the rich only. Nathan’s future was so bright that one would need a sun shade to see through it, but it was so sad that he always failed and came back to square one in any business venture he did, no matter how much effort he put in and how hard he tried.

    Life wasn’t a bed of roses for him because he wasn’t born with a silver spoon. Nathan had to work for everything he ever owned as there was no one to help him. The worst of it all was that he was a graduate with a first class and that put a lot of pressure on him. His family members expected a miracle after his graduation, but it was sad that they were still faced with the same struggle as before.

    Due to Nathan’s condition, he kept less friends because he didn’t want anyone to ridicule his predicament. The struggle continued for a long time, leaving him friendless and without any relationship with a woman. Life was often lonely for him till something happened one fateful day.

    Nathan was invited to a wedding by his boss whom he occasionally worked for. It turns out that his boss daughter was getting married, hence the invitation. At first, he didn’t want to go for the wedding so he turned the offer down, but his boss insisted. “You need to start living and stop letting your present life’s struggles get in the way. Treat everyday as a blessing and thank God that you are alive to witness it, whether broke or rich” His boss advised. Those words of advice touched Nathan that he finally agreed to go for the wedding.

    The scheduled day for the wedding came and Nathan had no confusion on what to wear because he only had one suit; which he bought for his graduation ceremony. That suit was only worn for important occasions and interviews. Nathan brought it out and prepped it for the wedding.

    In no time, Nathan arrived at the church looking dapper and handsome in his fine suit. He gently walked inside the church auditorium and quietly took his seat. The couple were already taking their vows by that time so he smiled as they said ‘I Do’ to each other.

    Deep down in Nathan’s heart, he felt broken and sad that he still didn’t have anyone to call his own. “When will this be me and someone I love? When will I be this happy?” He sadly asked himself. The sad reality of his life suddenly dawned on him at that moment but he tried to maintain a positive outlook.

    The church wedding ended and everyone headed to the reception venue. Nathan arrived a bit late after the couple had done their entrance dance. He first went to greet his boss before finally sitting down to watch the whole wedding event unfold.

    As everyone was happily dancing and having fun, Nathan’s attention was drawn to one cheerful beautiful lady, dancing in the crowd. The sight of the dancing lady was angelic that his heart raced uncontrollably. There was just something about her that distinguished her from every other person that danced on that stage. Nathan swallowed his saliva continuously and started sweating under air condition.

    With the look of things, Nathan could tell that the girl was above his league but still didn’t think he could be stopped from talking to her at least. The dance ended and everyone went back to their various seats but his eyes were still glued to her. Nathan was silently going crazy as he kept thinking of what his course of action would be. “What can I possibly offer this lady in this my current condition? These kind of girls have not come to this world to suffer and I can’t give her the kind of lifestyle she’s already used to” He thought to himself.

    After much deliberation, Nathan finally decided to shun every thought about the mysterious lady and focus on what he was there for; which was the wedding celebration. No matter how much he tried to ignore any thought of the lady, he just couldn’t. Nathan was in his early thirties and obviously needed to at-least have someone he could call his own and rely on. The reason he didn’t want to enter into any relationship was because he felt he was too broke to be in one; which is a misleading and wrong mindset.

    As the wedding celebration drew to an end, Nathan stood up and walked towards the newly wedded couples to present to them some money he packaged in an envelope. As he gave them his little gift, he headed towards the exit door to leave. Just as Nathan stepped his foot out of the hall, he caught a sight of his mysterious angel talking on phone outside the hall. At first, he wanted to ignore and pass but just couldn’t because he figured she was in a sad mood.

    Nathan finally summoned courage and walked towards her, “You had a nice smile while you were dancing back there, why are you sad now?” he politely asked and she looked into his eyes. “Don’t worry, it’s nothing actually, I’ll be fine” she replied with a faint smile on her face.

    Her reply was enough to end their conversation but Nathan wanted more. “Is there anything I can do to make you happy?” he inquired, “No, you have already done enough” she replied. Nathan took a deep breath and asked, “Can I at least know your name?” and she replied by saying “Maria”. “That’s a beautiful name” he complimented and she smiled, “What’s yours?” she inquired, “My name Nathan” he said.

    Nathan realized he was slowly breaking her walls, so he decided to act faster. “I don’t mean to be pushy or too inquisitive but I would really love to know you more because you seem like a very nice person” He said and Maria smiled, “What exactly do you want to know?” she asked, “Anything you feel comfortable telling me” he replied.

    They walked to a nice place and sat down as they conversed. Maria was a good company and so was Nathan. They talked and laughed as though they had known each other before then. Nathan felt genuinely happy within and wished Maria could be his.

    From their conversation, Nathan got to know that Maria was a hardworking lady who was doing everything she could to be successful in life, just like him. She was a struggling make-up artist and the bride’s friend. Nathan was scared of telling her his own side of the story because he was afraid she would leave him. He tried to avoid anything that would result to Maria asking him of his occupation.

    Unfortunately, Nathan ran out of luck when she finally popped the question “What do you do?”. At that moment, he was tensed and nervous. He really wanted to tell her the truth that he was between menial jobs and was living in a one room apartment at his age, but just couldn’t. Maria figured he was delaying in his response, so she asked again, “What do you do?”.

    Nathan took a deep breath and said “I’m a Driver!”

    To be continued…😉

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    The worst thing you can do to a promising potential relationship, is to build it on a foundation of lies. Not all truths are pleasant to the ears but it’s better to come clean with the truth than stand boldly on lies. Nathan’s revelation of being a struggling driver at that stage in his life wasn’t an easy thing to reveal to a lady he was attracted to. Deep down in his heart, he had already accepted his fate that Maria would lose interest in him and turn down any further advances he would make towards her. For the first time in a long while, Nathan felt broken!

    “How long have you been a driver?” Maria politely asked, “Not too long ago, I also have other things I do just to make ends meet but that doesn’t mean I have ever taken my eyes off where I know is right for me” Nathan replied. Maria looked at him and asked “Where exactly is right for you?”, “Becoming successful someday” he confidently replied.

    Nathan’s positive confession and outlook towards life despite his current state was worth admiring. Maria respected him for being hopeful and not giving up on his vision and dreams. “I commend your positive attitude, keep it up and I wish you all the best” she said, “Thank you! I’m happy you weren’t too judgmental and in a hurry to ridicule me; your type is rare” Nathan complimented and Maria smiled. “Why would you ever think that you should be subject to ridicule just because you’re a driver?” Maria questioned, “Well, maybe because a lot of girls would probably look down on me the very moment I reveal my occupation to them” Nathan responded.

    Those words were touching, as Maria could feel how much pain and rejection Nathan was suffering from. She looked into his eyes, gave a faint smile and said “Don’t blame or be too hard on yourself for things you can’t control; especially if you put in your best to ensure that things happen differently than they presently are. You are doing the best you can and would eventually make it to the top, so far as you remain focused and never settle for less”.

    Oh my! You need to feel how much impact Maria’s words had on Nathan. It felt like his mind was re-birthed and his drive for success was re-energized. There was no doubt that Maria was the lady he wanted to call his own. She was the perfect example of beauty, brains and strong. Nathan wanted her dearly, but had to take things extremely slow because he had no clue if she liked him back or saw him as a mere friend to lend a helping hand to.

    “Thank you so much for your kind words, I honestly appreciate. You might not know but you just touched a life” He said. Maria thanked him for giving a listening ear and finally got up to leave. Nathan’s heart skipped several beats as she stood up because he couldn’t imagine his life again without Maria’s friendship and constant uplifting words. He didn’t want to lose her so he had to act fast, “Before you leave, can you please give me your number? I really need people like you in my life, can you be my friend? Nathan said, looking into her eyes.

    At first, Maria wanted to turn his friendship proposal down but quickly changed her mind when she remembered the conversation they had earlier about rejection. “I actually want people like you around as friends because you’re hardworking and that can have a positive influence on me” she said.

    After all said and done, they exchanged numbers and finally bid each other goodbye. All through the remaining hours of that day, Nathan couldn’t stop thinking about his encounter with Maria. It was evident that she had influenced him positively and it felt good.

    On the other hand, Maria acknowledged her friendship with Nathan, but that didn’t mean there were any strings attached. She liked him as a person and did enjoyed his company, that’s all.

    Unknowingly to her, Nathan was already in love but was hiding under the shadow of friendship. He was scared of letting his feelings out because he didn’t want to ruin their friendship. Nathan never disclosed how he felt to her, as he felt his feelings were better left unexpressed.

    Life continued and they resumed their daily struggle for daily bread, but the difference this time was that Nathan doubled his efforts towards attaining success and started leaving no stone unturned; in the bid to break free from poverty. He always confided in Maria regarding anything he needed help with, and she never hesitated in being there for him.

    Their friendship waxed stronger and got to an extent where they barely did anything without first sharing with each other. Maria was Nathan’s safety blanket and his confidant. They became extremely fond of each other.

    Things were getting a bit better in Nathan’s life and the results started showing little by little. He took up a new career path and did everything he could to perfect himself in it. Whenever Nathan wasn’t working, he would occupy himself with educating materials that pertained to the new career path he was taking. He was a bit closer to his big break and could feel it.

    In the midst of everything that happened in Nathan’s life and that of Maria’s, they still couldn’t deny the fact that they had grown so fond of each other. Nathan still wasn’t sure if she truly liked him but was bound on taking that big step of confessing his feelings for her.

    One evening, they had a meet up at a cozy restaurant because they hadn’t seen each other in a while. Maria was happy to see Nathan and they smiled at the sight of each other. “Hey Mimi, how have you been?” He asked, “I’ve been good dear, how about you?” She replied and Nathan said “Great!”.

    One look at Nathan and Maria could tell that he was greatly improving. “Someone is looking good” she complimented and Nathan smiled, “Thanks alot, please seat” he said and removed the chair for her to sit down.

    They got talking and tried to catch up in everything they had missed out in each other’s life. They ordered food and ate with so much joy. Nathan was getting the signal that it was the perfect moment to pour his heart out to Maria.

    After they were done eating, Nathan leaned back on his chair and stared at her as she talked. He was smitten by her gesticulations and the way she demonstrated everything she said. He was truly in love!

    When Maria was done talking, Nathan took a deep breath and said “You are beautiful and I’m so happy you are here with me. However, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t in love with you. Maria, you are a priceless jewel and someone I would love to have in my life as a partner. I love you and want you in my life, would you please let me into your heart?”.

    His heartfelt relationship proposal was unexpected. Maria was a bit surprised and didn’t believe their little meet up would turn out this way. She kept staring at him and didn’t know what to say. “Would you let me into your heart?” Nathan repeated, looking right into her eyes.

    Maria looked into his eyes and said “I’m so sorry, I can’t let you in!”

    End of episode 2


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    Rejection is one pain no one craves to ever experience. Do you know how hurtful it is to be turned down from having something or someone you want and love with all your heart? That’s another level of heartbreak and believe me when I say, no one deserves to ever feel that way. It’s really terrible!

    Maria’s reply to Nathan’s relationship proposal wasn’t exactly the reply he was expecting. At that moment, he could feel his heart being ripped from his body and was entirely numb. Her response made him feel like a loser and failure all over again. In as much as he tried to be matured about the whole thing and accept his fate, he just couldn’t hold back the emotions that sprang forth immediately afterwards.

    “Why don’t you want to let me in? Just tell me so I can at least know why” he managed to say. Maria felt bad knowing that he was probably hurt, but that didn’t change her mind as regards her decision. “You are a very nice and hardworking man I admit, but I just don’t think I want to go into any relationship with you” she sadly said.

    Nathan had a hard time believing that was her reason for turning him down, so he probed further. “Is it because I don’t have enough money yet to give you the life you desire?” He soberly asked. Maria looked into his eyes and smiled faintly, “To be honest, that’s part of the reason why I feel it’s unwise for us to date. I’m in my late twenties and can’t go into any relationship with anyone if I can’t picture my future with you. I’m not getting any younger and I’m not going to give myself away to any man as free lunch or for testing. A relationship with you might lead to nowhere because it’s apparent that settling down anytime soon isn’t in your dictionary. I like you as a friend and would really want us to remain that way” Maria said.

    At that point, the reason Maria turned down the relationship proposal was clear to Nathan. He was devastated and broken, but tried to suck it up as a man and accept defeat. “I totally understand all you have said, it’s all good dear” he finally managed to say.

    Their little meet up suddenly became awkward afterwards as they tried to avoid eye contacts as they talked. It was time for them to leave; Nathan escorted Maria to where she could get a taxi before finally retiring to his own house.

    On his way home, he was lost in thoughts as his mind kept replaying all that happened at the restaurant. For the first time in a long while, he felt rejected and broken. “What exactly have I done wrong to deserve all the things that are happening to me? What have I not done to break free from poverty? When will all this failure end? I studied as though my life depended on it while still in school and bagged a first class, what again does this life wants from me? I have paid my dues and worked so hard to make sure that I succeed, but I’m still here. I’m so tired Lord, I know I don’t serve you enough like I should but you know my heart is always steadfast with you. I’m trying not to give up but there’s really no encouragement to keep trying everyday. Lord, you are the only person that hasn’t judged, ridiculed and despised me, as everyone has turned their backs on me and don’t want to have anything to do with me. At this point, I need your help and strength because I can’t continue on my own. Help me Jesus, please help me Lord” He soberly said to himself as he walked home.

    That night wasn’t a pleasant one for Nathan because he wallowed in self pity and rejection. He was hurt indeed and kept talking to himself every now and then. On the other hand, Maria wasn’t too bothered although she felt bad for turning him down. After a tough emotional day, they both retired to bed in their various houses.

    One thing Maria wasn’t aware of was that she had ignited a fire in Nathan. A fire that would push him beyond the limits he had pushed himself in the past. The anger he was feeling was about to be channelled towards a better course. I believe Maria meant no harm by turning him down; she was just looking out for herself first but it’s sad that Nathan felt extremely hurt.

    Days turned to weeks and they hadn’t communicated with each other. Nathan decided to be matured, so he called her one afternoon. “Hello Mimi” he greeted when she picked up, “Hi dear, how are you doing?” She asked, “I’m good, just wanted to check up on you” he replied. They talked further for a while and before they ended the call, Maria invited him for her upcoming birthday party. Nathan accepted the invitation and promised to try and show up. They bid ‘Goodbye’ to each other before ending the call.

    The birthday party was in a week’s time so Nathan had enough time to prepare. He was extremely busy trying to get the government of his state to approve a project he had been working on that would benefit the masses. If that project gets approved, it would change his story forever.

    Due to the awkwardness between Maria and himself, he refused to tell her about the recent happenings in his life. They stopped updating each other about the things that went on in their lives, since after the proposal incident. The new project looked promising but all Nathan could do was to pray and hope that it gets approved.

    The scheduled day for Maria’s party finally came and Nathan arrived two hours late. Maria was happy to see him and offered him a seat close to hers. As the party went on, everyone seemed as though they were having fun with the exception of Nathan. He was having a hard time relaxing and only pretended as though all was fine.

    As the party went on, Nathan noticed Maria with a particular guy. The guy looked cute and good in his fine outfit. The first thing Nathan noticed was the car key the guy kept swinging as they conversed. Maria seemed as though she was so into him, as she was seen laughing at every little thing the guy said.

    That sight alone was enough to murder Nathan’s heart and shut down his ability to breathe. He was devastated within but tried his possible best to maintain a happy countenance.

    It turns out that the mysterious guy Maria was talking to was a guy her friend introduced her to at the party. Apparently, the handsome guy came along with Maria’s friend and she hooked them up when they both showed interest for each other.

    All might look fine from the outside when you look at them, but the truth was indeed a scary one. The guy in question was a broke guy that lived a fake lavish lifestyle. Every car he drove belonged to his friends and the big mansion he lived in was owned by a friend of his that stays abroad.

    No one knew his secrets except himself and his friends that usually lend their cars to him. This guy was to die for and no one would ever believe he was struggling and broke.

    Unable to bear the heartbreaking sight of Maria getting cozy with another man, Nathan walked up to her, gave her a gift and bid her goodbye. Maria thanked him for coming and gave him a friendly hug. Nathan walked away and headed home afterwards.

    Maria and this mysterious guy whose name is ‘Josh’, talked for a long while before she popped the ‘Occupation’ question. “What do you do?” She asked smiling.

    Josh licked his lips, looked into her eyes and said “I’m a Doctor!”

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    There’s no better feeling in life than being in a relationship with an honest person who loves you more than any temporary comfort of lies. Most people admire the container in which something is packaged, more than the content. Not all the beautiful things of life comes in a flashy way. Some have less attractive outlook but have the ability to blow your mind if you can just be patient enough to look beyond the outward appearance.

    Maria was in for a shocker and an inevitable drastic end with Josh. It’s so sad that she let her hunger for the beautiful comforts of life, blind her from sensing the danger ahead of her.
    If only she was patient enough to give Nathan a chance, if only she knew that things were about to change for good in Nathan’s life, if only she knew that his love for her was genuine and pure; a love far better than what any man could have given her. Maria allowed the consciousness for comfort to steal what was supposed to be a lifetime happy ending with a man that would have adored her for life. So sad!

    On hearing that Josh was a doctor, Maria smiled warmly and blinked her eyes in excitement. “I would never have thought that someone as fashionable as you are, is a doctor” she said and Josh blushed. “I guess I would take that as a compliment, thanks all the same” he said and they both laughed.

    The party got more exciting as everyone was called up to the dance floor to showcase their dancing skills. Maria had the fun of her life as she happily danced with most of her friends. The party lasted for a little longer till it finally came to an end.

    Everyone took turns to give Maria the gifts they came along with, and those who didn’t come with gifts gave cash(money). Maria received lots of gifts that day and was expecting to get something from Josh too.

    While the gift presentation was going on, Josh walked up to her and informed her that he was about to leave. “I just got an urgent call now from the hospital so I have to leave” he said, “Oh really, ok no problem” Maria responded. Josh figured that she was expecting at least cash gift from him so he had to come up with a fast lie to cover up his inadequacy. “So sorry for not presenting a gift to you, I forgot my wallet and credit card at home if not, I would have done something” he sadly said, “Oh no it’s fine, I wasn’t even expecting anything from you” she lied.

    They both exchanged numbers and bid each other ‘Goodbye’. Josh walked to where he parked the car he came with, entered and drove off. While he was gone, Maria kept blushing and thanked her friend over again for introducing Josh to her. “Where has this guy been all my life that I’m just seeing him now?” Maria excitedly asked her friend, “I just met him a while ago at a friend’s party. When I told him I was coming here today, he told me he was bored and requested to follow me to your party” Her friend said. They gist as they packed the refreshment remnants from the party.

    All through the remaining hours of that day, Maria had a big smile on her face. She felt God had answered her prayers and have given her the man of her dreams. Maria was caught up in the moment that she even forgot to call Nathan to enquired if he got home safe and also thank him for the beautiful gift he gave to her.

    At around passed 9pm, Maria’s phone rang and she checked to see who was calling and it was Nathan. Tired, she sighed and silenced the call. Nathan called the second time and she managed to pick this time around. “Hi dear” she greeted, “Hello Mimi, how are you doing?” Nathan asked, “I’m fine” she replied. “I just wanted to check up on you and also enquire if the party was a success” He said and Maria told him everything went well. She thanked him for calling and they said goodnight to each other.

    Nathan’s call wasn’t the ideal call Maria was expecting. She was expecting Josh’s call and not Nathan’s. All through that night, she anticipated Josh’s call but non was forth coming so she sadly retired to bed.

    The next day was a good one for Nathan because he was called for a presentation at the government house. The presentation didn’t actually mean his troubles were over neither did it mean his project was approved, but it was indeed a positive sign that things were heading towards the right direction.

    Nathan prepared himself and was at the government house two hours before his appointment time. The presentation time finally came and Nathan gave it his best shot as though his life depended on it. Those who were present tackled him with difficult questions and scenarios regarding the effectiveness of his project but Nathan answered brilliantly and gave them a run for their money.

    The panel received his proposal for further review and gave him an appointment for another presentation. Nathan thanked them and left the government house feeling like his victory was close.

    While Nathan was working towards his big break, Maria was love struck and all over the idea of Josh and her being in a relationship sooner. Josh called her that morning and they arranged to meet at a nice restaurant later in the evening. Initially, Maria wondered why he didn’t request to come and pick her up from her house. She let it slide and pretended as though it didn’t bother her.

    The time scheduled for the date came and they both dressed to kill. Josh was happy to see her and didn’t hesitate to remove the chair for her to sit. “You look gorgeous” he complimented and she blushed, “Thank you” she replied.

    They got talking before the waiter came to take their orders. In no time, food was served and they ate happily. Maria couldn’t help but admire Josh and how body built he was. “How can a doctor be this hot?” She thought to herself as they ate.

    After about an hour later, they finished eating and the waiter came with the bill. Josh’s heart skipped several beats when he saw the amount on the receipt. He gave his credit card to the waiter and it was returned after a while by the waiter, saying the card declined payment.

    Josh brought another card from his wallet and they tried again but it still declined. Maria was getting a bit uncomfortable so she decided to give her own card for trials to see if the fault was from the restaurant, but the transaction went through.

    Maria almost died deep down because her money had been used to pay for their meal. She tried to act matured and pretended as though all was cool. “Thanks for footing the bill, I’ll reimburse you the money” Josh said and Maria smiled faintly.

    As they talked further, she was lost in thoughts trying to figure out what was going on. “He’s a doctor, he can’t be struggling” she consoled herself within. Josh figured Maria might be sensing that things weren’t adding up with him, so he decided to act fast.

    After their date, he took her in his car to where he stayed; just so he can show off. “Where are we going to?” Maria curiously asked as they drove off from the restaurant, “To my house, so you can know where I live” Josh replied.

    Maria was a bit excited to see where he lived. They arrived at the mansion that supposedly belonged to his friend that stays abroad.

    One look at the house and Maria was blown away. ” Oh my! Is this your house?” She surprisingly asked and Josh said “Yes of course!”

    End of episode 4 😉

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    A wise person once said, there’s no better satisfaction than being financially secured on your own without depending on anyone; with that way, you’ll hardly get excited about material things or anything in general anyone offers you in the bid to get you into their lives. When you’re contented or successful on your own, your mind would be clear enough to make sound decisions when faced with important issues of life, without compromising.

    It was apparent that Maria was blinded by the flashy deceptive lifestyle of Josh, which made her unable to see the red flags on the wall. She was so money conscious and it made her give flimsy excuses for Josh’s inadequacies. Maria was headed towards a dead end!

    On seeing Josh’s supposed mansion, Maria’s joy knew no bound and her mouth was wide opened in awe. “Is this your house? It’s so beautiful and huge” she complimented, “Well this is one of my houses, I have another one in my hometown” Josh lied, “Come in!” He added.

    As they walked inside, Maria already started to picture herself as the madam of the house when she finally gets married to Josh. Deep down in her heart, she was overjoyed because she felt she had hit the jack pot. “What a house! Josh is just too good to be true, thank you Lord” she silently said to herself.

    They settled down inside the house and Josh went to the fridge to get some refreshments. He served Maria some juice and chips and she gladly accepted them. They talked and laughed about random things till it was time for Maria to leave.

    Josh didn’t want her to go so he begged her to spend the night. “This house is always lonely, I would appreciate it if you stayed the night” he said and Maria smiled. In her mind, she felt Josh had already started seeing her as the first lady of the house, hence the invitation to sleep over. Her head swelled and she smiled warmly, “I don’t think spending the night would be a good idea, we just met not long ago so I feel this is too soon” she said in pretence, just so she doesn’t look too easy and cheap.

    Her reason for wanting to decline his invitation was good, but Josh already sensed it wasn’t from her heart so he tried to play with her emotions. “I honestly understand if you don’t want to stay, but I would really love it if you stayed” he said and Maria suddenly became weak. She remained mute for a little while and finally agreed to spend the night over.

    The atmosphere was filled with excitement as Josh couldn’t hold back his emotions. “Thank you!” He happily said, “now what do you want us to do before bed time? Watch a movie?” He asked and Maria said “Sure”.

    Josh turned on the television and they both watched a movie that was ongoing. They argued and talked about the movie till they both started feeling sleepy. Maria requested to take a shower and was directed to the bathroom by Josh. He gave her his clothes to wear afterwards before he went in to take his own bath too.

    While Josh was bathing, Maria couldn’t help the big smile on her face as she thought of how comfortable life with Josh seemed. She blushed at the reminder that he was a doctor too. “What a full package” she thought to herself as she laid on the bed.

    In no time, Josh was done bathing and joined Maria in the bedroom. He tried to play the gentleman game by asking Maria if she was comfortable having him in the same bedroom, or she preferred him to stay in another room. “Oh no it’s fine, stay here with me because I’ll be kinda scared if you leave” she said. Josh smiled and joined her on the bed.

    The atmosphere was a bit awkward and tensed as they both laid there without knowing what next to do. They were too tired to start any conversation so they just stared into each other’s eyes. Maria’s heart skipped several beats as she gazed into Josh’s eyes. She felt secured and protected just by being there with him. I guess the security she felt was that of financial security and the protection she felt was for the fact that she thought Josh was a doctor. What a big lie she was wallowing in!

    Unfortunately, Josh cared less about the future because if he did care, he wouldn’t build the present on a foundation of lies. He just wanted to live in the moment and also enjoy the best he could from his relationship with Maria.

    He initially tried to kiss her but she shifted her face, in a bid to prevent him. Maria was shy and didn’t want to come off as loose or easy. Josh made advances towards her again and this time around, she gave in.

    They kissed passionately for a while and finally started caressing each other. Josh was a bad guy and a chronic player for fact. He knew how to handle any woman and make her beg for more. Maria was an easy prey for him as he could already tell she was into him.

    Everything happened so fast that night and Josh ended up making love to Maria. They cuddled up and slept off afterwards. While Maria laid on his arms, one thing was clear and it was the fact that Josh took something from her and didn’t give back. He made the whole love making all about himself without considering Maria’s satisfaction or feelings too.

    Maria felt empty while Josh felt satisfied and filled up. She tried to console herself with the thought that doctors are always giving life to people, so maybe it wouldn’t be bad if they received more than their partners in love making. That night wasn’t the best of nights for Maria, but she just had to let it go and force herself to sleep.

    The next day, Maria had a make-up appointment with a client so she had to leave earlier. She figured Josh wasn’t dressing up to leave for work too, so she felt he was in the afternoon or night shift.

    As she was about leaving, she felt Josh would drop her off but that was not the case. “Baby, I would have dropped you off but I don’t think I have fuel in my car” he explained, “It’s all good, you don’t have to bother, I’ll order an Uber” she said.

    The Uber arrived in no time and Maria boarded to leave. “I’ll call you later in the day, driver please drive safely” Josh said and bid Maria goodbye.

    While on her way home, she kept thinking of why Josh didn’t even suggest to pay for her fare home. “Nawa oh! This guy might just be stingy though, why hasn’t he done anything nice for me since we met?” Maria wondered, “Anyway, he’s rich and might just be testing me” she thought, just so she could console herself. In no time, she arrived home, quickly prepared and headed out for work.

    While all this was going on, Nathan was busy preparing for his next presentation at the government house. He researched and studied 3 times harder than before. This was his final chance to sell his idea, so he wasn’t joking around with his preparation.

    The scheduled day for his last appointment came and Nathan first began the day with his knees on the ground. He prayed to God and asked God to take the wheel. Nathan poured his heart out in prayer and told God to remember him for good that day.

    After praying, he proceeded to put on his only suit he spent hours ironing. In no time, he was done dressing. He packed his presentation materials and headed to the government house.

    Nathan arrived four hours earlier before the appointed time and was seated at the reception. The time finally came and Nathan went into the conference room like a man with one life remaining. He did the final presentation and was made to wait at the reception while the panel made their final decision.

    While Nathan waited, his hands kept shaking as he prayed silently. His heart was hanging and didn’t want to come down. Nathan was anxious, tensed and nervous of what the outcome would be. He prayed over again and handed everything in God’s hands.

    After about an hour, a lady walked up to Nathan and beckoned on him to follow her. He followed her back to the conference room and the panel told him to sit down. “We have taken a final look at your proposal and it doesn’t look 100 percent convincing, but however, we have decided to give you a chance to prove to us all you have said so far. I thereby, approve the funds for this project to be started with immediate effect. Congratulations Nathan!” One of the panelist said.

    Nathan almost dropped dead and screamed “What!”

    End of episode 5 😉

    #50221 Reply

    *** A LITTLE TOO LATE ***

    There’s no bitter regret than that of “Had I known”. It’s sad that so many people still make the mistake of judging a person’s future by their present situation. If only our eyes could see the future then so many regrets would be contained, but I guess God limited us in that aspect so our decisions regarding important issues of life such as whom to love, would come from a genuine heart.

    If only Maria looked beyond Nathan’s present situation and accepted him for the hardworking man that he was, then I believe she would have gotten the lifestyle of comfort she always dreamed of and also have a man that would have adored her till the very end of time.

    It’s so sad she let her money conscious side get the better part of her. Maria was in for a shocker but hadn’t realised yet because Nathan’s new found success was still unknown to her.

    On hearing the panelist approval of Nathan’s project, he couldn’t contain his joy so he screamed. “This isn’t happening, thank you sir! Thank you so much sir, I promise to never let you down” Nathan excitedly said as he went around shaking everyone that was present. They could see how grateful and happy he was and hoped he delivered well on his newly assigned contract.

    The necessary documents and contract were signed immediately. A date was given to him for commencement of the project. Nathan left the government house still in stock as he couldn’t believe all that happened back inside. He screamed, jumped and ran as joy overflowed from his heart.

    Immediately Nathan arrived home, he knelt down in his one room apartment and started crying. “Thank you Lord, I can’t thank you enough. I’m so grateful and humbled by your favour and grace in my life, thank you Lord” He managed to say as tears of joy dripped from his eyes.

    Nathan couldn’t even eat that night because he was still in shock. “So it’s finally over? Thank you Lord” he kept saying as he laid on his bed staring at the signed contract with the government officials. He called his parents and siblings to break the good news to them. “We have finally made it, everything is going to be alright from today henceforth. I’m glad you never lost faith in me, I promise to give you all the life you deserve” he said to them.

    Everyone was genuinely happy and danced for joy all day long. They had suffered for far too long but things were about to change for the best. Due to the different emotions Nathan was feeling that night, it made it difficult for him to sleep. He wanted to call Maria to break the good news to her, but felt it wasn’t necessary because they weren’t so close anymore.

    As Nathan was now a potential rich man, Maria was still stuck on her fairy tale happy ending with Josh. When Maria returned from her make-up appointment that day, she realised Josh hadn’t called her yet. She decided not to call first so as not to look too desperate.

    At around passed 7pm, Josh called but before she could pick the call, it ended. “Did he just flash me? Because my phone rings longer than this before it cuts” Maria wondered as she waited for him to call again.

    After waiting for few minutes with no call from Josh, Maria decided to call him back. “Hey babe, how are you doing?” Josh greeted, “I’m fine and you?” Maria replied and Josh said “Good”. “I called earlier but you didn’t pick up so I felt you were busy” he added, “I actually thought you flashed me, so sorry I wasn’t with my phone” she replied, “Me? Flash you? Never!” He lied but Maria told him to ignore what she said earlier.

    They talked for a little while and ended the call afterwards. Maria laid on her bed with more questions in her head, than answers. She felt so empty with Josh and didn’t know exactly why. Maybe it was God’s way of telling her that she was headed towards a drastic end, but I guess she ignored her instincts.

    Days turned into weeks and Maria was still hanging on with her supposed rich doctor partner. So many things weren’t adding up with Josh but she always consoled herself that everything was alright, “after all, he has a huge house and he’s a doctor” she usually said to herself.

    On the other hand, Nathan had already started work and was doing tremendously great at his newly assigned contract. The government officials that approved the contract were marveled and impressed at how well the project was going.

    In a short while, Nathan was assigned some security officials to guide him because he was now a national treasure. Nathan succeeded in reducing the poverty rate in his state by the success of his project. He became the people’s person, as everyone loved the dedication and compassion he put Into making their lives better.

    Life became extremely fulfilling and great for Nathan. He moved out from his one room apartment and now lived in a location meant for the elites only. Nathan gave back a portion of his wealth to the less privileged because he knew how if felt to have nothing.

    As Maria had lots of questions in her head as to why Josh hadn’t spent a dime on her since they met, Nathan was busy giving back to so many people. Maria was still unaware of Nathan’s new found wealth till one fateful day.

    On that day, she went shopping and was on her way home but couldn’t find any taxi to take her home. Maria stood on the main road for almost an hour without seeing any car going towards her direction. She didn’t have enough money to take an Uber, so she had to wait for a commercial taxi.

    Unknowingly to her, Nathan’s driver followed through that route in order to beat traffic because Nathan had an important meeting to attend. As she stood there helplessly, Nathan looked through his tinted window and saw her standing there. At first, he thought she wasn’t the one but looked well only to be fully convinced that she was the one.

    “Isn’t that Maria? What’s she doing at the road side in this hot sun” Nathan wondered, “Driver stop the car when you get to where that lady is standing, I know her” he said to his driver.

    They finally got closer and Nathan wind down his car window and said “Hey Mimi”. Maria was shocked to the brim and her heart skipped several beats, chocking her breath.

    She stood there lost in thoughts and shockingly said “Nathan, is that you?”


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