Fire and ice episode episode 2

(The prophecy)

💜By Andra💜

📚Chapter two📚

>>>>>>>>>Ariana’s Pov<<<<<<<<< {Later in the afternoon} 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' I heard Bri screamed before hearing footsteps stomping down the stairs. 'Ariana did you fucking use my shampoo?' She asked angrily 'I didn't, why would I?... You know I don't like Apple and your shampoo smells Apple-ish and I have mine so why asking me?' I said plainly my eyes still glued on the TV 'Winter it was me who mistakenly poured your shampoo... I'm very sorry' I looked back and saw Liam head faced down Briana just smiled and patted his head and walked away, told ya she hardly talks, laugh or even express emotions Why did Dad even name her Winter? I once asked my father about it >>>>>>>>>>Flashback<<<<<<<<<<<< 'Winter you should be more considerate' Dad said angrily after Winter killed my pet I named Yeon tan 'Dad! The thing is annoying' she said coldly 'Will you just keep shut! How cold are you? Huh? What is wrong with you?' I ranted but she walked away 'Dad why is she like that?' I cried 'Its okay baby, you know she is going through a hard time' 'I think it's because of her name? Why did you name her Winter and I Ariana?' 'Actually your mom gave you that name... Cause as I know, when you were born, you had this hot and fierce aura around u while Winter had the opposite and it is said that you guys must stay together at all cost cause you both heal each other spiritually' he said though I didn't understand that >>>>>>>>>>End of flashback<<<<<<<<<<< I was snapped out of my thoughts when Liam changed the channel 'Hey doofus I was watching that l!' 'Will I wanna watch another channel so you have to watch it with me or go to your room' Stupid boy always so rude to me but sweet to Briana. I went upstairs to sleep since Liam ruined my afternoon {Monday morning} Liam's Pov I woke up from bed quite early cause I was super excited about my new school. I brushed my teeth and went to the twins rooms to wake them up. Ewwww purple she is crazy about BTS that's why her room is painted purple and with BTS posters and portrait and worse she even has their pillow. 'Summer!!!!!' I screamed and she fell off her bed 'What the butt!!! Liam what is your problem?' she said fuming she really looks terrible when angry . Just then her puppy waltzed in, 'Yeon tan Good morning baby Tannie , how was your night?' she said to a dog Least I forget she has a dog she named Yeon tan after Winter killed the first one accidentally, I'll kill this one 'Do you wanna be late for school?' I asked after everything she was doing was starting to irk me 'Oh I forgot.... Yeon tan...Eomma has to go to school, I feel sad leaving you too, just wait for me and make sure to stay away from Winter's room hmm? Now go to your attic' she told the dog and he ran out after licking her face ewwww 'And you next time you wake me up with a gramophone I'll roast you and Feed you to Tannie' she threatened and walked to the bathroom I just walked out smiling to Winter's room but she was already awake 'She should learn to knock Liam' she said coldly 'Yea I'm sorry' I apologized You must be wondering why I call them by their middle names and why I'm more nice to Winter. Well 1 Calling their first names is confusing 2 I just feel connected to her Briana's Pov We were eating at the dining and also waiting for dad. Just then he walked in 'Good morning dad' we chorused 'are you done?' he asked 'Yup' Liam popped 'Your books?' 'Oh I forgot' Summer said and ran upstairs 'Always forgetting things' Liam said with an eye roll I followed her upstairs and called her 'Summer can I talk to you?' I asked said 'Yea what's up?' 'Do you really think mom is happy where she is?' I asked 'Hey shouldn't she be? She left is for a richer man and she is living comfortably so it would be better if she just doesn't come back' Summer said with a hiss and anger all over her face 'Why did you ask anyways?' she asked 'I actually have a feeling like she was trying to communicate with me somehow and I saw her in my dream yesterday' I said 'Look Bri it's all a nightmare, forget about it' She said looking away Ariana's Pov This was strange I have also been seeing my mom my dream and I feel like she was trying to tell me something but I just wanted the feeling off. At last we arrived at school and man is the school big? No!! It's madly huge!! Don't tell me to describe but it's magnificent 'Bye Dad' we waved 'Okay now how to find our classes' I said holding my chin but I turned and couldn't find Liam and Brianna 'REALLY???!!!!' I facepalmed myself TBC!!! 🎁 🎁 🎁 Seems like the school would be where trouble starts Hope you love this episode Kamsamida😚

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