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Fire and ice episode 8

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Fire and ice episode 8 by : 6:38 am On June 22, 2021
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👍👍 like before reading 👍👍

(The prophecy)

Episode Eight

Daniel’s Pov
The twins have been unconscious for 48 hours now and if not for Winter, our whole house would have been burnt down.

Liam is still in shock about what happened but I think it’s time I told them everything about their birth, mother and powers. I looked over to them, they were still sleeping soundly and I wished we had a normal life like everyone else… I just noticed that Summer’s hair which was actually red, was now very bright and Winter’s Caramel hair was very white, I wonder how they would feel when they wake up

“Dad you better tell us everything immediately the twins wake up, okay?” Liam said crying

“I promise baby”

Marcus’s Pov
“Marcus, Marcus” I kept hearing that echo in my sleep as I slumped out of bed. I felt fear immediately, I ran back to my bed then dragged my duvet and roared “NO!!!!”

I ran to the living room and saw Ethan and Aiden playing video games
“Will you stop what you are are going”
They flinched and stood up

“Are you guys not feeling any pain?”
“No dad, we feel great”

“The twins have their powers now and it won’t be too long before they come for me” I panicked

“Dad you will be ……” Aiden trailed off as I heard a bone snap and he screamed and soon all his bone started snapping,he fell through the floor and fully transformed to a NYCLX. Ethan’s own started and he soon transformed but that wasn’t what I was looking for

“You both are normal NYCLX, where is the golden NYCLX?” I grunted as they whimpered and I dashed out of the room. They both took her mother’s powers more, none of them took my powers.

Ariana’s Pov
I grunted as I felt a sharp pain in my head as I recollected everything that happened, I looked at my hand but they were okay. I looked over to my side and saw Winter, she was also getting awake


the heck happened?” She asked
Soon my dad came inside with Liam

“Dad what happened?” I asked him

“Well I think it’s time to tell you everything”

>>>>>>>>Flashback<<<<<<<<< "Flora I don't wanna eat sandwich" I whined "But the twins want to eat sandwich, right?" "Yea mammy" Ariana whined "What abt you Winter?" "I don't know" she said coldly Just then we heard a loud thud at the ceiling and both shared a knowing look as Flora took the twins and baby spring and dumped them in the basement. "Daniel there is a passage leading to the outside through the basement, take the kids and run far away" "But I can't leave you alone" "He is here for me please take of my children and one more thing, change their names, okay?" "Why don't you name them your self" "I'll go with Ariana, Brianna and Liam" "Do you have to go?" "We don't have much time, if he catches you, he will kill you all, please leave" She cried as she klzzed me and let go of my hand and started moving backwards, she waved her hands and chanted a spell and we disappeared. That was the last time i ever saw her but I have hope that she was still alive >>>>>>>>>End of flashback<<<<<<<<<<< "So mom actually sacrificed herself for us" I cried but Winter was just staring at the wall expressionless "Who are you?" She said and we all looked at her and I traced her eyes and saw a shimmer of light, like there are people there watching us "I said who are you" she said again and two figures came out "Jena, Sapphire?" We gasped and they smiled Jena's eyes which were originally silver were gold and Sapphire's eyes were darker blue. "My Lordships" Jena said and now "Okay what's going on?" I said "I'm Sapphire, the legendary Dragon sent to protect you and this is Jenna, The Golden NYCLX also sent to protect you" Sapphire said "If you mean NYCLX, then that means...." "Yes Marcus is my father" Jena said and we gasped again TBC!!!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 😱😱 Big shocko In the other episode, people were saying how did Brianna know she had powers? The thing is she didn't know cause the power In was controlling her to heal her sister😊😊

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