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Fire and ice episode 6 – 7

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Fire and ice episode 6 – 7 by : 5:00 am On June 22, 2021
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(The prophecy)

💜💜 By Andra 💜💜

Episode six

Ethan’s Pov
“Father, you called for us” I said

“The prophecy is drawing closer and closer, we need to find those twins and kill them”

“But father we have searched every nook and cranny that needs to be searched but we can’t find them, maybe its just your fear eating deep into you” Aiden said nonchalantly

“I know what I’m saying… So just keep shut!” He roared and could swear the foundation of the house shook

Let me tell you a story

My father isn’t an ordinary man, he is actually the most powerful supernatural creature called the NYCLX and being the last of their kind, he had so much power and was born in lava kingdom which was ruled by Queen Malestra who had a daughter whose name was Fylour who had equal powers with dad or let me say more powerful.
Queen Malestra and her family were called OBYRICS and were very powerful, had the power of lights. An arranged marriage was set for Fylour and my father Marcus but everything changed when Fylour went to earth to take care of something but instead fell in love with a human, because of him, she eloped Lava and went with the human and changed her name to Flora

Marcus was furious and threatened to find and make her and her family’s life miserable so Marcus got married to Lyla who was a Moon priestess and gave birth to Aiden and I before she went to the after life.
We came to earth and lived like humans for years, Dad fulfilled his threat and made life miserable for Fylour but that was after she gave birth to her third child.
Immediately after she was pregnant with the twins, Marcus came to kill them but the black magic he used consumed him and she used that as an advantage and used her light to trap him in the underworld but he came back after her third child was birthed and tried to kill them but Fylour used all her powers to protect them so instead of killing her, he took her with him.
The prophecy states that Fylour children would cause havoc and destroy Marcus and his generations when their powers starts to manifest.


calm down, we still have time… Aiden and I are 17 so they probably should be 17 too”

“Find them and bring them to me, I’ll make Fylour watch her precious children die by my hands” he laughed

“You can never find them Marcus” Fylour said coming in “They will hunt and kill you” she said and laughed maniacally

“Shut up!” Dad roared and used his power to push her to the wall and supersped to her and held her neck while she struggled
“Don’t test my patience, Fylour” dad said and teleported her to her room

“You have to find those twins!!!” He roared again and disappeared to where I don’t wanna know

Flora’s Pov
Ohh God I really miss my children, I know they are gonna hate me by now but it was all I could do to save them
I really miss mom too, I should have done something about Marcus before leaving the celestial throne and coming to earth… Now my mother is in the underworld and there is no way to bring her back with Marcus’s dark magic, it’s almost impossible to beat him

I just hope my twins wins this war… I hugged my knees as I cried and the rain fell heavily and making my loud cry unheard and that was reliving… I cried myself to sleep.

Daniel Pov
Through out the night, I have been thinking about my wife, I miss her so much. I just hope this ends soon
I want my family back

“I miss you so much” I whisper as the rain fell hard

👍👍 Like before reading 👍👍

(The prophecy)

💜💜By Andra💜💜

Chapter Seven

Briana’s Pov
It was the weekend already and we were preparing to go to Sapphire’s place and she was coming to take us there. I already packed my clothes and everything and I was bored in my room so I went to Summer’s room to see what she was doing.

“Shining through the city
With a little funk and soul
So i’mma light it up like
DYNAMITE woah oh oh”

She sang loudly and dancing to BTS Dynamite with her lavender headphone on her head, she tried dancing to it but she fell and saw me then quickly composed herself
“Winter you scared me” she said after removing her headphone


I was watching you dance like a lunatic”

“Tch! What are you doing here? Do you wanna help me?”

“No way I…….” I trailed off when I saw her bag “Sums we are spending just the weekend not the whole Summer holiday”

“I packed just four pairs of jeans and four shirts, the rest are BTS stuffs” she said grinning and I palm-slapped my face

“And Yeon tan stuffs are there too”

“Argh! She is going with?” I asked just as the stupid dog waltzed in

“Just keep her away from me” I said and walked out

Minutes later Ariana came down with her luggage and Yeon tan barking along.

“Where is Liam? Sapphire is almost here”
“I’m here” Liam said coming

Ariana’s luggage fell from her hand and Yeon tan started wiggling her tail, I looked towards Liam and almost fell from my seat. If he wasn’t in the house with us I wouldn’t have known that he was my brother… Liam changed drastically, did he grown more manly overnight?

“What’s up with you girls?”
Wow his voice sounds more matured

We heard the car horn outside and ran outside

“Yo people” Jena screamed
“I thought Sapphire was the one coming”

“Yea but she had to take care of something at her late dad’s company, so I’ll take you guys home”

“Okay let’s go, dad left for work quite early”

“Is that Limpoopoo?” She asked shocked as we were

“Wow not that cool” she sneered and Liam eyed her

We drove to the house. Wow the house is beautiful, the garden was filled with beautiful flowers and getting inside, the interior was Gold and White. It was so beautiful

“Jena!!!!! Where were you?” A little girl screamed coming down the stairs

“It’s none of your business Savannah” Jena shrugged

“Who are you guys?” She asked us
“That too is none of your business Vana” Jena said again and pulled us into a room

“I’m sorry that was my little sister, you guys should arrange your clothes and shower or whatever while I go play Tannie” she said as she carried Tannie away

“Bed! Bed!! Bed!!!” Liam jumped on the bed and he bounced
After eating and playing video games with Jena, Sapphire came in

“Hey guys I’m sorry but I had to take care of something”
“It’s okay but you look tired” I said

“Yea I’ll go shower and come down quickly”

After 30 minutes she came down and Liam was already asleep by then
“Vana baby won’t you go sleep?” Sapphire told Jena’s sister

“I’m not sleepy yet and Jena and I made a bet”
“What bet?”
“First to go to sleep”

“Ohhhh ohk good luck”
“So guys what should we do?”

“Where were you coming from?” I asked
“My dad’s company”

“I thought Jena’s dad was your dad”

“Actually he is my uncle, my dad died two years ago leaving a fortune for me but Jena’s dad has been taking care of the company for till I was ready and I am now so I just went to check it out and I must say it’s very stressful” she laughed

Suddenly Jena screamed
“Vana! I won! In your scrawny face!” She giggled

“I’ll go tell dad! Daddddddyyyyy!”
“Have forgotten that dad went on a date with mom so they will be back tomorrow” she winked

“What? No one told me!!!!” She screamed
Oh God she is loud
“Vana ignore Jena, come on go up to your room” Sapphire said

“Won’t this sleeping beauty go with me?” She asked referring to Liam
“He will sleep In another room”
“Okay good night Sapphire, good night twins,good night Tannie and go die Jena” she said and ran upstairs

“I’ll kill you first bitch!”

“Come on guys time to sleep” I said cause I was feeling sleepy

“I wanna eat cake, pls whose birthday is close?” Jena said

“Ours” Ariana and I chorused

“Wow when?”
“In four days time” I giggled for the first time this year

“Yay!!! Cake time!!”
“Liam wake up, let’s go inside” I tapped him

“Yea wake up butthead” Jena said and we all looked at her

“Whaaattt? I didn’t get to insult him today” she whined
And we all laughed



Watch out!!😋😋

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