Fire and ice episode 4

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(The prophecy)

πŸ’œπŸ’œBy AndraπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Episode four

Briana’s Pov
After eating, we went to class but the twins weren’t in this class maybe they are in their class

After school we went to the car park
“Where is Dad?” Ariana groaned

“He said he was gonna be here before we close” she whined again

“Where is Liam?” I asked

“I’m here” he said almost immediately

“So you guys don’t have a ride?” Sapphire asked

“Well Dad was supposed to come pick us up but I’ll call him” Ariana said looking for her phone in her bag

“You should have thought of that before whining” Liam said and Summer glared at him

“OMG! Is that your brother?”Sapphire asked

“Yup he is Liam” Summer said

“Wow he is so cute” She cooed but Liam rolled his eyes

“Ignore him” Summer whispered

πŸ“± Hi Dad, why aren’t you here yet?…… Okay so….. Got it..

“Dad said he was gonna stay late at work so he is gonna send the city map and some money into our account” Summer said and I groaned and Liam frowned

“Since you guys have no ride, we can take you” Sapphire said again


“Me I meant”

“Where is Jena anyways?” I asked

“I’m here! I’m here!!” She shouted running towards us

“Why did you take so long in the toilet?” Sapphire asked

“I think eating Vanilla chocolated cake is a bad idea” she groaned holding her tummy

“Told you not to eat so much sugar”

“I’m taking Ariana and Brianna home, wanna come along?”

“I’ll take my car, I have to check something along the way”

Sapphire pressed the car key button but we didn’t see any car
“Where is the car?”

“Oh there is it”
We all turn and saw a blue car driving towards us automatically and the car was super sweet and I felt my mouth path way slightly but I’m sure Ariana’s and Liam mouth were agape

“Where did that car come from and why is it so awesome?” Liam rushed

“It’s actually kept in a different car park where Aiden and Ethan’s cars a kept cause are also shareholders of the school so we own part of the school and you shouldn’t be shocked, wait and see Jena’s” Sapphire chuckled and oh boy should I say I’m surprised

“So how many of you own the school?”

“Five… Jena, me, Ethan, Aiden and Leena but Leena went to Asia for her modeling job so she is schooling in Asia”

We heard a loud horn and a car almost hit us, we ran and looked who was driving and Jena came down… When did she leave us and is that her car?

She came down from the gold Jaguar, and winked at us

“Can we go now, I’ll drive Brianna and who is her?” She said after she sighted Liam

“It’s a he” Liam said sardonically

“But you look like a chocolate ice cream jar”

“And you look like a golden rain spaghetti”

“Your head looks like a space rocket”

“Your legs looks like the hallway broom”

“Oh come on are you gonna fight with a kid now!” Sapphire said

“Stay out of this!” They both chorused “And I’m not a kid” Liam eyed

“Let’s go home” I whined

“Okay” Jena said but not with giving Liam the ‘I’m not done with you’ look

We drove home and the ride was mad cause they were both driving like they were being chased

Ethan’s Pov
After the noisy girls left, I started wondering Aiden was right. Red hair actually looks like Flora

We drove home and found Dad angry and throwing stuffs
“Father what’s wrong?” Aiden asked

“The prophecy is coming true” he said

“Dad you have to calm down” I said

“The prophecy about Flora’s daughter is coming true and you are telling me to calm down”

“Dad I thought you said you don’t believe the seer who said so”

“I can feel it, it’s close”

Ariana’s Pov
We got inside the house and Jena went to the sofa and bounced on it

“Gosh I’m exhausted”

“Do you guys want a drink?” I asked

“Yea which one do you have?” Sapphire asked as Brianna went upstairs with her bag
“I’ll be back” she said and Liam jogged after her

Just then Yeon tan barked
“Tannie awwwn I missed you too”

“Is that your dog?” Jena asked

“Yea her name is Yeon tan”

“Hi tannie nice to meet you” Jena squealed and started playing with Tannie

“Please what drink do you have Sums” Sapphire asked again

“Hmm Mango juice and water”

“Jena is allergic to mangoes, just bring water I’m thirsty”

A phone started ringing,
“Jena here it’s your dad” Sapphire gave her

“Hey sperm donor” She squealed
“Jenny how many times have told you not to call me that?” I heard her dad say from the phone

“If you stop calling me Jenny, I will try to stop”
“But that’s your name”
“No my name is Savannah”

“That’s your kid sister’s name” she whined

“Then I won’t talk to you again” she said and threw the phone on the floor and it cracked

“Jena you just bought that phone yesterday” Sapphire said picking the phone

“Hello uncle…. Yea we went to a friend’s… Yea see you soon” she said and ended the call

“We have to go home Jena”
“But I’m playing with Tannie” she cried

“You would see her tomorrow”


“Guys we will see you in school tomorrow”

“Bye Tannie, bye Ariana bye Brianna and bye limiano” she sneered when she got to Liam’s name

“Yea bye sissy” Liam said but I dragged him inside before another fight starts




Seems like Liam and Jena don’t get along
Hope you love it

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