Fire and ice episode 11 – finale

(The prophecy)

Chapter Eleven

Ariana’s Pov
“Liam!!!” We all screamed as I slumped to the ground. Winter ran to Ethan and held him by his collar

“So this is your plan, huh?”

“I know nothing about this, I swear”

Winter pushed away and started crying hard. That’s new… “Mom what do we do?”

“Ethan do you have any idea where he could have gone to?” Jena asked

“I don’t”

“I tried reading his mind but he blocked me out” Mom said caressing dad

“I can read his mind” Ethan said

“And why couldn’t i?”

“We can block you but he can’t block me, I let you read mine so you know I mean no harm”

“Where do you think he is going?”

“The altar of gods”

“What? Why?” Mom sprunged up

“I don’t know”

“He is going to resurrect your father” Sapphire said “He is trading Liam’s life for your Father’s”

“We have to go there now”

Sapphire transformed into a big blue dragon and howled, while Sapphire transformed into her golden NYCLX and Ethan also transformed and mom created a portal and we went in.

“Mom aren’t you coming with?” I asked

“I have to take care of your father, please bring my Liam back”

“I promise” I said and jumped into the portal and it closed
We arrived and saw Liam lying still on a rock with Aiden chanting a spell and knife up high. He stabbed Liam as Winter and I felt sharp pain in us and we fell down. I couldn’t cry cause I promised Mom I’ll bring Liam back home safely but I couldn’t fulfill it.

The End

I was joking joor

As soon as he stabbed Liam, Winter froze him and pushed him to the wall as I ran to meet Liam,

“Anyone has any healing power? Pls!!!”

“Summer he has to heal himself”

“How would he do that?”

“His name is Spring, he just need your help”

Winter came and we held both his hands and waited hopefully for his healing
Soon we heard sounds of twirling and we opened our eyes and saw tornado around us
“Ohhhh shit is Marcus awake?”

Liam coughed and opened his eyes and it was dust like colour

“Liam are you okay?”

He smiled and hugged us both, soon the twirling died down

“Unfortunately Limpopo is alive” Jena said sardonically

“I missed you too” Liam said and they laughed

“Ummmm guys you are forgetting something”

“Ohh yea I’ll kill Aiden” Winter said walking to Him

” Please don’t” Ethan pleaded

“Okay kill him yourself” she hissed

Ethan Pov
“Are you okay?” I asked Aiden while he cried

“I just realized dad has been using us, he doesn’t love us”

“Yea me too and I’m glad you realised quickly”

“I’m sorry”

“I still hate you tho” Winter hissed

We all walked out of the altar and the sun seem brighter today

“Our birthday was wacked this year” Summer said and the chuckled

“So this is where we part ways” I said

“So what are you going to do?”

“We are going back to the celestial world”

“I won’t miss you” winter eyed and walked away

“Okay bye”


Jena’s Pov
We got to the twins home and they all reunited

“Our job here is done, we have to go back” I said


“I have to go with my brothers and Sapphire has to go back, she can’t stay in the human world any longer but I promise you, we will visit”

“Please do” summer cried as they hugged us

“Finally trouble is going away” Liam said and I smiled and knocked his head

I created a portal leading to the celestial world and I took a last look at them before we jumped in.


(The prophecy)

>>>>>>>>Epilogue<<<<<<<< After Jena and Sapphire left, Winter was called by a modeling company to go to Dubai to start as a model so she had to Squeeze time for school and work and family. Summer became an writer and her write up went round the world, Liam represented Jena in school by creating more auto robots, and did I forget to had.... Flora and Daniel are expecting a baby again Though Jena do visit, and stay for a day. They still do miss them so much ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ I'm sorry this story wasn't that long but I promise you, my next story will be longer and every chapter would be longer.

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