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Fire and ice episode 1

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Fire and ice episode 1 by : 4:54 am On June 22, 2021
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(The prophecy)

💜By Andra💜

>>>>>>>>>Epilogue<<<<<<<<< "Mom I can't get married to Marcus, I only love Daniel, you can't force me to" Fylour said "Fylour you have to get married to the last Nyclx as tradition states... You can't run away from that" The queen said "It's none of my business" "Fylour! You are the guardian of the sun and getting married to a human is forbidden... Are you going to risk the whole kingdom for your selfish reasons?!" "You call my love selfish? Ohhh really I'm going to earth and there is nothing you can do about it mother" She said and waved her hands and a flame of fire appeared in a circle. She looked back one last time before jumping into the circle Queen Malestra was so shocked about what her daughter did. Just then Marcus came clapping his hands "You think you can keep your daughter away from me? How dare she choose a human over me? She will pay for this" he said maniacally "Don't dare talk about my daughter like that" The Queen said trying to strike Marcus but blocked it with a shield "Black magic" The Queen muttered "Yes now you shouldn't be Queen anymore cause I am now more powerful with the black magic and I promise you, I'll make your daughter's life miserable" He smirked "Guards take her away" "No! No! Marcus!" The Queen screamed as they took her away 🔥 FIRE AND ICE ❄️ (The prophecy) 📑 Chapter one 📑 💜 By Andra💜 >>>>>>>Arianna’s Pov<<<<<<< 'Get up from bed, you lazy ass!' I heard my twin sister scream. 'Let me sleep more Brianna' I said sleepily. I thought she had finally left when I heard the door squeak, but I felt a splash of water on my face. 'WTF! Brianna what is wrong with you?!' I ranted angrily 'Dad said you should go take your bath, it's ten in the morning' 'And so?' 'Alright I'll just go tell Dad that you don't wanna get up' She threatened 'Okay I'm up' I got up and ran to the bathroom Sorry! Pardon me, My names are Arianna Summer Carlisle, I'm 17 and that was my twin sister Brianna Winter Carlisle. Though we look very much alike, the only difference was our hair and eye colour and just like her middle name, she is as cold as Winter, hardly speaks or laugh. I got downstairs and all eyes were on me 'What?!' I drawled 'What are you wearing?' My dad asked I looked at myself, I was putting on an Orange gown and a yellow leggings which with my red hair and blue eyed made me look like a clown 'Your dress sense is weird' Bri said 'I know right, makes me feel special' 'No it makes you stupid, at least it's better than her yucky lavender and purple coloured room' Liam said irritatingly Sorry! Liam is my younger brother, he Is just like Dad, they both have the same jet hair but Liam has blue eyes like mine and mom's Just that my hair is a bit different, I was born with a red hair like a flaming fire while Brianna was born with a white hair but she usually dyes it to caramel colour and she has emerald eyes. Though she usually dyes it every day because strangely dyes pulls off our hair after 24 hours, I dyed my hair once but before the next day, it was all gone so I didn't bother anymore, I just left it like that. I actually got a lot from my mother my voice, statue and eye colour and I hate it. I just hate that woman, she left us for money and left dad to cater for us at a very young age. Every night, dad literally cries in his room and I hate the fact that he still loved that witch. Enough of the witch. 'Mr Liam Spring Carlisle, I won't have you talk to me like that' I said hip cocked 'i'll talk to you anyhow I want Summer so just sit down' he said not giving me a glance Liam might be cute but he is very rude and he is 15 'Dad!!!' 'Just sit down and eat your food, you are creating a fuss over nothing' Dad said 'What?! Not you too dad!' 'I'm almost late for work and I have to choose a school for you guys' Dad said and I quickly sat down 'So Liam, which school?' dad asked him 'Dad I'm the oldest here' I said huffing 'But Liam is my cupcake right Liam' and the crazy boy nodded 'I want Starlight Academy' he said and I squealed and twirled and klzzed his cheek 'heyy get away from me, you deranged human' he said irritatingly Unlike before I would be annoyed and we would be arguing by now but Starlight Academy is a school I'll love to go to, I love absolutely everything about that school and Dad always listen to Liam so I'm sure I'll let us go to the school 'What about you Brianna?' she said and continued eating. She doesn't speak much but when she does, she speaks curses! I repeat curses!! 'So Starlight it is! I'll go for the registration and payment tomorrow and you can start school on Monday' he said and went upstairs to get ready for work Wondering why we need a new school? Well we just moved to New Zealand two days ago. TBC!! 🎁 🎁 🎁 I'll try to make the story hilarious What do you think?☺️

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Fire and ice episode 11 – finale / Fire and ice episode 9 – 10 / Fire and ice episode 8 / Fire and ice episode 6 – 7 / Fire and ice episode 5 /

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