Famous episode 3

Episode 3
Mummy quickly noticed the missing money,I was watching a movie when she barged in.
“Who took my money??” She asked angrily
I knew if I lie,it will definitely complicate things,so I braced myself for the worst.
“I took it” I said calmly
“So my daughter is now a thief,very soon,you will turn to armed robber,mo gbe,is this what you learnt in church?? Yet you will go to church and start singing,da mi lohun na” mummy spat out angrily
“It’s not like that,I can explain” I said sadly
“Explain what?? Oya tell me,what you used the money for??” Mummy asked
“I used it to register for the upcoming contest they advertise that day” I explained
“See you life,I told you there are lines not to cross,didn’t I?? Your quest for fame is making you indulge in sin abi? Ranti omo eni ti on se,I’m disappointed in you” mummy retorted
“I’m sorry,I wanted to ask you but I thought you won’t give me,mummy,I’m so sorry,it won’t happen again” I explained with my teary voice
“Mummy gave me a lot of advice,at a time,I thought I was going to die,she kept advising me for some minutes
Finally,she said”don’t do that again,if you need something,just ask and I will give it to you”
I heaved a sigh of relief,I quickly rushed to my room and sleep.
The competition will hold three-days time,but first,I need to snap six high quality professional pix that they demanded for.
When I got to the nearby studio,I told them my mission,they charged me and I gladly pay,then they told me to follow a young lady,to a room,I gladly did.
When we got to that room,the young lady started applying different powder on my face,the concealer,the foundation,eye shadows,and they even scrapped my natural eyebrows,thereby using eye-encil to curved out the line.
When,I look at myself in the mirror,I was like,bunmi,is this really you??
So,we left the room and we went to the main studio room,I snapped six quality pictures,and I instantly send them via e-mail to the organisers of the event and they sent a verification code to me.
**the d-day**
So,I left the house excitedly,with my hopes high,my instincts told me,I will be crowned or so I thought.
When I got to the main venue,the gateman asked for my verification number,I quickly gave him and I was granted entrance.
When I entered the hall,I saw some girls,they should be up to 15,if I’m not mistaken,the most commonest features among them is beauty,d–n those girls are foine,I was lost in thought when a rich baritone snapped me to reality
“Hello,young lady,are you here for the contest?” He asked with a wink
“Uhmm,yeah” I mumbled,this time I was the cynosure of eyes,everybody was staring at me.
“Cool,join those girls” he said pointing to them
I walked steadily to meet those girl,many of them were giving me angry stare while majority gave me the you-dont-belong-here look,but what really amused me was the fact that one of the girls giving me that you-dont-belong-here look was actually speaking to herself because,she is plump,with sagged boobs filled with stretchmarks,with her protuding stomach,she shouldn’t try to wear a fitted top again.
I just ignored their stares and mumbled an inaudible “hey” to all of them,I wasn’t expecting a reply,but to my suprise,they replied coyly.
So,a young man walked up to us and addressed us,he told us we will spend two days in their hostage before leaving,and he summed it up saying,we should go change to bikini.
I was suprised because,the bikini stuff wasn’t in their procedure,and I cherish my body,most than anything,because I believe it’s the temple of God that that must not be defiled.
“Excuse me,sir,the bikini wasn’t included in the procedure and I personally can’t expose my body to the world” I said calmly
“Were you forced?? Yes,it’s not in the procedure,but we have to do it,now everybody,go get dressed” the man barked
“Fine,but I will be wearing sport bra and a bumpshort,I can’t go out in bikini” I replied
“Your choice,young lady but it will reduce your point,now get lost” the man said and walked away
I sluggishly walked to the dressing room,the rest of the girls were in their bikini,I just went to a corner and changed to my sport bra and bump short.
“Don’t tell me you are wearing that?? Are you shy that you can’t wear a bikini” a girl asked
“It’s not a matter of being shy,I don’t like exposing my body,plain and simple” I replied
“Oh my God,she has eczeme and rashes all over her body,that is why she can’t expose herself” the plump girl said mockingly
That really annoyed me,and I decided to pay her in her own coin
“Look who is talking,take a look at yourself,you are a wall,please endeavour to cleanse those over-riped stretches,wack hairstyle by the way” I said and left the room
I could hear people cheering me on,but I don’t care,because they do more harm than good.
As expected,the young man who previously addressed us,beckoned on all of us to come. Everybody rushed out,then he gave all of us, a number,mine was nunber 4,so when it was my turn,I catwalked the best way I can,wearing a cute smile.
After everybody has displayed their skills,we all retired to bed,but the plump girl was nowhere to be found,I saw her making calls,but it’s none of my biz
The next morning,everybody woke up,I said a little prayer,and I took my bath,then the make up artist came and turn everyone of us into a goddess.
I wore a blue gown and marched to the hall,after the catwalking,it was time for the question segment
The question they asked me was quite simple “do you think english should be a prerequisite for models?”
“I think english should be compulsory because everybody can’t understand your dialect,and as a model,you need to reach out to a lot of people,and majority don’t understand your dialect” that was my reply
When it was the plump girl’s turn,her question was quite complicated “define beauty”
Her response was “beauty is what you feel inside”
So,after the question segment,we danced a little while we waited for the result
Few minutes,later,they beckoned on us to assembled ourselves,the chief judge walked up to the podium and said ” Officially,you guys are amazing,it was difficult to choose the queen of trust,but we have to it”
So,the judge called the names of the top 5,and suprisingly I made the list.
Then,he announced the winner,I can believed my eyes,the dark,plump and fat girl?? 😮
Many people protested and protested,but the deed was done.
Something tells me that she must have used her body and I concurred with that,cos that girl doesn’t worth it.
I walked home dejectedly,all my hopes dashed,who wouldn’t be??

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