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Famous episode 2

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Famous episode 2 by : 8:29 pm On October 26, 2020
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Episode 2
When I got home,I felt a burden lifted off my chest,I was relieved,I knew,I will be in for it when my mummy comes back,but oddly enough I’m not scared.
Mummy is not the type that punish children but for her to have given me a slap in the school,it must have really hurt her,but I’ve been keeping that dreams for so long,I need to let it out somehow.
I heard a knock at the door,I knew it’s my mummy,so I quickly opened the door,to avoid the history of my life,one thing I noticed about our nigerian mum,is that they have a degree in nagging,my mummy especially, she could nag for africa,but I still love her.
When I opened the door,I was expecting to see my mummy angry,with bloodshot eyes but instead,I saw her calm wearing the most beautiful smile ever,I was shocked,was she not the woman that slapped me in school? Why is she acting like everything is okay,when I know it’s not?? I thought to myself
“Welcome ma” I greeted politely
“Ba wo ni,dear” she replied gleefully
“Mo wa okay ma” I replied and quickly collected her bags.
I wasn’t feeling comfortable anymore,because I knew sooner or later ,she will bring up ‘that matter’ which I don’t wanna talk about.I quickly used the bag as an excuse to vacate the sitting room.
I quickly dropped her bag in her room and rushed to my room.I picked a novel and started reading,halfway ,my mummy called me and I knew she want to discuss ‘that matter,
[]”I’m here ma” I replied her as I rushed to the sitting room.
“What do you want to become in life” my mummy asked calmly
Truth be told,I don’t have anything else I wanna become in life,I’ve not really think about something else,fame is all I know and really want.
“Mummy,I want to be famous,plain and simple”I replied bracing myself for the worst.
“My dear,there are thousand of people with the same ambition as yours” my mummy replied still calm
“Mum,but there is a different,I’m 180% sure I will be famous,they don’t have that assurance “I said
My mummy smiled and say “fame is not all that good,many famous celebrities are struggling with their marriages,divorce here and there,you really want that”
“Omotola is an exception,she balanced her marriage with her status”
“Really? Her life script is different from yours” mummy countered
“Mum,think about the paparazzi,the way people literally worships celebs is amazing,they are demi_gods” I replied
“Well,I’m not against you being famous,I just want you to know,there are lines,you must not cross”mummy chirped in.
Did she just gave me the go- ahead??
“Mummy,thank you,I won’t disappoint you” I said with great delight as I hugged her tightly.
I knew lizzy is definitely angry with me,those shades I threw at her were uncalled for and harsh,I personally can’t stand such.
I had planned on visiting her when I’m coming back from my dance rehearsal. my jamb exam approaches,and I refused to go for lessons,instead,I registered at a dancing school nearby eventhough my mummy protested heavily,I’m not a good dancer but I’m learning it quick.
When I got to lizzy’s house,I met her cooking in the kitchen with her mummy,I greeted her politely
“Welcome my daughter,your friend is in the backyard” lizzy’s mummy said
I quickly rushed to the backyard and I saw lizzy,she was peeling yam.
“Oh,let me help you” I offered seeing that she was peeling the white inner together with the back
“Thanks,I really need to learn how to cook this day,mummy has been complaining” “lizzy said
Lizzy is the only child of her parent,her father died when she was just three years old,out of respect,her mummy never re-marry,she was a spoilt child,just recently,she started doing some household chores,
“Yeah,I think you probably need that”I said as I finished slicing the yam into pieces,then I rinsed it in a bowl of water nearby “hmm,lizzy,I came to apologise for my outburst yesterday,I’m so sorry and mind you,you aint gonna starve ,okay?
“It’s okay,I didn’t pick offence at all,maybe you were right afterall,I wanna be famous too,I don’t want to go to college anymore,you gon’ help me?” Lizzy asked sternly
How I’m I supposed to convince this girl to go for her law because her life script is different from mine?? I will definitely look like a buzzkill
“Hmm,lizzy,go for your law,that is the best” was all I could say.
It took some minutes before I could convince her,but at the end I was able to convince her. Successfullym
I went back home.
The d-day for jamb came,I quickly scanned through my books,I nearly turned a prayer warrior,I was praying fervently.
So,mummy gave me some money and drove me to my exam centre,when I got to my centre,I saw a lot of people,I instantly make friends with a few of them,when it was time for me to write my exam,I quickly say a short prayer,and I started answering the questions the best way I can.
Few minutes later,I left the hall and submitted my work,coming out,I met some friends,we hugged and exchanged numbers,I left the centre
When I got to the gate,a young lady gave me an hand bill,that I should come to their seminar for youth,I collected the hand bill with the hope that I won’t attend her seminar,but one way or the other,the seminar changed my life for good.
I saw an advert on the television,it has to do with the competition for the next miss trust,they gave a procedure for the competition,instantly,I was delighted,even though it requires some money,but I really don’t care.
I instantly went to my mummy’s drawer and picked #7000,something I’ve not done before,but my crazy quest for fame is making me do some abominable thing.
I rushed to the bank to make the payment,when I got to the bank,the queue is just too much,I knew I can’t stand in the sun for that long,I quickly cat walked to the front,I saw a young guy who was obviously stealing glances at me at interval.
I decided to use that opportunity to make my payment,”hey,how are you doing?” I said with a broad smile
“I’m good ma’am,what are you doing here?” He asked
“What a question?? Is this guy dumb or what?”I said to myself,”I wanna make payment but the queue is too much,and I need to attend to other things asap”
“Oh,let me help you,but you must give me your contact address” he replied
“For his mind now,he don see girl,mtcheew” I said to myself,”no prob,just help me” I said calmly
He collected my deposit slip while I sat down busy with my phone,I could hear whispers everywhere,but who cares.
Few minutes,he came out and gave me my teller,as expected,he asked for my digits,as a sharp girl,I mixed some numbers together and gave him. Good riddance to bad rubbish!!
I quickly rushed to the market to buy cocker el’s feed,their food is almost finished.I took a bike and went back home.

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