Famous episode 1

Episode 1
It was a cool sunday morning,I quickly woke up and say a short prayer to God,i cleaned my room and I moved to the living room where the morning devotion always take place.
My mummy was already there reading the bible,I knelt down politely in the way a yoruba lady should greet elderly ones
“Good morning ma,” I said
“Morning,my daughter,how was your night” My mummy said
“It was fine ma” I replied politely.
The morning devotion lasted for 40minutes,then i said the last prayer and I rushed to my room to get ready for church,How I love going to church!!
I quickly took my bath and creamed my body,I wore my long cinderella gown,a gown that was made for me,because it clogged smartly to me like my second skin.
I was a member of the choir group in the church,but i cant ‘robe’ with them because i was unable to attend their rehearsals during the week.
I rushed out of my room to the parlour and I noticed that my mummy was also set,she was looking good,she wore a green ‘ankara’ with scattered designs,the tailor did justice to the cloth because the style fits her properly and it brings out her shape.
“Mummy,I’m set,let’s go” I said.
We left the house and took a cab to the church.
On getting to the church,I quickly join the youth sunday school class,I stood for five minutes because i was five minutes late,then I took my seat,the sunday school class lasted for 50minutes.
After which the choir sang a few chorus and I danced to my Creator the best way,I can..The pastor said a few prayers and preached about the “the sufficency of God” where he discussed that God is the only one who can supply our daily need.
The pastor made use of the popular verse “ask and it shall be given to you,seek and you shall find,knock and it shall be opened” matt 7:7
After the sermon,the pastor asked us to ask God for one thing we want him to do for us,Everybodyy prayed
I wasnt left behind as i prayed diligently ignoring my neighbours,I asked God “I want to be famous,father,i want to be famous” When the pastor called off the preyer,i was still praying,i was so engrossed in my prayer that i didnt noticed.
When i finally opened my eyes,i realised the whole congregration has been watching me,my mummy gave me that “are you okay” look,but i quickly ignored her.
After the service,we went back home.
We got home and i quickly,entered the kitchen,I checked the timetable and I realised we are eating Semovita and egusi soup,How i hate that food!!
I prepared the food,though I reduced the quantity because i’m sure I wont taste it,I quickly set the dinning table and beckoned on my mummy to come and eat.
She was eating when she asked me whether i wont eat,I lied to her that I will eat mine before going to bed,she said okay.
“Is Tomorrow not your future declaration in school?” she asked.
Future declaration is a custom whereby students will announce to everyone what they want to become in future and their decision will be written down,ten years later,all the students will come together and see if they were able to fulfill their dreams.
“Yes,ma,but tomorrow is also your EGBE OMO’ODUA meeting ” I said so as to discourage my mummy from going with me
“Yes,i know,but It’s 120’clock and yours is ten,so i can make it” my mummy replied
“Mummy,you know, there is go-slow,i dont think you will make it” I said
“Haba,i will definitely make it”
“Mummy,you dont really have to come,it’s nothing important”
“Lailai,I wont be missing in your life,my daughter am coming with you,unless you are expecting your boyfriend” mummy said jokingly
“I dont have a bf,if you really want to come ,fine,but dont be shocked when you realised what i’m up to” I said angrily and went to my room.
“Oniranu,whether you like it or not,i will come and see what you have”
It was a sunny monday,after the morning devotion,i quickly performed my morning routine,I rushed to the bathroom to take my bath,i quickly rubbed my cream.
I ransacked my wardrobe looking for what to wear,i picked my favourite jeans pencil skirt,i wore it with my long-sleeve top,making me look corporate.
I joined my mummy in the parlour,we went to my school together.
I asked my mummy to sit at the back but she refused saying “you dont want me to see you abi? Ko possible” my mummy moved to the very front.
I went to meet my friends,we hugged and chatted about almost everything,my counsellor beckoned on all of us to gathered together because the event is starting immediately
Then our principal walked to the podium,a man of about sixty-five year old,he has this terrible accent that made many believed he spoke through his nose.He is a man with an average height,dark in complexion with a bald head.
“I welcome everyone to this glorious event,shall we rise up for prayers” he said.
Everybody stood up and he said a short prayer followed with a couple of ‘amen’.
He further addressed us about the challenges outside,how we should face this,after a few minutes,he ended the speech and we entered the occasion proper.
“Lizzy omoyemi,tell is what you want to become in life” he said.lizzy got up,she was the head girl
“I want to be lawyer,so help me God” she said and curtseyed.
“Adekanbi olanrewaju,your ambition pls”
“I want to be a medical doctor” larry said
The guidance counsellor was writing our ambition down and dropping them in the decision box
It went on like that with people saying i wanna become a lawyer or a doctor or architect or a biochemist.
When it got to my turn,the principal said “fatoba olubunmi,your ambition pls”
I knew i’ve to drop the shocker,and i was prepared or so i thought,i walked up to the podium “I wanna be famous,because fame is my mistress and partner” i said
The principal looked at me disappointedly” fame is not something to aspire for,i’m disappointed in you,have you no ambition?” he asked.
Heavens knows i hate that man,i would have be the headgirl but he stopped me,saying I’m not punctual,though he gave me the post of a library perfect.
“Why not save the lectures for those who are gonna starve while desperately trying to see what a court looks likes,no offence,lizzy” I replied.
Everybody was dumbstruck,they were looking at me as if i said i wanna kill myself “And everybody can stop their hate because you all wanna be famous,but there is a difference because i’m 100% sure i will be famous,write this down,cos there will be a quiz,i will be famous even if that is the last thing i’m gonna do on earth” i said
The next thing i heard was a resounding slap from my mummy.the type that could reset your destiny

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