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Evergreen episode 7 – finale

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Evergreen episode 7 – finale by : 6:53 pm On June 28, 2020
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Evergreen episode 7
Ofcourse you are, to him you are the only girl
that could live peacefully with him without
judgement.”, He said sounding serious.
He was right, I knew Basheer too well to
predict what was going in his mind even
before he said it out, I could say what mood
he was from the look in his eyes. Afterall we
were like two faces of a coin. Basheer had
once jokingly told me he would be glad if we
married each other when the time comes. I
laughed at this whenever it crossed my mind.
I loved Basheer too much that I wouldn’t care
spending the rest of my life with him but I
never thought of him as a husband.
We arrived the hospital at exactly 12:15 pm,
we walked down the building and up the stairs
to Dr. Imran’s office. We met both my parents
and Basheer’s with him. They were in the
midst of conversation. We greeted them all
and I introduced Adam to them. They all
looked very worried.
“Had he followed us down to The States, none
of these would have been”, Basheer’s dad said
“I always knew he would put himself in trouble
because of this girl but he never listened, now
look what he has done to himself”, he added
looking at me. It was obvious he was really
angry and the way he was looking at me, one
would think I was the one who caused the
“You have to calm down, Alhaji”, his wife said.
“This girl has nothing to do with Basheer’s
sickness, can’t you see how worried she look.
It is affecting her also”, she added.
My parents kept mute but I couldn’t take it
anymore so I went out the office, Adam
followed me.
We went ahead to the ICU , but the nurses
there said we can’t see him as that was the
doctor’s orders. I felt as if am breaking and
my legs could not carry my body any longer
but I managed to sit down on one of the seats
along the corridor. Adam was confused, he
has never seen me in that state so he was not
sure what to do next. Few minutes later, I
composed myself and told him I want to go
We were silent as he drove. I remembered
what has just happened back at the hospital.
Basheer’s dad was right, had he followed
them down to The States, none of these would
have happened. I remembered how a year ago
Basheer had dismissed the idea of going
abroad to his parents. I was in class when he
came, I saw him through the window as he
tried to distract my attention from the lecture,
I gestured to him to go away but from the look
on his face I knew something was wrong. I left
the class immediately and went to him.
“Friend, are you alright?”,I asked him as we
sat on one of the seats inside our
department’s garden.
“No, my dad wants me to join them in The
States”, he said looking at me.
“So, what’s not alright about that”, I asked
“Oh, you don’t see anything not alright in
that?” he asked looking suprised.
“Yes, why don’t you accept his offer? It’s just
for a couple of months”, I said smiling
He laughed
“Couple of years not couple of months my
darling”, he said resting his back on the seat.
“I am not going anywhere, I know how living
with my dad is. It is like hell”, he said still
I kept staring at him, I knew why he didn’t
want to go. It was because of me. We have
never been apart of each other for more than 3
weeks in our lives. That was how Basheer
stayed back and now his dad is blaming it all
on me.
“I wished he knew how I feel, Basheer’s illness
affects me as much as it does to him”, I broke
the silence.
Adam glanced at me.
“Basheer is his only child, you know how hard
it will be for him”, he said
“Yes, he had every right to be angry but not
blaming it all on me”, I added.
“You just have to be patient and keep
praying”, he consoled me.
There was more silence and we arrived at my
home a few minutes later. We said our
goodbyes and he drove off.
I moved on with my life after the incidence
with Basheer’s dad, I avoided going to the
hospital but I call Dr. Imran from time to time
to know how he was coping. I went for my
lectures and retired to my room immediately. I
preferred to be alone always. I avoided having
a long conversation with anyone including my
mum. I told Azizah all that had happened and
she tried to console anytime I needed it.
My life had taken a U-turn within a short
period of time. I hardly smiled and had no
appetite for anything. My mind was always
with Basheer, everything I did he was on my
mind. I also cried alot until my eyes became
sore and my head ached alot.
3 days later, it was a sunday and I woke up
after having a very bad dream,I was not
worried about it as it has became my habit
lately. I decided to call Dr. Imran as I haven’t
spoken to him since saturday morning.
“Assalamu alaikum” he greeted as he picked
up the call at first ring
“Wa alaiki salam”, I answered
He hesitated for a few seconds before adding
“Na’imah how have you been coping? Am very
sorry about Basheer”, he said
“Wha….what do you mean you are sorry about
Basheer?”, I stammered
He kept silent so I asked again
” What do you mean you are sorry about
Basheer?”. I was shouting now admist tears
He still wasn’t speaking so I dropped the
phone and ran out of my room. I met my
parents in the sitting room.
“What happened to Basheer?”, I asked Noone
in particular.
They looked at each other.
“Nothing happened to him”, it was my dad
My mum walked to me and held my hand.
“Relax Na’imah, he is alright. Basheer is
alright”, she said wiping my tears.
I released my hand from her grip and said
“No, he is not. Dr. Imran told me”, I was now
crying profusely
“Just tell me what happened to him”!!! I was
now shouting
“Is he dead?”
.”Yes, we lost him last night”, my dad said
looking at me.
I heard him right as I felt the sharp pain that
went through my head as I collapsed.

/> Day by day I think of you,
How can all of this be true?
Even after so long,
Just the thought of you makes me cry,
I never even got the chance to say goodbye,
I don’t know if it will ever get better,
I always smell your familiar scent,
It makes me think of all of the times we’ve
So many things I never got to say,
I never imagined you’d ever be so faraway,
You were my brother,
And I loved you like no other,
In my heart you’ll always be,
Until I breathe my last,
I will never forget your soothing voice,
I would take your place if I had a choice,
But now I have to let you rest,
Because I know you are in a better place,
Although without you, my world’s a mess,
I miss you with all my heart,
I wish we never had to part,
But I know you are always by my side,
So now, I guess this is my goodbye.
Rest in peace Basheer M Bello.
It was 20th November, 2012, exactly a year
after Basheer had left us. His memories would
forever remain evergreen in my heart……….until
I breath my last. I thought as I dropped the
pen and closed my diary wiping tears away
from my eyes.
Thanks for reading. Please drop a comment.

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