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Evergreen episode 4

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Evergreen episode 4 by : 6:43 pm On June 28, 2020
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Evergreen episode 4
“Salamu Alaikum”, My dad’s voice interuppted
my thoughts.
“Wa alaika salam”, I answered, standing
“Na’imah”, he called
“Na’am Baba (hausa meaning of Yes, father)”,
I answered trying hard to smile.
“How is he?”, he asked
“He is still unconscious but the Doctor said
they hope he regains consciousness within the
next 24 hours”, I answered looking at Basheer.
“Yes, I have met him, he is also on his way”,
he explained.
There was a moment of silence as Dr. Imran
came in, greeted me and checked on Basheer.
“I think we should run down to the station,
it’s not faraway from here”, he said turning to
my Dad and reached for the door.
“That’ll be alright”, he answered and then
turning back to me he said,” We won’t take
long and what would you like for breakfast as
your Mum is coming over too?”
“I don’t have appetite for anything and I am
not even hungry”, I answered.
“You have to eat something”, he said looking
at me while reaching for the door.
“How on earth can I eat with Basheer lying
unconscious?” I asked myself
About an hour later, my parents came in, I
was now sitting on the sofa. My mum looked
worried as she dropped a basket on the locker
by the bedside. She looked at Basheer and
shook her head.
“I wish him a very quick recovery”, she said
sitting by my side.
We went over to the police station and
collected the remaining of his valuables”, My
Dad said
“I know you could make use of this to contact
his family”, he added handing Basheer’s
phone to me.
I took the phone, switched it on and waited
while it rebooted. Messages from BBM,
Watsapp, Facebook came tropping the
moment the service came up. I knew Basheer
to be a social networker. I didn’t bothered
going through the messages but rather went
through his contacts, found his Mum’s
number and dialed.
“Hello”, she answered at first ring. She
sounded anxious.
“Salamu Alaikum”, I greeted her.
“Wa alaiki salam, Na’imah is that you?”, she
“Yes mum”, I confirmed
“Where is Basheer? We have been trying to
reach him since yesterday but all efforts
proved abortive, is he alright?” she sounded
really worried.
I couldn’t answer any of her questions. How
can I tell her Basheer is lying unconscious on
a hospital bed? Tears rolled down my cheeks.
“Na’imah, speak to me, where is Basheer?”,
she asked once more.
I couldn’t bear it anymore, I handed the phone
to my Mum as I burst into tears.
I could hear my Mum telling her Basheer is
not well but it’s nothing serious. She wanted
to talk to him but my Mum told her he was
She ended the call after saying she would call
later when he is awake.
My Mum consoled me assuring that everything
will be alright soon. But how soon? I asked
myself. Basheer was still unconscious and the
Doctors can’t do anything to regain him, we
just have to wait, But for how long? I asked
myself once more
“That only Allah knows”, a small voice inside
me said.
I managed to eat little of the food my Mum
had brought because I was now starving.
It was past noon when my parents got up
ready to leave as they had to go back to work.
My Mum promised to come back later in the
evening. They were about to leave when Dr.
Imran came in.
“Are you leaving already?”, he asked
“Yes”, my Dad answered smiling
He checked on Basheer once more, nodded his
head as he felt his pulse.
“His breathing is still normal” he explained
“Alhamdulillah”, my dad exclaimed, smiling
(Alhamdulillah=Thanks be to Allah).
“We should be on our way now”, he continued
Dr. Imran looked towards me for the first time
since he came in.
“Aren’t you going with them” he asked
“No”, I answered resting my head on the sofa.
“Why not?, He’ll be fine. You can go home and
relax a bit then come back later. Lets hope he
is awake before then”, he said.
“I want to be here when he gets back”, I
“But…..”, he started
“Let her be”, my Dad interrupted. He knew too
well how stubborn I could be.
“Okay, Dr. Imran said smiling and continued, I
hope Basheer Loves you as much as you do”.
“He does”, I said to myself as they all went
out of the room.
I went over to Basheer, said a silent prayer
over him and sq££zed his hand. There was no
response. I went back to the sofa and few
minutes later I was fast asleep.
I woke up with a start, I opened my eyes to
a strange room. It took me a few seconds
to recall where I was. I looked over to where
Basheer was lying. He was still there
unconscious. I went over to him and felt his
pulse. He was still breathing normally. I
heaved a sigh of relief.
I went over to where I kept both my phone
and Basheer’s on the fridge top. I took
mine, glanced through it. The time was
4:25pm, I had slept for over 2 hours. I had
3 missed calls and some messages, I didn’t
bother going through them. I dropped the
phone as I picked Basheer’s, to my
uttermost suprise, he had 13 missed calls.
3 were from his Mum while the rest were
from his friends, they probably wanted to
know his whereabouts. I dropped the phone
as I went to the bathroom.
I refreshed up, perfomed my ablution and
returned to the room to perform my Asr
(Evening) prayers.
A few minutes later, Dr. Imran came in.
He smiled as he looked at me.
“So u are awake, I came in while you were
fast asleep”, he said as he moved over to
“Yes, I needed it”, I replied sitting up.
He smiled then added,” I gave him a few
injections earlier in the day, am suprised
he’s not awake by now. But I think he’ll get
back soon”.
“Why don’t you go home now, there are
nurses here to take care of him” he said
adjusting Basheer’s arm.
“I told you I want to be here when he wakes
up”, I answered looking away from him.
He kept mute as he wrote down a few
things on Basheer’s file which he took from
the locker by the bedside.
“Okay then, see you later”, he finally replied,
putting the file back from where he took it.
I felt lonely when Dr. Imran left.
Basheer’s phone startled me as it rang
bringing me back from my world of
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The Office Called Sodom (+18)
I managed to reach for it while sitting,
glanced at the screen and saw the caller
was his Mum. My heart missed a beat!!!
“Assalamu Alaikum”, I greeted her as I
picked the call.
“Wa alaiki salam”, she answered then
continued, “Na’imah, how is Basheer
“He is better now”, I lied
“Can I speak to him now?”, she asked
I kept silent for a few seconds before
“No, he is still asleep but I will call you as
soon as he wakes up”, I said sounding
“What is wrong with him exactly, you sound
really worried and I am worried too?”, She
I wasn’t sure how to answer this question,
but I knew I have to tell her the truth
because sooner or later she’ll find out.
“He had an accident”, I finally built up the
courage to break the news to her.
“Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un (from
Allah we are and to Him we shall return)!!!”,
she exclaimed
“When? How? Where?”, those were the only
words she managed to say as she burst into
tears. I heard someone, probably his Dad
asking what was wrong before the call
Tears rolled down my cheeks as I sat on the
sofa and held my head with my hands.
“Oh Allah!!!” I said within me.
I maintained that position for a few minutes
with Noone to console me, then I heard a
slight noise………
To be continued

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