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Even The Rich Also Cry episode 25 – finale

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Even The Rich Also Cry episode 25 – finale by : 9:33 pm On April 20, 2021
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Even The Rich Also Cry
Episode 25
Doyin: “now that we are all gathered, I will like you all to listen to a story I have to tell. I was in Britain, just out of prison when I heard that my father was dead. I came down with the little money I had; Her Majesty’s government were happy to see me leave. I entered Nigeria, and attended a burial where no one knew who I was. It was so funny. My father it seems had given me up for dead. The curious part of my tale is that, during this burial, the people my father worked for were not present. In fact, according to reports, they had travelled out of the country, almost immediately after my father’s death. This made me curious, so I investigated and I found out that because of your itch for p£nis, you sent my father on an errand that he was too old to carry out. You sent him to his death and you did not mourn him.” he said, his eyes alight with an inner fire. He was pointing at Florence.
Florence: “I sent your father on errand that killed him? I have never met you or your so called father in my life, young man.” She said; her eyes wide with surprise.
Major Festus: “you have darling. His father is Papa D. Then you must be that Doyin. I knew there was something about you that was familiar.” He said softly.
Florence: “what are you talking about? Papa D’s child died several years ago.” She said loudly.
Doyin laughed: “I didn’t die. I was imprisoned in the States for operating medicine without a license.” He replied, defensively
Florence: “I am sorry about your father’s death. I wanted to see a man that would give me information to set me free from this man. I didn’t know it would end like that. I lost a child too that day.” she said sadly.
Major Festus: “actually Papa D never had a son. He was impotent.” He said softly, his head staring on the ground.
Florence: “how would you know? You only came when he was already an old man.”
Major Festus: “before your father died, he told me a tale which I promised never to reveal to you but it seems I have to break that promise to keep you safe.” He said to Florence
Doyin: “what are you talking about? I am not Papa D’s son? Then whose son am i?” he asked hotly
Major Festus ignored him and looked at Desmond who had m0@ned as if in pain.
Major Festus: “can you at least loosen his bonds? He is a kid, where is he going to run to?” he asked.
Doyin: “answer my question or I will put a bullet through his eye.” He replied, walking to Desmond and placing his gun on his head.
Major Festus: “I don’t know who your father is but I know your mother.” He said
Doyin put off the gun safety and pressed the gun into Desmond’s eye. Desmond m0@ned in fear, seat dripping from his face.
Major Festus: “okay…okay… Florence you remember that story you always tell of you inviting several men into the house when your parents travelled and had s£× with all of them?” he asked
Florence: “yes…what happened? It is the truth. It really did happen. I had to be admitted in the hospital.” She said, staring at him suspiciously.
Major Festus: “yes, you had s£× with several men but they were not men you invited, they were robbers. Those men raped you, Florence.” He said softly.
Florence: “that’s a lie. You were not even there.” She replied, harshly.
Doyin: “I will shoot somebody here o! What has her rape or gangbang got to do with who my father is?” he yelled
Major Festus: “you are the product of that rape. Florence is your mother.” He said
Florence: “Jesus! No, that is a lie.” She screamed, holding her head
Doyin stood still staring at Major Festus. The anger had drained from his eyes instead he was looking at Festus curiously
Doyin: “what are you trying to do?” he asked, suspiciously
Major Festus: “I am trying to give you what you all wanted. Florence, your father refused to take you to a psychiatrist, because, according to him, he didn’t want you to remember such a terrible thing. You see, you had passed out by the time, the men were done. When you woke up at the hospital, your father gave you that story of your boyfriends instead. He scolded you then sent you abroad. When you gave birth, the child was brought back to Nigeria and given to Papa D. He made me promise to keep you safe and make sure you get everything you need.” He said then he sighed; “I was supposed to bring you into the family and make you heir to your grandfather’s wealth but you were nowhere to be found.” He added, turning to Doyin.
Florence: “they told me the baby died. The nurse, Festus, she said she was sorry that the baby had died.” she said, turning tear filled eyes on Major Festus.
Doyin’s gun hand hung limply by his side; his shoulder sagging, under the weight of what he had just heard.
Major Festus: “Only Papa D and his wife, besides your grandfather, knew your true identity.” He said.
Florence let out an ear-splitting scream, Major Festus moved towards her, his eyes on Doyin, but the man was no longer looking at them. Florence let out another scream as Major Festus held her and started rocking her. She screamed the third time and burst into tears. Then the tears stopped as suddenly as it had started. She looked at Major Festus and smiled then she burst into laughter.
Doyin raised his head and looked at the two of them.
Doyin: “I am doomed. I have slept with my mother.” He said softly as he slid to the ground, his gun clattering to the floor. He stared then he burst into tears.
Florence stopped crying and watched Doyin curiously for some minutes then she burst into laughter again. Major Festus dipped his hand into his pocket to bring out his phone
Doyin: “I can’t let you do that.” He said sadly, pointing the gun at Major Festus. His hand was shaking and his eyes were still blurred with tears.
Major Festus stopped moving and stared at the gun pointed at his chest. Florence was gibbering to herself, her hands picking at her skirt. Major Festus gently removed his hand from around Florence
Major Festus: “your mother is not okay mentally, she had never been. We need to get her to…” he was cut off by Doyin’s scream
Doyin: “she is not my mother!! You are a liar and a thief.” He shouted, standing up. His hand holding the gun became steady. “Stand up. We are going to the car; you and i. Give me that phone.” He added
Major Festus handed over the phone, which Doyin threw on the ground and smashed with his foot. As he raised his head, Major Festus dove at him and the gun went off. Festus grabbed his gun hand and hit the hand on the ground.
Doyin was stronger and younger but he lacked the experience that Festus had in abundance. He tried to wriggle from under Festus but Festus joined his knees together and squeezed. Doyin felt air leave his lungs and the world went dark for a minute. He struggled, shaking his head to clear it then he pushed his f!ng£rs into Festus’ face. His f!ng£rs entered Festus’ eyes and the man screamed. He rolled away from under Festus and turned around looking for his gun then he stopped and turned back. Festus had crawled to where Florence laid on the floor, bleeding
Major Festus: “you have killed her. You fool! you have killed your own mother.” He said as he cradled her head in his laps and wept.
Doyin stood still, unsure of what to do. He stared at them then he staggered away from them and turned to walk out of the door. With a roar of anger and pain, Festus dove after Doyin again and two of them fell out of the room into the corridor. Festus, blind with rage, pressed the Doyin’s neck to the ground and squeezed. Doyin fired a shot with the gun then he tried to bring the gun around to shoot at him but Festus was faster, he grabbed the gun and squeezed the trigger again and again and again until the chamber clicked empty. Doyin laid there dazed by the blast of the gun sounding close to his ears. Festus grabbed the opportunity and started throwing punches on Doyin’s face. Doyin tried to block but he was disoriented. Festus picked the gun that had fallen from Doyin’s hand and raised it as a club
Desmond: “daddy!” he said. How he had managed to remove the cloth from his mouth was a mystery.
The shout stopped Festus and he dropped the gun on the ground and got up from Doyin’s body. He staggered, breathing heavily to the room and saw Desmond staring at him. Beside him was Florence. She had managed to remove the cloth before passing out.
Desmond: “she is still alive daddy, we have to take her to the hospital…daddy you are bleeding!” the boy shouted.
Major Festus staggered to his son and untied his bonds with unsteady hands. As the last rope loosened, he fell to his side and placed his hand on his stomach where blood was pooling. Yes, Doyin’s lucky shot had hit him. He sighed as he stared at his bloody f!ng£rs. The boy crawled to him and stared at him with tears in his eyes
Desmond: “daddy! Don’t die. Superman does not die.” He said.
Major Festus smiled amidst the pain and raised his hand to touch his face
Major Festus: “Desmond Osunbor; that is your name. Your real mother is Miss Martha. She is waiting for you at the hospital. I have arranged it…” he said, then darkness came and his hand fell from the boy’s face.
When the police arrived, they found him crying over his father, the only father he had ever known.
Florence lost a lot of blood but she didn’t die. She ended up in a mental institution when it was realised that she had completely lost her mental faculties that night. She is notorious at the institution for grabbing at the guards, tearing her clothes and begging those around to come and sleep with her
Doyin was arrested and sentenced to twenty years in prison for kidnapping and attempted murder as well as practicing medicine without a license.
Desmond moved in with his mother Egbe and their relationship was legalized as mother and son. She learnt of this from Major Festus’ letter to her. He had thought that he would probably die so he explained what he had done to ensure that Desmond ended up with her.
Major Festus had to undergo several surgeries to put his intestine back together again. He is no longer the able bodied man he used to be before the incident of the night. He bequeathed half of his wealth to Desmond under the care of Egbe and according to his new will the rest will go to Desmond when he dies. He still goes to visit Florence at the psychiatric home as well as Doyin in prison.
The relationship between Egbe and Major Festus is still a work in progress. Maybe one day, they will become man and wife.

We all see them in their cars, flashy jewelry, houses and all that. we envy them thinking that riches mean happiness. Do not envy them for you do not know the battles they fight, the pains, the tears, the fears that they face. Be grateful for all that you have achieved and pray God to bless your path. Your time will come. I pray it is the blessing that added no sorrow. Peace!

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