Eve batch 9

Chapter Nineteen.
*Now Eve’s point of view*
Its been a month and two weeks. More than a month with James. The real monster.
Everyday i was beaten up.
Everyday i cried.
Everyday i suffered.
Every night i was locked up in the basement, in the darkness.
Every day i kept waiting for Alberto.
Hoping, believing, thinking he would come but he never did.
Because he never loved you Eve, a voice in my mind said.
I smiled sadly, stirring the food on the fire. James made sure i learnt how to cook, he forced me.
Here i did everything, cook, wash, clean the house. All the things i never did in Alberto’s house.
James said we would stay here in this cabin until Alberto had stopped looking for me then we would fly out of the country.
I thought about Alberto, I missed him. His smile, his touch, his breathe on my skin.
I missed him, i wanted him, i craved for him.
He said he loved me, but why hadnt he come to save me from James?
What happened to Alberto?
I looked at the window and trees stared back at me.The house was locked, the windows locked. I was trapped inside.
James made sure of that. By now i had gotten used to it, staying home alone till he got back, locke d here.
Even if i tried to escape, the forest looked scary, dense and dark. I wouldnt make it very far and James would catch up with me.
This past month had been hell. I prefered Alberto to James. James was more cruel, heartless and unforgiving.
He beats me up for any little thing. He punished me for every mistake. He found pleasure doing them.
I wished i was still with Alberto. I regretted going with James in the process of getting away from o ne monster, i fell into the hands of a greater one.
But was i to blame?
No. I was just a naive, innocent seventeen year old who wanted freedom, a girl who wanted to go to high school. A girl who wanted to go to prom with the guy of her dreams. A girl who wanted to have a best friend. A girl who wanted to go to clubs, parties.
I was just a girl who wanted to live life like any ot her teenager, gossiping about guys, going shopping with friends, hanging out.
But all i got was two monsters who loved me, one who i realised i loved back too late. All i got was suffering. Caged up. Tears. Betrayal. Lonliness. Hurt. Pain. Scars.
When was i ever going to run outside the sun with my hair in the wind, free?
Never. That day would never come. I would never be free.
I was going to be James’s puppet forever.
Only if i had listened to my parents when they tried to warn me. If only i had listened to Alberto when he tried to reach out to me about who the real monster was. If only.
A tear slid down my cheeks and i didnt bother wiping it. It was a normal phenomenom.
Crying was an everyday thing.
After these month with James, i was already giving up. I wanted to die, i wanted to be free even if death was the way.
What was i thinking? Killing myself? Death?
Was i finally going crazy like Jane? Was i going to kill myself?
The door slamed opened and James walked in looking angry as usual. He removed his tie and threw his briefcase to the floor.
“Eve!” He shouted from the sitting room.
“Welcome” I said, bending down to remove James shoes, it was my duty.”How was your day?”
James told me i was to ask him how his day went. So i did.
“Good news and bad news” He sighed heavily before giving me a smile.
“I would set the dinning table for you” I said, placing his shoes beside the door and running to the kitchen. James hated being served late.
I quickly placed the table cloth and set it for him and he sat down. I was walking up to him with a glass plate containing his food when i heard him speak.
“Your lovely husband was involved in an accident , he was drunk while driving”
That was when the plate fell.
Its content fell over the floor.
The plate shattered to tiny bits.
A loud crash was heard.
Alberto was in an accident?
He was drunk?
No. No.
Was he alive?
“Did he survive?” I asked James.
James stood up angrily. “Look at what you did b—h!” He pointed at the glass scattered all over the floor.
But i was too shocked to answer, Alberto was in an accident.
Thats why he hadnt come to save me from this beast.
James shook me vigorously. “He is dead, Eve. The doctors said he didnt survive the accident. Your husband is gone and you are stuck with me for life”
I fell. Falling on the glass.
No. No. No.
Alberto couldnt be dead. No. He was still alive. Yes. James was just lying. Alberto was alive!
“No! No!”.I screamed, wailed as i gripped my clothes.
“No, Alberto is still alive! Youre lying! You are lying!” I stood up and started hitting James on his chest.
“He’s dead, you piece of shit!” He screamed back at me.
No, not Alberto..Not the man i was in love with.
Not the man who bought me that beautiful dress i wore to the ball.
Not the man who took me to the beach.
Not the man who loved me dearly.
No. Not Alberto.
I stumbled when James pushed me away from him. Alberto.
I hadnt even had the chance to tell him i loved him back.
I sat on the floor, crying, blaming James for all these.
“Its your fault, you a—–e, you drove Alberto to his early death all because of your selfish reasons”
That resulted to a slap from James but i didnt fee l it.
I was already used to the pains.
The heartbreak.
He slapped me again, hitting me, but i was numb.
“Just kill me already, James. Just like you did to Jane. The only reason i was still keeping myself was because i still had hope that Alberto was going to come to save me. But now he is dead. I have no reason to live”
James hit me again, severally. Until i was bleeding from my mouth and nose. I couldnt even feel it.
The only thing i was feeling was Alberto’s death.
A part of me had died too.
I had lost Alberto.
I had lost the man i loved.
After about five extra minutes of beating, James dragged me to the room. He pushed me in it and l ocked me in it.
That smile.
That voice.
Those eyes.
That touch.
That kiss.
All gone.
I sat crying for hours. I cried for Alberto. I cried for my husband.
Then bile rose to my mouth. I wanted to vomit.
I stood up rushing to the bathroom and throwing up into the toilet bowl.
This was the fifth time i was throwing up this week.
Last month i hadnt seen my period.
Now vomiting.
Was it a coincedence?
Was I?
There could only be one explanation for this.
And i knew it.
I was pregnant.
But for who?
Chapter Twenty.
*Alberto’s point of view*
I kept staring at the diary, it belonged to a girl called Eve.
Who was she?
I opened another page and it read,
August, 27, 2016.
Dear Diary,
Today me and Alberto went to the beach. We played a game that if i caught him while running he would be my slave. Guess what? I won, i tricked him and he bought me a lot of things but that wasnt the best part.
We kissed.
I kissed Alberto. And it was the best moment of my life. When his lips touched mine, i went to clo ud nine. I was in a land i never wanted to leave. Then he told me he loved me. I believed. That day, was when i started loving Alberto. But i would never tell him. He treats me like a slave. Alberto must never know i love him.
Now i need to sleep before Albert comes to my room and see me writing.
Let me look at the picture once more.
The only picture i have of me and Alberto.
Good night Diary, Till tomorrow.
I sighed. This Eve loved me?
But why didnt she tell me?
Was i too much of a monster that she didnt want me to know?
Who was this girl that said i loved her?
She mentioned a picture she had of me and her.
At least i would know what she looked like.
I flipped the pages of the diary to find the picture but it wasnt there.
I stood up too fast and my ribs stung in pain. Groaning, i opened the drawers and started searching for the picture. It wasnt there.
I opened the drawers, wardrobe but it wasnt there either. I sighed in fustration.
Where could this picture be?
Then i raised up the pillow and there a piece of paper there.
Two faces stared at me. One was me and the other was a girl. She had hazel eyes a beautiful smile. She was the most beautiful creature i had ever seen. That smile. Lips. Cheekbones. Eyes. I fell in love with them as i admired.
In the picture, i was looking at her. I recognised the look of love in my eyes, I knew from the way i was looking at her that she had already won my heart.
Who was this Eve?
Why didnt i remember this girl, i seemed to look at so lovingly?
I stood up fustrated, angry, pissed. Questions fille d my mind.
I didnt know anything anymore.
I didnt know this girl in this picture.
Yet those eyes and that smile haunted me.
Why did she say i treat her bad?
Was i a kind of a monster towards her?
Did she really love me?
How did i even get into that accident?
Why was i drinking?
What happened to this girl, Eve?
Why isnt she here?
Did she leave? Did i push her away?
Or was she taken away from me?
I screamed as my head started to hurt. The pain was so intense i fell, hitting my head against the floor.
The pain grew and i could feel my vision turning black. I was loosing my sight. I couldnt see. Ever ywhere was dark.
I couldnt hear, Silence filled my ears and darkness filled my eyes.
I suddenly couldnt move. I layed on the floor, not moving. I was frozen, blind and deaf.
The only part of me working was my mind, i felt worried what was happening to me?
Then it came crashing down.
Memories, events, people started filling my mind.
First, i was in a house asking for my money, saw a beautiful young girl. Took her with me. She stay ed with me. I fell in love with her. I treated her badly,
I turned to a monster, punishing her for any little mistske. Giving her scars, making her cry, leaving her alone.
Then taking her out, there she was dancing with the enemy. I was angry, i beat him up and dragged her away, speeding off into the woods. Angry and shouts at her. Throwing her into the river.
Watching her drown, feeling for her, fears of loosing her, angry with myself. Rushes in to save her, takes her to the hospital. Confessing my love and apologising to her. She is sad, broken and scared . I was sent out to allow her rest.
But when i came back, she was gone..She was not there anymore. I was sad, broken, torn, fear consumed me. I wanted her back. Then i heard the enemy was in the same hospital.
Anger filled me and i knew i had to get her back. Even if it meant killing him. But it was too late, they finally left. I knew she was happy to be finally free from someone as evil as me. I was angry, shattered, torn, broken beyond limit.
My heart crashed, it broke to a million pieces. She left me. She left me for him, for that demon. She left me. She never loved me. Because if she dids he would have stayed.
But it wasnt her fault, i was a monster. I did nothing but bring her pain. I kept her locked up with me for fear of loosing her. I trapped the angel beca use i didnt want to share her with anyone else.
I clipped off her wings, i broke her. I couldnt love her properly because i always grew jealous and angry. My emotions always got the best of me. I locked her here so she could be with me forever.
Forgive me if i was selfish.
But she meant a lot to me, but everytime i tried to show her, my anger, pride, jealousy, consumed me.
I was the beast who fell in love with an angel.
Then with all that pain, i went to the bar. I drank till i could not talk. Then than blonde girl came up to me. I followed her like a fool because i needed to get my mind away from the angel.
But i couldnt, i kept seeing her face, hearing her laugh. seeing her smile and those beautiful eyes.
I couldnt take it anymore, i ran out. I ran away like the coward i was. Running away from my heart with all the heavy pain. I entered my car. Her beautiful face still burning at the back of my mind.
Her smile lingered in my brain.
Her eyes tormented me.
Her lips spoke to me, begging them to be kissed.
Still thinking about her, i didnt notice the car coming in front of me. The last thing i remembered was the crash.
Then i woke up in the hospital. All my memory of her gone.
Now here was i. The memory had returned. I kne w her.
She was my all.
She was the girl i had fallen in love with when all my hope was gone.
She was the girl who captured my heart, sealed it and held unto the key.
She was my soul.
She was my heart.
She was my mind.
She was mine.
And i was hers.
I needed her to survive.
I was lost without her.
I knew who she was. The darkness, the void, the space had been filled up with memories of her and questions in me had been answered.
That angel was Eve Santiago, my wife.
But she was with the devil and there was only one thing i needed to do.
Bring her back to me.
I was going to save her.
I was going to save my wife, my angel, my queen.

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