Eve batch 5

Chapter Eleven.
I started at Alberto in fear, anger, pain. His men were standing beside him about six, there was no h ope.going through him. I looked at my back and his men were there too.
I wanted to cry.
“After all I’ve done for you Eve, you still choose to run away from me, with this” He pointed at James who was almost loosing consciousness “This fool”
“Yes, he’s better than you, you treat me badly, you have nothing but hate me Alberto. You hit me, you abuse me both physically and sexually. Hell you almost killed me. And you say you love me. No, Alberto that is hate!”
“Alberto just let the girl go before you finally kill her” James stood up straight despite his pain, he was ready to fight for me.
“Shut up!, the only person who is going to be killed here is you, James. How dare you run away with my wife. How dare you. After all you’ve done to me”
After all you’ve done to me. What was that all about. It was Alberto who did something to James. Not the other way round.
“Eve, come on, come here” Alberto called out to me.
“Never! I’m never coming back to you, Ever!” I shouted. “You would have to kill me before i ever came back to you, you are a monster!”
“I love you Eve, you know that, I’ll never do anything to hurt you”
I laughed..”Can you hear yourself right now Alberto? You’ve always hurt me..There is no day i spend in your house happy. You have done nothing but bring me pain. Four years Alberto, four years i spent with, four years of suffereing, hurt, lonliness, you are nothing but a beast!”
I was angry, pouring out my mind to Alberto. He looked sad for a moment.
“You have to let us go, Alberto” James mutterrred .
“Shut up! This is not your businness.” Alberto grew angry once again.
“Eve, come back now that I’m asking nicely”
“No” I said, holding James. “I’m going with James, I’m going to live with him and even marry him. Because he saved me from you, he is a better man than you, you monster!”
Alberto laughed and pulled out a gun from his pocket and pointed it at James.
I gasped, stepping back. Was Alberto really going to kill James?
“Alberto, are you crazy!” I shouted.
“Yes, darling. I’m crazy for you” He smiled.
James shivered. “Put the gun down Alberto, and lets settle this like a man” He said.
“Settle this like a man? thats what you said when Jane was here, before she killed herself. Its all your fault a—–e”
I looked at James, he didnt say anything. What was going on here?
“I guess he hasnt told you about Jane” Alberto laughed again. “Of course he wont say anything about the evil he has done, He’s not the saviour you see him as Eve. He is a greater demon than i am”
No. No. This was all wrong.
“Yes, he told me. He told me you led Jane to her own destruction. He told me, it was your fault she killed her self. They were going to get married Alberto, but you just had to spoil it all” I said.
Alberto looked shocked for a moment then he laughed. “Wow James, i must really give you an award for twisting stories. lying ass motherfucker” He laughed again. “Is that what.you told her?”
“Eve, come on, dont listen to him, He is just trying to make you believe him” James said, taking my face in his hand. “Remember we have to escape, thats what matters”
“Dont touch her, a—–e!” Alberto shouted, pointing his gun at James. “Get away from her before i blow your f—–g brains out”
I was confused. I didnt know what to do. A part of me believed Alberto, but what did he mean by James should be given an award for twisting stories?
I looked to my side and saw an exit and just outside the door was a blue car.
“Is that your car?” I whispered to James. He nodded his head, and i smiled.
We can get out of here. We can get my freedom. We just had to be fast.
“Come on, at the count of three, we would run” I said, my voice shaking. Fear.
“Eve, come on. This is your last chance”
“One, two, three, run!” I shouted, running towards the car.
With James following behind me.
“What the f–k?” Alberto shouted behind us. “Get them!” he told his securities.
Then i heard feets runing after us. We were almost there.
I was almost free.
I was almost away from this monster.
I ran faster, like i have ever ran before.
i didnt even look back for fear that Alberto’s men would catch up with me.
“Faster Eve!” James screamed, running beside me.
“Get back here, Eve. You cant run away from me! I’ll get you!”
Never. I stared at the car as i continued running. Just a few more steps. Just a few more seconds and i would be free.
Then Alberto fired some shots. I quickly looked to me side, at James, he was ok.
Alberto shot at us. But none had touched us, as we opened the door and to the car.
“Get in!” James shouted.
I quickly looked at Alberto, he was about to shoot James.
“Hurry!” I shouted as James quickly opened the car and got in. I got in through the passenger door .
Alberto was pissed. He looked murderous. He was really going to kill James.
“Lets go!” I shouted, but James seemed to be looking for something.
“I think i dropped the keys while trying to open th e door”
Oh No.
Alberto was almost close to us.
I stared to cry. I was dead. Alberto was going to get us. I was going to die. He was going to kill me.
“I found it!” James said , showing me the keys.
“Stop showing me the keys and lets get the hell outta here!”
Alberto came out of the hospital with his men behind him just as we started moving.
In a few seconds, the car was up and running and i looked back.
Alberto was staring at us.
He looked hurt.
He looked angry.
He looked pained.
I looked at him.
I looked at Alberto with Sadness.
Why was i suddenly feeling like this?
I was suppossed to be happy. Pleased. Jumpimg for joy because i finally got away from the monster.
I looked at Alberto once again, and i broke down in tears.
He looked so broken. He looked shattered. I looked at him once last time.
He was a very handsome man.
I suddenly remembered when he bought me that gown i wore to the ball.
I remembered when i saw him bringing those beautiful flowers for me to the hospital.
I remembered when i woke up and he was there holding my hand, waiting for me to wake up.
I remembered when he bought me my first cat, a beautiful grey cat, which died shortly after.
I stared at the man who had done good things for me too
Alberto hadnt brought me only pain.
He had also brought me joy, happiness.
He had also made me smile.
He cared for me.
He showed affection to me.
He loved me.
Alberto wasnt total monster.
He wasnt a total beast.
He had a heart.
He had a soft spot.
Even a beast still know how to show a little amount of care.
I continued staring at him, trying to memorise his face. Because i knew i wasnt going to see him again.
I stared at Alberto, we stared at each other.
Until we made a turn and i didnt see him again.
What had i done? I asked myself.
But it was too late.
Chapter Twelve.
*A Year Ago”
It was a sunny saturday afternoon and i sat in the sitting room watching tv. Saturdays weren’t really my favourite days because Alberto was always at home through out the day, unlike weekdays where he went to work.
The house was busy, the maids were running up and down, cleaning a week’s dust. They came every saturday. Alberto hated strangers in his house. The cook was the only one who came everyday , in the mornings and went in the afternoons after instructing me on how to heat the food when it was cold already.
The gardner too came every saturday, trimming the overgrown grasses.
It was a normal saturday, a busy saturday. I didnt do anything because Alberto forbade me to even pick a broom.
Still sitting, and watching 8 miles , one of my favourite movies, which was a real life story of Eminem. Alberto walked in.
“Hey” He greeted, sitting beside me, and picking the remote.
“Good afternoon” I replied softly.
He changed the station and put wrestling. I had always hated wrestling, it was violent and rough. So i stood up and wanted to leave the room when Alberto called me back.
“Where do you think you are going?”
“To my room”
“No, get back here and sit on my laps!” Alberto commanded.
I sighed and sat down on Alberto’s leg.
Suddenly, he started laughing. “Why did you sit like that?”
I looked at myself, and i was sitting down normally.
“Rest your head on my chest, now” Alberto ordered.
So i rested my head on his chest and listened to his heart slowly pounding in his chest. I felt his chest rise and fall in rhythm with his breathing.
“You are the best thing that has ever happened to me Eve. For years, I’ve lived in despair, sadness, l onliness but the first day i saw you in your parents house, looking so innocent and small, then i wanted to have you to myself”
He touched my hair and my heart skipped a beat.
Why was i suddenly feeling this way?
“You were very young then, only thirteen. I came to your house with the intention of killing you and your parents. But when you opened the door for me, my stony heart melted. I fell inlove with your big cute eyes. You looked so innocent and fragile . I wanted you to be with me, i wanted to have you to myself, so i took you now im too selfish to return you”
I wiped the tears falling from eyes as i listened to Alberto confess his feelings.
“Then as soon as you opened the door, you ran away from me, you were scared of me. My heart broke for a moment and then anger consumed me. I wanted to drag you back and force you into the car and go with me. But when your dad didnt have the money to pay me back, i used that opportunity to ask for you to be with me”
He picked my face and stared at me, wiping my tears.
“I was happy when i had you. I was so selfish, i kept you here not wanting anyone to know you exist. I stripped you away from your freedom, Eve. I took you away from your family, your joy, your everything all for my selfish reasons”
“Then please Alberto, let me go” I whispered, holding his hand.
He looked still for a moment, looking at my eyes, taking in the colour, looking for any emotion.
“I cant Eve, I cant give you up, not now not ever” He finally said.
I burst into tears when he said that. I cried, i was never going to see my parents again, i was never going to get my freedom. Alberto held me while i cried.
“I’m so sorry Eve. But my selfishness wont let me take you back, i hope you can forgive me for that ”
“Go get dressed we are going out” Alberto said.
In a few minutes i was downstairs dressed in a white flay gown.
Where were we going?
Alberto came down seconds later and led me out of his mansion. He picked the black suv car out of the seven cars that were in the garage.
We got in and i asked Alberto where we were going but he said it was a suprise.
Few minutes later, Alberto stopped the car and we came down.
It was a beach. I shivered.
“No, Alberto, im scared of the water please, lets go back. I cant swim”
“Oh! I didnt know that, its too late now. Dont worry, its not like im going to push you inside the water. Lets go”
Alberto picked the mat, buckets and somethings in the car before we went towards the beach.
Only a few people were there, with little kids running around with water guns.
The beach was blue and a wave came crashing, I screamed and went towards Alberto holding him tight in fear.
He just laughed. “There’s nothing to be scared of Eve, Its just water”
“Yea! just the water that takes people and drown them”
I looked at the beach and saw surfers. Riding on boards with a smile on thier face.
Still looking at them, Alberto spalshed water on my face.
“Hey! what was that for?” I said frowning, but Alberto was just laughing.
“Ok, if you can catch me, i would be your slave for the whole day, i would do anything you want me to do”
I looked at the barbeque roasting at the beach, and i wanted it, if only i would just catch him and demand he buys it for me.
So i stood and started running after Alberto, i was nt really a good runner, but Alberto ran like usain bolt, laughing loudly.
I ran faster with all my might but Alberto was faster. I had to do something to make Alberto stop.
Alberto looked back and winked at me.
“Youre so slow, Eve”
“My stomach it hurts!” I shouted, holding my stomach as if in pain
Alberto stopped laughing and quickly ran to me. I smiled a little.
He quickly held me and looked at me in concern and care.
“Where does it hurt?” He asked, worry filled his face.
“Gotta!” I said, jumping on him. But he stumbled and fell, and i crashed on top of him, laughing.
“No thats cheating, thats not fair,.you used my emotions”
I smiled, squeezing Alberto’s cheeks. “You didnt say there was a rule against that”
I smiled while Alberto sighed and got up.
“What do you want?”
“Barbeque, ice cream, pizza” I said, pointing at everything i saw.
Few minutes later, we were sitting on the mat eating. While Alberto was telling me funny jokes. I laughed till i cried.
I didnt know Alberto had this playful and funny side. He looked so handsome when he smiled. His hair was wet. His muscles bulged out from his white top. He was also putting on a kakki short.
Alberto was handsome. I looked at his lips as he talked and for the first time since i came to Alberto’s life, i wanted to kiss him.
“Uhmm, why are you looking at me like that?” Alberto asked, smiling.
“Nothing” I said, standing up and looking at the beach.
It was evening already and the sun was setting, a lot of people had gone home. The water looked so calm and still.
Alberto stood up and came beside me holding my shoulders and looked at the beach with me.
It looked the quiet, the moment looked so perfect.
“Alberto, are you ever going to let me go?” I asked looking at him.
“I dont know, Eve”
We stared at each other, and for a moment i forgot all my problems and i took in Alberto beautiful eyes.
He bent down, coming closer to kiss me and i let him. When his lips touched mine, i felt sparkles fly. He kissed me softly and i kissed him back. His love, possessiveness, care, obsession, afftection could be felt in that kiss.
This was the first time Alberto kissed me.
This was the first time i kissed Alberto.
This was the first time i grew feelings for Alberto.
*Back to the present*
I opened my eyes and saw i was still in James car.
“Hey, thank God you are awake” James smiled at me.
“Where are we going?” I asked James.
“To your house, you are going to see your parents, Eve”

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