Eve batch 11

Chapter Twenty Three.
*Eve’s point of view*
I watched as James stared at the screen of the p hone. He was going to see the email. No doubt. And he would discover the truth about the child i w as carrying.
“You are carrying that bastard child” He said, loo king at my stomach with so much hatred. His veins in view. He was angry.
“When were you going to tell me?”
“I…I…I..was going…to tell you when you woke up” I stammered, getting down from the bed amovin g backwards.
“Liar! You would never have told me, you lying b—h!” James came to my side. The anger in his eye s were unquenchable. I had never seen him so angry in my life.
He took another step closer to me and i took one backwards. My heart raced a thousand miles per second.
My breathing hitched. I continued moving backwards as my back hit the wall. Causing me to stand firm in front of James. He smirked. Putting his hand against the wall.
“Eve darling. You think you are so smart to raise that bastard child knowing it wasn’t mine. You would never have told me. I would have loved it, like it were mine.” He clicked his tongue.
“Now I’m going to kill it”
I gasped. No. No. James couldn’t kill the child. The only piece of Alberto that remained.
“No, James. Please. Do whatever you want with me. But please leave this innocent child out of it” I pleaded, at the brink of tears.
“You call it innocent. No. Anything that belonged to Alberto is never innocent.”
James said, taking my face in his hand. He hit my stomach and i fell to the floor.
“If i have to damage your stomach to kill that demon in you Eve. I would” James said to me.
He hit me again continuously. He hit me stomach and i groaned in pain. It was unbearable. Pains surged through my stomach as i winced loudly.
“Ple….ple..” I tried telling James to stop but he didnt. He looked evil. His eyes dark. His muscles taut. He was staring at my stomach with so much venom. .
I coughed out blood as my stomach screamed in pain. .
“I’m trying to save you Eve. I’m trying to save you from that monster growing in you” James laughed. Hitting me more harder.
“I’m going to be your saviour Eve. This child has to die”
No. No. I couldn’t let James kill this baby. I needed to fight. I turned to the other side allowing James to hit my back instead.
“B—h!” James roared, picking me up from the floor, he dragged me to the basement.
The basement was dark with only a little light from a very small window.
James picked a rope and tied my hand at my back. The rope was too tight and my stomach burned with pain. I silently prayed that nothing had happened to the baby because i was already bleeding.
James tied my eyes and legs. Preventing me from having a little light.
“Since you are so bent on saving your monster baby, I would leave you here, without food or water . Till you starve and beg for food. But then your baby would have been gone then. And with the amount of pain you are in. The baby wont last long.” James chuckled and left me there. Eyes, legs, hands bound.
Please God let the baby be okay.
I silently prayed. My whole body burned with pains. My eyes were in a pitch darkness. My hands, i couldn’t even feel blood flowing in them. My legs hurts so much. I couldn’t move. My whole body was stiff.
My stomach was the worst. It felt like James was still hitting me. It burned with so much pain. I felt like dying.
No. I needed to stay strong. I needed to stay strong for my baby.
I tried to breathe. I needed to be alive. I tried to breathe. But it seems the air didn’t want to pass through my lungs because of the intense pain i was in.
It must pass through. I took deep breathe again and i could feel my body coming back to life.
Blood tickled down my legs and i feared the baby was gone. Was it?
No. No. Eve. No. The baby was still there. Think positively.
I breathed in again. I needed to be alive. I was going to see this child grow. I was going to see this child get married.
I was going to hold this child in my arms.
I took another breath and my stomach hurt with e very breathe i took. I was in a much pain. With every breath i took, i could feel intense amount of p ain in my stomach.
With every breath i took, i could feel my body fighting back death.
With every breath i took, i could feel my lungs opening up again.
With every breath i took, my hope increased.
Those seconds bled into minutes.
With every passing hour, my body was feeling weak.
I was tired.
I was breathing, giving myself strength but my body was consuming it.
With every breathe i took, i could feel myself getting weaker. My body was shutting down.
There was only so much i could take. So much pain, fear, darkness, hunger, bleeding. I could feel the blood spreading around the room.
The bleeding was another source that was draining all the strength i was trying to gather.
How was i going to survive?
Would anyone come to save me?
Would my parents magically come to rescue me?
Would James change his mind and take me back inside?
None of the above. No one would save me.
If only i had stayed with Alberto.
If only i had bearer the pains with him.
If only he was still alive.
Tears fell from my eyes and wet the cloth covering my eyes.
I missed him.
I still couldn’t believe he was dead. He was gone and i he didn’t get to know how much i loved him.
He was gone and i was here with his child, slowly dying.
So this was how i was going to die without ever tasting freedom?
The pains were growing stronger.
My legs, eyes, stomach.
The bleeding didn’t stop. I have been bleeding for hours. I have been in the same position for hours. My hands tied in the same spot behind my back. My legs, i couldn’t even feel them anymore.
I gasped. My body was already giving up.
I said my last prayers.
I prayed my baby would survive this.
I prayed James would die in the most vile way.
I prayed Alberto’s soul would rest in peace.
Still saying my last words, i heard footsteps coming down the stairs.
I didn’t even bother hoping it was anyone else because no one else knew i was here.
It would be James.
The footstep stopped and i heard my name.
“Eve” It said.
That voice.
That voice was so much different from James’
That voice was too familiar.
No. No. It cant be. The owner of that voice was dead.
I felt some one untie my hands and my legs.
Finally, blood went through them and pains also. They were sore.
But who was this person? Who was this saviour? Who was this person that dared to challenge James and free me?
The person sat me up and i winced in pain, my stomach. The person rested my head on its shoulders as it tried to untie my blind fold.
“I’m so sorry Eve” It said. It was a male.
His scent filled my nose and i knew it.
The voice, the scent all belonged to one person in this world.
But no. The person was dead. Wasn’t he?
The blindfold was removed and i looked up to see him.
Tears were in his eyes.
Those blue eyes.
Those lips.
That face. It matched the voice and the scent.
It was him.
He had come to rescue me.
He had come to save me from the grips of his monster.
He had come to save me from James.
He was my saviour, my knight in shining armour.
He was Alberto.
Chapter Twenty Four.
*Eve’s point of view*
“Alberto” I said, holding his face and looking at him deep in the eyes.
“Eve, I’m so sorry. I know i should have come sooner but i got into an accident. I lost all my memories of you. I tried Eve. I tried recalling my memory and when i did, i searched for you. I would kill for you Eve. I wou–”
I didn’t let him complete his sentence, I grabbed him and placed his lips against mine. I kissed him hard, very hard, my stomach fluttered, like butterflies were in it. Alberto’s lips were as i remembered, fluffy and soft and sweet. I kissed him harder, taking in the sweet flavour of his pink lips.
Alberto hands found my breast and i moaned in pleasure. He groaned and pressed them, kissing my neck and s—–g it.
Then i felt pains in my stomach and gasped for breath.
“Come on, lets get out of here. We can continue when we are safe” Alberto said, raising me up and carrying me in bridal style.
I whinced in pain as i closed my eyes, breathing heavily. Alberto looked at me suspiciously. I didn’t want him to know about my baby yet. I was going to tell him when are out of here.
“Where is James?” I asked, looking around expecting him to come out and grab me.
“I don’t know, when i came, he was not here” Alberto carried me out of the basement. We were almost out of the house.
“Am so happy you came for me, James told me you died” I screamed in pain again, my bleeding w as still there.
“That lying ass motherfucker! Whats wrong with you Eve?” Alberto asked, his eyes changing, seeing my bleeding state.
“If it isn’t the bastard and his angel” I turned to look towards the door and behold James was there, pointing his gun at us.
I gasped and Alberto placed me on the chair, blood staining his hand, he drew out his gun too. I looked at him properly, he looked like he was still in pains. Like his ribs were hurting.
His faced changed, the monster Alberto was back. He cocked his gun and James did his.
I could smell a bloody fight coming. And i was still in pains.
“You motherfucker, look at what you did to Eve!” Alberto shouted at James in pure anger.
“Oh Alberto, you missed a lot. Eve was so sweet to touch, did she tell you how she screamed your name from the pleasure she received when i went into her?” James smiled, making Alberto more angry.
“Shut your filthy lying motherfucker mouth up, be fore i blow your f—–g brains out!”
But James didn’t take the threat likely at all. He just smiled.
“Did she tell you how i f—-d her so hard, she screamed my name. She begged me for it Alberto, she craved for it, she s—-d my d-” James laughed.
I looked at Alberto. “He is just trying to get at you Alberto, none of them is true. He raped me!” I shouted, and rested my head back when the pains in my lower belly increased.
Alberto eyes softened for a moment when he saw me in pains.
“Oh she hasn’t told you yet, she is pregnant! F—–g carrying my child” James laughed.
“No. No. Don’t believe him Alberto!” I shouted, groaning in pain.
Alberto rushed to me. Tears in his eyes. He bent in front of me. Hurt. Pains. filled his eyes.
I held his face, tears in my eyes. “Its not true, Alberto believe me. The child is yours”
But James took this as a weakness, he used the handle to hit Alberto. I screamed as Alberto fell limp in front of me.
“Please James, stop this and let us go” I begged, trying to wake Alberto up.
James walked away and towards the basement, probably to get ropes.
“Alberto, Come on. Get up! Please get up, lets get outta here, before James arrives” I shook Alberto but he didn’t wake up.
James came shortly after, with ropes in his hand. No. I needed to find Alberto’s gun.
He must have fallen on it. I tried moving him away but he wouldn’t move. He was to heavy.
James dragged my hair, pulling me away from Alberto unconscious state.
“Please James, please let us go” I cried as my was blood leaving its trail on the floor. The pains grew intense.
James tied me to the chair and as he turned, Alberto landed a blow on his face causing him to stumble. Alberto sat on him, punching him, hitting hi m, just like he had done at the ball that day. But this Alberto looked more monstrous as he hit James with so hard.
“This is for Eve” He punched him harder. “This is for my child” He punched again. James nose was already bleeding, his face was twisted but Alberto didn’t stop. He kept on punching, distorting James face until i couldn’t see his face.
Suddenly a sharp pain hit my stomach and i screamed. Alberto stopped immediately, getting up from James and rushing to my side, he untied me.
“Hang in there Eve, I’m going to take you to the hospital” He carried me out of the house, by now, I was screaming, the pains were getting intense. I screamed louder when Alberto placed me in his car.
Just as he was about to get in, a gun shot sounded and i look as Alberto fell to the ground, screaming.
I came down immediately and went to him. He was shot in the stomach, it was bleeding seriously. I looked up to see James coming at us. He was bleeding seriously.
“Eve, get out of here. Get into the car and drive off !” Alberto shouted, pushing me back to the car.
“No. I cant leave you here. No. We are both getting out of here. Come on. Get up!” I wiped my tears as i tried to raise Alberto from the floor.
James was almost here. He was laughing at us. Holding his gun at us. “Love birds. Pathetic!”
“Eve, get out of here! Save yourself and the baby!” Alberto shouted loudly at me.
“NO!” I shouted back, “I’m not ever leaving you again. No matter what!” I kissed him. “Where you die, Alberto, there would i die, where you stay, there will i stay. Where you are buried, there would i be buried. I love you so much Alberto. I love you so f—–g much.”
I kissed Alberto and he kissed me back, we were both oblivious to James who had drawn back his gun pointing it at us.
“I never thought you loved me back Eve. I thought you hated me”
Alberto said, coughing out blood, he squeezed his face in pains.
“I didn’t at first. I hated you when you first brought me to your home. But after that day at the beach, when you kissed me..I started growing feelings but i wasn’t so sure then when i left you. I knew i had left a bigger piece of me behind. I wanted to go back but James wouldn’t let me. I love you Alberto Santiago. If you were to die, i would die with you” I said holding Alberto’s hand and smiling at him softly.
Even though we were both in severe pains, we managed to confess our love. Alberto was already loosing consciousness. We were both loosing a lot of blood.
“I love you too Eve”
James frowned shouting at us. “Shut up! I’m going to kill you and you are here kissing and saying i love you’s!”
He laughed. “If its death you want i would gladly kill the both of you” He smiled, and cocked his gun.
Then i heard the gunshot.

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