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Emotional fool episode 9

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Emotional fool episode 9 by : 7:37 pm On October 26, 2020
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Episode 9 -Second To Last
John was a good man, he hurriedly dashed off to Mabel’s house, as he left, Nancy became suspicious,
“My Husband is still seeing Mabel? I thought he has broken up with her” She thought. She grabbed the car key quickly and followed him till he finally drove to Mabel’s house. Due to the heavy traffic that morning, Nancy and John arrived two hours after, Nancy waited for her husband to walk into the compound and few minutes later, she followed him into the compound.
“I will know exactly what John has been hiding from me today” Nancy thought
John got to Mabel’s apartment, he knocked on the door severally and he got no response and that got him worried.
“I hope Mabel have not drank the poison” He thought
John recalled how broken Mabel was when he broke up with her, She couldn’t utter a word as tears rolled uncontrollably from her eyes. Unknown to John, Mabel had always struggled with some type of depression. Since her days in college and in the university. Her depression got worst when John broke up with her
As a young girl, Mabel never felt good enough, no matter what kind of success she had in school or in life. she had a very low self-esteem and was by far her own worst critic. She never felt like she fit in, She constantly had thoughts of “you are not good enough, you are a loser, a failure”. These thoughts did push her to try harder when she was still in school.
She thought if She could be the best at everything, all her troubles would go away. But nothing really gave her true Joy.
This continued through college and into her university days and when she graduated, all her friends got good jobs except for her and she ended up working at a fast food joint, although she was still making money and her Job at the fast food was like a good distraction, because it kept her in the moment, the Job always seemed to tired her out physically but her job made her less depressed
Mabel was a graduate from a renowned pr!v@te University. She studied accountancy and she hailed from a middle class family.
After graduation, She looked everywhere for a befitting Job but found none except for the fast food Job, she was not lacking Money but she took up the job at the fast food to get herself busy and to feel less numb, because she gets no satisfaction from anything, and always felt lost and confused whenever she was alone.
Mabel always knew something was wrong with her but was terrified of telling anyone not even her family, she thought that if she did, people would think she was crazy, weak, or would reject her. she cared a lot about what people thought of her and she tried hard to live up to their expectations. So she hid her struggles, hid how bad she felt, how lonely she felt. she focused all her attention on working at the fast food, wearing a fake smile always.
She had left her parents and lived on her own ever since she turned 27 years old. When she left home to live alone, she finally felt good about herself. She put her best into her Job, She thought That if she could just pretend to be happy, that it would stop all the negative thoughts running through her head.
She kept this up for many years, working hard and pretending she had it all together with a big smile on her face always, every customers at the fast food seems to fall in love with her beautiful smile. But she was uncomfortable in her own skin. She felt like a fake because she was not being the real her, but she was too scared to let anyone in on the secret. There was no way, she was going to show anyone that she was weak, depressed or that she needed help.
Nobody, not even her closest friends knew she was struggling with major depression. she was a master at hiding her true feelings and acting like everything was good. Until John walked into her life and made her feel special and along the line, she fell in love with him despite how hard she tried not to.
After John broke up with her, Her depression grew worse, because she felt like a total failure again.
A major depression is simply a matter of brain chemistry. Levels of specific brain chemicals, nerve cell connections, nerve cell growth, and the functioning of nerve circuits have a major impact on depression.
John was panicking as his wife watched him from afar. John forced the door open and he was shocked to see a weak Mabel on the floor
Mabel smiled immediately her sight wandered to John
“I knew you will come” Mabel whispered. She was so weak and almost like she would pass out soon.
What has come over you?, what have you done to yourself”John asked
“I couldn’t stop myself from taking the poison, I couldn’t live without you” Mabel whispered, she was so weak, that she needed strength to speak audibly, John had to stop her from talking any further.
End Of Episode 9
To Be Continued
A Story By Christabel Nwoko

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Emotional fool episode 10 – finale / Emotional fool episode 8 / Emotional fool episode 7 / Emotional fool episode 6 / Emotional fool episode 5 /

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